Wednesday, November 30

The Healing Peek

In this post I will ask you all some simple questions. By asking that, I hope to make you realise what Deliverance really means to you so far. And if you think you are right on track, then that's great...but if you have doubts about the avenues you have taken so far, then it's time for you to change your Salvation guide...or if you don't have one, time to acquire one :)

The questions:

I know that we are all quite young and yet to accomplish many things in life, but leaving all that aside, just imagine this situation.

If you were told (perhaps by some superior influence) that tomorrow is your last day on Earth,

1. What accomplishments in your life would you be proud of?
2. What would you be regretful of?
3. Do you think you were on the correct path for Salvation and if so what is that path that you followed so far?
4. How would you spend your last day on Earth?
5. Would you be content when you take your last breath and why?

I will give you my answers (which may be totally the opposite of what you think, but everyone's different so it's ok) at the end of all Comments. This is an exercise for myself too to see where I am in life and what I have done so far. Please be honest with your answers 'cos this is not a competition to see who answers the's rather a workshop experience for all to learn more about yourselves, your struggles and what Salvation must really mean to you, irrespective of whether you believe in a God or not. So I trust that all of you will be honest than be right:) thanks! So yeah, stop the race, take a quick peek outside the window...let me know what you see. This could be the most healing peek you could ever take.

Tuesday, November 29

Butterfly Beauty

I've been thinking how much one's soul is like a has the wings and it's free to fly, only if it's given the chance. The butterlfy flies freely with no aimed direction, but it flies anyway. It just wanders away so gracefully...sometimes it gets chased by people who try to catch it, sometimes it rests on a leaf in heavy storms and rains, sometimes it's wings break and it falls down...just like the soul. Sometimes we get distracted by many obstacles in life such as sickness, loss of a loved-one, bad times...sometimes others try to make our life more difficult and stop us from going ahead...some friends let you down and you feel hopeless about tomorrow...but who's life is free of pain? Life doesn't always give you the answers. Your soul is the butterfly you are holding from flying free - holding from healing and growth. Give it a chance...set it free...give yourself a chance to reach the inner beauty and capabilities that you may posess. Don't always live in comparison and in doubt. That you may not have what the other has, is not always a sad could be a blessing in disguise and what you have received is what you ought to receive...and you should live life the way you were supposed to and not in another man's path - then you may find the real you and be content with it. So step into your path, allow yourself to be free, take chances and wander off freely...find your true self. For butterflies are meant to fly and soar in high spirits, so is your soul. So let your soul do the flying that's needed to find the real you...

Monday, November 28

Weddings, oh so gay!

Alright we all know that weddings are gay - happy :) But that's not exactly what I mean here. Last week, there was a wedding held in Sydney...but there was no bride with a long white dress, 'cos it was between two prominent men. It was aired on TV and radio for the first time and alot of publicity was given to it, amidst rejection and protesting from some anti-gay groups and many viewers. Those who oppposed to this wedding believed that marriage should only be between a man and a woman as per tradition, and that that's how children are supposed to come into this world. They also stated that marriage should not be marketed as a same sex union and that this should not be exposed to younger generation in a way that the tradition is affected. The gay and lesbian rights' supporters stated that Marriage should be allowed for any 2 people who love and care for each other irrespective of their sex. What they said was that after all, marriage means loving and caring for one another and it should not matter whether it's between 2 men, 2 women or a man and a woman. They also stated that children are and can be well-brought up by gay and lesbians and it's not an issue to even consider.

While all this was being argued on TV, I was wondering how I used to think about homosexuality before - I'll be honoest, I used to think it's wrong and against human nature - but not anymore. Because I'm more matured now and I have learnt to accept people for who they are, not for how they choose to love and live. While I'm as straight as Chinese hair lol, I respect another's sexual preference be it gay or bi or whatever. It's purely personal and I have no right to judge anyone on that. Honestly if 2 people love and care for each other unconditionally, then that's what a true union is all about, whether they have a wedding or not. Besides, some people don't even find true love in their whole life, so if they do find Love even in an unconventional way, why not just let them be? It's their life, not your's so you don't have a say in it. I know that certain religions don't approve of gay marriages, but it's almost like being vegetarian or not - it's really your choice, isn't it. About children being raised by same-sex parents, I have no idea what it would be to grow up like that so I don't think I can speak for someone else. Maybe it's good, maybe it's bad or maybe it's even better than having a woman and a man shouting at each other all their life while the children suffer. What matter for children's wellbeing are rational parents not just a mother and a father. And there are many single parents who raise children alone, so why not have 2 dads or 2 mums :) What really matters is whether true Love exists...whether the trust and faith in each other exist...whether together they can raise good kids. It should not bother me how the other person chooses to live as long as it does not harm me or anyone else. What do you think about gay marriages? I also ask you another question - What would you say/do if your loved-one (be it brother, sister, daughter, son, best-friend or anyone at all) came upto you and told you they were homosexual? Be honest with your answers please, thanks :)

