Thursday, January 29

The Remains Of A Child...

I remember when I was a child...even the red ribbons in my hair colored my little world. And then I grew up, only to be living a broken dream. I see people, I hear stories...everyone is after something. It's all about self, and more and more Wants. People are never content, if only for a moment. This self-frenzied world is choking the very life out of me.

Something tells me haunting stories from the beckons painful whipsers unspoken ruffles dusty brings up all the buried thoughts and strews them across the skies, echoing an evil laughter at the cost of my tears. A ghost haunts my very being, lighting a treacherous fire of my past...a past that won't leave...a love that grieves...a magical touch that's no more. The weight of the unspoken, the unheard, the untouched and the unseen is burying me alive...and the debris is all that's left behind. I'm a piece of a shattered dream...walking, eating, sleeping, smiling, dreaming again...clinging on to the last bit of life that's left in me...burned out yet struggling to breathe...broken yet pretending to be unscarred...wanting to keep alive amidst the death that I've become. Life is a mockery yet I dance to it's melody with my bleeding feet. A debris of life, that's what I've become...a handful of ashes that's thriving to be preserved.
I'm no longer fascinated by the red ribbons in my hair...cos Life set them on fire, and all I'm left with is the remains of a child...

(first pic was so very kindly created by my dearest friend Hemz)

I dedicate this post to Margie's friend Steve who committed suicide recently.

What do you gather from this post? Can you relate to it? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance!

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Monday, January 26

The Land Of Dinky Di!

Update: Guys, I'm very busy at work at the moment...going to new places, taking up new challenges etc. Hence my absence in your blogs and here too. I'm really sorry about it. But I'll be back in a couple of days ok? Thanks all and have fun!

Today is Australia Day...the anniversary of the first permanent European Settlement in Australia in 1788. It is a day of memories, valor and honor for those who made this country to be what it is today. Australia has a convict history yet is one of the best countries to live in the world today. It has been MADE by the strength and courage of all those who came to this land, irrespective of their origins, casts or creeds. What's special about Australia is it's multi-culturalism that has become an attribute of it's success and unity. Australia operates on a 'fair go' system where color or status of the person doesn't matter...what matters is 'if you can do the job'. I can assure of you that quality of Australia cos I'm one of the millions who came here on their own merits and was treated fairly and respectfully by Australia for what I could do, and not for who I was. If you ever lived in Australia, you'll know what a beautiful, peaceful and blessed country Australia is. We don't care where you come fom or what religion you follow...have you got confidence and a free spirit? That's all Australia is about.

btw I'm extremely busy this weekend, I did dance like a maniac last night at the party :), I'm having a massive hangover this morning yet planning to go visit an Aussie Day function at a famous park in Sydney later in the day. I'm looking forward to all the good ol' Aussie songs, dancing and many multi-cultural events. And my heartiest congratulations to the Australian of the year professor Mick Dodson! He's a truly well-deserved recepient of this award among the great indigenous Australians. And my best wishes and thoughts are with the great Aussie cricket legend Glen McGrath (Australian of the Year nominee 2009) for his true courage not only in the Cricket field but also with his personal battle in life. *ooh ahh Glen McGrath!* And the sweetest Aussie ever Steve Irwin, we haven't forgotten your true Aussie legacy shall always live in our hearts! *tears*

As an Aussie Day post, I wanna ask you this

*What does the word 'Australia' remind you of?

*What is the one thing you love about Australia?

So let's all learn from Australia...let's go forward, not backwards. You may wonder what the title of this post is about...Dinky Di is Aussie slang for GENUINE. Let's all be genuine...true to ourselves and to others. Let's LIVE AND LET LIVE, for that's the only formula for SUCCESS.

Happy Australia Day to all true blue Aussies around the world!

can't you hear, can't you hear the better run, you better take cover

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Friday, January 23

Confessions Of An Archaeological G-String...

WARNING: Long post ahead. Read it before the expiry date!

