Friday, August 31

Suga Up!

OMG Suddenly there's a massive flirt in my Inbox! Yeah my cousin gave my email address to him - good job cuz aha! He works at my cousin's office, apparently saw my pics and fainted. Now he wants to to talk to me - hehe boys will be boys ha. Well guess what, he's Indian, 31yrs old and...drrrrrrr drrrrrrrr drrrrrrrrr...MARRIED! It's ok guys, we are just friends. Now tell me, is flirting with another while being committed to a relationship, acceptable? I know we all flirt (talk about the biggest flirt breathing on this Earth and ahemmm, her name starst with K..), but when you're married or in a committed relationship, is it right to flirt with others? I don't think flirting is a big deal (thou shall flirt all your life if you wanna avoid grey hairs and a wrinkly butt) butt come to think of it, if I had a man in my life, and he flirted all the time with other women, I might feel a bit annoyed. Ok alright, duhhh, I'm not that insecure, only cos then I too would have my entourage of men to flirt with you see LOL - but seriously, how do all you people react when your partner flirts with another? Are their any boundaries/limits? Or should there be any at all, if you trust each other in the first place? Be honest. I'd like to hear your thoughts. My answer is long as he doesn't cheat on me, he can flirt his sugary ass away - I believe a little flirting is harmless and that it would keep my man heartattack-free (saves me from the hospital trips!). I'm a very free woman and a realistic one. Lets face it, if you're a flirt by nature, you can't stop being yourself, can you? And I don't wanna impose rules and cause severe stress to my partner. As simple as that :).

Following is the funny convo that took place between that 'Flirt' in my inbox and me this morning.

Aditya: Keshi you are too hot to handle.

Keshi: tnxx I know I'm hot property (smirk). Hi Aditya how r u?

Aditya: I am far much better now since I got to talk to you. ;-)

Keshi: LOL is that some kinda Aussie Pickup line?

Aditya: Pickup line! no no your mistaken it's an honest opinion. At least I'll get to sleep better tonight. Like you said you're a hot property and its hard to find them these days and in auctions you end up paying too much sometimes... hahahaha!

Keshi: HAHAHA! Good one. So don't go to Auctions/buy...just RENT duh!

Aditya: Renting is good only for short term, not long term coz the owners keep increasing the payments...and sometimes it ends up costing more as they say "rent money is dead money"

Keshi: So then what do u plan to do? Get a community house? LOL!

Aditya: Get a caravan or a wagon. At least you can change your surrounding whenever you like go where ever you whoever you want????hahaha.

Keshi: Haha good one! how about just get a boat? That way you don't even have to worry about parking space :):)

Don't think wrong guys, I'm just having silly fun with him. I'm very well aware he's married and I know my limits. He seems to share my sense of humor and he seems like a decent, friendly guy too. btw I have alot of married guy-friends. Flirting is good for health you see. A flirt a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor is a flirt, then visit him everyday - by Keshi.

Keshi is mad, you know that already hehe. Have a good weekend guys! And hey don't forget to answer the question in the first half of this post. So be happy, loosen up, flirt all you can and live longer my dear ones! Put a little heart into everything you do and keep your heart healthy and happy. Basically Suga Up! Today's music is one of my favs that has been performed by many artists over the years. I feel so relaxed and totally in love, whenever I listen to this song. Enjoy and Au Revoir!

Current Music: Dream A Little Dream by Michael Bublé

Thursday, August 30

Social NUTworking

WARNING: Long post ahead that you should read for your own gain!

Making friends or murderers?
Internet is a big place...a place full of all kinds of people from around the world. Now my blog maybe the picture-perfect happiest social networking example, but it's only an ounce of the vast majority of the Internet's happenings, of which most is gory. Cyber crimes of all sorts is on the rise. My friend Mumbai_Guy's recent post about the Indian teenager Adnan's kidnapping and murder, shocked me to bits. This innocent 16yr old boy was killed (read link) by some of his so-called friends he met on the be precise on Orkut. Now how scary is that! This story sent eerie chills down my spine. Anyone of us could have easily been in his shoes. I'm not a teenager and I don't go on Orkut or any chat sites at all, but we all can be vulnerable at sometime in our lives. And the Internet is a place where you can easily form bonds not realising who you are really dealing with. It's freaky to the core. I know I can take care of myself and I know the people I meet in my blog are such a nice honest bunch, but this boy would have thought the same when he first met his net friends right? So when we make friends on the net, are some of them really friends? Or could it be a dangerous event in the making? This boy's tragic story proves it very well could be the latter. Another Indian girl named Kaushambi (read article) was shot dead by Manish who she trusted alot...they were both Orkut users and have known each other for 3yrs or so. That's them in this pic. And here is Manish's Orkut profile. And here is Kaushambi's Orkut profile. Read Kaushambi's comments in Manish's profile page...she really had no idea did she! Chilling story!

