Tuesday, August 29


Ok guys this was the first pic I ever posted in my blog. And I posted only half of it and everyone kept asking me to post the full pic. So here it is finally. This pic was taken by my cousin (I deliberately BWed it just for blog posting purposes - I'm wearing a red dress there) and I wasn't even posing cos she just asked me to turn, CLICK CLICK and suddenly I was in a pic. So here I am. Hope you like it. . Am I smiling in that pic? I guess so :)

Point of this post is not to advertise myself (Ari I assure you of that ok lol!), it's rather to say I was kind of bored today. So what do I do...I just danced in the lift and hell yeah in the Ladies too. Also I sang some songs while I was listening to them in my MP3 player looking at cute guys passing by as if I was singing it for them hehe. I was only singing them softly don't worry and no they didn't notice. So that's what I do when I'm bored. Cos I guess I'm someone who just cant sit in one place and sulk for too long no matter what. In any situtaion in life there's no speed limit for me and I just can't slow down. Even when I'm bored, I'd find something to amuse myself. Let's just say I'm HYPER - my mum did say I need slowing drugs. So yeah even if they were taking me to the gallows I'd break-dance on my way (remember my moon-walk Margie?). Cos I believe it's only us who make ourselves sulk, nothing/noone else. I can be bored for like 5mins and then I'm suddenly halfway through hip-hopping or singing 'cmon baby light my fire' haha! I do things to keep myself amused. I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh. Na I'm not a professional clown but I find joy in laughing often and I even laugh at myself sometimes. Not only to avoid expensive trips to the shrink but also cos I love being happy for today and I love seeing happy people around me - and I think it's therapeutic. If I see someone moody or bored for too long, I get agitated. I really do. Some people stay angry/annoyed for years! They turn me off big time. Cos such people spoil everyone else's mood. Don't get me wrong I get moody and pretty often too, but then I won't show it in public and spoil everyone else's fun. If I'm upset for longer than I expected to, I completely shut down and run away from the crowd, or I blog about it and vent it all out. I'm like that. But when I'm in a crowd, I do my best to have fun and make everyone else have fun too. Cos it's just too boring to be bored for too long and it's just too upsetting to be upset all the time. There's only one result of being too moody for too long - you get moodier and become a cactus that no one wants to touch. So either go to a Mexican desert and plant yourself there or cheer up and join in the fun :) Have fun while you can guys and make others feel happy too, cos we are not here forever - that might sound cliched but it very much is the truth.

And hey guys, what's the longest word in the dictionary? It's SMILES (sorry I didn't even give you time to answer lol!). Why, cos there's one whole MILE between the 2 S's. So wear those happy long smiles on your sweet faces and bring many smiles on to others' faces too. Make this short life longer with some long long s-mile-s. Have you noticed how good you feel when you make someone else smile? And that my dear-ones is the ultimate way to live.

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Monday, August 28


This post is a dedication to, rather inspired by my dearest friend Karmic_Jay ;-) He knows what I'm talking about hehehe.

Have you ever associated food with Eroticism and vice versa? No I'm not talking about going to McDonald's and making love to a Happy Meal. I'm talking about food that makes you feel hornier and eroticism that is associated with certain foods. Food apparently is very much linked with sex and vice versa. Now this is what the article I did my homework on said. It's very interesting so please do read this if you can:

"Food and sex are two sides of the same coin — inextricably linked throughout history. And as for scientific proof that aphrodisiacs work, who needs it? Adam and Eve were the first couple to have sex, and it’s no coincidence that their biblical story is founded on a spare rib and an apple. Survival is the most basic of human instincts. We can’t do that without eating, nor can we do it without procreating; they are two sides of the same coin, inextricably conjoined throughout history. Nowadays, of course, if we ate only to survive we’d all be on the Nasa diet, consuming shuttle-crew rations of reconstituted mush containing all the required protein, vitamins and minerals. Similarly, if we had sex only to procreate, it would all be over in seconds. Most of us want more than that from sex, and from food; we crave sensual pleasure, the gratification of as many senses as possible — sight, smell, taste, touch. We always have done. If you doubt that food and sex have so much in common, turn to Nature; and look no further than the first letter of the alphabet. Pick up an asparagus spear. Observe that thick, woody stalk, tapering towards the tip before expanding into a bulbous head and...ooh, er, missus. There can be few culinary activities more erotic than feeding to your beloved a tender asparagus spear dripping with melted butter; messy, but undoubtedly erotic! In other languages and cultures, ripe fruit has long had female anatomical associations. Last year they opened a restaurant near where I live called La Figa. Among the local Italian community there was a mixture of outrage and giggles, depending on their level of prudishness. I never understood why, till an Italian friend told me to slice a fig in half. Ah yes, now I get it. The letter A also stands, of course, for aphrodisiac. Fact or wishful fantasy? Who knows — but if it works for you, go for it. You would be in good company. Many ancient civilisations believed that something that resembled a sexual organ must logically possess sexual powers — eg ginseng , rhinoceros horn and oysters. The Ancient Greeks, including Pliny and Dioscorides, all agreed that certain foods had aphrodisiac qualities, although they couldn’t agree on what those foods were. Some swore by aniseed and almonds, some by bananas and basil, others by carrots and chocolate, others still by garlic and ginger. But then, trust the killjoys of the United States Food and Drug Adminstration to subject all this jollity to a brisk cold shower. In 1989 the FDA declared that “ the reputed sexual effects of so-called aphrodisiacs are based in folklore, not fact” and “there is no scientific proof that any aphrodisiacs work”. Who needs scientific proof? I’m with Los Van Van, the great Latin salsa band, and one of my favourite songs: No Me Toques La Puerta, El Negro Está Cocinando, which means Don’t Knock At My Door, The Black Guy’s Cooking. And if you think that has anything literally to do with either doors or cooking, then you’re either very innocent or extremely naïve".

