Friday, February 29


Facing The Demon

I know we all suffer from many phobias, from the fear of creepy-crawlies to crossing the road. Go here for a complete list of bizzare phobias (I suffer from alot of them, including the fear of Phobias itself which btw may not be in that list hehehe). Anyways the most annoying phobia that I have ever come across is the Fear of Asking and this post is about that fear. Is there a medical term for that, anyone? I'm not sure hence my own terminology for that is Askophobia. You may wonder what I meant by Askophobia. It's pretty self-descriptive but for those who don't understand it, it means not asking a question about something that bothers you in fear of hurting, provoking, annoying, losing or falling out with the other person. Some people are terrified of asking questions from their friends or colleagues or loved-ones just cos they don't want to rock the relationship they have with these people. I say that's being really ignorant and gutless. Ofcourse there is a WAY to ask any question..meaning in a polite and respectful manner. But Asking is the first step towards knowledge and overcoming any hidden misunderstandings. Miscommunication is a big mistake you may be making, and that may wreck the very relationship that you are trying to secure. Words unspoken, questions unasked, feelings untold can be as damaging to a relationship as much as any other reason out there can be. It's like this invisible weight on your relationship that will catch up with you one day and bury the bond for good.

Unveiling The Truth
There are people I know who get very upset whenever I ask them a straightforward question. So I can understand why some people have this Fear of Asking. Here's a real example: I had a very good friend in Blogville...she's a muslim. I once asked her a question about the Hijab...a simple question, something like 'why does a woman have to wear it and not the men?'. Now I respect all religions, beliefs, lifestyles etc as long as they don't harm anyone else. But there are questions that we need to ask each other in order to clear any doubts and make sense of one another - but that doesn't mean we are insulting each others' lifestyles and that doesn't also mean we have to kill each other just cos someone asked these type of questions. Am I wrong? So yeah, this question was one such innocent question. Well guess what...she took offense and wrote a very angry post on her blog and cut all ties with me HUH! I was gobsmacked. Mainly cos she was a good friend too and I believed she was a sensible one who wouldn't take things so personally. It was just a question, for seeking knowledge and understanding on something that I wasn't exposed to. That's all. I didn't mean to insult or upset her, I swear. Cos if I meant something else, I'd have been very rude to her. There was another similar incident between me and another friend...he and I were very good friends. But he has a terrible Ego like a good little friend, I asked him why he wouldn't put aside his temper and self-obsession atleast for a little while. Guess what...our friendship is no more! Well I can't help that can I. I believe good friends should be able to talk about such things, ask each other questions to clear their doubts, educate one another and still remain friends..what say guys?

Bridging The Gap
So why do people take offense like that? Maybe it's cos they don't have a sensible answer to give or maybe such questions traumatise their ego? Whatever it is that should not stop me from asking questions, should it? Will it generate a fear in me in future? No. As long as I know I'm not hurting anyone, I'm entitled to knowledge and freedom of's my right. And if the person who's being asked the question is smart enough to handle the question without taking it personally, that would benefit both of us. A good example of that would be a conversation that I had recently with a good friend here...he had a blog post about Sikh men wearing the turban etc...and I had a question about why wear it etc cos I really didn't know the reasons behind it. And I asked him those questions politely and he replied pretty smartly and politely too. i.o.w he didnt take it personally (although he's a Sikh himself) and he handled it pretty decently. No he didn't quit blogging and leave sobbing loudly calling Keshi a racist biyatch LOL! We both gained knowledge from that conversation and we are still good friends, stronger than before. So there you go. If you know what you're doing and you're true to yourself, there's always an answer, and a peaceful way to deal with any question.

So tell me, do you suffer from Askophobia? Have you ever lost a friend or a loved-one cos of you asking them (without being rude ofcourse) something that they didn't like to hear? Are you one of those people who get stroppy (easily offended) when your conscience is under fire? Share your stories please and be as honest as you can, thanks!

My darling friend Mez
(click this link to go there) is sporting a 'Crushes In Blogworld' post right now in her blog. (just informing you so that all the crushes on me will be declared over there for my heart's pleasure to read *bats her eyelashes*). So yeah go there and give Mizz.Mez some support with her post please, thanks! Besides, she says you can leave your 'crush' comments for your 'crushee' in Anonymous form. So there you go, have some fun while you can :). Pour your hearts out to the ones you have a crush on, for life is too short to put anything off. And hey have a good weekend guys!

