Thursday, May 31

Jigsaw Truffles





2nd from left

3rd from left

I'm not in this pic

2nd from left

2nd from left

1st from left

A HNT of a different kind. Find me right in all the pics and I will give you a wicked pressie ;-)

UPDATE: Thanks ALL for trying this out and having some fun :). No one got ALL the answers right, so I'm afraid there are no winners. So no pressie, baaawaaaaaaaaaawaaa! I'm so sorry. But some of you got 8 correct out of 9. So well-done guys, you're so very smart! Btw the Wikkid Pressie remains a top secret...let's keep it for the next test I come up with ha ;-). tnxxx all!

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Wednesday, May 30

Seeking Sabbatical

Don't worry I'm not going to be in San Marino for the next 6 months although I wish I was. I feel I need a break from myself. I can be too demanding on myself you know. If you didn't already know I'm a perfectionist. I like everything around me to be perfect, be it my desk or my relationships with people. Though I can keep my desk perfect, I can't seem to keep my relationships perfect. I know that nothing is perfect in this world, but why do I always end up being left alone in the rain, crying my heart out? Every time I try to get closer to someone, something stupid happens and suddenly it's all over. And I'm the only one who seems to get hurt. The other person lives happily ever after when I'm still fighting demons from it all. From what I can see, the real problem is that I'm too open and sensitive. Whereas the people I come across seem to be quite the opposite. So we don't last that long. I don't want to change for them, cos I still do have few very close people that I care about and who love me for who I am. While I know that we can't please the whole world, and the whole world won't please us either, it's a tad too tiring when it happens again and again. Makes me wonder if Im destined for constant tears. People are so fake...plastic...frozen...incapable of loving. I give my heart to them but they give it back with stabs all over it. Life gives you false promises and leaves you chasing illusions. I lost my dad (the only person who took me as I am) when I was 16, I don't get along with someone who's very close to me, I recently threw some hissy fits with 2 of my cousins, told off a few friends, lost few for good, broke up with a guy who said he loves me but who went and got married to a 'rich' girl of his parents' choice, I see lies and mockery all around me....and I'm talking about PERFECT bonds? I must be crazy! Or it must be that I'm not destined for them. Some people are fortunate enough to have near-perfect bonds though...their lives are like the beautiful horizon across the neat and crisp clear. Whereas some others have to work hard just to keep it looking decent. I belong to the latter.

I want a sabbatical for my broken heart. A break from being broken. So for a change, should I start breaking hearts now? Right now my heart is broken beyond repair and no surgeon can fix it. The world is too fast to stop by and ask you if you're doing ok. They might attend your funeral but they never check on you when you're alive. What's the point? But I'm not afraid to admit I'm broken, lonely and that sometimes I cry. Cos it tells me I have a heart. And I cried buckets last night. Am I the only one?

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Monday, May 28

A Well-Known Stranger

Ok you are not going to believe what I'm about to say. Cos even I can't believe that this really happened...I still can't and I won't be able to for a very long time. My life sure is full of dramas and I think it's worth putting it up on the Guinness Book. OMG I can't even believe I'm writing this today! I can hear you saying 'cut the crap Keshi and get to the point'. Ok let me take a deep breath now!! So I spill em now:

On Saturday, me and my sis had a coffee date planned with 2 other friends. We planned this 2 weeks ago. We were to go to a nearby beach cafe - a 10mins drive from home. So we drove to S's place first at about 2pm and then parked our car there as S said it's best we all go in one car - her car. We had to pick A on the way, so we drove to her place, picked A up and were on our way to the beach. Since S was driving, I was seated in the front passenger seat, and my sis and A were at the back. We were all caught up in girly chatter and suddenly G's wedding topic came up. Both S and A don't know G that well, but have heard about her before and know how close we were. So they both told us it's silly of her not to invite us but it's ok cos we still had each other etc etc. You know just making-us-feel-good talk hehe. And as S was nearing the cafe area, driving down this popular beach road, I saw beautifully dressed people getting out of several cars. Then we all said to each other that it must be a wedding etc. And as I turned my face to the left to get a closer look, I saw a huge Catholic church and a beautiful bride getting out of a silver convertible. Guess who it was???? IT WAS G*****!!! My jaw-dropped to the seat as I said to everyone in the car 'OMG it's G's wedding guys!'. I'm truly surprised I didn't pass out. We were all completely in shock that we drove past the same church that G was having her wedding!! I just can't believe that (I just can't cant' can't can't can't can't ever believe that!). Out of all the roads in Sydney, all the suburbs, all the places, all the churches, we had to go past the place where G was having her wedding?? I swear I didn't even know where her church ceremony or the reception was (come to think of it, I know G loved this area and now it isn't so much of a surprise she chose that area). However I had no idea that we'd be driving down that same street!

