Monday, September 29

A New Lease On Life...

Note: I had a very busy weekend, went to some VERY beautiful places, took alot of pics, will update in the next post or so and will get around to your blogs soon too. Also, Some people told me that they missed my long long posts. oyeah? Here I am then! ;-)

Life As A Property...
What does the title mean? To me it means, that life is like a 'property' that you can 'move into' again, if you 'wish' to. Life does become old, boring, dull, monotonous, fat, sick, colorless, hence unhealthy sometimes. What do you need then? A fresh start. All we need to do is think of life as a property that you can occupy all over again...but with few repairs and renovations ofcourse. We often do that to our properties such as houses and vehicles. When your house needs a new look, a fresh feeling, you'll give it a new coat of paint...or even do feature walls. You will redo your bathroom maybe. Perhaps remove the carpets and put tiles on. With your car, you may even trade it for a newer and comfy one. If not, you may get new seatcovers or take it to a car-wash cafe for a good wash. All in all, we are talking about a new start...a fresh beginning that will make you feel alive again. Same goes to Life.

Repairs And Renovations...
You may say life can't be seen as a property of your's cos you don't really own it. But what do you really own in this life anyways? You don't own your house, car or even loved-ones. They are all temporary. So is life. You never know when you're number is up. But life as well as all your assets and bonds are your 'properties' til you're alive. So from time to time, you can choose to upgrade, renovate, repair these properties as and when required. The same applies to relationships and people. We all need fixing, repairing, changing, freshning up...all for the sake of moving on in life in good spirits and with a fresh mind.

My Life's Upgrades...
Now why did I write this post? Cos I'm getting a new lease on my life, yes I am. Be it becoming a vegetarian or starting to eat healthy and exercising or breaking up with an abusive partner or even saying NO to something you have been putting up with for a long time, changes are necessary in life to keep life fresh. But Changes don't just have to make them happen. You've got to stop and say 'hey, my life needs an upgrade...I have to make it better or healthier or happier etc'...whatever it is, it's totally upto you. No one else can do that FOR you. So, coming to myself, I'm gonna 'repair' and 'renovate' a few areas in my life too. Here is a list of what I started doing from last week. I promised myself I will stick to them no matter what:

*Eat healthier than before - no more latenight's starting to give me Love Handles eeeks! I went to a friend's place Thursday night, and a lady there told me 'Keshi you've put on a bit'...I was like 'so what biyatch?' in my head, but she made me realise I've gathered some Winter fat, snacking on icecream etc and being a couch potato cos of the cold weather in the last few months. And last night I took a good look at myself in the mirror and even though I wasn't fat, I wanted to scream imagining Big Momma's image on the mirror! *cries*. Guess what I had for lunch whole of last week...smoked salmon sandwich with cucumber and no butter...LOL yes I've become totally paranoid!

*Re-start my Exercise and Jogging routine - couldn't do it for months cos I was down with Bronco and I was a bit lazy cos of Winter, and I already feel like I'm Pavarotti :*( *Opera music plays at the back and a huge belly is on display..and yes the head is Keshi's!*. So last week I started my usual daily 1hr Walks during lunchtime and jogging at night, kicking off my plan. yes I'm already back on track people!

*Will not complain about Blogville dramas and all that crap - I think you're sick of it by now. Well guess what? me too! :) No more whinging about useless crap, no more listening to liars, no more hanging around places where I'm not appreciated and no more throttling expectations from anyone can do way better than that!

*Will not spend too much money on clothes and shoes - I guess I have enough for now, besides my Closet and Shoe cupboard look like a Department store on their own *while kids are starving in Africa that is!*. That's not the only reason...I need to move/give away my Winter clothes and replace my old Summer clothes with new ones, so I better clean up the Closets before doing no more buying for awhile *wait til I put up my next Shopping trip pics ha? ;-)*. Spring Cleaning it is!

*Will speak softly *I'll try mate, I'll try*, and listen more than talk - even before today, I have become quieter at home and with friends. Empty and loud speech was not my cuppa anyways. I just need to accentuate on my Listening Skills cos my mum says I'm always in another world when she talks...I kinda agree with her, cos I'm slack at listening when I'm at home...I only hear. Worse, when she asks something, I'm like 'owwww momma could you tell me the story again?'...and she loses it badly LOL!

