Thursday, August 30

Social NUTworking

WARNING: Long post ahead that you should read for your own gain!

Making friends or murderers?
Internet is a big place...a place full of all kinds of people from around the world. Now my blog maybe the picture-perfect happiest social networking example, but it's only an ounce of the vast majority of the Internet's happenings, of which most is gory. Cyber crimes of all sorts is on the rise. My friend Mumbai_Guy's recent post about the Indian teenager Adnan's kidnapping and murder, shocked me to bits. This innocent 16yr old boy was killed (read link) by some of his so-called friends he met on the be precise on Orkut. Now how scary is that! This story sent eerie chills down my spine. Anyone of us could have easily been in his shoes. I'm not a teenager and I don't go on Orkut or any chat sites at all, but we all can be vulnerable at sometime in our lives. And the Internet is a place where you can easily form bonds not realising who you are really dealing with. It's freaky to the core. I know I can take care of myself and I know the people I meet in my blog are such a nice honest bunch, but this boy would have thought the same when he first met his net friends right? So when we make friends on the net, are some of them really friends? Or could it be a dangerous event in the making? This boy's tragic story proves it very well could be the latter. Another Indian girl named Kaushambi (read article) was shot dead by Manish who she trusted alot...they were both Orkut users and have known each other for 3yrs or so. That's them in this pic. And here is Manish's Orkut profile. And here is Kaushambi's Orkut profile. Read Kaushambi's comments in Manish's profile page...she really had no idea did she! Chilling story!

A Psycho Clown's Tale...
I really didn't want to bring this psycho up in my blog again, but I had to tell this in case you see a retarded version of my net profile in another site - you should know it's not me. Well I have had some anonymous person harassing me online for more than 3years now. He/she is clearly a mentally ill individual. I'm not just saying that to mock him/her. I'm saying this cos the kind of abuse/cloning of my ID all over the net that's done by this person is beyond anybody's wackiest imagination. It's got to be a heavily sick mind 's work, cos a normal person won't have this kind of prolonged, baseless and frenzied obsession on someone on the net. He/she is hooked on me in a sick way and can't seem to get over the fact that Keshi has many friends and a life that he/she probably hasn't. Anyways this psycho first created a blog cloning my ID and abused me and my friends in Blogville using that ID. After a long useless battle to put some sense into this deranged person, I chose to ignore him/her. Cos you know you really can't put sense into someone who's ill. He/she really needs a psychiatrist to treat the illness, not me. Now I hear that this patient has created an Orkut profile using my ID and my pics, and is putting up porn pics under that profile. What's his/her next stop? Facebook, Myspace? LOL! Sounds like the clone-clown right? Well I'm not the least bothered by it. And such dimwits really don't challenge me. Maybe such people need cheap thrills like that to make their otherwise embryonically-deprived personality more interesting. If that's the case, then so be it. So someone is surviving out there by abusing my net profile? Big deal, no worries with me!, all I can say is Im pretty famous so thanks for the attention hehe. But I hope he/she gets real medical treatment somehow. I really want that to happen...for his/her family and friends' sake. Imagine having to live with that kind of a person under the same roof!

Prevention Is Better Than Cure...
My only online life is this blog. I hate chat rooms cos I don't know who I'm chatting with and that seriously bores me. Stories like the above murders got me thinking hard. I don't give my personal details to anyone I don't trust anyways. I don't meet up with net buddies (unless I'm sure who they are) either. Am I scared? Yes! Who wouldn't be scared of being stalked or killed by some sicko on the net? I'm not scared to die, but I don't want something stupid happening to me either, causing unimaginable misery to my loved-ones. I can't even imagine how those victims' parents must be feeling right now. It should never have happened in the first place.

A Virtual Fence...
As Bloggers we need to be careful about who we reveal our personal details to. But I'm not scared of putting up pics here. People can steal them I know...but that wont stop me from expressing who I am. I won't let few people cramp my style. Losers can harass you again and again. You really can't put up a concrete wall around your net profile like you can around your house, can you? Therefore I'm not going to sweat about that. But I can be careful when it comes to who I give my phone number, address etc to. Also I don't use my driver's licence number, bank account details, credit card info etc on the net for anything at all. I can be careful about who I meet too...I can be careful when it comes to trusting people on the net...I can be SAFE if I THINK carefully, right? So folks, next time you make friends/do business with someone on the net, be alert...I'm not saying to be skeptical, but be alert about who you can truly trust and who you choose to meet in person etc. Or take another friend with you when you go to meet a net friend for the first time. Do you know that your personal details that you may carelessly give away to someone on the net can end up in another country's ID theft ring? Also some sick bastards can travel across seas just to quench their thirst for cheap thrills. So have a mental fence around your net life. It's not that hard if you guard your temptations.

Your Brain Checkup Is Overdue!
Internet is an interesting place with alot of interesting people...but it's also a very scary place with alot of psychos. These people prey on innocents just to satisfy their sick conscience. For all the spammers, I have this message: YOU REALLY HAVE NO HOPE
! Your parents didn't give you enough love and brain food, we are very sorry about that. Get a job or get wasted I don't care, but you should care cos it's your life! For all those kidnappers, hackers, murderers, child molesters, phishers etc I have this message: YOU NEED A SHRINK. Go get help before it's too late. Do you ever use your brain or is it rusting on the shelf? Insert it back in please. And know that your PC details can be easily tracked to your doorstep anyways, and Police will be knocking on your door soon. You may think you know how computers work but the truth is you don't. You have zilch knowledge of how computers work- sadly you only know how to be a criminal. Everything you do on the net is traceable upto your sorry ass if the need arises. If you are addicted to stealing, sex, lying, any crime in general, that means you need major help. And there are psychiatrists out there for a reason - that is to help nutjobs like you. So use that brain that you've been donated and get that help while you can. Do yourself some justice today so you could save yourself from getting your own mugshot.

