Thursday, January 31

Let's Roll!

There were some really great rescue plans in that last post, thanks guys you all rock! I have some very intelligent friends here and each of you had atleast one unique tip for survival...that's just awesome! I learnt so much from the last post now I can even survive in the Amazon hehehe. I'd actually love to get lost with ALL of ya I swear :)...that would be good fun ha? Anyways, now I have to choose just one winner, and though it was VERY hard to do that (all of you were real winners), I had to go by the most 'Entertaining', 'Realistic', 'Practical', 'Funny' and 'Clever' answer. Congratts Anuj you won it and THANKS alot! You had me laughing as well as in awe of the knowledge you possessed. Maybe you've got lost a couple of times before? hahaha I hope not! Anyways, here's Anuj's answer for all of you to read..enjoy! And right below his plan, my answer is revealed. :) THANKS ALL it was good fun reading all your terrific plans MWAH I love you guys!

Anuj's answer:
I knew we were holding hands when the gush of wind pushed a parakeet to our plane and the pilot being heartbroken at seeing a dead parakeet, he planned to finish the lives that would live at the cost of the parakeet's. He took us all down shouting 'Long live the parakeet'. I saw the dreadful Keshi eyes and the dumbfound look on her face, who the hell is flying my plane and her belief was strengthened to the core that 'Men were a Baboon'. To the fear of a free fall we kept talking to one another ..human to human ..eye to eye .. and we ranted why were there any baboons at all on the planet. n WOOOF !! we didn't knew what happened but it felt like Heaven n Hell stood right in front of us, and keshi asks me politely 'Which way you goin mate?' ..and Anuj goes 'What the heck, you are being polite at the gate hun .. your cutting my chances duh!!'One more push and the plane fell down the tree, I jolted me and I opened my eyes to see if I was in Heaven or Hell .. Neither declared the instincts and I was ALIVE .. Yeaaaaah I am still ALIVE went Pearl Jam. All music came to a halt and he shouted his vocals out 'KEshiiiii Where the hell are yaaaaaa?' **TBC (to be contd.)hands over our heart**

'Keshiii where are yaaa' .. and she coughs and calls out 'mate my eyeliner is missing ..m so screwed'. 'Keshi ur eyes look fine', we need to get outta here. All the dudes and the chicks are dead, and so is the baboonish pilot. 'wait, lemme pick my mumma's bag how Indian moms are they would pack some food for you even if ur hitting starbucks already' .. ohh ur hit and bleeding .. and he finds the first aid box, cleans her up and does all the dressing n all, and keeps the first aid in this mumma's bag. 'Now here is the plan keshi.. remember jungles are full of paths that are more like a maze, you follow one thinking that you will get out and you end up going deep in the jungle'. 'What are we going to do then ..baawaaaaaaa' keshi says. 'We will find the river'.'The river, you freaking outta your mind, I am in no mood to play wet games anuj' keshi frowns. 'Oh you haven't seen any of those how to get out of a jungle shows on discovery hun. A river is your best bet in a jungle, cause they flow and they lead you to a city or a town, thats the only way we can get out of here'. 'This planet earth book says there aren't no alligators either on this part of earth, we will be safe honey'. And set out to search a river, its important to hear the sounds in the jungle, the sound of running water. They picked up some long boots and anuj even wore a gals one (no not cross dressing) there weren't any mans available, they were all fuckin rockstars on the plane, only sneakers huh!! 'Why long boots?' keshi asked. 'Oh could possible save us from the little creepy ants, spiders and snakes'. They catch up on to a running stream and follow it to lead them to the river, and there it was one little river flowing dwn the jungle. They got in to the shallow water not too deep and started walking along it. 'It is a test of time and perseverance, we dont find anythings in a day or too, we'll build a raft to pace up' he told her. Soon night fell upon them and keshi seemed too tired to walk, they climbed on to a tree which has enough space for the two, he gave her some food, a blanket and let her sleep.

He woke her up early morning so that they didnt waste much time in sleeping. He had a lighter wid him so fire was not an issue, he took some wood lit a fire and took some water from the river, boiled it and prepared some instant coffee (he had the small nescafe sachets). Keshi was all fresh and ready to go. At the corner of the river they could see a lot of light, and he knew that atleast there wasnt a dense forest ahead, they walked and soon got in to a open landscape. IT was evident that since there were no trees no, some village or town would be closeby. They kept walking on a path, through the ladscape. After a long tiresome journey they came across a little boy and they told him they were lost. THe angle that he was, he took them to his home, we gave the family some money for helping us stay for the night. The family guy told them he will drop them to the nearest bus station, where they could reach the city. In the city, keshi went all crazy 'I want to go back to the jungle mate life is like shit' ..'the pom mayhem, and then the staring crowds .. The jungle pom pam pam of cars in a hurry, the aint got a beach I knw but I will be fun in the jungle too'. Keshi kept blaberring, but he took her by hand and lead her to the nearest cafe. She kept blaberring in the cafe too .. this time for her eyeliner that was lost!! GAWWD wat a day.