Friday, November 25

Just one

There is only

one religion...the religion of Love
one race...the Human race
one language...the language of the Heart
one wealth...the wealth of Generosity
one color...the color of Conscience

one hatred...the hatred of Self
one food...the food of Bliss
one blood...the blood of Equality
one opportunity...the opportunity of Now
one revenge...the revenge of Compassion
one breath...the breath of Truth
one health...the health of the Mind
one cure...the cure of Humor

one strength...the strength of Character
one beauty...the beauty of the Soul
one family...the family of the World
one secret...the secret of Simplicity
one battle...the battle of Survival
one peace...the peace of Wisdom

one God...the God in You
one certainity...the certainity of
one way...the way of Life.

These thoughts came to my head when I heard the news of a Mother Mary statue in Sacramento crying blood tears. No one can confirm the authenticity of it all but then who are we to say it's a scam too? Whether it's true or not I believe our Creator is grieving of what the human being has become today - simply animalistic. Why can't we all live life loving and caring for one's easy isn't it...but why is it so difficult for some people that they make so many others hurt every day? Whether this news item was true or not, I'm sure our Creator is crying blood tears. So live life to the fullest guys and that means being happy with what you've got no matter how scarce it may be...we are all born in different places but we all have just of everything I mentioned up there...think about it.

Have a good weekend folks - Live it!

Thursday, November 24

Stop stalking me!

Some people just buzz behind you like an annoying matter what you say or do, they still stalk you to eternity. Whether you move houses or change countries they will be right under or over your! Do you have anyone like this in your life? Well I have :) You just can't seem to take a break from them 'cos they are omnipresent. I don't mean in a nasty way but I do need a break even from my loved-ones sometimes...we all do right? Well some people don't know how to keep that personal space...I mean not be so nosy or curious about what is going on in my life, what clothes I am wearing now, which shampoo I am currently using to even why can't I make it to that lunch! If I can't, I just can't right? Get it?? Obviously not - duh I should have given up on you when ABBA was around (Keshi rolls her eyes...). But some people do it because they love and care for you too much...but even then, don't you think they should respect personal space and decisions? We all need to be alone sometimes and we all need personal space 'cos as much as we are made to be with one another, we are also selfish beings..hehehe I mean in a healthy way. We need the freedom to be left alone every now and then. I have a friend who I think is composing an encyclopedia on me...cos even if I was having a shower and couldnt answer the phone, his next question would be 'how come you didnt make an effort to answer that call?' Ok so I was supposed to run in my hallway like a drenched maniac, trip over the carpet and fall flat on my face yet answer his call with a beautiful smile? And if I can't make it to a party/trip, he would ask 'why can't you come, I mean why can't you...what made you not be there?' am I supposed to give a mechanical engineering 1011 analysis on my decison to him! I had another friend (yes, 'had' cos I dumped her lol) who always wanted me to understand her no matter how dumb her deeds were and she used to force me to be anywhere on Earth that she will be in the next 24hrs...even if that meant I had to starve my brains out at the Krispy Kreme outlet until she arrived about an hour later. Worse, she wouldnt take' No' for an answer and if I can't make it, she will b###h about it for the next 91 days...duhh good bye Tamara, I need a permanent vacation from you.

It happens even with strangers in your day to day life. Another personal space crisis took place at the Chemists'. A lady walked up to me and asked 'how may I help you maam?' and she asked that by nearly kissing face was far too close to my face and I was wondering if she just came out of the Mardi Gras parade. I took a step back and said 'no thanks, I'm just looking around...' and ofcourse I walked out. Have you noticed when you go into clothing shops, how some shop assistants stand next to the fitting rooms asking too many unwanted's too annoying that you just want to leave without even trying the clothes on. I went to a bra-shop and this lady was nearly inside my fitting room asking this and that, like how does it fit you, do you want me to help you...eeeeks...I was so disgusted and ofcourse I left - their loss :)

My point is even though you mean the best for the people you care about or even your customers or whoever it is you're dealing with, please know that personal space and freedom of choice is very important for an indivdual. Don't poke your nose into every business of the person you are dealing with. And don't force people to be what you want them to be or do as you command and please stop irritating them with infinite questions and nose rubbing. Everyone is different and everyone needs their space both physically and mentally. So next time respect that and oh, when you speak to someone, please leave about a meter off the other person's face...'cos it kind of makes people go squint and dizzy.

So do you know of any people who instantly climbed up on your head and made it their permanent address?

