Monday, May 21

Shelled Bombshells

Look how some of the very famous faces look with no makeup on. Not that sexy ha? Well we all wanna be loved, want some attention, wanna look adorable, so in makeup some ladies find ultimate solace aha! And there's one beautiful new actress named Madrid Hilton (last 3 pics) discovered by me, who wanted to compete with these famous faces. Cos she's a HOT MOMMA pre or post makeup - just look at her. Now isn't she a total sex bomb! She's out to beat all the ladies and win all the famous hunks - WATCHOUT girls here she comes!


Paris Hilton

Eva Longoria
Jessica Simpson
Britney Spears
Cameron Diaz

Madrid Hilton pre-makeup

Madrid Hilton during-makeup

Madrid Hilton post-makeup

Happy Monday guys!

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Tom Jones

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Cazzie!!! said...

The Paris one, I think she had just finished having a depilatory laser therapy there, Britt, she was on drugs for sure, MAdge, just a bad day for her..she is gorjus, so is JayLo :)

krystyna said...

Fantastic post. Probably you know that many men do makeup too.
Generally good makeup is OK. Women (not only) feel better and it is good.
Have wonderful day, Keshi!

Vishesh said...

well that says a lot doesn't it??

they are just normal like everyone with a lot of make up....i believe everyone is naturally why cover your face...

i guess that paris hilton wont have her make up kit in the jail ;)

Jim said...

, Make up is dishonesty,

when u marry
u will sleep in the same bed
and wake up with no make up

same goes for wonder bras and deodorants

courtship is the stage u must show your self the way u r

dont hide your nasty side
show him all u possess

and check out if u two have the chemistry for each other

yes, sexual chemistry
do u turn him on?
there is only one way to find out

does he turn u on?

Anonymous said...

if u do choose to make up
do it well
or not at all

make up is to be used to highlight your good features
and tone down your bad ones

lipstick color shud match your complexion and the dress u r wearing

i hate rouge on your cheeks
it looks like a skin disease

i hate white skin
sickly white i mean
get a tan

muscle tone is important
your skin must not sag

your boobs must
or they are not real

teeth is important
a good set of teeth
and pearly white

facial hair is a turn off for me
but dont bleach
bleaching kills your skin

eat plenty fruits and vegetables and exercise

nature will do the rest
and yes fall in love

a woman in love looks divine
and also a woman carrying a child

Margie said...

What a weekend!
We all went spring was awesome,but I'm beat and ready for bed.
How is your Monday going Keshi?
A busy day at work?
How was your weekend?
Hope it was great!

I'm going to send you a poem via's about me and my son.
I think you will like it....I'll send it tomorrow....ok.

Gosh,these lovely ladies don't look so lovely without their makeup.

But, Madrid Hilton looks beauiful!
I like her!

Take care Sweetie!
Nitey nite....


Jay said...

Madrid is a hottie. But that last pick is too heavily photoshopped. LOL

You're more beautiful than ANY of those women.

Aditi said...

hilarious.. nice wake up call for monday morning

Visithra said...

evas the worse of the lot

diyadear said...

omg.. cameron looks so shitty... lol at madrid.. n hey u sure look sexy in saree(pic in buf)is that post makeup or pre??;)

Jim said...

I am an oldie
and i miss the women of my times

todays woman does not turn me on
check out the women i love on IMNUTSINCAPS

Unknown said...

i am so gald stace doesnt wear make she is beutiful with out it... I would prefer people just be themselves.

The ammount spent on cosmetics a year could wipe out third world debt... thats a sad thought

Parag said...

I have said this before to you .. Beauty is beyond what is visible to the eye.. If you really like someone.. Make-up or no make-up you would still have the hots for him/her..

Menchie said...

LOl! what a fun post keshi! Amazing what makeup can do!

Anonymous said...

post makeup pictures are damn good...

SamY said...

