Wednesday, October 25

A Wedding Getaway

Guys it's time for me to fly away on a brief break again. It's my cousin's wedding in New Zealand on the 29th of Oct (coming Sunday). Remember I went to NZ for another cousin's wedding in Feb. Well I'm looking forward to this trip cos this means alot of quality time again with my large family and I just love that. I have heaps of cousins, aunts and uncles in NZ, and I have many other cousins from Aus going to this wedding too, so it's gonna be one big party (dam maaro dam, mit jaaye gham...bolo subh shaam, hare krishna hare ram...;-)). Now I also have to be prepared for Aunts and Uncles asking me that same old question 'When are YOU getting married Kesh?', yawwwwnn. Last Feb they tortured me with it and I got away with alot of smirks. Maybe this time I should ask them to go fly a kite till I board my flight home? LOL that'd be rude so what do I say guys, any ideas? Cos I'm tired of saying 'I haven't found him yet ok, so could you leave me alone plzz!'. I know they are gonna execute me with this question again so don't be surprised if I board a flight home before the wedding and land here feeling like a battered wild kitten looking for some eternal peace.

Also I'm going to meet my cousin's man (the groom) for the first time - he's a Sri Lankan guy who just arrived in NZ from London. He has spoken to me on the phone many times and he sounds like a cool and really funny dude (I like men with a good sense of humor cos I love laughing, but I hope he won't think I'm a super-nut high on Nitrous Oxide). A mighty reason why I love weddings is cos then I have a valid excuse to buy new gear and dress up all pretty (Keshi bats her eyelashes...). I already bought myself a gorgeous hot-pink chiffon saree with soft gold thread work, oyeah girls! You should see the saree-jacket that we made for it - so pretty! I'm sure the saree is alot cheaper in India but it's still ok for $129. Cos my last wedding saree cost me $300 -I know, way too much. On top of all the excitement, there's a massive, notorious, killer-whale of a pimple from nowhere sitting on my forehead and I so wanna kill it right now. I never get pimples and I wonder what this is all about yuikkkkz! I really hate it and it seems like it's here to stay on my face for the wedding :*( Girls, any tips on how to hide it if it decides to stay longer? Anyways while I have been to NZ countless times before, I still long for it's peace, charm and greenery. So yeah it's going to be a beauty of a trip again. Kiora NZ here I come!

I'm leaving Aus on the 27th of Oct (this Fri) and hope to
be back on
the 7th of Nov (I will be in blogs till this Thursday). Untill then I hope all of you will be good, safe and happy. HUGGGGGGGGZ and boy o boy I will miss you too! There's internet access in all of my cousin's houses but I doubt if I'd have time to blog amidst all the wedding chaos. Imagine me blogging when all my other cousins have gone to decorate the hall? Now that would be really rude hehe. It's only like 10 days all up, so I will be back soon. So yeah, there's alot of love in the air right now (I get teary at weddings :)) and I'm hoping my dearest cousin and her man will have a beautiful blessed future together forever, cos marriage is not just about the pretty's a life-long bond that needs alot of dedication. True love survives against all odds and I hope they will both have that love in them going on forever. Today I put up one of my favorite Hindi songs ever for all of you to enjoy while I'm away. It's 'Dam Maaro Dam' by Asha Bhosle , from the 1971 movie 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna'..I wasn't even born then but I love this song so much and dance to it like crazy. Here's the meaning of it that I got from youTube:

Dam maaro dam, mit jaaye gham
Bolo subh shaam, hare krishna hare ram
(Smoke weed Smoke,
forget your sorrow,
Say morning evening,hare krishna hare ram)

Duniya ne humko......
(What the world has given us, what the world has taken from us.
Why do we care about anybody,
what they have done for us)

Chaahe jiyenge marenge....
(Whether we live or die,
we will not be scared
Nobody can stop us, will do what we want)

UPDATE:You can check the video of that song here (cos I updated Current Music to another Hindi favorite of mine from the movie MURDER).

Isn't that cool now :)
Ok guys I'm gonna miss you so take care and know that you will all be thought of, yes EVERYDAY. Au Revoir my dear ones MWAHHH!

Current Music: Dam Maaro Dam by Asha Bhosle
Current Music Update: Kaho Na Kaho by Amir Jamal

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Blessed said...

hope you have an awesome time...weddings are so emotional to me.
zits? well, they suck of course and i do suffer! My favorite way to zap'em is seeing my dermatologist and having him inject them with something to make them dry up quick and i mean they are usually gone within hours!

saby said...

'When are YOU getting married Kesh?'

samuru999 said...

You mean you'll be gone for 12
days...Boo hoo hoo!

I'll miss you...bunches n bunches!
but I hope you'll have a most amazing n awesome time at the wedding!

I really liked the video...
and the words to the song are great!

Try toothpaste on the zit...Lol
Seriously, someone once told me it worked on zits...
sounds pretty weird... might work!

C'ya later Keshiroo!

Huggggggz from


saby said...

i can see how dat question wud feel
perhaps u cud say

i aint no mans fool
if i marry it will be Margie

i wud love to get married
but i am in love with my uncle
folks call dat incest

i am already married
not to just one

why do i need to marry?
i have sex more often than u

i wud have gotten married
but i cant live with a man

i'd rather die

Anonymous said...

what do I say guys, any ideas? Cos I'm tired of saying 'I haven't found him yet ok, so could you leave me alone plzz!'.***u really haven't found the so-called prince charming or u really dont want to get married, damn i m getting personal! anyway have good adventurous time there and enjoy!

saby said...

but frankly Keshi
u shud marry

then if u r not happy with the sex
we cud go xtramarital

saby said...

all wives are wary of an unmarried beautiful woman

u wont get invited to their homes

saby said...

marriage is an irrational decision

why buy a cow when all u want is milk?

saby said...

but seriously its nice having a home of your own as Margie will tell u, and a loving man in your bed

saby said...

but if u really really want to stay single

remember u need sex as much as u need dal roti and makan

basic needs

saby said...

i am done
wat will it be?

Anonymous said...

Hi Keshi

I hope you have a great time. Maybe, you'll find your shining knight.

The zit will likely be gone if you don't mess around too much with it.

Anyway, forget the zit and enjoy the wedding and all.



saby said...

just one more

Oh Lord i dont pray to marry the man i love

i only pray dat i love the man i marry

-author unknown, in praise of arranged marriages

saby said...

