Sunday, October 30


Hey guys yesshhh I'm back-missed you ALL tonzz babehs - awww huggggz! Thanks for all the sweet messages - I now know who really really loves me as a person and who really took me as just another blog! A bit of self-pity there (sniff sniff)...

I had an absolutely fantastic time during these 3 weeks...a very brief summary of it would be:
Enlightening long trips - thanks Qantas for the comfort and classy service....and ofcourse for the on-schedule flights :) I also flew Virgin Airlines for the first time, once as a connecting flight - it was better than I expected and I was thinking of z000nie all the time...'cos matey you would have liked the blonde stewardesses in Virgin...they were your kind ;-)

New and beautiful places - yes NV, I was in Melbourne for 3 nights (now plzz don't hate me for this)...we didn't plan it before, it just happened during the hols...and there was no way I could have contacted you :( Melbourne is definitely Victorian and the trams annoyed the hell out of me lol! I would never drive I know why you have so many crashes :) I was thinking of you the whole time...and man so many curries lol!
Also we drove to so many places in NSW...too much to write. I also went to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains...I will write a separate post about this later 'cos this is what touched me the most...

Luxury hotels and good food - Relaxing and eating without worrying about the time or the calories :) Seafood, massages, spa-bathing, warm pools, nights in white satin...hehe...

Clothes, accessories and shoe shopping - I bought heaps of new clothes and shoes...ok I got to stop buying them now 'cos they are giving me a headache now...'cos I cant decide which ones to wear lol! Tanvi/m000nie you want some of 'em? ;-)

Meeting new faces and realising the value of old friends (you guys) - I met a few nice people...I met an old gentleman in Swanston Street in Melbourne while waiting for my mum...would you believe it, he has been to Sri Lanka as a soldier during the war...I had a great conversation with him. Then I met some true-blue Aussie hunks (wink wink) during brekky at the hotel...I had to talk to them especially for Uttara and st000nie's! Sorry girls, couldnt get any pics of them hehe...but I was thinking of you two the whole time ;-)

Being among roses, roses and roses - I went to so many Botanical gardens 'cos I'm a huge fan of was an absolute treat to my senses...the colors, fragrances and the atmosphere...little cottages...birds and, simply breathtaking - words are not enough to describe it all. My sweety Amu was in my thoughts in all the gardens...

All in all I had quality time would be too long if I had to tell you about each and every place so I would stop right here. In my future posts, I will mention bits about each place I went to and what I grasped from the experience. Besides I don't want to bore you all too much with my trip details :) In short, it was a great mini escapade from the boredom of everyday was refreshing in the sense I went to so many new places and new states in Aus for the first time...and it was enlightening that it made me realise the value of so many things we take for granted each time, people and life sieze the moment, live each day as if it's your last 'cos that's when you will really start 'living'. And on few days I did nothing at all and that was the best time I set aside for me. Anyways I missed every single one of you and I'm so glad I'm back, so that I don't have to be so far away from you anymore...

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Nitika said...


my goodnesss
wait.....(Niti showing her peppy dancing step)............

me first here! (eliminating the above one) hehehe

i luv u dear
few days back was giving regular entrance in your blog but....u were still in your holiday :hope:!! worth rising early
now gloomy face of blgworld has turned into brighter one yehiiii

welcome back deary.....
was missing u a lot along with your lovely thoughts generating posty

luv luv luv uuuuuuuuuuuuu

haven't read the post yaar....was gone crazy seeing u back
let me read the post

Nitika said...

meeeeeeeeeeee second here
wow!!! i can predict my lovely day...... i'm gonna have blast today coz here is the awesome starting of my day

Nitika said...

me third toooooooooo wow!!

don't get scare yaar..hehehe.i'm not gonna grasp all the position lol
Top 1, 2, 3 is always imp soooooo hehehe

(enough niti!!!stop showing that whole teeth)

me seriously read the post now
cheers keshu

Nitika said...

