Wednesday, December 22

An Evening With My Memory..

Somewhere in the world tonight, there's no fighting. Somewhere in the world tonight, there's no crying, there's no fear. Somewhere in the world tonight, someone's holding their first child, someone else is falling in love for the first time. Somewhere in the world tonight, everything's alright. And tonight, in this tiny corner that I occupy in this big wide space called Earth, Im thinking of you..and because of my memory of you, somewhere in my world tonight, everything's alright.

Time does not wait for anyone or anything. Time does not hesitate. *tick tock tick tock tick tock* Time keeps going, it never stops. Time sure knows how to say NO! I've learnt from Time that no matter what has happened, is happening or will happen, I must 'keep going forward'..I must go forward, no matter how much I love looking back.

Time is a precious commodity, but do we really value it or give it the sense of respect it so deserves? Time, though sometimes may appear to be selfish as it leads the race, leaving us torn between the past and the present, finding it hard to trudge along to the future, Time sure does heal us all. That's the beauty about Time. That's the kindest quality about Time. That's what we all need so very much. A Time to heal. And that Time can only come with time. How ironic! The past is the skeleton that Time left behind. The present is Time's new avatar. The future is Time's surety of reincarnation. But in all 3 forms of progression of Time's soul, we are being taught the beautiful lesson of learning from our experiences, therefore, Healing. And that can only come from 'reminiscing' without attachment.

Memory is Time's offspring. Time leaves us with it's product that we cant kill and nobody can snatch from us either, no matter how far we've travelled with Time itself. Some memories may bring you pain, some others solace. Either way, your Memory is your richest possession; your mind's most beautiful accessory. For if not for memories, it would not have occurred to me that a post in one of my favorite places on Earth *Blogville* is overdue :) Yes, I'm here today, because Time's child Memory ushered me to you. Sweet memories of you happen to meet me today and remind me that there's a lovely bunch of people waiting to read me, wanting to hear from me, wondering how I am, thinking of me, all because of Time's child that lived inside of you too. Memories, they make us who we are.

I hope you are all doing well. I have not forgotten you, for my Memory shall always bring me back to you. Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to you all! Life's going great for me *except that I was recently bitten by a venomous spider! But Im ok dont worry :) Threw a huge tanty but Im back to normal now haha!*, and I hope all is well with you too? Thanks for all the wishes, thoughts, notes, emails, messages and most of all for the endless LOVE here from your comments even though Im not into regular blogging anymore. I will try and hop around Blogville sometime soon :). Value, respect, love & appreciate Time. For Time is where we all live forever, be it the past, present or future; not anywhere else. Time is where we breathe, where we can truly reconnect, where we can undoubtedly go back to our lovedones, where fresh moments are born and where they continue to live. Time is where we exist - we 'live' in a blob of Time that once used to be, is and will always be. I believe there's a 'place' where we can wave goodbye to our fears and tears, atleast for a little while; Moments & Memory...Time.

2011 is at birth..reincarnation of 2010 *and of many years that were it's past lives*. Have a wonderful 'time', create beautiful 'memories', and dont forget to be inspired by Time and 'keep going forward'!

~An Evening With My Memory, December 2010~ this post was written in 10mins after Joyce sent me an email asking me to write a post for her to start the New Year with...I hope it hasnt got too many typos, grammar mistakes & too much of advice :) Thanks Joyce for your wonderful and undying encouragement, for your Memory of me.

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Tuesday, July 6

Revelations Of An Afterlife..

In an Afterlife. Once upon a lifetime, I used to live in a place called the 'world'. Over there, we could 'say' but most people only 'talked'. We could 'listen' but most people only 'heard'. We could 'see' but most folks just 'looked'. In that world, there were so many avenues for many signs placed on our roads of life, by God...omens were the the only language God spoke...not English, not Hebrew. It was 'omens'. God's language was the signs and the experiences we encountered along the road of life. But people over there are so buried in their own worlds, in their 'chase', they hardly saw God's signs or the symbols he left along their roads. The experiences, the encounters, the other people they met...they forgot to 'see' them..cos they only 'looked'. When good experiences were met, they were overjoyed, they only thought of the pleasure it gave them. They missed the golden lessons that came with it, that were carefully placed by God, like the delicious bits of nuts and fruit hidden beneath a cake. People only noticed the top layer, like the icing on a the little sugar figurines that captured their eyes, not the imagination. They forgot to see the bigger picture of it all...that with good things in life we should grow humility, generosity, compassion, understanding and love. Most people there don't seem to know that we may 'succeed' many times in life but we are not a 'success' until we share it with everyone else around us. Joy that's not shared isnt joy at all. And when they encountered bad experiences along the road, people were so miserable..they cursed God...they asked why me. Again, they missed the precious lessons that came with it. They only saw the bottom layer this time, like the pits of a dark the burning sensation of a fire that only captured their immediate senses, but not their souls. They forgot to see the greater outcome of it all...that with bad things that happen to us in life, we should grow patience, hope, positivity and beauty of the heart. Most people there don't seem to know that we may 'fail' many times in life but we don't become a 'failure' until we blame somebody else for it...that accountability should stand tall in all situations.

God places 'items' along the road of life. Those items maybe the people we meet, the experiences we encounter and the ups and downs we go through in life. All of them happen to us for a reason...yes all of it. Even if some people leave us for good or some encounters leave us emotionally and I met because we were meant to cross each others' paths to attend to a deep need in each be there for each other at a difficult awaken each others' spirits and unleash our souls. It doesn't matter that we are not together anymore...our purpose has been accomplished, our need has been met. God places 'items' along the road of life. The beautiful rose has thorns..the ugly duckling may possess the prettiest heart..the rocky road can lead to the most beautiful lake..the toothy child brought out the kid in me..the friend who never spoke to me again taught me Destiny..the flowers by the lake showed me character and patience through day and night. May all your future encounters leave you wiser than ever before! In life we death we see, and I did. Life is a symptom...death is a cure.

- Keshi, July 2010, 'Revelations Of An Afterlife'

Written as a heartfelt & most honored tribute to Ria, Mehreen, Margie, Joyce & Shachi. 5 beautiful flowers God had placed along the path of my life..

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Friday, January 8

The Life In Your Death

It's right there, infront of my eyes. I can see it, feel it, hear it. It's in my hands. It's your heart...pounding, fighting to live, to see another day. It's bleeding but it's still beating. Not yet dead, but not alive either. Your pain is in my hands. I can feel it but I feel useless. I just stand and stare at how your heart is struggling in my hands, your life beckoning to me. I try to bend your pain, but there are no shortcuts for that...pain is one long freeway that isn't really free. It costs you your heart and soul, but there's nothing that can be done. There's so much left to learn but not enough time. There's so much left to see, but not enough sun. I wish I could take your pain away and make you smile. Wish I could catch you when you fall. I wanna be your breath. I wanna let you live. I wanna be the air that you breathe...the courage in your will to live...the wings in your prison. I wanna be that last few pangs of life that's left in you. I wanna be the Red in your Black...the Life in your Death.

-An ode to my Writing passion that's faded into faraway memories. Goodbye my love!

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