Thursday, August 9

With Or Without You

It's a let's do a HNT (Half-Nekked-Thursday) of some sorts. Two pics of me here...taken this morning. Something is nekked nekked in my face here:). You've got 2 pics to find that out. So what is it? It's so easy. Now mold your answer to an apt title for this post.

The best title will be chosen for this post at the end of all your entries. Thanks in advance ;-). Have a good one all you brainy lil Vegemaaites!

Update! The correct answer to the question was no lisptick, means naked lips...many of you got it right, well-done guys! Now there were a great many Titles suggested...all of them rocked! But the one that won my heart the most was the one that linked that answer (naked lips) well into a very clever title...and that was PS's entry: With Or Without You. With or without lipstick we girls still look good woohoo :). And that song by U2 is one of my favs too. Congratts PS babez, you rock! And thanks everyone else for joining in the fun!

Current Music: Maneater by Nelly Furtado

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Globescoper said...

Hi Keshi

Quiet Please.
I'm thinking.
Will be back.



Globescoper said...

I'm back, but I'm having a brain fart on this one.

How's about Cleavage cover up.

Or, Where the hell did my earrings go?

Okay, this is it: The Evolution of Beauty



Keshi said...

LOL Bevster!

**The Evolution of Beauty

oooo I like it...mebbe cos Im still being evolved LOL!

ty swt hrt!


Sig said...

Oh I am so bad at these because I'll end up insulting you lol :P

Hmm...maybe no makeup?? you're a natural beauty ;)

Sugababee said...

Here's ma title... in relation to the "naked-ness"

"Pucker up!"

Not sure, but I'm guessing it's the lips which need some coverage? perhaps lipstick... or even another pair of lips? :P

Keshi said...

Silvara no worries sweetie.

LOL u neva insult me anyways!

**maybe no makeup?

well good analysis...lets wait n see wut others hv to say ;-)



Suga ty!

**"Pucker up!"

lol pucker up as in HOW?

**or even another pair of lips?

OMG lolz! I dun eva wanna switch my lips noooooooo :)


Keshi said...

And Bev forgot to tell ya:

**Or, Where the hell did my earrings go?

They r there in the first pic...hv a good look u baby kitten LOL!


Sugababee said...

lollll noooo u din get me silly....
need coverage as in... either with some lipstick (is that whats missing?) or covering em up with another pair of lips... ahem ahem
;) ;) nudge nudge

Keshi said...

lolz Suga Im such a blondy boo ha :)

**or covering em up with another pair of lips... ahem ahem

u mean a kiss? WOW wut a thought! I didnt even think that way..Im such a nong nong LOL!

ok better ask the guys if they wanna kiss me? hahaha!



Phoenix said...

hmm is it the different modes the picture was taken?

the second one was brighter

u have angled ur face in the second one too....

other than that you qare just beautiful...kohl filled eyes...amazing!

btw keshi this is my foirst visit here...loved your blog... :)

Chronus Ess said...

Maybe i'll cross dress for a post , next thursday lolz

I suspect lipgloss.i suppose that does qualify as HALF-naked? Or is it just the sweet shine of seduction i see there lolz!

Title for the post: (Keshi's)Lips don't lie

Keshi said...

Phoenix WC n ty!

yep but there's something naked in my face...try guessing it..but its ok if ur already tired of it LOL! Im pretty good at exhausting ppl with my pics :):)


Keshi said...

Acid mm mmm ;-)

**(Keshi's)Lips don't lie

whoaaaaaa HOT title!

ty Acid I really love that one!


Unknown said...


I've completely fallen flat for ya!

Keshi said...

btw Acid am I seducing u in it?

jimmy jimmy jimmy aaja aaja aaja...lolz!


Keshi said...

lolz Iceman so Maneater is the title? COOL :):) ty!

**I've completely fallen flat for ya!

aww really? Im blushing now hehehehehe...


uttara said...


title wud be.. "lips don't lie"

Keshi said...

Uttsy thats a brilliant title and Acid just said the same thing b4 LOL!

ty sweetie MWAHHHHHH!


Chronus Ess said...

hehe.. glad you liked it.