Surf Safely...
As a step to towards keeping my blog shit-free, from now on I allow comments by Registered Users only - so no more Anonymous comments allowed here. And also, I'm going to be very strict about publishing crap comments, so just cos you're bored and wanna puke your sick head out here, it's not going to be tolerated - go find a sink or do it on your carpet. Besides, I track the IPs whenever I want to, so ease up on the cranium-deficiency bandwagon cos you may be tracked and reported to the federal Police - no you can't take your PC with you when you're arrested - jail might have internet, try asking! (recently a bunch of net criminals and identity thieves were caught by the Police on a LIVE TV show. It was hilarious!). So before you harass someone on the net just cos your dad pays your Internet bill, think twice.

Well folks we should enjoy the Internet and not fear the same time we must know it's possible horrific consequences. Thieves, sex-offenders, murderers and psychos have Interent access too and they could be in your inbox. SO BE SMART, ALERT AND MOST OF ALL BE SAFE!

Today's music is dedicated to both the innocents, Adnan and Kaushambi, who TRUSTED their net 'friends', when they were really only their enemies...the ones who took their life. Both of them paid the highest price for trusting total strangers.

Current Music: Come As You Are by Nirvana

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George said...

Very well written post sweetie ... we take some things for granted or become less careful the more experience we obtain. Young kids to old adults have to take care out here

Andrew said...

You should always report these fake ids Keshi. Blogger will take action to remove them, it just may a bit slow. Then again, I suppose the loon could set up another easily enough.

Expression ! said...

So true what ever you wrote.Need to be very careful in this internet world.

SaffronSaris said...

Oh dear, serious topic here today.
Hhmmm, something to cheer you up (or rather, to cheer myself up ;0)
Remember you got a gorgeous pair of earrings for your birthday? I got inspired by your eaerrigns and tried my hand and made a pair for myself. The connecting part is not well-turned, but I'm looking for a camera to capture it and put it up.

Jim said...

it took me a long while to have the guts to post my pic

i have a lotta annony mouses who hate my guts

i cud be beaten up bad

Menchie said...

You can't be too careful. There are a lot of sickos on the net.

How sad for the boy.

Keshi said...

George ty!


Andrew I have done it b4...and I will continue to.

wuteva they do, they cant get away with it..cos PC details r so easy to track by the authorities.



ty Sharda!


aww Saffy I'd love to see em :)


Vidya said...

Nicely written and you are right! There is only so much privacy on the internet! The defenses need to be up always!

By the way, the last time I visited your blog, I commented that your post gave me the impression that you were sad! I hope you are feeling good now! :D


Keshi said...

Jim I dun care how u feel abt posting ur pics. Its not my business.

a majority of net users post their pics anyways!

personal details run deeper than pics! personal details such as DOB, Phone no., Address, Drivers' Licence no., Bank Accnt details etc.

and ur worried abt a pic? LOL u r so ignorant.

btw I rem u asking for my bank accnt details in an email? Can I ask what that was for?


Menchie very true...


aww Vidya tnxxx! U r so sweet.

And ur so right abt privacy on the net.


Jim said...

in India u cant be tracked Keshi
India abounds with cyber cafes (internet kiosks)

Cheesemeister tried to block my comments but i kept on hitting her from different cyber cafes in the country

Now she has made her blog private and can be viewed only by invitees like SOUTHY done

Keshi said...

And dun think Im gonna fear few net losers and run away from being who I am.

And u claim ur my friend? So why d u always make me feel awful, upset and agitated? Friends dun do that kinda thing.

And cleary u can see I was very sad, from my last post. And all u can is nasty things to stir me up. U should really be ashamed of urself Jim.


Jim said...

i had to remit money to my girl in CA

and her bank account had been closed for defaulting

so i wanted to send u the money so u cud WESTERN UNION it to her

we cant send money by WESTERN UNION in India

we can only receive

Rani said...

omg.. im paranoid CENTRAL. lollll
i mean my aquaintance, was MURDERED AND STABBED TO DEATH by her own boyfriend.
my old roomie was rapped by our best friend who we referred to as "brother", my ex-friend stole all my stuff and robbed me...
I MEAN, i never trust ppl --

always watch ure back, or make sure someone's watching it for you when ure in a certain situation.

annoyance on the stalker, really adds unwanted drama to life doesnt it.

always be careful and watch ure back, cause sadly, you never know who turns on you

Keshi said...

Jim..d u honestly think I'd give u my Bank accnt details? After all of the nasty things u hv said abt me everywhere...and after all the gory comments u leave here most of the time?

Im not a Hilly Billy's family member!


ishipishi said...

of course I agree with what u have to say...

i must say this "anon" does seem a little deranged. Not letting out a name..leave alone an id goes to show they basically lack the guts to show themselves.

and this one kesh has a serious psychological disorder.

part of me doesn't want to waste my breath commenting on him/her...even in a negative way coz it's simply giving him/her undue attention when I could be doing a lot of other more fruitful things!

what doesn't cease to amaze me is this person was upset about a post here in your blog that showed the picture of a dead child (in my opinion that was a heartfelt post that spoke a universal truth...pain and tears are the same feelings for all *sigh*)...yet the same "anon" wished my child meets the same fate?? How sickening is that? I cannot fathom how someone can be so completely inhuman...

Yes, it's a vulnerable world but that's not to say we will lose out individual self because of pathetic losers like these...

I hope ppl learn not to take shit but stand up against it.

u couldn't have said it better.

*hugggz* ~~ Ish

Jim said...

u r mistaken Keshi
i dont access your blog from internet cafes

i do so only if my IP is banned as cheesemeister done

and how the fuck do i know your moods?

Keshi said...

thats horrible Choco..Im so sorry to hear all that abt ur friends.

yes TRUST is not something that comes that easy!