haha can someone explain that song title to me? Cos I still don't get it :( and hell yeah I can be extremely naive sometimes. Ok as the article read, I know that certain foods can make you extra-erotic (either by eating them or even by just looking at them or even smelling them) and I'm sure it adds 'spice' to one's sex life. Do all people feel this way or am I just a horny pineapple? Well this is what I think...the 5 senses we have are sex antennas and some people like me have it better-tuned. lol! Cos the smell, touch, sight, sound and taste can be strongly erotic if you tune em well. And ofcourse that means they respond strongly to certain external cues and they can drive your emotions wild. One of my friends (H) adores red wine and strawberries alot. H tells me that those food items make certain things more exciting and an experience out-of-this-world. I hope H doesn't end up in Pluto hehe. Anyways, some others say that looking at/smelling certain fruits/veges/food/drinks make them super-horny eg: apples, grapes, carrots, whip-cream, rose-water, chocolates, honey etc. I think that's deliciously naughty and very interesting indeed :) Now this doesn't mean you take your lunch to bed ok?? Here's some food I feel super-horny to: chocolate/vanilla icing, coffee, melting chocolates, strawberries, ice cream, cream, milk - yes milk! Having said that I realise that I have my daily coffee in office..that sounds more scary now lol! What's your erotic menu like? ;-)

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Thursday, August 24

Grace Of Unity

I was thinking what kind of place made me feel the most peaceful...a place that brought me inner peace. Just by being alone with that place. Apart from places like the beach, forest, lakes and mountains, I like this one place very much...and that's the church. Churches always made me relax, feel peaceful and in one with my spirit. It's so beautiful a feeling to sit inside a church and realise how thoughts just flow into your head without you thinking them. Have you noticed that? How tranquil, effortless, wonderful and loving thoughts come into your head when you sit at a place like that. How you feel that the whole world is such a beautiful place and that we can live as one if we really didn't think only about ourselves. How you feel that there's nothing that you can't conquer in this world if there's love in your heart. How the statues, tinted windows and the big walls speak to you in many intriguing ways. How the voices in your head tell you that you are only a small being of this very big world but that you have a huge part to play. You don't really need to be in a specific place to feel that way but some places strengthen that feeling. And a church is that place for me.

I went to a Methodist school and even though I'm a Buddhist/Hindu by birth I always went for morning prayers in the school chapel (after general assembly). Sometimes when I had to do Prefect duties I had to go to the church by myself when no one else was there. I always enjoyed going up this enchanting spiral staircase of that chapel which had glass walls on both sides with Christian art on them. It's such a special place that made me feel like I was walking up to God's living room for tea, and that the angels were chatting and having fun up there already. Words wont do justice to the emotions and the amazing grace I felt there while looking at Mother Mary holding baby Jesus with a face that portrayed endless and unconditional love. I felt one with God. And I'm not even a Christian by birth. Maybe because I'm a child of that one God which most people try to divide. I can never see Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Jesus or any other divinity separately. To me they are all one - just many manifetsations of one. Just like how this world is full of people but we all have the same body, soul, needs and feelings...we all wanna be heard...we are all born and we all die...we are all children of this Earth. We are many but we are one. God bless this world!

What kind of place(s) make you feel the oneness of the world?

~~Hey you, you're a child in my head
You haven't walked yet
Your first words have yet to be said
But I swear you'll be blessed...~~

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Wednesday, August 23

Only For A While

I danced here for a little while
And I met alot of hearts
Hearts that longed for mine
Some hearts that made me cry
But I'm only a flash
That burns for a while
A flash that may pass
And become a memory in your life
A watercolor shade
Of an aura that used to be
A snowflake in the mountains
That melted in Spring
A Daisy in the valley
Sleeping tight in Winter
A breeze among the trees
So free how it feels
Many tears I cried here
Spears of pain I felt
But I danced again
And it was only for a while

You didn't want me
But can I stay for a while
I will dance for you
Even if my feet just died
Now they are calling me
It's my time to dance
To dance with no shoes
And no one to glance
Im in the woods
Im in the lake
No one to shadow me
My spirit's awake
Soaring high
With the angels above

Now I'm the dried flower
That sits between your pages
Do you still remember
How we used to be
Do tears well up now
When you think of me?