My answer:
First of all, I'd be in total shock that I'm in the middle of nowhere and wondering how I ended up in a situation like this. So while I stand on a nearby rock and throw a huge hissy fit, screaming and kicking til my shoes get holes in them, Anuj you might have to think of the initial rescue plan. Sorry mate LOL! And after about 10mins of being in trauma, I'd slap myself into reality and get my head and ass into working out a plan for rescue. Before that I'll try my mobile phone one last time (plz)...dammmmit mobile blackspots suck to nanobits! Now I know Anuj quite well and since he knows me fairly well too, I say to him 'Anuj heyy finally we meet and in the jungle too...mate this meeting is quite far from Canberra WOW! But that's ok...we finally met, that's what matters. After all we are not DOOMED as you always said :)...doomed to be in a plane crash but lucky enough to meet somehow hehe'. And then Anuj looks at me and says 'OMG is that you Keshi? WOW how lovely to see you walking out of the wreckage and not on a modelling ramp, thank God!'. I was like 'WTF is he ok in the head!'. And then we get together and HUG. We need to hug to be stronger and to regain some energy and positive thinking, and to slow down my marathon nerves! Anuj takes this blockbuster chance and plans to hug me for about 45mins ***rolling eyes***, and I'm like 'Nice try Anuj, now let's stop smothering each other and get to work'. Then he releases me and we sit down to decide what to do next. We decide to listen to and track a river and walk along it, with whatever we gathered from the wreckage. I will not forget to take some garlic butter from the flight's Kitchen (if it's still in one piece) cos I have heard rubbing Garlic on your skin wards off bugs and snakes (yeah let the creepy-crawlies think Im one giant Garlic on legs!). I'd also take some sharp fragments from the debris for future self-protection from animals, and perhaps from horny tribesmen who are like 24/7 naked gawwwd! If this jungle is close to a sea, we'll write a massive HELP in the sand with the dry sticks and leaves we find so that we'll be seen by any rescue helicopters or ships...and in the night we can light up a bonfire to keep us warm as well as to be spotted. Our bodies and minds need to be kept alive to go on for days if needed, and for that we need fresh water and food. Water can be found in the jungle in Springs, lakes etc. Anuj we can also use large leaves of certain tropical plants to collect dew and rainwater. For food, I'm sure there are plenty of plants/fruits that'll keep us alive...but Anuj you have to save me from eating poisonous plants cos I'm quite capable of it when I'm stressed haha! Now if a dangerous animal such as a tiger or a bear comes across our track, I'd just tell it not to disturb me and walk past it...that wouldn't work I know haaaha! Ok I'd get Anuj to tackle it. Alright I was only kidding my friend :). We'd just try and pretend to be dead ok. I have read that if you show an animal that you're terrified of it and if you try to run away from it, it'll chase you. So I'll try my best to calm down and talk to it slowly or drop to a foetal position and cover my head and play dead. And until the animal passes me by (hopefully it will), I'd try to stay sane by thinking of Nirvana...yeah right Keshi! As for navigation, I believe the sun and the stars are the best tools...they will guide us to safer territories. And with alot of cooperation, prayers, hard work and determination, hopefully we'll get home before it's 2012 Anuj, LOL!

Well what we need to be aware of is both the Dangers and the Resources of the jungle. If we know them well enough, I'm pretty sure that surviving in the jungle is almost equivalent to how we live and survive in the City. The Earth was made with enough resources for man...and man was made with enough senses to survive under any situation. Life is life wherever we's how we use our senses that matter. A positive outlook and team work is important too. And if I had to die to save my partner in this experience, I wouldn't hesitate at all...for me saving someone else is more satistfying than saving myself. I know it's easier said than done, but I know for sure that I'd do it or else my heart won't rest. Thanks all it was both eye-opening and fun doing this post!

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Wednesday, January 30

Jungle Boogie

Now who wants to have some fun with me? It's frikkin Wednesday and when the week seems to be going so slow and you feel like killing a work-mate and going to jail instead of working, what do you do other than play a nice little game to perk you up, right. So here it goes:

SCENARIO: Imagine you're stuck with me in a jungle after a plane-crash (and yeah I'd look like this even after a plane crash, cos as it crashes I'd try my best to hold my hair, put some lipstick on and crash in style aha!). Apparently you and I are the only survivors ***eerie jungle sounds follow***. None of us are badly injured but we are lost in the dense forest and it seems like we are going to be spending a few nights by ourselves before Help arrives (without food and water in sight). Now there's one more thing you need to know. You just get to know that this is Keshi the Blogger after all, and I get to know you're that Blogger I used to know as well...and we are thrilled to find that out about ourselves and since we always wanted to meet, this becomes our opportunity to catch up as well (and yeah it takes a plane crash for you to catch up with Keshi!). Amidst our doomed flying encounter, we are thrilled to find out that atleast we are blog-buddies keeping each other company (no need to even give each other a self-intro cos we already know a bit about each other).

QUESTION: Now since I know you fairly well and you know me well too (well enough to know that I'm not Ted Bundy's cousin sis and you're not Jack The Ripper's reincarnation), how would you cooperate with me and get us out of here? It doesn't have to be a long answer, just tell me how you'd work with me to get out of this jungle and get help for us. It would be great to know what we'd do if we met each other for the first time in a situation like this. And please be honest with your answers cos in the jungle we can't lie...scary ha!

SOME GOOD-TO-KNOW FACTS: The jungle is a mysterious place...there'll be dangerous animals as well as unexpected encounters with the weather, and you may even fall into traps that you've never known of. Also you'll be dealing with a manaic girl who can't go past a single day without her toothbrush, a bodywash, coffee and her eyeliner (Excuse me, is there a Coffee machine in the Jungle?). Man I need fresh clothes and my Deo as well (looks like this is not gonna be much fun as I expected it to be urrrrrrggg!). btw I'm terrified of creepy-crawlies and I loathe mozzie-bites with a vengenace!
Anwyays, deal with it now that you're stuck with me hehehe. And don't be sad if I eat all the food you find, and say Sorry afterwards. Beware of this girl, she takes pics even if she's in the land of nowhere (see my glamor pics on the right taken on it's not a Bolly flick, it's just a love of nature aha!). To be lost in the jungle with Keshi is actually scarier than the jungle itself! Ok, so once you write your answer, I'll tell you how I'd work with you to get out of the mess we are in (for the Winning answer only). After all, it's a team effort right! (you might have to try a little harder to get me off the trees first for me to be in the team - no I'm not a Baboon lol!).

This post would reveal how well we know each other, and how we'd use that to get out of a situation like this. I'd pick out the best answer and update this post with it AND my answer at the end of all your entries. Thanks in Advance guys! btw, I have been tagged by some of my friends here...I love that particular tag, I'll do it next I promise. Til then, take care, tata and don't forget to have fun in the jungle now! Now bring out your survival instincts and make the best use of em! ***Hyenas' cries follow*** (now that's not much fun I know, Keshi runs like a maniac!).

