Monday, June 30

It's Raining On My Soul!

Note: I'm sorry if my regular pics here bore any of you. It's not an act of self-obsession, it's an act of just having some fun. This is the only place where I can truly be myself and do what I feel like. So if you ever get bored by seeing my face all the time over here, there's nothing I can do but convey my apologies. Cos when you step into my online home, you'll see my face - not anybody else's.

Guys, I'm yet to upload few b'day pics from my camera to the PC. Besides I was sleeping half the day yesterday after a massive hangover from Sat! Yes the lunch stretched to Dinner and past midnight! So I'm sorry I can't do that promised bday-post today...besides, aren't you all sick of my b'day already? LOL! Also I'm so very busy at work today and I have to find some time to do the slides etc. So yeah, I'll put it up later in the week ok..I promise! Stay tuned for that. ;-)

Now I really wanted to put up this post before anything else. This contains 2 beautiful gestures from some beautiful people that touched me deeply in the last few days. The first 2 videos here are of lil Mishtu..a handsome little boy all the way from India who hasn't even seen/met me but had these mega cute smiles, laughs and Hellos for me! This is something that touched me so deeply, that I shared these videos with my whole family and friends and they all LOVED lil Mishtu so very much! He's calling me 'Keeshi' here LOL!, you've just got to listen to his adorable voice and mischievous giggles. btw, he's none other than my dearest mate Samby's nephew. So THANKS Samby for doing this for me! Cos it really felt like a cool drop of water on my burning soul...a breath of fresh air on a difficult day...a silken caress on my scarred heart...a beautiful Summer day on a Winter's night. Yes, that's how lil Mishtu's lovable eyes and heartfelt laughter touched my soul! Mishtuuu baby I love ya dahlin, THANKS for your love! (press PLAY to start the videos, and you may like to stop the music video in my blog first to be able to listen to Mishtu's voice).

And below are 2 b'day pressies I got from one of my dearest mates here. He made these especially for me and apparently it took him 2hrs to do it :):). I just wanna thank him for taking the time and effort to make me feel loved and appreciated. It just goes to show how much he truly cares. This felt like another cool drop of water on a scorching Summer day in my soul. It quenched my thirst and made me live again. THANKS mate for your beautiful presence in my life!

Now all of you tell me...tell me what recent experience made it feel like your burning soul just got sprinkled by a cool drizzle. It doesn't have to be exactly like the above gestures can be just anything by anyone that made you feel fresh and alive in the recent past. C'mon share now! And I'll be coming around to your blogs soon.

And hey Happy Monday guys, live it up cos we are breathing right? We are so much more luckier than all those who died yesterday! And heyy watch this special video made by someone out there for this great song. It's so very beautiful! Somewhere in my heart I'm always dancing with you in the Summer rain...

Current Music: Summer Rain by Belinda Carlisle

Friday, June 27

You Make My Heart Dance!

A Home Party...

Hey guys, as some of you wanted to know, I will update you with my bday gos on Monday ok? :). Cos tomorrow is THE PARTY and we're gonna have some crazy fun...mum's gonna have Musical Chairs for the oldies LOL! And we are also gonna have a Kids' Dancing competition (as my cousins and friends are bringing their kids) and give away gifts too. So it's gonna be a big day tomorrow with alot of fun. I'm so looking forward to it!

A City Rail Party...
btw carrying that huge Roses-Only box full of roses back home on Wednesday night (read my bday post) created a huge party on the train! I'm serious! As I got on the train and got a seat in the carriage adjacent to the doors, I just realised that my long Roses box stretched to 2 other people's laps too (seated on either side of me)! And when I apologised for it as the box slightly hit their knees, the cute Aussie guy to the left of me said 'oh it's totally was this from your boyfriend? Is it you're 21st?'. And that line paved the way to a noisy and happy 30min PARTY in that carriage until I got off at my stop! LOL I can't believe it that total strangers started talking to me, asking about my bday, how my evening was gonna be spent, whether it was my 21st (I was totally smitten cos nah I'm not that young anymore haha!) etc etc. The lady on the right asked me about the color of the roses I got, and so I opened the whole thing just to show them (being the drama queen that I am) *rolling eyes*! They all went 'awwwwwwwwwwwwww!' together and they were all saying how lovely a gesture it was from my sis and they started telling me their gift one lady got a fruit basket from Roses Only and how yummy they were etc etc. So my heart was totally filled with joy and I can say that that was one of the best train journeys that I've ever made in my entire train-trip history! Cos it made me realise how beautiful some strangers can be and how caring some people are. Not all people in this world are obnoxious, selfish and proud. There are still some good people left out there. I really didn't wanna get out at my stop..cos these strangers who made it such a wonderful ride home were wishing me well and saying lovely things as I got off the if they knew me my entire life on Earth. And how often do you get that kind of feeling in life...the feeling of your heart dancing? Share with me something wonderful a stranger(s) did for you. Something that made your heart dance in joy. Would love to hear your experiences.

A Party In My Heart...
This song is for all of you blog-mates. You've never met me in real either...I'm a total stranger to you but you shower me with so much love and support that it feels like I've known you all my life! You've all made my life so very beautiful in many different ways over the years, and WOW so many beautiful b'day wishes for me this year, I was totally stoked! So a big THANK YOU! Enjoy this song that is especially for you. Please try and listen to it, cos the lyrics feel as if they were made just for you and that I'm singing it for you :). You make my heart dance! Have a good one and don't forget to answer the question above. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kaylz, may you always be surrounded by LOVE!