Tuesday, November 22

Capital thoughts

What do you think is the most serious crime that anyone can ever commit? Murder? Drug dealing? Heinous assault? Terrorism? I know these crimes are serious but does any of that deserve death? If we, the so-called rational society believe that they are senseless crimes, then why do we so senselessly follow in the criminals' footsteps and commit another crime by executing capital punishment, even in this civilised era? While I don't condone or justify any of the crimes mentioned above, I find it difficult to understand how you could punish a person by killing him. He wouldn't be there to know that he's dead, would he? Only that he would suffer in his last few days before death and that's about it! And others might not attempt such a crime in fear of death penalty, but does that really reduce crime and worse teach the perpetrator anything at all?

While I know that if one of my loved-ones got murdered, I'd want the murderer to be punished but I wouldn't like to see him dead and gone so quickly. 'Cos that's not closure to me. I would like to see him suffer every second of the rest of his life locked up in a dirty prison (no TV, music nothing) with just loads of hard work to do, and with just bread and water as food. Maybe in a special prison in Nicobar Islands, not in the US or Aus etc. 'Cos that's what I believe real punishment is, not death. They need to breathe their punishments, feel the seriousness of the crimes they committed, repent it, not just die in seconds. And for those who say they don't want their taxes looking after prisoners for life, please know the facts before you speak...death penalty costs millions, even just to maintain the law - read
here. Besides I believe in human rights and I have been a strong opponent of death penalty ever since I heard of it when I was little. No one has the right to take another man's life, no matter what. How can the law allow this? If Death Penalty is the right punishment for serious crimes, then I would say there are plenty of real criminals (murderers or not) unfairly breathing around in this world!

A young Aussie drug dealer got caught in Singapore and will face death by hanging, on the 2nd of
here. It's not because he is Aussie that I brought this topic up - I felt for Timothy McVeigh too (even though he was the unforgivable Oklahoma bomber), and always for each and every other death-row prisoner around the world. While they deserve to be punished severely for their crimes, death in no way is going to make them realise what they did and it's the most violent act one could ever commit! It breaks that same law that the law authorities are preaching! It's ridiculous to carry on such a cruel and uncivilised punishment and I really feel for these people and their families. I'm glad Australia isn't that primitive and evil. We respect life and human rights.

To those who believe in death penalty:


Monday, November 21

Dancing Queen

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
I just wanna praise you...I just wanna praise you

You broke the chains now I can lift my hands
And I'm gonna praise you...I'm gonna praise you

In the corners of mind I just can't seem to find a reason to believe
That I can break free..Cause you see I have been down for so long Feel like the hope is gone
But as I lift my hands, I understand That I should praise you through my circumstance...

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
I just wanna praise you...I just wanna praise you
You broke the chains now I can lift my hands
And I'm gonna praise you..I'm gonna praise you

Everything that could go wrong All went wrong at one time So much pressure fell on me
I thought I was gonna lose my mind
But I know you wanna see If I will hold on through these trials
But I need you to lift this load Cause I can't take it anymore...

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance... ... ...

Been through the fire and the rain
Bound in every kind of way
But God has broken every chain
So let me go right now
Take them off What'cha gonna do, yeah

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance... ... ...

~~Shackles - Mary Mary

That is one of my fav songs..not only for the beautiful meaning, but also for the catchy rhythm that always makes me wanna dance even in the middle of the road, if it takes that :) I did dance this morning in the lift listening to this couldn't help it. The song is a fab RnB hit and won't let you keep your feet together...but I did abruptly stop the dance when the lift doors opened lol! So yeah break those shackles that's made your feet immobile...those pressures...those worries..those trials and tests...just put them in the back seat and your cares away...'cos carrying them all in your head and walking around looking lost is not the way to live life...we are all bound by some kind of chains...all of us have a story to tell...all of us have a cross to one is alone...that is life after all. He gave you the shackles as well as the keys to the shackles off your feet so you can just have to praise just have to praise HIM...ah!

Today is Dancing day guys...when Im under pressure, I turn my music on and dance like a maniac and boy I feel good after that ;-) I love HipHop (I go for HipHop and Funk classes), I wouldn't even mind dicso 'cos it's kind of catchy ;-) and any other dance except very slow dances. Alot of hip and fun is my kind of dancing. Btw most of you know I love Pole-Dancing cant go past a pole without being tempted to do a dance around it for fun..hehe..when walking with me, my friends get so worried when they see pole in the far distance...they know what's coming lol! And that notice above must be for Keshi-kinds :) And hey, here's a pic of me trying to do that pole dance..hmmm don't I look a professsional?

Now put that worry aside today, and tell me your Dance hits and those sizzling moves you you dance at all and what kind of dancing you like..and don't forget to shake your shong shongs today babehs...Yeah life is a b###h so what, we can still dance!

Friday, November 18

Of Givers and Takers

I always thought that there are 3 kinds of people...those who give and take, those who only give and those who only take.