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Tuesday, January 29

Sketches Of My Life

Hey guys hows it going? I had a nice long weekend..I wasn't at home all 3 days! There were BBQs, dinners, lunches, coffee, beach, road trips etc yeah I'm a bit tired of socialising right now, phewwww gimme a break people! Anyways, I had a great long Australia Day weekend, and here are some pics from it as well as from last weekend. One of my friends has such a great garden full of vegies and was so refreshing to just sit there and look at all the flowers, fruit and veges. We had some pool fun too - no pics of that, sorry! Little Jamie is another friend's baby boy...he's 8 months old and was already trying to hit on me o nos! awww...he was so cute, always climbing up on me and playing with my hair..I think he likes long wavy hair. Also, I bought 4 pairs of new shoes 2 weekends ago (I know, there are kids starving in Africa but hey I'm only human), so here are the pics as promised (Margie and all the girls here!). Other crazy shots of me in front of the mirror are to be laughed at..ok? I do crazy things when I'm alone. (read the captions of each pic as well). I'm only sketching my life away....I hope you like the sketches...

One more thing I have to say before I go...this morning as I was walking down the street, one driver was staring at me it almost looked as if his neck did a full right turn and he kept on driving like that LOL! I hope he didn't crash down the road.

I hope you all had a great weekend too, and HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY to all my INDIAN mates here!

Happy week ahead guys, live it to the fullest!

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Friday, January 25

It's A Girl Thaaang!

This post is dedicated to ALL the hunnies in the world!

Wanna know why being a woman is such a wonderful thing? Here is a list I came up with:

**We don't face 'Size' issues ahem!!
**Boobs can be UPgraded if we need to without being laughed at haaaaaaaha!
**We can get a massage, without getting a hard-on
**We don't suffer from Dimentia at an early age
**We don't end up having a car crash while ogling at boobs and butts ::watch my car, not her rear!::
**Sex is a great thing but we don't dream of it til we are blue in the face
**Boys, begging for sex isnt what seduction is!
**Snoring isn't sexy either aha!
**Shopping is not a death-sentence to us
**I can discuss about the size of my ass with my girlfriends
**We don't dream of shagging our best friend's partner, ewww!
**Most of the time, the truth isn't a horror movie to us
**We can go for days without anyone noticing that we badly need a shave ;-)
**We know the difference between foreplay and's not t
he same thing guys ::rolling eyes::
**My fridge don't have mouldy food that probably expired when Kennedy died
**An orgasm don't knock us out for the next 48hrs!
**We buy new underwear quite often
**That's probably why we don't itch like we have the ITCH! lol!
**We don't get lost (to the point of needing a GPS!) staring at the chest when talking to a woman
**I can be a bitch but I don't belch!
**Putting the toilet seat down isn't equivalent to death-by-hanging
**We don't ask friends of the opposite-sex if they are available for sex, o nos that's cheap!
**We don't mix business with pleasure - a workmate is a workmate, not a potential hooker
**We don't desperately need tips on 'enlarging' things!
**Having FUN don't mean jumping into bed with anything wearing a skirt, even a blow-up doll
**Surfing the net don't mean getting glued on Porn sites to the point of calling the Paramedics to remove you
**Viagra don't rule our lives when we are 100yrs old and
ready for the coffin
**We can fake it without getting caught but you can't!

Girls, you wanna add more to this list? Boys, hmmm say anything you want...***pretends to feel sorry awwwwwww...*** btw I love you guys...can't live without my hunks anyways ;-).

btw it's the Australia Day long weekend over I'll be away til about Tuesday (I'll still be online on and off). Will come around to your blogs soon. To my Aussie mates, have a good AUSTRALIA DAY holiday, drive safely and be good. All my Charlies' Angels, have a rocking weekend! ;-)

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Thursday, January 24

Why I'll Never Have Kids!

All the men I meet seem to be Baboons who just want to mate. HELP I'm surrounded by baboons! A Human and a Baboon can't get married right? See the 1st pic of a Baboon and the 2nd pic of myself...quite different from each other right? So the 2 cant ever date, get married and have kids. Anyways, I'm sick of it and I'm so sick of hearing that 'I like you' phrase and not being able to say 'I love you'. And I'm sick of men acting like they are clueless, when they are actually wondering when their next mating experience would be (see 1st pic). Most men are afraid to fall in love, they are afraid to commit, they are only after a good time and that's about it - you know, like Baboons. And the 'nearlythere' men (the non-Baboons) I meet are already taken or are after a much younger woman (must be after a schoolgirl?) or are Mummy's boys or are losers who are driven by conditions. That's as shallow as it can get. I'm throwing up as I'm thinking about it ***throwing-up sounds follow...***. I've made up my mind, I'm gonna be single in this life and boy o boy am I not glad about that! Even if I meet a Human male some day, I'll shoot that 'he-may-be-the-one' thought immediately and bury it in it's untimely grave, before I find out that it's just another Baboon after all. So yeah, I'll never get married in this life, I'll never call someone my husband, I'll never be a mother, I'll never never never never never (in Neverland now!)...unless God re-designs the Male species' brain (i.o.w upgrade it from Baboon brain to Human brain). Guys, please refrain from telling me that I'm not looking in the right places (I wasn't looking in the bins or the zoo anyways) or that my man will come along some day aaaaarrrrrggggggg! (not that I plan to get hitched when I'm 100yrs old or when I'm on a table at the Mortuary). I promise, if any of you say that to me, I'll stop blogging for good (not a threat, but a true feeling inside of me) LOL! I just hate those lines with a vengeance. Besides, I don't go 'looking' for men anyways, I'm not that desperate. These are men I happen to meet (yes I know I feel cursed, rather doomed). And I believe you guys are the only people who can truly understand me, so please don't say such ridiculous things please please pleeeeeease! Guys, I'm not sad or angry, just a little baboonified ahemm!. Anyways, sometimes I just wish I was a Baboon would have been alot easier then! ***pictures a Baboon Wedding***. Seriously I don't wanna even speak to such men's insulting my intelligence. Next time I sense a Baboon-in-the-making, I'd just drag him to the zoo, give him some grass and make sure he stays there. And this last pic resembles how some men act as if they don't understand anything about love awwww how ass!