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Thursday, June 26

The Toughest Innings

Ooo! Aah! Glenn McGrath! Yes that's how popular, talented and great the world-renowned Aussie cricketer Glenn McGrath is. But he faced his toughest Innings in life on Sunday when his 42yr old wife Jane McGrath passed away after an 11yr battle with Cancer, leaving behind their 2 young children James and Holly. Now, while Death happens to every man/woman on Earth and in every family, what was special about Jane was that she was a very public person, and truly brave and an extremely positive spirit. Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer at just 31yrs of age, she didn't let it affect her Life and Living. She always came on TV and in the papers with encouraging words and great wisdom to other Cancer sufferers and also used her high profile to help other Cancer-stricken women - The McGrath Foundation. In short, she DID something about it FOR others in the small timeframe that she was GIVEN on this Earth. I find Jane to be an amazing and courageous ambassador for true Humanity. And it's rare that we find souls like her. I have been watching her brave Battle closely over the years through her ups and downs, and right throughout it all, what I saw was a true Survivor....not a survivor of a disease but a survivor in LIFE. She showed people what it is to have Death staring her in the face yet take it in good spirits, smile through the many tears and just get on with it. She did her best to the same time, she did make plans for her own funeral too (as she was recently told by her doctors that she had only few months to live). Now how very brave is that? To choose her own coffin, the flower arrangements, the farewell songs etc etc. She had everything in life...her superstar and loving husband, 2 beautiful kids, a great home and so much of love around her. And most of all she had the greatest attitude towards life and the miseries thrown by it at her. Cos of that I say she didn't LOSE her life, rather she WON in life. Forever shall we remember her true valour!

And I was thinking. We always seem to believe that it's our education, skills, achievements, assets, careers etc that take us places. Not for me. I believe it's people, even total strangers like Jane, who takes us places in life. It's the courage in their actions, the bravery in their battles, the positivity in their attitude, the brilliance in their deeds, the beauty in their hearts, the story of their lives, the Life in their Deaths...that's what takes me places in life. It's them that take my soul to a higher a place that where nothing can shake my soul. The Life in the Death of someone so bright, secured my soul.

My b'day post was written with Jane McGrath in mind. Hence the 'one day at a time' theme. And it was also her funeral yesterday (on my b'day) and the Memorial took place very close to where I work in the City - in Sydney's historic Garrison Church where the couple got married in 1999. It was an emotional public Farewell, and to see a husband and 2 young kids bidding adieu to their loving Wife and Mother, was too painful for a soul like me. But I guess, the fact that Jane lived one day at a time inspiring so many people in Australia and around the world, makes me feel content for her and her family. Cos Jane was one in a zillion who realised what it is to LIVE before she DIED.

Today's song is a special dedication to Jane's undying spirit. I remember watching one of Jane and Glenn's recent TV Interviews (her last one), and Jane was asked what do you want in life, she replied 'I wanna grow old with Glenn and see my children all grown up and see their life'. Ok now I'm crying! Sweet Jane you didn't know me but I know you so well...your great spirit and bold battle inspired many people like me in the short time you were here. We will never forget the Angel that you are...all your work is done now, and all your pain is gone away...your kids will do well being blessed by fly with the angels darl MWAH!

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Wednesday, June 25

Life In A Day

Today is the day Keshi came out of her mother's womb saying 'Let me out! Let me out!'. Aha, yes it's my birthday :). My mum said I was a big baby (8 pounds) and with lots and lots of hair (kesh, get it?), and apparently I came out screaming 'Amma!' which means 'Mother' in my culture. LOL I'm not joking there and apparently the nurses were very puzzled and had asked my mum 'How come this baby came out saying 'Ammaaaaa' when all other babies come out just crying??'. Silly nurses didn't know my 'crying' was to come later on in my life hehe. Anyways, the best b'days I ever had was when my dad was around. He always made it very special...just the way I wanted it to be. He never missed on getting me a pretty dress or shoes or books that I loved. I used to invite my school-mates for a party at home and have some fun too. But it was special cos he was there. After my dad died (after my 15th b'day), I never really celebrated my b'day. Cos nothing really mattered anymore. The true essence of life and death started crawling into my mind. I realised that what needs to be celebrated is LIFE itself...not just b'days. My 16th b'day was spent in tears cos it was just few months after my dad died. And the subsequent b'days up until recent was spent doing nothing flashy...just cake and dinner/lunch with family and friends - small cosy gatherings at home, few charities here and there. My family and friends threw parties for me, but I never really 'celebrated' my b'day for me. I never celebrate myself...I celebrate LIFE.

