Friday, February 11

7 Wonders of the World

And you think you are yet to see the Seven Wonders...

Click on the image to enlarge it. It doesn't come all that clear but it has a Wonder-ful message to all :)

16 Cranium Signets:

saby said...

i want u to no dat it was not me ....
it appears some guy is posting comments anony mousely and using my name


Anonymous said...

dat was truly wonderful Kesh

just like u
ur the mostest

but i hate it when u tolerate dat dirty old man who tinks he is smart

we gotta castrate the guy
he is spreading disease

Keshi said...

Anonymous I would like to know who you are when you make comments like that. Well Saby's personality shouldn't bother you - he is he and you are you. Why so easily agitated by someone who isn't just like you? This world is full of different people and we have to learn to live with the differences. Saby may be dirty, old whatever but I like his attitude...he is cool...what you may like I may not...and what you may dislike, I may not...

And don't forget to use the 7 wonders you have to make you happy...feel, touch, taste, see, hear, laugh and love...yes LOVE, opposite of hatred.


Dewdrop said...

Awesome Keshi, and here are tips to soothe your wonders

~ see the beauty of a sun rise.
~ hear the chimes at your front door.
~ touch the satin scarf around your shoulders.
~ feel a baby's tender weight in your lap
~ taste some spicy golguppas.
~ laugh with a long lost friend.
~ love yourself and others around you.

Keshi said...

hey Dewdy thanks for those awesome tips, wowww! Such a beautiful way of putting it altogether Dewdy - thanks!!


Anon said...

that was touching

De.vile said...

thats really really cute innit?

Anonymous said...

wow, this is really nice stuff
keep up the good work keshi

Caraf said...

LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!

saby said...


'Love your self'

just wat ru suggesting to Kesh ??

Anonymous said...

Wait till you see the 8th wonder. You all be like " sheesh, and I thought I had seen it all?"


cash me run :-p

Keshi said...

so Anna ur the 8th wonder! btw ur a wonder-ful person, sometimes lol...was wondering I should wander off now...LOL!


catennacio said...

i would like to take this in my blog...

Keshi said...

Cat you can take this's ok with me.

Annasterrrrrrrrrrr! Read your answers for my questionnaire in the other post - LOL Brad Pitt it is ha? Well what abt Jude Law, is he gonna be the guy ur gonna marry for the divorce, so he can live happily eva after with th egirl of his dreams which is Kesh ofcourse - lol! I couldn't see your last answer - I think that post's comments ran out of space...I will speak to u on IT anyways and thanks!


adorable said...

8th wonder !!

~ see keshi
~ hear keshi
~ touch keshi
~ feel keshi
~ taste keshi
~ laugh with keshi
~ love keshi.

nice post !! worth remembering ..


Anonymous said...

it kinda makes me wonder