Love That's Become A Tyrannosaurus Rex!
Boy o boy there were some haunting orgasmic screams from the dingy depths of the Love cemetery, in that last post! Thanks to all of you smart and witty readers of my blog *not to mention sex-starved beyond recognition* I laughed so much in the last 2 days reading all your clever comments! If you read some of the whacky and brilliant one-liners in the comment section of that last post, you'll know what I mean. Fossiled confessions of prehistoric sexual encounters that haunt you like ghosts from the B.C era can be a laughing matter if taken lightly and not grieved upon as a mutation of the LOVE gene *Libido is expired alright but I still love shoes!*. Cos there are so many of us suffering from that 'genetic' condition btw *you're so not alone..rolling eyes*. I guess that's cos Lust is cheap but Love is priceless *that's a leaf out of Keshi's Love Life which is now an Archaeological site btw*. And while Ki reckons it's been so long that she cannot even remember how/when her Virginity grew back, Div has even forgotten how to fake it *I don't even remember if there's anything called faking it*. And Hemz don't even remember who it was while Rakesh can't remember what LOVE is *is that what happens to 30+ folks?*. Margie on the other hand is busy making mashed potatoes & gravy thinking that's what it's all about *we understand that kinda memory loss, it's ok babygirl*. Deepz thinks missionary is catholic *and I suppose fellatio is an icecream?*. And Sawan don't even remember what he forgot while Mayz don't know anymore what it looks like down there *we girls have an upper section too don't we? can someone confirm that plz cos I can't remember*. So, it seems like many of us are living in the Ethiopia of Love, where sexual hunger rules and we don't even remember if certain bodily organs exist anymore! BUT, don't lose hope my fellow sensually-mutilating dinosaurs! Cos I came across sir Prabir who apparently gives LASTING lectures *with practicals I suppose* on this matter, and have offered to help those who can't get it up, oops I mean those who can't get it on *I suppose he meant the Condom here?*...Tarun now there's some 'condomiraculous' hope, just hang in there mate. So contact sir Prabir if you wanna check out from the museum of Love for good and get rid all those cobwebs on your body! *ewww*

The X Factor
Alright, now I know you're all waiting to know who my hot new flatmate is? Righteo so let's get down to it. The magic number X is...*drum roll*...5! 5 for 5 fingers that haven't felt anything in a long time, if you know what I mean. *sorry, finger-licking good KFC don't count*. At first I thought of 69 but when Bev confused me with a 96 I totally forgot what 69 was LOL! And so, the valid comment #5 was cleverly entered by ... ... ... THE amazing porcupine-pricked-pink-all-over Chriz!! Congrattz Chriz and welcome to my online home! *see pic of Chriz above with his guitar* You my dear, get to share my blog space with me for 1 whole post :). Yes, you're my current flatmate! I really pity ya though cos you're gonna have to live with a maniac - all the best. *btw I've labelled my cruisers in the fridge, so don't touch em and oii dry your red undies elsewhere please, not on my couch!*. So, as the owner of this blog, I'm gonna have to let you know the tennancy laws you have to abide by ok Chriz? And that is, just don't do a 69 in my Living Room...just kidding haha! All you've got to do is write a post for me on the topic I'm gonna be emailing you your own style Chriz. Pay me rent by being honest and not trying to change anything about your writing style just to suit Keshi or her readers. I.O.W. just be yourself - make yourself at home and you know we all love your style *this is me jazzing already to Chriz's music in my Living room*. And also in that post that we are gonna be doing together, you have to reply to comments of my readers (if they have any comments/questions for you). That's all you've got to do. Simple isn't it Chriz? Ok. Now if you break those rules, the lease may expire even before you move in! ok I'm sorry I'm being such a boasting biyatch I know I know ;-). *HUGS* Alright, we'll discuss the post via email and keep our readers on toes ok. Thanks Chriz and thanks all of ya for taking part! Don't worry if you didn't win this time, cos I'll always be looking for a hot new flatmate in a hot new post sometime soon stay tuned. Anyways I'm sure you all had fun in that last post, cos I did! "*the last pic here shows what happened to Chriz after moving in with Keshi*

Also, Phoenix (Raka) wants to know where on the INTERNET she could learn Tamil from. So if anyone here knows the answer, please let me/Raka know. Thanks in advance! And joyeux anniversaire Cess MWAH have a good one luv! Cess is a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart...and it's her birthday today. And on this post I wanna say this to her: May she never enter the prehistoric site that some of our love lives have now become!

And this weekend I have a massive b'day party *dress code: formal and with 100+ guests* to go to, and it's so darn hot here in Sydney. What do I wear?? A coconut-shell bra and a grass skirt? The heat is making me sick and I'm walking around as if I'm in a trance...I nearly flushed my keys in the toilet, for a micro-second I couldn't remember where my office was *that was done kinda intentionally*, I accidentally took my lunch to the loo, I feel my brain is melting like hot lava, I lost my sunnies only to be found in my own hands etc etc! Anyways, today's song is for the b'day gal Cess...enjoy it dahlin! Ciao babies have a good one!

