Friday, January 11

Fading Into New

2007-Keshi: Hey me!

2008-Keshi: Hey you!

I was tagged by the gorgeous Silvara on a very interesting one this time around. This tag invites us to reveal what we would say to the person we were way back in the beginning of 2007. It goes like this. The Keshi who is right now at the beginning of year 2008, is talking to the Keshi who was at the beginning of year 2007. So it's like my Present self is having a little chat with my Past self. Neat or what guys! So here I go. Bear with me if I sound meaningless at some points, cos in here I am talking to myself and only I'd understand certain things :). Thanks in advance guys! Diving in now...

My dearest Kesh-in-2007,

Keshi Keshi Keshi it's 2007...what are you thinking about? That it's another year and how it'll all turn out to be? Well guess what, next year by this time you'd say that year 2007 was a cakewalk, but not without some very important reflections. You'd hear something great about your uncle's case which proves determination pays off somehow, but at the same time you'll fall out with a very close cousin. It's ok...cos from what she says to you, you'd realise that she's not what you thought she was to you. Some people wear thick masks Keshi...they are not as transparent as you are. Get over it and move on..I know you will by the end of 2007. At the same time, you'll learn to love them'll become a freer person than you were in 2006. When 2008 comes around, you'd have a conscience as free as a bird soaring high in the sky. You'll realise that Conscience can either haunt you for life or set you free forever...and the latter it shall be for you.

Family-wise, you already know that sometimes loved-ones are the hardest people to get along with. The foolish games people play with each others' minds even at the cost of relationships are just mistakes that we all make. But towards the end of year 2007 you'd have put all those events behind you and look back with a smile...a smile for the person you have grown to be because of those experiences. Remember how you'd chuck a spaz up until 2006 when someone hurt your feelings Keshi? Well that was cos you were oversensitive and hadn't really learnt how to tackle your emotions sensibly. In 2007 you'll learn how to let go, how not to let people get to you and how to stay strong in character no matter what. 2007's events would make you fashionably sensitive but too cool to care, and that shall always be your spirit.

At times, you'd think life is such a drag...dark thoughts would take over you but light shall be found again...cos you are meant to live a little longer than just a few years on this Earth you know. There'll be few days in 2007 that you'd wanna end it all...yes you'd feel that low...but hey that's not Keshi right? Don't give in to such thoughts...certain events can either make you or break you...which one do you wanna choose for yourself? Have your heart broken but make sure you glue all the pieces back together (go to K-mart to get a good price on supa-glue hehe). Do not get discouraged by what your life has become...2008 will show you the direction to a better path. The map is being prepared right now. All you've got to do is keep driving along no matter what. And remember to follow road rules in this map of life - if you speed, you'd have to pay for it in many diffferent ways.

And oh dear, some friends who you thought were your real friends would also distance from you in'd try your best but they simply aren't meant to be. Let go of the attachment and the longing, for that's when you'd see the true nature of any relationship. You'll make it, I know.

Healthwise you'll improve your fitness levels and you'll also be more determined. Not only physically, you'll also exercise your soul and keep it healthy and loving towards all beings. That'll truly make you who you were meant to be - you'll find you Keshi.

One more thing, you won't find love in 2007 honey, do not be disheartened...for who needs a partner when you have so many friends giving you a whole lot of love right here in Blogville every single day (when you long for some perving, just got to the beach!). You will have a certain Mr.Darcy falling for you in January but it'll all end in just 7 days - pretty short ha! He wasn't worth the drama anyways chica ***rolling eyes***. And you'll get over him pretty soon trust me. Well enjoy 2007 for you'd love it with all your heart when you reach 2008, and boy o boy it's gonna be one hell of a ride from now on!

-Your's sincerely Kesh-in-2008.

Ok have a rocking weekend guys! And a special note to my dearest Indian mates here...I LOVE YOU GUYS and I MEAN IT! No hard feelings between you and me ok. Differences don't make a friendship...similarities do. So let's focus on how 'similar' we and I are human (not Indian, not Aussie, not Sri Lankan, not American)...just human, and we share one more thing between us and that's LOVE...and that's all that matters to me. Friends are like the waves and the can't exist without the other...and we keep reaching out to each other somehow. I heart my hot INDIAN mates, life would be dull without mah Bolly babies MWAHHHH! ;-) Catch ya all soon!