Keshi said...

Ishi tnxxx n HUGGGGGGGZ!

I hv very few friends who have always stood by me right from the beginning of this ordeal...Uttsy n u r 2 of em. TY so much!

***)...yet the same "anon" wished my child meets the same fate

WUTTTTTTTTTTT?? Did he/she say that? OMG Im so sorry that u had to hear something like that from someone! Thats just plain cruelty. OMG Im still in shock. Wut d u hv to do with that post anways? It was my post. Some ppl r SICK beyond words.

Ish I thought hard abt publishing this one...cos I thought it wud also be like giving losers the attention they seek. Should I hide this post?


Keshi said...

Jim I dun care...cos u hv always lied.

**and how the fuck do i know your moods?

same goes to u.


Jim said...

Oh never mind
i got it done by my college friend Murthy who is now in the US

i paid by sending money to his folks in India

but i didbt pay all

the bloke is stinking rich

ishipishi said...

IMO do not hide the post.

ppl need to know that there are sick ppl out there kesh...

not just so that they are aware but so that ppl can voice their opinion...

it's not about giving someone undue attention.

face it ppl, adnan wasn't simply a freak incident. he's the face of many vulnerable young ppl out there who think they know it all but they really cannot identify "pyschos" and "twisted minds"...

kesh all u're doing is telling a wide range of ppl that this kind of harrasment is REAL

verbal/virtual abuse is as REAL as physical's just as torturing and just as hurtful

if u put back ur post, i'd like u to add this comment of mine there...

SPEAKING OUT against sick ppl is not giving them's SIMPLY helping others in knowing that this kind of abuse could happen to them too!

thanks kesh

~ ish

Keshi said...

Jim u may hv been in my blog for years...but u havent earned the TRUST from me...Im sorry to say that. I know u dun care, but I thought I'd just tell u that.

Its easy to forgive ppl, but its hard to forget the name-calling!


Keshi said...

tnxx Ish!

Its that comment that got me to re-post this. U r brilliant.

**verbal/virtual abuse is as REAL as physical's just as torturing and just as hurtful

So true. ppl take it lightly when they shouldnt...its a serious CRIME.


Sujit said...

its true to be very careful especially while making friends over net as we tend to believe everything as we look things in our perspective. How are you doing..?

Pri said...

i can vouch for every word u said thr keshi...
have had my own set of experiences too...still dont know if i shud label thm as good or bad...but one things for sure...the net is a crazy place and thr are very good chances of ppl living completely diff lives here...its sad but true tht such freaks exist too and u cant do nethin about thm...u can juss stay away!

tk care!
hugzzz :)

Jim said...

remember SRK in DARR
u shud watch out for stalkers

u r beautiful and sexy
and some guy here cud fall madly in love with u and he wont take no for an answer

and a stalker is born

Cheesemeister and Michele (see my current post) think i am a stalker

and that kinda unnerved them

Keshi said...

hey Sujit hows it going?

** as we tend to believe everything as we look things in our perspective.

VERY TRUE! We always think in the same angle as ourselves when in real ppl r so different!


ty Pri!

I hv had my share of experiences too! One of my good friends turned out to be a FAKE...and now HE is suddenly a SHE! And he/she was using another guy's pics as himself! I was totally put off. Now I dun make much friends on the net..I hardly email and I only associate very few ppl I truly can TRUST.


Jim stop trying to please me...u call me beautiful only here...check ard ur blog where u hv called me very derogatory terms.

If someone stalks me, I'll see what I'd do abt it then..tnxx for teh concern tho.


Jim said...

Cheesemeister and bridget jones and Michele never ever posted their pic on the net

but i gott close to cheesemeister and i have her pic

same with Bridget Jones
then that asshole VEST told bridget i was not to be trusted and Bridget abandoned her blog and disappeared

Keshi said...

I know Michi puts her pics up in her blog...if ur talking abt the same Michelle that is.


Jim said...

not that Michelle
i am talking about the Michele from Paloma, California

i intend to track her
coz i have pals in Paloma
and surprise her
she sells vinyl records on the net
a collectors item

and i hope to visit CA some day
my girl who doesnt want to be my girl no more lives there

Romeo Morningwood said...

I was spammed about a month ago and I found the culprits within a few hours.

Now I debated about retaliating by hiring the retired Mossad agent to fly over to their cities (one in England and the other in Africa) and permanently alter their ability to reproduce or manipulate a keyboard. I even considered involuntarily transporting them to the modern day Jurrasic Park to be devoured by Komodo Dragons.

But pffft, these are just scared, little, immature, pricks who would piss their pants and cry like a baby if they ever had to face the consequences of their annoying actions and meet their victims face to face.

If they were authentic, mature, individuals they would atleast have the courage to debate, spoof, or rebuke issues and ideas in the comment section or in their own postings.

meh whatev!

Keshi said...

k Jim.

**i intend to track her

why d u wanna do that? Thats stalking btw.

**my girl who doesnt want to be my girl no more

stop being in denial Jim. Ur a married man...and Indian too. So where r ur so-called morals? DUH!


hey HE!

**I even considered involuntarily transporting them to the modern day Jurrasic Park to be devoured by Komodo Dragons.

hahaha that one really cracked me up!

**these are just scared, little, immature, pricks who would piss their pants and cry like a baby if they ever had to face the consequences of their annoying actions and meet their victims face to face.

SPOT ON! Thats why I mentioned abt their dads paying their Internt bill. LOL!

**If they were authentic, mature, individuals they would atleast have the courage to debate, spoof, or rebuke issues and ideas in the comment section or in their own postings.

exactly my point as well.

tnxx HE!


Nadine said...

Very well written and well thought out. Nice job and this is something people need to know.

annie said...

God knows what pleasure people get in phishing.Sickos to da core!! Just ignore and don't pay 'em any attention. A stern action needs to be taken towards such loathsome people.