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Wednesday, January 21

Wanted: A Hot Flatmate!

Have you ever thought of moving in with Keshi? If so, this is your chance ;-). And about this pic? No I'm not renting my torso to anyone, relax! The space I'm gonna rent out is my blog ;-). No I'm not pressured by the credit crunch so much that I'm forced to rent my blog to earn my dough, chillax. All I'm saying is that I have a new idea...a cool one. And that is, I'm gonna give you a quote in this post which you have to complete...all you've got to do is fill in the blanks using your imagination. No, there are no right or wrong answers...just make it as humorous as you can and just be creative. And if your comment is the #X comment in this post you will be given a chance to co-host a post with me in MY blog! Yes that's the prize you'll get for being the #X commentor. Now X will be revealed after all of you get a chance to take part and have some fun too. Also X does not necessarily indicate a single digit number...for example, X could be 1 or 23 0r 101! The reason why I'm not revealing X in this post itself is to keep it fair for everyone and to avoid commentors aiming to be the #X commentor. Kapish? Beautiful.

Now I'm not looking for any money for the rent you're gonna have to pay for being able to post in my blog...I only want your heart and soul in that post you're gonna co-host with me. If you're the #X commentor, the topic of that post will be emailed to you later on. Now isn't that easy-peasy japanesey? :) Ok, so here's the question for this post that you have to answer TO THE POINT and take a stab at being the #X commentor (sorry I won't count meanignless comments as valid answers...I'll only count from the #1-meaningful answer to the #X-meaningful answer when deciding the winner). And hey don't worry about winning only, just have fun. Good luck ALL!

Fill in the blanks of the following quote:

It's been so long since I made love,
I can't even remember ____ ____ ____ ____!

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Tuesday, January 20

A Slow Death

One of my dearest friends here tagged me on one of the most ANNOYING and longest tags ever *even the great wall of China must be shorter than this!*, and I just took it up for kicks ya know...I can't believe I did it though! CN you tortured me with it man HAHA! But it was good to get all my rage out eventually. jeez it had me screaming and tearing my hair out! I can't understand the motive behind this tag but I wanted to do a tag that I I did it LOL! Now read it for yourselves folks and take it up if you want a LIVE Anger Management session. Just don't kill anyone! Thanks CN for tagging me *trust me I had fun doing it!*. And here it is now:

First Name: Keshi

Sex: Still in the process of finding out, I'll let you know next Tuesday!

Single or Taken: Single by status, Taken by life

Birthday: no idea, I was too tiny to know

Siblings: yes, 100s of sisters and brothers here in Blogville

Hair Color: black with blonde roots

Shoe Size: lame as!

Height: of boredom!

Innie or Outie: What exactly does that junk lingo mean? I'd like it both IN and OUT, if that's what you meant *go figure!*

What are you wearing right now: Why, are ya gonna shag yourself blue reading my answer?

Righty or Lefty: hmmm I swing it both ways kiddo

Can you make a dollar in change right now: WTF is this qn about? Are you a street begger?

Who are your closest friends: They all live FAR away

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: I don't do BF/GF anymore...I'm old enough to cut the crap and get to business straight away

Best place to go for a date: Roller-coaster ride so I don't have to hold back my puke anymore?

Favorite place to shop: Where there are no cash registers

Favorite kind of pants: pants with holes, like a dog-attack victim

Favorite Color: nude

Favorite Number: John..I mean 7!

Favorite Animal: shirtless men

Favorite Drink: John Abraham juice LOL!

Favorite Sport: I'm sporty enough that I don't need a fav sport

Favorite Fast Food Place: anywhere that don't slow me down

Favorite Month: not that any particular month is more favorable than the other!

Favorite Movie: anything with John Abraham in it

Favorite Juice: haven't tried ALL the juices in the world to pick a fav ok!

Favorite Finger: huh? I don't think any finger would be great without the others! Are you a nose digger? ewwww!

Favorite Breakfast: yeah I work for a posh hotel where I get to try all kinds of brekkies and tell you what my fav is. Gimme a break(fast) plz!

Favorite Cartoon Character: you

Have you ever given anyone a bath: yes, my dog and my ex-BF, both together. He used to stink!

Have you ever smoked: I'm gonna take up Cocaine after this

Have you ever bungee jumped: yes, violently in my head!