A Psycho Clown's Tale...
I really didn't want to bring this psycho up in my blog again, but I had to tell this in case you see a retarded version of my net profile in another site - you should know it's not me. Well I have had some anonymous person harassing me online for more than 3years now. He/she is clearly a mentally ill individual. I'm not just saying that to mock him/her. I'm saying this cos the kind of abuse/cloning of my ID all over the net that's done by this person is beyond anybody's wackiest imagination. It's got to be a heavily sick mind 's work, cos a normal person won't have this kind of prolonged, baseless and frenzied obsession on someone on the net. He/she is hooked on me in a sick way and can't seem to get over the fact that Keshi has many friends and a life that he/she probably hasn't. Anyways this psycho first created a blog cloning my ID and abused me and my friends in Blogville using that ID. After a long useless battle to put some sense into this deranged person, I chose to ignore him/her. Cos you know you really can't put sense into someone who's ill. He/she really needs a psychiatrist to treat the illness, not me. Now I hear that this patient has created an Orkut profile using my ID and my pics, and is putting up porn pics under that profile. What's his/her next stop? Facebook, Myspace? LOL! Sounds like the clone-clown right? Well I'm not the least bothered by it. And such dimwits really don't challenge me. Maybe such people need cheap thrills like that to make their otherwise embryonically-deprived personality more interesting. If that's the case, then so be it. So someone is surviving out there by abusing my net profile? Big deal, no worries with me!, all I can say is Im pretty famous so thanks for the attention hehe. But I hope he/she gets real medical treatment somehow. I really want that to happen...for his/her family and friends' sake. Imagine having to live with that kind of a person under the same roof!

Prevention Is Better Than Cure...
My only online life is this blog. I hate chat rooms cos I don't know who I'm chatting with and that seriously bores me. Stories like the above murders got me thinking hard. I don't give my personal details to anyone I don't trust anyways. I don't meet up with net buddies (unless I'm sure who they are) either. Am I scared? Yes! Who wouldn't be scared of being stalked or killed by some sicko on the net? I'm not scared to die, but I don't want something stupid happening to me either, causing unimaginable misery to my loved-ones. I can't even imagine how those victims' parents must be feeling right now. It should never have happened in the first place.

A Virtual Fence...
As Bloggers we need to be careful about who we reveal our personal details to. But I'm not scared of putting up pics here. People can steal them I know...but that wont stop me from expressing who I am. I won't let few people cramp my style. Losers can harass you again and again. You really can't put up a concrete wall around your net profile like you can around your house, can you? Therefore I'm not going to sweat about that. But I can be careful when it comes to who I give my phone number, address etc to. Also I don't use my driver's licence number, bank account details, credit card info etc on the net for anything at all. I can be careful about who I meet too...I can be careful when it comes to trusting people on the net...I can be SAFE if I THINK carefully, right? So folks, next time you make friends/do business with someone on the net, be alert...I'm not saying to be skeptical, but be alert about who you can truly trust and who you choose to meet in person etc. Or take another friend with you when you go to meet a net friend for the first time. Do you know that your personal details that you may carelessly give away to someone on the net can end up in another country's ID theft ring? Also some sick bastards can travel across seas just to quench their thirst for cheap thrills. So have a mental fence around your net life. It's not that hard if you guard your temptations.

