Wednesday, October 25

A Wedding Getaway

Guys it's time for me to fly away on a brief break again. It's my cousin's wedding in New Zealand on the 29th of Oct (coming Sunday). Remember I went to NZ for another cousin's wedding in Feb. Well I'm looking forward to this trip cos this means alot of quality time again with my large family and I just love that. I have heaps of cousins, aunts and uncles in NZ, and I have many other cousins from Aus going to this wedding too, so it's gonna be one big party (dam maaro dam, mit jaaye gham...bolo subh shaam, hare krishna hare ram...;-)). Now I also have to be prepared for Aunts and Uncles asking me that same old question 'When are YOU getting married Kesh?', yawwwwnn. Last Feb they tortured me with it and I got away with alot of smirks. Maybe this time I should ask them to go fly a kite till I board my flight home? LOL that'd be rude so what do I say guys, any ideas? Cos I'm tired of saying 'I haven't found him yet ok, so could you leave me alone plzz!'. I know they are gonna execute me with this question again so don't be surprised if I board a flight home before the wedding and land here feeling like a battered wild kitten looking for some eternal peace.

Also I'm going to meet my cousin's man (the groom) for the first time - he's a Sri Lankan guy who just arrived in NZ from London. He has spoken to me on the phone many times and he sounds like a cool and really funny dude (I like men with a good sense of humor cos I love laughing, but I hope he won't think I'm a super-nut high on Nitrous Oxide). A mighty reason why I love weddings is cos then I have a valid excuse to buy new gear and dress up all pretty (Keshi bats her eyelashes...). I already bought myself a gorgeous hot-pink chiffon saree with soft gold thread work, oyeah girls! You should see the saree-jacket that we made for it - so pretty! I'm sure the saree is alot cheaper in India but it's still ok for $129. Cos my last wedding saree cost me $300 -I know, way too much. On top of all the excitement, there's a massive, notorious, killer-whale of a pimple from nowhere sitting on my forehead and I so wanna kill it right now. I never get pimples and I wonder what this is all about yuikkkkz! I really hate it and it seems like it's here to stay on my face for the wedding :*( Girls, any tips on how to hide it if it decides to stay longer? Anyways while I have been to NZ countless times before, I still long for it's peace, charm and greenery. So yeah it's going to be a beauty of a trip again. Kiora NZ here I come!

I'm leaving Aus on the 27th of Oct (this Fri) and hope to
be back on
the 7th of Nov (I will be in blogs till this Thursday). Untill then I hope all of you will be good, safe and happy. HUGGGGGGGGZ and boy o boy I will miss you too! There's internet access in all of my cousin's houses but I doubt if I'd have time to blog amidst all the wedding chaos. Imagine me blogging when all my other cousins have gone to decorate the hall? Now that would be really rude hehe. It's only like 10 days all up, so I will be back soon. So yeah, there's alot of love in the air right now (I get teary at weddings :)) and I'm hoping my dearest cousin and her man will have a beautiful blessed future together forever, cos marriage is not just about the pretty's a life-long bond that needs alot of dedication. True love survives against all odds and I hope they will both have that love in them going on forever. Today I put up one of my favorite Hindi songs ever for all of you to enjoy while I'm away. It's 'Dam Maaro Dam' by Asha Bhosle , from the 1971 movie 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna'..I wasn't even born then but I love this song so much and dance to it like crazy. Here's the meaning of it that I got from youTube:

Dam maaro dam, mit jaaye gham
Bolo subh shaam, hare krishna hare ram
(Smoke weed Smoke,
forget your sorrow,
Say morning evening,hare krishna hare ram)

Duniya ne humko......
(What the world has given us, what the world has taken from us.
Why do we care about anybody,
what they have done for us)

Chaahe jiyenge marenge....
(Whether we live or die,
we will not be scared
Nobody can stop us, will do what we want)

UPDATE:You can check the video of that song here (cos I updated Current Music to another Hindi favorite of mine from the movie MURDER).

Isn't that cool now :)
Ok guys I'm gonna miss you so take care and know that you will all be thought of, yes EVERYDAY. Au Revoir my dear ones MWAHHH!