What are b'days? To me, it's just another day. What are we 'celebrating' here? In my opinion, we should really celebrate, not how many years we have lived on this Earth, but how much LIFE we put into each day that we get to live here. Over the years I have only realised how fragile life is and cos of that, EVERY SINGLE DAY should be celebrated, not just our b'days. Live life to the fullest everyday, open your eyes and see more than you're programmed to see, listen to the cries of the unheard, convey the messages to your loved-ones without delay, be a voice for the unspoken deeds, do the things you must do and put in your best efforts to it, reach out to someone before you wish you had, compliment more than insult, seek the similarities and appreciate the differences, spread love by demonstrating it - not just by words, and live one day at a time. After all, nothing is worth celebrating if we can't recognise how short Life really can be and what a big difference a single Day can make. It's about how much Life you put into one day. It's in the small things you do's the simple things that give great joy and true rewards to you. Although at times I fail miserably as a humanbeing. I'm yet to see, hear, speak, do and learn alot in this life...and I hope to do my best by living to the fullest, and one day at a time. Cos 'learning' doesn't end until the day we die.

Below is a little verse I wrote just now for the Life that I was given...for the Life that somehow keeps me going. She is a treacherous Path fated for Keshi, sprinkled with Mysteries to be unravelled and hidden Love to be embraced at the end of the day...

In these shoes that you have walked
Over the years and over the hills
Of love and tears and glory
Nothing compares to you..

PS: My darling cuz Renu in NZ woke me up at 6am today just to wish me...then the calls/txts started comig one after the other, like my phone was some Hotline! Then my mum gave me a Camcoder as her pressie. How sweet, but yeah what a waste of money - I'm not so much into expensive gifts but they always do this. So that's gonna be my new toy for the next few months ;-). And just now I got a huge bouquet of about 20 long-stemmed roses (light pink, cream and blood-red) from Roses-Only along with chocolates, delivered to my office! It was from my sis awwww...I'll take pics and put them up in the next post ok. I'm loving the pretty roses, o man I'm stoked to nanobits! My office mate D went to the door to pick it up and I heard a big 'OMG!' at the door lol! And he came back with the huge box and placed it on my desk saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY Keshi, as if he's giving it to me *rolling eyes*. My office team cut a cake for me y'day, and my mum is planning a small party for me and her (her b'day is on the 28th of June) on Sat. So yeah, we are gonna dance the whole day like Dance-bug bitten zombies! For life is too short and we've gotta enjoy every moment we have been GIVEN to the fullest!

You guys are the best part of my Life, cos without you, I wouldn't be Keshi. Without your wisdom and support every single day of my life, I wouldn't have the candles (light) on my cake (in my heart). And who is gonna read all the long posts I write here except you, and still love me for who I am? :) So thanks for being here for me and please know that I LOVE YA lots! btw when you leave a comment in this post, please leave your b'days too...cos I can't remember 300 blog b'days unless I'm Wonder-woman with a RAM of about 900GB? lol! I wanna keep this post's comment section as a future b'day reference, so that I can wish ya all on time. Thanks guys MWAH! And don't forget to put more Life into your day. This is one of my fav songs and one of dad's favs too - reminds me of the few truly beautiful years I had with him. Enjoy, tata!

Current Music: Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

Monday, June 23

Not-So-Desperate And Dateless

I know why I'm dateless...cos I'm not so desperate. LOL ok I don't mean that those who date often are desperate *BOINK! a rotten Tomato hits Keshi's head*. Peace! Just that I was thinking about it the other day, cos I see girls around me Dating at the drop of a hat, whereas I'm that same single girl, who wouldn't move her ass off the couch even if Gerard Butler was in front of her down on his knees with pink roses asking her out *Love Story music plays at the back*. Yes, I'm difficult. Let's just say I'm not so crazy about Dating, unless I get both emotionally and intellectually stimulated by the guy, which btw is quite rare. Why is that? Cos guys like that are rare. LOL! Cmon, isnt that true? I mean you can't Date or possibly think of Dating every guy that's interested in you! There have been alot of romantic proposals that I have rejected big time, only cos I sensed nothing 'real' happening from taking it any further. You may tell me that you've got to try before you know what can happen. But after my Ex and I broke up, I have sort of stopped 'scanning' for love. Not that I have been affected by that last relationship, but I just want Love to happen when it's ready for come to me on it's own. I don't wanna search for it...cos the best things in life come to you when you stop looking for them *talk about stopping the Search, it seems it has halted til the year 2055!*.

Coming back to the Dating part...the only Date I went on after THE Breakup was with Mr.Darcy in Jan 2007. Some of you already know that very short Love story (read Mr.Darcy Meets Keshi, The Happiness Of The Pursuit, and A Cinderella Story from my 2007 archives, if you want to know). The reason I even decided to go out with Mr.Darcy after he asked me out was cos he really did sound like a GREAT guy...and he did stimulate me both emotionally and intellectually on the first day wet met. He was crazy about me...he didn't even know who I was but he soon started talking to me and was making plans straight away. Everything he said just clicked, and trust me that's a rare happening in my life. He was great company, a good conversationalist, a decent guy with a great sense of humor and a high thinker. Though I don't like rushing things, especially relationships, I kind of liked his honesty and quick thinking. He asked me out the next day itself, he was making wedding plans on the 2nd day *rolling eyes* and we broke up in just 7 days, and he told me very hurtful things and ended it, and all from TXT messages (wasn't man enough to meet me and say it all). LOL there you go! Such are my Dates and that's why I'm hesitant to go out with a guy just like that. NO THANK YOU! What seemed like Gold at first sight, was only Dust after 7 days. No I'm not trashing him, but what I'm saying is that what you see is not what you always get. Having said that, does that mean someone who does NOT emotionally and intellectually stimulate you at first could be Gold later on? :) Maybe...maybe not. I don't know the answer to that. All I know is right now I'm quite comfy being not-so-desperate and dateless, woohoo! ;-)

So, to spice up this post, I wanna add a list of things that a guy should never (I mean NEVER) do on a first Date. You can add to this list in the comment section. Guys can write about what a girl should never do on a first Date, and girls can write about what a guy should never do on a first Date. Ok so here's my list of DON'Ts:

*Dress torn/smelly clothes
Please note that you're on a Date, not a Charity assessment. So guys please look good and smell nice!