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Tuesday, August 22

RATING:Coarse Language

Right now I'm irritated to high heavens and want to tell few people to F#CK OFF so bear with me please.

Some people can be so dumb that they can't understand the term NO. When I was little my parents taught me that YES means YES and NO means NO, and that we have to take those words seriously. But some people take such answers as something that's been masked, therefore something that need to be asked again and again, and pestered with till you suffer from an overdose of NOs. It's bloody annoying when they take the liberty to harass others with their constant nagging and cribbing about some selfish need until they sound like they are 100yrs old and permanently deaf! I said NO so please F#ck Off!

And there are some others who feel super-hurt if you can't fall in love with them that they go and try to tarnish your image and spread crap about you everywhere. Can love be forced? Atleast I'm not dumb not to realise that. These people admire/praise you all along until they declare their love to you and when you say you don't feel that way about them, then they suddenly see you as some ugly monsterous bimbo who will never do well in life. They will try hard to make you realise that you've missed out on some golden heart when infact you've missed out on nothing, rather a pile of sh#t. What kind of morons are these people and did they meet their embryonic needs at all? Go back to the womb please and grow in there for 9 more months!

Then there are some other people who think they know every damn thing in the world. Then they ought to enter the Guinness book right? But instead they try telling people that they know everything and that's about it duhhh! They have an ego that's as big as Pavarotti's lunch and it can be irritating as stepping on a dead mouse. As if they've been around the world and met each and every person that makes this world! Even if they did that, I don't think such people will make sense. Heyy Know-It-All, don't forget to collect your brain from the mortuary!

And there are others who spread rumors about you. People who just can't say something good about another but instead find glory in saying bad things about even their close buddies. Such people irritate me to the core and I feel they are a species that need to be endangered by force. Gossiping is an ugly deed. Say NO to Gossip or go to hell!

And there are some others who can't stop whining. Wasting their lives complaining every single day. While it's natural to whinge about certain things, there are some people who whinge about petty issues and that can be really annoying. Like how they don't like their sofa-color or how their boyfriends don't listen to them or how Australia is not a good country. WTF there are much better things to put your time to than whinge about a stupid sofa or a deaf BF or a nail that broke?? And if Australia is not a good country why are you here - hop on a plane and go back to where you came from. Get out!

I see (brain-) dead people...people who don't even know what they are doing to their kids. Parents who smoke/drink in front of young kids. Parents who don't have time for their kids. Parents who don't teach their kids what life is all about from early days. Parents who abandon their kids so that they can have a good time either partying or working a workaholic life. Parents who deprive their children of childhood. Parents who abuse their kids. I hate you all. May all of you meet your maker in a very thorny place!

Last but not the least, what about people who say life is short but act as if they'd live forever? They just go on being greedy, selfish and continue to live like life is the longest thing ever. People who don't realise that there are others sharing this planet with them too. People who don't know how to smile. People who don't give a damn about others. People who think there is nothing/nobody beyond them. People who laugh at others and think those lives are not worth a dime. People who are racists, fanatics, terrorists, losers. People who are kidding themselves big time. Drop your diapers and get a life you pesticide-selling roaches!

Want to tell someone off today?

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Monday, August 21

Virgin Updates

I went to a wedding on Sunday. Yes it was superb and extra 'bling-bling' an event cos it was a Sri Lankan Hindu wedding. So you could imagine all the colors, glamor and glitter of sarees and jewellery! Yes I wore a saree too (a mix of turquoise blue and champagne green) and guess what...while I had many kinds of fancy jewellery to go with it, I still wore my mum's ancient necklace and (jimki) ear-rings that matched it (this was the 3rd time I wore them). She wore them when she was in her 20s. I always had a love for old stuff cos there's something so precious and beautiful about them - maybe the sentimental value of such jewellery knowing that my granma made them for my mum. Anyways the wedding was absoloutely breathtaking. The mandap (altar where the bride and the groom sat) was simple yet so romantic - decortated with white, yellow and orange flowers and so full of grace, purity and magic. We were seated in the 3rd row so I got to witness the whole ceremony quite clearly and to detail. My favorite part was when the Hindu priest got the couple to exchange garlands 3 times and I thought they looked so cute doing that - like sweet little kids playing a game :). Anyways I had lots of fun in my saree, walking around feeling beautiful and graceful ;-) and most of all getting glances from some hunks, woohoo! Ok there was this one very good-looking dude that I had a glance or 2 at and guess what...later on when I went to serve myself some food, someone accidentally bumped on me from behind and we both turned to say 'Sorry'...and it was him (jaw-drop in my head) and I felt like that that bumping was indeed necessary and nothing to be sorry about lolz! Anyways we said Sorry and yes I moved on with my food and not with him, chill guys!