Madrid Hilton was the only one who was awesome cute both pre and post make up :D ... ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE 8-> ... feel like holding em snug and giving a nice kiss ;))

if only cats made as much a great pet as a dog

deepsat said...

make up is the art of covering the nightmare after a beautiful love story!! LOL!!

loved the last pic!!!

have a nice week ahead!!


Impressionist said...

**falls off chair lookin @ the pics**

Jessica looks like a drug addict!
but madrid hilton is cute! :D

peace & love

Nadim said...

now, thats not fair! these are not just pre n post make-up pics but belong to different times!

i m not sayin women shud use more make up. i like it simple. lip color n may b light foundation.

di.di said...

i know I'm not one of those rich celebs, not as famous as them but at least I think i look great with no makeup... lol.

shnaggy said...

kookie says hi to madrid hilton!!!

Amey said...

She looks like she didn't "enjoy" the makeup (and of course, she doesn't need one like you said)

The pictures are... hmm... well, just reminded me of the forwards I got showing similar pictures of Bollywood actresses. Looks like they captured the worst possible ones, don't they?

mystic rose said...


Rani said...

HILARIOUS.. yes airbrushing and touch ups... love it how horrible they all look normally like you and i. its embarassing when pretty normal women aspire to LOOK like them and starve them selves and what not.
hehe i dont look half as bad without make up.. im actually proud of that ;)!

tsduff said...

Glad I don't have to worry about stuff like that... I don't wear make up so what you see, is what you get :-) Funny post today Keshi :-)

Sig said...

Hahaha that made me laugh. Yes I'm on of those who revere makeup - the people who see me without are those closest...the others...i'd prob scare away :P

Wishing for the day I an feel confident enough to go out in public w/out's gonna be a while

radiohead said...

well .. thts true in general as well .. i mean here in canberra .. gals do look pretty from a distance .. bt whn u pass them by and try to look at thm .. i can see a lot of make up there :D

bt neway its gud :P .. bt m sure some of thm wud look gud neway ;)
n wat to complain abt .. i don look like brad pitt either :D .. so its pretty nice ..

yups sure do come to canberra netime .. bfr july 29 th .. u will find me here :P

aah .. i guess i might jus come to sydney this weekend .. hehehehe .. i mean i wud have come d last weekend .. bt cudnt plan it well .. so din really wrk out .. lets c wht goes this weekend ..

yups wud b nice to catch up .. n discuss IT .. may be .. hahahahahha ..

cheese !!

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

I wanna see a Keshi before and After pic!! i get to see one?

ghost particle said...

a keshi before n after will be good indeed!
Nice postie keshi, hapie mondie.

Sydney aussie, delhi, here I come!

Mona said...

Hey Keshi! Stripping the mask?

But then they shud be given the benefit of doubt...everyone has a bad hair day!

Madrid Hilton is the cutest, both 'before' & 'after' LOL

Neihal said...


And Madrid is the ultimate beauty queen. :P

All Is Whole said...

After all looks does matters

Smiles :)

Ekta said...

oh boy!!
Have u exposed them!!
They look terrible!:-)....make-up doing wonders!

Life said...

hmm you search is really hot just like u :)

Take Care

Anonymous said...

hey keshi
can u pls read my post "do u admire truth?" and give ur valuable comments pls?

it was hidden until now

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

Aiyyoo! spare the kitten!

Kay Vee said...

LOL!! really funny one keshi - madrid hilton! :P

seeing these celebs without makeup, i feel good, knowing that they are like us or in some cases worse than us! and not some fairies! :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Keshi!
That was an interesting post. Puts alot of things in perspective for women who go thru alot to look like the stars doesn't it?

well, that's gd for us natural beauties.


*wide grinnn*

Hugg keshi, have a good week ahead!

jac said...

Digital make up can do even further astounding things.

I have to say that make up in a woman induce confidence.

Kavi said...

Thank God there are beauticians and technology !! LOL !

Thanks for the reality show kesh !

Poo said...

