Sunday, August 31

Maha Merak Tharam Aadarae...

My dearest mate in Blogville Uttara sent me this beautiful saree, all the way from Mumbai, India! Now how pretty is that...not just the stunning black and blue saree, but her act of love and friendship. How beautiful a heart is this? One of her work-mates came to Sydney for a week last Sat, and Uttsy thinking of me and sending me this gorgeous saree all the way from India is not just a gesture of kindness or just a's much more than that. It's true affection...real love...a beautiful heart's act of generosity and friendship. THANKS UTTSY I LOVE THE SAREE but I LOVE YOU MORE! This shows how a beautiful connection can be developed between 2 hearts across thousands of miles, breaking all boundaries, barriers and limitations...aadarae ae tharam istharam...meaning, Love is that PURE...

This Sinhalese song recorded by this year's Sri Lankan Idol Superstars, talks of Love's's dedicated especially to you Uttsy, for your beautiful heart, for your giving soul, for the true friend I have in you...I'm very lucky to have found ya in this big wide ocean of life! (this is a very long song so I have translated bits of the song for you...)

Maha merak tharam... aadarae aran
Gavu siya durin...
Bring to me...from thousands of lifetimes...
A love as mighty as a mountain...
Vana mal nelaana... mal veta addara
Suwandata ... haadu thiyanna...
Let's pick wildflowers together, by the fence...
Let's spread the fragrance of the affection...
... ... ...
... ... ...
Pem sitha bedhala denna...
Let's share the love in our hearts...

My dear friends, have you felt the amazing pureness of Love like this across the miles and lifetimes? Have you shared the love in your heart so freely and purely?

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Friday, August 29

Thoughts, Words & Gestures

The Beautiful Blogger Award

Awarded by vishesh to keshi

A Gesture Is Mightier Than A Word...
Even with all that rowdy swearing in that last post, Vishesh gave me this Beautiful Blogger Award *washes her mouth and smiles before she receives it* :). Now how sweet a gesture is that by him! And I'm supposed to put this up in my blog, so I did. Thanks Vish, well you are one beautiful blogger too. Your wisdom is as wide as the ocean and as pure as the morning dew. HUGS and thanks for making me smile!

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword...
Both Deepti and Mirage tagged me on this wonderful Quotes tag. Rules are that I need to jot down 5 of my favorite quotes from the various books I've read, and also tag 5 people at the end. If I don’t have the books with me now, Googling (Wiki quotes and the like) can be used to find them. So here I go, these are 5 of my favourite quotes from 5 of my favourite books...books that shaped my thinking and my person, books that derived the harsh truth behind this illusion called life...most of which I read/studied for Literature back in school:

*The power of doing anything with quickness is always prized much by the possessor, and often without any attention to the imperfection of the performance.
- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

*Nelly, I am Heathcliff! He's always, always in my mind...not as a pleasure, any more than I am always a pleasure to myself, but as my own being.
- Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

*Her mind did become settled, but it was settled in a gloomy dejection. She felt the loss of Willoughby's character yet more heavily than she had felt the loss of his heart.
-Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

*You'll find us rough, sir, but you'll find us ready.
- David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

*Beware the Ides of March
- Julius Caeser by William Shakespeare

Now I tag Cindy, Bro, Diana, SMM and Divkiran! Go for it whenever you have time guys. Thanks Deepti and Mirage for giving me this opportunity to do this beautiful tag HUGS!

Also, everyone here please feel free to comment on my fav quotes...I'd love to see your thoughts on each one of see if you derived the same meanings as I did, from those quotes (you don't have to have read the books to comment on the quotes...just tell me what you see in them)
. Game for it? Good! :) Thanks and have a good one, I'm going to a party tonite woohoo! *does the Happy dance* See yaz!

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Thursday, August 28

Bitch Groups

Warning: I may rape your conscience so walk in with caution!

I get certain Bitch vibes from some female bloggers and I'm not liking it one bit. No they are not in my blog anymore, thank God for that! But I could sense it from the way they dropped out of my blog, just like that, and now they go around spreading gunk about me and talking behind my back. WOW class act girls! Why do some people always poke their fucked up noses into other people's business? Seriously don't these people have better things to do in their lives? Instead they go and drag other people's stories into their lives as if it's their problem, and gossip like wicked old aunties with lose teeth on Messenger! All I can say is that these people live miserable lives and are jealous of me. So they wait for the slightest chance to give me a bad name, just cos they hate my personality that they can never have. Then there are others who pretend as if they are angels when in real they are horrible friends - people who think they are friends but don't exactly know how to be a friend. Why do some people hide everything, say nothing to me, but talk so many things behind my back? One woman can be another woman's worst enemy...and hey jealousy has no cure. And then there are GROUPS formed in Blogville, based on ethnicity and that kinda shit. I hate that you know. Why be so divided in a place this united? Only people with ancient ideologies but clad in a pair of jeans do that kinda thing in this day and age. Get over it, this is not a rural village in India or Sri Lanka..this is Blogville! I guess some people just wanna feel superior but in that process they end up looking like aced idiots. If this description fits you, wear it. Worse, there are some men like these women too urrrrrrrg! Don't even think of stepping into my online home ever're not welcome here, cos you don't deserve to be dropped out ASSUMING things about stay the same way please, I'd appreciate that. I don't need your stinking breath here. Do not tresspass, cos there's a better Bitch on this side, a classy one..and no SHE doesn't talk behind your back...instead she will bite you on the face. Just Fuck Off, and next time please mind your own fucking dirty granma business!