You must understand
Though the touch of your hand
Makes my pulse react
That its only the thrill
Of boy meeting girl
Opposites attract
Its physical
Only logical
You must try to ignore
That it means more than that

Whats love got to do got to do with it
Whats love but a second emotion
Whats love got to do got to do with it
Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken

It may seem to you
That Im acting confused
When youre close to me
If I tend to look dazed
I read it some place
Ive got cause to be
Theres a name for it
Theres a phrase fits
But whatever the reason
You do it for me
Repeat chorus

Ive been taking on a new direction
And I have to say
Ive been thinking bout my own protection
It scares me to feel this way

Whats love got to do got to do with it
Whats love but a sweet old fashioned notion
Whats love got to do got to do with it
Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken

Anonymous said...

On second thought, like Navjot Singh Siddhu fondly says, "He who doesn't throws the dice will never get a six"

Anonymous said...

Go and listen to song no.5 on the playlist on my page,thats tailor-made for u, dum maaro dum is for the radicals, u still haven't graduated to that level and incase u ever feel like doing it, try the most extreme fun, snake bite on the tongue, there is nothing like it plus the tongue gets roughed up for the rest of the life, but then its a bonus having a roughed up tongue, if u smell what the rock is cookin'...ha ha ha ha...

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering...
how does it feel to live such a public life... both in public (i mean the blog:) and at home..
May be you dont know the other kind of life? Just wondering.

Have a great time!! ... fly keshi fly!

now that song is so hip(py:)

Cheers mayt!

LERA said...

Keshi, have loads of fun ....:)

punjabi~car~freak! said...

Amazing.. u spend 129 dollars on a thats expensive

anyways Same pinch

I got a pimple on my cheek too :(

want to get rid of it so that gals come running behind me again!

Enjoy ur vacation... seems this will be the last one U'll be having alone ;)

Anonymous said...

hav a nice time!! and i really wanna hear about your wedding also.. sooon!!!


tulipspeaks said...

sweetheart, im back!! yippeee..caught u before u disappear again. kekekekeke..

weddings can be fun (thinking of huge number of cousins around) and torturous (thinking of equal number of aunties around) :P

have fun.


Cazzie!!! said...

Grouse, have a safe and happy time in NZ

Anonymous said...

Hmm, we should start taking bets on 'When will keshi get married'

The odds at the moment stays at 198-5 :D

sophie said...

have nice time baby...
have fun....
pics pics in saree..k

Anonymous said...

First it was zeenat, now its mallika....sigh*:D

Saira said...

Hope you have a great time at the wedding....I love weddings as have so much to many ppl to weddings are always fun...Take care and enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

oh ho! why is everyone leavin:(...I need a vacation too!sigh, hot pink saree!!wow...damn! I need to go shoppin too!:) and about the pimple...yea, margie is rite...try most of the time.....and about the 'when u gettin married keshi' question...if 'dont make me kill you' smiles dont work, then tell then u are already married! hehehe...I wonder how they'll react:)

try it..that'll shut them up!

uttara said...

keshi u have a gr88 time in the wedding
hugzzzz miss u
raj.. am LMAO reading ur comments..lolzz

Anonymous said...

yo! my lucky day! YouTube was blocked in the network till yesterday! :)
thanks for the good news mayt! :) and a i knew that would be the song! :)

And yeah... since i dont have a thing called public life, i cant know what it is.. so i thought yours was a public life.
On the other hand, it is possible that i am right about u having a public life. But may be u just dont know u are having a public life coz u dont know what is not a public life.. :))

makes sense?

just had to leave a comment after i read the post:).. so thought of something "wise" LOL :)

Jewel Rays said...

We are gonna be missing ya again..:)
Well enjoy yaself lady!! and rock out ya toes during the dance time..And if ya aunts asked you why aren't you getting married or when are you gonna start?? Just say right here right now at the wedding where i meet all da hunks...!! lol :P
I tried leaving a comment earlier but blogger wasn;t allowing . had no idea why...
Am sure u will look stunnning in that hot pink outfit..!!


Keshi said...


I never get pimples...usually my skin is very clear and free of zits. And this dumb pimple decided to land on me just b4 the wedding? how rude.

tnxx for ur tips sweetie! I'll see ya when I get back MWAHHH!


Saby Im married. R ya happy?

**all wives are wary of an unmarried beautiful woman
u wont get invited to their homes

thats kinda true. I have some friends who fear my visits to their homes...:) I can sense that. Strange ha!


Margie u cheeky girl leaving ur keys inside the car n u ok now?

damnnn Im gonna miss u like crazy! I might steal my cousin bro's note-book and blog during the wedding? lol! yeah 12 days sound really long to be away from all of u :*(
HUGGGGGGGGGGZ Margie Im really gonna miss u alot! but I'll beakk soon ok...I guess it'll me.

**Try toothpaste on the zit

really? ok I hope it wont leave marks etc.??

tnxxx so much for everything. I'll be here till tomorrow night so duncha worry :) TC n sleep tight!


Southy thats a great idea...

**or u really dont want to get married...

I'll try that.

lol r ya sizzling now watching Zeenat and Mallika? :):)


Bev hugggggggggz n ty!

**Maybe, you'll find your shining knight.

lol hopefully he wont be too dumb not to notice me :):) tnxxx Bev!


I so hate it but yeah I'll try not to think abt it and enjoy my time with family and friends over there :)

u tc ok HUGGGGGGGGZ babez!


Soj I have a public life? LOL who said so? awww...

hey tnxxx n u TC ok.


Lera ty so much HUGGGGGGGGZ!


Punjabi heyy!

**Amazing.. u spend 129 dollars on a thats expensive

yeah thats actually nuttin compared to what my cousins spend on sarees :)

last holiday I'd spend alone? lol what makes u think so my dear?


Deepz I'll bring all the GOS back ;-) duncha worry.




yes weddingg can be really fun especially with so many cousins getting together this time :) Aunties and uncles will get it good from me this time LOL!




Johno cheer up HUGGGGGGGGZ!

**The odds at the moment stays at 198-5 :D



Sophie I will bring bakk lots of pics for sure HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Saira WC n ty!


Yash hello!