If you are someone who gives and takes
(I don't mean giving a punch to your friend and taking his iPod :), then you're a winner. 'Cos you got to give in order to receive, simple as that. By that I don't mean that you threaten or force people to be there for you in return for your favors (like this cute kitten is doing lol!). It simply means maintaning a healthy balance in offering and receiving true friendship. I don't mean to portary myself as a saint but I do give alot and I take too...but not alot. Simply because I don't expect too much from friends...except for one thing...a good heart. And I have received that from few precious people in this life. So yeah, in that sense I'm a smiling winner cos...I give...and I take...I mean receive :)

If you are in the second category, beware people will walk all over you till your heart is super flat and abused like the rug I threw away yesterday. It's a very
beautiful feeling to give...especially to those in need, be it emotionally or not...but hey not in a way that it ridicules yourself...your sense of worth and pride. Think about it this way...if you are always there for your friend in both good and bad times, and if suddenly a rough times hits you, and you find that your friend is nowhere close to your suburb, what would you feel? So very let down, hurt and stupid. And you realise that all the while, you have been a giver and not really received anything in return. Actually the worst part isn't not receiving anything, but not having that friend around to atleast listen to your troubles. So don't let that happen to you. Have some pride left in you so that people don't treat you like a door-mat. Best way to know your limit is by giving everyone a first or even a second chance if they are worth it...then you can decide.

What if you are in the third category...oh my God, you are just a taker! Remember that friend who left town when you were in trouble? Well you are no different than him/her now :) I have never played strictly-taker, but I have come across pure takers. And now I'm so sure that I don't have anything to give them unless they have something to give me (no Im not expecting, just being fair to myself). So if someone stood by you in both good and bad times, you better not be calling the removalists when that friend is in trouble. Stick around for your friend...if you cant do that, well then cancel your membership from the strictly-hogs club.

Guys you got to give a little...take a little...happy weekend all!

Wednesday, November 16

A roadside grave...

All these years wasted...all those memories haunting you talked, how you laughed, how you made funny faces...your deep voice...the way you touched my shoulder, the way you waited for me...when you would take my darkest day and make it the brightest ever...when birthdays were not my life seemed everything felt so right and worth the struggle for...when I didn't have to look in all the wrong places for a little bit of you maintained my peace of mind...the times we laughed till we cried...those war and 007 movies you wanted me to watch with you...the beautiful lessons in life you taught me...that day when you told me about how helping others would bring the greatest joy...the beautiful dresses you gave me...times when we would all go on long drives in your you taught me to take care of pets...the way your face lit up when I gave you a hug...when nothing seemed to matter...when everything was just fine...that Saturday morning when you didnt wake up...when the clear blue sky fell upon me and turned my happy world to the hell I've known so far...the day you left me never to come back...we all face the same fate but you went way too early...maybe because you were larger than life and was meant to be here only for a short life has never been the same without you...there's a huge void even if I achieve the best of the best......the deafening silence of your absence is hard to bear...but I know Love never fails...your Love has made me trudge along...if only memories and tears can bring you back, you'd be here with me today...I havent come across anyone else who loved me the way you did...unconditionally and so brilliantly...miss you eternally Dad. To all the people passing by this, you are now no more than a grave by the roadside, but to Ma, Sis and me, it's a reminder of the all too few treasured moments we spent with you. God speed till we meet again in His garden to be together closure till then.
I'm not at my best guys....just feeling a bit depressed...and memories of my dad adds to the I didnt write this to get any sympathy...never wanted it from anyone 'cos it doesnt change a thing about how I feel...just that I wanted to talk to him and so I wrote this. And I have written about him in the past from time to time...if you want to read one of them you can go here. In real, he doesnt have a grave 'cos we put his ashes into a river.You just drove past this roadside (rather blogside) grave of my dad and there's an invisible and an ever-growing lake of tears next to's mine.

Tuesday, November 15

Early Christmas dreams...

And so this is Christmas
And what have we done?
Another year over
And you've just begun
And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
Your near and your dear ones
Your old and your young
And so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one without any fear
And so this is Christmas
The weak and the strong
The rich and the poor ones
Have waited so long
And so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one without any fear
So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one without any fear
War is over if you want it... ... ...

~~War is over - John Lennon

Christmas is around the corner of my favorite seasons of the year. I love how Sydney lights up with chrissie deco and joy...the spirit of it all is just too magical. People looking happier, children so excited, Santas storming department stores :), Xmas goodies on the shelves, carols down the streets, trees lit-up in shop windows...yes trees wrapped in lights and tinsel shining so bright. But what is the meaning of Christmas? It should not be just celebrating the birth of Jesus..I honestly don't know why people give gifts to each other during Christams even though I myself do it :) I think what's more important is to see the bigger's not what gifts you want to give/receive, it's not what parties you want to attend and get drunk, it's not about's about what you have done to make someone else's life a little bit's about being a better's about helping the's about loving as much as's about spreading Christ's message..."Love thy neighbour as thyself". So in the dawn of another brandnew year, think about how you can be better in your thoughts, words and you can make a difference by actually doing something to spread that Love it through your friends, family or strangers.