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Wednesday, January 23

A Knight's Tale

Aussie actor Heath Ledger is dead! I woke up to the very sad news this morning and was totally traumatized as I heard it on Sky News when I was buying my coffee on my way to work. Apparently Heath was surrounded by some pills, and at this stage the Police thinks it's a drug overdose (no one knows the exact cause of death yet). I can't believe it and I won't for a while. He was only 28 and what a fine actor he was! I don't need to give you all any intro to this brilliant young actor who had a great future ahead of him. Why does this happen? Fame, Money, Loneliness, Work Pressure, High Expectations etc etc? I don't have any one will ever know the truth either.

Heath you were a legend mate...I'm sorry your life had to end this way. But the brief period you were on this Earth, you impressed us with your magnificent work and career - you reached your dreams and goals but it all ended far too soon. Life is short but it's so very sad to learn it was shorter for someone like you. Thank you for the great movies! RIP Heath, we love ya!

How uncertain can life be...this only proves that even the seemingly mightiest and happiest people may be spending lonely and unhappy lives in real...they may be seeking happiness through means that are so wrong and fatal. Fame/money/drugs/sex/talent can't buy anyone love and happiness. Inner happiness cannot be developed by outer sources. I hope Heath's life and death would inspire people out there to reach out to someone at their darkest moments, even if they think that they can handle it by themselves...handle it by means that can't really help them. No matter how lonely we may think we are, there's always 'someone' who'd may be lonely but you're not alone. So don't seek solace through wrong means, seek it by talking to someone or even to a tree or to an angel or to a lake. There's amazing qualities in nature that can make you feel truly peaceful. Take care of yourselves folks!

it pours on my life
this freezing rain soaks through me
lonely, not alone.
--by Stephanie Shimerdla

This song is dedicated to Heath's sparkling memory. So long mate, it's all over now...whatever the cause of your DEATH was, I respect ya and admire you for the way you lived your LIFE. Go with the angels now, we'll be missing ya!

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Tuesday, January 22

In Love Again

Sometimes Love just happens. It doesn't have to last a lifetime or lead to marriage. It just happens, and even if it's just for a second, or for few minutes or few days, it's just beautiful. The feeling you get when you're in Love is magical beyond words. Alot of people fail to see that, cos they think Love should last forever. Not necessarily. Love doesn't come with a warranty period. It doesn't have to. Love is a feeling that just sprouts when you meet that person, and it cannot be chained or told to act in a certain way. It cannot be forced upon another either. It refuses to be controlled. It just happens. And one fine day it can just cease to exist too, like how it just happened. It's a feeling that refuses to be manipulated. And it doesn't come with a given expiry date. Some people put constraints around it and make it something else that don't really exist. Love is a feeling with a mind of it's own. You know when you're in love so it's best to fully feel it than to shun it in the fear of not getting to keep it forever. Just bask in it's glory as it happens...cos nothing lasts forever anyways. When you're really in love nothing else matters, not even how long it's gonna last. It just takes you over and breaks all the rules. When love happens, you know it so well cos your heart beats faster when he (/she) walks by, you look forward to seeing him(/her) everyday, your mind is full of him(/her)-thoughts, you think of him(/her) as the father(/mother) of your children whether it happens or not (that's Keshi-style love btw hehehe), you easily overlook all the little flaws he(/she) may have, he(/she) secretly crawls into your mind and takes up all the space and he(/she) just takes your breath away. And this may only last for a little while - but it still is LOVE, cos I just know ;-). Sometimes Love just happens. And it doesn't have to last a lifetime or lead to marriage.

~~Through the hourglass I saw you, in time you slipped away...
When the mirror crashed I called you, and turned to hear you say
If only for today I am unafraid...

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Monday, January 21

Last Night I Cried...

...for reasons that only my heart seem to understand. Why do most people 'choose' to look down upon the disadvantaged man? Sometimes even the purest of minds lack compassion. I'm not saying that I would blindly love and feel sorry for any being out there and that I'm a Mother Theresa in jeans. All I'm saying is when it's your family and a good humanbeing, and when that loved-one loses his way for a little while, why can't people just understand that he needs a little time and a little help to get by until he's back on his feet again? And why can't people give that kind of help to him without expecting something in return and without spewing it on his face til the day he dies? Why can't people just understand that we all go through troubled times and that it can happen to them too? Why can't people just chuck him out of their house without keeping him there and torturing his mind for giving him shelter? Why do people pick on him when he's even paying rent for the small space he's occupying with the little money he earns? Can a sister treat her own brother worse than she'd treat her pet dog? How can people do that kind of thing to a good a man who has helped everyone long time ago when he could afford to? Why can't people help him without scarring his heart with the footprints of their ego? Why do people hold on to old grudges and never learn to forgive and move on? Why do people just find faults even when he goes to a movie or drinks a beer, as if he doesn't deserve to enjoy life just cos he's not as rich as they are? Why do people point fingers at a person who had done so much in life but is facing some difficulties right now? Why don't people trust in this man and give him some time to get back on his feet again? Why do people go to the temple every week yet turn out to be so unforgiving?

Last night I prayed. I prayed that some people open their eyes and hearts. It's no point helping someone if you want to complain about it too. You might as well not help at all. I don't like half-arsed jobs...either my mind is fully set on something or it's not there at all. Last night I realised. I realised that people are really not what they appear to be...they carry deep-rooted issues and they show it in their actions, not in their sugary words. Some people who claim that they love helping others fail badly when they really have to do it without feeling egoistic about it. Last night I told. I told such people that they need to either help someone without whining or not help at all. Helping someone shouldn't be a chore, it should be a gift you give from the heart to the other person. Last night I fell. I fell out with one of my cousins in NZ cos all she could ever think of was 'her' house, 'her' parents' money spent on that little space that he occupies now and 'her' this and that...she didn't like him living there cos apparently it's getting messy blah blah blah. Last night I figured. I figured out that to some people, buildings and money matter more than a humanbeing. Last night I whispered. I whispered a little prayer to keep me compassionate towards people who deserve it and never to remind them that they are being helped...never to seek recognition for what I do to others. Last night I cried. I cried for my uncle..I cried for the way this world is and for the way some people treat their own. I cried for you and me. If we can't help each other, what's the use of this life? Sometimes we all need somebody to lean on, and sometimes we end up being the pillar for someone else to rest against when they're weary of their them, but don't ever hurt them in return. And if you can't help, don't help half-heartedly either. A tree never asks for anything in return when you sit under it to get some shade...

