Tuesday, February 28

It's Simple!

Heyy guys ever wondered how important you are to this world? Or are you really that important? lol I don't mean to make you feel worthless, but just as much as we ARE an important part of this world, we are also not going to last forever. Or let me convey it this way...we may place ourselves at a very high place in the family, society, work place or anywhere else for that matter, but we are not going to last! Can you believe that? Yes I can believe that and many of you may be saying 'well Keshi shutup, I'm important to my family and I may not be the world to you but I'm the world to someone'...lol ok I got you and I know what you mean. But what I'm trying to make you see is that by giving too much importance to yourself, you are going to be quite disappointed some day...not 'cos you gave so much importance to yourself, but because by concentrating on doing that, you probably missed out on the fun. Get what I'm trying to say? Well let me give you an example...I used to go to this Funk dance class...we used to have so much fun doing the wrong steps sometimes and we used to have a ball doing our own moves too...lol...but there was this very serious girl who used to attend the same class...all she ever wanted to do was get the steps so perfectly right to the point of being frightening to watch. To add to the horror, she never even looked around or shared a smile with the others. In the end, she never made friends with anyone or had any laughs during the classes but probably won a gold medal somewhere at a gym in Aus..like that's what matters :)

I have met few people in my life who think too much of themselves, too proud to even move their lips to smile, too busy to even laugh, too afraid to make a mistake, too perfect to be silly, too serious to be funny, too focused on career to even spend time with family/friends, too serious about life that they plan every stage of it...but wait a minute...life doesn't happen like that. You can't really plan too much...'cos the only certainity of life is that it's uncertain. Don't feel so important and be so serious guys 'cos in about half a century we will all be forgotten anyways. What I'm trying to say is live and let live. Don't impose hard rules on yourself or others..loosen up...live life, not plan it...cos while you're planning it, you may have lost a few good opportunities of living it. Also don't be angry and destructive like Fluffy and the suicide-terrorsit cat above - lol, life is short, be merry and dance around like this cute puppy of a Cheer leader :) Since NV always says that my posts are too long, let me make it simple this time. Life itself is simple...just don't make it complex folks. Let go, live and let live.

Friday, February 24

Dream on

Ok let's have some weekend fun folks. Here I ask you a question and all you got to do is answer...simple na :) OK now here's the question:

If you were given an opportunity to spend 1 night with just anyone in the world, who would it be, why did you choose that person and how would you spend the night with him/her?

ooo lala I can see some hot answers coming up..lol...as usual my answer will be given after all of you take part :) Bring it on babes! (btw this pic of me was taken on Vals day in NZ...I did all sorts of things to it to make it look obscure cos I don't like posting original pics on the net :)

Wednesday, February 22

Carry your brother...

How many of us have done some kind of charity in life? I can picture many nods :) You may think that proper charity is helping the needy, donating to a temple/church, praying for others, giving away goods to the less fortunate etc. It sure is charity, yes 'cos I have engaged in some of that kind too. But did you know that real charity begins at home? You may donate a $1000 to the Cancer Society but you haven't gained anything by that deed if you can't spend $10 on your poor brother at home without feeling stingy about it.