*Ignoring your breath
Don't go there and prove to your Date that you're the number one Halitosis case in your country that needs emergency treatment! Please do brush your teeth and freshen up your breath even if it takes 10 Listerine bottles to bomb your breath - before you leave home, not in front of her!

*Pick your nose/teeth/ears
If you ever do any of the above when you're on a Date with a girl like me, I'd just get up and walk away...on the way, I'd report you to the Police for Mental harassment using disgusting techniques.

*Talk about your Ex
Please don't ever do this! Mr.Darcy kept on talking about his last Fatal-Attraction kinda GF it made me so dizzy it felt like I was gonna go into a coma!

* Play with your cutlery/food
If you're on a Restaurant date, please don't play with your cutlery/food as if you're a 5yr old kid...and also don't use cutlery to make expressions while yakking, especially a knife cos this may look like you're Ted Bundy's re-incarnation!

*Touch your Crotch area
YUKK! If you ever do this in front of a girl like me, your Crotch will no longer exist.

*Keep looking at the watch/clock
Don't do this at all, cos it gives us women the impression that you have another Date to catch after this one.

*Talk with your face on her face
Please keep a decent physical distance when you're on your first few dates...after all this is not your Honeymoon!

*Keep texting/talking on your mobile phone
It's rude to chat on your mobile all the time when you're on a gives the impression that the Date isn't so important to you and that your work/mates/family is your real Date!

*Talk about your life only
Don't go on blabbering about your interests only, as if this is a 'This Is Your Life' presentation for you. Do ask about her life and interests too.

*Ask too many questions
Do not keep asking loads of questions from the girl as if this is a Job not make her sick from asking stupid questions such as 'how many babies do you want?'!

*Shake your legs like a manic motor!
I dislike guys who continuously rock their legs as if they are in a fit. Probably cancel the date and get some medical help?

*Say 'I Love You'
Please guys, a Date doesnt mean LOVE. Get over it! And save some lines to say when you really are in love (if that ever happens that is).

*Try to kiss the girl
I don't know about other girls, but I don't wanna get physical on the first few Dates. It'll take a very long time for a guy to get me to lock lips with dragging me into bed will take, mmmm, like 7 lifetimes? Yeah dream on!

*Try to mate on a Date
For godssakes a first Date is not about Sleeping! *reminds me of wild Baboons' Mating season*. So don't even think about it without expecting to be beaten black and blue in public. *start getting used to Manolo Blahnik shoe marks on your face*

*Pay only for your meal/coffee
It's good to go 50/50 on a first Date, but it's always nice to offer to pay. Some guys may take you to McDonalds or Reject Shop Cafe - Girls BEWARE of such 'McMaggots'!

*Call immediately after the Date
I dunno about other chicks, but I don't like guys who are pests/stalkers. Give it some time. After all Love and relationships are not supposed to show quick results like instant Maggie noodles!

Now add your points. Thanks guys!

Where do I tell the story of how 'great' a love can be...

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Friday, June 20

Your Two Eyes

This post is dedicated to all neglected parents in the world, and was also written in loving memory of my own father and grandparents, who made me who I am today. I LOVE YOU WHEREVER YOU MAY BE and if you were alive today you know I will never leave your side until I die. Never.

Below are 2 pics of a real Mother and a Father who now live in Homes for the Aged (put there by their own children who can't lookafter them). These pics were taken from 2 different personal Web albums of 2 great people who made visits to these Homes as part of a charity mission and took these pics. My heartfelt gratitude and love to them!

Somebody's father (and grandfather) at a Home for the Elderly in Sri Lanka. He's having his breakfast, all alone...

Somebody's mother (and grandmother) who lives in a Home for the Elderly in India . She has Asthma that was triggered by witnessing one of her housemates die...

I couldn't stop shedding tears as I saw the faces of this mother and father. The loneliness in their eyes..the silent tears of their souls...the sadness in their stare...the memories written all over their face. Who's father is that? Who's mother is this? Where are their children? Did they have the heart to 'dump' them in Aged care? With how much love would they have brought up their kids? Is this the result of that love? No matter how good/bad your parents/grandparents may be, please don't do THIS to them. They deserve love and care from you, just like how they gave it to you when you were growing up. It's your turn to help them out, in their most difficult years. Everyone wants to be loved, nobody wants to be lonely and left in an Aged home with strangers, to die some day. Will you do this to your parents? Picture yourelves like this some day (cos we all get old some day) would you feel to be abandoned like this? Parents are not clothes or shoes that you throw away when they get old and are of no use any longer...they are humans that helped you stand on your own feet...they are the two eyes that made you see. Respect, protect and love them always. And I also know of someone who hit her mother in's so very sad! I have no words to describe the grief I feel when I see neglected parents. I hope this song will tell you how I feel...