We had to park down that street cos that's where our cafe was. I told S that we should go somewhere else cos if someone saw us they'd think we were snooping (which we were not but who's going to believe us when even I cant believe what has just happened??). But S said that she can't find any other parking spot cos it was a busy street etc, so we had to park right there and walk past that same church. So as I walked past it, I saw G now standing at the church door with 3 beautiful bride's maids (all dressed in G's favorite color purple) and with her mum and dad by her side. There were few guests I recognised but as I walked by pretty fast (my heart beating faster from the shock and not wanting to be seen by any other friends), we didn't see much. But I did see G! She didn't see me though. She looked so radiant and so very beautiful in a white sleevless bridal dress. I felt like calling out her name and saying 'G you look gorgeous, I wish you well hun'...but cmon you know I can't and won't do that...cos I'm the uninvited and I don't want her to think I planned this or give her any stress on her big day.

So we finally reached the cafe (in total disbelief and in joy at the same time), had a good 2 hours by the beach sipping coffee and talking about life and it's strange ways...went home and told my mum about what we saw on the way...she nearly fainted LOL! Anyways all's well that ends well. Did the angels drive S's car that day? Can someone give me an explanation to the shocking co-incidence that happened on Saturday? Cos I still can't believe what I saw. It's been a while since I felt that excited about something totally unexpected happening and I was chuckling the whole day at the marvel of it all. I will be sending G a card to wish her well, as well as to let her know I just happened to walk by. That day I was just a stranger down the street but I knew that bride so well. Life sure is strange and the surprises it has for you is totally UNREAL! I believe in angels and miracles. I really do.

Happy Monday folks!

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Friday, May 25

Crappy And Happy

~~Crappily Ever After~~

A question for you:

What do you think is the world's worst invention- the crappiest ever?

My Answer:

Man-made WEAPONS. It serves only one purpose...for harming another being be it for self-defense or not. Would you need a gun if you have a conscience?

Apart from weapons, there are few other crappy inventions such as Revolving-doors that make me bang my head sometimes (why can't we just use a normal door?), Clothes-driers that waste energy when the sun can do that for us, Soup cos it never fills me as it's supposed to (here the problem could just be my greed), Paris Hilton cos she's Paris Hilton ('you should live everyday like it's your birthday', a Paris Hilton quote FYI) , Keyboard cos I can't hand-write beautifully anymore, Big Brother TV show cos it gives a new and extensive meaning to DUMB (waste of dictionary space), Plastic Surgery/Botox programs cos they make people lose their marbles along with whatever they want to lose/gain (with Plastic-surgery I could be marrying a guy with false parts you know and I could be eating pieces of plastic yukkk!), Money cos it wrecks relationships, Religion and Race cos they are the reasons behind all kinds of disputes today, Borders cos they help diminish humanity. I can go on.

(this first pic is of a real woman who had plastic surgery done on her. I'm sorry to say this, but to me she looks like a horror flick come alive. Wouldnt she have looked much better before this? I mean anything is better than this!).

~~Happily Ever After~~

This weekend an old friend of mine is getting married. She and I had a tiff long time ago. The fault was her's...she hurt me in a shocking manner and then apologized for it - it was big drama (I'm saying the exact truth here whether you wanna believe me or not that it was her fault ). Anyways, after that our friendship wasn't at it's best. You know how you can never go back. Well it was like that between us but we still said our hellos etc. Then last month I heard she was getting married. She's much older than me and I thought she's a matured person. We were good family friends too. Well she invited everyone in our friend circle to her wedding tomorrow, except me. Everyone's ringing me asking if I'm going to be there tomorrow and they are all shocked that I wasn't invited. Well she chose not to have me witness her happy moments. I really don't get that. Not that I'm desperate to go to a wedding, but we had alot of good times than that one sour experience. I can't understand how some people carry grudges through their entire lives yet call themselves devoted to God, good people etc etc (she and her family are extremely God-loving). My mum and sis were very close to them if she didn't want to invite me, what about them? If I was getting married, I'd have definitely invited her whole family though they hurt me big time - yes big time. I think it's during one's happiest times that you can tell if you are wanted in their lives or not. I guess with her, I'm not wanted anymore. Anyways I wish G and her fiance all the LOVE in the world and may the 2 of them have wonderful, love-filled, happy and joyous years together in each other's company! I'm not going to be there at her wedding tomorrow but I can wish her in my blog can't I :). Live it up beautiful bride! This song is for the new couple.