"Being among roses, roses and roses"

wowwoooooow!!!!! u have to post some pic yaar so that i can copy them... lol
its too nice to hear that u did enjoy a lot missing us tooo
take care
wish u a grt time
oh i forgot to mention me fourth too hehehehe

pithaly said...

Ha!Ha! You are back! Came to know of it from my blog!

SaffronSaris said...

You are back! you are back! you are back!!!!!

itcommittee&community said...

Keshi Honey! Where are my eggs and toast?

We had such a memorable trip together. But now get back to work and cook me some good food woman while I am at work at

Anonymous said...

welcome back keshi!!! good to see u after a long time and glad to know that u had a great time...:)

Tanvi said...

urrrrrrr welcome back ... missed u!

Tanvi said...

loll..u bought all that..n u still need to ask me if i want em? excuse me? give all of em to me lol..sorrie m00nie:p

strawy said...

yeppieeeeeeeeeeeeeee keshu is back , hugsss sweety , miss ya loads , wowwwwwww read ur post,omg u did all that , wowww re , so u had gr8 holidays, ahem ahem met hunkz ...hayeeeeee , wish i was with u that time ...heheheeh
aawwwww v missed ya soo much ,now every1 gonna come back in action ..lolzz
u were at lohits place n didn met him, God save u now keshu ..lolzz

u did so much shopping ,,wwwoooooohaaaaaaaa n shoes n clothes,damnnn v galz can never be satisfied na ... heehe

oooooo a rose were amomg roses, sooo sweet,m sure they too admired ur visit ... lucky them ..

good to c u back re , now rock on baby ,hugssssssss ,love ya,n a warmm welcome backkk


Arz000n said...

You back..

Last night I Was talkign to Dizo....and she asked me when is Keshi gonna come back...I said..its on monday...and

voila...this is a nice diwali surprise :))

Welcome back!!

PuNeEt said...

hiiiiiiii sweeeeetiiiiiiiiiiii


goood to seeee u back

chooo chweeettttt

hows u doing babezzzzzzz

take care

Invincible said...

yo ho !!
Keshu is back :) after a looooooooong vacation.

Happy Diwali sis.
Lemme read the post now ..

Invincible said...

So u enjoyed evreything !!
comfortable flights, luxury hotels, great food, botanical gardens, shopping, meeting new ppl including those aussie hunks, spending time for urself .. wow ..
'living life king size' .. eh ?

me all elated to see ya back

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Welcome back Keshi!

Nice to read ur wonderful experiences :)

Looks like you enjoyed your trip a lot.....what else could we wish for? :)

Lots n lots of love n good wishes to you my sweety!
And wishing u a lovely time blogging again.

We did miss you...and u'll be surprised to see a lot of changes here!


P.S I wudnt mind if u e-courier me some of the stuff u've bought from there :P

Arz000n said...

Where is this girl now??

Happy Diwali to you K000kini!!

Hope to hear from you sooon..take care...
Miched ya :(((

uttara said...


lub u loadsss

catch u soon tc

Jim said...

ITCC says ur married
is it true?

dont keep us guessing
lotta hearts gonna break here

Jim said...

wats so funny Pithalay?

Jim said...


u cut yr hair
u look great


saby said...

, and it was enlightening that it made me realise the value of so many things we take for granted each time, people and life sieze the moment, live each day as if it's your last 'cos that's when you will really start 'living'.,


u have arrived
welcome to the world

saby said...

, its a beautiful world,

inspite of creeps like me
like ITCC
like Tigerr
like Johnny B Good

Silly punjabis dont spoil my mood
i just laff at him

as TANVI does

saby said...

heyyy DJ !

pump up the music


saby said...

dis time dis girl is gonna stay
dis time dis girl is gonna stay

for more than just a day

i just cant help believing
i just cant help believing
i just cant help believing

one more time

as she slips her hand in mine
and her fingers ....

saby said...

i love u guys


saby said...

Elvis has left the building


saby said...

lets go on a moonlight swim

Michelle said...

heyyy keshiii!!!!!!!
a biggg hug!!!!!!!!!
glad u had a grrrreeeaaaat time...sounds heavenly btw ;)

glad to hav ya bak...
missed ya terribly!!!!

saby said...

dat invitation was for TANVI

Keshi said...