Yes guys I'm fuming...cos I cant stand this kinda pure gunk and in Blogville too!

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Wednesday, August 27

The Black Box

The feeling was great as I flew higher and higher. I delved every cloud and every rainbow. The beauty of it all was not something I thought would fade. The euphoria of being on top of the world dismissed any darkness that came my way. Ascending, and thats all I knew for the time being. The wuthering heights were frightening, yet picturesque and challenging. They made me bear my very soul to the fullest, highest and strongest that I ever could...I finally felt my purpose. Then I suddenly lost altitude...some things went wrong..some things that I expected would always be there, somehow ceased to exist. As I rapidly descended but managed to secure the new but much lower altitude, I came across a treacherous mountain's view. I knew my 'flight' was going to come to an end...a monster is about to collide with my very being...there it was, right in front of me, waiting for time and fate to take me closer to it, slowly yet rapidly bridging the gap between it and end it all for me. A fatal collision, waiting to happen...yet I flew in strength and courage, towards the mountain that could not be avoided now, knowing I was heading for disaster. But there was no other way I'd have done it. If I were to avoid the monster ahead of me, I'd have to stop flying...stop the 'journey' that I was to take, and just be on ground, afraid to take risks and remain 'safe'. But that's not me. So, I hoped for the best, I cried a little, I prepared for the worst, then I died knowing that I LIVED. I'd rather ascend to know what it is to descend...I'd rather fly and die, than stay on ground and fade away...

-The Black Box Recording of Flight Keshi

If your 'flight' were to end all of a sudden, what would it's Black Box Recording read? Did you fly at all, or were you on ground? Did you experience the heights to know what the depths were? Did you reach the pinnacle of every moment somehow, or did you not fly cos you feared a crash? Or did you touch the rainbows that your soul could ever reach, and then descend in grace when things were not meant to be? Did you fly, swim, dive, climb, walk or sometimes did not move at all when you just couldn't? Did you go with the flow or did you just evade the flow altogether, in doubt and fear? What do you make out of this post? I'd love to know.

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Monday, August 25

Tu Ne Mera Dil Le Liya!

This is a very SPECIAL post dedicated to ALL my Indian, Sri Lankan, American, Canadian, Chinese, Aussie, Polish, Singaporean, Russian etc etc friends who visit me every single day here! I wanna celebrate the vibrant and fantastic CULTURES in you with me today. You guys fill my heart with so much love and light. Strangers you may be, but the colors, glitter, love, light, glamor,wisdom and beauty you bring to me from the various cultures each of you carry is amazing...THANK YOU for being the LIGHTS in my life!

Also, I wanna wish lil Mishtu (Samby's adorable nephew who calls me 'Keeeeshi') who's all the way in India celebrating his birthday today...A Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISHTU! MWAHHHHHH my cutie pie! May God bless ya and keep you surrounded with lots of love all your life!

As a celebration of the ever-rich cultures, and the Love and light we pass on to each others' lives through blogs, posts and interaction, tell me something in your native language (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, English, French etc etc) that describes our friendship here in Blogville, in just few sentences. Go for it every one of you, from all over the world!

This fav Hindi song of mine is dedicated to ALL of you here! Let me first say my sentence in Hindi (though Hindi is not my native language), cos I have loads of great, amazing, loving and beautiful Indian friends here. And this goes to ALL my mates, from all over the world who stop by my blog to say Hi to me:

oiii mera sona munda aur soni kudi :) pardesiya...yeh sach hai piya...sab kehte hain maine...tujhko dil de diya...main kehti hoon tu ne mera dil le liya!

That means...beloved stranger, this is true, everyone says I have given you my heart...I say that you took my heart away! yes u did! ;-)

And now let me say another sentence in Sinhalese (my native language):

Loke kohe hitiyath, oba mage hadhawathe nava than aragena ivarai...

Since my mum is Tamil and I speak Tamil too, here's a sentence in Tamil as well:

Neer en manathil oru idam edduththu pottachchu :)

Can anyone guess what they mean? Good luck! And don't forget to tell me your sentence(s) your native language(s). And don't forget to give us the meaning in English too :). Thanks all MWAH!

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Thursday, August 21

Bad Bad You!

All of us have good and bad habits and all of us have in our minds a defintion for what's good and what's bad . But it's mostly bad habits of people that we notice, point fingers at or give our attention to. Somewhere I heard someone say that drinking alcohol is a bad habit *so, not drinking alcohol but bitching heavily must be a good habit?* . Someone else said that going to a night club is a bad habit *so watching porn at home must be a good habit then?*. Another mentioned that dancing in public is a bad habit *so dancing at home must be a good habit?*. Someone else says that Sex is such a bad thing *I wonder if not for Sex, how that person was created*. Somewhere else Smoking is seen as bad *though I don't smoke, some don't realise that it's due to cold weather that some people smoke*. Some may say that non-vegetarians are evil people *so a vegetarian who may never help another must be a good person?*. Another person says that never going to the temple/church is such a bad habit *so going to the temple every month but spreading shit about others must be a good habit?*.