This song is one of my fav Sinhalese songs by the great SL singer Late H.R.Jothipala. It's a touching song about mothers (can be applied to fathers too). This video shows the 2007 Sri Lankan Idol winner Pradeep Rangana singing it. He did the song great justice and he sang this for his own mother who's in the audience too. Meaning is as follows (please bear with my translation as it's very difficult to convert the true meaning of a Sinhalese song into English):

Mae nonimena divi gamane...nivane maga penena thura..
In this endless journey of life, until I gain enlightenment
Ammae obe putheku wela...ennam maa sasara pura..
I wanna be born as your son, in this cycle of birth and death

Piyathuma nethi dha indhala...giye ne maa thani karala..
Eversince I lost my father, you never left my side
Kusa gini mata noma dheela...dhuka vedhanawa nivala...
You didn't leave me hungry, you were bearing all the pain
Ammae oba Budhu wewa...mavu guna gee gayanemi ma
Mother, may you become a Buddha...your great qualities I sing of

Mae nonimena divi gamane... ... ...
In this endless journey of life... ... ...

Petali lo mayaven...galawa maa awamanen...
When I was lost in an illusion, you saved me from falling
Nuwanesa mage pahadhaala...dhiyunuwe maga penwaala...
You taught me to think, and showed me the right path
Lebu ae aashirvahde...dhivi maawata eliya vune
I received your blessings, and my life path has been brightened

Mae nonimena divi gamane... ... ...
In this endless journey of life... ... ...

Current Music: Mae Nonimena Divi Gamane by Pradeep Rangana

Wednesday, June 18

In Bloom

1 What makes you truly happy?

2 What can't you live without?

3 What's your daily source of inspiration?

4 What's your message to the world?

5 What makes you unique?

6 What flower are you and why?

My answers:
1 Happiness is an infection that most people don't wanna get cured from. But happiness and sadness are shadows of each other, and time heals them one after the other somehow - knowing that keeps me content
2 Living without one thing is living with something else - and that may very well be something worth living with
3 Every sunrise is an inspiration itself - so bask in it's glory and live the opportunity
4 Live and let live, for this world isn't our's to keep - it's a very short time that we get to live here
5 I'm unique cos I seek the similarities, not the differences - engage, reconcile and move ahead
6 I'm the Lotus in the distant waters, because I grow and dazzle in solitude, no matter where I am - my roots stand in mud, yet I'm in bloom.

Your turn now. Answer the above questions according to your own understanding and please be honest. Thanks!

News Flash!
I had a frikkin Tap accident this morning in the office kitchen. I opened the hot-water tap to wash my cup and the spindle came off (yeah, just like that!) with water splashing all over me and flooding like the Burmese floods *only that this was a hot water flood!* I panicked like hell, tried to put back the spindle on the tap but since it was hot water, I couldn't do it without possibly burning myself to a charcoal-death *rolling eyes* I had to run back to the office to get help! I went to my fav work-mate D's desk, and told him what happened and he came running back with me LOL! And by the time we both came to the kitchen, it looked like the 'Pacific Ocean' changed it's address to our office kitchen.*O Keshi what have ya done early in the morning!* There was water running all over the nice blue carpet and it looked like I was gonna get drowned in few minutes. And then poor D tried to fix it while swimming in a Tsunami *while I was watching him, secretly laughing haha!*, but he couldn't find the taps under the sink to stop the water either. Somehow after about 5mins, THE wonderful D managed to put back the spindle on the tap and stop the water from running, woohoo! Then we called the Building Manager real quick, and he came and asked jokingly 'Who's the culprit who made this mess?' hahaha! I was basically hiding behind D, looking like a soaked up baby who just walked out of a Wet N Wild experience. I replied jokingly 'Mate look at me I'm all wet from top to bottom, can I claim compensation?'. LOL! And he being the massive flirt that he is, takes a good look at me and goes 'Well I can lend you a towel...I can help you wipe yourself too?'. Yeah right, jerk! And he smiled and called in the plumbers to fix it straight away. Now a carpet-dryer is running in the kitchen for the whole day, and all because of Keshi's dramas :). And all the guys in my office are walking past me cracking Water jokes the whole day, just to annoy me hehehe. So, my day started off like that, in a water pool, in my drenched office clothes panicking like a maniac...what's next? Hope I don't bring the building down at night.

Now don't forget to answer the questions above. And now you see why I'm a Lotus flower...cos I love to flirt with water and we are very happy together. Tide is high...but I'm holding la la la la... ;-)

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Monday, June 16

Ek Prema Kathawak...

And she goes to the Ball...
Guys, the musical show was a hit (read last post if you haven't). The night totally rocked from superb Sinhalese songs sung by some really talented young and old Sydney-siders (few Hindi and English numbers too) , belly dancing (by a group of beauuuitul girls!), Salsa (by 3 top Salsa dancers in Sydney), group performances etc etc. And the final item was for Dancing (Baila) and that lasted for about an hour. I didn't wanna leave the floor. It was so infectious and we totally enjoyed the night. Yes there was a hunk on the floor giving me looks (hopefully not cos of the flu!) but I didnt pay much attention to him. Cos he did have a girlfriend urrrrgggg! *rolling eyes*. All in all it was a great night out and 5 hours of pure entertaintment. Loved it!