Niti awww sooo damn cute :) hey I missed u glad to be back :):) HUGGGGZ and thanks for your very warm WELCOME!

Pithaly :)

Saffrons yeyyyy me back!! Hugggz!

ITCC good to see ur decent mode :)

South awww how have u been? missed u loadz! HUGGGGGZ!

Tanvi TY babez :) lolz I will send u lovely shoes...those cute ones I got...I'll email it ok :) HUGGGGGGZ I missed u tonz!

st000nie awwwwwwwww muahhhhhhhhh! Missed mah doll so much! Yes so many Aussie hunks lol! They all reminded me of u and Uttara ;-) cos u guys told me to look out for them u been well?

z000nie HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ yes Im back! Hope u were ok and that u were happy while I was away...I havent read any email yet...will do so soon and email ya. awww I missed u heaps! There were so many things that reminded me of you matey. And hey thanks and Happy Diwali to u too!

Puneeeeeeeeet thanks you and HUGGGGGGGZ! How's your new work place? Hope u scored many cool GFs ;-) with ur sweet charm...missed u matey!

v000nie awww Happy Diwali to u too! Missed u so much! How have u been? I'm so happy to see u again...
**'living life king size'
oh yesss always :) We must na...or else if tomorrow we r not here, what a waste of life...:)

Chessy muahhhhhhhhh and thanks hun! I missed u too and when I was talking to this British girl on board, she reminded me of u...cos she giggled alot...awww how have u been?
**and u'll be surprised to see a lot of changes here..
what d u mean? tell me girl...cant wait to hear :) I'll definitely e-fedex u the

Uttaraaaaaa muahh muahh muahh mah baby mermaid! How have u been girl? U missed me so much na? I missed u too - tonz n tonz! I'm so glad to be back with u. How have u been?

Saby thanks...hows u?

Mich aww huggggggggggz! I miss mah have ya been?

Everyone...thanks so much...I had tears in my eyes receiving such a warm welcome...words r not enough to describe how I feel right now. THANK U and I will be visiting ur blogs soon...


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

ummm...changes like....zombie's stopped blogging.....dewdrop's new n amutha takin a break :(...m000nie looking for a is's super trivia...

but one person who'll nvr change is SABY! lollllllllll

have a nice time babezzz!!

and m waiting for ma dress....make sure tiz not too short....and ma mom wont allow me any more halter

and i giggle too much?? who told u tht? michelle? coz she told me tht a few days back while we were all in a confy!

k time to sleep.....looking fwd. to reading ur lovely posts once again!

me missed ya....though i didnt mail ya or nething!

:) said...

hey gorgeous wc backkk

glad to knw that u had a gr88 time...

happy diwali gorgeous..


Tanvi said...

lol i mished u too..welcome back again

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

I hate you :(

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Happy Diwali and its long weekend over here so I won't be blogging for 2 days.

Keshi said...

Thanks Pari and Tanvi :) muahhhhhh! And Happy Diwali to u both!

aww Cheesy thanks for updating with the hot gozz ;-) well I know Misty stopped blogging - she emailed me...and I know that Amu and Icy r away for a while...and u too? plz dun...cos if everyone stops blogging, i'll stop too...w.o. u guys who do I blog for? to the walls? :( HAPPY DIWALI to u too hunny!


Keshi said...

NV why wud u hate me? I's cos I didnt meet up with ya in Mel...well is it my fault that u neva gave me ur phone number? :)


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Melbourne isn't some bushland you could have mailed me or something and I could've given you my number...

but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, you just didn't wana meet me :(

Keshi said...

NV it wasnt that...I was in Lt.Colin St at a hotel...only for 3 nights...we were never at the hotel...always out visiting Fitzroy Gardens, MCG (my fav) etc...And so many of my friends and my sis' friends invited us for lunch/dinner so I couldnt have possibly contacted u in that short period...I saw ur office building...was walking along the Yarra river and was thinking of u...yes I could have emailed u from some PC but where? I didnt know where to find an Internet cafe even...but I was thinking of u all the time and even told my mum what a great chance I missed...she too told me that I could have met ya cos we were in the city too...Captain Cook's cottage was my fav place it was breathtaking!

awwww...ok Im a bad person...:(


Keshi said...