Now what exactly is a bad habit? I'm no Saint but what's bad to one person may not be bad to another. It all depends on our personality, culture, upbringing, experiences, exposure and knowledge. Anything in moderation and without harming yourself or others, is not a bad thing after all. Just cos you don't drink or smoke, that doesn't automatically make you a GOOD person. And just cos I preach humanity all the time, that too doesn't automatically make me a GOOD person. Our habits may or may not define us, and paint a certain picture of us in others' minds, but there's much more to a person than what meets the eye.

So, here are my so-called BAD habits in the eyes of some people:

**Brutal honesty *darling, I don't like lies and fake pampering*
**Alcohol *it's only a drink, not Oral Sex in a glass!*
**Short skirts *I'm not a man and I don't have hairy legs, so don't look so surprised*
**Flirting *just cos you aint skilled at it?* *does the African American Yo-man hand movement*
**Bloggaholic *better than being a TV-addicted Chimpanzee right?*
**Cleavage-showing tops/dresses *yes I have boobs, what do you have?*
**Sugar and carbs *I need real food, fuck off size 0 skeletons!*
**Dance-bug bitten *I'd probably die dancing cos I love it so much!*

**Vanity *too BAD, it's genetic to real women, get over it!*
**Think too much *yeah but atleast I don't talk til you finish talking*
**Fix my hair regularly *so what, atleast I don't dig my nose like you do ewww!*
**Rolling eyes *yes I do roll my eyes, if you act like a buy-one-get-one-free dingbat*
**Spending money *I have it, I like it, I do it Mr.No Frills!*
**Not too religious *sorry, I believe in Deeds than in Chantings*
**Scare people *yes I can be scary to your conscience, maybe you see me like a Terrorist?*
**Swear words *it's better than a gun shot right? now which one do you want motherfucker?*

Because I'm bad, I'm bad...come on...bad bad really really bad!

Folks, feel free to leave your BAD habits (in the eyes of others) in the comment section, let it rip! When you're with Keshi, you're allowed to be super BAD!

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Monday, August 18

I'm A Super ParaTrooper!

When people judge you just cos you live outside your motherland, when people think you have no respect or love for your motherland just cos you live outside, when people think you're shallow and carry no responsibility just cos you live outside, when people ask you what have you done for humanity just cos they don't know what you've really done behind the scenes, when people think you're cheap and easy just cos you have every freedom in the country you live in, when people fail to see the goodness in other lands just cos they want to live in denial, when people classify all foreigners as racists when they have never really lived outside their motherlands, when people ridicule another's culture just to put across their point of view, when people bury their own dirt just to feel good about themselves, when people can't appreciate goodness that some lands are rich with just cos they are way too patriotic, when people have no idea how hard I worked to be where I am today, when people don't realise that I am who I am today cos of my personality, education, courage as well as the opportunities that Australia gave me (not cos of my nationality), when people have no idea what it is to come to a foreign land, study and earn a Bachelors and a Masters, and come up in life and earn an equal place in society using the skills I have (not by any other means), and all by myself (not from mummy's or daddy's money)...IT HURTS. (pic: Taken at my first Graduation at University of New South Wales, Sydney)

But I'm not going to let few people's sheer ignorance affect me or make me blue. Cos I know I'm superb, brilliant and SPECIAL.
Cos unlike these people who have uninformed opinions about me and foreign lands, I've left my motherland, come across seas, tested my capabilities with all kinds of people from different cultures and lands...I have broken all 'mental' and 'cultural' barriers that still seem to hold some people back and I have learnt to SEE the bigger picture. I'm a super Paratrooper in life, my mission is to break all barriers and my weapons are my intellect and senses...I'm not one who just sits and judges other lands..I glide down there and check it out for myself, and I realised wherever you go, people are people. And I have learnt to work and live with people from all over the world in peace and harmony. I think it takes alot more strength and courage to really do that than just judge from afar. That makes me special. If I didn't know that before, now I do. (pic: Me sight-seeing and enjoying the beauty of New Zealand)

And I thank all Gods for my strength, and Australia for giving me equal opportunities in this land to achieve my dreams and to be myself without feeling even one bit 'different'. I'm happy, I enjoy every human right there ever is here in Aus, I'm very lucky, I do my thing, and I love living here cos I'm not BLOCKED in any manner at all. I believe you get what you give. If you're not racist, if you can see a person for who they are and not for their nationality or gender or caste etc, if you have respect for others, if you carry yourself well, if you give your 100% to the country you live in, and if you're smart and sensible, then there's nothing to be afraid of...cos you'll get those same treasures in return.
Karma either pats or bites your back, depending on what you give out to life. (pic: Taken at a business lunch with people from all walks of life, all colors, all levels of management, both genders, all ages, all kinds of beliefs and cultures...I'm right in the middle.)