Have you ever made yourself throw up: yes, by doing this tag

Have you ever gone skinny dipping: why, are you gonna watch my ass next time?

Have you ever eaten a Hot Dog: *yawns*

Have you ever put your tongue on a frozen pole: yeah, on another kind of pole...wanna know about it?

Have you ever loved someone so much it made you cry: I used to be a drama queen...I've recently shed my I punch the guy...are you a guy?

Have you ever broken a bone: wanna be my first?

Have you ever played "truth or dare": big deal baby!

Have you ever been in a police car: maybe that's your only means of transport cos you're on parole?

Have you ever been on a plane: bahahahahahahahahaha! I don't belong to the Zulu tribe, if that's what you're trying to find out

Have you ever been in a sauna: I'm dying here in the heat-wave and you're talking about the Sauna! Are ya loco?

Have you ever been in a hot tub: not again please! *bites her tongue*

Have you ever gone swimming in the ocean: ofcourse...where do you swim, in your sink?

Have you ever fallen asleep in school: if Tags are a school, yes! *zzzzz*

Have you ever run away: yes I did when I was about 5...I got mad at mum, packed my bags and went to my neighbors house...I sat there for about 3hrs, ate all her bikkies and then I wanted to go home. And right now, I feel like running away again, not to return though!

Have you ever broken someone's heart: Your heart is about to be scarred beyond plastic surgery...

Have you ever cried when someone died: duh! No I laughed like a Kookaburra at the funeral. what kinda dumb qn is that?

Have you ever cried in school: I'm beginning to think this Tag is for 5th graders? *cries loudly for going this far with it!*

Have you ever fallen off your chair: no I don't sit on a chair when I'm drunk...I crawl on the's safer ya know

Have you ever sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: yeah when I was suffering from Dimentia...later on I realised there was no such person who was gonna call. Confused?

Have you ever saved emails: This is the most annoying qn of the century! Sorry you wont get an answer, simply cos this qn killed my cranium instantly!

Have you ever fallen for one of your best friends: No I have fallen WITH one of them!

Have you ever made out with JUST a friend: Maybe I'm not as horny as you are?

Have you ever used someone: yes, to carry my TV...and for other things that are censored for kids of your age!

Have you ever been cheated on: yes, right now by CN who wanted me to do this fucking tag LOL! you cheated me into this CN *loud sobs follow*

What is your good luck charm: There can't be anything called luck in my life, especially if I'm doing this tag Hello!

What is the best song you have ever heard: I wanna strangle you by Keshi

What is the stupiddest thing you have ever done: Taking up this tag tops the list right now!

What's your room like: Don't worry, you'll never get to be there

What is the last thing you said: FUCK OFF to this tag

What is beside you: pieces of my cranium

What is the last thing you ate: Shit, i.o.w. this Tag

What shampoo do you use: Shame & Poo

What is the best thing that happened to you in the past year: Cant remember anymore cos this tag severely damaged my memory cells!

What is the worst thing that happened to you in the past year: Nothing can get worse than this

Have you had chicken pox: Yeah, now I'm having fish pox!

Have you had a sore throat: yes but not from the flu...want details?

Have you had stitches: Feels like I just had them done all over!

Have you had a broken nose: No, maybe you might have one very soon

Do you believe in love at first site: No, I believe in RAGE at first READ!

Do you like picnics: have you heard of picnic-turned-murders?

Do you like school: there's no choice, you have to like it if you want to avoid creating tags like this in future!

Would you eat a live hamster for $1,000,000: If I'm unskilled and bored like you are, yes I might do that for money

What people would you want with you if stuck on an island: John Abraham John Abraham John Abraham and John Abraham. Did I say John Abraham? And please, NOT YOU ok!

Who was the last person that called you: A motherfucker, at 1am

Who was the last person you slow-danced with: My temper, right now

What makes you laugh the most: some people *LMAO!*

What makes you smile: All my blog mates :)

Who is the last person you yelled at: You I guess?

Who is the last person who broke your heart: ok I get it...whoever who came up with these qns broke someone's heart and straight away wrote this tag to satisfy him/her self...accept it, you're guilty and you're mean!

Who is the last person who told you that they loved you: Myself. God I love myself when I see qns like these!

Who is your loudest friend: I'll get all my friends to scream all at once, measure and compare the decibles of each sound, and let you know tonight ok!

Do you like filling these out: Not at all fucker!