**if 'dont make me kill you' smiles dont work, then tell then u are already married

LOL thats a terrific answer, ty HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! :):)

U TC ok mwahh!


Keshi said...



I better check Raj's playlist now...I almost forgot!


Soj lol u confused me more :):)

and how did u know that this wud be the next song???


Amy huggggggggggggggz!

**Just say right here right now at the wedding where i meet all da hunks

lol good one girl :):)

Im gonna miss u! U tc and I'll be bakk soon ok. MWAHHHHHH!


desperado said...

oh man...i wish i could travel as much as u do..hehe
have fun at d marriag..n maybe ull find some good looking guy ;)

will be missing u

Jewel Rays said...

Thats a nice hindi song!! and haha the actor..ahems.. seen him in da movies..haha!

Keshi said...

Desperado just hop on board with me then :) that wud be so nice!

ty and Im gonna miss u too mate HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ! :*(


Amy heyyy!

**Imran Hashmi

omg he's gooooooood ahemmm gulp gulp!


Mehak said...

ohh wow Keshi...cousin's wedding that too in NZ...sahi hai...masti karna..I mean enjoy yourself...

hehe ...blogging while all other cousins r busy with the wedding preps... chiffon saree...gurl telling u...ppl in NZ are gonna suffer a massive heartattack :)

Ofcourse Aunts n Uncles are def going to ask their fav question :P

ok so finally uploaded the YouTube Video...kewl !!!

Ma best wishes to the Bride & the Groom

You have fun...come back with lotssss of picsssssss !!!

take care & u'll be missed here


Anonymous said...

i guessed it 'after' u said that u updated the song... seemed fitting.. and logical to expect it... (whatz gotten into me today.. am talking like a robot!)

I think i need a break from blogging (for a few hours ;).

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

Wishing your cousin a happy, proserous and really long married life...

Which reminds me? When are you getting married? (you could prepare the answer you will give to your relatives, right now)

P.S: Nitrous oxide doesn't actually make you laugh, it just makes you dizzy and sometimes hallucinate..

Anonymous said...

New Zealand? Fantastic! Have a great time there, even if this is the second time! Post some pictures also if possible....

Bon Voyage!

punjabi~car~freak! said...

I got this weird feeling u gnna marry next year

Die Muräne said...

Wow, you'll go to another biiig marriage! Cool. A friend of me just said he's invited by an other friend to an Indian marriage in Kenia (Africa) this winter. Is already very excited :-)
He said it will be a whole week and there will be many hundreds of guests. Amazing!

I hope you'll have a good time there!

Akshay said...

Have fun at the wedding. Good luck to the happy couple. Njoi

Anonymous said...

awww Kesh ur leavin'?? yeah, i remember u went to NZ last time for ur cousin's wedding na...^_^ surely u'll have a great time again ... muaahh!!enjoyyyy!
...miss ya sweicoactivos actúen como remedios o como venenos?", una de las respuestas es: "3) las condiciones de acceso y las pautas culturales de consumo". El impacto de la prohibición sobre las condiciones de acceso a las drogas es evidente, pero a menudo olvidamos que ésta obstaculiza notablemente el desarrollo de unas pautas culturales y unos controles informales del consumo que sí existen en el caso de las drogas legales.

Por otra parte, es muy preocupante que la ebriedad en general se contemple cada vez más como una amenaza o una peste, algo inédito en la historia de la Humanidad. A este respecto, rec

Anonymous said...

awww Kesh ur leavin'?? yeah, i remember u went to NZ last time for ur cousin's wedding na...^_^ surely u'll have a great time again ... muaahh!!enjoyyyy!
...miss ya sweetie... am not bloggin' nowadays coz im tied up of works at home and cousin came too and stayed here for one week so its like i dun have even time to breath w/ all kids running around the house ^_^
... glad u liked the link i've sent u last time... felt blessed right? did u share it to anyone?
hugsss u dear, was blessed too when i read ur long mail...! its really a heartfelt one! thanx!

u take care and enjoyy ur stay in NZ ... give my hugs to all!
** kei te aroha au i a koe **

luv ya,

Anonymous said...

hiya keshi dear!!! Have an awesome time at the wedding.. n OMG, pink sari wid gold decorations.. sounds suerp cute and awesome!!! u gonna have lots of eyes watchin u around i guess... have fun girl...

n yeah, when ppl ask u abt ur guy.. jus give them a mischiveous smile.. that will do.. n abt taht one pimple.. duntworry... it will look cute and sexy :)

Anonymous said...

All the Best for your trip to NZ (It's a beautiful place. :))

I hope you have a great time and you find your Mr Right there smiling at you during the wedding itself!!

Au Revoir, á bientôt.

tulipspeaks said...

forget to mention this.. make sure u come back with loads of pics! i wanna see u in that hot pink saree :P


Silvara said...

Have a great and safe trip my sweet Keshi. So sorry I haven't dropped by runs and I struggle to catch up!!! Hehehe...stuff the Aunties
- you may even find ur hunky prce right there in the middle :)

"why buy a cow when all u want is milk?" Bwahahahaha....loved it - don't agree because a cow gives much more than milk *wink*

Hehe I'm loving your YouTube idea - I've been wanting post hinid songs as my current music for ages but never made the link. You're my musical inspiration Keshi so be prepared tos ee my fav hindi songs up soon too :)

Keep smiling sweetheart :)

Anonymous said...

Have fun in NZ and pay no heed to the "when are you getting married" Q's

Ekta said...

Hey wow,
ur going to NZ...tats so much fun especially for a wedding...u have tonnes of fun and u'll be missed..come back soon!

christabelle said...

u must be in NZ now, how was the wedding? hope you're having a time of your life, did you look "tantalising" in that beautiful outfit? sure you did, I can almost imagine you in that.

Anyway keshigirl, just enjoy yourself, wish you all the best dearie!

Has to be me said...

Have a gr8 jolly gud time. Weddings r sure, super duper fun. And for all u know u may meet ur prince charming there! ;p (Like a typical Hindi Philim!) ;) Good luck & c ya back soon....

indianangel said...

COOL! have lotsa fun

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the wedding Keshi... Its fun to be with cuzn's...

Anonymous said...

I've heard weddings are a great place to meet men!!! Knowing how you look you'll no doubt be gorgeous in your new attire...they'll be begging to dance with you. Be choosy :)

Rupali_Srivastava said...