Time To Freshen Up...
That's a load of expensive but worthwhile repairs in my life for now...I'll try to stick to them as much as I can ok...I hope I don't go 'broke' during the renovations! So tell me folks, any particluar 'repairs' you're planning to do on your 'property' soon? Whatever it is, first it takes alot of understanding to recognise the areas that need repairs, then it takes alot of courage and determination to take that first step towards real change, and finally it takes alot of hard work and dedication to stick to it til you achieve the results and to continue maintaning it *like how I felt extremely tired and hot during my walk yesterday and felt like stopping for an icecream but I didn't!*. So, all the best, stay focused and keep your lives fresh folks!

I dedicate this post and song to my dearest bro Sourish, who just quit smoking...way to go bro and keep it up! It's your life...make it happen. And you know I LOVE YA tonns n tonns HUGS!

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Thursday, September 25

Dream, UnDream & ReDream

I got my heart set on ya baby...yes you...lets get married, yes we ought to have the cake and the chapel and the white dress too...lets have beautiful babies and let them call us momma and pappa...and we'll take them to school...lets make a life together and lets not be lonley ever again. So we dreamt long long time ago. Times changed, and we know that not every dream comes true...we've gone our separate you're married and you've got a beautiful baby...awww I'm so happy for ya! Things were meant to be just the way it is right now...

And I'll continue matter what happens again...cos things shall be just the way it is supposed to be...

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Wednesday, September 24

Much Ado About Something

As promised, here are some pics I took on Sunday when we went to that beautiful church in far NSW. This church is supposed to be a very special place for centuries. Christians believe that when you make a wish here, it comes true. I'm not a very religious person, but few years ago I went to this same church and made a came true within few months, believe it or not. It's located in one of the most picturesque hills I've ever set my eyes on. On the way to this place, there are Peach, Apple, Orange etc farms...stables, wineries and green green fields...absolute peace and quiet. So here are the pics with my own titles for each one of them...can you guess what they are, and tell me which one is your favorite and why?

The Road Not Taken...

For Whom the Bell Tolls...

Far from the Madding Crowd...

The Da Vinci Code...

Great Expectations...

Paradise Lost...

As You Like It...

The Torrents Of Spring...


If Tomorrow Comes...

The Solitary Reaper...

Wuthering Heights...


Nothing Lasts Forever...

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Tuesday, September 23

Single And Not Looking!

Today I'm at THE vivacious Cess' online home over here, having done a sizzling joint-post with her. Go check it out folks! It's a hot topic, for all those single girls, AND boys too perhaps. We'll both be replying to you over there. Thanks guys, join in the fun now! ;-)

Monday, September 22

The Possible Capacity

Warming Up For Life...
So what was I doing in the last 3 days? I was basking in the glory of lively and warm Spring weather, welcoming it into my life again, wanting to be born again, wanting to be awakened and give myself 'movement' again after a long Winter. On Saturday I went walking and jogging at a nearby beach...then I met up with my mum and sis for lunch by the sea. On Sunday I went to a beautiful Church in the woods, in far NSW...a long drive with family and friends. It was totally soul-cleansing. I will put up some pics in the next post or so. Late last evening, I went jogging again, down a long, quiet, leafy green residential was absolutely refreshing to the body and mind.

I Can't, So You Can't Too?
A big THANK YOU for all the heart-warming and encouraging comments in the last post, for the beautiful and heartfelt post Mayz, many emails from some dear mates and texts too, asking me how I am and wanting me to be here no matter what. It just shows how much people really care and want me to continue writing, while some others just want to disrupt the peace and have some cheap fun at the cost of people's feelings. Many people asked me WHAT HAPPENED. I think I owe you an explanation, cos there are people who really care about me here. And I'm back here so soon, cos of the encouragement of these people. What happened was, last Friday I realised that few desperate and jobless people never give up on trying to bring others down...cos that's their only source of feeling good. The reason why those people sit and watch others on the net, label people as if they're the judge and the jury, ask dumb questions that don't benefit anyone here and expect us to answer them is cos these very people don't have a life. They live miserable lives, have no friends (net or not), are not good with their families, are unable to go out and have fun, are unhappy with themselves, are unable to reach out to people, are basically lonely and lacks personality. So, when they come across someone who's capable of MORE than what they consider themselves to be, they find it difficult to understand how these people function. They can't do it, so they think others can't do it too. The fact that some people are different and do things differently, leaves these people in shock and agony. So, they try to bring them down by asking stupid personal questions and leaving gutless Anonymous comments...only cos putting someone down will make them feel superior for those few fleeting moments. And after that, they're back to their miserable reality. And they do it anonymously cos they cant FACE their own shit. Misery loves company you see. And that's exactly how these no-namers function. And no, they will never get me down, but they need to know how pathetic and PLAIN they'd look if they were to stand next to me - personality wise. I have made it a point not to entertain such people by answering them, and no I aint going to be in blogs/posts that welcome such aced idiots either.