//btw Acid am I seducing u in it?
no i'm not that easy.... You need to gimme half naked something else to even get me within the seduction radius of your aura!
I meant taht for the usual-not-so-hot guys

//jimmy jimmy jimmy aaja aaja aaja...lolz!
I really dont like the sound of that.. my cousins talk to their dogs like that!

uttara said...

sorry i dint read that


i can also say "mesmerising eyes" or "if eyes could speak "

Keshi said...

Acid o so ur a tough guy to seduce ha? ok then why did u say I had a sweet shine of seduction b4? LOL!

k try this one then:

and let me know wut u think ;-) Thats a real HNT btw.


Uttsy MWAHHHHH cute lil kitty cat!

**"mesmerising eyes"

that wud be m000nie awwww...pretty eyes...:)

**or "if eyes could speak "

nice one!

ty Uttsy!


Keshi said...

ty Saby I got it ;-)


Anonymous said...

sexy eyes
sultry lips waiting to be kissed

cant proceed
i cant see the rest of u

uttara said...

kitty cat?

wassup hows ya??
ur frnd did mail me.. i reverted yest.. hope its of some help to her...

Keshi said...

Saby lols shutup!

Can u just suggest a title?


Uttsy u sounded like a lil kitty cat b4..thats why...awwww HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

TY SO MUCH for helping out Diva! Ur the angel from MUMBAI :)



Keshi said...

meow meow scratch scratch...@Uttsy



uttara said...



*scratch scratch at keshi.. :P*

Impressionist said...

im really sorry keshi, i can't really think of a title for this one!
maybe because im sick. heheh! :D

peace & love

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

perfect music :)

Chronus Ess said...

//why did u say I had a sweet shine of seduction b4? LOL!

i answered that in that last comment itself, keshi! learn to get more attentive. Carelessness is a kind of misbehavior. you'll be whipped!!!

and let me know wut u think ;-) Thats a real HNT btw.

haha, why do u think i started talking to you in the first place lolz!

fergal said...

bare lips

Keshi said...

lolz Uttsy!

purrrrrrrr scratch snatch meooowtch! :):)


Rajeev aww get better soon!


ty Andrew ;-)


OMG Acid r ya saying u already saw it? u cheeky person! :)

**you'll be whipped

I like being whipped lolz!


Keshi said...

hey Fergal!

**bare lips

Nice one ;-) ty!


Unknown said...

hey could not come up with something HOT!!

but how about this one "Serene Beauty"

and thanks for stopping by.... loved the comments!


Chronus Ess said...

//OMG Acid r ya saying u already saw it?
Exactly. How could you expect ANY guy to miss THISSSS!!!!

SIMON said...

Happy HNT!

Fantastic pics both of them, extremely distracting! Those eyes and the lips! It's something to do with them.

"See my Lips"


ghost particle said...

show more skin! :D

Hemm Keshi...i tink the title should be 'Maneter!'...yeh not original...but me at a brainless low this week.

Keshi said...

Kirthi heyy!

**Serene Beauty

thats a very pleasant one! ty my dear :)


Acid I was under the impression that u didnt know me back then...right? LOL!


Ebezp ;-)

**"See my Lips"



Ghosty hellooo...MANEATER ok then! :)

wuts wrong?


anits said...

I think the above picture u r not applying lip gloss... n the 2nd photo u r applying lip gloss i rite?

the title can b...hmmm mmm.. Sexy Lips mushi mushi!

AakASH!!! said...

Re(a)d my Lips.

and YOU are Beautiful.

radiohead said...

damn .. am I dumb or this post is something from up above .. it took me long to realise that I wasnt able to understand this nekked nekked thing .. hehe

ahem .. to answer ..

1. its something with your earring
2. something to do with your lips ..

I m so dumb :O

title: seduction :D (ya ..rite .. not the best one)

bt r u tryin to seduce peeps out here ?? haan haan .. or its jus me :O

lol .. cheers

AlterinG Abhishek said...


(after altering raising eyebrows a few times)
and ..ummmmmm again..
well i think you have removed the the cavity filling from ur tooth!!

right right!!