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Thursday, January 17

What Lies Behind The Curve

UPDATE: THANKS ALL for all the clever, witty, sweet and creative entries! Absolultely loved them all and it was too difficult to choose just one (why do I do this to myself dammmmit Keshi!). Anyways, there can be only one winner. And I chose that winner based on the title's closeness to the content of the post, and that is, that a smile can hide alot of feelings. Now there were many great entries that went along those lines, but I think the BEST one was given by Sameera (read the title of this post to find out that winning caption :)). So, Sweet-heart, you're the winner! CONGRATTS and THANKS! The current music update is one of my fav songs and it's dedicated to all of ya. For all the smiles that hide a million feelings...for bringing me the smiles...for smiling with me somehow...for understanding that Im only human on the inside. Enjoy guys, luv ya all!

It's a Thursday and since I'm too busy to do one of my usual long rants, I chose to do a quick HNT (Half Naked Thurs). You may ask what's so naked about this pic..o well, look at my's half-naked cos I'm not showing my teeth in this pic hehehehe. So yeah, enjoy my half-naked smile that I'm flashing at you, all the way from Sydney (took this pic yesterday), bound by monstrous amounts of work but managing to maintain that happy curve somehow (there's alot of stress behind that smile LOL!). I think I'd need Rehab after this project at work, it's that busy over here. Any rehab recommendations mates, before I head for a breakdown? I'm under pressure both at work and at home...some people can be claustrophobic you know!
***climbing walls here, in a zombi state***

I thought I'd make this post more interesting by getting you to title it. Cos you know, only you guys know how to relax me ;-). The best title will be chosen at the end of all your entries and published with this post. So come on, join in the fun and let's see how creative you can get. Thanks in advance! Will be coming around to your blogs shortly - I need a break fro
m work man! Have a good day, see yous!

~~I think you've got to slow down
Before you start to blow it
I think you're headed for a breakdown
So be careful not to show it... ... ...

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Current Music Update: Human On The Inside by Divinyls

Tuesday, January 15

The Pursuit Of Happyness

On Sunday I was watching 'The Bridges Of Madison County' for the 5th time I think...and yes I managed to cry again hehe. That is one story that truly moves me in ways that are simply inexplicable. For those of you who don't know about this movie, well it's a romantic (and erotic!) tale about a bored married woman, a war-bride (actress Meryl Streep) who falls in love with a visiting photographer (actor Clint Eastwood). Without the heavy mush that we get in many romantic movies, this film is refreshingly free of sentiment and is effortlessly able to deliver a grown-up romance that is truly touching! There is an honest chemistry between the woman and the man that is visible through the natural acting skills of these 2 great actors. I was wondering...sometimes things like this happen, two people just click...just like that...and nothing has to be seriously wrong in the relationship for it to happen, right? The 'conditioned' world may see this woman as a betraying wife and mother to her own family, but I see her as a very brave woman...someone who fell madly in love with the man of her dreams and she is also someone who let go of it and lived with the haunting memories of it for the sake of her family...someone who took that step somehow...someone who didn't follow rules when she fell in love, yet someone who followed all the rules for the sake of her family. Isn't that a true character of GREAT strength, to sacrifice all her dreams to stand by her family.

So I was thinking...people have dreams, hopes, goals...some people sacrifice all their dreams for others...some people sacrifice others to achieve their dreams. It's an individual choice we make. Anyways, a good friend in my previous post's comment section said the following to me: "Keshi, you seem to be drifting through life with no anchor to weigh you in. I would not want to venture to intrude into your life, but have you not gotten the most out of drifting for so long? You seem to be just reacting to the events that unfold in your life and this has caused you to have a mixed reactions, some bitter and other sublime. I want to know more of Keshi, the survivor or the overcomer". That was a wonderful and genuine revelation about my life. Thanks Mel for 'seeing' me so clearly :)...shows how observant and wise you are. What Mel said there about my life was very accurate...I don't have many dreams...there may be a million dreams in my heart, but I know that most of them would never take shape in real (not being pessimistic here but rather being realistic). How many of our dreams really do come true? The life-long dreams and goals of mine have already been achieved...such as good education, career, financial freedom, having my own car/assets/freedom etc. Having achieved all of them, I realised that none of that is what Contentment really is. None of that truly makes me happy or have put me in a place where I can get up and say 'This is it, I can be happy now'. Through all those years, like Mel said, I have always had some kind of 'anchor' to weigh me in...but not anymore. Cos I realised, knowing my destination, planning to reach for it, having a clear map and something to back me up, was boring me...that was making my life very dull. I wanted to set myself free from being 'conditioned' to always chase a be unafraid of drifting through life without an anchor to weigh me go with the flow without always wanting to see a distant destination. Life can take me to strange places and I really have no control of that...but as long as I keep drifting, I'll always be content with anything that comes along. The pursuit of happyness lies in the journey..not in the destination or knowing the destination. I don't want to be bound by the chains of so-called goals and destinations of life - I have been there and I have come to know that I wanna burn fully, not conditionally. Even in the depths of despair and in the seas of the unknown, you can be's a choice, and it should not be an obligation. I just want to live one day at a time and not live by plans - just burn free and fully this moment. Cos there'll always be someone out there who won't even see the dawn of tomorrow.

Thanks Mel for being the source of inspiration behind this really made me think.

Guys I'm so busy at work these days...will be coming around to your blogs ASAP. Til then, keep smiling, keep's ok to dream, and it's great when your dreams come true...but life is so full of surprises and there's always a good chance that dreams you've often dreamt of don't come true in life or even if they do, they wont bring you the happiness you expected..but some dreams that you've never dreamt of can become a reality in your have the doors of your hearts open and drift along in joy, not in chains.

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Friday, January 11

Fading Into New

2007-Keshi: Hey me!

2008-Keshi: Hey you!

