Friday, February 25

Tell them

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This is the opportunity...tell your loved-ones today how much you care, don't leave it for tomorrow for it may be too late...

Wednesday, February 23

My Father

My father was the fittest I have ever known and if you met him you would never have imagined that he would be sick...he was tall, strong and an abundance of energy. But it Staurday morning he was dead...yes cold as ice and as rigid as wood...he was gone. He was only 44yrs old. It was the darkest day of my life. I remember my mum trying to wake him up as I and my sister were standing next to his bed, our eyes eager to see him wake up...but he didn't wake that time he was far away...flying with the angels...gone with a one-way ticket to heaven. I remember my mum collapsing...we were scared and crying as if the skies fell upon us...a neighbour came by one many came in...but my dad wasn't waking up...someone called up the emergency and they took him away...that was the last time he slept in that bed, in our home...I was still hoping he would come back alive...I never thought he was dead...I thought he was in some coma and that he will come back all smiles telling us that it was just a micro-sleep...instead later in the evening he came in a coffin...I remember not being able to comprehend that he was actually no more...yep, he was gone, never to come back...just like that.

All I have now is his memory...I remember my father's beautiful grin...the dimples...the fair skin...the tall handsome guy that everyone used to admire...the smile that warmed many hearts...the hands that helped a thousands...the heart that was made of gold...the way he never said No to anyone who came in search of his help...the way everyone respected him...the times when he would come in his car to pick us up from school...the way he touched my shoulders every now and then...the way he used to encourage me to help people...the way he used to sit on the sofa between me and my sister and hugged us both with his strong arms...the way he used to sing with his beautiful deep voice...his signature...the way he used to be so proud of me when I did well in exams...the way he used to attend every Prize Giving in school, sit there and clap not only when I got on stage but for every other prize winner...the beautiful dresses he bought me on my bdays...when he used to laugh we used to watch war movies he admired Clint Eastwood and Sean he used to take our dog for a drive in his car...times when he used to go ballistic with mum...the way he drove me to my friends' bday parties...the way he asked what's for he combed his hair...the way he beamed at me when I came home from he always looked good...his fav Crocodile he chilled with his friends over a beer or he always wanted to know what we did and if everything was ok...his love for good music...times he played cricket with he used to bring yummy take-away especially for my mum...the way he really enjoyed life no matter what till his last day on Earth...the way he used to be there...just be there...what happened to you that night?

Monday, February 21

Quotes by Keshi

A friend who does not trust you was never a friend in the first place...
Life is not about assets, it's about happy moments...
Children are never a burden, once you were a child too...
Eat all you can, being healthy should not make you unhappy...
Take time to do something, being quick and faulty is uncool...
Love is blind but lust is short-sighted, beware!
Life is short but that doesn't mean it's ok to be short of values...
Mothers are human manifestations of God, be friends with her...
Life might not give everything, but only if you stop wanting everything...
What's good for you might not be so for the other, appreciate his view too...
You can't please everyone neither can you be pleased by everyone...
Some people don't change, just don't give a damn about them!
Spend some time with yourself, you need to get to know you...
I, Me,Myself,I am are the words that create evil, cast away the ego...
Don't look too further for riches, look around, you already have some...
Today is the most precious gift, for today is all you got...

Thursday, February 17

Especially for you...

Especially for blog mates you rock!

Tuesday, February 15

Love is in the air...

Friday, February 11

Want to know you

Some intriguing questions for you to answer...yes again :) Please take part.