Happy (but not a crappy) weekend guys!

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Wednesday, May 23

A Chance To Live

This is a Pulitzer Prize winning photo (click to enlarge).

Baghdad - Mohammed Saleem, 18 months, lies in a coffin at a Sadr City morgue. Relatives said the boy and four other family members were killed in their car when U.S. forces opened fire overnight. (Photo by Karim Kadim, June 6, 2004).

Describe to me in few words, what your immediate thoughts were when you looked at this pic. Mine:

His baby sandals on, he was ready to see the world...but little did he know that this world didn't care about giving him that chance. I don't understand why little Mohammed had to die this way...why all his years were brutally stolen. I have lost all faith in humanity and my heart bleeds for this innocent child. God when did you die?

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Tuesday, May 22

Vanity Lane

I w
as in my sister's car and someone clicked those 3 pics from the backseat...I was trying to cover the camera with my hand but it didn't stop the notorious Clicker. Then I had to make that last's especially for the Clicker but now it's for you too hehe. That's me with a mean face. That's me making faces at you. Cmon try and make a face at me too.

Ok forget my hissy fits, cos now I have something rather dramatic to tell you. That I have a Vain gene in me. So what? I'm vain and I'm proud of it ok. Well don't get me wrong though...I'm not overly vain that I make fun of others or forget to do my work cos I'm busy staring at my image on the computer screen! It's just that I love to look good, dress well and go out in style. I hate to look daggy and messy when I'm out...I would never go out without ear-rings on...I love to smell and feel fresh...I don't wear torn clothes (even though it can be fashion for some people)...I like light makeup which includes eye-liner and light lipstick - nothing more nothing less...I try to keep my hair in one place if I can (the bangs are making it look a bit messy though) etc etc. But these I believe most people do when they go out. So where is my Vain gene then? Wait it comes! (this pic btw is of my new ice-pink top I got from Portmans - do check it out. o Im such a showoff!)

When I walk down the street and if I see a mirror or some glass window, I check myself out as I pass it - ok let me spill it, I actually do that at every single window that I pass. When I have my iPod on as I walk, I feel the music so much that I try to walk like I'm modelling to the music, all graceful and elegant - so in my head I'm Helena Christensen for a while (keep in mind that I love modelling and wish I followed a career in it). If I see a hunk infront of me, I try to act like a beauty queen who doesn't notice good-looking men, even though I'm not Miss.Universe hello! I spend some time in front of the mirror at home before going to work, which often makes my mum remind me that I just missed my train. I can't relax if something is out of order in my attire - say I dropped an ear-ring while I'm out, then I'd immediately buy a new pair from a shop close by. If I stained my clothes, I'd have to go to the nearest Ladies' and wash it off instantly or else I'd die of feeling uncomfy. If someone messed my hair, I'd kill them. If I'm going to a party, I'd like to look like I'm going to a party. I can't understand how some people go to parties dressed like they are going jogging in the forest. I recently went to a bday party and I wore this satin boob-tube and lovely short skirt. One of the girls who later saw my pics asked me if it was MY bday party...I guess she was just trying to make me feel over-dressed but I swear I wasn't. Just that she's someone who doesn't like to dress to the is that my fault duhhh!I have a closet full of clothes and I still keep buying when there are so many kids starving in Ethiopoia...I know I'm as guilty as hell here :*(. My closet sends shock-waves through my mum's head so each time I buy something new I have to hide them from mum - that's until I wear it and when she asks if it's new, I say 'o no it's old, I just came across it after a long time mum, so I thought I'd wear it'. She knows I'm a pathetic liar too. If she does catch me coming home with a new bag of clothes, then I'd have to come out with the truth...but I do say it's $29.00 when it's actually $59.00 hehe. Well some day I think I'd die a closet death - buried by it that is. Shoes - I have enough to walk/dance/party/jog another decade or two. I just bought a new pair of Manolo's (see pic on the right above) and I think I blew the budget (I don't know why I used the term BUDGET when I don't even have one). I guess I have over 30 pairs of shoes so far. Ear-rings...I have an obsession with em. I have enough to match any kind/color of clothing and any occasion (see top right pic and this pic for my latest pair). Sarees...I have loads when I don't really get to wear them. But I love the saree and when I do wear one, I walk around feeling like Kajol or Lara hehe. I love jeans (check out my pair of MWAH jeans on the left - yes that's my arse as well - woohoo arse shots!). I have all kinds and all colors...yes I have purple jeans too - I want all colors for all moods (nah I don't have yellow jeans though, thank God!). What about my obsession with the camera? I guess that has something to do with my Vain gene too. I love to take shots of myself, places, things, others etc cos I love to capture moments and moods. The still images of moments and moods speak volumes and I want to look back on them maybe years after, and that's where my interest really lies.