(Ok I know you're bored with my modelling pics but here
's one of me just before going to the wedding showing off my mum's pretty jewellery). One other thing I noticed about the Hindu wedding ceremony - the priest anounces that this virgin has been given in hand to this man now etc etc. I don't like that bit and I don't know why people still say such things in modern times. It belittles the bride somehow and I feel it's synonymous with considering the bride as a sex object - atleast that's what I think. I mean think about this...we are in the 21st century where both girls and boys have moved on from cave-men days, we are independent women/men and women's rights have come a long way. And Respect should come from both sides. So why include that bit still, as if this is about donating a virgin to a sex hungry man? What about him being donated to a woman, cos for all I know most men need a care-take lol! Anyways virgin or not, I despise that kind of vow which humiliates women and are still read out when that's not what love is all about! if I ever have a Hindu wedding, I'll make sure that bit is removed - hell yeah I will review every word (remember my recent wedding-vows post lol!). If my man or the priest objects, I'll dump them both. What I mean is love and marriage is not about virgins and human donations. It's about giving yourselves to each other just as you are. And when you do get married, make sure the vows are in synch with your thoughts and views. What other wedding vows (from your (/other) culture(s)) have you come across that make you wanna puke or sack the priest?

~~'Cause I am your lady (not your virgin)
And you are my man (not my master)
Whenever you reach for me (not when you smother me)
Ill do all that I can...
(we'll do whatever we both wanna do ok?)


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Thursday, August 17


Can't say I have ever been 90% sane (I believe all of us are 10% insane by default and yes it can be more). My mind meter ticks at a speed of about 100km per second. Am I even making sense? Never mind, cos I'm not programmed to. I'm just me. Some people 'work' hard on being perfect...you know, by 25 to be married and settled, by 35 to be successful in career, by 45 to own a fancy house and 2/3 kids, by 55 to be a proud parent with kids doing well in uni/work, by 65 to be super secure health-wise, by 75 to play with grand-kids and by 85 to die wih a peaceful smile on his/her face. That's ok. Cos in life one has to have plans/goals or else it will be aimless. But how many of us get it all? And how many of us get disappointed when we don't get some of them? Alot of us do. But should we be disappointed? Initially yes, but if you just go with the flow and not worry too much about what you don't have and concentrate on what you already have, I'd say you'd be much less disappointed in the first place. I see people around me always planning...they say 'I want to be married in 2yrs time', 'I want to own a house by next year or Im a loser', 'I want to be successful like my colleague cos I don't think I'm doing good in my career', 'I want to have kids cos what's life without having my own kids', 'I need a gf/bf or people will think I'm a failure', 'I want to be rich by 35 so I have peace of mind', 'I don't think I fit in cos all the others in my age group are very fashion-conscious and look way better than me' ....etc etc. And some people tell me 'Keshi you're incomplete without a man', 'Keshi you need to be more responsible and buy a house on your own', 'Keshi you need to change jobs cos you should get a higher pay', 'Keshi you need to stop wasting money on clothes/accessories cos you've got to save now', 'Keshi you act like a child', 'Keshi don't waste time caring about people who don't care about you', 'Keshi do you even have an aim in life?' etc etc. These are actual things that people tell me daily.

Why do people always want to be someone else? Or want you to be someone else? I don't get it. While I understand that you need to have dreams, goals and plans to a certain extent, I don't think our lives should revolve around those plans. Karen doesn't have kids but she doesn't have to feel incomplete cos there are other kids right? You may be unmarried at 45 so what, you're still alive and kicking arent you? James wants to buy a house just cos others of his age group are doing it, but why? Susan is worried that her kids are not doing well like other kids, so what she still has kids doesn't she? Jason is terribly ill at 30 cos he didn't eat well or exercise, so what he's still coping isnt he? Mike died in a car accident and thats not the way he wanted to die, but do we have a choice? Claire looks old-fashioned so what she's still nice isnt she? I'm a child at heart and I'm loving it ok? I'm happy with where I work cos the people are lovely, I don't much care about a fat pay, you've got a problem with that? I don't want to buy a house right now cos I don't have the desire for it, neither am I unhappy about not owning a house like my peers do, so how does it trouble you? I'm a mess in your eyes, but I'm loving that Miss.Mess - cos that's just me, a true portrait of who I am, done by me, without anyone else touching up on the paint.

What matters in the end is if you really need the needs that you feel you need, whether you're ready for them and that if you're happy doing what you're doing. Don't do anything for the sake of it or cos everyone else is doing it or cos someone else wants you to do it or cos you feel you're not in touch with the trend. Instead, you be your own trend-setter and skate around joyously in life. Just be yourself, have some goals, if you reach them its great, if not it's still OK. It's OK to be YOU.

Today's music is one of my old favs...I just chose it cos I remembered this song as I wrote this post...cos when I lost my dad long long time ago, I thought I'd never be able to live without him. While I miss him terribly, I'm still alive right? We can get through anything in life if we have the love and I know I still have my dad's love here with me - look at the friends I have made here wow...blowing Kisses to all of you from here MWAHHH! And Dad I miss you so much, hope you're having alot of fun up there - save me a seat ok! Have a good weekend guys!