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Thursday, February 28

Lost Property Notice!

HELP I've lost my boyfriend during Christmas! Attached is a recent photo of him ***droolz***. He's 5ft 11in tall, weighs about 75kgs, hunky as hell ***faints***, affectionately addressed by me as 'stickydatepudding', does very naughty things just to get my attention ***I go into a coma just looking at him anyways***, eats sleeps and cleans as told ***quite domesticable***, very bite-able in many places ***cries thinking about it***, walks in a way that makes you wanna marry him, makes almost any woman go crazy after meeting him ***BIYATCH keep your hands off him I tell ya!***, he may be hanging around with a blockbuster spoiltbrat named Posh ***who's really not posh but lets not go there*** and he may be feeling terribly lost without me ***awwww***. If found, please return him to Keshi ASAP! REWARD: A Kiss from Keshi. CONDITION: You gotta look close to Beckz. ;-)

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Wednesday, February 27

A 'Perfect' Psycho!

Phewwwwww! After an instant 48hr FAME overdose in my last post, I feel like a black haired Britney on her way to rehab ***faiiiime! I'm gonna live forever!***. Anyways, in this post I'm about to reveal to you a deep dark secret that I've been living with for a very long time (well eversince I saw the face of this Earth that is). Now that you have all become quite close to me, I'm about to let that mean cat out of the bag. So are you ready to hear it? Ok make yourselves comfortable, pull up a pew if you must, or even have something ready to brace yourselves such as a pole ***dreams of pole-dancing***, or another humanbeing perhaps. I refuse to be held accountable for any unrecoverable damages that may occur to your brain after you read this. Ok here I go. (this first pic shows how 'Im screaming in sheer terror already, even before I have started to tell you the story. Mummmmmy I'm scared!!).

Guys, I'm dealing with a dangerous psychopath every single day of my life! Yes, I live with her and she tags along with me everywhere I go. She even eats and sleeps with me, and watches me when I shower. One of the many strange illnesses that she suffers from is possibly Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? (that's her in this pic questioning me everytime I do something slightly wrong, meaning when I'm being human!). She just cannot see anything out of place around her...she wants everything kept in it's place, where it belongs, even if it means killing a house-mate to get it done...or else she can't rest. She's the kind of perfectionist who is secretly scheming to color-code my wardrobe and even the fridge o nos! She follows me around like my shadow, omg she's beyond lethal to my psyche! She makes me clean the kitchen like a maniac every night and she wants it so neat and tidy anytime of the day...she's even prepared to demolish the entire kitchen if it ever gets a crack on the wall ***go figure!***. And she makes my bed every morning and showers with me while looking for anything out of place in the bath...yeah she's a nagging BIYATCH, tell me about it ***rolling eyes***. When I get out of the shower, if I wet the floor, she whinges like a granma-high-on-Hammeroid-cream and cleans it immediately after me. She follows me around every single second of the day! Are you scared yet? Don't be cos there's lots more to frighten the ribs out of ya ***pictures your ribs going on a mental vacation***. She stalks me around and when I get dressed, she pulls out the whole closet til I find the 'puuurfect' clothes for the day ***like a frenzied kitten high on Ice***. (this pic here shows how I once tried to hide from this maniac...I wigged and dressed like a granma, donned sunnies and crawled into a coffin pretending to be dead. Photo was taken by Bev who attended this event thinking it was my funeral ***rolling eyes***). Sometimes I miss my train, just cos she wants me to get the best clothes on ***get off my back you blue-in-the-face-maniac!***. And when I go to work, she's there smiling at me and watching me work...even my code has to be so perfect just cos the loco missy is strangling me with her presence urrrggg! And when I drive around, she makes me look like THE model driver on Earth ***gimme a break you Witchkitty of a hyped up accelerator!***. Recently I got stopped by cops on a random breath test...and this mental missy made me count 1 to 10 so sweetly like a neat little Miss.Just-Started-Kindy, my mum started laughing at me. Im sure the cop ROFLed on his way back too. (this pic shows how I'm trying to hide from that manic kitten of a stalking biyatch in my life). And when this frenzied perfectionist comes across a potential Boyfriend of Keshi, she makes sure his breath isn't a case out of the Guinness book of world records (being famous for Gingivitis etc)...she might even go to the extent of hiring a Periodontist to check his gums out! ***she'd even remove all his teeth if the need arises***. He's just gotta be pretty clean all over or else he'll be considered a tribal junkyard and thrown into her Memorial bin. This psycho is capable of spraying Mortein on a guy if he shows any symptoms of I'm-a-massive-pest-in-human-form disease. And when Keshi dances alone in her room to this music, this crack kitty tries to make Keshi look like Jennifer Beals at her complaints about that one though! ;-)

