Monday, November 21

Dancing Queen

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
I just wanna praise you...I just wanna praise you

You broke the chains now I can lift my hands
And I'm gonna praise you...I'm gonna praise you

In the corners of mind I just can't seem to find a reason to believe
That I can break free..Cause you see I have been down for so long Feel like the hope is gone
But as I lift my hands, I understand That I should praise you through my circumstance...

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
I just wanna praise you...I just wanna praise you
You broke the chains now I can lift my hands
And I'm gonna praise you..I'm gonna praise you

Everything that could go wrong All went wrong at one time So much pressure fell on me
I thought I was gonna lose my mind
But I know you wanna see If I will hold on through these trials
But I need you to lift this load Cause I can't take it anymore...

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance... ... ...

Been through the fire and the rain
Bound in every kind of way
But God has broken every chain
So let me go right now
Take them off What'cha gonna do, yeah

Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance... ... ...

~~Shackles - Mary Mary

That is one of my fav songs..not only for the beautiful meaning, but also for the catchy rhythm that always makes me wanna dance even in the middle of the road, if it takes that :) I did dance this morning in the lift listening to this couldn't help it. The song is a fab RnB hit and won't let you keep your feet together...but I did abruptly stop the dance when the lift doors opened lol! So yeah break those shackles that's made your feet immobile...those pressures...those worries..those trials and tests...just put them in the back seat and your cares away...'cos carrying them all in your head and walking around looking lost is not the way to live life...we are all bound by some kind of chains...all of us have a story to tell...all of us have a cross to one is alone...that is life after all. He gave you the shackles as well as the keys to the shackles off your feet so you can just have to praise just have to praise HIM...ah!

Today is Dancing day guys...when Im under pressure, I turn my music on and dance like a maniac and boy I feel good after that ;-) I love HipHop (I go for HipHop and Funk classes), I wouldn't even mind dicso 'cos it's kind of catchy ;-) and any other dance except very slow dances. Alot of hip and fun is my kind of dancing. Btw most of you know I love Pole-Dancing cant go past a pole without being tempted to do a dance around it for fun..hehe..when walking with me, my friends get so worried when they see pole in the far distance...they know what's coming lol! And that notice above must be for Keshi-kinds :) And hey, here's a pic of me trying to do that pole dance..hmmm don't I look a professsional?

Now put that worry aside today, and tell me your Dance hits and those sizzling moves you you dance at all and what kind of dancing you like..and don't forget to shake your shong shongs today babehs...Yeah life is a b###h so what, we can still dance!

88 Cranium Signets:

Justin Thyme said...

Great post Keshi! Let's just dance our troubles and cares away!!!

saby said...

i've seen fire, i have seen pain

and the beegest pain
u no where

is Justine

saby said...

how the fuck did he land here first?

india is closer to austrayalaya

saby said...

Tall and tan and young and lovely
The girl from Austrayalaya goes walking
And when she passes, each one she passes goes - ah

When she walks, she’s like a samba
That swings so cool and sways so gentle
That when she passes, each one she passes goes - ooh

(ooh) but I watch her so sadly
How can I tell her I love her
Yes I would give my heart gladly
But each day, when she walks to the sea
She looks straight ahead, not at me

Tall, (and) tan, (and) young, (and) lovely
The girl from Austrayalaya goes walking
And when she passes, I smile - but she doesn’t see (doesn’t see)
(she just doesn’t see, she never sees me,...)

Jay said...

Keshi.. LOL, I dont really care for the song but I just like the sexy girls in the photo. Anyway, I back and alive (hehe)! Thanks for the message you wrote in the blog while I was sick, I appreciate it so much.

Thanks for being a very nice and caring friend.

Your buddy,


uttara said...

yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy u wtrote abt me .. dancing queen ...:D okok .. lemme read it now........



uttara said...

my my .. some1 is in a dancing mood 2de ..:D ... hmmmm ...

n u have stolen my saying .. life is a b###h ......i always say this .. so wat we need to keep moving ....loll

ok lets have a pole dance comeption wen we meet
am 1 dance freak tooo ye if good music am like my feet goes tapping .. i cant dance here in the street lolll ....
gosh all the parties weneva i go .. its like ppl ard me know .. i will not stop dancing unless the music stops else i has to rush home bk

damnnnn u how can 2de be dancing day ..i thought its tom .. coz my exams r getting over 2night .....:D

i lovee too many songs .... re .. n u know that .. n its like whicheva song taps my feet is wow for me ..let it be of any language .. lemme tell ya .. i like apadi poda ( tamil ) :D ..