I'll be honest..NV rem u didnt want to give me ur phone I wasnt sure if u wud have met me even if I emailed u from there...wud u have?


Keshi said...

Well anyways it wasnt just I thought I shouldnt scare u with such short notice besides I didnt know where to email u from...d u work in that building? :) I was thinking of ya...


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Lt Collins is jus a 5 mins walk :(

anyways its ok, its your choice maybe you din wana meet me, but it was a good chance to catch up.

Hope you have a great day mate and wc back.

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

BTW if you get a chance then go see Merchants of Bollywood if they do come to Sydney. Its awesomeeeee

Trée said...

Welcome back Keshi. The blogosphere was not the same without you!!!


Keshi said...

TY Tre I missed u guys too...Life isnt the same w.o. u all :)


Keshi said...


**anyways its ok, its your choice maybe you din wana meet me

?? never mind...


Me said...

welcome back Keshu... hope u enjoyed ur holidays... nothing happened to me... just stopped blog hopping for a few days... take care & have fun...

Keshi said...

oh ok Avik, thanks! But I saw u in many blogs before my hols...even when I asked u why ur so quiet....u didnt answer me then at all...why?


uttara said...

luv u re .. aww.. i want to see their snaps :p ...lolzzzzzzzz
ye ye i missed u loads ..juz like dessert misses the rains :)))))

lub u gurl ...n even more :))))))))

mermaid ...

tulipspeaks said...

Love you so much...muuuaxxxxxxxxxxx

I was so happy to see your comment in my blog..meaning you are back..

It certainly worth my thoughts of coming online to check out the blog..

Missing you alot..will be back after 2 days..

Happy Deepavali..


uttara said...

wer r u ??????????????/


Anonymous said...

Good day keshi!!!The mood seems to have changed completely after ur arrival in the blogland..:)

Autumn Storm said...

So good to have you back, Keshi! Missed reading your posts. Yourself, Justin and Tiffany all 'gone' at the same time, why, I didn't know what to do with myself :-).
Really excited to get back to reading your posts.
This one: Sounds like you had a wonderful time, which of course you thoroughly deserved - someone mentioned you hadn't had a holiday in a long while - sounds like you made up for that.
I'm babbling, lol, but just good to have you back - missed you!

Keshi said...

awww Uttara so sweet...thanks for ur lovely WC :) I feel so special...actually all of u make me so happy and loved...Thanks folks, I'm so glad to be back in ur arms :)

Amu u take a break and be back ok :) Luv ya gal!

G'day South! Hope u have recovered and is taking good care of urself...??


Keshi said...

awww Autumn I'm back yes...dun ya worry now...where's Justin gone? Is he ok?

Thanks for ur warm's so good to be back :)


uttara said...

yepieeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. am not leaving u ...only then u can go in anyone elses arms .........:p .. sorry am trying to be selfish :p



Sugababee said...

Hey Keshi...

Welcome back mate...
I'm glad you had a great time on your trip...seems like it was tons of fun....and whats this...u giving away ur new clothes??
Welcome back and am looking forward to see ur new posts;)
Take care mate!

Keshi said...

lols Uttara :) awwwww...tell me how ur last 3 weeks were...

Hey Suga glad to see u here and THANKS! I'm only emailing mah new clothes lol...that means I can keep the real ones na lolllz! That's a meanie k000kie :) Yep I had tonz of fun and thanks for all ur msgs...I missed u guys heaps and Im glad to be back :)


Anonymous said...

Ya keshi, i am perfectly fine now, infact have already started the desk work since last 5 days and hopefully i'll be in full swing in a week or so...:)

Arz000n said...

Ma net was down since morning..

Just now I came online and first I did was to check whats k000kini's talking in here...