Keshi said...

ty Nadine!

All of us need to be aware of this but its sad that some ppl just walk into trouble, knowing all of this anyways!


ur right Annie, ty!


Unknown said...



but I wonder who will b interested in stealing my identity... :P

Sweetstickychewy said...

Great informative post!:D

People need to hear this. I have heard my share from mates who have encountered phsyco. I can identify with you at some points. I am wary of people i don't know esp when they step the line. Though perhaps at time i am just being plain paranoid. Oops!

The Stormin Mormon said...

Shoot me an email.

Keshi said...

Iceman alot of thieves wud be interested in stealing ur identity! Dun take it so lightly mate...its a global ring!

Even last nite on TV I watched a program on it. And there so many innocent victims who got their IDs stolen on the net and used for various criminal acts ard the world!


Amy tnxx!

**Though perhaps at time i am just being plain paranoid.

I wasnt paranoid abt it until I read Adnan's story. Did u read it sweetie?


SIMON said...

Keshi, the way you deal with the serious subjects is as refreshing as the less serious.

Long post warning, think I'll speed read. I'm still here I've missed my train to work and it's all your fault!!

Well written and caring and oh sooooo important!

There's a lot of weirdos out there, take care everybody and you Keshi keep up the good work!

Oh and thanks for the Nirvana!

Sweetstickychewy said...

Not yet will do in a bit.;)

Thanks Sweets!

Keshi said...

Mormon ur sure u can trust me? ;-)


Ebezp hey tnxx!

btw ur train stopped..u can get out at this station Mr.Ebezp :)



Keshi said...

k Amy no worries :)



Tys on Ice said...

For a newbie in this cybersphere, you just scared the shit out of me...anyway, iam too ugly and old to be molested , dumb enough to give a gud fite to anyone who wants to kill me for my non existent wealth and gud luck to anyone who wants to steal my dreary identity- infact I wud just give it for free .

But you r rite...its a strange world we live in and theres no harm in being a lil precautious..loved your inputs..

but truth be told, i feel as if i hve 'met' some real people here ...unless u r a fat, balding , tatooed inmate posting your blogs from a pen, using some beautiful girl's pictures and calling urself keshi :) ...for the record, i wud still blogroll u...

Keshi said...

Tys u know Adnan's story scared the shit out of me too. But did u read Kaushambi's story? I just updated this post with it..that was a very sad thing to happen! And she called this guy who shot her to death a caring, sensitive, awesome her Orkut page that is!!

u dun hv to be beautiful or young to be a victim of cyber crime btw. There r all sorts of scandals. Not only abduction, rape n murder.

**unless u r a fat, balding , tatooed inmate posting your blogs from a pen, using some beautiful girl's pictures and calling urself keshi

LOL I'd rather be dead than be that!


Nora said...

Hmmm... thanks for the reminder Keshi. It's so easy to forget...
[I wondered why you didn't allow anon comments any more.]


Keshi said...

Nora I get few HATE comments in Anony form...used to get 100s b4...




Jay said...

There's lots of weirdos, freaks, morons and other undesirables out there on the net and in society in general. People can be anybody they wan to be online. That's why you can't get to involved with online people and have to be so careful. It sucks having to assume the worst in everyone, but you really almost have to online.

I post in a number of forums but the most common problem in those places are the internet tough guys. You know the ones who talk big about being so bad, but you know in real life he's a totally wuss. LOL

Keshi said...

haha Jay yes...WUSS is the word! There's another term for em...SPAMMERS.

tnxx mate!


Cuckoo said...

Excellent write Keshi. I too wanted to write on it but now I'll postpone it, maybe after sometime.

Yeah, these nerds are a pain in neck and we really need to be careful. I am an Indian but whatever that jerk Indian is writing is a shame on the whole nation.

Take care & be careful & be happy as always.


Jim said...

a very informative post
do u mind if i link this post to WUB ?

as i have been doing to a number of your posts

Keshi said...

ty Cuckoo!

**I am an Indian but whatever that jerk Indian is writing is a shame on the whole nation.

who sweetie?



Jim heyy...

**as i have been doing to a number of your posts

where? show me.


Jim said...

u can also be fooled by the guy about his wit and charm when he employs ghost writers to write for him

and posts another's pic as his own as i have done

Keshi said...

Jim thats why I dun fall in love on the net. Im not an idiot.


Jim said...

go here

Keshi said...

Jim tnxx!

So why at other times u call me rude names and insult me? And invite anony losers to support ur actions?


Keshi said...

k Jim u can link it. cos its for all net-users' awareness and safety.


Jim said...

its a tuff world out there Keshi
and like a god father to u

i wanted to tuffen u up
guys here are sugary sweet
and unnatural

i dont trust guys who are all sweet and no spice

remember CYNO
he appeared to be the creepiest guy on IT chat

but he turned out to be the nicest guy in real life

anits said...

hi keshi gal..So true what ever you wrote.Its so dangerous internet love! so galz better be very very EXTRA careful!

tcare keshi

rebel said...

All this is really scary.. I understand KEshi..

But like the Indian govt is doing, there is no point in blaming the netwroking site as a whole. We need to be really careful and understand what we r getting into.. People just feel lonely get online and start chatting with strangers! How infantile can they get.

And lady, pls always report the fake ids. Thr might be someone who does something abt this..

di.di said...

that's scary, man... hmmm, now I actually considered closing down my Friendster account but right now only my friend can view my full account..

Just take this as a reminder so that we'll never give out any personal info whilst chatting online or never meet someone that you only know through chat room.

i hope all this shit won't happen to me *touch wood*

Peter said...

Since about a week, each time I open your blog, I get these porn pop ups. I think it's one of the proofs of how the net is working (you / we have obvioulsy used some sex related words).