I was tagged by the gorgeous Silvara on a very interesting one this time around. This tag invites us to reveal what we would say to the person we were way back in the beginning of 2007. It goes like this. The Keshi who is right now at the beginning of year 2008, is talking to the Keshi who was at the beginning of year 2007. So it's like my Present self is having a little chat with my Past self. Neat or what guys! So here I go. Bear with me if I sound meaningless at some points, cos in here I am talking to myself and only I'd understand certain things :). Thanks in advance guys! Diving in now...

My dearest Kesh-in-2007,

Keshi Keshi Keshi it's 2007...what are you thinking about? That it's another year and how it'll all turn out to be? Well guess what, next year by this time you'd say that year 2007 was a cakewalk, but not without some very important reflections. You'd hear something great about your uncle's case which proves determination pays off somehow, but at the same time you'll fall out with a very close cousin. It's ok...cos from what she says to you, you'd realise that she's not what you thought she was to you. Some people wear thick masks Keshi...they are not as transparent as you are. Get over it and move on..I know you will by the end of 2007. At the same time, you'll learn to love them'll become a freer person than you were in 2006. When 2008 comes around, you'd have a conscience as free as a bird soaring high in the sky. You'll realise that Conscience can either haunt you for life or set you free forever...and the latter it shall be for you.

Family-wise, you already know that sometimes loved-ones are the hardest people to get along with. The foolish games people play with each others' minds even at the cost of relationships are just mistakes that we all make. But towards the end of year 2007 you'd have put all those events behind you and look back with a smile...a smile for the person you have grown to be because of those experiences. Remember how you'd chuck a spaz up until 2006 when someone hurt your feelings Keshi? Well that was cos you were oversensitive and hadn't really learnt how to tackle your emotions sensibly. In 2007 you'll learn how to let go, how not to let people get to you and how to stay strong in character no matter what. 2007's events would make you fashionably sensitive but too cool to care, and that shall always be your spirit.

At times, you'd think life is such a drag...dark thoughts would take over you but light shall be found again...cos you are meant to live a little longer than just a few years on this Earth you know. There'll be few days in 2007 that you'd wanna end it all...yes you'd feel that low...but hey that's not Keshi right? Don't give in to such thoughts...certain events can either make you or break you...which one do you wanna choose for yourself? Have your heart broken but make sure you glue all the pieces back together (go to K-mart to get a good price on supa-glue hehe). Do not get discouraged by what your life has become...2008 will show you the direction to a better path. The map is being prepared right now. All you've got to do is keep driving along no matter what. And remember to follow road rules in this map of life - if you speed, you'd have to pay for it in many diffferent ways.

And oh dear, some friends who you thought were your real friends would also distance from you in'd try your best but they simply aren't meant to be. Let go of the attachment and the longing, for that's when you'd see the true nature of any relationship. You'll make it, I know.

Healthwise you'll improve your fitness levels and you'll also be more determined. Not only physically, you'll also exercise your soul and keep it healthy and loving towards all beings. That'll truly make you who you were meant to be - you'll find you Keshi.

One more thing, you won't find love in 2007 honey, do not be disheartened...for who needs a partner when you have so many friends giving you a whole lot of love right here in Blogville every single day (when you long for some perving, just got to the beach!). You will have a certain Mr.Darcy falling for you in January but it'll all end in just 7 days - pretty short ha! He wasn't worth the drama anyways chica ***rolling eyes***. And you'll get over him pretty soon trust me. Well enjoy 2007 for you'd love it with all your heart when you reach 2008, and boy o boy it's gonna be one hell of a ride from now on!

-Your's sincerely Kesh-in-2008.

Ok have a rocking weekend guys! And a special note to my dearest Indian mates here...I LOVE YOU GUYS and I MEAN IT! No hard feelings between you and me ok. Differences don't make a friendship...similarities do. So let's focus on how 'similar' we and I are human (not Indian, not Aussie, not Sri Lankan, not American)...just human, and we share one more thing between us and that's LOVE...and that's all that matters to me. Friends are like the waves and the can't exist without the other...and we keep reaching out to each other somehow. I heart my hot INDIAN mates, life would be dull without mah Bolly babies MWAHHHH! ;-) Catch ya all soon!

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Thursday, January 10

A Love Story...

Where do I begin
To tell the story of how great a love can be...
The sweet love story that is older than the sea...
The simple truth about the love he brings to me...
Where do I start
With his first hello
He gave new meaning to this empty world of mine...
There'll never be another love, another time...
He came into my life and made the living fine
He fills my heart.. .. ..
-- Love Story

I long for him with a passion cos he is the silhouette of my heart. When he comes to me I wrap my lips around his, and I taste every inch of him with a deep lust. The richness of his soul re-awakens my weary soul every single day. The more I have him, the more I want him. The more I see him, the more I want to see him. Without him, life would be bland and pointless. Without kissing him and relishing him, I would not be myself. Without him I'd die. He is the life in me and his spirit runs through my veins. He caresses my heart with so much love that no one else can give...he fills me with vigor and strength that no one else can replace...he makes love to me in ways that completes my very existence. Only he can make me truly happy cos he listens to me in silence, he never judges me, he takes me as I am and gives me more in return, his passion for me is the same as my passion is for him, he is always there for me and will never expect anything in return. And his name is eeffoC (written backwards). And we have a love affair that no one can steal. And I spilt him all over my bag today, @#$@#$$ dammmmit!

UPDATE: It seems that most of my Indian mates here have BOYCOTTED my blog. Not surprised or upset at all :). Thanks for showing your true colors!

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Tuesday, January 8

Where True Victory Lives...

UPDATE: Please read my friend Vik's post here. I think he did a brilliant job (a much better job) on what I really wanted to convey through my Cricket post. Thanks Vik!

