Thursday, January 31

Let's Roll!

There were some really great rescue plans in that last post, thanks guys you all rock! I have some very intelligent friends here and each of you had atleast one unique tip for survival...that's just awesome! I learnt so much from the last post now I can even survive in the Amazon hehehe. I'd actually love to get lost with ALL of ya I swear :)...that would be good fun ha? Anyways, now I have to choose just one winner, and though it was VERY hard to do that (all of you were real winners), I had to go by the most 'Entertaining', 'Realistic', 'Practical', 'Funny' and 'Clever' answer. Congratts Anuj you won it and THANKS alot! You had me laughing as well as in awe of the knowledge you possessed. Maybe you've got lost a couple of times before? hahaha I hope not! Anyways, here's Anuj's answer for all of you to read..enjoy! And right below his plan, my answer is revealed. :) THANKS ALL it was good fun reading all your terrific plans MWAH I love you guys!

Anuj's answer:
I knew we were holding hands when the gush of wind pushed a parakeet to our plane and the pilot being heartbroken at seeing a dead parakeet, he planned to finish the lives that would live at the cost of the parakeet's. He took us all down shouting 'Long live the parakeet'. I saw the dreadful Keshi eyes and the dumbfound look on her face, who the hell is flying my plane and her belief was strengthened to the core that 'Men were a Baboon'. To the fear of a free fall we kept talking to one another ..human to human ..eye to eye .. and we ranted why were there any baboons at all on the planet. n WOOOF !! we didn't knew what happened but it felt like Heaven n Hell stood right in front of us, and keshi asks me politely 'Which way you goin mate?' ..and Anuj goes 'What the heck, you are being polite at the gate hun .. your cutting my chances duh!!'One more push and the plane fell down the tree, I jolted me and I opened my eyes to see if I was in Heaven or Hell .. Neither declared the instincts and I was ALIVE .. Yeaaaaah I am still ALIVE went Pearl Jam. All music came to a halt and he shouted his vocals out 'KEshiiiii Where the hell are yaaaaaa?' **TBC (to be contd.)hands over our heart**

'Keshiii where are yaaa' .. and she coughs and calls out 'mate my eyeliner is missing ..m so screwed'. 'Keshi ur eyes look fine', we need to get outta here. All the dudes and the chicks are dead, and so is the baboonish pilot. 'wait, lemme pick my mumma's bag how Indian moms are they would pack some food for you even if ur hitting starbucks already' .. ohh ur hit and bleeding .. and he finds the first aid box, cleans her up and does all the dressing n all, and keeps the first aid in this mumma's bag. 'Now here is the plan keshi.. remember jungles are full of paths that are more like a maze, you follow one thinking that you will get out and you end up going deep in the jungle'. 'What are we going to do then ..baawaaaaaaa' keshi says. 'We will find the river'.'The river, you freaking outta your mind, I am in no mood to play wet games anuj' keshi frowns. 'Oh you haven't seen any of those how to get out of a jungle shows on discovery hun. A river is your best bet in a jungle, cause they flow and they lead you to a city or a town, thats the only way we can get out of here'. 'This planet earth book says there aren't no alligators either on this part of earth, we will be safe honey'. And set out to search a river, its important to hear the sounds in the jungle, the sound of running water. They picked up some long boots and anuj even wore a gals one (no not cross dressing) there weren't any mans available, they were all fuckin rockstars on the plane, only sneakers huh!! 'Why long boots?' keshi asked. 'Oh could possible save us from the little creepy ants, spiders and snakes'. They catch up on to a running stream and follow it to lead them to the river, and there it was one little river flowing dwn the jungle. They got in to the shallow water not too deep and started walking along it. 'It is a test of time and perseverance, we dont find anythings in a day or too, we'll build a raft to pace up' he told her. Soon night fell upon them and keshi seemed too tired to walk, they climbed on to a tree which has enough space for the two, he gave her some food, a blanket and let her sleep.