I agree of course to all that you say and we must all be ware about the danger, especially young kids (or rather their parents) must be!

However, I have met some bloggers and it went well. Of course I'm not anymore so young and "interesting". If you came to Paris one day, I would clearly "take the risk" of meeting you, but would you accept to meet me?

I also buy stuff and make hotel and rental car bookings (with my credit card number - 1234XXXX - number) on the net, but I would only do it via clearly well known sources. Now, of course there have been some fake versions of some of these sites also...

abhartiya said...

hey kesh..i like the way you spread the message around..I also got to know about the fact that someone's been troubling you since a long time...hmm..I havent experiences anyone harassing me as of now..but just in case anything like that comes up, I better be careful..I'll heed to what you've just said keshi..and yeah you dont worry ok..everyone here knows how sweet--hearted you doesnt matter if anyone tries to harm you in any! you are a brave lady keshi

captain corky said...

This is the last time I come to your blog with a plate full of cookies and a glass of worm milk for some fun reading. ;)

Sadly though, your message is a very important one

Unknown said...


read this

Aditi said...

hey... quite a good post.. a lot of food for thought...
sorry i havent been around to your blog often in the last week i have just been swamped

Unknown said...

hey keshi...

trust you are doing well!! saw this long post.. was busy at work and could not find time to read!

i see loads of comments as well! do take care...

loads of lov

Helen said...

Good job, Keshi, we all need to be reminded to "Proceed with Caution" at all times. In the real world, we have pheremones that alert us to danger and that "sixth sense" when an individual has nefarious intent, not so in this forum. I think we can get "vibes" from some people based on the consistency of their comments and their deportment, but then again just a wacky sense of humor can raise alarms.

I never knew about your hater, that makes me admire your resistance to netfear-tyranny even more.

Good choice of song for this "come as you are" communication.

Ms Smack said...

Hi Keshi. I had a troll that defamed me, and stole my pictures for a good 2 or 3 years too. Their behaviours were very similar to yours. I wonder if they're the same person?

Email me if you want to discuss it further.

Great post. I can totally relate to many of the issues posted here.

Jeya Anand said...

I can see..You are so damn bold:)keep it up..
And those two lost souls of Adnan and kaushambi really are pathetic...Innocence got to pay its price in this strange cruel world...:(..reminds me of my post..THE OPPORTUNISTIC PATHOGEN...

Abt the clone clown, thats really strange, idiotic,.......etc(fill those with suitable words):D:D
I can see ur strength and courage in there...really admire ur inner strength there..
Many things in this world has become double edged..INTERNET in the long list now...SAD...

Alok said...

I read abt Adnan on the net .... i guess police by now have zeroed on the suspect ... I am sure they would be rightly punished and should be for there is no excuse, even if they r sick .... I saw a video of their parents being interviewed and ur heart goes out to the parents' insurmountable grief .....

sickos are all around, i guess they r now beyond the psychiatric help ... and the sicko that has been perusing u obscenely, i think u shld atleast lodge a complain (dunno ifu can do that in Aus, there must be a provision) ...

and then internet and specifically blogging sometimes go beyond expressions ..... ignoring them i guess is the best option but then u knw it stays behind ur mind .... unconsciously so but it is a mental harrasment ...

btw, keshi tell me how safe is internet banking coz i have been using them a lot of lately .... are they really secured

and lol, u track ips .... thats a bit scary :) hope i m safe :)



ghost particle said...

Keshi! Dats a long post...! Will come back to read this. hemm...stalkers eh. Well just wack them. Go for the eyes first, then when they cant see, u kick them in da nuts! :p

Amey said...

Like I was telling my mom about blogs, any communication medium (including blogs and social sites) is always going to be abused by every perv/sadist/criminal. We just have to take care what we say and how we say it.

Somebody once hacked into my account on a site where I had posted my stories, and went around bad-mouthing other authors. I am still trying to delete my account there...

Anonymous said...

OMG!! im shocked to say anything, keshi-chan..
thanks for warning us!!
there was an aweful murder by stalker in japan too.
he was a cop, so she couldnt avoid him.
i hope ur stalker-chan will calm down. take care!!

J said...

that means our surfing-date cancelled? :D:D

Jenny! said...

That is so nasty...I truly dont understand people sometimes!

Ram said...

Its a crazy world out there. You never know who could be stealing your identity. The killings are shocking.

It goes to show that you cannot have faith in anyone and because of this mindset, even those with pure intentions have to put up with being labelled as "watch-out-for-crooks".

Except for a few "unknown" (who are also in bloggerville) friends most of my friends in Orkut are long lost acquaintances and my sole purpose of Orkut is that and that alone - keeping in touch with old friends with whom i've lost contact.

Just cant fathom why people cant follow the doctrine of live-and-let-live. Is it such a difficult thing to do?


Ram said...

BTW...I love Curt Kobain and Nirvana and Come as you are. He was a one-of-a-kind vocalist.


krystyna said...

Never to much this kind of warning Keshi! Very often the close friend is the big, dangerous enemy.
He/she(too)looks like very kind, smart, friendly person. Internet is for All kind of people as our mother Earth.
Thanks so much for your job!

cm chap said...

Veru thoughtful post my dear keshi... Every word u said is true... Also I find a lot of spam profile n blog too these days...earlier it was confied only to Orkut... It's better to be safe....

Arz000n said...

When I got the scrap alert:
"Keshi girl has written you a scrap entry"

I was like WHOA!!

Its good to see her on orkut...Whoot..Whooot!!

only to later realise that it was some stupid freak :|

Anyway...with the way social networkings are the next IN thing on the internet, I will not be suprised if people start stealing identitys online.

I read about that guy getting killed...but then same thing happened when messengers were launched n similar news started pouring in everyday. It depends how wisely you make use of your online identity.

KAYLEE said...