I have a Christmas the past I had this belief that people I know will love me back no matter what...'cos I'm just a child of God with nothing but Love to give...and I thought they would think the same way...but my hopes were shattered...there are so many people who don't know how to Love...only because they don't Love themselves enough to care for another. No wonder this world still suffers from war, poverty and racism, all because of Self-Righteousness and the Ego. I know that we can't go out there and change the world overnight, but you can do something to make someone feel a tad bit of that Love. So my Christmas dream is that you find that same Love...if someone you care for don't give back the Love you think you deserve, try and give your Love elsewhere...never be discouraged by one person...there is always someone else out there who will need and recognise your Love. And don't ever change the Love in you, even towards the ones who don't know how to Love you back. Be that lit-up Christmas tree among the not so bright ones. Life is too short and it's no point burning in anger and hatred. The root behind the sad pictures above is just one simple emotion ruling the mind - hatred. So this Christmas make it a point to feel Love and give out Love. For Love is all we need. That is my Christmas Dream. Don't forget to tell me your Christmas dreams this year...and have a Love-ly season folks!

Monday, November 14

Virgin Blue..s...

No I am not talking about Richard Branson or the Virgin Blue Airlines - just a little bit closer to flying high though ;-) How many of you believe that staying a virgin (girl/boy, though I know it supposedly matters more to a girl) up until marriage is important? Coming from a rather conservative family upbringing, I have always been taught to believe that sex before marriage is almost equivalent to death lol! My mum would sit and talk about how good girls should be and how important it is for us to be chaste until we get married some day. In Sri Lanka, the highest caste people carry on a ritual for checking the virginity, straight after the wedding. I know this sounds ridiculous but it still happens in some families. What about the guy's virginity then - I think that is seriously lop-sided and sexist - but that's altogether a different topic. Anyways now that I live in Aus, I see girls younger than me doing it all, way before marriage and these days it's no big deal worldwide. While this depends alot on one's culture and values, there must be that sensible truth somewhere out there...whether virginity really matters or not.

I believe there is a Creator for all human beings. So if He created us with desires as in-built functionalities (my techie side diving in there :), then how does a society-induced union such as marriage have such a hold on it? Are some cultures forcing young people to suppress their desires and basic needs just to protect their cultural values? On the other hand, would it be animalistic to not care about virtues such as virginity and give into one's desires? Does one desire-driven physical activity destroy one's virtue or is it all in who you really are as a person? If you trust and love your partner, is it moral to make love to that person, even if you two are not married? Tell me about your it regulates virginity...and what you think about

Friday, November 11

Guilty minds never rest...

G'day Keshi-Impersonator alias Richard Cranium,

You hate me for the truth I speak and you're really bothered by my existence which confirms your fakeness, aren't you? You had to copy my entire profile because your real self is pretty scary to admit. Well that’s fine go ahead, make me feel more special everyday by trying hard to look like me, sound like me, win my friends’ hearts etc. You are giving me celebrity status dude. But when are you going to see your real self in the mirror and take away that mask when you go out in public? Or is that a frightening thought? I bet it is ‘cos you don’t have an identity that you can call your’s and that you could be proud of. You are a coward who can’t show your face ‘cos fear is all that's written all over your face, fear of being identified as a loser with no life whatsoever. Fear of others finding out how disgraceful you are, how low, guilty and evil you really are. Your heart is the ugliest and the most restless I have ever come across in life (one day when you're old and grey and stricken with sickness, you will realise this, if not now) - your heart seems to get filled with venom at the tick of each second on the clock. You wake up every morning thinking what you can do to put down someone today - what kind of joy do you get from this? How stressful and dark your life must be working out abuse lines and empty plans for people on the net, on a daily basis? How sad a person you are! Can you honestly eat, walk around, live and breathe this way? I find it shocking that people like you really exist in this world – can someone please tell me this guy is a mental patient, 'cos then it will be easier to understand his emotional drama. Every single day you burn and die in your own vengeance now you must look half alive and ugly as hell.
I might have kicked your sorry ass one fine day and if it still hurts so bad, don’t just confirm it with every abuse comment you leave for me. It's only telling the world that you are really what I kicked you for. Go and see a butt-doctor instead and on the way back, drop by a psychiatrist too. Honestly, nothing you do bothers me. The only thing that worries me is YOU as a person among other human beings. Your mind is close to an animal's, but even animals have peaceful days but you don't seem to enjoy life at all. You badly need a reality check and alot of love that you may not be getting in your real life. Anyways how can anyone love someone like you, someone with only pure hatred in your heart even if that brings you cheap and temporary fun? You get what you give, remember that. Maybe you should start healing yourself by loving yourself...'cos you deserve your love...and it's the lack of love and self-respect that's driving you to live in a disgusting manner like this, inside a deep dark pit forever. It's never too late, so purify yourself by starting to love and respect yourself first, then think about others.