I know now hahah

Let the truth prevail!!


Unknown said...

Hey Keshi.... How about
Beauty Spot?!

K M F said...

hi keshi
have a great day

ghost particle said...

i tink its global warming, my brain is slowly evaporating.

Helen said...

Hmmm, my first thought was lipstick missing, maybe no necklace? As for title? babez, there's only one for you:

"Sha la la la la la la la la la la te brown eyed girl"

; ) haha

Love the song and video choice by the way.

Andrew said...

I am not a moll, but I have a mole?

Jeevan said...

Sweet sight and natural beauty;)

captain corky said...

You're very beautiful. How about... I only have eyes for Corky. ;)

Priyanka Mahanta Pandiyan said...

Hi Keshi, how r u? Still so actively blogging, huh?! U look so good and fresh. And with your ready cheek for a friendly peck to start off the day, I feel the title should be ...U CAN PECK ME ON A THURSDAY, A FRIDAY, A SATURDAY... ha, ha!!

WithinWithout said...

Luscious Lips, Lustre Lost

Priya said...

1. Eye on you

2. Sweet kiss waiting

Jo said...

Hey Keshi...
Wat pics, WOW!

How abt...."sultry eyes and sexy lips" eh..?

and hey thanks for stoppin by...!

P said...

I think there is a color difference in the two pics...A good title can be
'Colored Colorless'

Asha said...

I see your earring is missing!!

Wondering "who the heck am I?" or "Where are my frigging earrings?"!!!
HeHe!! I am pretty bad at guessing anything!!:)
Have a fun Thursday girlie.

Globescoper said...

Hi Keshi

I have written on my blog something to do with the death of my friend.

Have a great weekend!


cm chap said...

Hey Keshi girl.. Not sure.. But onethg for sure u seduce me both of them..he he.. 2nd is more brighter so more seducing too!!!

Anonymous said...

contact lense or something??
ur eyes look more beautiful in the below pic lol

Preeti Shenoy said...

'Because I'm worth it' LOL (maybe l'oreal will be pleased)
U looking good in both keshi--with or without lipstick.(another title sugeestion :U2--with or without u!)

Dan said...

I know! It's your naked sexuality. :)

Pity that you didn't invite me over here. I saw you inviting someone else. :(

I'm so hurt!! Mommy!!

Nanditha Prabhu said...

"to be or not to be"

toby said...

You thinking what I'm thinking?

Made up for luuuurve!

Lipsmackin' good!

Melt on these, baby.

Hungry honey!

U wanna piece of me?

Like what u see?

These lips are gonna walk all over u!

That's all I got time for right now, ta ta.

Unknown said...

Teeth are showing in the second image.... mmmm naked teeth.

As for a title.
Keshi in Stare-e-o (stereo)

best i could do sorry

Anonymous said...

I can think of twenty different very poetic and meaningful titles... in French. Sorry, English isn't the right language for poetry :P

You look like that in the morning ? Wow... You should see me, black circles around my eyes and the sheets are almost printed on my face :D

Anonymous said...

You are such a lovely girl!!! I can't see anything missing.

I like the Lips Don't Lie too. I stink at coming up with my own titles.

KAYLEE said...

In the hospital using my laptop.have some time though as the doc isnt seeing me right now.I just wanted to check in with you and let you know I am doing fine.have been though alot of pre surgery things today but it is all good.:)

talk to ya latr:-)

Keshi said...

hey Anits ;-)

**Sexy Lips mushi mushi!

lol cute one..tnxx!


aww Aakash ty!

**Re(a)d my Lips.

Wut a great one!


Anuj its sooo nekkid nekkid!


haha! Do I look seducing in these pics? I had just woken up man...

btw Anuj I MISS YA being in AUS :( I mean I know u were in Canberra but even then when u were here, it felt like u were ur in India :*(


Abhi heyy!

** i think you have removed the the cavity filling from ur tooth

LOL Abhi ur trying to be way too smart now ha? :):)


Random hey!

**Beauty Spot

awww thats a NEAT one!


Hi KMF ty n u too!


Keshi said...

heyy Ghosty!