1.What's your idea of a steamy night with your partner?
2.What is one priceless thing in your home?
3.Who keeps you going?
4.Favorite TV program?
5.What is your favorite attribute about your room?
6.Highly attracted to anyone?
7.What's the best feeling?
8.What is marriage?
9.How do you define your best partner in one word?
10.If you were to die tomorrow how would you spend today?
11.Favorite flower?
12.What makes you smile?
13.If you had to leave someone for good, who would be the hardest to leave?
14.What do stars in the twilight sky tell you?
15.Who would you like to be seated next to when you're on a long flight?
16.Favorite color?
17.What's your best outfit?
18.Who makes you laugh alot?
19.What's your understanding of the world and your existence?
20.Are you a blamer?
21.Is there a difference between Love and Lust?
22.How would you like to spend a rainy day?
23.What do you do when a kid makes a boo-boo?
24.What would be your favorite animal(s) and why?
25.When and where did you last take some photos of yourself/others?
26.Where are you right now?
27.When did you last clean your your closet?
28.What's your favorite Language?
29.State one act that you would do to show your partner how much you love him/her?
30.What makes you jealous the most?
31.If you ever wanted to meet someone you have only heard about, who would that be and why?
32.What's your favorite dish?
33.What do you find the sexiest thing about a woman/man?
34.What would you do on a lazy evening with your partner?
35.Do different religions/races bother you?
36.What do you like doing the best outdoors?
37.Current favorite song?
39.Are you living your life the way you want to live it?
40.What turns you on?
41.When did you last have your hair cut?
42.What's more attractive, looks or wisdom?
43.What is your favorite fragrance?
44.What kind of movies do you like?
45.What's your favorite culture other than your own and why?
46.If you were given a ticket to go to just one country in this world, where would you choose to go and why?
47.Would you go against your family to marry the one you love?
48.Who has been the hardest to live with so far in your life and why?
49.Your favorite actress/actor?
50.What do you consider as 'everything' in your life?

7 Wonders of the World

And you think you are yet to see the Seven Wonders...

Click on the image to enlarge it. It doesn't come all that clear but it has a Wonder-ful message to all :)

Monday, February 7

Valentines Day?

Ahemm....Valentines Day is around the corner and everyone is talking about it. To be honest I don't make a big deal about it because I believe LOVE should be expressed all year around in all possible ways, not only on one day :) But I thought I would ask of your experiences on Val's days in the past...what you did the best...or what you received the best...or if it was just another lonely day, what did you feel on that did you cope with seeing other girls carrying boquets of flowers home while you were the only chick on the train platform without any flowers?

Here are some of my experiences over the years...

One Val's day, I received a huge boquet of red roses, and I was sooo sure that it was from my bf :) And really, it wasn't him! I was wondering who sent the flowers...the most beautiful flowers I ever seen - guess who it was my cousin and her husband...they thought I deserved it because I was such a great cousin?? Whoaaaa I was in big fat tears - I think that was sooo sweet!

Ok on another Val's day I left a huge red heart-shaped chocolate on my mum's bed before she came out of the shower...when she saw it, you should have seen the expression on her face! It was priceless...that's what I call a real Val's day gift for me is...her pure and heartfelt joy in that smile...

Now it's been 3yrs since I have been having lonely Val's days...sometimes I feel jeeez my love life sux...LOL! Sometimes I feel I can cope with being the only girl on the train platform with no flowers's ok because I'm still loved by many, if not by a nagging boy friend :) And here in Aus people don't feel isolated on Val's day. Because almost all ladies receive flowers and chocolates by hot Aussie babesters ;-) in the shopping centres or anywhere in the streets if you happen to be there at the right I'll be there this year too :)

Please share your experineces with me...don't feel that you are the only one who loathes Val's day...we've all known the feeling at some stage :)

Tuesday, February 1

LOVE is...

Click on the image to enlarge's really breathtaking - enjoy!

What are we today?

Civil wars killing millions, they say it is to obtain peace someday?
If it so when will that day arrive and what about the people we lost?
Turn the TV on and bloodshed you see, suicide bombings, bloody carnage...
How did young minds become so heartless to strap bombs around them?
Politicians clueless, power hungry, racist and ruthlessly inhumane...
How did they come into power and do they know what they are doing?
As collateral damage it's ok to kill women and children, did they say?
But what about their rights, their will to live, their stolen life span?
Young men dying, widowed women crying, homes lost and lives changed...
How can we allow the future of the world to be destroyed this way?
Color of skin defines us, religions don't agree, hatred and murder breeds...
Cant we believe in the brotherhood of man and hold one another's hands?
Too many high paying jobs but so many lonely people, looking for love...
Why is it so hard these days to express that beautiful emotion called love?
Dollar rises and hunger grows, AIDS, Tsunamis and felony join forces...
Why cant so much money be shared for health, goodwill and peace?
No more valuable family times, until one day it is too late to say Im sorry...
How can you hate your parents or siblings and live by yourself?

Where is the love, was it replaced by a flat screen TV or a sports car?
We are prisoners of high technology, free of intangible qualities...
We are prisoners of hatred, money, power and material gain...
We are a mean, egoistic, greedy, selfish, racist bunch of criminals...

Yes, that's what we are today...