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KAYLEE said...

HI KESHI!!!!!!!!

Great post.did I teell you the lastest with my mom?

Zhu said...

I like 2008 Keshi, so wise and so many resolutions! :$

Keshi said...

Kaylz tnxx!

no..wut is it?


Zhu tnxx!

but nah I dun make NY resolutions...this post was abt me in 2008 looking bak at me in 2007 :)


Silvara said...

Hello babe!! Love the letter - 2008 sounds like it's sounding good already :) I think it is important at some stage to reflect on the past, realize and then let go.

Have a great weekend chica! :D

KAYLEE said...

Oh she is just sending me these nasty text meessages threatening me! That is what has been bothering me the last couple of days :( SHE IS NOT NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am showing them to my dad cause I am not going to put up with that! I will not be threatened to be killed :(!!!!!!!! I am going to write a post on it soon! GOD!!!!!!

Steph said...

If only we could do that for real.

WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

Very interesting post.

I think I'll have the 2007 me write a letter to the 2008 me. If these two met face to face, they would likely beat the hell out of each other.

Hi 2008

I know I left you a mess to sort through, but else could I do. I went to England only to have the entire project wash away.

Then there was my friend who met a terrible fate, but I couldn't do anything about it mate.

I wanted to give up blogging, but you're still logging.

Through thick and thin at least we're still kin. So no matter what I managed to do, I did it all for you.


Have a nice weekend Keshi


maverick said...

hey...nice post...especially the letter...well if i was writing..i ld say..."Dude...well done u ve lost abt 10+kgs..way to go...gotta do a lot good luck with the job u r gonna join...n get urself a"..


desperado said...

and all that i have to say to both Keshi 2007 and Keshi 2008....damn you continue to be super hot ;)

krystyna said...

Hi Keshe!
Your spirit shines bright!!!

All the best to you!

Jay said...

Nice letter to yourself there. Keshi.

Nothing much happened around here in 2007 so I really wouldn't have too much to say to myself.

Margie said...

Hi hun
Loved the pis of you!
You are so gorgeous!
And the essence of your beautiful soul shines so brightly!

Loved this post!
Especially the part...
When 2008 comes around, you'd have a conscience as free as a bird soaring high in the sky. You'll realise that Conscience can either haunt you for life or set you free forever... and the latter shall be for you.

That makes me so happy for you swt hrt, as that's what the secret to living a life of joy is all about!
You know the true secret of lasting joy!

Have a wonderful weekend darlin'
I'm feeling a bit sad tonight...missing my precious son as he went back to school today.
It was so wonderful having him home for over a month!
He's such a great young man!
I'm blessed!

Well, I'm going to make some hot cider for me and my hubby!
Nitey nite hun!



Anonymous said...

loved it !@!

i think i will do this too.. lets see.. what i turn out ;) wicked wicked ;)

lov and kisses...

and thanks!

Nachi said...

ok, so there is plenty that i would say to myself as well...the Nachi right now has truckloads of things to tell the silly fellow back in 2007.

and oh! its a little late to be saying so, but your Indian mates would never desert you. nah, 'neeeever eeever'. you are way too hot compared to any silly game! ;)


tulipspeaks said...

one year makes us lot more wiser isn't it? :)


durjoy datta said...

nice post!
but i would rather not talk to my past and kill all the fun..........
and let the year be predictable.....!!!!
other than obviously telling him which teams to put all his money on....!!!!!

anits said...

hi keshi..wat i can say abt u is either keshi2007 or keshi2008 ...u r cool babe....stay cool

Anonymous said...

oo and yes one more thing.. keshi2008 looks fantabulous ;) better than the 2007 version ;)

Sweetstickychewy said...

Such a beautiful post Keshi.:) Love the bikini pics that follows it..Beautiful the sun, sand and the sea. Love it! gives me that feeling as i read ya post.

A pretty cool tag.

Cheeries. Have a good weekend too Keshi.;)

general_boy said...

I dunno what I'd say to 2007 me from 2008 me. Maybe something like "everything will be great until June... oh shit... I've said too much". LOL

Great post anyway Keshi! =)

Ghost Particle said...