**i tink its global warming, my brain is slowly evaporating.

arent Ghosts supposed to be a form of vapor anyways? ;-)


Helen hunny hows u?

mm mmmm :)

**"Sha la la la la la la la la la la te brown eyed girl"

d u know thats one of my FAV songs? I have it in my iPod too and listen to it atleast twice a day!

tnxx swt hrt!


hey Andrew!

**I am not a moll, but I have a mole?

LOL hahahaha very funny!


George said...

My Lips Are Naked Without You

Keshi said...

hey Jeevan!

**Sweet sight and natural beauty

aww straight from the heart ha Jeevan? TY SO MUCH!


G'day Captain!

**... I only have eyes for Corky

haha why not ;-)


Priyanka I was thinking of u the other day n came ova to ur blog too..u had the same last post so I wasnt sure where u were. Glad to see u again here!


Now thats a TERRIFIC title! Love the way u think!! :)


hey WW tnxx!

**Luscious Lips, Lustre Lost

hehe ;-)


heyy Priya!

**2. Sweet kiss waiting

I like that one!


hey Leya!

**sultry eyes and sexy lips

hehe pretty ones ;-) ty!


hey Priya WC! U r beautiful!

**'Colored Colorless'

aww clever one, ty sweetie :)



**who the heck am I?" or "Where are my frigging earrings?"!!!

lol funny ones haha! ty sweetie.


Bev tnxx hun, I'll be there soon.


radiohead said...

sssssh keshi .. don say tht ..
all keshi fans wud b jealous of me :P

guess wat .. i woke up all nite to catchup on u .. hehe .. well though i slept all through the day ysterday .. hehe .. was readin a book .. so din knw whn the nite passed away ... so fr a change i logged in .. ;)

don wry keshi .. m close evn now .. am I not :D .. its jus a though of mind ... so u can think me to b close evn now ..

hw r u tdy? .. m hungry ..

lol .. sure d second pic looked seductive to me ..

Keshi said...

Chap alot of guys talked abt SEDUCTION here :):)



Niki sweetie n then wuts the 'lol' for? LOL u 'lol' girl! I should call u LOLLY?



PS now u r one smart cookie arent ya!

**'Because I'm worth it'

LOVE THAT! I may not be Heather Locklear but Im worth it for sure! lol!

**with or without u

OMG I LUUUUUUUURVE that! ty ty ty! WOW! :)


lolz Dan @mommy!

awww who did I invite? Im gonna ask him to leave and invite u ova ;-)

**naked sexuality

I love that one! Very clever Dan.


heyya Nanditha!

**to be or not to be

such a clever one again! I hv alot of clever lil vegemaaaites here ha ;-)

ty sweetie!


Jim said...

'I want a dream lover'

Keshi said...

hey Toby the TITLE Prince!

**You thinking what I'm thinking?

so r u? :)

**Made up for luuuurve!

ooooooo yeahh ;-) Im made for it baby.

**Lipsmackin' good!

and finger-lickin delicious LOL!

**Melt on these, baby.

OMG I needed a cold shower after reading that one haha!

**Hungry honey!


**U wanna piece of me?

lolz yeah d u?

***Like what u see?

awww :)

**These lips are gonna walk all over u!

Love that! I aint no Jessica Simpson but u got that right abt me lol!

ty Toby u r sooo smart n witty!


Aidan my dentist mite like to give this a try too ha...Im sure he loves toothy titles LOL!

**Keshi in Stare-e-o (stereo)

WOW nice one Mr.Aidan! ty :)


Zhu ty!

I know..English is limited in many ways when it comes to Sinhalese there r so many different ways to express one feeling....

**You look like that in the morning ?

lolz not always...sometimes I look like TOTAL CRAP.


Susan ty sweetie :)


Jim said...

for once u r looking what u really are

take a tip from of an old man
HNT or not

dont ever show cleavage again
u cant carry it

u can never be hott
the way a blonde is hott

u can oly be sensual

cover all your old pics with a pallav and post again

Keshi said...

Kaylee I was just thinking of u and was missing ya! Cos u always come here in the morning n say HI to me. WOW n ur here...HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

tell ur doc he needs some vegemite Im just being crazy.