Its nothing just worried about my health they keep finding more and more:(

KAYLEE said...


AVIANA said...

wow chicki!

ok...i love sex! does that mean i need shrink and i'm a nutjob? hmmm least i know how u look like so when we're backstage at my tour i can recognize u immediately! hehehe...

well, i wonder if there would be a creep on my site but then i realize i'm kinda boring...trully i ma...u got too much fire in your blood...everyone wants a piece of ya!

well stay safe sweetie... and stop ur bitchin !!!!!!!


The Phosgene Kid said...

I'm not psychotic, I am just drawn that way...

Keshi said...

Jim being sugary sweet maybe unnatural to ppl like u who like to play mind games :)

**CYNO - but he turned out to be the nicest guy in real life

knew him only on IT... so I cant really agree with u not knowing how he is in real.


true Anits, ty!


hey Rebel tnxx!

**But like the Indian govt is doing, there is no point in blaming the netwroking site as a whole

ur right..I dun blame the sites at's not their fault. The individual needs to know how to protect themselves.

And seriously wut was Kaushambi doing in that hotel room with that married guy? Im not insulting her, but she was warned by her family n friends not to associate him cos he was already married. But she still gave in to her temptation. So unfortunately she is to be blamed for her own misfortune.


Keshi said...

cmon Diva it wont happen to someone like u...cos I know u use ur brain. Seriosuly some ppl need to THINK b4 they foolishly go n trust ppl on the net.

** I actually considered closing down my Friendster account

o dun do that Diva! I didnt mean to scare anyone from this post...we need to be cautious and at the same time we hv to be able enjoy the Internet. :) So dun be paranoid. Be free and be alert at the same time.


hey Peter tnxx!


LOL really? mebbe cos of my NAKED and COK pos

** If you came to Paris one day, I would clearly "take the risk" of meeting you, but would you accept to meet me?

aww how sweet is that! tnxx mate. I can TRUST u for sure. Im 100% sure u r not a NUTTER hehe.

Abt doing business online...even tho Im an IT consultant by profession, I dun ever do business online! Not trying to scare ya, but yeah, there's big risks involved with it. But as long as u know ur on the original site, then its ok.


aww ty Wacko!

avoid that psychopath who stalks me...dun even go to talk with 'it'.


Keshi said...

Corky Im sorry to spoil the fun but isnt this so real! and yeah very sadly.


Keshi said...

Iceman tnxx will do soon!


Aditi no worries sweetz :)


take ur time Kirthi n tnxx!


heyya Helen tnxx!

**In the real world, we have pheremones that alert us to danger and that "sixth sense" when an individual has nefarious intent, not so in this forum.

Spot on! Well-said.

**I never knew about your hater, that makes me admire your resistance to netfear-tyranny even more.

Helen u didnt know abt the pyscho cos u didnt know me when he/she was in full action. That was like from 2004-2006. The harassment was on a daily basis and all over Blogville. I hv written many posts abt it b4. He/she even cloned my blog id, profile pic etc and acted like me, leaving very nasty shit ard blogville...some of my friends got confused...some even stopped coming to my blog! That was the psychopath's aim cut me off from all my friends here. He/she is just a deranged jealous person. I even thought of going to the Police cos the harassment was beyond wut u cud imagine.

thats when I turned comment moderation on. It's someone from India tho...cos I tracked the IP. Then for a short while, this person went silent. Thats the time u got to know me. So u never knew this person's acts. Now he/she seem to hv woken up from that deep slumber.

Either way, brain-dead ppl dun challenge me the least bit.


Keshi said...

G'day Miss.Smack! WC in here.

so u went thru the same shit? OMG these losers r everywhere ha.

**I wonder if they're the same person?

u never know! but come to think of it, the troll that stalked me sucked arse like no one else on this Earth! So it cant be the same troll. LOL!

tnxx girl!


true Jeya...tnxx!

Abt the my reply to Helen to get a better understanding of his dumb acts.



Jim said...

i want to give u the other side of the picture

i met her on the net
it started as platonic

but went into love
we had been in touch on the net for a year

this lady has guts
she flew to india from California to meet up with me
and she came alone
besides it was her first visit to India

i cud have been a weirdo
and she feared this possibility

but she came and we met
we had loads of fun

so Keshi
when u coming to India?

KAYLEE said...


Keshi said...

hey Alok tnxx!

**I saw a video of their parents being interviewed and ur heart goes out to the parents' insurmountable grief .....

u see its the parents who hv to live with it..its so not fair. Even Kaushambi's mum was very distraught and she's a widow who depended on Kaushambi. Now what of her future?

**and the sicko that has been perusing u obscenely, i think u shld atleast lodge a complain (dunno ifu can do that in Aus, there must be a provision) ...

yes..Im in the process of doing that. Aus has a place where u can lodge a complaint...and thats the Federal Police of Aus. Then they will get all the IP and PC details and track the sicko to the doorstep, anywhere in the world that is.

U can read my reply to Helen above to get a picture of how deranged this troll is! yes it's mental harrasment in every sense and its a crime!

**keshi tell me how safe is internet banking coz i have been using them a lot of lately .... are they really secured

depends on how SECURE ur bank's network is. Even in Aus there have been incidents of hackers/phishers who easily stole a customer's details even on a so-called SECURE network. There was a massive ID theft ring and Police caught em anyways. But the cutomers hv already paid their price. Once ur ID is stolen, it's very hard to make it 'UNSTOLEN'.

Im not trying to scare ya, but I never do Internet banking. Better be safe than sorry.


Ghosty :) tnxx!

If I can kick em in the nuts even on the Internet, I wud do it. I must code a new blog function named 'e-kicknuts' lol!


SaffronSaris said...

I gotta find a camera first! You know how I always take agest o load my photos onto SaffronShots? Psssst, I've still got loads more of Russia's from last year that I have not uploaded....