Current Music: Dam Maaro Dam by Asha Bhosle
Current Music Update: Kaho Na Kaho by Amir Jamal

Monday, October 23

Life's A Melody

Hey guys hows it going? I had a 'shopping' weekend so need I say what it was was just fantastic! Girls guess what - I bought a new pair of Summer shoes and they are just gorgeous! They are very much like the ones in this pic except that the cords are tied around the legs. Super sexy ;-). A bit of retail therapy there. So what did you buy for yourself in the weekend? Anyways today I'm going to take up a tag that Niki and Fleiger wanted me to do yonks ago and have probably given up on me by now - sorry guys! Anyways I kept my promise somehow ok?? :) So the tag goes like this: Answer the following personal questions with a song that suits your asnwer. Anyone who wants to take up the tag is welcome to do so. Now let me dive in!

1.How does the world see you?

Freestyler by Bomfunk MC

It's rather how I see myself. Cos I think I'm a very free soul. I just live and let live, and I do things in my own style. I don't copy and no I don't take rules seriously! I just do what I want to do in my own bloody way, whether people like it or not.

2.Will I have a happy life?

Tragedy by The Bee Gees

Life doesn't promise you happiness. You have to promise yourself that you'll be happy with whatever life offers you. My life's been a tragedy many a times but through it all, I say to myself 'who's had a great life without knowing a whole lot of tears anyways'. And I move on.

3.What do my friends think of me as?

My Humps by Black-Eyed-Peas

hehehe cos you know I always love to shake 'my humps my humps my lovely lady lumps (check it out!)...' ;-)

4.Do people secretly lust after me?

Sex Bomb by Tom Jones

LOL ok I don't know if the men I know secretly lust after me but sometimes they do indicate that when they speak to me...maybe guys here can tell me if you lust after me?

'sexbomb're my sexbomb...and baby you can turn me on! ;-)

5.How can I make myself happy?

Life For Rent by Dido

I see this life as something given to us on rent. We own it for a while and we have to pay some heavy prices to keep it going. It's a sacrifice and it's a reward at the same time. So be happy while you rent your life folks, nothing in life is your's to keep. When the call comes, you have to hand over the property and you've gotta go. So yeah, enjoy while you rent it and forget about the costs!

6.What should I do with my life?

Fame by Irene Cara

'(faaaaame)... I'm gonna make it to heaven...light up the sky like a flame (faaaame)
I'm gonna live, remember my name...'

I don't mean I wanna climb up the success ladders and be a top star. What I meant by using that song is that even if I'm not a celebrity or some famous figure in this world, I wanna make a difference in atleast one person's life and that I will be remembered for that even after I'm gone. I don't wanna die without making a difference.

7.Will I ever have children?

Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N Roses

I cant really answer that question yet (though I would love to have a girl and a boy some day as my sweet little kids). But even if that doesn't happen for some reason, I'm happy with the kid in me who always brags like a baby LOL...and I entertain myself all the time, and hell yeah I'm still my momma's little girl :).

8.What is some good advise for me?

You Know You're Right by Nirvana

Well why I selected that song as the answer is cos when people advise me, it always sounds so right and I feel like a fool. Even if I can't go by their advice, the adviser always seems right isn't that so?

9.How will I be remembered?

November Rain by Guns N Roses

I see myself as a temporary summer rain that's visiting this Earth. I won't last forever and I hope to be remembered as the cool rains in that Summer who brought you some joy.

'cause nothin' lasts forever...even cold November rain...'

10.What's my signature dancing song?

What A Feeling by Irene Cara

I always dance to this song like a maniac. I put it so loud in my room and run around dancing like Jennifer Beals. Serious!

11.What's my current theme song?

It's Raining Men by Geri Halliwell

Hallelujah it's raining hunks in Sydney! And the blonde guy who was seated next to me on the train this morning was a hottie in caps and I couldn't believe I was listening to this same song while sitting so close to him ooo lala! He looked alot like my future boyfriend but damnnnnn he had to get out one station before mine - I hope and pray to the good Lord that he changes jobs and moves somewhere close to my office LOL!