You are back...


uttara said...

lolzzzzzzz ...

okie dokie ..... to busyyy n tooo much wrk .. grrrrrrrrr at bosses .. but we have some nut cases to make us smile in this blog world:p

lolzzzzzzzzz hugzzzzzzzzz
u know wat 2de me in saree . n know u hate it ;) winkzzzzzzzzz


uttara said...

z000nie .. did u even brush ur teeth ????????lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Keshi said...

aww South good on ya! Take care now...:)

Hugggggggggggz z000nie muahhhhh! Hope ur ok...what's up in Delhi? What's all this bombing?? lolz k00kini...hahahaha!

Uttara not fair...I wanna see u today...I mean ur pic...can u send it to my email plz? :)


Keshi said...

Uttara and z000nie help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

NV is mad at me for not meeting up with him in Mel...well to begin with we didnt even think of Mel b4 holz...during the holz suddenly my sis said lets go to Mel for 3 days and we did...I dun have NV's phone number and I didnt know where in Mel I could find an Internet cafe to email him Im was too short a notice and I didnt want to scare him...and now he thinks I didnt want to meet him :( Besides he was in Syd last year and he didnt meet me either :( what do I do now?


uttara said...


hugzzzzzzzzz me not yet taken any snaps 2de :p .... i will send u one which i had taken earlier :p okie okei ... now gimme a smileeee
n hugzzz tooo :)


Keshi said...

aww thanks Uttara..I already sent u mine :) Saree or not I wanna see ya...hehe...ok I'll send u one with saree too...


musings (m000nie) said...

yoooooooooo hooooooooo ur bakkkkkkkk.... awww girl i missed u loadsssssssssssssssss.... n i stopped blogging too.... i hate it wthout u :((((((((((( urghhhhhhhhh...

hehe n u got me clothes???? ooooooooo sure send thm across... id nevr say no to clothes n fererros :p

n hows u??? u seem to have had loads of funnnnnnnnn... welcome bakkkkk

uttara said...

awwwww choooo cute :))))))))

hugzzzzz lemme refresh soooooonn cant waittttttttt
lolzzzzzzzzzi too will send u ...hang on :))))))))
luv u gurl :))


Keshi said...

awwwwwwwwwww THANKS m000nie piezzz! I missed u too :( actually alot than I ever expected...

**n i stopped blogging too.... i hate it wthout u

aww c'mon...u serious? ur too sweet m000nie HUGGGGGGZ!

Ferreros...awww I will send u any time...just gimme the addy...:)

HAPPY DIWALI to u babez! Hope u have a great time with ur family...


Keshi said...

omgggg someone's a hawwwwwwwt lil mermaid ;-) thanks Uttara! wow!


Unjustified Insanity~~ said...

hey u back :)

btw y does everyone make me droool?
"Relaxing and eating without worrying about the time or the calories :) Seafood, massages, spa-bathing, warm pools, nights in white satin...hehe..."

seems like u had a great trip :)

Keshi said...

Hey Thanks Unjustified!

**btw y does everyone make me droool?

awww dun drool...just go on a short vacation...why dun u? :)


Sonia said...

seems like u had a pretty good vacation! :o) i need a break too! hopefully will get to take one this Eid.

Keshi said...

hey Sonzz zhow r ya? Glad to see u here...yes I had fun...u should take some time off too :)

Stop, Revive and Survive u see ;-)


Arz000n said...

You were in Mel and u didnt meet n000nie boi

Wht the @#$@#$#@$????

That means if you drop by in Mumbai, you not gonna meet me or puneet or uttara too :(


I cant take it... :(:(:(

N0000nie..Im with you boi...I know it hurts, but this is one knows whts going inside her busy brain :(:(:(



Keshi said...

z000nie did u read all of what I said above? :( I DIDNT HAVE HIS PHONE NUMBER! And the last time I asked for it, he didnt want to give it to I wasnt sure if he would take my surprise visit to Mel as a pleasant or scary one...u get it now matey? Plz tell me u do :)

NV u know what I mean nah?


uttara said...

uttara faintzzzzz looking at ma beautiful babes :))))))))


Arz000n said...