And for those who genuinely wanted to know how I managed a large and popular blog (without any intention of spite, jealousy or mockery). Here's my genuine answer to you:

Unpot Me And I'll Still Bloom...
It's called CAPACITY...mental, physical, emotional and spiritual capacity. I'm multifaceted, I can multitask, I'm 100% dedicated towards whatever task I take up (net or not), I respect all my readers here hence the undivided attention to each and everyone, I love expressing and learning. I have enough space, ability and time in my psyche that I can accommodate everyone and everthing, without any one of them feeling left out. So I give it my best shot and yes, I'm like that in all other areas of my life, be it family, friends, career, business or pleasure. Add in a bit of privilege, skills and a free spirit into the equation, voila we have an impossible POSSIBILITY! And where do I get the time from? With all of those qualities in me, Time is only a minor factor. I can make a 24hr day into a 72hr one if and when the need arises. Is it magic? Maybe. ;-)

As simple as that. It may not be possible for some people to understand this or even believe it...cos not everyone can do it or are willing to do it, but yes I CAN DO IT. That makes me, me. Call me arrogant, snobby, proud whatever, but there's no other way I can explain it to you. Cos that's who I am and this is what Keshi is made of - Capacity and Possibility. I hope I have answered your questions clearly now.

And yes I'm back...for the ones who love me, AND for the ones who hate me. Can you keep away a maniac from her deepest passion, even if a lawn-mower runs on it? No. So THE Maniac is back! ;-) Let me walk the sands of time and wisdom again...

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Friday, September 19

Mockery At It's Best

Just when I thought this place is a better place, everything crumbles down to pieces and shows it's ugly face. No matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter how good you are to others, people will always try to poke their noses into my private life...and then they try to drag my personal life into blogs and have a good laugh about it. Why can't humans ever be satisfied with themselves? Why does it always take someone else's tears for some others to be happy? I don't think I deserve to be here and that they deserve to know me. I don't understand why some people wanna know everything about someone even on the net, as if we are liable to let them know. I don't think my spirit deserves to be mocked at over someone else's past time and coffee. I'll be back when I feel like, when things are less of a joke. I need a breather. Take care guys!

Thursday, September 18

My Multiple Avatars!

My researcher Avatar...

My drama-queen Avatar

My spying Avatar

My music-maniac Avatar

My blogging Avatar

My betrayed-and-angry Avatar

My 'LOL' Avatar

My all-dressed-to-dance-but-I-just-hate-this-shit Avatar

My curious Avatar

My I-just-saw-a-John-Abraham-lookalike Avatar

My rolling-eyes Avatar

My techie Avatar

My handycat Avatar

My beach-bod Avatar

And counting more. Isn't she one hot momma! ;-) Now which of these Avatars do you like the most and why?

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Wednesday, September 17

Amazing Human Nature

Beginning of this week, I read so many heartfelt posts about the weekend Delhi Blasts and the Hurricane in Texas. Tragedy everywhere, and sadness and pain in many hearts. By now we have become a generation that have witnessed extreme violence and nature's fury, and felt immense grief many a times. We have witnessed the World Trade Centre towers tumbling down to ashes with so many people trapped inside, we have seen the devastating Russian school siege that claimed innocent lives, we have seen the China-Tibet clashes, War in Iraq etc etc. We have also seen catastrophic natural disasters such as the Tsunami, Earthquakes, Floods, Tornadoes and many more. What do we do now? Actually nothing. I'm sorry to sound so helpless and pessimistic, but it's the truth. If you look at Terrorism, it cannot be stopped...there's no cure for it. Cos some people will always be evil, just as much as some others will always be good. Goodness and Evil are both inherent qualities to humans. Evil is natural to some, just like grace is natural to some others. What about natural disasters then? Nature can be calm and beautiful as well as violent and deadly. It's natural to Nature hence cannot be stopped...they will come as they please. Just like evil (/good) humans and their evil (/good) deeds. One holds a gun to prove a point, and the other stays silent to prove that same point.