12.What do others think about my current theme song?

Does Your Mother Know by ABBA

LOL cos I'm sure you're wondering if my mum knows about all my train games ;-)

13.What shall they play at my funeral?

The Reason by Hoobastank

When I die, I want some dear ones in my life to know who I really was. When people are alive, it takes alot for loved-ones to understand one another cos they don't think that life will end some day. It is only when someone dies that most people wish they said/did many things with their departed loved-ones. And I believe this song speaks for me, my life, my tears.

14.What type of men/women do I like?

Endless Summer Nights by Richard Marx

I'm not a lesbian so I'll stick to men ok. I love men who have a summery sunshiney bubbly and lively spirit. Men who are as hot as endless summer nights ;-). Men who keep me glued to them that I don't even wanna go home hehehe.

15.How's my love life?

What Is Love by Haddaway

The song explains everything about my love-life that's in extinction right? :) Well not really, what I mean is my love-life seems to always, I mean always end up in tragedy. So what really is LOVE? It doesn't seem to be something that's made for me.

Ok Guys happy week ahead! MWAHHHHHHHZ!

Current Music: Freestyler by Bomfunk MC

Friday, October 20

Lamps Of Love

Guys my mood just got better and better...why cos you guys made sure I got better. I'm so lucky, I mean really lucky to have such a loving and caring bunch of friends always here for me. None of my family or friends have such a big crowd always offering love and support like I have here. So I guess even if I don't have anything else in life, having all of you to fill my senses, to lift me up, to quench my thirst of love, to be my crutches when I can't walk, to remind me the tune of my song when it seems to fade, to be there when everyone else have left and to grant me vision when I'm blind has made me rise up and march ahead. Nothing can conquer my spirits as long as I have you. Your love will keep me alive. Thank you so much for being my guiding light!

Talking about lights, it's Diwali (Deepavali) tomorrow - the Light festival that's celebrated by Hindus around the world. I remember my post about Diwali last year - read it
here if you have time. Diwali is not only about dressing up in new clothes, lighting diyas (lamps), eating sweets and going to temple. It's also about renewing your heart. Adding some light into the darknesses that may be bothering you and others in your life. It's about lighting up your lives in a way that changes you and others around you positively. Now think about a lamp in the following manner:

Imagine the lamp is your Heart. The oil is Love. The wick is the Ego. The matchstick is the Sacrifice. The Fire (light) is Spiritualism. So when you light the lamp of your heart with the matchstick of sacrifice and the fire of spiritualism, you are burning the wick of your ego with the help of the oil of love. To get the love in your heart to work effectively, you've got to sacrifice alot and burn the ego and other life-ruining emotions with the light of spiritualism. This will take you from darkness to light. What's the use of a lamp if it's not lighted? Likewise what's the use of a heart if it can't use the love it has, to spread light?

So this Diwali, light up your hearts and spread some love, real love - not just verbal kind. Try to apply this in your lives and see how bright your lives can get. It doesn't mean you'll have a rosy and easy life, but when you have defeated your own ego, you can be content in any situation and with anyone. (btw don't assume I have achieved it fully - I'm learning too). The strongest weapon one can have is true spiritualism. And people will see how bright and beautiful you have become. So light up your life, spread some real love and light to everyone else around you. Tomorrow I'm going to light up alot of colorful clay lamps and leave them in my balcony, and we will dress up and go to the temple. This year I wanna pray for strength in everyone's heart to realise that love should be spread to be effective for you and everyone else. Happy Diwali my dear ones and thanks for being the many lights in my life!

~~Dedicated to ALL OF YOU.

Current Music: My Sweet Lord by George Harrison

Wednesday, October 18

Fool On Duty

You can have everything else in life but if you don't have love, respect, understanding and appreciation from your near and the dear ones, then you have nothing. If they can't and won't take few minutes to really listen to what you have to say, if they don't seem to understand how you feel, if they don't respect your feelings, if their love is just verbal only and if they demonstrate that your existence in their life is not appreciated, then why do you still hang around wanting to be heard and loved.