Have a Great Time at the wedding!

niki yokota said...

congrats keshi-chan on ur cousins marriage!!
cant wait for ur pink saree pic.
i really enjoyed that hindi video. thank u soooo much!!
we will miss u and cry... :(

Anonymous said...

wow... weddings make me go wheeeeeeeeeeeeee.. even more so whn its not me in question!! :D

pls do wish, your cousin and her fiance` a very happy and blessed married life from me.

hot pink chiffon saree.. woohoo.. hney, now who'se gonna look at the bride..?!! hahaha.. :D

and abt elders badgering you with marriage, urgh, i know exactly how u feel.. i go through the same.. they go, but WHY .. WHY dont you wanna get married.?. how do i explain to them that to get married i need to find a GUY first. :( just look busy and hyper and scare them away whn they come too close with question marks on their faces. :)

well, have a safe n fun trip swts.. and we'll see you at the end of it, when you'll have loadsssss of stories to tell us!


starry nights said...

Keshi..have fun at the wedding and I hope too many people dont bug you about getting married, I know they will.It is going to be a hot topic.You are going to look ravishing in that pink saree, maybe there will be a prince who will sweep you off your feet.Anything can happen.Now about the pimple, apply toothpaste and it will be gone in the morning, no particular brand.I love weddings,it is so much of fun and the dressing up is the best part.Maybe the next marriage will be yours and all your cousins and family will be coming to aussie.

alex said...

It is beautiful that you get to go to so many have a blast and enjoy...


samuru999 said...

Keshi's dreaming again....awwww
I just came by to check on the new
music you mentioned you had up!
I love it...and the video is awesome!

Keep on dreaming!


Kavi said...

Heres wishing you an awesome time in New Zealand !

I remember a time when i was always quizzed about 'finding the right girl' & i would squirm. Untill a friend taught me the technique of smiling broadly and saying 'why do you want to know' It used to work wonders and i practice it till date, when anyone poses a question, that i dont want to answer !!

I guess its going to be a great fun time ! With a beautiful you and a scenic setting, combined with an exhilarating moment !

Soak it all up Keshi !

Ghost Particle said...

hola Keshibaby...we will miss you!,,wish all the best and many more years of infinite happiness to the couple!

And hope you find your dude there too! :p never know when it knocks on ya luv, but when it does, u wont wanna forget it!

Anonymous said...

hey keshi have loads of fun and ROCK!!! :)

AnonymousBlogger said...

Keshi, have a wonderful trip.

Is it just me or do you get to take a lot of vacations? LOL. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's great.

Enjoy the wedding, and don't worry about people asking you when you're going to tie the knot. Maybe you'll find him on your trip to NZ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Keshi I think you'll get a kick out'a this !?

I was ask to preform the marriage of two very good friends . Can you imagine , me , be'n a minister ?

Well I'm go'n to be ordained this year , just for their nuptials .

Wish me luck .

priya said...

Have a great trip keshi:-)) Who knows, if u see someone waving u at NZ!!!

Keshi said...

Ektaran ty so much!

**ppl in NZ are gonna suffer a massive heartattack

LOL! hahaha that was so funny. there's gonna be 400+ guests so yeah that'll be alot of heart attacks haha!

youTube is a great way to get the fav videos cos other video codes sites dun have ALL the vidoes I'd like to put up and also Hindi ones. Im stoked! :)

tnxx for ur lovely wishes and I will see u when I get back HUGGGGGGGZ!


Kavi tnxxx alot!

**'why do you want to know'

yes someone else told me that too. I think that'll work :) tnxxx alot!

u tc now ok sweetie, HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Ghosty ty and I will miss u too!

Im really not hoping to find a guy there lol, I just wanna have fun :) tnxxx anyways n hugggggggggggggz! U tc ok?? Luv ya!


Brute ty! :)


Wally na mate I JUST CANT and I WONT believe that LOL! R YA SERIOUS????????? hahahaha I hope u do ur duties well then ;-)

Alot of good luck mate and ty! :):)


Priya tnxxx hun and HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


heyy Soj-the-bot, hows u? ;-)

taking a break from blogs? Is it cos Im going to be away!


heyy G'nesh! ;-)

**Which reminds me? When are you getting married? (you could prepare the answer you will give to your relatives, right now)

LOL aww ur soo cruel!


Sreejith I have been to NZ so many times before...countless times :) This is the 2nd wedding Im attending there. Yeah I will try to post some pics once I get back. TY!


heyya Punjabi sona munda hows u? :):)

**I got this weird feeling u gnna marry next year

haha I dun think so! Let me flirt a bit more will ya? ;-)


Murane ty!

**He said it will be a whole week and there will be many hundreds of guests. Amazing!

sure is! My cousin is having 400+ guests :):) Alot of drama lol!


Akshay ty! :)


Anonymous is this Kath? awwww...I dun speak that language hehehe...

tnnxxx anyways!


Kath mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

yeah Im gonna miss u too :*(

and that email was GREAT! I loved that sited. tnxx alot babez!

so ur busy with ur cuz n kids? thats nice for a change from blogging. Enjoy family time Kath.

**kei te aroha au i a koe

Is that Maori? what does it mean? I only know KIORA means Hello lol!


Prithz mwahhhhhhh ty!

**u gonna have lots of eyes watchin u around i guess

And Im gonna have to manage with my 2 eyes looking ard at 100 hunks lol! thats gonna be hard.

thats a great idea Prithz...I mean to give a mischievous smile :) cool, ty!

hugggggggggz n u tc babez!


Cuckoo hello!

tnxx for all the good wishes sweetie, I'll keep u all posted on that ;-)

Hasta pronto ma belle!


Amu I will take alot of pics for u know me na, photo queen :):)



Silvara sweetie no probs HUGGGGGGGZ! Come here whenever u can. I hope u have sorted out whatever ur going thru darl. TC.

**don't agree because a cow gives much more than milk

LOL haha thats so true! ;-)

yeah youTube is a great place to get almost any video u want. I always wanted to put up Hindi ones and cudnt b4. Then yday I searched for Dum Maaro Dum videocode on Google and found it in youTube! I was so happy I discovered a great video hub. Glad u like it too and I'm looking forward to watching ur hot Hindi videos :)

tc now and always keep smiling. I'll be bakk soon, till then HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


tnxxx matey Sanjay!