And just this morning, this nutcase didn't allow me to leave home on time cos there was one little spoon in the sink, and she just had to make me wash it, dry it and leave it in it's usual place before I left, arrrrrrrrrrg! And now she's looking at me as if to say 'Wut BITCH?!'. (this is her in the pic looking like a druggy and getting me to do what she's crazy about - feeding her obsessions that is!). She's none other than me. I know I need a permanent shrink, make it a hunky, John-Abraham kinda 'purrrfect' shrink if you can please...that'll cure me for sure and make Kitty very happy too ;-).

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Monday, February 25

My Supermodel Moments!

Hey guys do you know my pics came up in Vogue, Rolling Stone, Modelling Int, Cosmo and Tru Love? Move over Gemma Ward, Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen urggggggg! Keshi is here to occupy all the Fashion pages now aha aha! So pack up your boob-tubes, roman straps, heavy makeup bags and please leave girls. You can't compete with a natural fashionista now can ya? ;-)

THANKS Curry I really loved doing this an awesome feeling having my pics up on famous mags, feeling like a supermodel now meoooooow scratch scratch LOL! And in Cosmo of all mags woohoo I FEEL GOOD! Mag me hunny, all over again ahhhhhh! btw guys please continue reading my last post with the winning quotes by some very famous people from 2 posts down. (I just couldn't stay away from this gorgeous new post so I published these 2 posts within a couple of hours from each other hehehe). So how do you like my humps ha? ;-)

Now girls and boys, which mag would you buy out of the 5 above? Meaning which one looks the best on first impressions and why? (Comments from you would allow us to analyse the psychology of a Mag buyer). Please don't say none ok LOL! plz plz plz be kind.

Like to be on a magazine cover girls? To strut your stuff in style contact Miss.Keshi Versace aha ***says that with a mega attitude and all***. Happy Week ahead babies!

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Sunday, February 24

I Breathe You

Hi guys how's it going? Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Well, the last post truly opened my eyes to more interesting shades of that beautiful song. I sure have some very intelligent souls here in my guys are just awesome! You all add so much variety and knowledge to my world, I feel so blessed to know you all. And choosing just one winner was too hard. So I've listed below the most interesting comments by few of my dear friends here who managed to have me in awe of their answers. So yeah, this one has a whole lot of winners woohoo! :) Thanks ALL and congrattz winners! Now here are the Keshi's-soul-shakers from the last post. I saw me in all of these answers:

I feel trapped in a professional world. Don't tell. Don't speak of feelings. Walking on the razor's edge. Of respectability.

I derive---a strange sorta satisfaction that I've made some very wise decisions with the help and support of my friends who have helped me never to look back at some phases of my life...they havent been a cure but definitely were therapeutic. I see---a lover calling out to the person he loves and telling her to get over the past and asking for forgiveness as he wants to relive those times again...but this time without holding any grudges of the times gone by...I hear---a call of support, friendship and love...I get--- a high from the beats, the music, the rhythm and the lyrics. I touch---a deep seated corner of my soul which just wants to get up and dance to the music. I speak---the language of love, strength and selfcontrol which is inspired within me through this melody...I feel---a sense of comfort, closeness and a want to open up in the hope of definitely feeling a lot lighter and better if not of being cured completely.
- Pri

Music conveys so much indescribable essence beyond our mortality!a spiritual language.the language of the soul!the first language!it is why i am alive.i am grateful, always growing, always hoping to feel...the way this song makes me feels right now.