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Wednesday, August 16

Killers' Paradise

Last night I was watching TV for a change and happened to catch this spine-chilling documentary about grotesque accounts of recent rapes and murders in Guatemala City. Apparently 573 women have been raped and killed between 2005 and 2006, it's on the rise in this particular area and there's nothing being done about it by the local Police or the government - how ridiculous is that? It was so sad to see the dead bodies of young women, some decapitated and some butchered to bits and left in the dumps to rot. No it didn't happen only to girls who go out at night or to girls who didn't have much of an education or to ones who didn't come from a secure family. They also killed Claudina who was a Uni student and one who came from an affluent family. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time and only 19yrs old. I switched the TV on half way through the documentary so I was not prepared to see such shocking scenes at all but yeah they showed it all. And this time I didn't get up and leave cos I wanted to hear the stories the families of these victims had to say and let me tell you it was very heart-breaking. I wanted to be a part of their grief and feel what they must feel right now. Some of the bodies were in coffins reading 'Name:XX' as they couldn't be identified and were buried with no family, not even a prayer. How sad is that...I just can't imagine that and when I saw such body bags being put into the graves, I murmured a little prayer in my heart - may her soul rest in peace..may her pain end now and be in the arms of the loving lord away from this cruel world. My mum and I watched with tears in our eyes.

It was horrific to even imagine that someone could really do that kind of thing to another human being. No one has the right to take another's will to live life. It's atrocious and it's beyond forgiveness. Some of the gangsters are in prison now and some are still walking scot-free. How fair is that for the victims and the families? Many victims' families were crying their hearts out saying none of the cases were followed up and investigated at all. That to me is sickening. Why are the governments and the Police of some countries not really doing their work, especially when the crime rate is this high and the nature of the crimes is this disgusting and going on for so long? I feel that alot of people in the relevant authorities have no value for human lives or are interested in really doing their jobs right..they just want the pay-slip and that's about it. These stories reminded me of the Priyadharshini murder case that Ishita and Southpaw have been voicing about and making an effort to make people realise that it's WE who have to bring justice to these innocent victims. We are alive and we can do something cant we? It may have been our friend, family member or colleague and how would that affect us then? I can't even go there. My dad was a Police Officer and was involved in investigating many murders and other serious crimes. I remember one night he had to go investigate the murder of a beauty queen in Sri Lanka. He came home that morning and told us that he can never forget the look on her face as she lay dead on the concrete floor...it cried out for only one thing...JUSTICE. Do we live in a world where killers have all the rights and victims have none? Where is the justice today? Stupid morons who sit on their ass doing nothing about these cases should be fired and human rights' activists should get together and implement their opinions to prevent such hideous crimes and to protect the communities. I know nothing can bring the dead back but atleast it will serve some justice to those who died unfairly at the hands of violence and to the families who will never really recover anyways. BTW this documentary struck a chord with me big time...life is too short to whinge or to be selfish - you never know when it'll be snatched from you or your loved-ones. After someone is gone, no point trying to say what you had to say before. So be happy always, do good, make others around you feel and know they are loved, and dance your cares away.

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Monday, August 14

Midnight Caresses

Didn't I warn you of more scary pics from me, haha so here they come! Anyways guys I had another weekend full of fun. Sat morning we all went out for Yum Cha (my fav Chinese outing). The word ‘Yum Cha’ means to drink tea. The traditional custom originated in Southern China, where people would go to a ‘Tea House’ to drink tea. The custom has changed over time to become a ritual where friends meet at a restaurant for Yum Cha, usually in the morning/lunchtime and eat a variety of yummy Chinese dishes with green tea. At Yum Cha, dim-sim ladies present dishes on the trolleys. Customers then select their preferred dishes from the trolleys. Hope you've had Yum Cha too. My cousins' sweet kids came along too and they couldn't keep away from me as usual...'Keshi Aunty can we do this?', 'Keshi Aunty can we do that?', 'Keshi Aunty can we go shopping?', 'Keshi Aunty can we watch Futurama together?' etc etc etc. And there was no stopping on chatting continuously, sometimes without even breathing, sitting on my lap and pulling my cheeks etc etc etc hehehe. They were so sweet and addcitive! Anyways I managed to click some pics of them too from my phone - just attached 2 of em cos I cant attach all (will attach the rest in another post). This is 2 of my fav chatterboxes (you could say like Aunty like Niece/Nephew lol!). There's another very very cute 5yr old chatterbox-niece that I will intro to you guys in another post. She's a handful and calls me Sexy Girl. And there's another 3yr old rockstar nephew who goes 'Whyyyy...?' for every word you say and leave you at a dead-end for explanations.