This last pic is the colored version of the first ever pic of myself that I posted in my blog, long long time ago. Back then alot of people asked for the original one so here it is - finally! I'm not afraid to admit I'm vain and that's a part of who I am. It's one thing being overly vain that makes you lose all the originality in you. But it's altogether another thing when you're originally vain ;-). Now spill some of your vanity confessions in here please.

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Monday, May 21

Shelled Bombshells

Look how some of the very famous faces look with no makeup on. Not that sexy ha? Well we all wanna be loved, want some attention, wanna look adorable, so in makeup some ladies find ultimate solace aha! And there's one beautiful new actress named Madrid Hilton (last 3 pics) discovered by me, who wanted to compete with these famous faces. Cos she's a HOT MOMMA pre or post makeup - just look at her. Now isn't she a total sex bomb! She's out to beat all the ladies and win all the famous hunks - WATCHOUT girls here she comes!


Paris Hilton

Eva Longoria
Jessica Simpson
Britney Spears
Cameron Diaz

Madrid Hilton pre-makeup

Madrid Hilton during-makeup

Madrid Hilton post-makeup

Happy Monday guys!

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Friday, May 18

Another Brick In The Wall

I have been tagged by a sweet gentleman, he's all the way from Florida and his name is Charles. It's a tag on Education. So let's fulfil his 'academic' spell on me. Diving in mate, SPLASHHH!!

What was the name of the teacher that was most influential in your life from grades K through 6?

I'd say the top teacher here would be Miss.Ingrid Martenstyn, among some other great teachers ofcourse. She was unbelievably kind and strict at the same time. She stood out from the rest cos something wierd happened when I was in Year 3 and that stuck in my head for good. I was always one of the best students in class (not bragging here) and almost all teachers knew that. And Ms.Ingrid was my Year 3 class teacher, and she too appreciated my work and my good behavior etc. I was also the class monitor then hehe. But one afternoon I got so chattery during class (yakking away with another girl and we were only 8yrs old LOL!), Ms.Ingrid punished me and my friend. She made us both go to the front of the class and stand facing the window (and our backs to the whole class). Outside the window, far away, I could see the ocean. I actually enjoyed that 20mins or so :). But what struck me most was the lesson I learnt out of that experience. I was not the kind who got punished in school...I was always great with my work and with the teachers. So when Ms.Ingrid punished me that day for the very first time, I learnt that no amount of good work can save you when you are in the wrong (as heart-breaking as it was for the 8yr old me back then, I had to accept it with dignity). When you do something wrong, you must pay a price for it no matter how good you may have been in the past. That lesson stuck in my head for good and I'm glad about it. Thank you Miss.Ingrid, you taught me to accept my faults with grace.

What subject did you favor in High School?

I was to become a doctor you know...yes that was my dream. But thank God for the greater benefit of the humankind, I didn't become one. Let me tell you why. Since I wanted to become a doc someday, like a big-fat doc in the making, I joined the Biology stream in High School. The first lab practical was to do with dissecting roaches and some were all over the place, having escaped out of their jars. Well guess what, that was the last day of my Medical career cos I ran out of the lab screaming (I'm traumatised by roaches, I can't stand them). Yes a roach changed my entire career (some of you already know of this quite tragic story). I then joined the Maths stream and eventually became an IT Consultant. My fav subject in H/S therefore was Applied Maths and I topped it in HSC - don't ask me how and no tuition will be given.