TC sweetie ok? I will be thinking of u...God bless ya girl!


hey George!

**My Lips Are Naked Without You

good thinking Georgy boi!! ;-)


Anuj where r ya...Im lookin n lookin ard me...awwww HUGGGGGGZ!

2nd pic is seductive? yeah I cud say that lol!

hows the weather there?


Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy...aaja aaja aaja...


**'I want a dream lover'

mebbe I do ha...Im just tired of this same ol routine life.. :(


Keshi said...

Jim heyy...

**u can never be hott
the way a blonde is hott

who r u to tell me how to dress and how not to? So save ur antic advice to slave women!


Jim said...

youth never lissens

radiohead said...

duuuh .. keshi .. dnt look arnd .. m all over u :D

d weather .. wow .. thts the sexiest question i have evr heard .. haha ..

well its humid .. bt since its 6 in the mornin here .. pretty cool n fresh .. n m DESPERATELY waiting fr the breakfst time so tht i can hit some food dwn my tummy ..

hwz it there ? (repeating the sexy question)
n hw r u?

Jim said...

every woman of every nation
has an USP

Indian women are cherished for their innocence and their sensuality

what every indian woman has is the capacity to blush

its not possible to blush
for a scantily clad dumb blonde

dress the way Aishwarya does

Jim said...

1hotaartichoke01-09-2005, 07:29 PM

Indian women are, without a doubt, the most attractive women on this planet!

Agreed! :thumbup:

-ash rai (duh!)
-sushmita sen (gorgeous)
-bipasha basu (sexy)
-juhi chawla (innocence)
-priety zinta (full of funn)

to name a few. ;)


Dr.BadVibes01-09-2005, 07:31 PM

Indian women are, without a doubt, the most attractive women on this planet!

We say stuff like this, but then we complain on how Indian girls have big egos....hmmm, I wonder where they get it from. Anyways, Indian girls are hit and miss....some are gorgeous and some are nasty....but the nasty ones think they are gorgeous just because everyone always says Indian girls are the best.

Anyways, you cant beat a Venezuelan/Colombian girl....they are the true beauties of the world.



Keshi said...


**Indian women are cherished for their innocence and their sensuality

yeah rite! I dun see Aish/Priyanka etc blushing anymore. Indian movies itself r full of sex scenes...every song is full of LUSTY scenes. What era d u live in? 17th century?

Dress like Aish? LOL so I need to shed all my clothes? U r only talking abt her Indian clothes. Dun forget she also wears very Western revealing in the Cannes Film festivel!

Let ppl be who they wanna be Saby...u r asking me to follow someoone else? Thats the WORSE advice u cud give someone!

Indian, Aussie or European, each woman is who she wants to be...u can just stop cribbing now.


Anuj lol @sexy qn.

Wut can I say, living in Aus for so long has made me ask such is a very imp thing for Aussies hehe.

wut d u eat for brekky?

Weather here is BEAUTIFUL! Its almost like Summer now...can u believe it Im w.o. my jacket right now :) Its 21C these days..woohoo!


radiohead said...

hmmm .. gud ..
i guess it wud b bread n butter .. watelse ..

i stay in a hostel in the uni .. n the food is nt vry amusing .. so .. wont say tht its a big feast .. bt a fr a hungry guy as me rite now.. its quite a feast ..

theres still an hr to go ..

Keshi said...

Anuj I loathe bread n butter!

My brekky usually is vegemite toast...but an ideal brekky wud be some South Indian dosas with sambar n chutney..wut say? I neva get to have it tho :(


Keshi said...

Competition is closing soon. Winner will be announced in the next hour or so. SO hurry up ppl!



radiohead said...

lol .. we in the north joke abt it .. tht ppl in d south have tht stuff .. in brekky .. lunch n dinner .. no offences though ..

so its pretty heavy fr me .. m fine wid bread .. bt at home its pretty diff .. its more of 'paranthas' if u wud hav heard of it .. damn .. this is teasin .. m hungry fr godssake .. lol ..

though bread is quite mundane .. bt being lazy .. its fine :D


lol .. no jacket .. ahem ahem .. is it gettin hot in here ..