You may wonder why I'm talking about this straight after my NZ trip. Well I observed a very interesting facet of charity while I was over there. There's this relative of mine living there. While everyone in his family is well-off, he's the only one who
hasn't got a Porche or a 2-storey house. He's just a regular working class man. He lost his young wife last year to Cancer and he has 3 young daughters to take care of. He's trying hard to make ends meet on a daily basis and right now he's in a bit of trouble with his job too. But what I realised is that no one wanted to know his problems. No one cared what happened to him and no one was willing to give him a $1. His sisters and brothers are very rich and very much settled. They are not very bad people either. Just that they can't be bothered about his problems and they didn't want him around, 'cos he didnt fit in with their society. They mock him and make fun of his sad state. He was once a very well-off person and a very generous one too - only recently he had to face a series of misfortunes in life. Now his siblings don't even want to know him 'cos he hasn't got much to offer in terms of riches. I thought that was very selfish and very egoistic of them. But the funny thing is that some of these people visit the temples often and donate so much money to the poor and the helpless. Why?? What satisfaction do they get from that? If they can't help their brother who is in trouble, what other higher deed can they ever do?
Charity begins at home and if you can't love your brother, then don't try so hard to love some stranger - 'cos it sure is planned and artificial charity then. Charity must ignite with pure love in your heart and in your home. And if you can't help your own blood, how can you help someone else? Why is it that we often find it hard to help our own blood? I'm not like them...I can assure you on that 'cos I do whatever I can to help my family first and never expect anything in return...but it was pretty heart-breaking to watch this person's family doing charity to strangers when he was falling apart. I guess his siblings have so much to learn even though they are married with kids. We can be matured in age, marital status and our posessions but that's material maturity...spiritual maturity doesn't come with a price tag people, so you can't buy it...tap into your heart and see if you can grow it naturally. Hopefully you wouldnt' have to sit at a grave some day and cry for all the things you didnt do to help him/her...'cos that would be the hardest for you to bear. You may be the highest donor of charity in the world, but you will never feel the same Love that God has for us, unless you start Loving at home.

So what are your thoughts on Charity? Are you doing your best to help your family before the Red Cross? And remember, he cant be too heavy, he's your brother...

Monday, February 20


Hey guys I'm finally home - loving the shores of Sydney :) THANKS SO MUCH for your wonderful comments showing me how much you all missed me...it's an amazing feeling to read such warm and beautiful thoughts coming from so many people I haven't even met in real. I cannot describe how special I feel to be around all of you people and it feels just too good to be back with each and everyone of you. HUGGGGGGGGZ and MUAHHHHHZ to all!

Flew Emirates this time. It's service and comfort are still the best as when I flew it a couple of years ago. Watched too many movies on the way and back. Watched a couple of new Hindi/English movies and one old Hindi one which I always wanted to see but never got a chance to...Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak - it made me cry! Well thank God that was on the way back home that I watched it, cos that movie really broke my heart. On a happier note, meeting my cousins, aunties and uncles in NZ after a couple of years was just brilliant! It felt so good to be with them for 3 long weeks doing absolutely nothing but relaxing, yakking, yakking and yakking till dawn. Btw my voice has changed to a huskier tone and it sounds quite bad, but a guy over there told me that it's sexier so I'm happy with it hehehe. We girls organised a bridal shower and had so much fun that night...we danced all night and drank up a bit but not to an indecent level, trust me ok :) We had so many things to do before the wedding - yep I was one of the 6 girls wrapping the cakes and putting sweets in about 400 bags...btw I ate many while doing that lol! The bride is damn sexy and the groom is sexier than that..hehehe..ok ok I must stop being silly now. The bride is my first cousin and she is just too beautiful both in and out, to mention in words. I met the groom for the first time and he is for sure someone special too...cos he stole my cousin's heart and that heart aint something ordinary. He has a calmness about him that is really intrigueing - cos you know Im hyper 24/7, so a calm person is like magic to me. I'm glad my cousin chose him as her life partner 'cos deep in my heart I know that they are the ones for each other - there's 2 less lonely people in the world now, phewww thanks to the Man upstairs, He did something right this time. The night before the wedding, we all had to go to the hall to decorate it...I was too tired from all the previous work so I stayed home with another cousin cos we needed our beauty-sleep for the next day..lol..my sis thought we were very selfish hehe, but hey I wanted to look fresh so get over it sis ;-) The wedding was too long (as Hindu weddings usually are) and the food was vegetarian - I was expecting chicken btw, good luck to me next time. Now let me come to a more yummy part...HUNKS...lol...girls listen, there were few of them yes but I coudn't flirt to my usual standards 'cos I was too busy at the altar helping :*( For blokes, well there were some really good-looking girls too but I wouldnt say they beat any of our blog gals here hehe...no wayzz! After the wedding there was a reception...ofcourse I danced and couldn't stop thinking of all of you who love to dance, especially Uttsy and st000nie my angelic babes awww...