i love any type of dance ..let it be hip hop, jive, folk , disco, classical ...i wanna learn salsa now ... i enjoy jiving ... waltz too :D lolll ....... but no waltz right now .. only hip hop ...hahahah

its my stress reliever... n it doesnt take much time for me to come in dancing mood .. :d

n trust me i can make any1 dance ....lemme share this ..just before my bro got married there was a small party get together from my sis-inlaws side .. me n my bro were at our best always ..dancing ... there were too many relatives ard .. ye .. i made every1 dance taht day .. n every1 were shocked as in the ppl who have never danced in their life have danced taht night ..'coz of me ...
her grandma who is in her 80's .. yes she tooo danced .. lol

n they all rem that and go lol ... imade my cousins grandma also dance during the barat she is in her 70's

damnnn i was soooo surprised by their enthu ...

will come bk with my list soooooooooonnn .. phewwww!!!

right now .. DANCING QUEEN by ABBA ...yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy

gr8 post sweets ....

am dancing queen now

PuNeEt said...

ohoo in top 10...
Keshu pie in dance mood... lolzzz

that first pic is hot ;-)

will come back on this


Keshi said...

Hey Justin lets boogie all night long ;-)

Saby that was a beautiful song but I wonder which lucky Aussie lassie ur dedicating it to ;-)

Im so glad u r doing ok...I will be there soon :)

Uttara awwwww Dancing Queen is u ofcourse! Muahhhhhhhh!

U seem to have made alot of immobile ppl get's exactly what I am goshhhhh! If somebody dun dance at a party, I'll drag them to the floor and get them moving...goshhh and then u cant stop them dancing lol! aww u made an 80yr old dance wow! I have danced with an 85yr old lady...gosh she's non-stop lol!

yeah come back with the list...yep I love Salsa...went for few classes before...and me and my friend were just giggling like!
Huggggggggz Dancing Queen!

Puneet come back and get ur feet moving....I wont let u just sit there watching the!


uttara said...

lets get jiggy with it ..:d

my my ..u too ha!! like me .. cant see any1 sitting idle for long
they better get their a## on the floor ...lolll

ye am gonna learn salsa .... wait lemme learn then i too will giggle


dancing queen ..:d

Keshi said...

**lets get jiggy with it

lol this is one of my fav lines...hahahahaha!

yep they better get their a## on the floor or else they can leave my dance!

Learn's really sensual too ;-)


uttara said...

we will we will rock u ...(n not f##k u )

lol we wud go singing in those lines n say u either rock .. else thanx!!! we will get others rocking then
sensual ...ahem ahem ..okie ..let me hunt for a partner


Anonymous said...

Alright....keshi's in a dancing mood...:)
I m already good at jive and tango and hv been learning salsa for quite some time..:)what u wud u prefer???
Ahem..ahem u reading me?????lolz

Keshi said...

~~we will we will ###k!

Dun need tolook so hard to find a partner Uttara...look at how much Dancing our South knows...wowwwwww!

South u know to Tango? OMGGGGGGG!

~~Keshi slips into her black tang000nie dress, lol, and walks towards South with a red rose between her lips..heheheh...


Anonymous said...

Well gals!if u put some pressure on ur memories then u wud know about my dancing capabilities which i mentioned in shameless self promotion sequel a couple of months back...lols...anyways now tell me who's coming first?lols...

uttara said...

gosh .. ahem ahem .. how cud i eva miss that lets jive ..u teach me tango too .. keshu ..shh shh .. go away am here how can u do taht .. okie i give u only an hr for that ... later get ur partner ... till then lemme go n get my tang000nie outfit ..loll

keshi .. yes i dont need to search at all ...lolzz ma south000nie is here na .. :p



Keshi said...

lol Uttara ok let's put suth000nie under pressure...

South which gal d u want first? Keshi or Uttara?


uttara said...

me me firstttttttttttttttt
am readyyyyyyyy


Keshi said...

na na wait for south00nie to pick the gal...


Keshi said...

Anyways Uttara u will go off to study soon..then South can be all mine and I can all South's lol!


Anonymous said...

Thats not fair keshi....

uttara said...

lol at keshi ..........:D ..ahem ahem .. okie .. tell me now who 1st ?????????


Anonymous said...