Guys I feel really sad today. I feel I was living a lie all this time. You know when you go on pretending for a long time like everything is ok but suddenly it hits ya and you realise it's high time that you accept it than keep pretending it's all rosy. It's one of those days that I feel like I was a fool for far too long. It's like I was a ghost of someone else that I had to be and I just realised that. I wanted to be wanted but it seems like it never was and it never will be. Sometimes I really think I would be better off dead.

Anyways, take care. I shall be ok. Till next time enjoy my 'Casual-ties' post below.

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Current Music Update: Send Me An Angel by Scorpions

Tuesday, October 17


What do you think about casual sex? In Australia (and other parts of the world) it is quite common. Alot of people settle for casual sex relationships cos it's probably convenient, no-strings-attached and easy. But to be honest, I don't understand casual sex. How can you have sex with someone without having true feelings for that person? How can you use your body just for carnal pleasure and not feel gulity about it? How can there be mutual respect in such a relationship? How can you disrespect your body so much that you let lust overtake you?How can you make love to someone without love being involved? I have heard of and know of people who have long-term casual-sex relationships. They just meet, do it and say goodbye! Even some married couples do this with others. And there are these Swingers Clubs all over the place where married couples exchange their partners just for sex. Apparently they all go to one place, leave all the car keys in a bowl and then every woman gets to pick a car key each. And then they go out for that night with whoever that car key belongs to. I think it's pretty grotesque and cheap. Not only that, just imagine how many other countless partners they may have had/be having and how many sexually transmitted diseases (read the article linked here about AIDS, Herpes, Syphillis, Hepatitis etc) those people may be carrying! If you type 'Sexually Transmitted Diseases' in Google Images, then you will see some pics of patients that wil scare you to eternity. I also read that due to increasing casual sex lives among young people these days, STDs are spreading like wild fire. So it's a huge health risk too. Sorry if I'm hurting anyone through this post but this is my honest opinion and we all need to know this.

I have been brought up to control my desires and respect my body. Men and women who are casual sex players and Swingers clubbies have totally lost control of their senses. So how different are they when compared to animals? Have you seen the movie 'Mixed Doubles'. If you haven't seen it, get it and watch it - it's a great movie. It's about a married Indian couple and how the husband wants to mmmm you know, just 'swing'. And you must must must see what happens in the end. Hilarious and shocking! Shows where uncontrolled lust can take you. Anyways, all I can say is if having no sex makes you feel empty, then you are missing out on a whole lot of other things in life. Sex is necessary in life but you really shouldn't be compromising your dignity or your health just to have it. So beware, be safe and be well.

btw guys if any of you feel I'm just always preaching here in the dark, please know that I'm preaching with real-life experiences AND I practice what I preach. Therefore I have every right to preach some principles I value and am able to apply in my life. I don't write posts in my blog just cos I want to spice up my blog or just cos it's a great topic that will draw comments. I'm not here for competition. And I'm not a girl who needs attention to believe in what I believe. I can believe in what I believe just by myself - I don't need anyone to approve of it. All my posts come out of real-life experiences and it's either about me or someone I know/have heard of etc. So if you think I'm just a preacher here wasting my breath, yakking endlessly with no actions, then I'm really sorry that you think that way about me. And that's probably cos you don't know me at all. No hard feelings anyways. Thanks and g'day to yus all!

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Monday, October 16

V For Vendetta

What is punishment? What is revenge? What is pay-back? I think they are all the same. And it all comes out of sheer anger, pain and disappointment...from that 'I'm right and you're wrong' judgement. I know a story of a woman who's ex-BF set her house on fire cos she broke up with her. That's bitter revenge. What would he have received from doing it - a few minutes of cruel satisfaction perhaps. And after that how would he have felt? Nothing except further intensified pangs of vengeance, more hatred and anger! The girl lost her home and all her belongings. Few years down the track when he's older and frail, perhaps he will feel ashamed about himself. Cos not only did he lose the girl, but he also lost his self-respect, cool and dignity...he basically lost himself. By committing an act of revenge, by not being able to forgive and move on, you only end up with no solution, further conflict and loss of the power in you to be in total control of yourself.