Do you wear glasses or contacts: I don't need any cos my eye-sight is way better than your cranium levels even on your best day!

Do you like yourself: hell nah! right now I wanna kill myself!

Do you get along with your family: yes better than you do with your intelligence quotient

Have you stolen anything over $50: No I don't STEAL. As simple as that. You're a shameless thief I suppose?

Are you obsessive: yes over one hot thing called 'John Abraham' *drools*

Are you compulsive: yes I'm super OCD...scared?

Are you anorexic: hell nah! I have enough flesh to donate..want some on your butt?

Are you suicidal: Right now yes

Are you schizophrenic: Just turned schizo!

Do you have a crush: yes, I wanna crush you with a bulldozer

If so, does he/she know: yes you should know it by now, unless ofcourse you're plain dumber than I thought you were *o wait, can anyone get dumber than THIS?*

Have you truly told him/her how you feel, face to face: no I used the bum-to-bum method..want a demonstration?

What is so great about him/her: Anyone is greater than YOU

Coffee or Tea: huh? HELP! *can't believe I put myself through this crap so far only to be asked a crappier qn like this!*

Oldest/Middle/Youngest/Only Child: I choose it depending on my mood

Indoor/Outdoor: Back door!

How many people are you sending this: I don't want more enemies than I already have!

What are you listening to right now: My rage beating deep inside of me!

What did you do yesterday: Breathed cos I'm not dead today am I? *but Im slowly dying alright!*

Where do you want to get married: I don't want to marry cos I don't want a chance of having kids like you!

What would you change if you could change something about yourself: Never take up tags like this again?

Are you a good driver: I wouldn't mind being a bad river for a change and slam into your car...where do you drive around usually?

Are you a good singer: Why, are you gonna provide me with a Sony contract?

What do you dream about: An instant Death right now cos I attained Nirvana already!

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Monday, January 19

Wherever I Go...

So you've all been waiting for my '08 Nov-Dec Break pics? Oh well, here they are then! :) I went to so many places with family and friends (Sydney's beautiful beaches, parks, mountains, wild-life parks, up-in-the-sky restaurants, downtown shopping, parties, the Aussie Outback, long long drives from home etc etc), took alot of pics (by now you should know how much of a Nature lover I am), spent alot of time sipping LIFE into my veins and enjoying the pure wilderness that God gave this Earth. I learn alot just by watching Nature...cos she is the only one who accepts herself just the way she is...and blooms fully and endlessly. So enjoy these great Aussie views from your desk, and let me know which one is your favorite pic and why. I have given a caption for each pic - place the mouse on the pic to read them. Thanks in advance! (Photos taken by: Myself, my mates Dave and Pete, and my cuz Nushi)

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Friday, January 16

Babeh You're My Fantasy!

The heat-wave in Sydney is killing me! It's frikkin hot and I'm dying a slow death over here...wonder if John Abraham could come to my rescue? I promise I'll trade all my lollipops just for him awwww.. ;-)

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Stalker...
Last night on my way back home, there was this cute guy on the train staring at me...dark blonde hair, hazel eyes, athletic built, white shirt and grey macho look ya know *yummmm!*. Ok he's allowed to stare at me cos he's cute! I noticed his silver wrist-watch on his manly wrist, his lucious lips and hunky shoulders...mmm I'm your stalker alright. So I gave him a Look know, the Hey-dude-look-into-my-eyes-you're-my-ultimate-fantasy kinda Look? God help me it worked! He was full-on hooked after that but I felt sorry for him though. Cos I knew that he couldn't approach me amidst all those commuters on the train and say 'I love u babeh, who r ya btw?' haha! He had to get off 3 stops before mine and I witnessed the frustration on his face, etched for life I guess. But I'm sure he'd gotten over me's a new day and life goes on. I was wondering how some emotions are so darn spontaneous and short-lived...just like how the pleasure of eating an ice cream lasts only few minutes.