Keshi! A Brand new Kesh baby. Im going to be a bit anti social here, if they dont want to come, u dont have to accommodate them. It was jst another game with men chasing balls...its all bout balls. :p

Just to tell you that you mean more to us, me than so many people that I see daily. Life is just mysterious that way, and beautiful too. You hopes and desires are well reflected in your writings. Never a moment you lost track, or lost yourself. You are the best.

lemonade said...

lovely post kesh..i'm so glad sil tagged us! :)

Asha said...

What a cool post and what a timing too! I just decided to look back, make major changes and get even more time for myself. I am closing my comment section but still post as usual and also decided to not visit 50+blogs everyday!! (Shh..! I will be visiting you of course, don't tell others!:D)
Like you, my goal is to get fit too this year, hope I will keep at it!:)
See you later Keshi, have a great weekend. I will see you on Monday!:)

Cazzie!!! said...

Love ya Keshi :)

Astral said...

hi keshi, happy new year!

very nice post. good tag! take care.

Hammett said...

Hi keshi....
that's a nice way to put your resolutions... u didn't do it as just another new year.. but realizing what you've become over the past few years... stick to it, n u'll be great!!

Have a lovely weekend... is that totally away from Blogville :S
cheers!! tc

Beach Bum said...

What would I say to myself in January 2007? Since I lost my grandmother in February and my mom in November it would be to spend more time with them.

La vida Loca said...

Sooooo touching :)
I might do this

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Looks like 2007 was a mixed bag of emotions for you too.Anyways it's over and done now!

Have a rocking 2008 with all the best things life has to offer :)

Love ya sweetie.Hugsssssssssss!

Dawn....सेहर said...

Hey dear love this post so much! and yes the Keshi 2008 too ;)

You rock gal ....
lots n lots of hugzzzzz


homo escapeons said...

Why not just tear a hole in the space/time continuum like I did and you can exist outside the boundaries of negative 'energy', gravity, and caffeine withdrawal...
it's frickin' awesome!

HA. Of course I am kidding, it's called Denial, and it works like a charm.

Lapa said...

Very good post and nice romantic song.

EBEZP said...

Lovely post, great resolutions and beautiful pics and music - Jeez what more could anyone ask for?

Rock on Keshi!!

Have a great Weekend

Chriz said...

your writing skill is awesome..

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-a big smile at this was like you were chatting with your conscience,only,a year ole conscience,and,it also got clubbed with some astrological predictions and some positive thinking.All in all,of course,the future remains as optimistic as ever,right?

Have a nice weekend.

Renovatio said...

Even if you could send yourself a letter, I'm sure you'd rather have experienced it all yourself anyway.

Nadine said...

That was very interesting and unique. I like your writing style.

Stace said...

I would tell my early-2007-self to hang in there and stress less.

Jeevan said...

I liked the beginning, nice looking back through this tag. It was lovable at end keshi, love you too dear :)

Kavi said...

You have a way of keeping all eyes rivetted on you. ..i mean your writing !!!

Trinnie said...

keshi..u look so lovely in that first pic. not that the second pic is any lesser...but the first one... really diva-esque!

hope u had a good weekend!

oh thanks for the compliment for the picture on my blog...i got too lazy to reply in my blog or post something thank you girl!

hugs :)

Anand said...

Hey Keshi,
Loonggg time!!!
Happy new yr to u and ur family!!
How have u been doing?

BUMBLE!!! said...

Here's to all reflections of who we are and want to be.

The unexamined life is not worth living.
Socrates, in Plato, Dialogues, Apology

have a great weekend.

Hazel Dream said...

ur eyes ...

The Stormin Mormon said...

For me that would be one very short conversation. Mostly about giving up Racquetball and avoiding every blind date attempt by my friends. ;-)

wallycrawler said...

Still Beautiful!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Keshi,
That's a nice experience you have. The Keshi of 2008 talking to the Keshi of 2007. One thing I noticed from your post. You seem to be drifting through life with no anchor to weigh you in. I would not want to venture to intrude into your life, but have you not gotten the most out of drifting for so long? You seem to be just reacting to the events that unfold in your life and this has caused you to have a mixed reactions, some bitter and other sublime. I want to know more of Keshi, the survivor or the overcomer. God bless you in your continued journey through life's perilous paths. Have a most wonderful day in Australia.