I felt it too the post and the moon last night, if u truly love someone you have to prove it though, words at this point are more dust in the wind, take a plane and fly over.

I feel sadness ... somebody desperately trying to hold onto a love that is leaving

Somewhere over in your neck of the woods is someone who is looking for you. Me thinks you need to go and see if you can end up where he is and make great things happen.

Kind of someone telling me just relax and get relieved...leave everything for me (someone who is ready to take all pains, sorrow and worries)...its a kind of giving strength too as if I am there for you. I think this is a full positive energy that induces at the same time an emotional touch where you want to feel this person who is taking away all your pains.

Someone is watching you

We are bogged by the vices of the world. we are running, from sanity. when do we find time to feel or connect?

I feel free

This post and song is for ALL my blogger friends, who make me richer just by knowing you. I am who I am because of the sight, sound, smell, touch and taste that you are in my life. I feel, live and breathe ya totally! (Look at the pics in this post to derive my message for you better...can you understand it now?). Thanks for being the life in me...

~~Here I am
this is me
There's no where else on Earth I'd rather be..

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Friday, February 22


The other night I was driving back home, listening to this song, and I was thinking about alot of things. Does your heart speak to you? Can you hear me? Is there anybody out there feeling something? Do you feel? I'm looking at the screen right now and I'm trying to reach out to you. Do you feel me or do you hold back? Can you see, hear, feel, touch me? Does your body and soul connect with mine? Do I exist for you? Is there anybody out there who is aware? Does your part of the world sense me? Cos I can sense your's, and I'm touching you somehow...

To spice up this post, I want you to listen to this current song (one of my fav fav favs from a great Aussie band) and tell me what you derive/see/hear/touch/speak/get/feel out of this song. I'll update this post with the best answer, after all your entries. Say it in any form you like - simple words, poem, a deep analysis etc. All the best now! And here are the lyrics of the's best to listen to it too to really 'feel' the song. And watch the video it's smokin hot! Enjoy and dive in now guys. This weekend, make sure you FEEL. And Happy Birthday Silvara MWACKS ilufu, this song is especially for ya hun!

Engage me
Let me breathe the courage of your actions
Don't hold back make it be for the good
The truth is
I am not your cure but I can help you
Find a way to reconcile the dark
Don't hold back
Is there anybody out there feeling something?
Don't hold back
Is there anybody out there feeling something?
Stay right there
Cause I want to watch you taking off your morning
And putting on that midnight smile for me
You're chasing
The slow motion belief that you are dreaming
And running from the things that make you feel
Don't hold back
Is there anybody out there feeling something?
Don't hold back
Is there anybody out there feeling something?

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Thursday, February 21

Kiss My BootyFul Tush!

Yesterday one of my male colleagues who just returned from a camping getaway (lets call him Warren) comes along and says this to me: 'Keshi next time I go camping, I'm gonna take you. Like for 3 or 4 the bush, just you and me. I promise I'll lookafter you very well'. ummm, ok! Now I'm not a baby, I'm a grown woman and I can go camping with a friend if I want to. And I can lookafter myself pretty good by myself, thank you sir! But knowing Warren I know what he will be 'looking after'...not me, rather my arse. Don't get me wrong he's cute and quite the gentleman and all. But honestly what does he think I am? Paris-Hilton-straight-after-a-4-hour-strictly-no-sex-jail-term? Some guys may think I'm easy just cos I have a big heart. Ah ah hang on mate, big heart, big boobs, big hopes? Big mistake!

Once I was talking to one of my friends about marriage in general, and out of the blue he tells me 'Keshi you know what, I'm sick of having partners. And I don't wanna get married. Now I have decided to have purely physical relationships only. So if any girl is upto it, I'd gladly take them' with a twinkle in his eyes. Ok now why is he telling me this? ***pictures wild Baboons just mating for the heck of it in the woods going Ooh Aah Aah Ooh Eee Eee***. Oh I know why, he's just trying to test the waters...test if Keshi is going to say that it's such a neat idea. Dream on Mr.Gorilla-on-a-sex-overdrive. If your brain is stuck in a constant Mating season, I'd suggest the Zoo. It's a great place for guys like you to meet partners...of animal variety ofcourse. Please use protection...I'm saying that to the animals btw.