So what did we do on Sat night? You're gonna kill me - yep we went Dancing again at the Docks :) - a popular nightclub at the Darling Harbour. Well this time there was a special reason why we went there. One of our friends (Kyle) is leaving to Hong Kong this weekend on a long-term work contract (and to earn big bucks) . Ekta and Anand, I was thinking how lucky Kyle is, cos he's going to be where you guys are. So a group of close friends and most of my cousins, decided to go out for drinks and dancing - as a farewell party for him. We had MEGA FUN alright. The music was sizzling and the crowd was even more sizzling! Ladies, there were some real hot guys dancing real good - I was watching them with so much admiration ahemmm. And guys, there were some real hot ladies that you'd pass out watching em dancing lol! Just go to that site and check out the pics - you will know what I'm saying. Anyways, we danced, strolled in the harbour a bit and then came home around 2:30am. I was so hungry when I came home so I had chicken and bread at 3am and I hit the bed straight away - now how unhealthy is that? Anyways woke up at 11am the next day - felt like an out-of-control teenager after a long time lol! I never did that sort of thing when I was a teenager (my dad would have shot me and then made a tombstone reading 'she died wanting to go to a nighclub'). But it all seems pretty good stuff to do once in a while. You wouldn't believe it even now when we friends go out, my mum makes sure some cousin brother or a well-known guy-friend is going along too duhhhh! oh mum Im a grown woman now - I know how to kick a guy if he suffers from sudden cranium loss - you know that (Keshi roll her eyes...).

Well when I came home that night, it was sooo quiet and while every soul in my town was fast asleep, I felt this unbelievable peace. Like I never felt that in a long while. Like that's just what I wanted but couldn't feel in a very long time. I was sitting on the living-room sofa, total silence around me, not a single whisper or even music that I cant live without. It was just me and the Midnight loving each other's company without even saying a word. It was pure bliss. I thought to myself am I a creature of the night? And then I realise hell I am! Cos I was born at 12:20am and I'm someone who can't sleep till very late (but hopeless in the mornings). And also, I love the moon, stars and the midnight skies - all that romantic night gear of the skies. The spell-binding magic of the silence of the deepest darkest nights. Daytime is full of clutter and my deepest senses are sleeping. But in the night, the awakening takes place. That's when my deepest senses caress me with their silken touch. That's when my soul really starts to wake up and wake me up too...that's when I can finally really have a long and uninterrupted conversation with myself. What time of the day do you feel one with your spirit?

Today's music is one of my favs ever. I can never ever get tired of this song, especially of the guitar sounds. This is the LIVE performance but the original is way better. I would have listened to it a zillion x zillion. Enjoy! btw I'm so busy at work but I promise you I'll be visiting your blogs soon ok? Thanks for putting up with my absence MWAHHH!

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Friday, August 11

Sunshine Street

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARGIE! Keshi does her special moon-walk just for Margie, all dressed in black ;-) Have a blast babez!
Last night I met up with a friend who's now back in Sydney after 3yrs of being in Taiwan. I first met her at Uni and now she's a great friend of mine. I missed her tonz cos she and I used to hang out alot either catching a movie, gymming or having Jap dinner (we both love Japanese cuisine - yes Niki I thought about you too last night) and chatting about the men in our lives and laughing like crazy ofcourse. We planned to meet at 5:15pm infront of this popular shopping center in the city - so after work I went straight to the spot and there was no sweet Rita there. I rang her mobile and she said she's right in front of the building and we both turned to see each other holding our mobiles and talking to each other within 2 steps away...lol! Soon we hugged - aww it was such a warm hug from a dear old friend and it was so nice to see her back in town. Such a warm feeling...a feeling of finding one more missing piece of my life in the past 3yrs. She went to Taiwan at a time I was breaking up with my Ex and now she's back and guess what she said: Keshi you look absolutely happy and now you're glowing like a woman. haha I don't know about the woman part but I'm happy alright. This makes me wonder if I should abandon the man-hunt cos it may make me un-glowing again. Anyways we went and had yummy Jap dinner, updated each other with what has been happening in our lives in the 3yrs we were apart - giggling and all, and also went and watched the movie The Lake House.

What do I think about the movie? Well I was confused from the beginning to the end. And even today I'm mega confused. To begin with it's not a normal story...it's about a man and a woman communicating with each other (through letters) from two different times. Man(Keanu) lives in the year 2004 and the woman(Sandra) in 2006. Basically it's a time-travel love story that honors the spiritual practice of waiting - waiting even years for that right one. I don't wanna say anything more incase you're waiting to watch it. So go watch it for yourself and tell me what you think. All I can say is I'm blockbuster confused not cos of the time-travel, but cos of few things that I think the director of the movie forgot about. Well anyways both Sandra and Keanu look much older than they were in previous movies but they still look good and did a great job. So when I was heading home after the movie, I was waiting for some guy from 2004 (even 1004 for that matter) to txt me but nothing happened...guess these things happen only in the movies, right?

Man-Hunt Update: Status:Abandoned. Why? I don't think that's really me. I don't hunt for anything in my life except CDs, clothes, shoes and jewellery. So I want to be my old self, the one who's carefree and independent of being alert. The one who's always unguarded even among a thousand hunks on the train or wherever...the one who's Keshidelic. The one who never wants to disturb her destiny. The one who walks the road given to her no matter how many No-Right-Turn signs it has damnn it. The one who will see it when it's ought to be seen. So I'm back from the hunt that never was in the first place. With that and with Rita back, I feel I'm walking down Sunshine Street again. Have a good one folks!