Your Brain Checkup Is Overdue!
Internet is an interesting place with alot of interesting people...but it's also a very scary place with alot of psychos. These people prey on innocents just to satisfy their sick conscience. For all the spammers, I have this message: YOU REALLY HAVE NO HOPE
! Your parents didn't give you enough love and brain food, we are very sorry about that. Get a job or get wasted I don't care, but you should care cos it's your life! For all those kidnappers, hackers, murderers, child molesters, phishers etc I have this message: YOU NEED A SHRINK. Go get help before it's too late. Do you ever use your brain or is it rusting on the shelf? Insert it back in please. And know that your PC details can be easily tracked to your doorstep anyways, and Police will be knocking on your door soon. You may think you know how computers work but the truth is you don't. You have zilch knowledge of how computers work- sadly you only know how to be a criminal. Everything you do on the net is traceable upto your sorry ass if the need arises. If you are addicted to stealing, sex, lying, any crime in general, that means you need major help. And there are psychiatrists out there for a reason - that is to help nutjobs like you. So use that brain that you've been donated and get that help while you can. Do yourself some justice today so you could save yourself from getting your own mugshot.

Surf Safely...
As a step to towards keeping my blog shit-free, from now on I allow comments by Registered Users only - so no more Anonymous comments allowed here. And also, I'm going to be very strict about publishing crap comments, so just cos you're bored and wanna puke your sick head out here, it's not going to be tolerated - go find a sink or do it on your carpet. Besides, I track the IPs whenever I want to, so ease up on the cranium-deficiency bandwagon cos you may be tracked and reported to the federal Police - no you can't take your PC with you when you're arrested - jail might have internet, try asking! (recently a bunch of net criminals and identity thieves were caught by the Police on a LIVE TV show. It was hilarious!). So before you harass someone on the net just cos your dad pays your Internet bill, think twice.

Well folks we should enjoy the Internet and not fear the same time we must know it's possible horrific consequences. Thieves, sex-offenders, murderers and psychos have Interent access too and they could be in your inbox. SO BE SMART, ALERT AND MOST OF ALL BE SAFE!

Today's music is dedicated to both the innocents, Adnan and Kaushambi, who TRUSTED their net 'friends', when they were really only their enemies...the ones who took their life. Both of them paid the highest price for trusting total strangers.

Current Music: Come As You Are by Nirvana

Tuesday, August 28

A Sunlit Night

I flow like a river that seeks the sea...but I'm as still as a frozen lake. I reach the skies like the mountain tops...but I lay sleeping like the Earth's ground. I fly so freely like a Butterfly...but sometimes my wings have flown alone. I resonate tons of sunshine...but Im as dark as the deepest night. I sing like birds in the wildest forests...but I'm the mutest at times. I may become your angel tonight...sometimes I'd be the devil in disguise. I open doors like the keys you seeked...sometimes I'm just the lock myself. I'm as joyful as a wedding's serenade...and I'm the lonesome funeral band. I dance to the rhythm of the sounds...sometimes Im crippled with no sense at all. I'm as warm as a Summer's day...but I'm the coldest Russian snow. I'm the physician with all the cures...but I'm also the fragile patient in death-bed. I'm an actress with great skills...sometimes I'm the fan who longs to be her. I'm as broken as shattered glass...but I'm also the glue that fixes it all. I'm a traveller of all roads...sometimes I'm the road you travel on. I'm the deepest pit of times I'm that ladder of escape. I'm as colorful as a rainbow...sometimes I'm as dull as colorless rays. I can be soothing to the core...but I'm as harsh as a blow. I can be the sweetest wine...sometimes I'm plain cyanide. I'm the fresh writing on the times I'm just the dormant wall. I'm the holy prayer on your lips...sometimes I'm an axe that severs all rules. I'm the hunger for everything...sometimes I'm the feed you seek. I'm the black n white photograph...and I'm also the moist heartbeat in you. I'm the child who dotes on cuddles...but my soul is as old as the Bible. I'm alive like a Spring time bloom...sometimes I'm the dead in that cold stone grave. I'm the clown who makes a crowd laugh...sometimes I long to be in the crowd. I'm as easy as Sunday morning...but I'm also the hardest math. I'm the reason to live...and I'm the life of the reason. I can be a beautiful story-teller...sometimes I'm the story you hear. I'm the flame that stays awake...and I'm the candle that burns out fast. I'm the heart that beats so close...sometimes I'm just the distant horizon. I'm the desert that lives alone...and I'm the mirage that lived not too long. I'm the real silken touch...but I'm the far-away memory. I'm me...and I'm you too.