I did brush ma teeth long time back


(those are angry icons)

Keshi said...

Tanvi helppppp meeeeeeee!


Keshi said...

lol angry icons...hahahaha! jeeez it feels so good to be back in ur company folks!


susubala said...

few days back I went through ur blog and it is great. Happy to note that u r back....

Keshi said...

Thanks Susubala :) Ur most WC to drop in anytime...


--pearl-- said...

yipieeeeeeeeeeeeeee ur backkkkkkkyyyyyy yayaayayay :D

u din remember me at all :(
me all chad chad :(

anywaysss im real glad ur back :D :D was missin ur posts!
i dun really blog a lot or go blop hoppin a lot...but its awesum to haf u backky :D :D

uttara said...

****omgggg someone's a hawwwwwwwt lil mermaid ;-) thanks Uttara! wow!


mez * blushing *



Keshi said...

Pearlyyyyyyyyyyy awwww!

**but...u din remember me at all :(

how d u mean? I DID rem u always...I even dropped on ur bday during my hols to wish ya thru ur blog...awww u didnt see it:(

Thanks for ur sweet WC sweety piezz...I'm so glad to be back with all of u...but NV is mad at me too :( Goshhh everyone's mad at me now...:**(


Keshi said...

Uttara dun blush now cos ur cute face may make some of ur office-mates faint too ;-)


Caraf said...

oooo you're back!!!!!!!!!!


Arz000n said...

he would take my surprise visit to Mel as a pleasant or scary one
Im just wondering how scary will it be.....


Will it be scary in the first case??

Jeeezz....guys, chill down..

Hugzzzz K000kini...
Nice to see you back...
lemme go and see if I can light a firecracker at this hour of the day or not :D


uttara said...

@Uttara dun blush now cos ur cute face may make some of ur office-mates faint too ;-)

nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sab budde ( oldies .. no hawwwwttt looking guys :(
n max gurlzzzzzz :((

i sent u 1 in saree too :p


--pearl-- said...

keshhhhhhhhhhh i did ...its jus dat i dun come online any more...hardly eva...dun even get enuff tyme wit rohit to chat with him...jus coz i dun leave a mssg on ur bloggy..doesnt mean i dun mish u na :(

sobz sobz :(

uttara said...

z000nie .. i feel like dancing ..seeing u mad .. rem that emiticon :p


Arz000n said...



uttara said...


u na sachii..ab main kya bolu ...\:D/ ...;) winkzzzzzz
yehyeh ..


Keshi said...

Caraf thanks sweety :)

z000nie when someone once refuses to give the phone number, u would always feel a bit worried abt asking that person to meet ya...wouldnt u? I'm being very straightforward here...

lol Uttara u poor thing u work with senior citizens? awww....

Pearly I know...muahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Take it easy gal...I know u lubbb me alot :) Can u talk to NV for me plz?

z000nie wuts this lol pol mol? u ok?


saby said...


fiRST day
and heading for a CENTURY ALREADY


Keshi said...

ok Uttara and z000nie I gtg...u guys take good care HUGGGGGGGGZ! Catch u tomorrow...


saby said...

Move over Sachin and Don Bread Man
Paav valas are out too


uttara said...

byeeeeeeeeeeeee babes ...hugzzzzzzzzzzzzz

have a gr8 time in the eve ....:)

luv u gurll.. n dont worry things will be fine sooooooonnnnn


saby said...

a hook to the gully?
or is it

A Bully to the hook?
never cud unnerstand cricket


saby said...

tank u uttara for posting b4 me
i scored


saby said...

Game called off for rains
Tigerr, too late

200 tomorrow

saby said...

lol ??????

dis guy has lost it

PuNeEt said...

Hey dear… so cool to hear about ur trip….