George said...

That was quite a remarkable way of looking at last year, I really liked it. I usually don't look back but I may take this as an example and see what I did in the last 12 months.

Thanks, sweetie

Keshi said...

Silvara tnxx for giving me an opp to do it MWAH!


Kaylz ur step-mum is threatening to kill ya? WUT kinda mum is she????


Keshi said...

Steph that wud be awesome ha :) but at the same time it'd kill the suspense hehe.

tnxx hun!


heyya Bev!

** If these two met face to face, they would likely beat the hell out of each other.


Very nice letter there Bev...I rem ur was meant to happen so u cudnt hv done anything to save him. HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


TK Kerouac said...

Hi Keshi

I'm redoing my link list and I'm keeping you linked

My blog is private now (private) (open)

if you care to link

Keshi said...

hey Mav u lost that much of weight? WELL DONE!

**get urself a"..

hehe its not an easy thing...not easy at all :) I wish there was a BF Store LOL!

Good luck mate!


Hey Dhruv!

**damn you continue to be super hot

that coming from a super-Hot guy with a Cobainish hairstyle n with a love for grunge, makes my heart jump up in joy ;-)


Keshi said...

ur's too Krys, tnxx n HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


aww tnxx Jay!

I hope 2008 will bring u lots to talk abt in 2009 ;-)


Keshi said...

Margie MWAH hun! I sent u a greeting card on Friday and it bounced bak :(

** as that's what the secret to living a life of joy is all about

yes..but sometimes I fail miserbaly :) o well, with a blog full of friends like u, I'll always get back up n move on.

No doubt that ur son is a great guy...with a mum like u, he'd have to be the GREATEST. Dun be sad Margie, u can call him...besides give me Cider too yum!

TC n hv a good wknd!


Keshi said...

Veenz I'd love to read ur's.


hey Nachi tnxx!

**you are way too hot compared to any silly game

LOL aww I dun mean's amazing how my long-term friends hold this against me...its just shocking that a game of Cricket can wreck a friendship.

Anyways tnxx for having some faith in me ;-)


Keshi said...


ur so sweet!


Keshi said...

Ammu it sure does hun!

If we only reflect upon the lessons learnt and stick to some guidelines, life n ppl wud be much more easy to deal with.



Durjoy lol tnxx!


Keshi said...

Anits tnxx hun u too!


aww u too Veenz...u girls rock!


Keshi said...

ty sweet Amy!

**it..Beautiful the sun, sand and the sea. Love it!

yes u know it na :) I love the sun, the sea and the peace of mind.

Hv a good weekend lovely Amylicious! ***MWAH***


LOL Boy i know something went wrong in June 2007 in ur life..but I dunno wut went wrong. I rem u suddenly dropped outta blogs ard June...and came bak coupla months later.

Anyways I hope all's well now. TC mate n tnxx!


Keshi said...

hey Ghosty tnxx!

** It was jst another game with men chasing balls...its all bout balls

LOL SO TRUE! I mean its all abt the EGO. Let go of it. Its all over na. Thats all I meant and some friends dun even wanna talk to me anymore or reply to my comments. They just seem to run away from it all...I dun u'stand why :).

aww tnxx for that Ghosty!

**Never a moment you lost track, or lost yourself. You are the best.

I hv had that happening to me sometimes...but I somehow seem to get back up. Dunno for how long I cud do that tho :)

With friends as true as u r, I wont feel alone. TY Ghosty!



Keshi said...

Lemon babez when r u doing ur's? :)


Asha MWAH! U hv always been a babe with a head above her shoulders. U so levelheaded, so cool, so realistic...thats what I love abt u.

** I am closing my comment section but still post as usual and also decided to not visit 50+blogs everyday

hehehe me too. I hv to try and not do the impossible :)

I wish u all the best in keeping fit!

TC n will see ya on Mon..luv ya!


Keshi said...

Caz I luv u too babez!


Hey Suchi WB and ty!


Keshi said...

heyya Hammett tnxx mate!

**but realizing what you've become over the past few years

I tend to do that from time to time...or else life wud be aimless n meaningless.