Ekta my only aim in life is to have FUN so yeah Im gonna have loads of it with my many many many cousins there :) Im taking so much of my music with me to dance every night lol!

ty n huggggggz Im gonna miss u too!


Chris heyyy hows u?

Im going tomorrow sweetie. Im here today. ty so much for all the compliments, ur too kind :) HUGGGGGGGZ!

And yeah I'll be bakk TC and MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHZ Chrissie!


Has_To_Be_Me heyyy!

**And for all u know u may meet ur prince charming there! ;p (Like a typical Hindi Philim!)

LOL yeah. I mean the girl sits in one corner at the wedding, and this handsome dude giving her looks from another corner. Or they just bump on each other accidentally and say SORRY together...I know all that filmy drama tricks LOL!

tnxx dear n u tc ok, huggggggggggggz!


Indianangel ty!


KK it sure is :) ty!


Megzz I have been to alot of weddings and hell yeah men show alot of interest in me ooo lala!

ok I'll keep ur advice in mind..I'll be damn Im already not :):)

tnxxx babez n hugggggggggz!


Rupali ty sweetie!


Niki tnxxx babez! Im glad u like that song :) now u tc ok?? HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


S0ul heyyy hows it goin?

hey tnxx for the wishes to my cousin n her man...I will pass em for sure!

** now who'se gonna look at the bride

lol! ok I'll tell u a story. This happened a couple of years ago at a friend's wedding. I was one of the 2 bride's maids. And when I was standing next to the bride, the groom (who was a big flirt) tells, 'now who do I take home for the honeymoon, Keshi?'...
LOL if I was the bride I'd have called off the wedding :):)

**.?. how do i explain to them that to get married i need to find a GUY first

hahaha! yeah aunts and uncles dun seem to u'stand that dilemma. they think marriage just happens even if there's no groom LOL!

**just look busy and hyper and scare them away whn they come too close with question marks on their faces.

heyy thats a cool idea. I will do that and my zit will scare em anyways lolz!

ty so much girly n u tc ok HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Starry mwahhhhhhh ty so much!

**apply toothpaste and it will be gone in the morning, no particular brand

hey alot of girls here told me that! WOW I never knew that cos I dun get pimples at all. So last nite I went and applied some sure seems to heal!!! MANNNN what a neat trick. TY for that!

hey tnxxx for all the good wishes Starry. If Im ever getting married, u'll be invited too...wud u come to Aus then? :)

Hugggggggggz babez!


Alex it is a BEAUTIFUL country. Ty so much!


Margie tnxxx a ton for the e-card awwwww...HUGGGGGGGGZ! I know, Im gonna miss u too. Cos u always lift my spirits and just being here in my blog, u always brighten up my day. Im gonna miss that for like 12 days :( But ofcourse ur words and inspiration will always be in my na it's not like Im leaving u at all. HUGGGGGGGZ!

hey Im glad u like the video :) I dunno if u listen to Hindi songs but that song is one of my FAVS and I dance like crazy to that too lol!

now u tc n dun lock ur car keys in again...MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHH bye bye baby!


Keshi said...

Kavi ty and that seems like a great way to handle that Qn :) ty so much and u tc ok, huggggggggz!


Ghosty tnxxx for the wishes! and Im gonna miss u too :(

btw Im not too hopeful of finding my man there, I just wanna have FUN ;-)

tnxxx anyways n TC mate, luv ya!


Brute ty :)


AB heyyy tnxxx!

**Is it just me or do you get to take a lot of vacations

LOL its me man! I still have 8 weeks of Annual leave woohoo! U gotta enhoy life or else life will just pass u by, so yeah Im just taking every opp to have fun in this very short life :)

Now u tc and all the best with 'meganisation' ;-)


Wally na I CANT BELIEVE THAT mate! LOL u serious?? Well if it's for real then I wish u all the best and I hope and TRUST ;-) that u will perform ur duties well.

ty and TC mate!


Priya ty sweetie! HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Anonymous said...

Ya it's for real .

I'll do it up right , I promise .

saby said...

Go Keshi Go
dont worry Margie wont miss u too much

Main hoon na

Anonymous said...

I am not that sweet.

And yeah.. as alex said... take same time out and enjoy the beauty.. may be u have seen it a lot.. but i am fascinated by all that is tall and green there.. beautiful valleys.. so i hear and see... from here.

Have fun!

Autumn Storm said...

Hope a wonderful time is had by everyone, much happiness and all things good to your cousin and soon-to-be husband. Miss us as much as we shall undoubtedly be missing you. :-)

Keshi said...

Wally thats great then :) I trust u wud do it right mate..hehe. good luck again!


Saby lookafter Margz for me ok?? :) And be nice now!


yep Soj its a beautiful peaceful. Thats what I like abt it.

tnxxx :)


awww tnxxx Autumn! I will pass ur good wishes to them HUGGGGGGGGZ!

I shall be bakk so dun miss me too much :) TC now!


Known Stranger said...

thanks for your diwali wishes. i know i am late to reciprocate. was on vacation.


Anonymous said...

Saby's gonna take care of everyone in ur absence...:D

Keshi said...

KS hey tnxxx and na ur not late :) Hows u?


Southy u mean Saby will annoy everyone now? hmmmm...


Gangadhar said...

Hava nice time in this great trip,Keshi..
And come back soon..

take care


Keshi said...

ok Gangz ty :)



Anonymous said...

Well thats his natural way of showing affection...:)

Keshi said...

Southy but thats a very 'unnatural' way of showing affection LOL!


samuru999 said...

Dang it!
I went down for a little nap...
and slept for 3 hrs.
Now here it is almost midnight..
and I am wide awake...
shuld not have dun that. will be a while till I get back to sleep.
I see you have been to my blog 2x's while I slept!
Thanks Keshi.
Dun you worry...I am fine...
I think my poem did get me down

Sorry to hear about your friend
with the cancer...cancer sure does dad died from it too!

Saby is wrong...I will miss you!
(shhhhh Saby...
If you are nice can come for tea!)

Come a flash...
Have the best time ever...
and kiss some men while you are gone...
I am sure you can find 1 or 2 to kiss!
C'ya Sweets!
Will miss you Tonnnnnnz!