LOL Keshi,

True colours :)) MYMY they all look so scary !!! I think JLO is best and she looks pretty simple without make up...

Exposed huh !!! Nice one
Take care sweets

Anonymous said...

Damn cute.

Jewel Rays said...

Heyz Keshi..

awesome post. Love the parts of the cat. Cute!!!

And yeah its true. ma friend showed me some of the pics of this celebrities without make up. Pretty crazy eh.

Lovely post to perk up the day


Asha said...

EWWWWWWW!!!!! I look better than all of them!!!Jessica Simpson looks better than the others but then she is in her early 20s!!
Kitten is far more cuter!;p

mystic rose said...

but I hope she is okay.. somehow the idea of putting make up on a kitty seems a bit cruel, its not like women who 'choose' to do it.

but must say.. she would take first place anytime, in a beauty parade.. haha :)

wallycrawler said...

I already knew those hags were fugly . Except Jessica !

Jessica Simpson's face has cleared up and I've downloaded dozens of pictures of her "sans make-up" . She looks great now . The rest were always mutts and still are .

Keshi you look beautiful without the "face" on though .

Helen said...

Cute post and I loved the Tom Jones video to go with it!! I knew a woman who obsessed about not letting her husband see her sans makeup. She would leap out of bed first and race to the bathroom to primp. That is way to involved.

Mr. J said...

Ugggggghhhhhhh!!!!! How can I look at them again :((

Bids a teary farewell to JLo, Eva, and Ms. Diaz :(

AVIANA said...

hi sweetie!

i love love love this post...doesn't make me feel better though...people still expect the best though... are you?

thanks for stopping by...i'll be updating tonite or tomorrow about yesterday! It was awesome!

i'm really tired and sleepy right now from all of the preparation for yesterday, my day job and my performance in a couple of weeks..i have so much to do....i need more time..but music is what i was awesome!!!

Pecos Blue said...

I like the kitties the best.

Airbrushing is amazing.

Anonymous said...

hey keshigirl!!

how've u been?? its been forever.. i got a new job, moved cities, started a new life in the past month so to speak.. have been travelling like cuhhrazy.. those pics sure were disturbing !! urgh, make up does indeed do a turnaround eh? will keep in touch babe.. u take care n haffun n be good! (psst- u can cheat on the last one once in a while :p )

love n hugs,


Trundling Grunt said...

All people intending to marry and/or spend a life together should live together for at least a year. That way you'll have seen them without makeup or pretenses. And if they've been ill during that time - all the better as you'll really see them at their most *ahem* genuine.

Anonymous said...


The word 'sphisticated' is derived from the greek word: 'sophistic─ütus', which means to tamper with, disguise oe even trick with words. Hence: to come accross as something you are not really :)

:P fuzzbox said...


KK said...

J Lo is the best of the lot of the women without makeup... J LO Rulez :D

Still Searching said...

Hehehe!! Some of them look pretty ugly without make-up actually!! Gives us some hope, that with makeup we'll probably look as hot as well! Hehehhee.. never mind!

Kitten sure had a make-over!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I've emailed this post to all my girlfriends - heeee!

K, I'll reply to your email soon - it's been hectic 'round here this past week. x

Globescoper said...

Hi Keshi

Here kitty kitty.

I like cats, but I don't like ____. (fill in blank)

You should see what I look like without makeup. I could be a star in a horror flic.



N@nc! said...

well with mauup i also became a star!!! =)

Justin Thyme said...

Hey Keshi! Long time no see! Hope all has been well with you! Have missed seeing your smiling face around my part of the blogosphere!!

Keshi said...

Caz heyy howdy?

I really Paris wud grow a brain when she's on prison food. Im not saying this cos I wanna insul t her but she badly needs a brain.

Madge is pretty I is JLo.

Brit..she needs some help n she'll be ok.


Krys I know men use makeup too :)

I agree...a lil bit of good makeup is great for looking good. As long as they feel good in it. Ur right.