PS: If you don't know what Richard Cranium is (I doubt you don't)...what' s the short name for Richard? Dick. And where do you find Cranium? Head. Combine the two and you get your real identity that you couldn't figure out for so long - cos that's how you have been behaving for over a year now so it's the trademark quality of your's. Now go make your own profile using your name, not mine. You may leave another 100 abuses for me now, but that will only further prove to everyone what I have said about you. Go ahead do what you're usually guilty for - net crimes such as vengeful malice, leaving other people's site addresses in porn sites and leaving stupid comments by faking identities. Your guilty mind will never sleep and if you continue this, you will burn out way too early.


My dear blog friends,

Richard Cranium envies me so much that he comments like me using a cloned profile of mine. The only way to check the authenticity of comments left under my name is to click on the Keshi link and check the blog Id. Mine will read as follows at the Address field:

(note: 4726142 is my blog id and that's the only way to find out that it's me and not Richard ).

Thanks for your co-operation. Always remember the more evil your thoughts are, the more you suffer...use Richard to learn from, he's a living example of an untrained evil mind that lead to self-destruction. A lost and tormented soul that can never rest, only because he refuses to stop and think for a change.

Happy blogging and loads of sunshine to all of you lovely people! Adios!

Thursday, November 10

Pretty woman, stop a while...

Hey Guys...yeah guys ;-) you are going to love me for posting these girls up. These women are who I call truly beautiful among the celebrities. I have seen them in interviews (without make-up) and they still look gorgeous 'cos these women have great features and a divine aura around them. Forget about Miss.Universe and supermodels (cos most of them win by expert makeup and alot of duct-tape or starving lol!). I agree the following girls wear makeup too but among the celebrities, these are my favorite women - who I go by for beauty, grace and personality :) Yeah, it's raining goddesses! Boys enjoy and don't forget to tell me your raindrop preferences lol! Girls, please don't leave saying B###H! :)

However, I believe that the real beautiful women are the natural women out there and there are alot of them though they don't become celebrities in life. This one's a dedication to all my beautiful blog girls and all the other beautiful (both in and out) women in the world.

There are flowers everywhere, for those who bother to look.
- Henri Matisse

Wednesday, November 9

Angels of Hope

I believe in Angels. Not in a form that you may see, but in a form that you may feel. 'Cos why is that when I cry so hard that I feel I will be alright tomorrow...why is it that when all seem hopeless that I feel it's only for a while...why is that when something really bad happens that something good somehow comes out of it...why is that when someone I love dies that I become stronger a person from that experience? Because there is this power within us that somehow gets you through almost anything. To me angels are that power. The shimmering light in me, the sweet whispers in my ears, the gentle touch on my shoulder, the soft hands that wipe my tears, the radiance in my life that comes from every sweet encounter - yes that's them. But even angels need rest and that's when you feel lost...but somehow they will come back to take care of hang ten.

-Dedicated especially to my dearest mate Rohit (NV)

Tuesday, November 8

It's Raining Men!

After some heavy posts I felt like indulging in some delicious dudes, a fair call isnt it? Girls have you ever wondered how it would be if it started raining men? Dear God may it rain today 'cos we need rain ;-) and may it rain real, hunky, masculine, yummy men :) LOL not a biggy to ask from God na? If it starts raining men then I would leave my umbrella at home and the car in the garage...hehe...I might as well get drenched, what say girls? And I wouldn't want the rain to stop...I wouldn't be pissed off by the pouring rain, I won't complain, I won't whinge and I won't cry...I would sing 'rain rain please stay, go away on another day...'. And I would go home and not go in through the door...I would stay outside and watch the beauty of this rain forever and ever...and I may bring in some raindrops home perhaps ooo lala m000nie ;-) I want the raindrops to be Tom,Jude,Antonio, Hugh, Heath, Surya, Pierce, Kurt, Axl, Keanu, Richard, Kevin, Matthew, Ben, Lorenzo, Brad, Ashton, Val, Russel, John, Bon, Depp Emraan etc etc. Girls tell me your raindrop! And boys hush now, 'cos not many of such heavenly wishes come true, this is just some fun - so stay calm...:)
Humidity is rising
Barometer's getting low
According to our sources
The street's the place to go
Cause' tonight for the first time
Just about half past ten
For the first time in history
It's gonna start raining men
It's raining men!
Hallelujah It's raining men...Amen
It's raining men..Hallelujah It's raining men
Amen :)

Monday, November 7

Diamonds are forever

If you search for tenderness
It isn't hard to find
You can have the love you need to live
But if you look for truthfulness
You might just as well be blind
It always seems to be so hard to give...
Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you.
I can always find someone
To say they sympathize
If I wear my heart out on my sleeve
But I don't want some pretty face
To tell me pretty lies
All I want is someone to believe...
Honesty is such a lonely word... ... ...