One day I was going back to my car in the Mall's carpark, when I suddenly noticed 2 guys doing rounds in their car (around and around, again and again) for no specific reason (there were alot of Parking spaces available too). So as I was walking to my car I looked at them and they started smiling at me and all. I sort of got the dorky message...they were just trying to muck around with my brain ***rolling eyes***. Typical guys-see-a-girl-and-they-instantly-become-big-fat-idiots scene was unravelling. Anyways I suddenly noticed that their car boot was open. And since I looked at them and they didn't look like really bad guys either, and since they were driving around with their eyes my way too, I indicated to them that their boot was open (I did some hand gestures to alert them about it). They came around to my spot again and tells me 'Don't worry about the car's boot does that everytime it sees a pretty girl' and smiles like a massive idiot with his cranium dying by the seconds. Was that super dumb pickup line supposed to work? ***cough, gag, puke***. I just smiled an
d got into my car...then they parked the car nearby, got out and started asking me for my number and where I'm from etc etc. I said 'I'm from the Mall and now I'm gonna go where I came from before I came to the Mall' smiled, and I drove off. urrrggggggggg!

So when the boys say stupid things or suggest indecent proposals, give them a good slap or hold them from the back of their heads and shove their heads straight into your cleavage, and shake it to the left and right (and a left and a right, and a left and a right..get the drift?) a quick healing dip in the water and take it out. OK! After that, they'll never stare at your chest like they are in a coma or follow your ass with their eyes so religiously like they have just seen God. Cos they just received the Holy Boob Treatment that cures them forever - the trauma of it will give them Boobophobia and that's great for us girls. 2 boys once asked me how long it took to shave my legs (cos I have somewhat long legs, not lots of hair ok!), I smiled and said 'As long as it takes your brains to develop to a civil status'. They laughed and walk
ed away. ***feels very worried about their future on Earth and lights a candle for their demised brains***.

Share with me similar (horror pickup lines etc) stories from your life...both men and women related incidents are welcome ;-). Have a good day guys!

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Wednesday, February 20

The Sun, The Moon And Love

Petals Of Friendship
Today as the Sun was rising he had a better plan for Keshi...he was upto some special surprises and sent my way some beautiful rays of love and light. I caught the sunshine that caressed my face and I kissed the message it brought me. It told me never to make hasty told me to give a good friend enough time and space when told me that old petals of a friendship may fall, but there's always a new bloom of that same friendship waiting to be told me that the biggest test of friendship is if you can forgive each other and move on...and it all happened that way. Thanks Mr.Sunshine!

Whispers Behind The Walls
Last night as I watched outside the window and gazed into the starlit skies, the Moon whispered a little secret to me. She told me that people can say anything about me in the open, behind doors, wherever, but nothing they say make me who I am...and those who know me, know me anyways. It also told me that if something bothers me about someone else, that it's best to talk to their face directly than behind their backs. Openness is a gift...backbiting is a misery...secret slander is cheap. As I basked in the glory of the golden aura of the beautiful Miss.Moon, I realised that that's why the Sun, Moon and the Stars are so unaffected by anything else. They come out in the open...they never play mind games...they are natural, maskless, REAL and brave...they just get on with it. Thanks Miss.Moon!

Love Taking Over
Today after speaking to someone very special, I realised that nothing can hinder Miss.Love. When friends make a real connection that's so strong, the electricity flows abundantly, without any aid. And when friends put behind the ego and pride, and are willing to talk and listen to each other, the differences of opinions don't matter anymore...they just begin to see the similarites of the hearts. It just shows the strength of Miss.Love...when she takes over, nothing can get in the way of a friendship. We may not look the same, think the same things or dress the same way, but if our hearts fluently speak the language of Love, we won't be highlighting the's only the similarities that we shall seek. Thanks Miss.Love!

This song is for you my dear one, and I sing this on Karaoke I'll think of you when I sing it next...I love you...I can't live without the warmth of your aura in my life. Thanks for assuring me that you're the GOLDEN girl I always thought you to be. ***Raises a toast to our Friendship***

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Tuesday, February 19

A Tragic Heart

DISCLAIMER: This post is about friends...not about partners..