I have a solution, both of u get ready and i'll show u some salsa moves which we all three get do it together...:)

Keshi said...

aww who said Keshi is not fair...Keshi is the fairest of

South u can tango with Uttara first..cos soon she will go to study...then I can steal ya lol!


Anonymous said...

Foget about tango and jive for the moment....ahem ahem...

uttara said...

see see keshi .....ahem ahem says its not fair ....not fair not fair


Keshi said...

South, the tango was meant for 2 duhhhhhhhhh!


uttara said...


ye ye.. we 2 duhhhhhhhhh so u better teach her now .. then me laterzzzz once am bk no1 can take u away frm me na .......lolll

wat say ahem ahem

Anonymous said...

i know keshi, thats why i said forget about that coz if u keep talking about that, my basanti's not gonna study properly and spoil her exams...ahem ahem...u reading this???get back to ur studies now, we'll decide about the dance tomorrow....

Mr. Maverick said...

Different post!

Cant comment anything on Dancing though, as I cant and I would do anything to avoid it!

But I sure enjoy watching others dance ;-). I guess thats all i can anyway do :P


uttara said...

okie dokie .. me leaving now .. sobzzz ..n ye my exam will go well dont worry ...:) byeeeeeee

hugzzz to u both .... till i come bk ..u can teach keshuuu darling .. okie dokie .. then she will teach the other 000nies .. then we all can jive n tango together ... wats say .. cool na ..

~~ uttara hands over keashi's hand to southy ... n says pls teach her ~~

n i want keshi n ahem ahem to rock ..okie .. till i come bkk:)))



Anonymous said...

Anyway gals i gotta get back to work now...ahem ahem best of luck!!!winks..:)

Anonymous said...

O basanti oops uttara!!!!whats up with that melodramatic scene????lolz

uttara said...

thanx southy .. n am sure u will master keshi in tango ...:)


uttara said...

sobbzzzz coz of my exam.... loll

no drama n all ..loll

u have a gr8 day ahead

keshi ....
muaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh miss u gurl

have a dancing day ahead


Pallavi said...

shhhaa shhhhaaaaa shake it up girlfriend.. Sexy! i love it :)

Varkey said...

Where do you get theses amazing pics from??

icyblue said...

Dance ur blues away :))
signed icyBLUE ;)

Have a great week ahead ...

Johnny B. Good said...


a whole lotta dirty dancing going on here


Divya said...

wowwwwww keshuuu u look hot wen u dance lolll

nice posttt


Johnny B. Good said...

heyyyyyy DJ

pump up the music
these guys are getting too cozy

those 2 are hardly moving
just swaying in each ther's arms


Johnny B. Good said...


may i have the next dance ?


lost in translation said...

can we have this dance please?


Sonia said...

i love dancing! i LOVE the salsa! but i don't know how to do it though! :o( wanted to go for classes, but haven't as of yet. shud do it sometime!

Invincible said...

Dance dance :) :)
Put any music and lets shake it :)

Invincible said...

I read ur 'givers n takers'.
You make a point there lady :)

Neel Arurkar said...

'Ladies no dancing' : Appropriate one for the post :-)

alice said...

i love dancing too....i love to shake my bum... ;)
and wd love to learn salsa or belly dancing ...hmm...

Dewdrop said...

Anybody for a tango?

niki yokota said...

many thanks for great song!(^o^) wat is pole-dancing??
does keshi dance like that dog?? wat a cutieeee!!!!!!
this one was funny:
>stop the dance when the lift doors opened lol!

yeah i think hip-hop is cool. no energy to take such classes tho. if i dance, i play love songs of sexy men's voice. *blush*

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Yeh yeh me all dancing now!! lol

Johnny B. Good said...

twirls cheesy all round
and walks away

she spins like a top
and lands on her bottom

Vivek Panda said...

i dont know dancing :(

Rohit Talwar said...

hmm.. so keshi is a bindaas dancer!

i dont like hip hop stuff.. anyways..

cute.. you turn on the music and start anywhere! hehee


exasparater said...

good post keshi!.