He woke her up early morning so that they didnt waste much time in sleeping. He had a lighter wid him so fire was not an issue, he took some wood lit a fire and took some water from the river, boiled it and prepared some instant coffee (he had the small nescafe sachets). Keshi was all fresh and ready to go. At the corner of the river they could see a lot of light, and he knew that atleast there wasnt a dense forest ahead, they walked and soon got in to a open landscape. IT was evident that since there were no trees no, some village or town would be closeby. They kept walking on a path, through the ladscape. After a long tiresome journey they came across a little boy and they told him they were lost. THe angle that he was, he took them to his home, we gave the family some money for helping us stay for the night. The family guy told them he will drop them to the nearest bus station, where they could reach the city. In the city, keshi went all crazy 'I want to go back to the jungle mate life is like shit' ..'the pom mayhem, and then the staring crowds .. The jungle pom pam pam of cars in a hurry, the aint got a beach I knw but I will be fun in the jungle too'. Keshi kept blaberring, but he took her by hand and lead her to the nearest cafe. She kept blaberring in the cafe too .. this time for her eyeliner that was lost!! GAWWD wat a day.

My answer:
First of all, I'd be in total shock that I'm in the middle of nowhere and wondering how I ended up in a situation like this. So while I stand on a nearby rock and throw a huge hissy fit, screaming and kicking til my shoes get holes in them, Anuj you might have to think of the initial rescue plan. Sorry mate LOL! And after about 10mins of being in trauma, I'd slap myself into reality and get my head and ass into working out a plan for rescue. Before that I'll try my mobile phone one last time (plz)...dammmmit mobile blackspots suck to nanobits! Now I know Anuj quite well and since he knows me fairly well too, I say to him 'Anuj heyy finally we meet and in the jungle too...mate this meeting is quite far from Canberra WOW! But that's ok...we finally met, that's what matters. After all we are not DOOMED as you always said :)...doomed to be in a plane crash but lucky enough to meet somehow hehe'. And then Anuj looks at me and says 'OMG is that you Keshi? WOW how lovely to see you walking out of the wreckage and not on a modelling ramp, thank God!'. I was like 'WTF is he ok in the head!'. And then we get together and HUG. We need to hug to be stronger and to regain some energy and positive thinking, and to slow down my marathon nerves! Anuj takes this blockbuster chance and plans to hug me for about 45mins ***rolling eyes***, and I'm like 'Nice try Anuj, now let's stop smothering each other and get to work'. Then he releases me and we sit down to decide what to do next. We decide to listen to and track a river and walk along it, with whatever we gathered from the wreckage. I will not forget to take some garlic butter from the flight's Kitchen (if it's still in one piece) cos I have heard rubbing Garlic on your skin wards off bugs and snakes (yeah let the creepy-crawlies think Im one giant Garlic on legs!). I'd also take some sharp fragments from the debris for future self-protection from animals, and perhaps from horny tribesmen who are like 24/7 naked gawwwd! If this jungle is close to a sea, we'll write a massive HELP in the sand with the dry sticks and leaves we find so that we'll be seen by any rescue helicopters or ships...and in the night we can light up a bonfire to keep us warm as well as to be spotted. Our bodies and minds need to be kept alive to go on for days if needed, and for that we need fresh water and food. Water can be found in the jungle in Springs, lakes etc. Anuj we can also use large leaves of certain tropical plants to collect dew and rainwater. For food, I'm sure there are plenty of plants/fruits that'll keep us alive...but Anuj you have to save me from eating poisonous plants cos I'm quite capable of it when I'm stressed haha! Now if a dangerous animal such as a tiger or a bear comes across our track, I'd just tell it not to disturb me and walk past it...that wouldn't work I know haaaha! Ok I'd get Anuj to tackle it. Alright I was only kidding my friend :). We'd just try and pretend to be dead ok. I have read that if you show an animal that you're terrified of it and if you try to run away from it, it'll chase you. So I'll try my best to calm down and talk to it slowly or drop to a foetal position and cover my head and play dead. And until the animal passes me by (hopefully it will), I'd try to stay sane by thinking of Nirvana...yeah right Keshi! As for navigation, I believe the sun and the stars are the best tools...they will guide us to safer territories. And with alot of cooperation, prayers, hard work and determination, hopefully we'll get home before it's 2012 Anuj, LOL!