I dun wear makeup except for some eye-liner and light lipstick...I do wear some eye-shadow when I go to parties. But no foundation etc...yukk I hate em.

It depends on what each woman likes and wants.


Vishesh I agree. But as girls we do like to make ourselves more beautiful :) so we use makeup more than men. But Im not much of a makeup girl...I just wear some eye-liner and very light lipstick. Nothing more nothing less.

**i guess that paris hilton wont have her make up kit in the jail

LOL! Poor thing. Besides she might have some blue makeup (rather patches) on her face while in jail..cos apparently prisoners r waiting to beat her up. I'm seriously worried for her!


Keshi said...

Jim that was some pretty neat advice...ty! :)

**make up is to be used to highlight your good features
and tone down your bad ones

I agree. Thats sooo true. And it looks good when u do it right.

**a woman in love looks divine
and also a woman carrying a child

Nature's makeup is the BEST ever.



Margie HUGGGGGGGZ darl!

I'd love to do some Spring Skiing with u altho I dunno how to ski LOL!

Monday was very busy...Im supposed to be studying for an exam thru my work...and Im not doing it...cos I just cant seem to study anymore hahaha!

U have a beautiful day lady!

I'll check email soon n tnxx in advance Margie!


aww Jay thats such a beautiful thing to say...ty! Altho Im not more beautiful than these ladies here, it's really sweet of u to say that :)

**But that last pick is too heavily photoshopped

lolz it is isnt it!


Aditi ty! :)


Visithra heyy how r u girl? Not blogging anymore? I miss ur blog posts.

**evas the worse of the lot

I agree. But Im wondering if that pic of her's is quite taken when she was pretty young.


Diya ty!

My saree makeup...just eye-liner n lipstick - thats all I ever wear :)

ty Diya hugggggggz!


Jim if today's women dun turn u on, it's best u go n dig a mummy...didnt I tell u that b4 :)


Keshi said...

Aidan heyy, Stace is very brave. Cos not many women walk out the door w.o. some makeup on :)

**The ammount spent on cosmetics a year could wipe out third world debt

hehe thats sooo true!


thats very true Parag. And thats what true love really is.


heyy Menchie hows u :)


DJ I agree ;-)


Samy yeah I love kittens too. I adore em.

Madrid Hilton r 3 cats actually. LOL! I first recieved an email with the real stars only. Then I thought of adding a kitten's story to the end of these I created Madrid Hilton. And I searched for cat pics on the these 3 different cats taken from 3 different sites :)


heyy Deepz!

**make up is the art of covering the nightmare after a beautiful love story

lolz I didnt get that.


Rajeev heyy!

Jessica is supposedly known as the 'attention seeking singer'...:)


Keshi said...

Nadim heyy!

** these are not just pre n post make-up pics but belong to different times!

I agree..mebbe some of the pre-makeup pics here r old photos of the stars.

I like light makeup. But I dun like foundation...never done it...never will. I guess Im born with it LOL!


U sure do Diva! :) btw ur not called 'Diva' for nothing!


lolz Shnaggy!

Madrid said HI too...awwww Kookie is adorable!


Fleiger heyy!

**She looks like she didn't "enjoy" the makeup

LOL well thats cos she's terrified of someone throwing a bucket of water on her face.


The Phosgene Kid said...

Fortunatley you have classic beauty so no worries. BTW Your aunts were bugging me to ask you when you were getting married. Just kidding...

Keshi said...

hey Rose :)


Chocolte heyy!

**its embarassing when pretty normal women aspire to LOOK like them and starve them selves and what not

Very true!


WOW Terry ur one brave and naturally pretty woman!


lolz Silvara cmon most girls r like u AND me hahaha!

I dun wear much makeup but I cant live w.o. my eye-liner...and when I go to parties, I must have some light (latte colors) makeup and some eye-shadow. But I have never worn foundation. I dun think I need it...cos Im born with it LOL!