Why I'm writing this post today is cos I was watching the news the other day, and all I saw was bloodshed everywhere - nothing new. In the Middle East, people are dying everyday...women running around crying for their dead men...children shootings...never-ending war...death..destruction...VENGEANCE diguised in different masks. And I was thinking the root cause of all this is that inevitable human craving for REVENGE. But is it really inevitable? I don't think so. Just that most people are so 'used' to taking revenge. 'You take my eye and I'll take your's' kind of attitude. That's the way the world operates these
days and it's only gotten worse. Cos time and time again, people fail to think outside that scope. They just go with how it has always been. Hence they don't even stop to think if it really agrees with their own reason and common sense. I'm a strong opponent of Capital Punishment. I even wrote a post about it long time can read it here -
'In Search Of Compassion'. Alot of people then tried to convince me that DEATH is necessary as a punishment for those who kill/rape others. Maybe at first appearance it feels that way. That's cos we all have the pangs of vengeance in us - hatred and anger running through our veins. Settling scores seem to be the only way. But is killing the criminal going to undo the already committed crime or bring back the already dead people? Or does it even give an opportunity for the criminal to realise and repent his sins? I say it only doubles the crime and it takes us down to the same IQ level of the criminal. Cos he/she committed an act of violence as a result of some sort of vengeance that was deep-seeded in their minds. And now we are doing the same! As long as vengeance is implemented as a means of deterrent, we are going to always swim in vengeance. From violence one can never achieve peace and resolution. (double_click on image to read it clearly).

My point is revenge is never going to bring you or the other person a lasting solution. It's only going to bind you in an ever-growing conflict and hatred. Isn't that why these wars go on for years and years with no resolution? Even at home, when someone does something hurtful, we often try to prove our point and we never give up on that 'I'm always right' attitude. But by doing that we become blind to our own mistakes. We therefore become just like the other person and we lose the power in us to be content by forgiving and spreading some compassion. There's great power in compassion than you may think. Alot of people don't stop to think what compassion is cos they always want to take that fast lane of revenge that everyone else takes. Compassion heals and from compassion comes real solutions. That's what Buddhism teaches and there's great power in that line. In
Christianity they say 'show the other cheek when slapped'. It's not just a pretty line for people to read and then fight the very next that line there's higher power to change you and the other person, and bring long-lasting solutions to everyone. Your greatest 'Revenge' from anything/anyone should really be to LIVE in a manner that's not the same as your opponent's. Love your enemy - nothing will bug him/her more. Obtain a higher power than the other person, both emotionally and spiritually. And great rewards will follow.

So why can't most people just see beyond revenge anymore? Are people blind to go on like this for years and years in conflict? Perhaps they are blind...cos they have been taught to take an eye for an eye all this time. And no eyes mean no sight. I read somewhere that the 7 wonders of this world is to see, hear, smell, touch, feel, love and laugh. But we always choose to disable ourselves deliberately. Time to make use of the 7 wonders we have been blessed with, heal ourselves and cure others too.

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Wednesday, October 11

The Great Extinction

Genre: Humor (so chillax).

Ladies and (sometimes-not-so) Gentlemen, it seems like my love-life is in extinction. Therefore do I even have to tell you about my rather invisible sex-life? It's as dead as the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Precious fossils of it can be found in my mental museum. Well I'm not complaining cos I think this is how it was all laid out for me by the old man upstairs - maybe He knew where it would have taken me and slowed the pace after a few demented Dinosaurs. Just like wildlife protection is necesssary, Keshi's love-life protection is indeed required but it has no funds or organisations around it. No one seems to be even thinking it's an endangered species - most of them see it as a nutty species that need to be left alone. Anyways as endangered as I may feel, I also feel a great sense of relief that my love-life is near-death. Cos it lets me look around without bias and selfishness. I don't mean that people who have a love-life are selfish, but having a love-life in full swing sometimes makes you blind to other areas in life. Been there done that, so I'm talking about me, not you. Well the number of BFs I have had in the past (according to my love-life stats) is quite a healthy number and although that number is dwindling right now resembling the white Rhinoceros' count, I don't think my love-life needs to be secured in a sanctuary somewhere in Africa! Sometimes I do feel like I'm a rare species that's being oohed and ahhed at by a group of people on a safari. Anyways why do I think my love-life is in extinction? Well this is why:

**Potential partners only exist in the past/movies/blogs and is
as rare as spotting a Giant Panda on any Tuesday
**Everytime my Blue-bellied Parrot of a love-life gets lucky, there's always a habitat killer
**When I do find a great guy, in the end it turns out to be that he was just hunting for my 'tusks' - leaves me feeling like an African Elephant
**When things get serious in my love-life, the very next day it mocks back at me like a Hybrid Spider Monkey and asks me to get real
**Each time I try to recall my last romantic encounter, I laugh like a Gorilla - not cos it's funny but cos the 'last time' seems like it was 100yrs ago
**Old aunts remind me that I'm running around without a man for some time now and that it's really uncommon in our family as much as the Red Wolf is in the world
**I'm receiving alot of wedding invitations these days (most of the brides are younger than me) and usually
I end up being the only Snow Leopard at these weddings
**My mum says I'd be married to my car and closet forever, and each time she says that I disappear in a dash like the Pygmy Possum
**A friend brings a marriage proposal (for the 1st and the last time) and when I meet him he turns out to be a hairy-nosed Wombat - yes rare but wouldn't mind his extinction
**The opposite sex who is the responsible care-taker of my love-life seems to be pouncing away from me like a Sumatran Tiger that's being hunted for skin
**A great catch is as rare as a Silver Shark is and it seems such guys see me as a common over-populated kind of shark
**I feel as blue as the Blue Whale when I go to parties and see couples hugging and kissing that makes me wonder if I'm the only Brontosaurus left on Earth
**Mistletoe seems like some long-lost memory of a Short-tailed Chinchilla
**Going back to memories of past BFs and relationships makes me feel like I'm walking in Jurassic Park
**However, to me marriage sounds like a Californian Condor out to get it's prey so its really ok guys, I'm cool, don't shower me with sympathies now pleeeeeease ;-)

btw today's music is dedicated to a lovely lady named Ghee. Heyyy beautiful ;-) enjoy!

Current Music: What's Left Of Me by Nick Lachey

Tuesday, October 10

The Connection

Imagine living in a house with no electricity. How dark and scary will that be. You won't be able to see what's around you at night, and you might even trip on something and fall. How dangerous is that. So you may live without light for years and end up hurt, even scarred being blind to the dangers of it. When you make the decision to get the electricity connection to your house, you will start seeing. Your accidents will be less and you will know where you're walking. You no longer have to crawl. But you didn't make that choice all these years. Why? Cos you 'chose' to be in the dark. You thought you were always right and you overlooked the hurt it caused. Darkness swallowed you and left you in the attic. But now that light has been searched for, you are connected. Connected with your inner soul and the people and things around you. You 'see' yourself and others clearly. You have a choice to make. Either be in the dark forever or seek the connection, bask in it and start seeing. Firstly you have to realise that there's a connection waiting for you to be connected with. So wake up, come out of the darkest pits, get the connection and light up your life. Whatever it may be that you're bogged down by, be it fear, insecurity, jealousy, greed, anger, ego, pride, selfishness etc, there's a supply of light waiting to be found. If there's a demand for it from your end, you will benefit from the supply. So seek the 'connection' today. And call me when you illuminate your house - I can wait.