Did you attend a university and if so, did you attain a degree?

Yes and Yes. I went to UNSW (University of New South Wales, Sydney) for both my Bachelors in Comp Sc and Masters in Commerce & Economics. I have 2 degrees to my self-worth hehe.

Do you learn best through books, by watching, or hands-on?

I hardly read books these days. But I did learn alot from books back in school. I used to read alot of classics as a requirement for literature readings and began to love them alot. I learnt so much from books like Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, The Class, Little Women, Great Expectations, David Copperfield, Wuthering Heights etc etc. I believe some of the books we read as kids have so much input into character building and foundation. I also learn by watching things and people around me - it's ntaural I guess. And I also learn from experiences in life - that's my biggest teacher.
No amount of academic qualifications can teach you about life like experiences do. I believe both cognitive and behavioral learning happens best through experiences.

Has education been an on-going process for you?

For few years it was on-going but now all my academic needs have being fulfilled - however I believe Learning never ends. It's a continuous process till death.

Everyday there's something new to learn.

How do you feel about that?

How do I feel about Education? Well it's required for doing well in career but not necessarily for doing well in life. To do well in life, you need to be able to Learn from experiences. And if you can't do that, no amount of education can help you to lead a satisfied life. As you can see there are so many 'educated' people around but not enough sensible people around.

What seven people are you tagging to do this?

Anybody who wishes to educate us on them may take this tag up :).

Thanks Charles it was fun doing this tag. Hope you enjoyed reading my answers too. I'd like to end this post with 3 clever quotes on Education.

Education is one of the few things a person is willing to pay for and not get.
by William Lowe Bryan

Education is one of the chief obstacles to intelligence and freedom of thought.
by Bertrand A. Russell

Education is what remains when we have forgotten all that we have been George Savile

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Wednesday, May 16

Prachi Prayer Project

A Love called Prachi
What do you do when they say there's no cure and your loved-one's time on Earth is going to be very short? I'd just turn to God. Please pray for Prachi tonight. She needs all our prayers and I believe in positive vibes. Please send Angel Blessings to this bubbz and hope a miracle will be bestowed upon her. God speed!

My prayer for Prachi:

(A Christian prayer)

Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight, and give your angels charge over those who sleep...

Tend your sick ones, O Lord Christ
Rest your weary ones
Bless your dying ones
Soothe your suffering ones
Pity your afflicted ones
Shield your joyous ones
And for all your love's sake

Leave your prayers for Prachi here if you wish to or think about her in your prayers wherever it may be. Together we can send her alot of positive energy and I believe she will be cured. HUGGGGGGGGGZ little darling, angels are on their way!

Hush-a-bye don't you cry,
Go to sleep-y, little baby...
When you wake you shall have
All the pretty little horses...
Blacks and bays, dapple grays,
Coach and six white horses...
Hush-a-bye don't you cry,
Go to sleep-y, little baby.

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Monday, May 14

Arms That Disarm

My friend Poo's 11 month old niece Prachi is suffering from a rare disease called Leigh's Disease. There is a post regarding this at BUF (please read). They have been told by the doctors that Prachi has only few more months to live as there's no cure for this disease. We are all trying to find a good doctor for little Prachi cos we believe she can be cured. We can try every possible thing for this little one cos she's very precious and she has a smile that breaks any heart. Please leave any information you know about this disease, doctors, cures etc here or in Poo's blog or in BUF. I hope together we can make a difference in Prachi's life. Thanks in advance!

***The Original Post***
Believe it or not, I'm the 'proud' owner of a few weapons. Yes, Keshi is a smart shooter, highly dangerous bomber, heart-piercing stabber, fire-igniter and a mean slapper. So you thought Keshi is all so sweet and innocent...guess not ha. btw these pics of mine were taken just yesterday oooyeah! So what are my weapons then?