We can cry, feel really sad and angry, try to stop them, hope against hope, try to find a solution etc etc but the truth is both humans and nature are unstoppable. Both can be really beautiful as well as super ugly...both can be really calm as well as extremely violent...both can be really life-giving as well as brutally fatal. We may put a stop to it today, but somewhere else it'll all happen again tomorrow, be it terrorism or a natural disaster.

My point is, as long as both humans and this Earth exist, there'll always be evil and disasters...both to humans, the other to Nature.

I'm unafraid of evil humans and Nature's fury...and I'm also unafraid to admit that they're natural, and there are things that we cannot do anything about but recover from afterwards. Do you have a cure to evil qualities that are inherent to humans? I don't. I only have thoughts and few suggestions that some people may never understand. Only cos it's natural for them to be evil.

The Buddha said 'Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts'.

How true. Cos that's where evil is thoughts level. And Sri Lanka even being predominantly 'Buddhist', is in bloodshed for 20+ years now...why? Cos humans are so 'divided' in their 'thinking'.

Just take care wherever you are...and make sure your 'nature' is life-giving, not a life-saver, not a killer. Cos after all, humans do have a choice, unlike Nature. The Earth is a beautiful place no matter what, and we humans CAN learn to spread Grace instead of Evil...can't we?

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Tuesday, September 16

Detox Your Spirit!

Here are some very interesting things that I may have HAD before taking that pic in the last post (some of these were your guesses and some my very own). I put in my comments in pink, just for kicks ;-). So here they are:

had sex *if only I could look that flawless after a 69 Bev!*
had a baby *would I be looking like that if I just came outta the Delivery room after push push pushing? I'd probably look like hell!*
had a shower *taking a shower is so rare I took a pic? wow I must stink!*
had an idea *no idea mate!*
had an Icecream *if John was an Icecream yes I'd attain photogenic Nirvana*
had PMS *you'd have seen a pic of my Mrs.Dracula-mode then*
had an abortion *possibly a bad-thoughts abortion yes*
had the blues *reds and purples too*
had a facial/massage/beauty treatment *I only go for soul-makeovers people!*
had a dream *and I woke up to take a pic? delusional or what!*
had enough *story of my life dahlin!*
had some sad news *Vish do I look suicidal in that pic?*

had a plan *no plans 24/7*
had water *and now I'm in a desert?*
had my pic taken again *hell yeah when will it ever stop ha!*
had an accident *and I'm smiling cos I broke my back and I'm loving the crutches?*
had a kiss and a hug *don't you know 'Keshi's love life' is the 'Ethiopia' of Romance? reads 'Starvation'*
had Johnny *I'd be moaning in the pic then ahh ahhh ahhh!*
had bought new lipstick *my lips are shamelessly naked in that pic*
had collagen *do my lips look like Jessica 'Goldfish' Simpson?*
had a seizure *by default I'm a walking Seizure*
had a life *and now I have a blog!*
had an affair *with my camera, yes*
had a boob job
*I have enough to donate to RedCross and nah I'm not Pamela Andersen's twin*
had mardowala on me *Jitterz I'm not a crossdresser*

had a nose job *maybe God is a plastic surgeon, yes*
had a phone call *I so love phone calls I took a pic?* *rolling eyes*
had a belief *never believed in beliefs*
had 6months of hell *how about an entire life of DRAMA?*
had gone to the Dentist *then I'd have had a pic of an electrocuted kitten Harini*
had a nightmare *I usually have one when I look at the mirror*
had a chance *to dance and glance, and now I'm in a trance!*
had ample time *on the clock but not in my day!*
had surgery *brain? explains my constant cluelessness!*
had a job offer *blow, blowing, blew the job!*
had a disease *I'm an incurable disease called Human*
had friends *in my imagination, yes*
had a post-mortem *too late to have one. I'm 'fossiled' beyond recognition*
had $100000 *yeah I gave it to John for a Crotch enlargement*
had a bad temper *sorry cannot repair it*
had a crush *and it got crushed*
had expected *which lead to more expectations*
had a fight *that ended in no peace*
had a headache *cranium-deficient humans cause it*
had gotten off a bus
*wow such a glamorous incident, I should take a pic. NOT!*
... ... ...