Glances From A 'Known' Stranger...
I gotta tell you this now...I fell in love with someone at the show! yes I did. It wasn't just infatuation cos I haven't felt like this in awhile. I'm not the kind of girl who falls in love so easily. And I know very well when it's love. Let me tell you what happened and who he is. As we walked into the hall at 6pm and took our seats in the 4th row, my eyes instantly spotted a guy who was seated in the first row with a girl. He turned around as if to look at the crowd and made eye-contact with me. I was spellbound instantly! Not cos he looked at me but cos of what he looked like! He had the face that my deepest imagination had drawn in my heart over many years. No it's not some actor's face or some flashy guy. But a simple, down-to-Earth and loveable face with deep dark mysterious eyes. I was in awe but I decided not to get too excited and just sit still. After all he's with a girl already and this was a show, not a dating site *rolling eyes*. Then in about 5mins, he turns around casually for the 2nd time, and looks at me again! Now I'm beginning to think he's probably trying to show off cos he didn't have a smile on his face..but somehow, a very familiar look. The show starts off and the lights are dimmed. We sit in the dark and begin to enjoy the music. After about 10 lovely songs and dances, I suddenly see that guy's seat empty (yes I was looking from time to time LOL!) - but the girl was still there. And guess who was on stage was him! I never imagined he was gonna sing too. And he sang one of my fav Sinhalese songs and he did a brilliant job cos he sang it exactly like the original singer did. What a voice he had! I was in awe again! I couldn't take my eyes off him...and it looked like he's looking at me from the stage and singing that song for me (well Im sure he didn't sing it for me, but it felt like that ok! so stop laughing at me plz). I was at the front so he could see me very well even though the lights were dimmed. So I stared into his eyes as he sang, being the naughty girl that I am hehe. I saw love in his eyes...I heard love in his voice...I noticed his silver wrist-watch...I scanned his long grey jacket...I noticed his dark manly brows...I glanced at his black shoes...I ran my eyes along his chest, his hands, his lips...ok stop it Keshi! yeah I was a massive perv that night, so what? Cos I fell in love with him way before that day, and then I met him, and suddenly everything about him was so perfect for some reason. I was so very surprised to see the face on my mind infront of me, singing one of my fav love songs and that too seemingly looking at me? WOW now isnt that some luck or what (Love-God probably was sober that nite!). Anyways later on, I saw him leave early with that hot Sri Lankan chick in a blue boob-tube. All my built-up excitement died instantly, my innocent cosy feelings crashed down on me suffocating my breath and I wanted to curse my stupid drama-queen heart right away. Why am I even thinking about him? God, I'm so naive. He was just a singer I came across at a show, he doesn't have a clue who I am, he doesn't give a rat's arse about what I'm thinking right now, he's too cool to even care, he most probably has a girlfriend (if that chick wasnt his sis or friend) and he's probably locking lips with his GF right now as I type this crap sitting here feeling like a hopeless dumbass in grey trackpants *Hopelessly devoted to you by Olivia Newton John plays at the back*. Jokes apart, I truly did feel something for that guy. Don't ask me what it is. If there's something called love at first sight(/sound), then it must have been that. It certainly wasn't lust...cos I thought about his voice waking up my heart more than I thought about his lips. Who was he and where did he come from and disappear to?

The Clock Strikes 12...
Keshi you silly is not meant for you. Your dreams are meant to be just dreams. All those shattered pieces of your dreams blend in the cold winds and disappear into the deep dark nights. Just like the chipped nail polish on your nails from that night, your feelings for him too shall slowly fade into watercolor memories. So forget now, and run back to your lonely attic, cos that's where you belong...your glass slipper shall never be found, for you are the Forever Cinderella.

Post title: Ek Prema Kathawak - A Love Story

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Saturday, June 14

Obata Mama Aadarei!

An Update on the unexpected twist to last night's show (continuation of this post) will follow soon...

Happy Saturday guys! A quick update on my weekend. Tonight I'll be going to a fantastic 'Curry' musical show! There's gonna be a group of Sinhalese, English, Hindi and Tamil singers singing famous songs from the past as a joint memorial for some great singers of Sri Lanka. Can you believe how I got the tickets for the show? Well, it was too late last week when my rather forgetful sis told me 'Hey sis u know the show is next week and the website says it's SOLD OUT!'. I was so mad cos it was her job to get the tickets booked. So I asked her for the Organiser's mobile number and rang him up. He told me that there's no way that I could get tickets as there's none left. I then told him 'please please please, I really wanna be there cos I'm such a Music fan of all languages and cmon u dun wanna miss out on someone like me in the audience, do u?'. LOL he then tells me 'haha let me find out and give u a call in about an hour'. And he did ring me back, WITH 6 TICKETS as requested! Isn't that brilliant! Thank God for small joys like this. So we are going tonight. I can't wait to listen to all the great old love songs (I'm a huge fan of Sinhalese songs) and dance...see what a dance maniac I am! I so deserve tonight, cos last few weeks have been so stressful at work. So I'm gonna make the best of it tonight and enjoy it to the fullest. Musical show, here I come!