P.S We are supposed to get a dang
winter blizzad overnight...
can you believe that craziness...
too early for me!
Enjoy the beautiful weather there..
send some this way....pleaseeeee!

Anonymous said...

129$ ... well cheap gosh there are more things then just the saree right.

Women .. *feels deflated* ...

*The shorter the shopping list the the heavier are the carry bags*

Anyways needless to say ur snaps in sarees and some snaps of a serene Kiwi Land.

Hope U have a good time.

I think keep an eye on some close male species lingering close to a bomb-shell nicknamed Keshi ... u know things happen at wierd times.. ;)

visithra said...

Happy Deepavali (am not saying belated ;p)

lol hate those questions but love attending weddings especially ppl close to me - so u have fun gal

Keshi said...

Margieeeeeeeeeeee!! awww u woke up in the middle of the night and it's broad daylight here in Sydney :):) cool ha!

Im sorry to hear ur dad died from Cancer too. It's awful! My dad died from his very first heart attack at just 44.

Saby is a big fat chatter box and I know u will miss me hehehe. Just beware - dun invite Saby for tea w.o. me cos he might molest ya. TC Margie lol!

Someone to kiss? that will be hard Margie. Cos everytime I wanna kiss either the guy is taken or it's just an unkissable monkey lol! Well lets see. I'll keep u posted ;-)

I'll send u some sunshine to cheer u up Margz...the Keshi-sunshine I mean :) HUGGGGGGGGGGZ now and TC ok. bye byeeeeeeeee!


Tarun ty! :)

Yeah girls LUUUURVE shopping and u better get used to it cos someday u will be married to a girl na LOL!

Male-species r very unreliable but lets wait n see ;-)

tnxxxx n u TC!

Keshi said...

tnxxx Visithra MWAHHHHHHHHHH! :) TC.


Keshi said...

ok guys Im off. Going home now :) The bride is in Sydney for a work conference so she'll be coming to my place tonite and then we r all flying together to NZ tomorrow. It's gonna be great!

tnxxx for all ur wishes and plz know I will miss u all alot. But I wont forget to flirt, no wayzzz lol! ok see ya and TC now. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


samuru999 said...

I just got that Keshi sunshine!
All cheerd up now!



Dalicia said...

keshi have a great time. well, getting married is not a simple matter. haha.....relatives ask me that all the time. so if i got married, are they going to pay for my wedding? if not don't ask :P

Autumn Storm said...

You too, x

Anonymous said...

Have fun lady! And you can get some tips on how to put off ppl asking abt your readiness to get hitched here

Anonymous said...

Whoahhh!! Keshi`s wedding!!oh,I mean your cousin`s wedding,LOL!

well,i can see the scene,Keshi,theyre gonna torture you huh?Tell them that your Knight In Shining Armour isnt borne yet ;)

things in common:a big pimple showed up on my face,too!but i know it will be gone.a liquid foundation can hide it i think,i havent try it though :)

Have fun,Keshiiii!another thing in common,i`ll be very busy too,so im off "updating" for a while,but ill bloghop though if i have time :)

Take care!!Im gonna miss yah!

Anonymous said...

Have blast Keshi.....
Miss you!!!!!!!! :(

Shionge said...

You Rock Keshi :D! Would really love to see you in your saree...hahaha

I would love to dress up in a saree or even in a punjabi suit, someday oneday ya?

I know how's it is gonna be like with question as such...after you got married, they'll ask 'when is the baby coming?' never ending.

Just enjoy yourself have fun and yes, you bet we'll gonna miss you too.

Shionge said...

You Rock Keshi :D! Would really love to see you in your saree...hahaha

I would love to dress up in a saree or even in a punjabi suit, someday oneday ya?

I know how's it is gonna be like with question as such...after you got married, they'll ask 'when is the baby coming?' never ending.

Just enjoy yourself have fun and yes, you bet we'll gonna miss you too.

R2K said...

Cute : )

Seema said...

Hi sweetzzzz...missed on a couple of posts...but caught up on each one...tags n all of it...had a lovely time reading all of em...
You take care n have a fantabulous time at yr trip n have loads of fun at the wedding !!!
Enjoi ya vacation n the event !!! hugssssssssss

Kumar Chetan said...

never mind
I will accept ur kiss

Rajesh Dangi said...

nice post! good photos...

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Sweet Keshi,
Give my best wishes and kisses and roses to the lovely couple.

The seeds we sow will determine the fruits of our harvest. But where, when and how we sow them will also determine our harvest.

Jesus Christ taught awesome lessons for life in his parables of the Sower and Talents.

See others through the eyes of God and not through the shifty eyes of the world.

May you continue to shine in the light of the countenance of God.

Take care and God bless you 24/7.

The Phoenix said...

Have a fantastic time in New Zealand!!!!


Hey Keshi..Have a MESMERISING trip ahead lady!!!

And regards the way to tackle the "when r u getting married?" or similar questions tel them "i wanted to ask you the same, I have so many relatives and no one could intro or find ONE boy for me"

Put the ball in their court! :) its fun

And reagrds your pimple. ACt like it never exists n you will be fine. The more you think about it, the more it will show up, more on your personality than physically.

Last, dont worry about blogging..Just have a great time in the sexy saree with great ppl arnd!!

Ghost Particle said...

pictures! lots of pictures plz

Pranay said...

hey Keshi..good luck..If possible try to find time for the blog re.
And apply any clindamycin ointment on the zit.And toothpaste works too.
Hope you have a lot of fun.
Waiting for some emotional posts after the wedding.;)

Shitrint said...

oh cool!
i wish i was in ur place...i loong for a getaway too...!

and for the pimple, i suggest, why dont u get some steam on ur face.. u dont even need to go to a parlour! let the steam soften and burst the lil pimple on its own and then u can use a cotten wad to wipe off the blood and pus. i hav done that a lot a hell lotta times!
hope this helps...just ask someone arnd u if u wanna be sure of my 'ghar ka method' lest it makes the pimple a lil more ugly than it already is!

Shitrint said...

yeah i think samuru999 might be right. they say that tootghpaste helps to stop the growth of zits!
havnt tried this pimple on my face to try it on!

Schrodingers cat said...