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Thursday, August 10

The EX Factor

What do you really think about your ex-bf/gf(s)? Do you miss them when you think back or do you simply mutter 'f##k you swt hrt'. Well I don't think the same about all of them but I sometimes have thoughts like 'who the f##k cares what you do anymore', 'hope you're in pure bliss with Miss.Small Boobs', 'whoever is gonna end up with you would carry the surname Bimbo', 'What? Im even thinking about you? Time for a cranium-refill', 'Im glad we broke up or else I wouldnt even have a blog', 'Your new GF is beautiful, perhaps only in the land of no women?', 'wow your GF is lucky to have less to play with'. LOL ok some of them I just made up for this post, I admit, but the rest I really mumble when I think about this particular ex-bf. Others were really sweet and I don't think anything bad about them. But na I don't wish any harm upon this particular ex either - just that what he was could be easily nominated for the Jerk Of The Millenium Award, that's all. hmmm lets call him Dick Cranium. Whatever happened happened for the best and I'm so glad I'm not with Dick anymore cos if I was, I would not have met any of you - I could even be experiencing rebirth somewhere else...he was that possessive.

Apart from feeling like a loser and needing anti-stupidity pills (btw these pills exist now) for dating some of these EXs, do you feel jealous if/when you see an ex with a new partner? I have seen Dick with his new partner. Well I never felt jealous 1.cos he's not worth it and 2.cos she's not Salma Hayek either. LOL ok I'm acting like a real teenager now and I know I shouldnt. The truth is Dick likes alot of attention and he only likes things going his way. He's so self-righteous and as long as he gets what he wants, he doesnt care what happens to others. Well I wouldnt say he's all mean and no good at all. Yes Dick has a good side too. He's cute. duhhhh so! Yeah that's what I mean when I say looks is not everything. You have to bite the apple to know whether it's sweet or not (I know most apples are sweet and that was a poor example - stop staring at me like that now). Anyways, I wish Dick and his girlfriend (lets call her Rhonda) well.

Have you had a fatal attraction ever? lol I know Southy did. I haven't so far but I have a friend who's ex haunts him to date - lets call my friend Michael and his ex Glen. Glen can't get over him even though he's told her many times before to consider him dead. She regularly calls him up, txts him, emails him and even sends him letters saying she can't forget him and that she might die soon if he rejects her totally (actually it's Michael who walks around like a dead body these days). I haven't met Glen but from what I have seen, she looks vampish and a little bit like Mrs.Dracula on an all-expenses-paid holiday. She has long black hair and red lips like she sucked on some blood before taking the photo. I always tease Michael saying that she's gonna cook his dog in a big broth someday and leave it in his apartment stove (have you seen the movie Fatal Attraction?). Well there's something to learn from that...don't date for the sake of it and also choose carefully who you go out with. btw Michael is in the process of changing countries.

I must say my first boyfriend was so innocent and so sweet.
Let's call him Brandon. He didn't even know how to kiss but I really liked him. Why, cos even I didn't know how to kiss back then hehehe. I remember that he always waited for me to come back from school and steal a few moments to chat with me in some hidden place. I was so afraid that someone might find out and tell my dad. I was only 14 for goddsakes and he was 16. Anyways we chatted but I don't think we really said anything to each other - we just stared at each other the whole time, lol! I wonder where Brandon is these days...wherever he is I hope he's happily settled and doing well. I miss that guy.

So do you remember those good(or fatal) old days? Tell me about your EXs...love em for life or loathe em to the grave?

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Monday, August 7


Hi Guys how are we? Hope you all had a great weekend. Now guess what, I'm going to obtain Residency in Portugal. Why? Cos I just don't know what on Earth I'm doing in this beefy Aus - I felt like that when I saw the pic on the left. Any girl wanna join me in Portugal? I can see so many hands raised. Siggghhhh..Keshi is so shocked that she didn't even think about Portugal all this time! Well anyways my new address will be somewhere in Lisbon. Eu te amo Portugal! Ok so did you all have a great weekend? Well I can say I had a fantastic weekend...it was one of my cousins' bday again :) so off we went to this big party and yes, we danced alot. No dance-floor dramas this time but one married guy removed his ring and gave it to me...lol I didn't take it ofcourse. Anyways, we had loads of fun and it was good for me too. Cos remember I was not feeling all that great last week. Well thanks to all of you and a nice weekend, I'm feeling much better. Here are 2 of the many glamor shots my current husband Mr.Nokia took of me on Sat. More will follow later on. Let me see what you have to say.