Stalking Has No Age Limit!
Guess who emailed me today? Guess!! The Biodata obsessed Aunty B! (those who don't know who Aunty B is, please read my recent posts misMatch Point and Matrimonially Your's). I don't know from where she snatched my email address but I nearly choked on my brekky when I saw a 'Hi Keshi guess who this's Aunty B!' in my Inbox today! Guess what else she wrote in it...CONGRATULATIONS! Now can someone please tell me what she's congratulating me for?? I'm lost..did I win a Lotto while I was sleeping? Anyways, the next line stated that she hopes to hear 'good news' soon. What the...???!!! Who knows folks, next week I might be married off even without my knowledge, while I'm in the toilet! Tonight I'll help myself to a truckload of lollipops just to get over this stalker in a saree! *rolling eyes*

Roses Are Red, Stalkers Are Blue...
btw there's this guy at work who's trying hard to score a Date with me. I'm not interested at all *dun u dare ask me to go out with him cos I'm not asking for advice here. Give me advice only when I ask you to ok!*. He walks past my cubicle with his eyes fixed on me and when I look at him he gets all dizzy like he's in some fit. I could clearly see from his facial expressions that he wants to say 'Keshi dun u get it I wanna go out with u I wanna go out with u I wanna go out with u I wanna go out with u I wanna go out with u!" but he probably gets tongue tied beyond Mutism! He did ask me out for Drinks a couple of times before, and I did go out with him just once...cos he wanted to give me a b'day treat last year. But now he's asking me out again and I don't wanna go cos I don't want him to get the wrong idea...and hey I'm not doing Charity for lovelorn boys! He's becoming a lil stalkerish now...emailing me and txting me while we are only 2 desks apart LOL! He once told me "If beauty was a sin you'll never be forgiven"...huh what's with that? Lame as! When he asked me out I did say I was busy a couple of times and now I'm running out of excuses. I mean there's a limit to someone being busy too! I don't wanna be rude to him cos he is a nice guy, and I don't wanna hurt his feelings either. So I thought I'll come up with a new list of excuses with YOUR help too, so something nice might come up. Here are some examples of excuses that I could come up with for declining a Date I don't wanna go on *no I didn't use these excuses on him, not yet!
*. Feel free to add to the list and it's just for kicks, so have fun. So here they are:

Excuses you could give to decline a Date you don't wanna go on:

*I lost my memory, who are you?
*I'm on parole, I can't get drunk
*Nice of you to ask but my dog ate my best dress!
*I don't go on Dates cos of the credit crunch
*I'm half Monkey
*Wait, let me add you to my Dating database
*So where are we going, local park?

*Lorena Bobbit is my life guru

*Today is my Mental-Backup day
*ok I'll bring 4 bottles of Vodka and my ex-boyfriend
*Hope you don't mind me checking my Blog in between?
*I'm out of my mind but I'll be back in 5!
*I have 2 cats, 3 dogs, 2 kids and an ex-husband, do you still wanna proceed with this?
*I have a Canibalism lecture tonight
*WOW neat idea, I was waiting for the right guy to share my mortgage with!
*If Beauty was a sin, you'll be forgiven in nano-seconds!
*I'm a Scientologist, how about you?
*Bev goes skiing tonight, I'm sorry I have to lookafter her!

Add to the list please :). Guys, my dahlin Canadian friend Bev faced a small accident while skiing and had minor dental surgery done couple of days ago...hence this post is for Bev, just to make her smile. She has a wicked sense of humor, she loves to laugh and I know she'll come up with great one-liners for this one! Bev hey I'd cancel all my Dates anytime for ya, if it makes you feel better...HUGS take care now! Have a good weekend ALL! oh..btw who's this, in this last pic...the best lollipop ever I guess! ;-)

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Thursday, January 15

A Thousand Miles From Yesterday...

Do you ever get lonely like I do, even when you're with people? Do you ever feel that you'll never be pristinely happy again, like you were in your childhood? Do you ever cry like I do, and not know why? Do you ever sit all alone at night and think about me, like I think about you? Do you ever feel that no one understands you? Do you ever feel that you're the only one going through this pain? Do you ever feel that everything and everyone is so fragile? Do you ever feel that all of this is such a drag? Do you ever feel that you'll never find someone who can just accept you unconditionally? Do you ever pick up the phone many times and then don't feel like calling, just cos you realise that it won't make a difference? Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and lay awake til dawn? Do you ever think about all those names in your phone-book and feel so empty? Do you ever get numb and speechless from that loneliness, like I do?

I packed my bags, said goodye to the past and drove all those miles in life just to find myself all alone again, in a distant empty hotel room, thousands of miles from yesterday, and thousands of miles from tomorrow. What's gone is gone for good...what's to come is out of reach. All I have is today and today I'm feeling lonely, and it's nothing new...and it's fast becoming a part of my life and something that I seem to like. Did relationships kill my passion for people? I never ever thought I'd say I wanna be alone, cos in the past I was always with people craving for company, but it looks like loneliness has become me and I have become loneliness. That's right, I'm not the girl I used to be. Yes, I'm a thousand miles from yesterday...strange how life takes you from one place to another, molding your heart and soul into a completely different shape with time and experiences...yes, I'm a thousand miles from yesterday and I don't wanna drive back either...