**Wishing for the day I an feel confident enough to go out in public w/out makeup

haha never take off that mask girl. Well I think u'd look great w.o. makeup too. Cos u have amazing features.


Anuj heyy ty and I agree.

**.. i don look like brad pitt either


So wut r u studying...and where? at ANU?


Ganesh heyy!

**I wanna see a Keshi before and After pic u'll see it soon. I have nothing to hide I promise :)


Ghosty heyy!

**a keshi before n after will be good indeed

Ganesh asked for the same. u'll get it soon - be prepared :)


G'day Mona!

**everyone has a bad hair day

I agree no one can look good 24/7, every day of the year! Not even stars.

OMG u should see y bad-hair days!!! I look in the mirror and go 'UTTER CRAP'.


Neihal isnt she adorable!


SaffronSaris said...

I was gonna comment ytd when I cldn't find the comment link.
Warpaint sure helps a whole lot huh?
Someone once said :"There are NO ugly females, only LAZY females."
True huh, if you're lazy, u'd never look like those gorgeous pple in the glossy mags.

Keshi said...

hey Prashant!

**After all looks does matters

They sure do! Looks, Impressions and Attention is what most humans go after.


hehe Ekta hows u sweetie?


Vikas wut search? :)


DJ I will do that soon...ty!


lolz Toothless!


Trinnie ty!

They r no fairies...or is it that we too can be fairies? :)


Geet yeah...alot of women wanna look like stars. Instead being ur natural self is the best.


Jac yes heavy airbrushing in magz n TV, makes naive women think that it's REAL.

** have to say that make up in a woman induce confidence.

true but mostly when they lack confidence in other areas. a woman doesnt have to be bathed in makeup to feel confident.


hey Kavi!

**Thank God there are beauticians and technology

yeah or else we wont have movie stars to adore wud we LOL!



JLo is nice I agree...she's a natural.


Priya ty!


Amy thats cos some stars wear stacks of makeup. If they wear just light makeup, they wudnt look so bad without it.


Asha yes u look great cos ur a natural beauty!

Jessica is still yeah she looks better than the rest.


Keshi said...

hey Rose!

**somehow the idea of putting make up on a kitty seems a bit cruel, its not like women who 'choose' to do it.

I agree. I had to search for that pic on the net after I made up the Madrid Hilton story. :) So these r 3 different kitties.


heyya Wally!

Jessica is nice cos she's still young.

**Keshi you look beautiful without the "face" on though .

haha ty matey!


heyy Helen hows u? Fender-bender got all fixed now? I hope so.

**She would leap out of bed first and race to the bathroom to primp.

OMG really??? How did she so stuff with him? With lights switched off or was she into blond-folding! :) Im sorry to say that abt her but it's silly to be sooo self-obsessed.


lolz Johno dun be sad u have a new doc ;-)


Lisa I agree...u do have to look ur best when u go out.

Hey I hope all went well keeping my fingers (n toes) crossed for ya hun!


aha Pecos!


Keshi said...

Purnimaaaaaa HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! I was sooo missing u. I didnt know where u were and wut u were upto. So this is wut u have been doing. GREAT. I hope ur happier?


Trundz heyy!

**That way you'll have seen them without makeup or pretenses.

I sooo agree with that idea!


Taqdeer thats a very correct meaning to ty!


hehe Fuzzy ty!


KK so ur into JLo ha ooh lala ;-)


Ruchika WC n ty!

I agree with wut u said abt us :)


Nora hey u emailed this? LOL ok. I made up that Madrid Hilton story btw :).


lolz Bev WB I've been missing ya!

**I like cats, but I don't like ____.

How many letters r there?


Soul&Body WC n ty!

so ur a star? I better be friends with ya :)


Justin HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ matey! I've missed u too. I'll be there soon.


Keshi said...

gee tnxx Phoso!

**BTW Your aunts were bugging me to ask you when you were getting married.

LOL when where?