As Billy Joel sings, is Honesty such a lonely word? Does Honesty live only in the dictionary? I know that no one can be 100% honest to another (and it would be too unrealistic an expectation), but I think when you really love and care for someone, it's not that hard to be 100% honest. That's one thing I can 'honestly' be :) When I mean Honesty here, it doesn't mean honesty in every little circumstance... what I mean is being honest about your friendship, love and respect to another. It's not such a luxury to ask for, is it? Then why is Honesty the hardest thing to find? I have been cheated, walked all over, lied to, laughed at, back-stabbed, betrayed, taken for granted but on any of those occassions I have not failed the test of honesty. Talk to yourself...ask yourself if you're being true to yourself? 'Cos that's when you can be true to others too. You could be staying in a relationship for the sake of it, putting on airs just to look cool, hurting others only because you don't want to see yourself hurt by the truth etc. But you know what, truth may hurt, but lies scar. The best thing you can ever do is to be honest and come out with it - it may be stormy but after the rain, God gave a rainbow...
I'm sure many of you too may have found that Honesty is not such an easy thing to find in people. It's like coming across a real yet so close yet so inviting yet so beautiful yet so lonely. But honesty when found is like a rare and precious Diamond that can never be stolen - once acquired it will stay with you forever and the magic, light and wealth it brings to you and everyone around you, is priceless. No matter how others treat me, being true to myself is the only eternal wealth I've ever known...

Friday, November 4

Marital Martials

Folks, while we should never laugh at people who are less fortunate when it comes to English -language skills, one cannot help but laugh at the content below :) I think what these guys should do is get a little help before posting their marital ads, 'cos this is their potential life partner they are trying to impress right? Or do you think they should just be honest and be themselves - then why not write in their own language? But anyways I think most girls would run a 1000 miles if they read some of these :) I genuinely feel sorry for these folks, but it seems that it's not only their English that's a bit funny, but also some of the, have a read. Got this a while back and I'm sure some of you may have seen this before, but anyways, enjoy!

Apparently these are actual ads on an Indian matrimonial site. Grammar and spelling errors have no place in a profile description as everything is straight from the heart :)

Disclaimer : I am not responsible if you forget your basic grammar after reading this...LOL!


- Hello To Viewvers My Name is Shiva , I am single i dont have female, If anyone whant to marrie to me u can visite to my home. I am not a good education but i working all field in bangalroe.. if u like me u welcome to my heart...when ever u whant to meet pls viset my resident or send u letter.. Thanks yours Regards Shiva ~*~


i want very simple girl. from brahmin educated family from orissa state he is also know about RAMAYAN, GEETA BHAGABATA, and other homework(Homework?)


Wants a woman who knows me better and can adjust with me forever. She may never create any difficulties in my life or her life by which the entire life can run smoothly. thank you(The principle of running life smoothly was never so easy!)


She should be good looking and should have a service. She Shoulsd have one brother and one sister. She should be educated.(ain't it unique !! 1 brother 1 sister criteria? Service??)


I am a happy-go-lucky kind of person. Enjoys every moments of life. I love to make friendship. Becauese friendship is a first step of love. I am looking for my dreamgirl who will love me more than i. Because i love myself a lot. If u think that is u then why to late come on ........hold my hand forever !!!(The Hindi movie effect)


i am simple boy.I have lot of problem in my life because of my luck now i am looking one girl she care me and love me lot lot lot(I don't know why but this is one of my favorites)


My wife should be as 'Parvati' as in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki and as Tulsi asin KSBKBT......(Ok I haven't seen these soaps but I am sure he must be demanding too much,ain't he?)


i want a girl with no drinks if she wants she can wear jeans in house but while steping out of house she should give recpect to our cast(by not wearing his jeans? Wat the hell...)




whatever she may be but she should feel that she is going to be someone wife and she must think of the future life if she is too like this she would be called the woman of the lamp(I am clueless, I feel so lost. Can anyone tell me what this guy wants)


i love my patner i marriage the patner ok i search my patner and i love the patner ok thik hai the patner has a graduate ok(I am again clueless but I liked the use of "ok". The person is suffering from "Ok-syndrome")




iam pranav my family histoy my two brother two sister and fater & mother sister complity marred(I hope she's not marred)


i am very simpel and hanest. i have three sister one brother and parent.I am doing postal sarvice and tailor master my original resdence at kalahandi diste naw iam staing at rayagada dist.(actually what is this guy doing? Postal service or tailor.??)