**A smooth gun called Self-Confidence
With this I shoot down unwanted barriers that try to stop me in my journey
**A very expensive hand-granade called
With this in hand as my strongest weapon, no one can play with my dignity
**A sleek knife called brutal Honesty
With this I stab the conscience of all liars
**A raging tank of petroleum called
With this I set on blaze the demons that try to pull me down
**A stinging barb called
With this I keep off ignorant influences
**A sharp piece of glass called
With the help of this, I can make a cruel heart bleed for kindness
**A speeding arrow called
With this I can conquer almost anything and anyone

Apart from these I have my humor, smile, smirks, words and cha
rm that get me past some of the most difficult situations/people in my life. So when we already have so many great weapons inside of us, why do we need those man-made useless weapons that destroy those very useful weapons inside of us? The weapons that are inside of us don't destroy people, they make people. They help you lookafter yourselves, defend yourselves, go far in life, grow on a personal level, survive some of the toughest times and by you setting an example, others learn from you too and become better people (hopefully hehe). So isn't it better to find and use your internal weapons and make another person's personality GROW than to use man-made weapons and DESTROY people? What are some great weapons you have inside of you? I'd love to hear them. And today's music is one of my fav dance numbers. I just forget everything when I dance to this while listening to the wonderful lyrics. FEEL THE LOVE GENERATION - la la la laa la la la la laa! Keshi whistling here :)

Been very busy at work...will be visiting your blogs soon. Happy Tuesday guys!

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Friday, May 11


I was. My body lies in a deep sleep...blind, deaf, mute, frozen...but I see, hear, talk, one hears me, sees one talks to me, feels me...I see them, hear them loud, talk to them, feel them for I'm everywhere. Frozen in time, frozen words, frozen touch but I roam like the breeze. My skin so white and lips so dark, my heart so scorched yet beating moist memories aloud. Last journey severed mid-way, yet all the events fresh as dew. I stumbled, I fell, I gave up...but I can't not yet. Unspoken words, undone deeds, unfulfilled is all I left behind...hearts scarred for life but I sailed to my next destination. 'twas too short, too good, too frightening, too lost, too quick. A bright flash once and a faded memory I've become. This sleep will last forever not, for my travels are a many...and I take refuge in another womb, in another time. And I begin. As the sleeping plant gets life with a sprinkle of rain, as new leaves sprout when Spring arrives, as the frozen lake melts with a kiss of the Sun, as the birds fly North when seasons change, I will rise up from the ashes, from this sleep, from this deafening silence, from this darkest night, into the dawn...blood will flow, my heart will pump again...lips will move and my skin will breathe...I will be seen, heard, talked to and felt again...another journey, another awakening...and I will be.

This is a very old post of mine (some of you may remember this). I wanted to post this again (without the previous comments) especially for Poo and for anybody out there who's going through a tough time right now, including myself - you wouldn't believe the mess I'm in right now. I'm haunted and stalked by who I was and who don't seem to return but I know she will, cos I believe so. The haunting indicates you are still there somewhere. Everyone goes through immense pain, suffering and death of the soul that may feel like a complete loss of self and THE end. But we have to believe in beginning again...believe in blooming as a fresh flower all over again. I can smell me, can hear my voice, can feel my love, can see myself deep inside of me. Cos this soul is immortal, the love is immortal and the energy we carry within us is immortal - they don't die . Just like how Spring hides for a while and then comes around again after a long cold Winter, you will return too. There's no beginning without an end...and there's no end without another beginning.

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Tuesday, May 8

Keying Motherhood

WARNING: Long post ahead. My chatterbox genes did Overtime today.

This post is dedicated to Helen...a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart...and a beautiful mother she will be.

Teenage Frenzy
Ok I wore a short summer dress (in Autumn that is) and a lei (a flower garland) around my neck for the Hawaiin night. Thanks all for your great tips. The birthday girl bt
w looked sooo beautiful in a colorful beach sarong, black singlet and flowers in her hair. It was a great party cos there were the loud teenagers and then the late 20s and the early 30s crowd as well. And there were some 40s and 50s people too. It was a great mix of generations - almost every generation. And could you believe it, we gatecrashed the teen dance floor. One of my friends and I heard the music start and we just couldn't be seated anymore. We were on the floor within seconds, and the teenagers (who had formed a circle while dancing) were like what's going on - who are these 2 crazy grown-ups here hehe. We went right to the middle of the circle and got them to dance around us. They enjoyed having us and it's not like we are sooo much more older than them ha! A very tall 18yr old guy there thought I still went to High School and he asked me which HS I go to, LOL! I told him that I'm still in Kindy - he knew I was trying to be too funny when it really wasnt. The music was not bad...they played some of my fav songs too and so we danced all night long - it was good fun. Came home at 2am - didnt see any ghosts on the highway this time. Sorry I didnt take photos of the party (now can you believe that)...others did and I haven't got them yet. Anyways I didn't look too was just a teenage party and I didn't wanna make them feel less important you see.