Well what we need to be aware of is both the Dangers and the Resources of the jungle. If we know them well enough, I'm pretty sure that surviving in the jungle is almost equivalent to how we live and survive in the City. The Earth was made with enough resources for man...and man was made with enough senses to survive under any situation. Life is life wherever we's how we use our senses that matter. A positive outlook and team work is important too. And if I had to die to save my partner in this experience, I wouldn't hesitate at all...for me saving someone else is more satistfying than saving myself. I know it's easier said than done, but I know for sure that I'd do it or else my heart won't rest. Thanks all it was both eye-opening and fun doing this post!

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crasiezt said...

Hahaha that was good..I really hope am not stuck with you in a godforsaken jungle:P

Jim said...

, , Yeh kya ho raha hai? , ,


Jim said...

where is every body gone?

Jim said...

i been reading a hott book

its about the first time
how about it Keshi

a post on how I lost my virginity

Jim said...

I want know how it happened with Anuj?


Anonymous said...

I knew I did lose!

Anuj, my!! He is a story teller or something?
Me going to chk his blog out!

Well I wish my prophecy about me and you comes true :)

good answers both of u.. Veens is sad :(

She never did win a gift hamper till now.

badshah khan said...

hey it really sounds like the script of next movie ...great peice of creativity ANUJ...good work boyee u impressed the Aussie...and as KESHI said she got her response as well ..looks like the next big Hit...iam sure its gonna be a hit in australia ..

Lena said...

lol lol and lol
what a great plan of resquing each other, but after such stories i guess you wouldnt want to get out of jungles which appeared to be so much fun :D
Eyeliner?? Huh!!i am sure you would never let it be lost, even on a plane crashed down :P

have a great day, keshi!!

Tys on Ice said...

man, u can make a damn movie with that comment...

iam just pissed off tht i didnt win.. :(

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Keshi,
That post is excellent. I agree with you that Anuj's entry really deserved the prize. It was so entertaining, as if one reads a true to life story. And what's remarkable with his entry was the absence of any malicious undertones whatsoever. I love the post. It was so well written. Thanks for the wonderful work of art. Have a pleasant day always.

Sweetstickychewy said...

Wow..i really do think that guy deserve to win. I am wowed by his answer as i read..Wowzzz..

Congrats Anuj..

***The Earth was made with enough resources for man...and man was made with enough senses to survive under any situation. Life is life wherever we's how we use our senses that matter

I loved what u wrote abt this Keshi. Thought provoking.

Cazzie!!! said...

Awesome song there Keshi!

Kalpana said...

I loved the first photograph of trees. And the stories are good. Hope u come out of jungle before dec 21st 2012......;)

anuj said...

Keshi .. I Wiiiiiiiiiiiin (playing drums with the ground srisanth style :D)

And your answer was awesome too ..thinking about a lot of things that I missed, actually we won't have to face the tiger ;) ..thts y I asked you to climb the tree ..hehehe and if we met one across the river we would pretend to drink water like a tiger ..or we could dive in the waters wid jus our heads out ..

Though in reality its harder than it seems .. there have been true stories of people getting out of the jungle and it is only with perseverance and faith that those people have lived .. Its like a Zeal for a second life!!