Thank you Australia for realising my strengths, for giving me the golden opportunity to study and work here, for making my dreams come true and for valueing, appreciating and respecting me for my work, and not for my ethnicity or my status! I wish all countries to be like Australia, to give it's people the opportunities and the rights they so deserve as humans. Life is too short to have to WAIT for Human Rights and Equal Opportunities to be established. (pic: Me smiling at all the beauty and richness that life in Australia has added to my being)

And oh, I dedicate the 'Paratrooper' theme of this post to my dearest mate Samby, THE HOTTEST PARATROOPER ON EARTH!

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Sunday, August 17

My Nationality Is Humanity

Since it was India's 61st Independence Day on Friday, it made me think about my motherland Sri Lanka. Sri lanka got her Independence from the British regime couple of months after India got it's own...and on the 4th of February 1948 Sri lanka was FREE, apparently.

Dawn my dearest friend and a couple of other blog-mates had questions like this in their blogs, related to Independence:

**Are we really Independent?
**What does Independence to a country mean for the people of that country?
**What is Independence to you?

I don't know about every person on this Earth but I'm not a Nationalist. I never say Im 'proud' to be Sri Lankan or Aussie etc etc. Not cos I don't appreciate my origins but I don't understand what people mean when they say they are 'proud' of it. Where is that pride coming from? For doing what? Fair enough, we love our origins and we have a sense of belonging in it. And that's great. Nothing more nothing less. But to say we are proud of something, I think we ought to have done something towards the good of the country in question. All our ancestors did great things for our nations yes, but of recent, what have we done?

Instead of my Nationality, I'd rather be proud of my Humanity. Cos that's what matters in the end anyways. And as for my country, I'm yet to do something to be proud of.

On Independence Day, alot of ppl (in Sri Lanka) gather and go on parades etc etc. There's a public holiday and some people just rave and rant about how FREE and GREAT they are etc etc. But they do that only on Independence Day! The rest of the days in the year, no one even talks abt Freedom, Compassion, Love to one another. Instead there's a bloody war going on between the Sinhalese and Tamils for 20+ years! Now do I call that Independence? NO.

Now if these ppl really stopped and practiced FREEDOM/INDEPENDENCE, I don't think our country would be shedding tears for this long. This goes to the Politicians too. None of them are really interested in the wellbeing of the country, instead they just like to celebrate the fact that they are not UNDER WHITE RULE anymore! That's what these hard nationalists are celebrating, nothing else. For if they are really independent and want every citizen to receive and enjoy that Freedom, there wont be such a terrible, pathetic, bloody war going for that long in the nation...all because one has Tamil blood, and another has Sinhalese blood!

My point is, it's so very easy for us to get carried away with National pride on Independence Day but really do nothing for our country - the problems remain and the wars go on, even among the closest of mates. So I say NO, we are not really Independent. We are still bound by SUPERIORITY and HATRED in many ways. We are still very dependent on them! And up until that's cleared, we shall remain Fake freedom enjoyers, just celebrating the day that we got our countries back from White rule. It's all about we got it back from the Whites, that's all! But look at what they did...atleast they built great roads and infrastructure of the nations they were ruling. Any gratitude for that? And we are happily enjoying their works even today. But what has our own politicians and so-called hard nationalists done to our nations under their so-called great nationalistic rule? Nothing but kill one another. I'm appalled.

Dawny asked us what does Independence to a country mean for the people of that country?

I say even if one citizen in that country is hungry, dying, ill treated or discriminated for his race or culture or language or status etc, then NO that country still hasnt achieved Independence...Independence from his own fellowmen.

Another friend asked what is Independence to me?

Independence to me is being able to be myself, without treading on another's freedom to be themselves. Independence to me is to see beyond my see the humanity in reach out to all, equally.

So tell me, What is Independence or Liberty or Freedom to you?

Are we all really independent citizens?

What are you proud of when you say you're proud to be Sri Lankan or Indian or Aussie etc etc?

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Friday, August 15

Less Is More...

Here's some news for you. You think Keshi has it all. You may think she gives credit to too many things that don't deserve it. You may think she finds joy in places that you won't usually even spend a minute. You may think she's got lots of time to dream and lots of things that you don't have. Well to be honest, she hasn't got many things that many others have. and her life is far from perfect..very far! There are things that I don't wish to tell you all about...cos it's best to go about life like it's my last and enjoy it to the fullest. What's the point dwelling on what cannot be changed. And who knows, my days could be numbered too! But then how come Keshi sounds so happy, confident and on top of the world all the time? That's cos she has one thing that many others don't have. Contentment with what she is AND what she isnt. I'm what I have and I'm also what I DON'T have. That's what makes me who I am. And that realisation is what keeps me content and not whinge about things that I don't have in life. I'm no Wonderwoman or some Superhero, but that realisation keeps me grounded in life. We all have terrible things happen to us in life, we all have unfulfilled wishes and probably even die without reaching them, but the difference is that I choose to bloom fully, even while standing in deep mud and total isolation. So have you got your priorities in life set straight too? Read on.

Does more 'Comforts' mean real Comfort?
I have a relative who's rich and continues trying to be richer. I have no probs with's her life and it's her wish. But watching her trying desperately to make money puts me off big time! She's got many houses here in Aus and overseas, she's loaded way over what she 'needs', she's in her late 60s now and all her kids are well-settled in life too. So what more do you want in life? It seems some people's 'Wants' keep growing every single day until those Wants become their life. They keep seeking more and more 'comforts' in life that they forget to enjoy what they already have...and time passes them by, never to return. Every moment that passes you by is irreplaceable.