Current Music: Te Busque by Nelly Furtado feat Juanes

Monday, August 27

Somebody Somesoul

Is there somebody to love
Somebody who feels
Who loves truly...
Is there somebody to listen
And not just hear
Who understands...
Is there somebody to feel
To ease this pain
And be there always...
Is there somebody to trust
Somebody who'd believe
Who wouldn't look away...
Is there somebody to care
To reach out to me
Who'd always be there...
Is there somebody to love
A genuine smile
Somebody Somesoul...

I wrote that wondering about my destiny...what it was...what I thought it would be....what it has become...what I think it will be...what it really will be. I believe it's all in God's hands. Cos my life has been very little of what I imagined it to be...the family, education and career bit that is. The rest remains a dream and I know they will be that way forever. Sometimes we want somethings in life so much that fate comes and kicks your ass and laughs at your folly. It puts us to test with totally the opposite of what we want our lives to be. Sometimes I wonder if this is the way it has to be, for me to be me. Maybe it is. Cos if I had a different life, maybe I'll be someone else then...not the Keshi you all know right now. Then maybe you'd never have known me. So I believe what's supposed to be, will's all in God's hands...and with tears and smiles I accept whatever it may be...
though most of the time it's tears...

Current Music: In God's Hands by Nelly Furtado

Thursday, August 23

Naked Confessions

These are 2 of my favorite pics taken last Dec when my cousins were visiting Aus from NZ (for those who don't know me, I'm the smiling girl on the right here and the one with the boob-tube on in the 2nd pic). Some of you may have already seen these pics. So since it's a Thursday, this is my HNT. I know, not much of nekkidness in em but hey look at my darn nekkid nekkid. And look at my shoulders in the 2nd pic...oooo so nekkid LOL! So be content with these pics and be glad that Keshi who comes from an Indian bakground, didn't post a HNT of herself wrapped up a like preserved mummy! btw there were many topless chicks at Manly beach that day, but hey I'm not allowed to take pics of them unless I plan a trip to prison. But I enjoyed looking at them and thought to myself how FREE they must feel being topless...feeling the cool breeze and the warm sun on their chests. Definitely not something I'd do but it sure must be liberating!

And now, as part of this being a HNT, I wanna ask you all a HNTish question. What's the best thing you've ever done while you were totally naked? The coolest answer, together with my answer, will be posted here at the end of aaaaall your entries. Now go get em hunnies!

~~let's close the door and believe my burning heart
feeling alright come on open up your heart...
keep the candles burning
let your body melt in mine
I'm living in my, living in my dreams... ... ...

Current Music: You're My Heart You're My Soul by Modern Talkin
Current Music Update: Spinning Around by Kylie Minogue
Current Music Update: Aaja Mere Yaara (Hindi song)

Tuesday, August 21


WARNING: Alot of COCK ahead!

Imagine you go to a restaurant and you see 'Penis' on the menu? This restaurant and many other Chinese restaurants serve dishes made out of animal penises, apparently beCOCK I mean beCOS, they have great health benefits. So tell me, would you try Donkey Penis Salad or perhaps a Snake Penis Fried-Rice? (the article also says that snakes have 2 penises each...imagine what would happen if a man had 2 each haaaaha!). So would the 'size' matter...I mean size of the dish ahemmm? How about a Dog Penis soup as an appetiser? Maybe they should call it Puppy COCKtails, without the 'tail' that is. It also says that the Tiger penis is the most expensive delicacy. Maybe cos it's got more medicinal value as they say. hmmm...go Tiger! Is that why they say 'be a Tiger in bed'? LOL! ok so I wonder how they COCK it all..I mean COOK it all! Would they come up with the dish Schezuan Dickhead with Beancurd some day? What would they call their Chicken with Tofu dish 'Hong Shao Dou Fu' - Hong Shao Dick Fu? I wonder how they sell this meat at the markets in they call it Lovely COCKS (just as Lovely Legs)? What would happen if Italian COCKS oops I mean COOKS, copy the Chinese cooks? Would they rename their Seafood PENNE to be Seafood PENI..S? What if the Indian chefs copied this too - would it be Chicken Dickka (instead of Tikka)? Well it's a pretty COCKy menu ha. I don't think I'd try any of these dishes even if I was dying and my doc recommended me to lick, suck, eat or swallow it...I mean these healthy dishes! (shutup Keshi you're revealing too much info). Instead I'd just stick to my good ol' popsicles ;-). So what other rare and bizzare dishes like these do you know of? Do COCKtribute...I mean CONtribute!