Saffy I agree..laziness comes with a big price :)


Jim said...

, Hiiiiii Justin,


Kathy said...

lol!!! :P luv that Madrid Hilton the most hehe... cuteeee!! is that the one u put on BUF too??

meowwwww!!!! ^_^

hows u sweetie?? is it cold there now? autumn season right?

enjoy lunch muahhh!!!luv ya , tc!


Jewel Rays said...

guess in their industry its a demand. .:)

Keshi said...

lolz yes Kath. They r 3 different kittens...I had to searh for pics after coming up with the idea.

Its getting colder by the day here. I miss my Summer :(


Aha's a requirement for em.


Jim said...

Good morning beautiful
(its morning here)

Jim said...

i miss SOUTHIE
and picking on him

but now that Justin is here
i dont need SOUTHIE

Jim said...

Jewel does something for me

Jim said...

i wish Margie wud do an HNT

Jim said...

Beautiful eyes
beautiful boobs
seductive smile
beautiful tots

thats u

Jim said...

a man who does make up and strives for body beautiful in the gym is gay

Keshi said...

Good morning Jim!

**Beautiful eyes
beautiful boobs
seductive smile
beautiful tots

gee tnxx! was it really for me or for Madrid?


Jewel Rays said...


The Old Mule said...

That cat is hottt.

Keshi said...

ty Amy!


WC Mule :)


Jim said...

I need HELP

I earn peanuts in Mumbai, INDIA
i do consulting and i bill at the rate of 50 dollars a day

i surfed the net and i found that a top notch consultant in my field earns 1000 dollars a day in USA

the President of India earns 50,000 Rs per month (a little less than 1000 dollars per month)

my friend in California pays 1000 dollars per month as rent alone

she has invited me to come over and stay with her and live with her in USA

shud i go ?
JUSTINE wat do u advice

my indian friend Murthy in USA says the grass is always greener on the other side

Vishesh said...

it will be nice to see the new make up....she and her innocent looks...

Keshi said...

Jim it's a very personal decision to make. I dun think anyone of us can make teh decision for u. What say mate?


Keshi said...

Vishesh yeah it wud be nice :)


Jim said...


what wud u do if u were in my shoes?
the offer is too tempting

where the fuck are u?

u r moving too
perhaps u will advice me

Amey said...

Is that how a make-up is done? :o

Anonymous said...

your new post is not accepting comments

heyyy Keshi

u posting too many pics of your self

if it was HNT, it wud be OK
we guys dont want to see your entire ward robe

Keshi said...

Jim who is this friend? How d u know if she's a genuine friend? Have u met her in real?

**what wud u do if u were in my shoes?
the offer is too tempting

I wont just leave everything cos of money.

Wut abt ur family? Ur wife?


Fleiger :)


lolz Anony shutup - I know Im vain!


Romeo Morningwood said...

Skin Deep.

Most of those women would not have any other talent without special effects either.
Madonna and Jennifer started out as dancers and made the most of it..Madonna didn't have J-Los beauty so she had to use her brains and because of that she is the ONLY woman on your post that will be remembered in 20 years.

Beautiful girls are a dime a dozen and these days in Hollywood and on the runways of Paris they go through them faster than ever.

Keshi said...

So true HE. Madge did use her brains to get where she is today.


Anonymous said...

I'm in love with the pictures of Madrid.:)

Envy said...

Is there a rivalary.....


mystic rose said...

ha! NOW u tell me.

still.. madrid hilton is defintiely the prettiest set of kittens i see here. i just might be inspired to write a story.. :)

trinitystar said...

The photographs of the Kitty's are far the best ...

Keshi said...

Rick WB u were missed!

Madrid is a cutey isnt she! Wait till u see her sexier sis London.


Envy rivalry from the stars? Hell yeah. I mean just look at Madrid!


Rose u will write a beautiful story abt Madrid...Im sure of that.


hehe Trinity ty!