The other day a friend said this to me, 'Keshi I don't have a man yet and I don't even have my own house...I haven't done anything in life'. I was pretty peeved at what she said. Is that all my friend? I mean is that all your life lacks? Wow then you're life is quite grand. Now do you have to be married or own a house to have done 'something' in your life? Do you have to have what some others have to be 'comfortable' and 'content' in life?

Once I was at a funeral of a friend. She was unmarried. And guess what everyone was feeling sad about? That she died without getting married! Now is it Marriage that defines someone's life or gives that person's life some value? I don't get it. Any life is valuable without any additional statuses, assets etc added to it. Or else we would all have been born married and with things! Who knows, though she wasn't married, she may have had found happiness by other means in her life. Like being content with who she was, as a person. Why can't people realise that?

The comfortable Contentment
What is comfort to you? To me, my comfort is being myself...being content with whatever I have right now. Now I know everyone has dreams to achieve and that's ok...I'm not dissing them, cos there's got to be some aim in life. But to chase those dreams too fast, and to overly seek comfort in external things will never get you to true 'contentment. Cos, both true comfort and contentment lives within you. You're stuck with you all your life, not with others. Others and other things may come and go in your life, but it is you that you always have, until you die. So seek that comfort in YOU, and you shall always be content. In life you don't get everything that everyone else have what some others don't have, just like they may have what you don't have. Everyone misses something in life, just like everyone has something special that others don't have.

The key is to be content with what you already have and can 'afford' to have. Work with what you've got. Having Less is actually having More...think about it...cos then you get to devote 'more' time and dedication to what you've already got, be it family, friends, career, yourself etc...and that adds to the Quality of life. If you're someone after Quantity, forget about reading this post. So, Having Less is More and chasing More is Less...

Question for you...
As a learning experience to be more comfortable and content with ourselves, I'd like each of you to list what you think you have been 'gifted' in life with...what you already have AND don't have that makes you YOU. Cos that's what you should find comfort in, be content with and be thankful for - cos that's what wouldn't change, that's what will most probably stay with you until you die. So tell me about the 'gifts' that you have been blessed in life with, and find your own comfort and contentment...the ultimate place to rest. It doesn't matter how many things you have in life, what matters is how much you enjoy the things you already have. After all we only bloom for a little enjoy every 'moment' of your life for it's not gonna last forever.

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Thursday, August 14

A Walk To Remember...

Remember I told you last week *on the day of my rather tragic and dramatic fall* that I was about to write about something sweet that had happened to me that week? Well this post is about that brief but warm moment. So here it goes:

The night before the 'fall', I was going home after work around 7pm, and was in an elevator going down, feeling extremely tired, and bored to RIP status. As I got into that elevator, there were 2 other people in it...the office cleaner girl who I'm quite friendly with and also another tall guy in a suit. I didn't take much notice of him cos I was busy saying Hello to the cleaner girl and asking when she's going home etc. But I did notice the guy looking at me a couple of times, as if he knew me from before, with smiles and nods etc. I didn't know him at all, but boy o boy he was quite good-looking! Dark brown cropt hair, very tall, strong, lean, rough and tough...*ok stop it Biyatch, enough, cos looks like this is becoming the lyrics of the song It's Raining Men!*. Anyways, since an elevator trip isn't gonna last as long as a trip to Canberra would, we reached the Ground level, doors opened and we all stepped out one after the other. He, like a true gentleman held the door for us girls, and then got out. Out the office building and we were on our own. I didn't even look where he was going *trust me I see so many good-looking men every single day and if I go to trace each guy's tracks, I'd be dead by now, heavily crossed eyed and all!*. Little did I know, this elevator bloke was infront of me now and suddenly slowed down to say Hello to me...he casually and smilingly asked me 'so what's planned for tonite?'. Now since he looked like a decent guy, and came out of our office building too, I didn't hesitate to respond. He looked and sounded very familiar, yet I was pretty sure I've never seen/met him before. I just told him that I was going home and that I had no big plans, and flashed a smile too. He told me that he's going out to a pub to meet his other work-mates for Office drinks. And since he was walking in the same direction as where my Train station was, he said it'd nice to chat and walk together. I agreed and so we walked together yakking like good ol' mates. He's originally from Netherlands and is a Dutch dude *no wonder the burning hotness ouch!*. And he asked me about my origins, work etc etc. We walked chatting happily, sharing info about each other and laughing uncontrollably at some points. Anyways, since a random walk between 2 strangers isn't gonna last as long as a walk between 2 lovers would, we both reached our destinations, shook hands and we parted our ways.

It felt good. Real good. It felt like I had known this guy all my a good ol' mate. And no he was not a sleazebag, neither did he ask for my number. We were like long lost mates. And that doesn't happen with every person you meet. It's so rare..atleast in my life it is rare - the 'we just clicked' kinda feeling I mean. The fact that we both didn't hesitate to talk to each other straight away and the fact that we continued talking quite comfortably, enjoying each others' company was indeed a sweet and warm experience. I know he works in the same building and I may or may not bump into him again. But I'm not gonna lose sleep over it hehe. Nothing lasts forever, but we shared a moment that will last an eternity...a warm, sweet and familiar couple of minutes, that isn't common and that got etched in my memory for good. Some strangers leave you with that 'wholesome' feeling that even loved-ones cannot bring about. Anyways, since precious moments don't last as long as memories do, I just gave life to that beautiful moment in this post so it'll remain here forever...

