Monday, May 30


She was going to make her coffee...she suddenly collapsed...she was cold and silent...her eyes closed and body lifeless...suddenly her face changed and she shuddered in a fit...I thought she was going to die...I screamed in fear while holding her up...that very moment I felt massive pain in my heart like I never felt before....I felt my bond with her like I never did before...I felt for a brief moment how horrible life would be without her...I took a sip of merciless reality, the bleak reality of life where a loved-one could leave you any minute...every other moment was filled with thoughts of how fragile we you may share your home with your loved-ones...but tomorrow will you?? Life of your loved-one is like a mirage that settles in the desert of your think it's forever but it takes you for a will only last for it's given time and when you get closer and closer to it, it disappears without a trace. Life is not forever - it's a mirage waiting to vanish and I felt that to the core this morning. Have I told you lately that I love you?

Friday, May 27

Describe Me

I got the following email from a friend. Kind of liked it because you get to know how people sum you up in one word :) So please take part and I shall sum you up in one word too.

Describe me in one word, just one!

Send this to all your friends and see how many wonderful strange things people think about you. Please take part. Its fun!

Wednesday, May 25

Convenience Marriage

I believe most people marry for convenience. Some call it true love...but no, all they want is someone to rely on, someone to take care of them when they are old, someone for company, someone to have children with, someone for that and this...I know that humans need company, love and care, but it makes me wonder if two people would fully trust each other and love unconditionally if there was no such thing as marriage. If there was no paper pledging their love for each other, what would happen? Would they do better than taking each other for granted? Just look what happens when a divorce or separation is about to happen. I bet no one walks away wanting nothing from the other. I heard my friend's friend saying she will take every piece of furniture from him before she gives him the divorce, meanwhile he had taken the custody of their only child...and they could demean themselves this way only because of the obligation that was attached to that piece of paper.

Tuesday, May 24

Colors of the Rainbow

I am brown but I have white, black and yellow friends. My first language is Sinhalese but I speak English very well. I was born in Sri Lanka but I live in Australia. My main food is rice but I love spaghetti, chicken laksa, Greek salad and French bread too. My most favorite choice of clothing would be saree but I wear suits, jeans and dresses that come from around the world. I listen to Sinhalese and Hindi music but I also love Rock, Arabic and Spanish music. I love watching Hindi movies but English movies with Denzil Washington or Hugh Grant are great too. I love the freedom in Western culture but I adore the peace and quiet that meditation in a Budhhist temple brings...
Does the color of skin matter? Does the language one speaks matter? Does the land where one was born matter? We cannot do without one another, it's very clear. Just like it's only ALL the colors of the rainbow that can make it perfect, we need all of us. Otherwise this world would be dull, boring and imperfect. Then why racism?

Friday, May 20

Where your heart is...

If a catastrophic storm was approaching your home and you had five minutes to find and save a single object before being forced to evacuate, what would you take with you?

Guess what I'll take - hmmm...all mah photo albums...for thats where my heart is...all mah moments with mah loved ones, that can never be captured in the future. Photos have embedded emotions and preserve memories for many special reason is that I value my dad's photos more than anything else...he's not here anymore but he's in my heart and my heart is in the albums :)

Tuesday, May 17


I could cry a river of tears
Tears that never cease to flow...
Be a distant star in the sky
Always shining down on you...
I am the beacon in your night
To keep you warm, I will burn...
Like dewdrops vanish with the sun
Just ashes I will be by dawn...
Throw my love if that you should
I'm used to being misunderstood
Like colors seen by candlelight
Are not the same when day arrives
As snowcapped leaves rustle away
Spring shall bring you a bright day
Drifting like a paper boat
Let my life and dreams float
Golden rays and butterfly dreams
May they all be yours to keep.

Thursday, May 12

City in me

If you were a city what city would you be?