Why didn't I take any advances on you? .. Hehehehe .. thats a very difficult question to answer :D I guess the situation was too grave to be lost in the magic of lovin, kissin, huggin etc etc. And it wasnt me who held you for 45 mins dint let me go at all .. hehehe

But it was great fun doing it .. I mean there have been competitions here earlier as well .. but I dint participated well .. this time it feels that you brought it out of me ;)

nice job keshi .. now we can go about writing our book on how we escaped the jungle blah blah ..(and how out of great fear and frustration you started seducing me ..hahahahaha) .. gain some worldly sympathy and earn some bucks .. :D

take care ;) cheeese

@Everyone: Thanks people for appreciating the story .. I see that there are a lot of mistakes there and mis-spelt words ..but I hope you read it hard and got what I wanted to say .. thanks a lot :)

Sam said...

makes for a ncie survival in the jungle manual!! :P

Ziah said...

lol keshi!:) Forrest Bump? :)

Jeevan said...

"Keshiii where are yaaa' .. and she coughs and calls out 'mate my eyeliner is missing" haha... That a fun line keshi.
"he gave her some food, a blanket and let her sleep." Showing kindness was sweet :)

keshi, Anuj has done it very beautifully as well intelligently and I welcome the idea of following the river.

You are thinking very differently dear, hugs.

Asha said...

Anuj seems to have LOT of tiiime on his hand!!!Hahaha!! But he did good though!:)

Jay said...

You could combine those two stories into a made for TV mini series! Then you two would be famous!

KPs View! said...

" Life is life wherever we's how we use our senses that matter"

keshi..this is so true.......:)

Congrats to anuj....good story....good person.....:)

As I said b4....v r playing cricket and chilling and drinking and relaxing may be meet some tribe in jungle...have good food...:)

Eventually someone will find us!

good post......:)

Phoenix said...

both of you guys are amazing sweethearts....good fun there....creative!
Nice, anuj.

Pri said...

***will not forget to take some garlic butter from the flight's Kitchen (if it's still in one piece) cos I have heard rubbing Garlic on your skin wards off bugs and snakes***

now i have never heard of that one...not sure about the snakes and bugs being put off by the smell but maybe u would just scare anuj away with it ...heehee

nice one hun!
have fun...and dont forget to try and search for a cyber cafe to blog from ;)

Helen said...

Clever man that Anuj.

Cinderella. said...

Ha ha ha...girl that was crazy !!!
But i loved it. My internet was screwed yesterday so missed the last post.
This was awesome girl.
And it reminded me of a story of young couple who were stranded in a jungle for 5 days, somewhere in the Amazon itself, alomost on the verge of giving up and trying suicide twice...!!! But soemthing just kept oushing the guy and he kept pushing his girl to stretch her limits further !!
Coincidence is it was a river that they found and followed and a fisherman found them and saved their lives !!!!!
God forbid no one has to go through soemthing like this girl.
So take care. You're precious.

EBEZP said...

Anuj's story is great but yours is just as good!
you've put so much in to these 2 posts Keshi where do you fit in all the ordinary things like eating and sleeping?

Love G n R!!!!!!

Die Muräne said...

But why write a 'help' in the sand??

I would be afraid that someone could find us :)

Homo Escapeons said...

Congratulations Anuj,
well done indeed.

The next time you host one of these what if thingamabobs don't forget to include a line that states "pretend that you're not married".

This clause shall indemnify and render me judgement free from any future psychological and physical repercussions from my goodladywife,
who I adore (Hi Sweetie!)

Anyway it's like having one hand tied behind your back because married guys like me, (super uber-happily married guys Hi Sweetie) can't write some torrid 'swept away' 24/7 non-stop monkey love scenario!

HA! I'll shut up now before I get into trouble...
and yes I could have written it under a pseudonym


Renovatio said...

Whoops, I've missed a bit here...

WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

Some very fine writing. I still think I've seen the movie, but you two have a concept for a reality show.

Let's call it Plane Crash Survivor.

A passenger jet full of people is flown by a crazy pilot who puts the plane down because a bird lost all its feathers while being sucked into a jet engine. The players of the game have to survive the crash and then keep themselves alive while trying to alert rescuers.

Depending on how many survive, the game continues while contestants are eliminated. Because the winners have to be a couple, contestants have to pair up and try to kill the other surviving couples.