Relaxing and eating without worrying about the time or the calories
Yeeeeeee that’s fun… so much of weight u have put on in these 3 weeks ;-)

And on few days I did nothing at all and that was the best time I set aside for me
I bet that was the best… I too luv just being alone… although nowadays I don’t get much time for myself…

Hey really happy to know about ur experiences… and more happy to see u back…

I’m sure u have lots to share… and I’m waiting to hear that…

Hey babezzz wat about the pics….

me doing fine... njoin the Diwali holidays... today n tomm off...

we had traditional day on friday... and i'm sure i must have impressd quite a lot of girlzzzz

Missssddddddd u loaaaaaaaddddssssss

If u wanna freak out on sweets... do come to my place... i've got lots n lots of sweets for diwali

n if u come to Mbai and not meet me... I'l hijack ur return flight ;-)

Take care
Have fun


Boldnbeautiful said...

Hi Keshu Welcome Huney , its good to see you back..

even though we are a friends without face, still there is some bond.. I realised it in your absense that, with my blog friends I really share some relations..

Cool u had a lovely Vaccation..

hehe yes when u have lots of stuff in the ward robe, it is difficult to chose what to wear. hehhe

Eating without worrying about the calorie is really a bliss..

Take care

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Calories .................. dont remind me !!!!!

looking fwd 2 going on a looooooooooooooooooooong trip end of Nov , so i know what it feelis like

Really, travelling makes u feel so much lighter , right ???

Johnny B. Good said...

its not the calories dat make u feel good, look good

its the extra flesh
in the rite places

just look at her now
she sure has swelled up

Johnny B. Good said...

evrybody sure is happy to see her back
me too

she gott a great rear
makes Jen Lo only second best

KJ said...

welcome back keshi

hope u had a blast.

Happy Diwali to u n ur family.

God Bless

Neel Arurkar said...

Good to see you back! And it is nice to know that you had lots of fune there

Tanvi said...

lol did i hear a Tanvi Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?????? lol i think so..wutz up? 4uz mad at u? haw 4u dun be mad dun be happie

Vivhyd said...

keshi good 2 c u back. shall stop by later with comments.. take care

Tarun said...

seems u had a pretty good vacation good for u to get the energy back. :)

Mr. Maverick said...


Inspiring, i might apply for a vacation tomorrow :P

Dewdrop said...

Welcome back. Glad you had a memorable vacation. Wish you a happy diwali.

Vivek Panda said...

thank you so much for coming back ! missed u a lot :(

nyzillestpunjabi said...

missed ya kish-mish :)

happy diwali ..

lol fun trip huh? nex time make it to NY .. huh huh ?

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Welcome back!

Fictional Reality said...

Welcome back!

It's certain from your post that you had SO MUCH fun! :D

Keshi said...

Thanks Puneet for ur warm WC :)

**we had traditional day on friday

aww what did u wear? u must look real good in traditional clothes...and u must have scored alot of girls like the lil Krishna did :)

Happy Diwali to u too! Mum is making sweets and we have to visit so many friends' houses tonite....I might be leaving early. I'm sure ur having loads of fun too...

With NV, I didnt have his phone what do i do? I know I should have emailed him from somewhere but the stay in Mel was too short...only 3days with a tight schedule. But I know nothing justifies the fact that I went over there and never met him...I feel bad now...:( what u wud hijack my plane? lol awwww....

Thanks matey...I missed u too...and Im glad to be back with all of's a real home-coming :)


Keshi said...

B&B mah hunnny THANKSSSSSS and HUGGGGGGGGGZ! So good to see u again :):)

**even though we are a friends without face, still there is some bond..

That was soooooo touching! Thanks! I had tears in my eyes. Yes, even though we havent met in real, the bond is amazing isnt it?? I felt the same durin my's like a huge part of me was missing...and it was u guys...

Yes clothes and shoes and yummy food and bronze surferes ;-)

Good to be back with u :)

Keshi said...

Deepa thanks :)
It's great to hear ur going on a long vacation at the end of Nov...fantastic! Travelling does make u feel lighter...cos even tough I pigged out ;-) ppl at work tell me I have lost weight...yeyyyyyy! :):)

Thanks KJ and hey Happy Diwali to u too! Hugggggggggz!