Keshi said...

Fleiger yes thats right.

d u know that my blog was hacked? long time ago. By the same psychopath. He hacked it and put up abt 5 FILTHY posts one night..using my ID. Everyone was thinking I was going nuts. LOL! I got it back with the greatest difficulty...Blogger Admins somehow helped me there.

** I am still trying to delete my account there...

why cant u? cant u let the ADMIN know?


Niki hey Stalker-chan? lol that was cute.

**there was an aweful murder by stalker in japan too.

OMG! Did they get to know each other thru the Internet?


hey Jitterbug!

**that means our surfing-date cancelled?

I did say SURF SAFELY :):)

o well who knows...u cud be Ted Bundy's cousin. LOL Im kidding. I trust ya Jitters...ur that adorable Forrest Gump and not any psycho hehe.


Jen I cant u'stand such ppl either. Mebbe they r born with it. LOL!


Anonymous said...

it sounds pathetic... specially the orkutty fundas... i hate those 'social networks' personally...

and the clown... i don't know what to say about it... can the word, 'psychotic' be even used to describe him?

not to worry...

the world is full of such people, but there are a few good ones too who can shine more and merrier than the rest... :)

Jim said...

this annony mouse seems to be a funn guy

by the way the annony mouse who hates me is back on my blog

abusing me to glory
but thank God its in hindi

he seems to be tracking me all over the place and got plenty details of my amorous adventures

Keshi said...

hey Rama hows u? Long time no see. u ok?

**even those with pure intentions have to put up with being labelled as "watch-out-for-crooks".

I know! Its really unfair isnt it.

**Just cant fathom why people cant follow the doctrine of live-and-let-live. Is it such a difficult thing to do?

LOL same thoughts here mate. WHY CANT PPL JUST MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS N LIVE N LET LIVE! its not that difficult ppl! Its the easiest thing to do on Earth.

Kurt is God to me. He is the only one who understood how I feel deep inside. His lyrics, music and voice cant be replaced by anyone on this Earth. Basically he's a TOP Genius.


oyess Krys! We hv to TC of ourselves.



Chap the best way to stop spam is not to respond..just iggy em.


hey z000nie sona munda hows u? :):)

**only to later realise that it was some stupid freak

Goshhh mebbe that old psycho ran out of his/her medicine and is back. Iggy em z000nie. U know pathetic he/she was back in the days.

I agree...we have to be wise and we cant blame the newtorks at all.


Keshi said...

Kaylz glad to hear ur ok. Take it easy girl. Dun focus on it so something hv some FUN :)



Lisa girl hows u?

**ok...i love sex! does that mean i need shrink and i'm a nutjob?

naaaa I didnt mean that noooooo! Wut I said was if ur addicted to sex on the net, porn, child molestation etc...I cudnt be bothered elaborating on it hehe...

LOL @stop bitchin!

ahemm Lisa..when do I get to see ya?


k let me stop taking my Bitch pills...

**&&...u got too much fire in your blood...everyone wants a piece of ya!

really? long as they dun butcher me, Im ok with it. LOL! HUGGGGGGGZ n ty!


Arent we all Phos :)


KAYLEE said...


Keshi said...

G'day Jim!

**i cud have been a weirdo
and she feared this possibility

I think she's the weirdo trust u n go that far. LOL sorry Jim I cudnt resist!

**when r u coming to India?

Possibly in my next life? lol!

Jim u should be happy ur trolls r bak..cos that means ur contagious and they cant live w.o. ya :)


tnxx DJ!

** i hate those 'social networks' personally

I dun really hate em...I just dun go to such N/Ws...cos it's not my kinda thing. they bore me to death hehe.


Kaylz Im ok n u?


Saffy I wanna see u too awww...


Jim said...

like this annony mouse of yours,
I had plenty fun with Michele and Starbender and VEST with my many blog ids

Michele has become paranoid
she now thinks even Starbender is saby

VEST went nuts too

KAYLEE said...

I AM VERY GOOD TODAY but have more health problems that was what I was worried about yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

Keshi said...

Jim I accidentally rejected ur prev comment...plz post it again, tnxx!


Kaylz I dunno wut I can do to help ya sweetie.. :(

just take ur mind off it...


Jim said...

No can do
i dont want it published

it was for ears only

KAYLEE said...

thanks i will :)

thinking about happier stuff

Jim said...

when u have moderator on
the onus is on u to publish what u deem fit

thats why i dont have moderator
i dont have no liability

AVIANA said...

surprise surprise....

oh yeah i was joking about the loving sex but really i LOVE sex!!! i'm not a nympho

Sig said...

Hey Keshi - I agree totally :) be who u are but be careful :)

Mumbai Guy said...

Hey Keshi,
This was surprise post. I am glad that you thought it worth to put up this topic. More so because you put any topic so nicely in blog that it makes much more sense.

Thanks again, Take care.


Jim said...

my amorous adventures happened in Goa
the Goans in Goa are more accepting of western behaviour than the Mumbai crowd

Jim said...

who doesnt Aviana ?

Keshi said...

Jim I read that comment. I give a toss abt wut ppl think abt me...if Im loose or HARD! LOL!

Abt Moderator advice. Keep that to urself. :)


Kaylz good! :)


Lisa lol wuts the surprise btw? now let me take my Bitch pills again...





MG ty!

Its ur thoughtful post that made me write this one...


oww Jim is so afraid of being judged. nenenene. When will he ever live the way he wants sighhh!


Jim said...

this net is amazing
here i am sitting on my PC talking to u as if u r standing in front of me (u look good)

my brother and bhabhi live just about 500 metres away and i havent visited them or spoken to them since the last 2 months

bonding takes place on the net
strong bonding
u r my morning cup of coffee
i cant do widout coffee or u

dont ever ban me

Keshi said...