Have a nice trip...and say hello to gollum on my behalf if you see him, will you preciousssss?


krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!
I wish you - have a wonderful time at the wedding.
Thanks for this great post. I love very much reading this story.Your style of writing is curious.This improve my poor language.
Thanks for great music, for transl."Dum Maro Dum". It's amazing.

Sujit said...

wow!.. i think I am late but still!.. have a great time!.. and enjoy! :).. and happy married life.. to your cousin and her man :)..!

Anonymous said...

I've determined one thing. You are not spending enought time on the bridge. Hurry back my dear southern angel. Willing and able to help you get back up to speed on your flirting skills. :-D

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hi Kesh

Hope you are having a grand time there !

there was this med cream for pimples ... clearasil ... it worked wonders ... dont know if it is in circulation ... turmeric and lemon do wonders ( but they do hurt a bit )

Pallavi said...

Have fun keshi..may be u will meet ur man this time!

PrAcHi said...

Awww… I am late.. you must have already left!!!
Anyways good wishes for ur cousin. And may you will also find someone special in ur life soon… According to the Indian movies, wedding is the best place to find someone ;) :D

'When are YOU getting married Kesh?',
I just HATE these type of questions!!! Why do all relatives are like that?

N yeah, pink saree sounds HOT :)

shruti said...

hello keshi,
marriages and functions are the only time left when we meet our whole family under one roof..
hope you will have a great time...
take care...

Anonymous said...

Got a big shock when I read “A Wedding Getaway” and then “Guys it's time for me to fly away”
I thought u r getting married, but then when I read the very next line I came to know not its not you, its you cousin.
Good one @ dam maaro dam…
Have a nice time buddy!!!

Maya Cassis said...

wow!tat sounds like terrific fun keshi
and hey,do click alot of snaps and post them for me.
also,when i was watching mallika sherawat in that video,i totally drew a resemblance of you.has anyone ever told u that before?

Neers said...

nitrous oxide or not... you are super KESH!!!! HAVE FUN!!! HIT, HIT and HIT... get Hit ON!! :p

Ashley said...

Have fun. When the Aunties grill you about when you are getting married, give them a pouty expression and tell the aunties that you came to the wedding in hopes of meeting HIM.


Foodie's Hope said...

Hi Keshi, have fun at the wedding! and you know what! Many weddings are arranged at the weddings and also you get to see all eligible bachelors hanging around there.So keep your eyes peeled and don't dum maro, okay? Got to be alert to find 'the one' you see>:))

Happy Halloween!!

Anonymous said...

well, have a safe and fun trip.. bring us back lots of cheer! :))


mommyof2 said...

Have a great time:-)

RandomThoughts said...

Hope you have a great time Keshi & all the best to your cousin & her husband for a happy married life.


Calabar Gal said...

Have fun at the wedding Keshi!!
*sigh* *with all amount of resignation* "When are you getting married keshi?" LOL

Couldnt resist that dig!! (smile)

Sudarshan said...

Hey!!!!You're lucky!!

I really envy ya!! Family get togethers at weddings are always great, and I'm sure you're gonna have a blast;-)

Plenty of new stuff to wear and try out, plenty of new people to meet and so many yummy things to eat...take me along too lol :-(

Enjoy yourself...and invite me your wedding soon;-)

Cari said...

dont sweat it babe
u seem like a really cool girl so i am sure that ur prince charming is just waiting for U
getting married is not something to take lightly
this is supposed to be the person ur with forever
choosing that special someone takes time
i cry at each of em!
and u are going to look absolutely fab at the wedding girl!
cant wait to see some pics
have a great time and don't let anyone let u sweat the small stuff

mathew said...

hey u forgot the classic reply for such questions..."When are u goin back 6 feet below the ground??" one asks you abt marriage afer that!! :-)..

njoy NZ!!

Pri said...

so keshi, whns u getting married? ;p...heeheee....
n heyy pls note : i dont know how to fly kites .:D


tulipspeaks said...

im missing ya alreadi..


pallavi said...

hi keshi.. i can feel the excitment.. my cusin is also getting married on dec 10.. im waiting but yeah i also have to face a quetion not when im getting married but what i do next after my graduation is thr any scop of languge course.... i can understand irritation of repitative questions but still it is lovly

pallavi said...

hi dear i can very well feel the excitment.... and trouble both as one of my cousin is getting married on dec 10 and im also gona face a quetion not when im getting married but what i will do after my graduation and is thr any scop of language course.....

saby said...

in case u didnt no
your google page rank is 4
same as mine

now its sure to drop
u havent posted in a long while

and Margie has grabbed all your friends
me too

she invites me for tea
and serves beer

i am at my best after a bottle of beer

and SOUTHY is having a whale of a time interrogating kashmiri women for suspected terrorist links

he interrogates dem in the nude
he is scared of suicide bombers
but dat is just an excuse

Anonymous said...

hey have fun in NZ..

Anonymous said...


~*~ kiran ~*~ said...

hi keshi ..this is kiran...

remember me????

hey sweety missed u loads yaaa...
guess what ???
im in dubai now...wrng here...
got2 tell u so many things sweety....hope to be regular on ur blog ...lets ceee....but in teh meanwhile u enjoy ur stay in NZ...& ENJOY THE WEDDING ....


Aditi said...

ahh the bane of my existence is the question when ar eu getting married...
i smile and escape the area as soon as possible
so if u come up wiht another viable solution do let me know

Jeevan said...

Have a wonderful time with your family dear! marrages are always fun, i miss them a lot:(

Put your pic here with the new saree:) Enjoy Keshi. we miss u!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Bangarha, dude! Have a great time at the wedding!!!

ketki said...

hope u have a good time in nz

sophie said...

muuaaah babes...take care

twistedtruth said...

Ah, yes, marriage..., from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man's genitals through his wallet.

Anonymous said...

How was the wedding? Its been ages I attended one! One need to attend a few before having own one!! dont we??...:P

alice said...

u have another wedding to attend Kesh.. :) check more abt it on my new blog

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Have a Great time babes!! Hope u enjoy :)

And u never know u might find ur dream guy there this time ;)

Anonymous said... did you post that video for auto start?

jac said...

Dum maro Dum....
Bholo Shub Sham.

Mumbai Guy said...