I rarely blog on a weekend like today :)




Keshi said...

LaVida aww I'd love to read ur's.



yes it was Sameera..however I say 2007 was cool...less messy than the former years.

tnxx n luv!


Keshi said...

ty Dawny u rock too MWAHHHHHHHH!



hey HE!

**and you can exist outside the boundaries of negative 'energy', gravity, and caffeine withdrawal...

LOL I wish I cud do that!


Keshi said...

Lapa ty! :)


hey Simon MWAH!

yeah wut more do we need ha :)


Keshi said...

Chriz u write well too...ur current post was AWESOME!


Definitely Amit!

ty so much :)


Keshi said...

U said it Reno!


hehe Nadine ty sweetz!


Keshi said...

aww Stace...everything will work out fine in the end, wudnt it now.


tnxx Jeevan! I hope u hv a wonderful, stressless 2008...ur a brave n great guy!


Keshi said...

;-) Kavi tnxx!


heyy Trinnie I missed ya!

**really diva-esque

awww look who's talking! :)

u've got such a CUTE smile my o my!


Keshi said...

hey Anand WB and ty! Happy New Year to u too mate! Hows everything?


Bumble heyy tnxx!

**The unexamined life is not worth living.



Keshi said...

heyya Hazel!

my eyes..? :)


Mormon hows it going?

**and avoiding every blind date attempt by my friends



Keshi said...

u too Wally! :)



aww ty Mel!

**but have you not gotten the most out of drifting for so long?

I hv..but Im still drifting...does the drifting ever end? :)

tnxx so much for being so caring Mel. HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

That's great to know George. HUGGGGGGGGGGZ n tnxx!


Keshi said...

k will do TK...tnxx luv!


The Phosgene Kid said...

How about a Bolly-gringo like me? I do love the food and the music.

I enjoy our visits!!!

Alok said...

loved reading you in 2007 and 2008 ... now just smile and let all bygones be bygones (of those last posts) ... expectation is a killer



KAYLEE said...

//Kaylz ur step-mum is threatening to kill ya? WUT kinda mum is she????//

no, its my real mum thats doing that :( wrote a post about it :P She is not a good one :(

Tys on Ice said...

:) it just me or do u look more beautiful this year?....going by tht u r in for a great year...may u find wht u r looking for and may u like wht u get...may u find love and may u think its worth ur while to keep it...may u look at ur family and find urself..

mainly, may u hve a great time doing all this...

Bla said...

Nice post, indeed! :)

CM-Chap said...

Keshi 2008 seems wise.

CM-Chap 2007 to Keshi: WOW. You look awesome.

CM-Chap 2008 to Keshi: WOW. You look more awesome.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

You know it all Keshi ... and am so glad ... and am sure you'll be more careful this time. We are meant to learn from our mistakes and not just regret why we made them, isn't it?

Wishing you a fabulous year ahead!

And those people who hate you just because you don't want to agree with them, do not deserve you! They need to grow up!

Take care hun! xx

Kirthi said...

hey cool post!! n thought it was important to comment this time as i saw a note on your previous blog that your indian friends have boycotted your blog... well i haven't... i love the way you write... but have become way to lazy to stop by and comment, but i do make a point to read your blog! so chill dear and keep rocking as usual! wish u a blessed new year :)

Rex Venom said...

Beautiful thoughts.
Have a great year, btw!
Rock on!

Keshi said...

LOL phos @Bolly-gringo! ty ur a swthrt :)


ty for that Alok! Loved reading u too. :)


Keshi said...

ur real mum Kaylz? OMG has she lost her mind?


Tys tnxx matey!

I got all emotional reading ur heartfelt wishes for me :) so kind of ya...HUGGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

Bla tnxx mate!


Chap aww ty! :):)

u r AWESOME too!


Keshi said...

tnxx Cheesy MWAH! I missed ya...where were ya?

**And those people who hate you just because you don't want to agree with them, do not deserve you!

I agree..if they wanna throw a hissy fit and wanna be RIGHT than be a FRIEND, let em be. I dun care.




I didnt mean u at all hun..I know ur busy etc. Its some other friends :)

ty sweetie!


Keshi said...

ty Rex u too!