Nitika said...

for that lovely post dear
i just love to dance.....its something which i desire most......i remember when i was in std 7 i beg ma dad to play some music so that i can shake ma body coz i was taking bed rest for atleast one month and dr. had strictly forbidden dancing and other stuff.....gosh!!!that was really a terrible time living without dancing.....hehehehe.......

now let me dance like that cute

take care

PuNeEt said...

ooyeeee mez not watching girlz
n wen i'll move my feet am sure girlz will watch me ;-)
na re i dun dance that bad...

am sure u will remember my dance pics on my blog...
those early flirting dayzzz
;-) lolzzzzzzzzz

hey I dun know much abt the song...
but the post is too cool

I too like a lot to dance
n wen i'm alone in my room i tune into dancing tracks n dance like madzzz ;-)

it actually helps to take away the tension... n while driving also i can do balley balley coz ;-)
coz i knw hw to drive without holding the bike :-)

Yeah life is a b###h so what, we can still dance!

hehehee ye sure....

keep rocking


Jackal said...

no wonder the lift was hurtling down so fast....nice one dancing queen...

Autumn Storm said...

Hey Keshi!
Dancing is so much cheaper than regular visits to the shrink ;-).. seriously, very therapeudic.
Certain songs cannot go by without a dance - Ike and Tina's Nutbush for one, Aretha's Respect to name another :-)
I've jumped out the car at an intersection more than once for a quick boogie, LOL!
Great post, Kesh, brought back lots of FUN memories.

johnny boy said...

Am back, for the 'wisdom' u had asked for! lol.. I'll end up with absolutely nothin left, for myself at this rate :P Not that its overflowing right now ;)
Dancing rocks! It can really make you 'shake' away all your worries! Its so much fun.. But sadly, me not a great dancer, but i don mind :P I dance to have fun, and thats all that matters! :) Hats off to all you lovely dancers! You guys are awesome... Really, its a talent..
Dance tracks that fascinate me - Anything by Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson numbers, IIO - Rapture, Modjo - lady, Gloria Estefan songs, Nelly Furtado, Nelly feat justin Timberlake - Work it, etc etc.... :)
By the way, i came across someone mentioning a tamil song... Its 'apidi podu' and not 'apidi poda' :))) Nice song tho..

Kroopa Shah (Kr00pz) said...

Sigh! What can I say abut dancing? :-D
I just love it!! A few songs just make me go wild!!

sajiv said...



Keshi said...

**Uttara and South

lol ok no one danced in the end...


not fair..u have to dance from now on :) No watching ok?? lol!


hey is that a new song? :)


Where do I get em from? lol the net ofcourse :) I just mix and match em to my posts...hehe..
And WC to my blog :)


yep yep ice ice bluey..ooops baby...;-) u have a great week ahead too! Muah!


aww LOL!

~~Keshi does a hiphop step for Divya...and moon walks back to the blog...

lol hugggz baby!


oiiii what r u asking for...come join me Deips..I've been waiting for u ;-)


u should go for Salsa I had so much fun doing the wrong stepd at the wrong time...but yeah, it's really sensual ;-)


awww mah v000nie brother joining me too..hugggggz! Lets rock it babeh ;-)


lol Neel u had to pick that...grrrrrrr :)


woohoo look at all the dancing hotties coming out from this post...shake ur bon bons babeh ;-)


Tango is just tooooooooo good mate...I have seen a live tango show and I was jaw-dropped at the precision, the music, the stories it recites...just wow!! U have some tatse Dewdy...


lol yep thats me on the pole..:)

**if i dance, i play love songs of sexy men's voice

haha like who? tell me some names...ok so that means u like dirty dancing...wooooohoooooo ;-)
btw I like ur new profile pic...yummmmmmmm!


aww so sweet lol! D u do the bhangra? I love it :)


oh no dun tell me u dunno how to dance! Everyone can dance, just that they dun make and effort to :) Just turn the music on and listen to the rhythm and move ur body to that Vivek...u'll get it in no time! U gotta dance life w.o. dancing :)


lol what's bindaas? hehehe...


thanks :)


aww to shake ur body lol...that was cute. haha the cute doggy is me doing pole wanna join?


lol early flirting days...haha what happened to those days? awwww :(
yeah I saw ur dancing pics and how u were spinning on the floor surrounded by ppl - wow what a dancer u r ;-) D u rock n roll, jive etc?


lol na the lift was going up...hehe so d u dance? If u dun, then u should start doing it the next time u freel bummed ok?? :) trust me...Dancing is therapy...


muahhhhhhh dancing lassi!

**Dancing is so much cheaper than regular visits to the shrink ;-)..

lol yeah why d u think I've taken up dancing...good one girl! Therapy indeed...cos instantly u feel good and alive...

**Certain songs cannot go by without a dance - Ike and Tina's Nutbush for one, Aretha's Respect..

OMG I luvvvvvvv NUTBUSH and u have some classy taste Autumn!