Jim said...

I can just see Keshi in thong bikini

lemme tell u more ...

Bup-bup-bup-bup, ba-dup-bup-bup-bup-bup
She was afraid to come out of the locker
She was as nervous as she-he could be
She was afraid to come out of the locker
She was afraid that somebody would see

Two, three, four - tell the people what she wore

It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini
That she wore for the first time today
An itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini
So in the locker she wanted to stay

Two, three, four - stick around, we'll tell you more

Bup-bup-bup-bup, ba-dup-bup-bup-bup-bup
She was afraid to come out in the open (ba-da-dup)
And so a blanket around her she wore (ba-da-dup)
She was afraid to come out in the open (ba-da-dup)
And so she sat bundled up on the shore

Two, three, four - tell the people what she wore

It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini
That she wore for the first time today
An itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini
So in the blanket she wanted to stay

Two, three, four - stick around, we'll tell you more

Bup-bup-bup-bup, ba-dup-bup-bup-bup-bup
Now she's afraid to come out of the water (ba-da-dup)
And I wonder what she's gonna do (ba-da-dup)
Yes she's afraid to come out of the water (ba-da-dup)
And now the poor little girl's turning blue

Two, three, four - tell the people what she wore

It was an itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini
That she wore for the first time today
An itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini
So in the water she wanted to stay

From the locker to the blanket
From the blanket to the shore
From the shore to the water
Guess there isn't any more

Anonymous said...

haha yeah i had time and decided to come here cause i am just supposed to rest now and no eat until the surgery tomorrow:) dont count on me being here any other day!i will tc! :P

radiohead said...

lol .. kesshi u sound like a billion dollar game host ..desperate fr d audience n participants.. haha ..

Keshi said...

Anuj I get angry when I see just bread for brekky..LOL!


I love em...I eat em sometimes...when we go INDIAN hehe.

** kesshi u sound like a billion dollar game host ..desperate fr d audience n participants..

LOL haha dun I sound like a Black-Jack host atthe Casino!


Keshi said...

Jim very funny haaaaaha.



wut u cant eat anything? i can neva do surgery on me then lol!


Anonymous said...

nope.....its very had havent eaten since 7 am yesterday:(

radiohead said...

kaylee ur jus gonna do great .. don wry .. cause ur a star (like me :D) .. hehe

so jus relax .. n u wudnt knw whn thy did it .. whn u stated jumpin again ..

take care
god bless

Keshi said...

Kaylee if I were ya I'd eat!

hey dun do that..I was only joking ok.


Anuj ur a star for sure...for puttin up with bread n butter for brekky...rolling eyes here...


Anonymous said...

THANKS ANUJ! I know hehe!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha keshi I am not gunna listen too ya i am not trying to make me worse LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

//cause ur a star (like me :D) .. hehe//

anuj: me a star? on what planet?

Keshi said...

**hahahahaha keshi I am not gunna listen too ya

Kaylee plz!


radiohead said...

its nt too bad keshi ..its nt too bad ..

isnt it a boring day?

Keshi said...

Anuj its a beautiful day in Syd but boring at work...cos Im supposed to study for a work exam but I cant get past chapter 10 lol!


radiohead said...

@kaylee : stars are in the sky .. not on planets :)
(gals are so dumb .. lol)

Keshi said...

lol Anuj dun u dare say gals r dumb! Kaylee meant that as a joke...duhhhhhh boys r such tubelights LOL!


Jim said...

Get on with it kaylee
and get well soon

u and I are gonna have funn later
do u love old men?

radiohead said...

thnk god i have music ..

I have been listenin to jus 2 songs frm the LP latest album .. since i caught on to u this mornin .. n thy havent bored me a bit .. bt the day is quite lousy .. or may b i shud eat n sleep :D .. lol

m a vampire .. or a nightcrawler ..

KAYLEE said...

GALS DUMb anuj????? better watch it i can fight lOl! and i know what country you are in lol!!!!!!!!!

and thanks keshi.apparently anuj doesnt know what a joke it haha(just kidding)

radiohead said...

did i said all gals are dumb?
wat made u consider urself one of thm keshi .. haha .. gotcha !!

sure we guyz are tubelights .. cause we lite ur life :)

Keshi said...