Tell me, what brings an instant familiar feeling between 2 total strangers, that leaves you with that 'complete again' feeling?

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Wednesday, August 13

The Deep End

SIMPLE don't always mean SPECIAL...

Looks are deceiving yes, but for me it means both attractive/simple looks can be deceiving. From the last post of my fav Men's pics, I sensed that some people label all good-looking people as SHALLOW/FAKE. I don't get it. Just cos someone is born good-looking or is popular for certain skills/looks whatever they may be, it does not suggest that person's character/depth/genuinity, does it? How do you do it? I mean are all simple-looking people GREAT people? And are all good-looking people HORRIBLE people? I don't think so. What works for you, may not work for them. And what works for them, may not work for you. That's about it. Just cos some of us prefer to look and dress simple, that doesn't mean that that's the best way to live. Neither does that mean that people who don't look or dress like us are awful people. That's a hugely prejudiced and biased opinion. Bottomline is we are all different, our looks and behaviors have been shaped by our families, culture, exposure and preferences. And I'd like to respect that in each indvidual, as long as it doesn't 'bother' me. Does it bother you?

Beauty is to be admired...
Whether we like it or not, this world is also about Looks, looking good and being attractive. If not, we'll all be trying hard to look ugly! Now by wanting to look good I didn't mean being overly crazy about one's looks and going overboard with Narcissicm. It's about being presentable and feeling good about yourself. And I see nothing wrong in doing you? Both metrosexual men and women don't bother me unless they shove their looks on my face, which most don't do anyways. As much as I appreciate inner beauty, I appreciate outer beauty too. And I look at beautiful things. We are programmed to look at beautiful things and get attracted to such things. If not, we cant be human. And by being attracted to beautiful things, that doesn't mean I'm shallow too. That only means I'm being human. And that also don't mean I sleep around with every hot hunk on Earth! It just means I appreciate good-looking men. And if later on I get to know them and they turn out to be bad men, ofcourse that's a different story. My point is, no one can just look at someone and say 'he/she is shallow' just cos he/she looks good or just cos he/she lives a flashy life or just cos of the way he/she is dressed? If they have the beauty and if certain styles suit them, then why not flaunt it? Celebrities and good-looking people are also human...and they are capable of being good humans just as much as the simple/average person is. And some simple people are capable of being horrible humans just as much as some celebrities are. And to be honest, some of these celebrities are really nice people in real life...they are good partners, great parents and good Charity-workers. Just cos of few bad celebrities, we cannot brand every celebrity as shallow idiots. We have a whole lot of bad people who are does that mean all of us are bad? I think not!

I'm not here to please the world...
Worse, some people classify an outgoing, outspoken, hot-men appreciating, night-clubbing, fashionable, photo-taking, extremely friendly girl who lives in a 'White' land as a 'bad' girl. They think such girls are easy, cheap, dirty, unfit for marriage, mentally ill, narcissistic, not someone their mothers would like *rolling eyes, do I care momma's boy? NO!*, highly promiscuous etc etc. To be honest, I don't care what people think about me or my life. I am who I am...if you like what you see here, come in. If not go back to your cave and Baboon life. *FYI we are in the 21st century...note that down in your Tarzan undies on your way back*

This hottie is especially for you Jane!
And no, not all good-looking blokes are shallow...infact they are doing us women a great favor...they've got the Looks and they are flaunting it to people who appreciate it, and I don't see anything wrong with that. And if some men here are jealous about it, sorry I can't help that. I just figured out that women are not the real jealous kind, it's men! I mean me being a woman can genuinely appreciate another good-looking woman and say she's beautiful without going all green and spazzy about it. But it seems most men can't appreciate another good-looking bloke without throwing shit on his face just so that they can feel good about themselves. It's really sad you know. C'mon guys learn to admire a fellow good-looker without throwing hissy fits about's childish and makes you look insecure btw.

Dive in deeper to find the treasures...
Looks are deceiving, don't judge a book by it's cover. I say it's true the other way too...if the cover is simple, who knows, the contents can be simple too. And if the cover is beautiful, who knows, the contents can be beautiful too. And vice versa too. Just don't judge a book by it's cover. Whatever it is, whoever it is, scratch the surface a little to find out the deep end of a character, before labelling them as shallow/deep purely based on their outer appearance. I say if we label people based on looks, we are the ones who are constantly swimming in the shallow end, not them.

And don't forget, Ted Bundy the serial rapist/killer was a very simple, non-celebrity, Church-going man. Go figure!

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Tuesday, August 12

It's Raining Knights!

Warning! Ladies be prepared to chuck a sickie after getting in contact with some 'hot contents' in this post, cos it's so hot in here! Someone call the Firemen please...hang on, don't call em! Cos they'll cause another 'fire' in me!

And the Puzzle shall be solved! Check out the slide-show below to find out the 3 items that I bought. Also, check out the lil messages I put for some of you here, in each of the slides :). Check out the winners and more questions for you to answer below the slide-show. Enjoy!