I would be Sydney...because I have a Harbor Bridge of confidence and trust that you can rely on...because I have an Opera House of songs and performances of joy just for you...because I have a Centerpoint Tower of hope and courage in whatever I face...because I have The Blue Mountains of tears and memories of all I have gone through...because I have The Aquarium of different beautiful friends who swim with me...because I have The Royal Botanical Gardens of fragrant and colorful reminiscence that I may pass on to you...because I have The IMAX Theatre of entertainment and excitement in me...because I have the Bondi Beach of beauty and calm to soothe you...because I have The Rocks of true and solid friendship and love to offer you...

Tell me what city are you..

Tuesday, May 10

Lost priority

Dedicated to a very special couple...
Remember you were a baby once...a cute little bundle of joy that gave so many smiles to so many faces. A delightful treat to your parents, an abundance of pleasure at the end of a hectic day...a radiance of energy and livelihood at home. Every new step you took was a happening event for your parents. Then you grew up and went to kindy, all eager to start learning about the world. Your innocence still in tact you learn about the world, her laws and rules. Your parents provided you with everything you needed. You are slowly leaving your childhood behind and now you're in high school, a curious teenager getting ready for your HSC and seeking your career goals. Your parents still love you, they haven't changed a bit. Once you get through University you have officially become an independant person. You want your own car, your own house, your own want to move out from home. Your parents still let you do what you want because they can't hurt your feelings. They help you with all of that. Now you have a girlfriend and you marry her. You hardly see your parents - you have your everything now so why should you see them?
You have a great time with your new found people in your life but you have forgotten those two special friends who always stood by you. But why, now they are old and boring, and don't have much to give except that one thing called love, which you think you don't need anymore. Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day arrive once a year and you take them out for lunch and back to your usual life for one more year. The two old people sit at home hoping and praying each and every day that their son is blessed with good health and never-ending happiness. Each morning they wake up with their son in mind. They have a doctor's appointment for which they catch a bus. That evening the son rings and tells them that he traded in his convertible for a brand new 4WD and that he's taking his friends on a trip in it. The old couple congratulate him and are so happy for him. They havent lost their priority at any point in their did you lose it so easily? Will your children forget you too?

Wednesday, May 4

Lets get personal!

1.Where would you take your Date the first time around?
2.Which movie would you watch at home with someone ur madly attracted to?
3.How would you tell someone you really want to go out with?
4.What do you usually wear at home?
5.Which song would you choose for your wedding?
6.What would you cook for your family on a weekend?
7.What would you wear for your best friend's engagement?
8.What do you think is the most sensual surrounding to surprise your partner?
9.What is the first thing you do every morning?
10.Who's voice haunts you with passion?
11.What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
12.What is your favourite food?
13.What do you consider as true happiness?
14.What's your favorite shopping mall?
15.Have you ever fallen in love at first sight, if so who and why?
16.What's your idea of a romantic night out?
17.When you're upset with someone at home what would you do?
18.Describe your life using a car - what car would it be?
19.What are your best memories from about 10years ago?
20.If you were to die today, what would be the song you'd want to be remembered with?

Monday, May 2


Back in July of 2003 I had to prepare my Aunt's eulogy and I was given only one night to come up with it. But I didnt have any trouble in writing it, only because my aunt was a wonderful person all her life and there were so many brilliant things to say about her. I had a collection of precious memories of her and I remebered each and every good deed of her's towards us. She treated me and my sis like we were her own kids and whatever she bought for her daughter was also bought for us, there was no difference in treatment - such a big heart she had. As a young kid back then it all registered in my memory but never in my dreams did I imagine I would some day be chosen to write and read her eulogy! How horrible a job it would have been if she was a mean aunt to me, becuase I'm a damn honest person too! This made me realise how blessed she was to be a kind and generous soul and how blessed I am to have known her and to have been chosen to present her eulogy with genuine thoughts about her.

You are creating your own eulogy right now...the present you are living in will be beautiful or not-so-beautiful memories for someone who will be reading your eulogy some day. Ultimately what matters is what you have been to your loved-ones throughout your life. It will be one of your loved-ones who will read it so make sure they have true fond memories of you to read out without a doubt. If you were to die today, what would your eulogy read?