~~Dedicated to someone I love~~

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Monday, October 9

Highway Temptress

Weekend got me frozen in shock people. Let me tell you what happened. Saturday morning we had a house-warming party to attend to. One of our friends bought a brand new house and so it was their party. They are Indians so there was this puja (prayer) and then lunch. I was all decked up in Indian gear and I kind of like doing that...makes me feel very cultural and Bollywoodish hehe. Well after having lunch we had another party to go to in the evening. A friend (Sara and her husband) invited our family and another group of friends for dinner and karaoke at their place (knowing how crazy we are about singing and how desperate we are to become suburban rock-stars). Their beautiful house is about a 45mins drive away from where we live. So all of us friends, sis, mum and I went there and had a great time that night...lovely dinner and then a whole lot of singing. We sang Air Supply, Chicago, ABBA, Bryan Adams, Spice Girls, Jim Reeves, John Denver etc etc. It was just great! The singing was so infectious that we couldn't stop till about 1:15am! Yeah mum didn't mind as long as she was with us so it was going on and on. Anyways then we decided we should hit the roads before it's too late so we all said our goodbyes, thankyous, hugs and mwahs and left. My sis was driving that night and I was seated in the front passenger seat. Mum was sitting at the back and all our other friends left in their cars. So once we hit the motorway, it was pitch dark (although there were lights every few metres) and looked quite haunted at that time of the night. So it was just the long dark massive road and us. I put the CD on just so that we all don't fall asleep and I started yakking as usual. Told my mum that these are the kinds of roads where some people see female ghosts asking for lifts at this time of the night. LOL just to scare mum. And she said 'yes I know and I even know so many real stories like that'. Then I was like goshhh I hope I don't see a ghost right now cos if I did I'd go mental (as if right now my mental state wasn't bad enough). Anyways we drove for about 40mins and we were just getting close to home. There's a left turn from the highway to the main road that leads to the suburb we live in. As we turned that corner ALL THREE OF US JUST FROZE IN COMPLETE SHOCK! It was about 1:50am and in that corner where 3 roads met, there's a lamp post. In front of that lamp post, there was a beautiful, tall Caucasian woman (about 20-25yrs of age) standing right there, beautifully dressed up in a black satin sleeveless top and black pants! She was holding a huge boquet of white roses (looked almost like funeral flowers) and she was holding it like she was holding a baby - so careful and smiling towards her arms! WHO/WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!!! I got goosebumps as I write this post! Trust me all 3 of us saw her and she was so close to our car. As we turned the corner she just stood there staring at our car! I was like 'MUMMMMMMMMMM did you see her????' and my mum was like 'who is this girl standing here at this time of the night with roses?????' My sis who was driving nearly braked hard and was absolutely gob-smacked! Trust me she's someone who doesn't believe in this kind of thing but after seeing that girl, she was totally jaw-dropped! She didn't know what to say. We wanted to drive back and see who she was but mum said lets just not be too brave at that time of the night. As we drove past her I turned and looked at her and I saw a very tall pale-looking beauty just suddenly frozen like a mannequin! She didn't cross the road (there was no pedestrian crossing there and it was a very busy junction where no pedestrians could usually be dropped or picked up at) and there were no houses on either side of the road. Just the long road and the bush! So who was she, what was she doing with a boquet of white roses at that time of the day, why was she so beautifully dressed like she was going to a wedding and that late at night? No she wasn't a prostitute cos that's not a place for such women to stand and she didn't look like one. And I remember I saw a a roadside grave (memorial flowers tied to that lamp post) EXACTLY at that point about a month ago when I was driving past it. Did we really see a dead girl that night?

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Friday, October 6

Man I Feel Like A Woman!