Note: This is not a post to gain sympathy or to say I need more friends(/a partner) in my life. Been there, done that and I've got plenty of experience with people. This post is about how I truly feel right now about my life, and I'd like you to see it for what it is and not confuse it with how life SHOULD be...cos, this IS my life. Thanks.

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Wednesday, January 14

Matrimonially Your's

Remember the Marriage-frenzied Aunt who asked me for a BIO-DATA from 2 posts down? Well here's one that I prepared for her to put through to her large Eligible 'Sri Lankan/Indian' Men's Database. Let's hope sweet Aunty B will find a nice hot curry guy for me through this BIO-DATA ok. Remember this one is made especially for Sri Lankan/Desi applicants. Here it is:

Contact Details

Name: Keshi

Sex: Preferably on Saturday nights

Age: How 'young' do you want it?

Complexion: Fair n Lovely is not my cuppa!

Virgin: Flew to Melbourne in it

Company: Anytime!

Title: Destroyer of big fat Male egos


Caste: Human *did u meet monkeys before?*

Religion: Blogging

Phone: 1800-dial-a-maniac


Educational Background

Bachelorette in Singletrics
Mistress in Bedology
Doctor of Flirt-Aid
Certified Wedding Killer
MS Certified Underwear Engineer *I love lingerie*


Keshi has alot of experience with delusional men, mostly perverts and oglers, who nearly got fatally hit on the head by her *they required that to get cured*. She also had a couple of boyfriends who she has kissed *surprised? no I'm not the innocent country girl waiting for the first night to be touched by a dickhead*. She can cook and clean but won't do it just cos a man would want her to do it *go get your own nanny*. She's pretty independent and hates being mollycoddled *slap! ewww get off my back, I CAN lookafter myself*. She has never been married before but often thought of divorce *go figure!*. She has her own car so keep your 'cart' to yourself *stop flashing your dad's 1949 model*. Money, she's got enough to keep her happy *go buy a new pair of jocks maybe? I don't need your credit-cards ok!*. Mother-in-law will be treated nicely as long as she knows how to be nice herself. And if the guy is still clinging on to his momma's saree, then please stop reading this, go marry your mother. Can I sing and dance? yes, when I'm drunk beyond recognition *I love Vodka and Gin n tonic*. btw I wear short skirts, shorts, skinny tops, boob-tubes, halter necks and also the saree...the choice in MINE ok, so back off. I can be a very good listener but I can't stand listening to crap *so cut it even before you start*. Post-marriage, my life, individuality or personality won't change one bit *so don't have any dumb hopes of it..blogging won't stop either*. And I refuse to wear grossly thick gold jewellery around my neck and on my nose etc just to show that I'm married *never thought that looking like a cow was a fashion!*. I'm a fitness fanatic and if you start getting a huge belly and don't exercise, I'll send you for cruel near-fatal surgery. Also, I worked all my life and I will continue working til the day I die *you can try to stop me and you'll meet your maker*. Ogling at other girls will not be tolerated...if there's a need to get laid, do it now! *or else be prepared to be sent to Gay bars on a weekly basis or have your face re-arranged*. Womanisers will be shot on the spot. Drama queens will be prosecuted. Morons will be chucked outta the house without notice.


What's that? oh, so you're looking for a long-term Caretaker to wash your clothes and do the dishes...ok, go get a washing machine and a dishwasher - they are quite responsible! For sex, buy a life-size blowup doll...they are responsible and won't nag either.

Photo is attached...if you can handle the heat, apply straight away with a blood-test report *incase you have keshicocolmania* and a recent photo *not one that's taken 10yrs ago when you were slimmer* and be prepared to bear the tidal wave that's about to hit ya. Men here, please write a reply to this Biodata in the comment section (ask any questions or write your details in a reply etc creative and funny)...let's have some fun! So, anyone wanna take a chance on me? ;-)

I know, after reading this Aunty B will be walking around chanting 'om shanti shanti why did this happen to me!!' or she will be in Rehab going for major psychotherapy!

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Tuesday, January 13

Sweet As!