JohhnyB/Saby :) have u done a name-change yet again in my absense? I havent put lost more :)

Neel thanks :) good to see u too..

Vivhyd cheers mate!

Tarun I do have all the energy back - that's so true :)

Mr.Mediocre thanks and yep u should go on one too :)

Dewdyyyyyyyyyyy muahhhhhhhhhhhh! Happy Diwali to u too r ya? So good to see u again...and I luv ur new profile beautiful!

Vivek thanks! awww u seem to have missed me too much...well Im bakk...dun u worry now :)

Zilli millie...HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! NY? wow sounds like a terrific idea! wud u come meet me and take me to dinner ;-)?

Kroopzz huggggggggz and thanks! So good to see u again :)

Fictional thanks matey :)

Thanks all!

Keshi said...

Tanvi :( NV dun seem to be so happy that Im bakk...think I should disappear again...

~~leaves sobbing heavily...


Tanvi said...

lol nooo..dun leave..we'll kick 4u dun worrie..isnt he on a long weekend? man i want one:(

sittingnut said...

i am glad you are back.
bore you all too much with my trip details ?! i don't think you are capable of boring anyone even if you wanted to.
i can't wait to read bits about each place (you) went to and what (you) grasped from the experience. please include pics of said places and roses.

saby said...

*You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes. *

*Never forget me, because if I thought you would, I'd never leave. *

*Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.*

- The Pink Lady

saby said...


cut out the sobbing
laff at the silly punjabi

who finds him hott

saby said...


if she were to come to mumbai
and not drop in to see me

i wud kill her, or worse

saby said...

* * * * * *
What is the Sardar doing when he holds his hands tightly over his ears?

Trying to hold on to a thought.
* * * * * *

saby said...

* * * * * *
How did the Sardar try to kill the bird?

He threw it off a cliff.
* * * * * *

saby said...

* * * * * *
What do you call 10 Sardars standing ear to ear?

A wind tunnel.
* * * * * *

saby said...

hope the sobbing has stopped

if it continues
i aim to flood dis blogg wid sardars and silly punjabis

dat wud make TANVI happy

Dawn....सेहर said...

hey keshi...:D dear its nice to see you back and even more to know that you had a wonderful relaxing time period with nature and beautiful people around.

Yeah, one must take some time out to realize and understand..instead of taking for granted .. ;)

keep it up and chill a bit...:)
Welcome back ...happy blogging :)


Keshi said...

hehe Tanvi lets see what he has to say :(

Thanks SittingNut :) So glad to see u again too. I will post some pictures of the places I went to, later on...

Saby the jokes r funny :)

Dawn HUGGGGGGZ! Glad to see u again...when I was in the rose gardens and watching the birds, I was thinking of u...the lessons u taught me through ur amazing posts...


uttara said...

HEY BABES ...........

i will chat later gtg
have a gr8 day

mermaid :))

Tanvi said...

saby..honestly shut the hell up..go get a life n try not to comment on keshiz blog n take out ur frustration..

saby said...


dont tell me
just laff your sweet ass off

saby said...

, HAPPY DIWALI to all ,

saby said...


its diwali
dis is no time to get nasty

saby said...


i will call a truce
if u wish me happy diwali

and tell me
u love me just a lil bit

Tanvi said...

no soundz good saby? do i need to yell it out?

saby said...

favor the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and it must be enforced at gunpoint if necessary.
-Ronald Wilson Reagan (1911-2004), 40th US President, Republican
Quote WorldFamous Quotes at

saby said...

i favour free speech too, TANVI

saby said...

if u do dis for me
i cud even kiss dat silly punjabi

saby said...

Dont be silly !
i wont

but i wud kiss u

Keshi said...

aww happy Diwali to u too Uttara!

Tanvi take it easy...rem how I lost it with Saby b4 my was all wasted energy...HUGGGGZ!


Tanvi said...

lol..takin it easy

niki yokota said...

wat a gorgeous trip!! for 3 weeks?? soooo envy(*^o^*)

Keshi said...

Thanks Niki :)