Talking about certain male organs, I HAVE to share this incident that happened when I was holidaying in NZ last year. One day my uncle, aunt, my mum, sis and myself had to visit one of my uncle's friends. Let's call this friend T. So off we went to T's place...and to give you an intro about T...he's a South Indian guy, 40 something maybe, who speaks English well but with a very strong Tamil accent. You know the kind who says 'ungle' for 'uncle'. Don't get me wrong I aint laughing at his accent but boy o boy, I was not prepared at all for what was about to happen! So, when we went to T's place and were seated, chatting about this and that, T suddenly asked if we wanted to have something to drink. He goes 'do you guys want any tea/coffee?'. Everyone said coffee but since it was a hot day, I said I'd like to have something
cold. Then T goes 'what would you like, orange juice?'. And I said 'Is there anything else?'...and he goes 'We have you want COK?'. He meant COKE but he said it in an accent that made it sound like COK. Can you imagine the horror on my face. I couldn't look at this guy's face and say 'yes I'd love some COK, urrrggg I mean COKE'. It was hilarious cos my sis suddenly gave me a look and in my head I was like 'WTF I'm about to burst out laughing, so quit looking at me sista!'. My uncle looked at both of us and knew we were both in a mental fit. Then I said 'yes I'll have some COKE thanks, excuse me, I want to go out and get some fresh air'...and I went out and rolled on the floor laughing my sweet ass off, behind our car!

So guys, do you want some COK? How about a Vanilla COK? Perhaps some TaCOKs, I mean Tacos to go with it? I love COK...I even love it on my chest. COK is it!

you can ring my be-e-ell, ring my bell....;-)

Current Music: Ring My Bell by Anita Ward

Monday, August 20

Crash Hot, Rogan Josh!

I've got some news...yeah garam-masalaish HOT news (I'm laughing with a sick look on my face, rather like a paralysed face trying to find it's facial muscles)...infact I'm beginning to think that my life must be the most Bollywoodish (as filmy as Mani Ratnam's brain) and tandoorish (shocking bright orange) surprise on Earth! Do you wanna know what this is all about? Well come a little closer, I'll tell you what it is. Ready? ok so here's the most cringe-worthy news for the year 2007 in Keshi's panipurish calendar (massive but oyeahh hollow!).

Remember I told you that I'll be going to a Bollywood Night soon. Well it's in a months' time. And my sis finally said she's coming along too, and alot of other friends as well. So we have already booked the tickets and are now anxiously waiting for that big spicy Curry night. So guess who drops a massive stink bomb on me? Kinda like a sudden garlic-naan-bread bath? My dear Indian friend R. He rings me the other day and goes, 'Keshi I wanted to tell you this. Hopefully you won't feel bad about this....S is coming to the Bollywood night as well. I hope you don't mind'. Hope you don't mind? Like I have a choice now Mr.R Anaphylactic Sharma! Now you must be wondering who S is? Just guess who he is, if you can...guess guess guess guess guess (now I feel like the founder of Guess watches!)? Can't guess? Well drumroll please...drrr drrr drrrrr drrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! S = Mr.Darcy! Now some of you know who he is...but for those who don't know who he is, he's a guy who fell head over heels in love with me in January at a friend's wedding, asked me out that night itself, wanted to marry me the very next day (he was basically the Hindi movie DDLJ on legs), he even wanted to have babies and immediately build a house for the filmish family (he was the offscreen Shahrukh Khan say for 5 days or so?) , took me to the movies and dinner 2 days after that, and broke up with me within 7 days (twang twaaang twaaaaaaang! sad music plz...), yes and he moved on pretty well too. And the reasons he gave me for it qualifies him to be the Versace of Jerks (told ya I've got Jerk-magnet genes). For the whole story, read my puke-sappy Jan-07 posts Mr.Darcy Meets Keshi, The Happiness Of The Pursuit and A Cinderella Story, in that order. Still puking!