Ok guys 'THE' break was GREAT! It was full-on FUN, and boy o boy what a hunk-fest - droooolzz! Among those tulips I spotted some real hot bods ;-) . Too bad the tulips took precedence over the blokes so I couldn't really stalk them hehe - next time I will ok. The hotel was heavenly! Though we believed it to be a quiet Canberra country-style hotel, it was posh, huge and at the same time very very green and relaxing - no ghosts etc (pic5). That pic was taken from my mobile phone early on Monday morning when all the guests were snoring. Yeah I was haunting the hotel corridors in my PJs Fleiger. Sunday night we had a number of cocktails and that's when Kath txted me...alot of hunks were around the bar watching soccer so my cocktails were even more easier to gulp down woooosh! 2 friends and I just sat there watching Soccer and alot of other things ahemmm! btw I remembered all of you that night. Somehow I imagined that all the people who were there that night were you guys - laughing, chatting, drinking and enjoying each others' company - just like here in blogs. There was also a wedding taking place that night so the atmosphere was merrier. Sight-seeing included the great Tulip festival ofcourse, few beautiful farms and apple orchards on the way, an amazing forest church in Berrima (pic1), the Australian War memorial (was just brilliant and truly moving - made me cry) and few other relaxing picnic spots. Spotted alot of kangaroos, wallabies and a kookaburra (pics 2 and 3). Can you see the Kookaburra up the tree? One other thing..we all had so much fun and laughed till our stomachs hurt :):). The drive (3hrs one way) was brilliant - that's the Aussie parliament taken from inside my sis' car as we enter it (pic4). The red car in front is one of our friends' car. We spent 3 days in Canberra and got home on Tuesday. I've been to Canberra 6 times before but each time I go it's the scenic drive that I like. We pass through so many cattle/fruit farms, vast spaces of empty land, wild life and beautiful scenery. It's just out of this world! Got too many pics and I cant put them all up here cos some of them are censored haha! So I'll just stick to the flowers, church and wild-life. One other thing...I ate too much! I better be exercising hard this weekend or else I'll be walking around like the Michelin tyre man for sure. ooops I forgot I have 2 parties I will refuse to eat anything heavy and if they force me I'll cry. btw there was this cute Aussie guy staring at me at one of the restaurants (listen up Ari)...he even gave me some very sweet eye-contact. And when he got up and was leaving with his friend, he winked at me, hehe cute. I just smiled - I mean I can't look desperate and run behind him can I. But I knew that he really wanted to talk to me and I was with a big crowd so he couldn't make the move I guess. And I kind of thought he was cute too but who knows! Anyways post-trip I'm still single and kicking ;-) btw I was thinking why can't people appreciate nature that is so beautiful and that doesn't change itself for anything at all. Why do people change and why do they fight and create wars when there's so much to enjoy in life. I also felt like recommending this Tulip festival for all the terrorists out there...they need a break mannn!

Ok enough about my break. Thought I'd make this post more interesting now. Got a question for all of you. If you were the opposite sex just for one day, what would you do in that 24hrs?

Here's my answer:

If I were a boy for one day I'd do these things:

**Walk around bare-chested and feel the cool breeze on my chest
**Skinny-dip in Bondi beach - yeah I'd do it!
**Perv at every pretty chick and see what it does to my certain body-parts
**Check how hard it is to put the toilet-seat down after peeing
**French-kiss a chick for 10mins and check out which planet it takes me to
**Try hard to survive with one girlfriend for atleast 2hrs
**Check out what big boobs does to my mental stability
**Forget a GF's bday and realise how dumb it is to fight over it
**Go to a bar, sit in a corner and get stoned till I can't walk
**Have a stripper dance for me and see what that does to my conscience
**Come home and sleep in my shorts only - I envy guys cos they can be bare-chested anytime
**Have a girl propose to me and really understand why I'm deciding to change countries
**Go to a male toilet and check out it's bizzare architecture
**Find a way not to flirt every 2mins
**Check out how saving money on Bras can make me richer
**Wolf-whsitle at a chick passing by to see if it's really satisfying
**Scan ASS and see what my brain tells me as I check out every inch

Your turn now, go for it girls and boys! btw October 1st was my 2nd blog birthday and I can't believe I have been 'bluggin' for 2 whole years. Anyways, have a great weekend guys and play it safe!

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Wednesday, October 4

Thumbelina For A Day

Hey Guys I'm back! Thanks for all the messages...awww I missed you too HUGGGGGGGZ! Just look at these pics taken from my camera at the Floriade (Tulips festival) in Canberra and you can imagine what my mini-break was like! I will get back to the comments in the last post, your blogs and a post about my colorful get-away as soon as I get a breather. I just got back so I'm buried with work (how I wish I was still at that magical hotel...). For now, just enjoy the heavenly Tulip meadows I was absolutely mesmerised by in the weekend. It just took my breath away! Heyyy it feels so good to be back in your arms babehs. Hope all are well, love ya, stay gold always and catch you soon ok. Smoochesssssss all the way!

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