my name is farhan and i am unmarried. pleaes you marrige me pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes(height of desperation! )


I want one girl who love me or my mother. She love me heartly or she have a frank she's skin colour 'normal' not a black or not a whitey. I Think the main think is heart if your heart is beautiful then you are beautiful.but iam not a handsome boy or not a good looking. but my Mom say that Iam a good boy. My father already expired . iam ''AEKLAUTA''. THE CHOICE IS YOUR.byebye.(Whitey?)


i am kanan. i do owo sistar.She was marred.(No comments)


I AM LITTLE FAIR INDIAN COLOUR. I DON'T HAVE ANY HABIT.(maybe the poor guy meant BAD habits)


hello i am a good charactarised man. i want to run my life happily.i divorced my first wife.her charactor is not good'. i expect the goodminded and clean habits girl who may be in the same caste or other caste accepted ...(but credit cards not accepted..???)


my colour is black,but my heart is white.i like social service(Zebra..???)


i'm looking out for who lives in bombay, girl simple who trust me lot should be roman catholic, LOVE ME ONLY.(Now that criterion is a must, isn't it)


to be married on jan-2005. working man perferable(this guy has fixed the marriage date too! But he is yet to find a bride or is it a groom? I wish him best of luck anyways!)


i would like a beautyfull girl. and i do not want her any treasure.because girl is the maharani.(Now she is going to be a lucky girl! Any takers?)


ssc failed three times and worked with privated ltd company which not paying salary at present.(what kind of company is that - home and company?)

Just some weekend humor :) Have a blast guys!

Wednesday, November 2

Verbal bullets

When you were a kid you may have learnt to say "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." Well I'm not so sure of that anymore, 'cos words do hurt, even worse than a slap or a punch does. I myself have done that countless times to my friends and family, when I open my mouth without thinking or when words just slip out in a moment of anger. I have said words such as 'oh go away, leave me alone', 'shutup', 'you're selfish and manipulative', 'you're really dumb and it's killing me', 'enough of your bullsh#t' etc. But there are some people who use words as weapons to hurt people deliberately, to cause emotional pain so that they get a cheap satisfaction out of it. They name-call, use rude words, bring up the past, laugh at and criticise the other person's family, friends, beliefs and lifestyle. Some words, even if they are not foul words, hurt so much depending on the tone and the content. That is where you commit a verbal crime, especially to a loved-one. Because abuse is abuse no matter by which means it's committed.

Do you know how much damage a cruel word can do? It can do irreparable injury to a person's mind that it may ruin an entire relationship for good. Words can shoot like a gun, cut like a knife and even make a person change forever. Words can hurt a person worse than a slap on the face could. I firmly believe in the quote that says that the pen is mightier than the sword. One of my friends hasn't seen his sister in 15years. Why, because they had an argument back then and he blurted out something that hurt her so much that she has cut all ties with him since then. He regrets it now and is desperately trying to get back in touch with her and she's not responding at all. There's another friend of mine who's boyfriend called her rude names when they argued over something and so she put off the wedding. An ex-friend of our family once wrote a very abusive letter to me for something which he was at fault and since then (7yrs ago), I neither want to see his face nor hear from him ever again. He rang me a couple of times to say how sorry he was but I can't forget those terrible words - they are etched in my head like words carved in stone. He even asked my cousin if he could visit me at home and I said No. That's how powerful words can be. It can ruin relationships and divide people forever. I feel, that as much as people like compliments, they tend to remember the insults better and longer, especially if it came from a loved-one.

So next time you have an argument with a loved-one (it could be your parent, sibling, friend, partner, colleague or a kid), think twice before you vent out your anger with the intention to hurt the other person. You may feel you're the winner at that moment but really you will be the loser. Don't name-call or bring up the past ever. That's the lowest thing you could do to someone. It not only hurts the other person deeply but it will portray you as a poorly brought-up immature person. Don't ever laugh at and make fun of the other person's acquaintances and beliefs, just stick to the point of the argument. First try and listen to what he/she has to say, not just hear it. If he/she is being unreasonable, then tell them 'maybe I should explain to you how I feel too..', instead of telling them 'you're a big fat defective goose'! So many loved-ones hurt me daily with words but I will not do the same 'cos that's not me. It's far more wiser to stay calm, or else it will become one big war of verbal bullets which you will regret in the end.

In this life we don't get many chances to do good deeds for our loved-ones...but we get many chances to say things (or even not say anything at all)...and people will remember you alot for your words and how you made them if you're someone who can't easily give compliments, then the least you could do is choose your words carefully in an argument or say nothing at all, instead of lashing out in anger. That will save you from scarring somene's heart forever and dwelling in regret. When you hurt someone with words, the tears flow forever 'cos you can't ever take those words back...and the feelings he/she felt are hard to erase.