One minor prob though..I'm coming down with the flu so I don't feel 100% :(. Bloody Winter! But with my runny nose, I'm gonna look sexy, what say guys? I'll try my best to look the hottest Influenza chick in the crowd. Maybe finally some guy will notice me for my tissues and tears, and propose to me? haha! Now you have a great weekend ok. Let me know what your plans are. I'll be coming around to your blogs this weekend...just that I have been very busy lately I coudn't do my usual rounds. I will soon bring my Lotus flower around to all the new-comers' blogs too :) thanks guys!

Today's music will be a Sinhalese song by Amila Nadeeshani (a very popular Sri Lankan-Idol contestant from 2007). She sings so beautifully! This song was originally sung by a famous Sinhalese singer Angelene Gunathillake. It's a love song that a girl sings for her man, asking him to make her happy with his beautiful eyes and gorgeous lips. aha ;-) I love it. Enjoy it guys! I have to get my clothes ready now. oh btw, can you guess the meaning of the title of this post...clue - it's in Sinhalese and it's something I'm saying to ALL of you, MWAH!

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Thursday, June 12

Diggers, Keepers!

Disclaimer: Please note this post does not (even in the smallest possible way) intend to harm the precious memory of the brave Diggers (ANZAC soldiers)!

One thing I can't stand, I mean I reeeeeeally can't tolerate is people picking their noses *trembles in disgust as I type those words* in public! I mean WTF is wrong with people that they seem to think Digging in public is their Civil Right? There are others around you who die in severe trauma watching you doing that, so please keep your filthy fingers off your snot-bombarded nose! The other day I was on the train and there was this young woman sitting next to me, and it's as if she knew that I couldn't stand it, she kept on digging her nose like she was Gold-digging or something! I was soooo pissed off I wanted to get up and go to another seat, but unfortunately there were no vacant seats around and some people were standing in the aisle. So the 'Common Sense' God tells me 'Keshi just sit and don't look. That's all you can do unfortunately in this very devastating situation btw', and he offers his 'deepest' sympathies to me and disappears in clouds - bloody booger man! WTH I was so damn disgusted I wanted to throw up violently - yes, on her lap. She was penetrating her nose as if that's what she did to breathe! *in out in out right left left right up down up down in out in out circle circle up down left right* urrrrrrrrrg someone just shoot me pelase! I was tracing her terror-act from the corner of my eyes, incase she decided to dump her GOLD on me! If that was gonna happen I was gonna quickly get up and scream 'You're under arrest for harassing me for the last 20mins with your booger-love, you digger of a dirty skank!'. Pardon my language but hey is language even a worry when facing a deadly epidemic like this? I don't want somebody else's snot on my clothes or even anywhere near me ok! And then she continued doing it like I didn't even exist - as if she was all by herself at her home, in the oh-so liberating comfort of burping, digging, scratching, farting etc without a bloody care in the world! For goddsakes this was not her bathroom - it was a frikkin peak-hour train! Why do people not think about others? Why are people so insensitive to fellow-commuters' feelings? Worse, where is good manners and general hygene? YUKKK I don't even do it at home...I blow my nose using a tissue or a hankie. I had to get out before her, so when I got up I gave her a very dirty look, rolled my eyes and yes I did say this to her 'Please don't ever dig your nose in public!' and I left. (in real it meant 'you're a dirty dig-pig that claims lives!'). People were looking at me and some smiled and nodded in approval. I'm glad I did something about it than just curse and walk away.

Do you confront ill-mannered people in public? If you find anyone doing something as outrageous (or worse than this) as this, please don't keep silent. Say/do something about it...and in a polite and effective manner (if interested, read my other public-terror-act post Smells Like Skunk Spirit, where I couldn't do much than just suffocate to a near-death situation!). People need to be aware of and sensitive to others when in public. Please know it's an offence to bloody dig in public, and some poor digger is gonna receive a Digging Manual from me next time...and it'll read 'Diggers Keepers Manual - dig shit if you must but please 'keep' your shit with you. Also 'keep' Digging for a home act, not here! Most importantly 'keep' your rotten fingers off me and 'keep' a safe distance from others whenever you get the urge to frikkin dig. For your safety 'keep' this manual with you til you dig deep in death. Cos nah I don't dig that act in this life babeh, so just dig off will ya!'.

Share with me any similar experiences you've come across in public (I accidentally typed 'pubic' before lol! no I don't wanna know your 'pubic' experiences cos I'm just resurrecting from that nasal experience, so please don't try to knock me down again!). I will survive somehow!

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Tuesday, June 10

No BOYS Please!

The kind of BOYS (not MEN ofcourse) I have come across are as follows:

Momma's Boy
Keshi: Let's get married
Boy: I have to ask my mum

Bed-Specialist Boy
I like to get to know ya
Boy: Ok, let's sleep!

Lost Boy
Love is eternal
Boy: Nah, believe me it's all bullshit

Loser Boy
Keshi: Why can't we be together?
Boy: Cos my parents chose me someone better

Cyber Boy
Keshi: Isn't it beautiful to be in love
Boy: What are you wearing now?