Ok only 3 peope got all 3 answers right in the last post and they are all Male! *me traumatised* So, we have 3 Knights in Shining Armor! And they are Prakhar , Deepsat and Amit! *were you guys watching me shopping or something? cos that was pretty freaky!* You nailed it brilliantly! Congrattz guys! Now I present you with the HOTTEST KNIGHTS EVER Award! LOL that's an Award that Keshi designed and will give only to Knight-like men who deserve it. See these 4 pics here of Keshi's fav Knights (Becks, Gerard, John and Jude)...since I don't have your pics Prakhar, Amit and Deepz, I'm imagining you 3 are as hot as these 4 'Knights' are? Cos for you to have guessed exactly what I bought is a total Knock Out! Total 'Knight' material ya know. You would be great guys to go shopping with *I promise I'll stop to grab a bite and some coffee ok? And then we continue shopping for another 3hrs!*.

Now to the wrong answers. There were pretty evident clues there. I wouldn't buy a Summer dress in Winter, not yet (it's still very cold here!), although I really wanted that dress I spotted....and I wouldn't buy Boots yet again cos I just bought a pair recently (remember my last Shopping post about a month ago?)...also, the Lingerie would have been pretty sultry, but with my ugly and very fresh bruise on my right knee I'd look like a bashed-up Bandit queen on the run in her underwear...maybe like Ma Baker? So I saved it for next time :). Anyways, thanks each and everyone for taking part and well-done all of you who got atleast 1 of them right. You all rock!

*I'm still staring at Gerard Butler's black shorts in the above pic...girls do you notice anything special about his shorts? I see alot...ahemm, alot of black material I mean!*

Today's questions for you:

1. Girls, who in your opinion is a total Knight and why? (note: it can be someone you know or a celebrity you like etc etc).
Boys, what does it take for a man to be a real Knight?

My answer: My Knights are Becks, Gerard, John, Jude, Prakhar, Deepsat and Amit...why? cos they are hot as hell ;-). And what does it take to be a real Knight? Just be shirtless & hot, and you're my Knight! Yes Shirtlessness leads to Knighthood in my books. LOL!

2. What is the one thing that comes to your mind when you look at Gerard Butler's pic in black shorts (pic #2 in this post)?
Boys, be nice to him now, he's my Knight! Girls, speak your mind lovelies, let it flow!

My answer: I laaaike it BIG! ;-) I mean Mr.Big kinda sweet men like Gerard Butler? duhhhh you dirty minds!

Once again thanks all for taking part in the last post, for your time, and also for making me feel better just by being here. You guys are the best, you know that. MWAH!

Hey watch the current video of some hottest men on Earth including Jude, Becks, Mr.Darcy. Clooney, Jackman, Depp etc's raining Knights! Girls rip off the roof and stay in bed...;-) I'm so taking a day off after this video. Jude stop looking at me with those 'piercing' eyes OMG he's so hot!

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Sunday, August 10

Bruise Almighty!

So what do you do when you're bruised black and blue all over, aching from top to bottom like you're straight after surgery, unable to bend or walk about without looking like a robot and can't even lift your knee to wear your pants without screaming like you've just been shot *ahhhh ouuuuuuuu ow owww oww!*? What do you do then...well I know what I'd do - whatever is next to God Almighty, and that is... *girls say it loud with me...1, 2, 3!* SHOPPING! :) Yes, to forget my very evident bruises and my latest crippled-status blues, I went shopping today *while Driving I realised my right knee was hurting badly - I forgot about my fall until I hit the brakes lol!*. Retail therapy does help not only the soul, but also a battered body like mine! With bruises and shopping (Satan and God respectively), I was Bruise Almighty this weekend!

And yes, I did buy 3 really nice items...some things that I wanted for some time...items that I already have, but needed a change with. So I thought I'd have some fun by letting you all work your brains overtime and guess what these 3 items I bought were. Kapish? And if you know me a little bit by now, it should be easy for you to guess what they are. Now what you have to do is pick the right 3 items I bought, from the list below. The person(s) who gets all 3 answers correct will get a surprise from Keshi! And I will also put up the pics of the 3 items in the next post. btw, the Lingerie and shoe pics were taken today during my shopping trip. They may or may not relate to the right answers. So good luck and here we go!

What 3 hot items did Keshi buy in her latest Shopping spree?

1. A beige pair of cotton Esprit slacks - $99

2. A black Piper Brushstroke Summer dress - $79

3. A '40s style pair of latest Portmans Hoop earrings - $17

4. A deep brown pair of Sports Girl shades (sunnies) - $29

5. A white pair of soft Ugg boots - $119

6. A sexy, lacy, frilly bikini brief and bra - $49.99

All the best again and hey I'm doing fine...with all the love I received in the last post, I felt like I'm the luckiest falling-victim in the whole world. :) Thanks guys MWAH! Hope everything's going cool at your end. Catch ya all soon. ooh lala look at that bra! ;-)

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Friday, August 8

Spin It Like Keshi!

Warning: Long post ahead but I promise it doesn't FALL short of humor!