Newsflash - I'm thinking of really making an effort to find my man...cos alot of my friends think I'm too comfy with my life right now and that I'm not even noticing the hundreds of men who are looking my way and saying 'Keshi would you just f##kin look at me?'. It could be true cos Im such a zombie when it comes to checking out potential hunnies. I go to work in a rush, come back in a rush, weekends I just roam around with friends, partying, shopping, even if we go out I just eat, dance, laugh and then go back home and sleep duhhh! That's really not the way to fish is it? I guess after my last major breakup I have given up on men and perhaps that has stopped me from looking around, even without my knowledge. Well now I just wanna feel real love. I want some human contact apart from my current men Nokia and Blogger. I just wanna wanna feel some love. I feel that all the love I have is going to waste right now. You know how you feel that you're not making use of all that love inside you? Well that's how I feel right now. Gotta give it to a man who deserves it - no more playing-hard-to-get and no more of those lonely nights. I'm tired of being this single Keshi. I don't know how successful I will be but atleast I can try. So yeah, I'll be taking my binoculars with me from now on and really 'looking' this time around..wish me luck hehe. Should I have a bumper sticker saying 'Single but looking eh gorgeous' lol! So guys get ready, here I come ;-)

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Wednesday, August 2

An Engraved Trail

A tear falls down a lonely cheek...kissing it and embracing it for all the lonely times it spent. The tear runs along that cheek and draws a path of it's own leaving a trail for another tear to follow. These cheeks have not known anyone warmer than those tears. Those tears have been it's friend or else the pent-up sorrow would have made it give up. If tears were a river, then these cheeks are it's banks. And if these cheeks were the sands then those tears are the ocean. The rivers and the oceans never sleep. Likewise these tears never stop falling. The banks and the sands never battle with the waters. Likewise the cheeks never stop the tears from falling. They welcome them with glee and let them flow with vigour and freedom. It's not weak to cry...it's not silly to express pain and sorrow...it's not bad to let tears free. If tears are the only ones who really understand your pain, why not let them help you out. Let them flow and let them kiss your cheeks cos atleast they ease your pain and never leave you all alone. You call them and they are with you. These lonesome cheeks have always known a trail of a good friend named tears. Life can't be without that friend anymore cos only these cheeks have the engraved path it travels.

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Tuesday, August 1

A Brief Analysis

WARNING:Hazardous Material! Not for the faint-hearted and the weak-bottomed.

Yep you're right it's not about software or hardware, it's about underwear(briefs). Why was I thinking of writing on briefs? Well, cos someone in my last post mentioned thongs and G-strings, and it sparked underwearish thoughts in my head. So I thought about putting various types of underwear under the Keshi miscroscope and see what they are really like. I can hear ya giggling already. So here comes my rather deep analysis starting ofcourse with THE super Thong:

Thongs: Why do people wear thongs? Basically to prevent VPL (fear not sisters it's not some horrible disease - it stands for 'Visible Panty Line' hehe). G-Strings/Tanga/T-Back/Rio undies belong to this category. Thongs have been most popular in the past with exotic dancers only. Later on, once everyone caught on to the trend, singer Sisqo released a song entitled the 'Thong Song' and suddenly everyone was thong-th-thong-thong-thonging!
Worn by - Sexy mommas ;-) btw I didnt mean granmas..
Advantage - Can look super sexy in these and are ideal for very special occasions ahemmm! With these on, you can seduce even the most unseducible guy on the planet (that's only if you want to seduce a nerd).
Disadvantage - Do you wanna have a civil war with your bumcrack? Then these are great! Also if you don't shave/wax and wear these, then you might be the reason for someone's sudden death, beware!

Hipster/Boy Shorts: My favorite. Absolutely comfortable and trendy, looking hot at the same time.The difference between hipsters and boy shorts is that boyshorts tend to have a bit of a leg in them while hipsters are cut off the thigh. I think Bonds provides the best designs of hipsters. It's good for sports, comfortable and almost great for anything else - if you know what I mean.
Worn by - Fashionable, sporty and fun-loving women
Advantage - Sensible to wear and comfortable for sports too
Disadvantage - Can't be really thong-th-thong-thong thonging in these

Bikini: Apparently Bikini's are the choice of many a girl. Bikinis are inspired from the swim wear, which was originally re-created in Cannes, France. What makes a string bikini different is that instead of full material sides, there is a string,or in more modern cases, an elastic string which allows for added comfort.
Worn by - Traditional women, almost everyone
Advantage - Comfy in every way or should I say every angle?
Disadvantage - None to my knowledge except that they are a bit boring

High Rise Brief: These without a doubt are the most made-fun-of underwear in the market. High rise briefs are also known as 'Granny panties' - the kind Bridget Jones once wore. Typically this type of underwear come up to the belly button or higher (huh?), have a full seat and hits the thigh. Apparently these are the most conservative and are also the most comfortable to wear.
Worn by - Women who prefer comfort than fashion
Advantage - Comfort more than anything else and no bumcrack hospitalisations, also good to wear when you want to to take revenge from your man
Disadvantage - Imagine going on a date (with the man of your dreams) with this kind of underwear on? I'd dig a hole and disappear for life. Also these might take alot of space in your wachine machine. And you might need a separate clothes-line altogether just for one of these undies to dry.

So there you go girls. Let me know if you know more types of underwear and advantages/disadvantages of those and the ones I have already mentioned. Boys, mmm well I don't know much about men's underwear except that boxers are cute and I so hope that none of you guys here wear thongs haha! Don't want a David-Hasslehoff in my life. So guys do you wanna add to this post? Please feel free and thanks in advance ;-) Keshi awaits the spicy comments...lol! thong-th-thong-thong thong... ... ...

And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jeevan for the 31st of July!

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