So yeah, Mr.Darcy is gonna be at the same Bollywood event that I've booked tickets for. I'm so not bothered by that, but I know somehow his presence would affect the level of fun I'm gonna have...or the level of fun I'm entitled to have, but I'm not going to let that happen. I have no feelings for him and please don't get me wrong...I'm not going to mock him or make him feel uncomfy. I'd just let him be and I'd try to have the most fun I could, being the girl that I am. Btw he's going to be seated at the same table as us, cos R is the person who purchased all our tickets. R is a friend of Mr.Darcy and R knows what happened in January too. And he also knows that I'm so over it as well, but I have a feeling R is upto some mischief here. Maybe he didn't tell Mr.Darcy that I'm going to be there too. Maybe R is trying to bring Mr.Darcy to this event to rekindle some old sparks? Don't even go there guys, I'm not that stupid or let's say I'm not that desperate...if there's ever going to be any sparks, it'll only be the ones that'll come out when I set Mr.Darcy on with a matchstick? So maybe he should bring a fire extinguisher with him as his Bollywood Night accessory?

So would Mr.Darcy pass out in R's arms when he sees me at his table? Or would he jump overboard and have a peaceful Sydney Harbor death? Or would he survive the harshest waters and come out alive, just like how Salman Khan would swim out fine even if it's in the middle of the Indian ocean with sharks basically camping on him? Or would Mr.Darcy do the Bhangra so fast like a bhangra-bitten-maniac to avoid looking into my eyes? Would he be able to eat at all cos I'd be sitting across him that might make his Lamb vindaloo go icy cold? Would he bring his mum for protection? Or would he be forced to go the Men's a million times during the night that the boat would run out of toilet paper? Would he drink like a Devdas himself? Or would he start swallowing his fork, spoon and knife not realising he's doing it? Or would he even board the ferry when he sees me at the docks? I think he would be very nervous...I'm saying this cos I know Mr.Darcy very well. He would just become instant butter chicken! Either way I'm going to have fun ;-).

Today's music is one of my old Hindi favs to suit my filmy life. :) btw I love this song so very much. Enjoy!

Current Music: Ay Mere Humsafar from the Hindi movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

Friday, August 17

Schmelly Schmelly Naiiche!

This is a graphic story of a man who's feet smelt so bad it paralysed his cat. Perhaps killed.

The 13th of August was my darling yanky friend Margie's birthday. I want to wish her all the happiness in the world and I hope this schmelly schmelly funnaay story makes her smile :). And today, the 17th of August is my dear vegemite mate Aidan's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr.Aidan live it up! You are 2 of the brightest candles that light some of my darkest days. THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU too! Today's song is for Margie and Aidan, enjoy!

So what are my plans for the weekend? Nothing much this time. But something will come up, I just know. But I'm doing something very SCHPECIAAL tomorrow...woohoo...I'm going shopping...LOL I know it's boring for some of you...but you have no idea how therapeutic it can be to this rather crazy girl! Shopping helps me relieve stress (it keeps me away from slapping someone), it makes me happy by buying shoes perhaps? hehehe, gives me ample time to hunk-watch (Keshi wolf-whistles!), makes me walk around for hours that may help in losing some calories (haaa ha that's gymming for me right now!), stop at my fav cafe to have some yummy coffee (mm mmm!), check out the current fashion so I don't look like Wilma Flinstone when I walk out of the house next time, and it helps me to get out of the house on a weekend when there's nothing else to do (or I might start painting my house red). btw the thick mist in Sydney today made me bump into so many strangers' behinds as I walked down the street urrrrrggg! Ok so what are your weekend plans? Anyways have a good one ok, and I'll see you's when I see you's next!

Current Music: Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

Thursday, August 16

Color Of Tears

Baghdad - The mother of Samah Hussein grieves over the body at a Baghdad morgue. The boy was among 12 people reportedly killed by a suicide car bombing outside the U.S. military's Camp Cuervo. (Photo by Samir Mizban, June 13, 2004. A Pulitzer Prize winning photo)

Tears are colorblind. Love knows no country or race. Bonds are universal. Pain is inevitable. Children are precious. All his work is done, yet so much undone. This mother and son is every mother and son. Death don't choose but war does. Parting is difficult. Silence is deafening. Can someone hear her soft but deep sobs? Why How When Where? Ultimate price for being innocent. Race and religion draw borders. Vengeance mars humanity. Love never kills and Love never dies. So why don't we ever give Love a chance?