I just have to show you all how suga-candy-cupcake-sweet some people can be, and how much sweetness they have in them that they just go out of their way to make others happy. Some people here have been really active in spreading Sweetness this week, and I just wanna thank them in my blog today. The beauty of their hearts need to be recognised...cos they touched my heart from across the seas. Needless to say, I felt really loved by them all. So here I go:

The Pursuit Of Sweetness...
Crystal is one of my dearest blog mates here...she's quite young but a very talented and creative writer. Apart from many awards and surprises she always gives others, she created this beautiful image for me, even without me asking her to do it. It just goes to show how much some people think about you and do things in their spare time just to make you happy. Now that kind of quality is very rare in this world today...cos we live in a world where people are always out to eat each other alive or put others down. So, I really wanna thank Crystal and let her know that she really made me glow looking at this image this morning. Thanks hun I love ya!

Sweetness Makes The Heart Grow Fonder...
Another such Angel of Sweetness is Pri, another dearest mate of mine here. She has a new blog post where she has invited people to dedicate songs to others, and through that post she really managed to make me smile alot...cos so many of my friends have dedicated beautiful songs for me over there. That sweetness will live in my heart for a very long time. So thanks to all those who dedicated songs for me and also to Pri for finding time and putting so much effort to make others happy. Sweetness cannot get any sweeter than that Pri, HUGS!

Every Dark Cloud Has A Sweet Lining...
I also wanna thank Hemz for always cheering me up with his emails, posts and the lovely images that he creates just for me. He's as sweet as suga candy hehe. I don't get time to post about ALL the nice images he always creates for me, but they r all in my heart. The one on the right here was also made by Hemz, just for me. I just want to take this opportunity to thank Hemz for being so patient with me and for always being there for me. And the sweet email he sent me yesterday had me smiling. You're a beautiful Sweetness Spreader Hemz, God bless ya!

Sweetness Knows No Distance...
My bestest bro Sourish has been a tower of strength for me in ways that's hard to express. No we haven't even chatted online except through our blogs, but I know I can always, I mean ALWAYS count on him. There's an emotional connection between us that don't need any physical validation. Simply cos he believes in me just like I do in him. And to me, that's all that matters. Today he left a very sweet message for me in Pri's blog...I was touched. Also, he gave me this unique award very long time ago and was upset that I didn't acknowledge it in my blog. aww I'm really sorry it took this long bro, but that's cos all your sweet gestures are always in my heart anyways. I love ya, thanks for being the sweetest bro ever...the brother I never had. HUGS!

Sweetness Is The Limit...
Ria is another supa sweetie pie. She has always been there for me and just this week I got an ecard from really made me beam like happy bubbly sunrays :). Cos my heart was warmed and I felt really loved and thought of fondly. I always wanted to say alot about Ria in my blog, but I was always at a loss for words...cos she and I are so much alike and I felt that if I were to talk about her, it would be like telling you all about me again and again LOL! Yes, we are that similar in many ways. Ria, we may be miles apart but our hearts, souls and spirits are one. You know what I mean dun u? Thanks sista I love ya! And this is my fav pic of you, hence I put it up here :).

Some Sweetness A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away...
And this week, one other sweet thing happened. I had a long, sweet, loving, caring and funny message on my voicemail yesterday, all the way from Colorado USA. It was from Margie...the purest soul on Earth! Her message made me smile, teary, laugh, giggle and relaxed after a very long day. I guess simple gestures can't get any sweeter than that right? So thanks Margie for being the sweet-heart that you brightened up my week by mega-watts of smiles. Luv ya tonnz! The bracelet that you sent me last year and the earrings that I sent you last year are so very lucky...cos they are near each other now! btw this is Margie and Jake...arent they SWEET!

Now I know ALL of you who read my blog are Sweetness spreaders in many many ways. Cos everyday when I check my blog comments, I smile away like there's no tomorrow hehe. I can't imagine how SOUR my world would be without you guys. So THANKS A TON guys for being here, I love ya all! Keep spreading the sweetness, cos we need alot of that right now. Be sweet to people in your nature, not just in words. Be the Sweetness that you want to see in others. And the Sweetness you give others will follow you like a shadow and pleasantly surprise you some day.
btw this song is for ALL of you who make my life sweeter by being in it...if you're reading this now, this song is for you too. And even if you don't wanna say a word in my blog anymore I just wanna thank you for being SWEET to me whenever you could in the past...thanks, and sorry I never told you before. LOVE YOU ALL ALWAYS!

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