**I've jumped out the car at an intersection more than once for a quick boogie..



WC again and lol yeah I want some of ur great wisdom...hehe...thanks for dropping by again...

Dancing is all abt having fun...well-said! See what I mean...u bring up valid points to my topics :) Yeah Dancing isnt abt the moves looking good as JLO's or MJ's...:)'s all abt having fun and enjoying the music...

U have some cool taste in Music too...I love Estefan numbers for dancing...once at a chrissie party, I danced non-stop to Conga with another cuzn...we were shaking the bon bons like crazy! Her music is too good...Spanis dance music is just ooo lala...And I like the LAMBADA...d u? ;-)

yep it's Appidi I think Uttara mentioned it...thats another song I cant keep my feet together a party, we danced like hell to that song, and I realised I really can do Tamil folk dancing! Not bad ay ;-)


lol I know u dance alot...cos ur a music lover just like me :)

**Sajiv aka imposter

get a life.

Thanks all!

Johnny B. Good said...

dont think
just move

let the music take control
u dont need to learn steps

like a child just enjoy the rhytmn
just do your thing

it dont matter dat u dont win the contest

its not about winning
if u dont no wat's it about
u will never no

says Louie Armstrong, the king of jazz

PS: jazz translates into FUCK
when ur in the mood
u will just gyrate and do it
u dont need lessons
only an unshackled mind

Drywall Mom said...

I used to go dancing three times a week until I had kids, I miss it. I used to be in a lot better shape then. If I went dancing now, I probably wouldn't last more than an hour on the floor w/o my knees giving out. I need to get a baby sitter.

Lindsey said...

I am the whitest white girl alive. I wish I could dance.

saby said...

i miss miss janice

she is not an unwed mom to be

erase dat
she is Mrs Dsouza now

uuufff Fira
not saby dsouxa

Chris Dsouza

saby said...


saby said...


saby said...


saby said...

she is really working today

saby said...

dat shud have been deleted a long while back

and i shuda have gotten a kick on my ass by now

Keshi said...

aww Drywall..
u cant be that bad in dancing now, especially if u used to dance so much b4...besides it's not abt looking great on the floor or doing the moves so's all abt having fun and being merry :)

Linny :)

What d u mean whitest of the how does it affect ur dancing u sweet girl :)


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

I love dancing!!

I remember when I had just turned 18 and the whole clubbing thing came in, I wanted to learn how to break dance/rave so I used to practice in my room with loud music on.

BTW Did you watch Australian Idol last night??

Keshi said...

oii NV the hot stepper ;-) aww I love break dancing...and moon walking...can u do that? I saw this guy doing break dancing for Freestyler - he was just too cool!!

Yep I watched Idol last bets were on Kate and yeyyyy she won! She's a tru swt hrt and a talented singer :) Who did u like?


Pallavi said...

heheheh no its not a new song..i just made it up!! for kicks..

icyblue said...

ice ice bluey..ooops baby
rofl :-))

Keshi said...

aww Pallavi ur a cutey :)

hehe Icy :):)


niki yokota said...

awww~ keshi is that puppy??(*^o^*)
oh im not a dirty dancer. i like Boy George's old melodramatic songs. haha~
thanx a lotttt!!!!

Sudeep said...

I luved the post...

I like dancing too.. but dunno how good i do it... but frm today juss brk the shackles.. :)

Rohit Talwar said...

bindaas... sorry just used it just forgot u wouldnt know.. i tried to say 'carefree' of sorts..

Keshi said...

Hey Niki...boy oh boy...Boy George ;-)

~~do u really want to huuuuurt me...

lol I love that song..muahhh Niki!

Sudeep yeyyy!
juss take the shackles off ur feet so u can dance..;-) rem that when u dance next time...just set urself free...huggggggz!

Rohit awww thanks muahhh!


display_name said...

I know few steps here n there..if it counts ...

last time.. i did..was kajrare da car wid a freind it was like few hand movements in confined space.

~Plays Song: rhythm divine by enrique for dance lovers.

display_name said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Keshi said...

hey Display :) I have heard that kajrare is a fab song...havent still heard it...I must now :)


Keshi said...

And oyeah Enrique has some cool dance numbers..rhythm divine is hawwwt ;-)


visithra said...

ah dance love that - though havent danced with a pole - pole like maybe ;)

Keshi said...

**pole like maybe

lol Visithra and whats that?