Jim is that a nervous request? :)

btw know that morning coffee wud stop being served some day too..everything must come to an end. U neva know when I'd end too.


Jim said...

Shubh Shubh bolo
dont ever talk like this

u gott a long way to go baby
follow Aviana

Jim said...

and i dont know my bro or bhabhi as well as i know u

i never got round to asking her of the romances sne had before (or after) she met my brother

and i know so much about u
i cud write a 300 page book about u and your antics

Keshi said...

Jim wut if I tell u I wont live too long? :)

**i cud write a 300 page book about u and your antics

why dun u write it I can read it too.


tqmcintl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vik Rajagopalan said...

Fair enough the thought. The adage, Better to be safe than sorry is how it ought to be. Orkut is no longer fun with clowns coming along and I feel so pissed. Was there for a long time and finally thought against after a series of such events again not that I care but just to be sure sometimes.

Good article, keshi.

Keshi said...

TQM no Im not having my periods..r u? LOL!


Vik yeah...dun do things if ur not comfy with it. I dun go to such places cos I know, there r all sorts od weirdos there. Its not my cuppa.


Keshi said...


Keshi said...

btw Police tracked Kaushambi's killer thru his Orkut profile IP and details.

this was in the news:

***! Using this site, the police tracked the killer at Vasco (in Goa).


Keshi said...

Another article abt this case:


Keshi said...

Another one on how the POlice caught him thru Orkut:


Sam said...

Well wriiten Keshi!! Yo've covered all the points. It really boils down to ones sense and sensibilities at teh end of the day. I've made loads of frnds over the net.. some of them very special ;)
I'm yet to see the dark side.. and maybe that's why i'd say that keep your wits about you and be smart!! know the net.. understand how it works.. you'll be benefited more than you know... that's my take... we'll always hae weirdos arnd us... can't stop enjoying life coz of them!!

freudian slip said...

you're a sweet one keshi... really.

Unknown said...

hey keshi- the post makes a lot of sense... it was an eye opener for sure!

true its very difficult to trust what kind of a relationship you will land up in! i had an experience once, and i was stupid enough as well to fall into it...

i met a guy on orkut, he is studying the US! seemed good.. after a couple of days of chatting he proposed and gave me him family details!

i found it difficult to believe that someone would choose a life partner in a couple of interactions..but did not say no! but over a period i got myself out of that bit!

he seemed genuine and came from the same town i stay... but something told me to stop... there are so many people like me who keep falling for such things!

this happens a lot when you feel lonely or insecure and such incidents should help us understand that this is not the right way!

thank you for this post... i will take care in future!

bye sweety!

Sudeep said...

came here yest but couldnt comment coz was caught up in work..

it is a sad story indeed.. n net stalking is increasing day by day. At least abroad there are rules n laws to take action but here in India it is still in a nascent stage so stalkers roam around freely

Kalpana said...

Yes Keshi, I agree with you. We need to be a lot careful. It is very important.

Autumn Storm said...

Scary stuff, that's for sure. I think generally we are safer here than we would be in chatrooms, to some extent at least, since the objective is a little different. I've met quite a few people from this world now, given details out to others, but only people I trusted and that is the crunch of it, for in that way this place is no different than real life. It's all about instinct and trust and hopefully we will never be proved wrong.

Very interesting post, thanks for posting, I'm sure you will make people think twice and do their best to take precautions.

Pijush said...

Keshi, bit late but very nice post. It is helpful for many innocent and new usurers. I do hate chatting also.

Pijush said...

Read once more and now I am scary. Very well written. Can I blogroll YOU?

Anonymous said...

oh no. the stalker cop met the girl at bar. she was a bar hostess.
he sent 400 emails to her, that made her pissed off.
so he had secretly made a spare key of her apartment and intruded several times.
and shot her coz she said in the mail, she will sue him.

Jeevan said...

What you have said is truly accepted and must sure to think with brain. I read about Adnan’s kidnap to murder, a real shock of cyber. With many faceless around, except words we can’t trust with nothing. We believe to share; only if other person was true to conscience it’s a good relation, if not it ends in mess.

These both lessons, a educate for others!

diyadear said...

stay safe from all psychos dearie.. n yes putting up pics which cud be stolen is sooo unfair to us girls na.. i hate this MCP world for that!!!

mathew said...

that was so chilling..cant believe how crime builds up in such young minds!! :-(

Keshi said...

Sam thats right...we cant stop enjoying life cos of few losers.

**. It really boils down to ones sense and sensibilities at teh end of the day

Spot on! onne cant blame the net for their own deeds.


Exp ty! :)


hey Kirthi ty!

**after a couple of days of chatting he proposed and gave me him family details!

Wuttt? Just in couple of days? Gawwwd some ppl r so desperate...hehehe. But mebbe he was a genuine guy..u never know. but its always good NOT to hv a net r'ship. cos u neva know who ur dealing with.

TC Kirthi!


hey Sudeep ty!

I agree...netters need to be more alert...better to be safe than sorry.


ty Kalpana!


Autumn thats very careful abt giving out personal details on the net!


ty Pijush!

oyeah u may blogroll worries there :)


hey Niki thats awful! Very scary stuff.

But how did he get her key???


ur right Jeevan..ty so much!


Diya's unfair...but we cant stop enjoying life cos of few whackjobs...never give in to them.


yes Matty..its so very sad isnt it.


Dawn said...

I heard about it but didnt know the details
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

oh sorry keshichan, i missed out that question!
the police says that stalker-chan had broken window and stole a spare key before that incident.

Dalicia said...

thank you for sharing it with everyone. you never know with ppl...that's why i don't like to put my pictures in the internet :P

then again, they are ppl who WANTS ATTENTION. thinking they're so cool or what. ah, can't believe that manish still has his profile up!!!

i never was a popular person.
too bad for those people..i'm not so nice and sweet.