Monday, February 7

Valentines Day?

Ahemm....Valentines Day is around the corner and everyone is talking about it. To be honest I don't make a big deal about it because I believe LOVE should be expressed all year around in all possible ways, not only on one day :) But I thought I would ask of your experiences on Val's days in the past...what you did the best...or what you received the best...or if it was just another lonely day, what did you feel on that did you cope with seeing other girls carrying boquets of flowers home while you were the only chick on the train platform without any flowers?

Here are some of my experiences over the years...

One Val's day, I received a huge boquet of red roses, and I was sooo sure that it was from my bf :) And really, it wasn't him! I was wondering who sent the flowers...the most beautiful flowers I ever seen - guess who it was my cousin and her husband...they thought I deserved it because I was such a great cousin?? Whoaaaa I was in big fat tears - I think that was sooo sweet!

Ok on another Val's day I left a huge red heart-shaped chocolate on my mum's bed before she came out of the shower...when she saw it, you should have seen the expression on her face! It was priceless...that's what I call a real Val's day gift for me is...her pure and heartfelt joy in that smile...

Now it's been 3yrs since I have been having lonely Val's days...sometimes I feel jeeez my love life sux...LOL! Sometimes I feel I can cope with being the only girl on the train platform with no flowers's ok because I'm still loved by many, if not by a nagging boy friend :) And here in Aus people don't feel isolated on Val's day. Because almost all ladies receive flowers and chocolates by hot Aussie babesters ;-) in the shopping centres or anywhere in the streets if you happen to be there at the right I'll be there this year too :)

Please share your experineces with me...don't feel that you are the only one who loathes Val's day...we've all known the feeling at some stage :)

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Anonymous said...

Valentine's day.......hmmmmm... well out of all the val's day only two of them have been memorable for me.

I recieved my valentine day card from a girl studying in the last year of her college when i was hardly 15, since i was already a hunk at that age, fortunately she continued with me for another 3 years and taught me everything u know what i mean right...:)i still owe her a lot.

The next most memorable one was a couple of years back, when i was all set to get married to my gf on val's day as decided by her, she dumped me on that very day and i was left with shattered dreams and felt like the biggest idiot breathing on the earth that u know keshi how those stories on woman came up in my blogs...:)

Anyways keshi have a great time this val's day...

saby said...

Dis Keshi is very subtle

she just reminded me not to forget
to send her a valentiine's card

Keshi said...

Hey Southpaw thanks for the interesting stories, I really enjoyed them! So ur a hunk? mmm...lets spend Val's Day together na? hehehe...

Saby...ok what r u on abt? LOL :)


Anonymous said...

Valentine's day
How i hate dat day !

evry body goes round beaming and
comparing notes
how many did u receive, etc.

i just sit and brood
i no i am not the most popular guy in town

and i dont need a special day to prove it to the world

and the girls dat i love
dont take me seriously
they consider my love offering as hilarious

i hang my heart on my sleeve for her and
she just laffs

- Charlie Brown

Anonymous said...

my heart bleeds 4u Soth Paw

yr prob is .. u use too much of your south paw
Girls want romance more ...

u must read
she tells 'how to patao'

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...keshi thanks a lot, but u r so far...:) anyways as far as taking lessons from julia, that would be the last thing i would do on this earth but i really like the way she hunts at indiatimes, she is definitely a tigress out there, specially the way she stokes her preys.

Caraf said...

Been celebrating Valentine's Day as romantically as ever for the past 3 years (was single before that).

This is the first Valentine's Day, in 4 years, I won't be WITH a guy. Waaaahhhh! (Its the only day of the year I don't like being single :( )

I think I'll follow Keshi's example and surprise my Mom with flowers on Valentine's Day. :) Thanks Keshi.

Keshi said...

Thanks all.

Caraf well Love is many kinds...if you're single this year, then why not celebrate mum's love, dad's love, sibling's love or friend's love in a special way...see how your mum reacts, I'm sure it will be wonderful!

Good luck Caraf and do tell me how it goes :)


Anonymous said...

First of all, let me congratulate you for your writing such a wonderful blog. I am deeply touched and impressed by it. It helped me to understand a lot about you as a person. When I saw u first time on IT, I thought you were a guy lol, I had told you that too since your chatting style were very sarcastic. Also, some people on IT had given me bad feedback about you. So I was trying to avoid you.

But I have realized that it was too harsh to judge someone without talking with him/her.
More ever, flirting in virtual world cant make you awful person. Then I have started chatting with you and have changed my opinion about you.

You are very nice and bold person and come on IT just to make fun and abandon your painful past. Sometime, I feel really bad, when some guy pass indecent remarks against you, I know most of the time, you don’t care about it. Sorry to say, I would blame you for their action, I believe that you need to respect yourself first before be respected by others.

Most of the time your chatting style encourage others to pass nasty remarks against you.
Believe me u can also have fun on IT without using nasty lingo.

Regarding Val day, I absolutely agreed with you that love should be expressed in all years around in all possible ways. Probably, people become too busy with their work in all days of the year, so they need special day for showing their affection and love for someone. It is marketing strategy for some people too. Honestly speaking, Val day never been special day for me. Coz I keep all the people close to my heart all the time whom I like or love. I can’t wait for just one day to show them I like or love them. They all know I care for them. I am sure many people would not be agreeing with me. But I do care and respect others feeling and sentiments too.

You know, I have following line in my bed room,
Whenever I get up in the morning, I look at these line first, this line keep me a fresh whole day.

In the end, I apologize if there is a conflict in my opinion.



firacub said...

Hi Keshu,
Where r ya buddy???? No comments on muh blog?? lol... neways ur post was good. The cats were cool.. especially the back scratching ones...hehehehe... Well as for the Valentines Day, I think I will be the only fool who would be going to the office that day. Well that explains my ahem.. ahem.. love life(bad naa..) for the time being. Life has been good. Thats all for now. U take care n meanwhile I would try to work upon the only point of contact between us.. lol.

Peace Forever,

firacub said...

Ya and plz check this link....

Hope it rings some bells.... hehehehe....

Peace Forever,

Anonymous said...

Sugar is sweet, my love
violets are blue

but, i have yet to see another
as dumb as u

Keshi said...

woohoo mah babeh left a luv note in my bloggy - thanx a bunch sweet priti :)

hey let us not be discouraged by men who don't order flowers for sweet gilrs like us...LOL! Let's be encouraged that we have each all my sisters I LOVE U guys!


Keshi said...

To the above Anonymous disguised jerk:

Sugar is sweet
Violets blue
What you doing
Who the hell are you?

LOL - either get a life or show up as real men do with thier real identities - Happy Vals Day anyways loser!