Anuj-the-tubelight u did say 'gals are so dumb' duhhhh! And wut makes me think I may be dumb too is cos Im a GAL? Rolling eyes here LOL! Didnt I say Boys lack logic hahahaha!

Kaylee swt hrt, Anuj didnt get the joke cos he's a boy..haaaaha! :):)

And u know Anuj, Kaylee knows how to so beware of KAYLEE!



Jim be prepared to get a FIST full of jelly beans from Kaylee now LOL!


Keshi said...

Anuj is a boy..nenenene LOL!

Boys r made of frogs...


Anonymous said...

jim did you read what i just told anuj?

radiohead said...

did u guyz jus teamed up against me? :O


if u say we lack logic .. tht possibly cud be because we apply it at all the places (thus might loose it).. where as gals .. never .. duuh ..

Anonymous said...

i am in a mood today can you tell?????

Keshi said... meeting..

see u soon!


Rani said...

shhh im not telling!!!!

na na na na na (teasing)..
lol i know, but im in that mood, even though ure pictures arent quite portraying that mood. haha

Anonymous said...

okaY keshi


///did u guyz jus teamed up against me? :O///

Yes wE did ANUJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!

Rani said...

ps: feel better

Jim said...

after u get well
come to India

ask keshi for that thong bikini she is too shy to wear

on second tot
that wont be needed

i know of a secluded beach at Madh Island

we can go skinny dipping

Jim said...

u can back out now
Kaylee just found a new lover

Keshi said...

bakk with a vengeance LOL!


Keshi said...

lolz Choco MWAHHHHHH!

my moods can be hidden well yes! :)


Anuj guys apply logic on their butts LOL!


Kaylee HIGH FIVE ;-) we girls ROCK woohoo!



Jim now u sound like a lonely stalker after 16yr olds!


B said...

wud u, at the end of the day, or before next update, let me know what was the right answer and the title of this post? PLZ :D Im curious, and all these ppl hve tried already! I hv tried but cannot imagine what it could be. :p so :D

Keshi said...

Red_Soul the ans is out ;-)


AmitL said...

Hey,no fair,Keshi..give 2 days time at least for such 'events'.:)I was just going to say 'no lipstick' and I saw the answer just below in the update.:)

Chronus Ess said...

Acid I was under the impression that u didnt know me back then...right? LOL!

No i didn't.... I checked out a lot of your posts after my first comment.

Keshi said...

Amit aww Im sorry u missed out on it..u know how fast I can get with my updates LOL!


hey Acid!

**I checked out a lot of your posts after my first comment

u mean u dug that deep? cos that post was ages ago LOL!


ghost particle said...

my favourite U2 song...they were good before...did you read the August readers digest? Their lyrics for elevation are voted the worst ever.

With or without you has also 'inspired' the NewYork nagaram song by Arrahman.

Keshi said...

AR.Rahman did one on this? WOW I didnt know that at all Ghosty. :)


Alok said...

Shit u have already named it I see ... huh! anyways nice one .. enjoyed reading the comments too

take care


Anonymous said...

LOLLY? oh thats cute lol
*blush blush*
i had lol becoz contact lense might not be wrong...*blush blush*
thank u soooo much for ur warm hugzzz!!

Mizrepresent said...

Beautiful Keshi! Just beautiful!

Vik Rajagopalan said...

Joined in late to the party. What could it be? I don't know. ANyway you got a winner already [:D]

Tys on Ice said...

iam late to enter the competition...but here goes nothing.

1st foto : hurting still.

2nd foto : hurt lifted.

thats me and my psuedo psycho it up woman..

Keshi said...

ty Alok :)




ty Mizzy ;-)

n I luuuurve ur dimples girl!


hehe Vikz no worries n ty!


Im hurting Tys? :)


Beach Bum said...

I know this is coming far too late but I just had to comment that your face in the pictures on this post are utterly captivating.

Keshi said...

I take it as a compliment I love @Beach_Bum ;-) TY!