KAYLEE said...

//ur real mum Kaylz? OMG has she lost her mind?//

yes, I think she has :) this is defionately being taken to police or someone that can take care of it :)

Southpaw unplugged said...

I must say this is a very interesting tag i hv seen after a long long time...

Helen said...

Gorgeous post, Keshi, and such a great idea, leave it to Silvara to come up with such a good one.

ha, we've been through a lot this year, haven't we, my friend? I miss you babez, and I'll be back to post pretty beach pics and gorgeous flowers and tree pics in a few days. Take care.

AVIANA said...

Hey Keshi girl!

how are you?! love this post!

i started to think what i would say to me..then i realize that i probably wouldn't listen....

yes love...a sad story...well heres to wishing us our proper love mates this year forever....


AVIANA said...

Hey Keshi girl!

how are you?! love this post!

i started to think what i would say to me..then i realize that i probably wouldn't listen....

yes love...a sad story...well heres to wishing us our proper love mates this year forever....


anuj said...

nice introspection of the past there .. i hope 2008 will b a cake walk too .. n a gud one ;)


lee said...

Thanks for coming to visit me even when i was away , keshi. Lee of 2008 would say to lee of 2007(a tough year):"hang in there, girl, you can do it." i hope you will have a lovely year this year, keshi.

maverick said... looking for a BF for a GF cut down the howz life enjoying in dubai...updated my blog :)

Jim said...

Saby 2008 is no different from Saby 2007

only more so

Jim said...

One thing I noticed from your post. You seem to be drifting through life with no anchor to weigh you in.

like a rudderless ship
thats the way to live

once u set a direction
u get disappointed when u dont reach there


Tarun said...

Dot ever try fading into new Keshi, strive to bloom or evolve into new.


May 2008 bring the best in your life.

lovemarks said...

This is a very interesting tag as well as a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing, Keshi! :)

Wish you a wonderful New Year!

KP said...

Wow....mature keshi in 2008...nice to see that...lot of resolution....

question for you?

how many resolution do you complete?

Miladysa said...


This is a remarkable post.

I hope you write a another one on the same subject at the beginning of 2009!


Miladysa x

Keshi said...

Kaylz u gotta dob her into the Police...cos that a serious threat she made!



tnxx Southy!


Keshi said...

OMG look who's here! MWAHHHHHHHHH Helen I missed ya!

Where r the lovely beach pics? :)


awww Lisssa MWAH tnxx hun and I wish the same for ya!


Keshi said...



ty so much Lee MWAH!


Keshi said...

Mav heyt Dubai? WOW nice :)

I think my BF store is in Woolies (low-price supermarket in Aus)..LOL!


hey Jim ur honesty rock! yes I said that :)

**rudderless ship

that I am!

o btw i wrote a post on it too hehe.



Keshi said...

tnxx Tarun!

**Dot ever try fading into new Keshi, strive to bloom or evolve into new

hehe yes I know. But by that title what I meant was that my old seld is fading and a new self is beginning...:)


Keshi said...

ty Lovemarks!


hey KP tnxx!

**how many resolution do you complete?

these r actually not resolutions for the NY..I like to see em as lessons learnt from last year...i never really make NY's resolutoions..I just learn from the past..


Keshi said...


Keshi said...

aww ty Milady!



Srijith Unni said...

Hi Keshi, how u doing..?

Happy New Year to you...!

Was a bit saddened to see your update.. I`m an Indian and I definitely haven`t boycotted your blog..! Just a lil` busy..!

Wish you well..!

With Best Regards,

Trinnie said...

**awww look who's talking! :)

u've got such a CUTE smile my o my!**

aww thank u so much! u made my day! :D


Keshi said...

aww Srijith tnxx mate!


U sure do Trinnie..u hv dimples rite?


ghee said...

gorgeuos pics,keshi girl!!

btw,i love the song,Gloria!

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Snow flakes pic is cool ... really nice pic ... u wearing contacts or natural colour of ur eyes?

Keshi said...

tnxx Ghee MWAH!


hey Cheesy tnxx!

I dun wear contacts hehe. btw my eyes r black (mebbe a deep brown) must be the reflections on my eyes that got it to look that color in this pic :)