Alot of my Indian friends here weren't very happy about me congratulating the Aussie Cricket team in my last post. Too bad mates, I congratulate whoever who wins. To me, Cricket is simply a game that depends alot on circumstantial luck as well. Shit happens, one team wins, the other one loses...get over it! Anyways, my friend KP even blogged about the issue, addressed to me - read here. So I had to write this post in order to let you all know how I honestly feel about this cricket drama going on in Sydney at the moment, between Australia and India.
I have lived in Australia for so long now I call Australia home. But that doesn't mean I blindly support Aussies in any given situation. At the same time, I haven't forgotten my roots. That also doesn't mean I blindly take Sri Lanka/India's side in any given situation. I'm a very fair person and as far as I know, I'm not judgement-impaired, neither am I a white-skin lover for the heck of it (I felt some friends in KP's post thought of me to be a white-skin lover - I really don't care what people think about me anyways, you are free to think whatever about me ok..I'm not bothered at all). I respect EVERY nation for it's QUALITY and ATTITUDE. Not just cos I was born there or have lived there longer and call it home. If Sri Lanka does a bad mistake, I'm not afraid to say it out loud (to be honest, I'm not very impressed about Sri Lankan politicians and the on-going war there yeah, I say they are all totally screwed and seems like they love being screwed for years). The Attitude sucks. That's the whole problem behind the on-going conflicts. Anyways, I live in Aus so I know about Aussies much more than most of the Indian people who are screaming right now and calling Aussies racist etc etc. Actually Aussies are not as bad as you think they are. They are pretty friendly people...even alot less racist than some Indians/Sri Lankans are! Trust me when I say that.

Anyways, back to Cricket - Now I know that Indians are very passionate about Cricket as much as Aussies are. But throwing a massive hissy fit over something that's as simple as a match, wasn't very sporty of the Indian team. That's my opinion on this issue. The Indians are threatening to boycott the whole tour?? That's totally extreme. Ok let's say that the umpires were blind, the Aussie team was rude, Harbhajan Singh was racist etc etc. So both teams are at fault right? Now what's the big deal here? Why be so dramatic and drag the scene to eternity ? It's not a good habit. In Sports, many anger-related matters happen on the field and ofcourse some team wins and the other team has to lose. It takes alot of grace to accept defeat than to throw childish fits, that too at an International level. Aussies won...accept it and move on - it's as simple as that. Now if Aussies were a bad team (somehow I believe in their strength and determination, and that they are a TOP team) and if they were unsporty and unfair, and did not deserve to win, then I hope it all comes out in the open soon and that their victory be disqualified. But to throw away a whole tour while appealing for Harbhajan Singh's guilty racial-abuse verdict to be overturned is not a very mature act. If he gets cleared by his appeal, then that's fine, let it happen in due course, but why protest? That's childish. When the Aussie team was in Mumbai last Oct, there were crazy taunts by the Indian cricket fans that abused Symonds throughout all the matches. But I'm glad Aussies played on in India and that they did not throw a tanty or threaten to cancel the tour. That's what true sportsmanship is! Not suspending the whole tour and protesting, cos that's batty to the core. Back in Oct, neither did the Aussie fans turn extreme and abusive towards Indians, as much as Indians seem to be towards Aussies right now (I see alot of name-calling and racial slur against Aussies all over Blogville at the moment - that only proves no one is perfect). If you behave badly, then expect to get some in return. Also, I remember how the Indian cricket fans were trashing their own team when they couldn't get through to WC last time - it was horrible to see how Indians humiliated their own skin. I even told some bloggers that it's so extreme and stupid to embarass your own team just cos they LOST! Now, all of a suddden those same Indians who trashed their team are feeling so patriotic? So it's all about winning is it? :). Grow up's only a game! If this is what the reaction is just for a game of Cricket, then I'm not surprised why there are so many wars in this world and why people are killing each other over trivial things. Extremism of any sorts should never be encouraged. Something wrong may have happened in this let's rectify it and move on, instead of throwing tanties and bringing in racial debates. I was truly disappointed by some friends who brought in the Black/White debate into this. It's so very sad! Respect people for who they are...not for their skin color.

I love all my Indian friends here and I'm not taking Aussie or Indian's side. I believe both the teams are GREAT teams and GREAT to watch (hunk-wise too;-)). I'm just telling you exactly how I feel about this unwarranted drama over something that's supposed to be SPORTY and FUN. C'mon India, chuck the whingy attitude and play on! If Aussies were a bad team and did not deserve the victory, then get them in the next match and show them you don't give up easily and that you are as determined as hell. Sport is not only about winning the game, it's also about having a winning attitude. That's where true victory lives. Great cricketers never hold grudges. We don't want long faces, bring back the fun in Cricket!

And I LOVE AUSTRAAAALYA! I'm not black, I'm not white...I'm human.
And I'm treated exactly that way in land Down Under.

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Monday, January 7

Gimme, Gimme Your All...

What a refreshing return to Blogville with the success of the Aussie cricket team against India...woohoo CONGRATTS team! Hi's everyone? Yes I'm back in full form (like I promised) for 2008 starting be prepared to listen to my bizzare stories for another 365 days (hopefully if I dun die)...LOL yes it's going to be a pain for you, I know I know. But during my break, I realised I can't live without you guys...OMG you all have become such a big part of me. MWAH I missed ya all! btw today is my first day at work after the hols and to tell you the truth, I feel so fresh and READY....ready for another load of C# work and professional blogging ahemm ;-). (these pics were taken this morning while getting ready for work ooh lala!). What say guys? A good long break with alot of loving, parties, trips, family and friends, joyful moments, magical pressies from sweet friends in far-away lands, some good ol' soul-cleansing shopping, good food and alot of sleep make one feel fresh for sure right? Well, I feel you? I hope this is going to be a fantastic year for all of us here and the whole world. I hope people see this as a fresh start and spread love instead of hatred (I'm sick of seeing bloodshed on TV). It's never too late you know...change can happen, if you let it happen. So open your hearts, scratch the surface and find LOVE this year.