I like the bird concept.
...when the gush of wind pushed a parakeet to our plane and the pilot being heartbroken at seeing a dead parakeet, he planned to finish the lives that would live at the cost of the parakeet's. He took us all down shouting 'Long live the parakeet'

However, we might be able to godify the bird so the crazy pilot wants to speak to god, and he thinks crashing the plane will fast track him to god.

This really happened to an Air Canada plane this week, but the co-pilot was removed from the controls, and the plane was saved.

I know there's no such word as 'godify'. It just sounds good.



david santos said...

Nice, nice and nice, Keschi.
A beautiful place here!
Excellent post!
have a good weekend

George said...

That was really cool, sweetie. I like

Zhu said...

You really have a lot of imagination and on top of that, you can tell stories! Cool! :$

Margie said...

Hey Keshi
I would say Anuj did a superb job!
Very creative, indeed!
And, your answer...super!

Just a quick visit to wish you a happy weekend.
I'm packing right now for a weekend getaway to the Mts.
Going to beautiful Breckinridge, CO.
My darlin' huuby surprised me!
We will be cross country and downhill skiing.
I'm so thrilled, I cannot wait.
We leave early in the morning.
Be back on Monday...

So cu soon!



Anonymous said...

we love ya toooo :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

Hmmm cool story or... :)
amazing!!! Ye Anuj Anuj kaun hai ? :)

You have been tagged in ma blog ... ;)

Cheers n Hugggzzz my dear sis

Steve said...

Thanks for visiting my site.
I had not finished the poem but have now. I thought I had saved it not published. Lol

If I do a story I will let you know.
Seems to me you do very well all on your own.

Thinking aloud said...

heh..heh... i really do think anuj is an experienced loser...losing himself in te jungle with beautiful gals... :D

good reply too, keshi...

maverick said...

drop to a foetal position and cover my head and play dead.

i ld love to see this happen???possible anytime soon????

Steph said...

Awww, I missed all the fun. I'd love to be stuck in the jungle with you.....but only if we had some manservants to make us cocktails and give us massages.

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-I missed that post*sighs*- perhaps a late entry is allowed,just for fun?I'll do it.hehe.

Nice pick of the lot,from did sound like the scene from a Hindi movie,at some places,except that they've not featured bloggers in the *lost and found* kind of themes yet.hehe.

Have a nice weekend.

AVIANA said...

gosh it would be so great to have s cold gingerale or lemonade with you right now in australia...

starry nights said...

Anuj wins hands down even in my book.I think it was a really funny story.HE SHOULD START WRITING SOME SHORT STORIES.

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Cool escapades there!

Reading those makes getting lost in a jungle sound like such a fun thing to do :)

Have a great weekend dear!Hugsss

Tee said...

LOL - Is this an episode for the TV show LOST?! ;) ... That was some creative writing for sure!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Crap, I lose again. Happy weekend Keshi!!

Beach Bum said...

Anuj's answer was awesome. I read it twice and I'm still laughing. Have a great weekend Keshi.

badshah khan said...

hmm there goes a little bit of work for u in the weekend mor TAG this time musical...

Johnny Cigar said...

sat down to read but was lost in the beauty of the pics.
great ones!

Gledwood said...

Hi Kesh
hope your weekend's cruisin'...
here have some lurve...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

great stuff!

it's a tag so pass it on..!

take it easy...


lee said...

I reckon that there are lots of guys about here who would like to be stuck in the jungle - or anywhere -with you keshi :).

J E E V Y said...

lol!! "whatte" plan! :D


Chriz said...

thats a long one keshi..

gunj said...

surviving in the jungle is almost equivalent to how we live and survive in the City. The Earth was made with enough resources for man...and man was made with enough senses to survive under any situation. Life is life wherever we's how we use our senses that matter.

loved dat!! :)

Jim Dean said...

I cud have done better than Anuj


Jeya Anand said...