"Male-species r very unreliable but lets wait n see ;-)"

Hey, Do you know that female species are not reliable at all. :)

Hope you have great time at wedding.

my life.... said...

hey gal, i am also sick of the question " when are u getting married?" being asked by my relatives... argh... it just makes me depressed...anyway wedding has always been great coz its time for all the family members to get together again! A happy blessed wedding to yr cousin and her husband:) may god bless them

sharda said...

Hey keshi,enjoy your vacation.And yes I have a nice tip for your pimple appply some mashed strawberries on yur pmple ,let it dry and then wash off.It really works for me ,hopefully it will work for your too.

Anonymous said...

i know i commented previously..where did it go?
Still not back in town?Missing u

Anonymous said...

ah! weddings- especially in the family are fun- especially if it isn't yours! As for the pesky old fuddy-duddies- just ask them if their sons or daughters are willing to accept you as a bride... that should shut them up for a bit- unless teh sons/ daughters are absolute horrors who you've been desperately avoiding!

Cari said...

cant wait to see some of ur pics!

Has to be me said...

Seems like a long long time....come back soon girl! Missing u!

Anonymous said...

hmm,i wonder whats Keshi doing right now...having fun?im sure of it :)

trying to answers some interrogating questions?LOL!

enjoy Keshi!have fun my dear!!

another brick in the wall said...

have loads of fun at the wedding keshi and marriages are the breeding place for love locks... who knows, u might actually listen to all ur aunts n get married.

btw, i need a favour .... can you please mail me at

Rachel Heather said...


I have missed you!!

Boy I have been through some hell but I am back :)

Have fun at the wedding :)

alex said...

You have a tag waiting for you, when you come back, keshi! :)

Harry said...

hey dear,hope u r doin well...!!

xtremely sorry buddy...the comapny is screwing ur frnd like nything...besides that,I do have an xam of CAT on 19th busy..I m really sorry that I m nt following ur articles and nt commenting on them...well,I have managed to get time to apologize...dnt think that I have stopped blogging,its just a tough phase I m undergoing thru...
Anyways,u tkcre and keep blogging...

Missing Keshi

Cibbì said...

Yeeeeaaah, i can see now!! No filter this time. No time to read left at the moment, but i'll be back next week.
Meanwhile, just wanna say HI!

saby said...

your 10 days is over
get yr ass in here pronto

dat means now, dummy

Margie wont have me
she wants only u

krystyna said...

Have a great, blessing time Keshi!

Dawn....सेहर said...

Hey sis...good to hear abt ur glad you are going with the song in mind ;) and liked ur hindi selections they are cool :D
Good luck to your cousin and enjoy your trip gal...and come with some good news ;)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Must've been a hell of a wedding!!

Mayur said...

hey enjoy da wedding there and keshi dont worry wat ppl say-u knw u ROCK 'n nuthin else matters ;)
So Cheers!
..n yeah dum maro dum!! :) he he

Anonymous said...

Have a great time.
Weddings are indeed great... all the colours, the deco., the songs, the dresses (ur 100 plus $ saree included), the total atmosphere is soooo dishy.
have a blast.
hope ur cousin finds happyness.

anup.777 said...

Huggzzz to u too Keshi ... looking forward to hear about ur trip ... :)

saby said...

, indian men are bastards, ,

go here

Anonymous said...

congrats to your cousin!!
enjoy the time!

Sush said...

Hope you have a great getaway.. and I do understand that "when do you get... " all too well... hope you survive that query tsunami well.

had been quite some time since I saw your blog.. Actually the write-ups are so sweet and relatively large, that I need some quality time to feel and enjoy the same... been through all the previous ones at one go now :-)

Eclipsed Thoughts said...

KAP seems to be having the most wonderful time.... yay yay... see u soon.

Rupali_Srivastava said...

Waiting for updates

ari4u said...

Apologies for not commenting here for a while. Been busy and away from the blogworld for a bit. Enjoy the wedding. I can imagine the fun you are going to have. I would like you to enjoy life as much as you can, no hurries in settling down and getting married (this is in response to something you asked a couple of posts ago).

I know those questions never stop. Once you get married, the next question would be when you plan to have kids. Boy, im tired of hearing that question, everyone except our parents seem to be interested in knowing when i plan to have a kid. bah! :)

See you when you get back. Huggsss to you.

Anonymous said...

**kei te aroha au i a koe" means iloveyou in Maori ^_^

... Kesh ur back today haan, welcome back sweetie muaahhhh.... any Kiwi guy for me huh?!! :P hope u had a blast dear... post many pics. na esp. wearin' saree.... m so excited to see that!

have a great week ahead!tc..


tsduff said...

You've been gone a while now Keshi - miss your sweet self. Hope you are having fun.

Anonymous said...

Bang on time! nov 7th. I see that there have been no flights... wating for all the crush, rush and fuzz!! :))
welcome back Kesh!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had loads of FUN @ the wedding with your family..

waiting for lots of posts,pics...come back soon Kesh !!! :)

Kumar Chetan said...

so u r with ur cousin accompnying the couple on their honeymoon

samuru999 said...

Hi Sweetie
Are you back?
I missed you sooooo much!
Saby told me you got married to a catlik...and you were!
He is funny!
Well, I'm off to bed!
Catch up later!
luv you!


saby said...

r u married and preg?
margie told me

Kalpana said...

Have good fun...

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I hope you had a wonderful trip. I really would LOVE to go to NZ. I do hear that weddings are a great place to meet men (Never has worked for me but...) so I expect to hear of all the hotties you meet. :)

samuru999 said...

You dreaming again Keshi?
It's the most gorgeous day here...
I just got back from a nice run...I can run so fast feels like heaven when I'm out there running!
I voted today...and am hoping GW gets his a@# kicked tonight!
Hoping big time..if he doesn't I'll
be one sad gal!

Well,c'ya later!
Keep dreaming!


Ashley said...

I am going to a Gujarati wedding in a few weeks. After seeing your pictures, I am even more excited!

Keshi said...

Thanks all! So wonderful to read all of these heart-felt msgs from so many ppl! Im stoked to bits :)

And tnxxx for the many tips on that pimple and also for that Qn. goshhhh I will tell u all abt it in my next post LOL!

And hey WC all new-comers here!


Anonymous said...

lol.. u were smoking grass in the peaceful NZ? :P

btw, when r u getting married Keshi? :P

Keshi said...

Keshi chases Sudeep down the road with a butterfly net...