Today I dedicate one of my fav songs to this unknown child...I'm sorry this happened to you Samah but know that I'm thinking of you...and I CARE.

Current Music: Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N Roses

Wednesday, August 15

Be Free

Today is India's 60th Independence Day. Soon after that, Sri Lanka got it's Independence too from British rule (in 1948). In order to celebrate India, and my many many Indian friends here, I wanna make a post on the Saree. I love the saree! It's my favourite Indian attire. I have many sarees and these are few photos taken when I wore the saree (old and new) - some pics of mine, my cousins and friends. Enjoy the saree that's proudly made in India!


As a celebration of freedom, I'd like you all to describe in few words what Freedom really means to you. In BUF, this is what I said.

Freedom to me, is:

Being who I am wherever I may be -

Tolerating all kinds of people - TOLERANCE

Realising the strengths and weaknesses of self - ACCEPTANCE

Spreading love and living in it - LOVE

Breaking all barriers to achieve togetherness - UNITY

Living in openness of the mind - PEACE

Do you have in you what it takes to set you free? It's your turn now. What is Freedom to you? Today's music is dedicated to all my Indian hotties here (Puja my Rajastani babe I LOVE U u soni kudi!) - I love all of you beautiful people from all cultures of the world! Have a good one mates. Jai Hind! :)

Current Music: Made In India by Alisha

Tuesday, August 14

Red Tail Lights

Sometimes we need a break, even from the ones we love. Sometimes we need to part, for the sake of keeping it alive. Sometimes we need to go away, to get a better understanding of a situation. Sometimes we need to disappear, for our spirit to appear. Sometimes we need to hide, to be 'seen' by those who don't really see us. Sometimes we need to be out of the picture, to make way for others. Sometimes we need to say goodbye, cos nothing else would make sense...

Why are Goodbyes so hard? I usually hate to see someone leaving but if it's for the good of that person, then it's the best thing to do. I believe Goodbyes are hard when there's alot of unsettled issues. Or perhaps the Goodbye would really settle all those issues? Whatever said and done, if the person saying goodbye wants to do so, then we should respect that and let them go. Be it a temporary parting or even death, with some goodbyes do you still live in denial? I do. And if I see a blog-mate of mine leaving for good, I'd feel really sad. That's just me. So if I leave Blogville forever for some reason, would you be ok with it? I know you wouldn't have a choice especially if it's my wish, but I want to prepare you all for it...cos someday I might not be here at all. Same with each and everyone of you. Would we ever meet again then? And when we are old and grey would we think of each other? Would we even cry? I know I would. And I want to know how it would affect you. Some of you may not worry much, but I know some others would hurt. But when a chapter ends, we must move on to the next chapter.
Cos you know sometimes we need to say goodbye, cos nothing else would make sense...

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Monday, August 13

Fair Dinkum Masti!

I was at the India Australia Friendship Fair held yesterday at the Sydney Olympic Park. It was one fantastic show held on behalf of India's 60th Independence Day celebrations. We got seats at the VIP pavilion for no special reason woohoo! So we were very close to the stage and saw all the dances and also Aussie cricketer BRETT LEE (who was a special guest) close-up! He came to give away some prizes. There were BEAUTIFUL dances from various parts of India, fashion shows, Bollywood masala, Bhangra, food, clothes, stalls of all sorts, firewroks, boys mm mmm etc etc. There was a massive crowd..I could almost say that there's one whole India in Sydney itself now :). Such a big crowd! It was a great mixture of culture, colors, performances and the spirit of people from India and Australia, living together in harmony. I attend this fair every year and here are some pics from it from last year...yesterday's pics haven't been uploaded as yet (I will link those pics to this post as soon as they upload them). Hope you all had a colorful weekend too!

(Click to enlarge)

This song is one of my fav Punjabi dance numbers. Let me know what you think. Enjoy! (sorry I updated that song with another fav :))
btw if anyone is wondering what Fair Dinkum means, it's Aussie slang for GENUINE...and Masti means FUN in Hindi. So u work out the title now.


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