Dollar Boy
I want to get married and have kids some day
Boy: I earn $200,000 a year, own a house, car etc etc

Om Shanti Shanti Boy
Keshi: I want a guy who'd love me for who I am
Boy: I asked God for someone like that too

Blogger Boy
Keshi: So you can keep me happy?
Boy: Yes *and logs out*

Jupiter Boy
We are in love
Boy: Can I have your Horoscope?

Love-Stinks Boy
Keshi: Do you love me?
Boy: yes I 'like' you

Crotch Boy
Keshi: You exercise alot ha
Boy: Yes *and pushes his crotch out in MJ style*

Calculator Boy
Keshi: What's wrong with us being the same age?
Boy: My family tells me I should get married to someone 5-8yrs younger than me

Liar Boy
You're looking good in the pic
Boy: I know, everyone tells me that everywhere I go

Wuss Boy
Keshi: She's ready, are you?
Boy: You see I'm not so sure about this that etc etc

Painter Boy
Why dont you like her?
Boy: Cos I want a very fair complexioned girl

Booty-Call Boy
Keshi: Propose to her
Boy: I will. But are you attracted to me?

Sappy-Lover Boy
Keshi: Sometimes Love is just not enough
Boy: My undying love can feed you for lifetimes!

Happy-Meal Boy
Where are you taking me for our first date?
Boy: McDonalds

Baby Boy
Keshi: Dun u cook?
Boy: Mum does all the cooking n cleaning for me

Dirty Boy
Why do you want my number?
Boy: To talk dirty to ya

Gay Boy
I think I like ya
Boy: And I like Warren

Baboon Boy
Is love so difficult?
Boy: nooooooooo! but but but...

Know-It-All-Dumb Boy
Keshi: I can't find my man
Boy: If you're so 'clever', why can't you?

Married Boy
Keshi: Why do you not wear a ring then?
Boy: Cos I'm a 'Boy'

Macho Boy
: Shall we dance?
Boy: Real men don't dance

Kindy Boy
Shall we go watch it tomorrow nite?
Boy: I'll ask my sis to come too

Curry Boy
Keshi : Why do you cover your sofa?
Boy: Cos I have to protect them for years

Divorce Boy
Keshi: So you don't believe in Marriage?
Boy: Nah, I just look for free Bedding these days

Solo Boy
Keshi: Why dun u wanna get married?
Boy: Cos I'm my hand.

Find me 'Man' or get me outta this 'Boy' Land please!

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Sunday, June 8

Love Letters

I went and saw 'Sex And The City' on Friday night. It frikkin rocked! I used to be an addict of the TV series and to see Carrie Bradshaw finally getting married to Mr.Big (amidst major drama ofcourse, with alot of slaps on Mr.Big's cute fat cheeks), allowed me to breathe a sigh of relief. Carrie, a 40yr old writer who dated this guy for 10yrs, finally gets that's a big deal, yes. Cos, alot of men try and avoid committment, and to have spent 10yrs of your life with the same person and then proposing to her means, he's sure that she's the one. But then again, this is just a movie. Does this happen in real life? Say you date someone for 10yrs. Would you really get bored or would your love just grow enough to propose? I think each couple is different so there's no definite answer there. If it's true love, it'll survive lifetimes. That's what I believe. Anyways, the dresses and the shoes (Manolo Blahniks to be precise) had my jaw dropped in awe right throughout the movie. I love love love love love love...did I mention LOVE? Yes I love those hot shoes! If you wanna marry me, buy me those shoes please. haha ok I'm just kidding. The women looked absolutely hot and yeah I wouldn't mind getting a Louis Vuitton bag for my xmas pressie either! Inspired by that, I went shopping for a bag yesterday, and the one I like was $245 (not Louis Vuitton ofcourse!)...girls, is that too much to spend on a handbag? *say no no no please!*

Anyways, a scene I loved the most in this movie is where Carrie reads excerpts of Love Letters Of Great Men to Mr.Big. Some quotes were really beautiful. It's amazing how Love can bring out the best writer in you. When you love deeply and truly, the emotions flow like an unstoppable river...gently but surely and steadily. I always believed that Love is like a river...ever flowing so gracefully and without fear. A love letter written by Beethovan that Carrie reads out to Mr.Big was a quote from
Beethovan's letter to his Immortal Beloved:

“Though still in bed, my thoughts go out to you, my Immortal Beloved.”

The letter ends in the unforgettable lines

ever thine
ever mine
ever ours

Isn't that truly special and 'immortal' to be precise! So from this post, I wanna see how good we are when it comes to expressing our Love to someone in letters :). Let's all become Beethovans for a day and write love letters hehe. So girls and guys, write a love letter in the comment section, thinking about anyone you truly love. It can be a past love, current partner or someone you have in mind. Just write about LOVE. It needn't be long, fancy or super special. Just pour your heart out and print your love here
(you can even copy some lines off a book or a movie). Now let me give you all a head start. This was written just now with my ex in mind. So here is my Beethovan equivalent ;-):

My beloved, time passes
but a love flowing
like a gentle river
cutting across it's barriers
never stopping
never dying
for a love so pure
a love untainted
forever looking
forever searching
for the one
for it's destination..

Your turn now. The song is dedicated to that Love, as we have said our goodbyes a long time ago. Now have fun guys!

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