Today my heart got ripped out and now I'm holding it in my's pounding hard and's looking lost and feeling like no one understands it anymore. It can't find love sees no reason anymore. It does not know true friends anymore. I'd walk through fire if Love is what I'd find...but my heart is in my hands right now. It's very frightened and feels like it got cheated for all the love it gave to it's feels like it lost trust in everything and everyone. All it ever came across is fake bonds, pathetic lies, masked friends and empty rooms. It got beaten enough to realise it never really knew anyone. Do friends here really care or am I just a 'virtual' mate for you that you disconnect when you switch your PC off? Or does this 'connection' continue even when you're not online? Am I the only one who's in this for real? Something happened that made me question my presence here in Blogville. Am I just a fool being taken for a ride? It feels like I'm going to cry. I wanna bury my heart and never see it's face heart is a totally screwed up loser that seems to get stamped on all the time. I want it dead. I think I'm broken.

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Monday, February 18

A Healing Glance

Hows you all? The weekend was healing for me...I needed that. Saturday we were busy with lunch guests (16 of them). Sunday I went to my uncle's bday party - a wonderful family gathering. He's the one who was very ill last year (read my last post about him at Hello Yesterday). Miraculously he has fully recovered from his stroke and is at home now (although he's immobile due to a bedsore in his right leg). The way he was, and the way he is right's a huge change. Although it happens to all beings (sickness, aging, being physically dependent on others etc), it's so very heart-breaking to see that happening to someone you knew all your life. It puts everything into perspective. It opens your eyes and heart, it makes you realise the fragility of this body...and it makes you realise that your mind is the only thing that can wander about without any aid, til the end of your life. The mind...the what makes a person keep going. I read that the body is a structure made of cells who's purpose is to keep the mind and soul on Earth. Isn't that so true? Anyways the body may stop functioning but the soul remains in tact. The body plays a big part yes, but it doesn't always give you character nor independent mobility...think about it. Some day the body (or parts of the body) may stop being your strength. But your soul will never get handicapped...even if you go just doesn't stop. The body deteriorates and may depend on a wheelchair one day, but the soul roams freely and with no aids required at all. That's why we need to guard our souls and control them before they go wild and out of character. Your body may give up on you...but YOU have total control over your soul. So don't give up on your soul like how your body may give up on you. Protect your soul, nurture it, and grow it. Exercise your soul with love and compassion...feed your soul with good thoughts, words and deeds. Cos that's the only thing you can really call your's and have as your only companion some day...and that's the only thing you really have any control over.

My uncle portrays alot of strength and courage. It all comes from his well-developed soul. He didn't let the demise of his body affect his soul. You may be the may be the most may be the most may be the toughest...but nothing is as great as having a great, well-managed spirit, mind and soul. That's the greatest asset one can have. And that's an asset no one can steal from you. You may have to leave everything behind some day...your body may get weary and old some may lose your all...but nothing is worse than having an untaught soul.

Happy Week ahead guys! This song is for you...cos you guys stick with me no matter what and take me 'home' somehow. THANKS for all the support in the last post and always!

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Friday, February 15

When I'm Gone

It'll be a Sunday...the same day I was born. My eyes will be wet with fresh tears, I'd lie across the floor, my body frozen in sorrow and all alone...the same way I was born. My hands would seem like they are hugging the icy floor, longing to hold on to the little bit of life that's inside of me...the same spirit I was born with. People would surround my body and look at the same manner they did when I was born. I'd have a diary of my life left behind, few feelings given a voice, few unheard thoughts let the same cries that I cried when I was born. I'd be long-gone from the past yet so sure I'll be in the future...the same hunger that I crawled out of the womb with. My body would still be warm but my soul so empty and departed, like a tortured butterfly...the same way I lived.

A life in vain...a life never understood...a life that was never meant to be. A life lived fighting to be alive...a life lived struggling to be loved...a life lived dying a million times. When I'm gone, it'll be the way I lived. Nothing really changes. To live is to die is to live.