The Afterglow
Ok now many of you in the last post said
that I looked great in that pic, at peace with myself, happy, beautiful, radiant, glowing, flawless, had makeup put on me, had some beauty therapy or a facial, had been kissed or hugged etc etc. Basically, most of you said that I was looking good and genuinely happy in that pic. Thanks, and that is very true, cos I was really glowing with happiness from within and it showed on the outside too. But what did I really have to look that way in that pic? No, it was none of the above. Before taking that pic, I have just had a wonderful time...I had fun..I had tonns of laughter. That's it :). 3 family friends came over to my place on Sunday and we had a fantastic time watching a funny Dance competition DVD and laughing like maniacs! I laughed so much I thought I'd die. yeah the notorious comments from my friends were near-fatally funny! So, after they left I wanted to save the afterglow my face carried from the laughs and the smiley memories etched in my heart during those happy moments. My cheeks were flushing with joy and my spirits were so high. No it was not a party, there was no alcohol or dancing was just a great time that we had. So I took a pic of my happy spirit straight away :).

The Psychic
Only 2 people got it exactly right. Expression (ans: heart full of refreshing laughter) and Maria (ans: Wonderful time). Congrattz Expression and Maria, you both guessed it brilliantly! And your prize is that you get to ask one question from all my readers here, that will be published in my next post or so. So Expression and Maria, what you have to do is, leave a secret comment in my blog, with the question you want to ask from people, and I will put it up next time. Kapish? Good. MWAH and thanks guys you 2 rock! I'm surprised that 2 people really guessed it right. It was not an easy question and I know that guessing answers for such random questions is not have to be psychic to answer Keshi's questions haha! Sorry to put you all through that. But you all did a great job, had me laughing and I enjoyed every answer I got. We all had good fun :), and that's all that matters. Thanks all!

The Heart
Now you may say, hey what's the big deal Keshi, we all have such moments and did you really have to take a pic? Ok, now so many of us think that we have to put on makeup, dress well, smile as much as we can, party etc to take pics. We are always 'prepared' when taking pics. But when are you really happy? When do you really smile? When is your heart really dancing with joy? It's always in the simple pleasures that we find genuine smiles. That's the real makeup. So I just had to save my 'heart's really happy moment' in graphic form...cos my facial expressions and the glow was a result of the good time I have just had, not a result of any beauty's my heart portraying it's peace and contentment through my face, at that moment (and I know it's not going to last forever). And it's rare that we are genuinely happy. That pic truly shows my heart's smile at the time. When you're heart is happy, you don't need any external treatment or plastic surgery or facials...actually I have never done any beauty treatment in my life, not even a facial. And that pic was taken without any makeup on. I don't mean to say I'm so very beautiful *hell nah I'm far from PRETTY..I'm average and on some days I look like total crap!*. But alot of people ask me what I do to have such good skin. Cos I'm not just 21 you know LOL!. Maybe I'm genetically blessed but I always tell them, wrinkles are natural as one ages, but don't ever let your heart have wrinkles. Stay beautiful inside, be pure, be true to yourself no matter what...then you'll look beautiful on the outside too. It doesn't mean we can all look like movie stars...but when your heart is free of baggage, your body will be radiant, and it shows on the outside. We just have to make the best of what we have. A genuine mind leads to a genuinely beautiful body. Now there's a real beauty tip!

The Spirit
Now that you're sick of my heart's confessions, let's make this post more interesting. Give me back a beauty(fitness/relaxation etc) tip...a genuine Detox tip that you believe in. C'mon share with me your beauty tips, both men and women (men can tell us what you do to keep looking handsome, fit, chilled etc). I'd love to know. And thanks all for taking part in the last post and for making some really clever and funny guesses! Love ya all, stay beautiful as always. I don't have a great many reasons to laugh but I somehow find something to laugh.
Detox your spirit and you wouldn't even need a holiday in Tahiti, cos your childlike spirit would be the ultimate Paradise!

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