While I was on hols, alot of great things as well as shitty things happened. One of the best things was finding a 'Merry Christmas' wish on my answering machine at 1am on Christmas Day all the way from Sri Lanka...guess who it was from...guess guess guess :). It was from G...a very dear ex-BF. He's a sweet one...not a nasty guy...a lovely, caring soul. It came as a big surprise cos I have lost touch with him for a while now. So yeah, that really made me smile. The shittiest thing that happened was at the mall, last Thursday...I was looking for a Parking spot, and as usual it was packed with people shopping like shopping-whores! I was going around and around for almost an hour, when a very kind girl indicated to me that she was leaving and that I could take her spot. So I thanked her and drove close to where she had parked. As she left, I drove in to the spot, parked and was getting out of my car when some monkey-in-a-driving-seat came crashing on Reverse very close to the front of my car! I was startled thinking that he had hit my car and guess car narrowly escaped this loser's van, and the Holden commodore parked next to me got hit by his van, and the bumper fell off! I was so furious, and was wondering WTF he was doing! He stopped in front of me and asked me to take my car from the spot cos apparently he was waiting for that spot! HUH!!!?? Mr.Fucker where did that come from? I was so shocked at his stupidity, I asked him what made him think so. He goes yadda yadda yadda (his English I could hardly u'stand), and I was so bored with his rant, and after a long argument I told him this 'If you're so desperate for this spot, I'll give it to you mate...but do me a the damage you did to that other car, would you?'...he said he will but I doubted it. Imagine how upset the other car owner would be when he/she returns and sees the damage to their car, not knowing who'd done it? Besides, this loser had 3 kids at the back and he was behaving like a moron. I pity those kids...they'll never grow up to be men who respect women, especially men who'd just let go of a frikkin Parking spot, and that too a spot that didn't belong to them! Anyways, I was sick of his yelling, I muttered all the possible F-words as I left the spot and luckily found another spot immediately. But I wrote down his plate number and the damaged car's plate number and reported it to the Mall security. They thanked me for reporting him in and went to the scene straight away...and guess what...I got 3 free coffee vouchers for reporting this incident :), cos now the damaged-car's owner knows who's responsible for it and can claim it from him. So yeah that's my first good deed for the year 2008 :). If you see someone behaving recklessly and irresponsibly, REPORT them to the authorities...don't be afraid. That's the least you could do to prevent people from doing such things again to another person.

Anyways, I hope you all had a safe and happy break. I believe good and bad things happen to us for a reason...for a good reason eventually. Something good comes out of everything that happens to us. Ok catch up with all your blogs soon! And I'll update my trip and shopping details later with pics. btw it's just awesome to be back with all of you, and you guys keep me coming back to Blogville cos it's an AMAZING place - cos of YOU! And I love this new song by Britney -it's sizzling hot (wanna pole-dance for this song some day hehehe). Now, gimme gimme more...more of YOU, like I give you my all...

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Thursday, January 3

Margie Magic!

How does it look guys?

Bole chudiyan...bole kangana!
It's making my heart smile...

This beautiful purple and green bracelet was sent to me all the way from Colorado by a beautiful heart - a very generous Santi Claus who lives in the US. Her name is Margie and OMG she's such a sweetheart! I was stoked to bits when I unwrapped the beautiful Xmas wrapping to find this gorgeous bracelet inside. I was so in awe of it that I had to wear it straight away and take these pics to show the whole world how much I love it and the person who sent it! I had just come home from a trip with a friend and dropping her off at the railway station (hence the messy hair and ugly sweaty face aha! ;-)) and was so overjoyed to see this in my mailbox. It was a beautiful surprise after a tiring and shitty day (I'll tell you what happened in another post...long story!). So this was a very sweet thing that happened to me after that upsetting incident earlier in the day. I have never received a gift in the mail from a net friend...this was the first time and it's such a magical feeling that I simply cant express in words. Margie my dear, THANK YOU so very much! You have no idea how HAPPY your very kind and loving act made me feel, I'm wearing it now and I am dancing hehehehe. Well anyways, you didn't have to send me anything cos I already know you truly love and care about me. It's a kind of magic that our hearts know and share, and it will live in my heart til the day I die. Love ya my friend, HUGGGGGGGGGZ and MWAHHHHHHHZ and THANKS again!

I just had to update you all with this exciting news today yeah :). My New Year's post is just below this it if you haven't read it already. All my friends here give me life. So this song is especially for Margie and all you lovely people here who keep me alive. This is one of my fav Hindi numbers. Thanks guys and catch ya all soon!

Bole chudiyan, bole kangna
My bangles say, my bracelets say
Haai main ho gayi teri saajna
I have become yours, sweetheart
Tere bin jiyo naiyo lag da main te margaiya
Without you I wouldn't have life, I would die... ... ...

Current Music: Bole Chudiyan from the Hindi movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Tuesday, January 1

2000 and 7 Memories!


Hey's it going? I'm still on my holidays...will be back for regular blogging on the 7th of Jan. Until then, I'm sharing with you some of my Christmas pics from family dinners, lunches, Xmas lights and some cosy moments with my cousins and their kiddies. I hope you all had a great Christmas break and a wonderful New Year's eve. Thank you so very much for dropping by when I wasn't around and leaving heartfelt messages for me. MWAH I love and miss you all! Can't wait to get back to Blogville. I have also been going on little trips, some long drives and to beaches and BBQs. Some scenic pics will follow later on. For now, enjoy these Christmas pics (click on pic to read captions). Man I'm food-drunk and have put on weight! :( I intend to get back to my regular exercises and walking asap...til then I'll roam around like a wobbly lil product of rich festive food, jeez!

Now, as we usher a brandnew year in, we must remember the challenges we faced in 2007, all the memories made and the lessons learnt. My most memorable lesson from the year 2007 took place when a few harsh words from a loved-one that hurt me alot (for days), somehow made me the strongest that I have ever been. Not cos I've become numb, but because I have become from depending on what others say/think who I am. What only matters to me right now is what I think who I am. Cos I'm my own person and in the end, I'm the only one I have to answer to. Share with me your most memorable lesson from year 2007 (if you have one).

The song playing right now is my fav from year 2007 from a great Aussie band, and I dedicate it to the memories of year 2007. God bless you all for a wonderful, happy and safe 2008, have a blast guys and see ya soon...MISS YA MADLY!

.. .. ..
Wake me up low with a fever
Walking in a straight line
Set me on fire in the evening
Everything will be fine
Waking up strong in the morning
Walking in a straight line
Lately I’m a desperate believer
But walking in a straight line.. .. ..

Current Music: Straight Lines by Silverchair