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Current Music Update: November Rain by Guns 'N Roses

Thursday, February 14

Right Here Waiting For You

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Now that I'm broken
Get me some glue

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I've waited so long
I'm gonna sue you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My question is
Where the F*** are you!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I've started dating Elvis
Too bad for you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you aint dead yet
I hope your brains grew

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Just that I noticed
My shoes are still new

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You'd be hard to find
Even in Peru!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I should've known
That you don't have a clue

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Now that I'm dead
You can't give me the flu

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You might be sleeping
Like the Baboons do?

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you were a ghost
I still won't see you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My boobs are no more
And it's all because of you!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'll come kick you
After I learn Kung-Fu

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If I ever meet you
I'll feed you Tofu

Roses are red
Violets are blue
oops I cant find a spot
To print a Tattoo!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Please F*** off
I've something else to do

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I know you like me
But I dun like you

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Did you pass out
Or die in your pew?

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Watch out Mr.Right
Your funeral is due

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Should I look for you
Somewhere on Yahoo?

Dimes are silver
Pennies are brass
Why is your brain
Stuck in your a***!

I made those up for my very, ummm, romantic Valentine who's nowhere to be seen btw...probably on a massive drug-overdose...awwwww ***sticks out tongue at ya***. If you wanna add to this list, please do so (sweet or mean)
. Be as creative as you can. Happy Shmellingtines Day all you eww-inspiring lovers! ***pukes violently***. All those Singles out there, ROCK ON babies! And all you LOVELY people here who brighten up my every single day, MWAHHHHHHHHHZ I LOVE YOU, this is for ya!

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Tuesday, February 12

Rock Starry Schmackers!

Hello Hello Hello Hayyylowww...

When I was a kid I wanted to be a rock star. I once wrote a letter to Santa asking for a guitar..a rock-starrish one ya know. I was only about 5yrs old then. I got one but I caught my dad bringing it home ***horror shock***! Since then I stopped writing letters to Santa cos I knew he was none other than my dad. I felt bad for asking for things but hey I didn't know Santa was ripping my dad off - bloody CheapSkate with a load of snow up his arse! Anyways, being a rock star was my soul mission as a kid...I remember getting together with 3 other neighborhood kids and singing to death in the garage, when I was about 7yrs old...pretending to play the guitars and drums like the real know swinging them around and pretending to sweat profusely and going grungy saying yiaaang yiaaaang yiaaaaaang lol! Really getting into it and all. It feels silly looking back at those memories but somewhere deep down all of that, there must have been a need in me to express my soul be heard. I don't mean to say I'm a rock star (hell nah, I'm far from a real one ***secretly wishing I was one***) but I believe most rock stars possess the need to scream out to the world what they are passionate about. And now that I have finally found my avenue to express (blogs ofcourse hehe), I feel my childhood rock-star dreams have finally come a different way but certainly the BEST way! Wot shaaayyy yous?:) Did you have any childhood dreams that came to life in a different manner? I don't mean the career dreams...I mean the childhood fantasies that you were crazy about and the ones that came true in ways you didn't expect them to? Share please.

Do I look like Axl Rose' female reincarnation or what? Perhaps Mick Jagger's? o please say I do! !***grins*** I think this pic of mine looks more like a mug-shot of a Vodka thief LOL! (off-topic, 'Axl Rose' is an anagram of which famous juicy delicious notorious act? hahaha who can give me the answer to that now, w.o. cheating ofcourse?). btw Axl Rose is one of my fav singers and hey how can I forget my darlings Kurt Cobain (RIP mate!) and Freddie Mercury (RIP sir!). I have great respect for great musicians. I have never met any of them in person, never had a coffee with them, never shared a flat with them...but their songs and performances have made me connect with them in ways that I haven't even connected with my loved-ones...go figure! These stars have given me a friend when I had no one else to talk to...they reached out to me and understood my feelings in ways that I'll never be able to fully explain...they have assured me that it's ok to feel lonely sometimes and to feel like you're nothing...they became me and I became them in many a moment...they have been the guiding light in my darkest nights..they gave me their music that kept me alive. Seriously, if not for their music I wouldn't be alive. THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC MY ROCKSTARS, I owe you my spirit! I was born to express, my life is one big expression, and I hope my death would be meaningfully expressive too.

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