Lost One More Thing!
Last night when all the people on my floor had left, I was still in my office finishing off some work around I was the last to leave the floor. Our floor's got a Password protected alarm system to be activated and also a door to be locked by the last person who leaves the floor. I activated the alarm and then when I was going to lock the door, I realised I had no key to do it duhhh! The key that has been in my handbag for so long and the one I use all the time was suddenly gone. Now where was it? Panic set in (being the top contestant of Miss.Drama Queen of all times). I sat down, emptied the whole bag on the carpet and was trying hard to find it somewhere in my bag, but apparently the Key God was drunk - or on some permanent holiday in the Bahamas flirting with the Door Goddess maybe, cos he wasn't answering my prayers damn it! I was sooo upset, tired, hungry and it was really late and I felt like a door bitch standing near the door not knowing what to do - and there was no f'n way I could leave without locking the place up (even thought of sleeping insde the office that night). So I went back into the office, rang up my boss (to ask where the spare key was or which security guy I should contact) on his mobile - he's someone who always answers the phone. Well guess what...this time he didn't. It went to his voicemail. BUMMER! And then I rang up another colleague, and another, and one was bloody picking up the phone! Then finally I managed to reach my other boss who was actually still in the City - I felt so relieved! He came back to the office within 15mins, locked up the place and we went home. So where is my key? It was not at home, not in the office, not in my bag...this can never really be cos I always had that key in my bag for such a long time and I used it last on Mon this week. Key where are you??

How About A Mini Me?
This photo was taken yesterday just to show you that I CAN smile. Some people tell me here that I don't smile much...oh well I always do :). Smiling and giggling like a maniac is just about the only thing I can do really well. I'm so high on Nitrous Oxide my mum sometimes tells me to stop acting like a 5yr old. Speaking of kids, I have lately started thinking alot about Motherhood. I see few mothers in Blogville (Tasha, Menchie, Asha, Lee, Autumn, Mommy, Starry, Kath, Ish, Shionge, Cazzie, Ghee and many more great mums) putting up pics of their lovely kids and telling us cute stories about them...those wonderful experiences make me wanna be a mum too. Imagine what my blog would be like if I was a mum! I'd take 500 photos a day of my babies and all of you would get so bored with my yakking about them hehe. But do not fear my children, cos there's a very low chance of that happening soon considering the fact that I haven't even found the frikkin father of my future kids - go figure! But then again in this day and age, you really don't need a man to have kids. There's all sorts of short-cuts to be a mum. But I aint no Angelina Jolie you see and neither am I into having a baby without a committed man in my life. I don't think it would be fun without having a man around - the father of the kids I mean, not the neighbor! I believe Motherhood is also about Fatherhood. A child needs both of them (if possible), and the mother and father need each other to bring up a child in a balanced environment. People need to take Parenthood seriously. Instead alot of people these days just have babies and leave them to be looked after by one parent or someone else altogether. If you make babies, please be responsible for your creation and be there for them as they grow up. I think being a mother is one of the most beautiful experiences in life (apart from the delivery time!) and I wish to be a mum some day (before my eggs RIP), say to about 3-5 kids?I love kids and I'd do anything just to be a great mum. And if I ever get to be a mum (a Rock-mum that is), may God look after my kids' mental status.

Mothers Around The World

OMG I just realised that this weekend is Mothers' Day! I swear I didn't plan this post for that...I just started yakking about my office keys, my smile, then kids, then motherhood and look where it ended - all of a sudden I have written about Mothers/Motherhood just today out of all days. I guess it's just my instincts that wrote this post then ha. At our home every single day is Mothers' Day cos without our mum we'd be nothing. Basically she's my world. She's the reason behind my everything. There are times we have silly arguments and we don't talk for a while, but I can't be like that with her for too long - so I go and make funny faces at her and then we both laugh and make up. If a mum cant be there for her child and if a child cant be there for her/his mum, you really haven't lived life - cos the bond between a mother and child is purer than anything else in the world - you just cant deny that and you cant live denying that. Have a Happy Mothers' Day this weekend all you lovely mothers (and fathers) out there! Now I gotta go and find my eggs, ooops I mean my keys!

And today's Music is especially for my momma and for all the mums around the world!
If you're a mum share with us the BESTEST part of being a mum.

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