Helllllllllllooooooooooooooooooo Keshi.... :):):)
How are u?? Missed u very much!!
Am back to blogging... :):)

Anonymous said...

this is simply wonderful reading & the pics are just takes on the entire trip...have a nice Sunday!

Keshi said...

THANKS all! :)


Keshi said...

Hey Jeya glad to see ya bak.

WB! :)


Keshi said...

lol Anuj so thats why ;-)

U did so well mate. TY!



Keshi said...

HE tnxx!

But there was no romantic scene between me and Anuj in this Jungle saga was there? LOL! I missed it then. :)


Keshi said...

Simon I did eat, sleep and shower as well..ya know, Im KESHI ALMIGHTY lol!


Keshi said...

***would be afraid that someone could find us

Murane u naughty boi ;-)


Keshi said...

LOL Bev hahaha!

And yes I read abt that co-pilot going bananas mid-air.


Keshi said...

MWAHHHHHH Margie how was ur romantic weekend? WOW!


Keshi said...

Amit :)


Keshi said...

Stevo hi again! ;-)


Keshi said...

really Gledz? aww tnxx...will check it out soon.



Keshi said...

Jim, u wanna know wut happened...o well, Anuj and I made...made...made....cakes LOL!


Keshi said...

Gunj tnxx hun! :)


Keshi said...

HAHAHA Steph u make slaves outta men LOL!


Keshi said...

G'day Dave!


Keshi said...

tnxx all! I didnt comment-reply to ALL comments in this post. But I read each and every one of em. LOVE YA ALL!


krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!

I didn't write about being with you in jungle, but I read your great idea and really amazing comments. Anuj is great!

Very shortly, I want to have some fun with you in jungle. Your scenario is perfect and I need this time being in jungle, specially with you. I'm sure it will be our great, unforgettable, full of benefits time.
Since last year I was thinking about fasting, but still I had some excuse. Time with you will be a good time for fasting. Don't worry Keshi, you wouldn't be hungry. Guarantee!
We will be talking much and I know, that after these days I'll be smarter and my English will be almost perfect. Maybe I'll be lucky to discover your secret about such successful blogging.

From me I'll offer you course of Natural Medicine - specially - Massage Therapy and Dietotherapy ( of course - free). Don't worry about water, I know about "Water for Life" - it is perfect in this kind of situation and it is healing.
Don't worry about animals. We both love Nature and animals, animals will be our friends.

Our time pass very fast and when the help will come they will be in shock. Many journalists and photographers (including famous bloggers - Peter and KFM) will be try to get wind of us.

Next day the Press and TV will be almost full of our amazing pics, interviews.
The bigest surprise will be our great condition. We look beautiful(as always), with so much energy, much younger and Very Well.

Soon you will write fascinate, outstanding book about something like "The Healing Jungle" and it will be the phenomenal #1 Medical Bestseller/2008/

krystyna said...

That post is more than great. It is Excellent!

Keshi said...

OMG Krys that was excellent! U gave a whole new meaning to the Jungle experience...WOW! I seriously loved it.

**that after these days I'll be smarter and my English will be almost perfect. Maybe I'll be lucky to discover your secret about such successful blogging.

awww.. :)

Abt natural healing and therapy..r u a naturopath? WOW!

I'd LOVE to be lost with ya Krys...I'd learn so much from u. Especially on how to RELAX and not get hyper n all :) U'll be a blessing for me, Im so sure of it.

Abt the I'll posing for photos quite glamorously ;-)

'The Healing Jungle' is such a neat title!

ty Krys that was AMAZING!


krystyna said...

We will be meditate too. Jungle is a good place for renovation mind and body.

Keshi said...

definitely Krys! Away from all the chaos of ppl and the city life..


Judge Arse said...

I love the pictures of the animals, and that freaky monkey statue. Heh!

Keshi said...

Judge hey thats not a! It's a Tribe dude :):)

tnxx sweetie!