NZ is much quieter and greener than AUS hence it's great for a holiday..but only for a holiday cos Im too used to the busy lifestyle here and for me there's no place like Sydney:) I have been to NZ many times before. I didnt travel much within NZ this time cos I was busy with the wedding so I was only in Auckland...however I did go to Rotorua (was my 2nd trip to Rotorua) where the hot springs are - a 4hr drive. It was amazing to watch the naturally boiling hot springs and mud pits...btw you wouldn't wanna fall into one of them! The whole city stinks of sulfur cos of these volcanic substances. We also went on the Gondolas (cable cars) to Mt Ngongotaha in Rotorua and had heaps of fun with many amusement rides at the top of the mountain - the view is amazing from the top! I also visited a Krishna temple in Helensville...the entire ceiling had paintings of Lord Krishna's childhood and it's too beautiful to mention in words (I took alot of photos - bear with me till I load them on to my PC). In between we went to many dinners and also movies, bowling, temple, shopping etc etc. However the best thing I ever did there was, sitting next to my many cousins (I have 10 first cousins over there) and talking to them...those were the most pleasurable moments for me.

Altogether it was a very enjoyable trip and I had a real great time with my cousins. I miss them heaps now but I have come back to the arms of another beautiful bunch...and that's YOU guys. Although I didnt come online much while I was in Auckland, I had all of you in my mind all the time...yes all the time. Cos it's you guys who know me more than any other souls on this Earth...it's you guys who help me to gain more knowledge about life with your blogs and your friendship...it's you guys who keep me going...it's you guys who've got something waiting for me after my breaks and trips...it's YOU. Yes I missed you all like the deserts miss the rain (yeah I know this line is getting boring now lol :)...so my rain, now that I met you once again, my heart will never be scorched again...WELCOME BACK my rain!

Sunday, February 5

A Tale of a Star...

A star was born this day some years ago. This tiny star grew brighter and brighter to be a beautiful and radiant light...a light that shone on dark skies and lit up the nights of many a lonely souls. This star travelled from one dark soul to another diminishing their darkness as she twinkled on them radiantly. Then one night, she came into my skies...she stopped by, taking rest and happened to meet my soul. She looked in there and realised that I was all alone...so very alone in my darkness refusing to go forward, afraid of meeting more darkness. The star realised that many have trodden and tortured my soul. So she sprinkled some beautiful silver dust on me and told me this..."you have to get up child...get up and trek...keep trekking, never stop...you may meet treacherous waters - swim with confidence. You may meet mighty big mountains - climb them with courage. But never forget to look up at the skies and see the stars...cos darkness is just a small part when you realise that so many stars exist...so light up your way and keep trekking...and keep the stars in your mind". Yes that's the message she gave me from her various conversations with me. And it helped me to move on on days that I thought I could never do...it helped me to leave my loneliness and trek as much as I could...and to try as much as I can no matter what. I believe in God's wonders...this star is His creation, for directing His children who are in darkness...

I came across this star here in the blog skies...this BEAUTIFUL star's name is Uttara and it's her birthday on the 5th of Feb. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY GUIDING STAR! I don't know if I can be a star for you but my wish for you on your birthday is that I will be there for you when you are feeling down...'cos even stars need rest and company...so I hope I will be there for you like you were there for me ever since we met. And thanks Puneet for making me meet someone as amazing as Uttara is, cos if not for your blog, I wouldnt have met her. So let's celebrate this super-star today ;-) Those of you who know Uttara, describe her in your comments using just one word. Have a blast celebrating this great day folks!
I dedicate 'Sweet Child O' Mine' by GNR especially for you Uttsy!
She's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky...
Now and then when I see her face
She takes me away to that special place
And if I'd stare too long I'd probably break down and cry...
Sweet child o' mine...Sweet love of mine
She's got eyes of the bluest skies
As if they thought of rain
I hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain
Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place
Where as a child I'd hide and pray
For the thunder and the rain to quietly pass me by
Sweet child o' mine
Sweet love of mine
Where do we go
Where do we go now
Where do we go
Sweet child o' mine...