Guess what happened to me just now guys? I slipped and fell down like a massive Idiot infront of about 5 guys near the Food Court *sobs heavily making loud sounds like a baby in distress*. Yes I was running up the steps that lead to a terrace and *wooooooooosh, dang dang, thud!* I was flat on the ground looking like a murder victim. For a few milliseconds I was busy landing on my right knee and that's all I remember. I didn't know what had just happened to me as I had my lunch pack *roast meat and veges* that I had just bought in my hands as well as keys and my cell, and for a nanosecond I was thinking if I was totally trashed and on the floor at a party with some food in my hands? Hell nah, cos there were 5 guys in suits infront of me with some trees behind them as well *dingbat this is near your office, wake up!*, asking me if I'm alright and if they could help me *yeah I looked like I needed alot of help cos I wasn't getting up - get up Biyatch!*. I suddenly started to get back on my knees *ouch they were so very painful and my left elbow too!* and guess what I blurted out to the guy at the front of my Rescue team? Guess what guess what? Even I can't believe this came out of me at a time like this. I said to him 'I'm ok, I'm used to this'. LOL what kinda loser Biyatch am I! I mean c'mon it's not that I wasn't embarassed enough right? And I go and tell them that I'm used to this? I guess I was kinda telling them about my super blonde and clumsy nature. Why o why???!!!

Anyways, I said to them that I'm really ok *while my right knee was now starting to send my brain txt msgs indicating it's smashed, and asking me to stop perving and take a quick look at it* and I ignored all the aches and pains that were coming from different parts of my body that had contact with the cement floor *I was beginning to realise that that fall was much more than just a thud!*. One guy kept asking me if I'm ok. I was pissed. I know he was trying to be kind but I was pissed cos I so couldn't fall fashionably infront of! Instead I fell like a blockbuster bimbo :(. It's ok Keshi, it's not like you can control how you fall, is it...and it's not like you can do your hair, straighten your top, pull your tights up and fall like a Supermodel duhhhhh! The fall came unexpectedly Blondi, so get over it. I thanked the guys real quickly and started running again. Why? I just had a fall while running, so why am I running again? Maybe I was too embarassed to walk slowly cos the guys were watching me and I so wanted to get away from that place and never see their faces again *I hope I'll never meet those guys again, even in my next life*. If I do, I'll wear a mask.

While going up the elevator I realised my black tights were going deep red around the right knee. Yes I was bleeding to death! I pulled up my tights and mannnnnnnn there was a huge cut! It had scraped off my outer skin and I could see what lives inside me too *a Medical student could probably use me right now*. yukkkkkk when is the scar gonna fade away? :*( I so hated myself for doing this to me. I think I wont be able to wear short skirts for another 100 years? *Knee God, you better make this scar go away before Summer!*. And then that Bon-Jovi lookalike work-mate from my office met me near the door. It just had to be him! *I never ever wanted this guy to see me looking like a Trainwreck baaaaaawaaaaaaaaah!*. Probably he could tell from my rather disoriented facial expressions that either I've just met an alien or some hitman tried to shoot me down. I didn't even realise he was there and guess what I was busy doing? I had pulled up my tights way above my knees and was rubbing my Saliva on it. LOL this is what I used to do when I fell down and hurt myself when I was little. I can't believe the same instincts came back to me years later and that too at my office! It's like I didn't care what people thought, I was just taking care of myself. I just thank all Gods that it wasn't a short skirt I was wearing! He looked at me and asked 'Keshi what happened? r u ok?'. Then I told him everything and he was smiling at my Saliva act. It suddenly registered in my brain, I was so embarassed and quickly put my hands down. And then we went in and he got me the First-Aid Box...I told him that I'd take care of the cut, so he went away telling everyone 'Keshi fell down poor thing...keshi fell down' *rolling eyes*. And then I put my whole leg up on my desk *cos I was alone in my cubicle* and started to clean it and put a bandaid on it. And just when I was doing that, looking like a monkey in a Zoo with her right leg up, my work-mate L walks into my cubicle! *wow this must be the day of all fuck-ups!*. I quickly put my leg down and I thought he'd laugh at me, instead he asks me 'Keshi do you need me to help you put that bandaid on' how nice are these men. After all, they are all not Baboons ha ;-). But I didn't want my boss to walk past my cubicle, spot L bent on my right knee and wonder what the hell is going on between L and Keshi, so I told him that I can put it on myself. Then he had a little fun chat with me, consoled me and left.

Now while my left elbow and both the knees were bruised badly, aching and stinging, finally I opened my lunch pack to have something to eat...WOW it looked like World War II happened inside the box! Cos the meat, veges and sauce were all thrown around the box, depicting a massacre had just taken place inside the box, while it was held in the hands of it's owner.
It was a true testament and solid evidence to what took place in the few milliseconds of my fall!

btw something else happened to me at work last night...something sweet and less fatal for a change phewww! My life is pretty happening even though it's nowhere close to perfect ha? I was gonna write about that today but this sudden clumsy accident in my life preceded it. So wait for that post til next week ok ;-). Have a good weekend guys, take care and hey don't run up the steps now! My weekend wil be spent recovering from the trauma, lamenting over my temporary disability and taking care of the severe mental and physical injuries caused by this incident. meowww ow owwwwwwwwuccch! :**(

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