Monday, August 20

Crash Hot, Rogan Josh!

I've got some news...yeah garam-masalaish HOT news (I'm laughing with a sick look on my face, rather like a paralysed face trying to find it's facial muscles)...infact I'm beginning to think that my life must be the most Bollywoodish (as filmy as Mani Ratnam's brain) and tandoorish (shocking bright orange) surprise on Earth! Do you wanna know what this is all about? Well come a little closer, I'll tell you what it is. Ready? ok so here's the most cringe-worthy news for the year 2007 in Keshi's panipurish calendar (massive but oyeahh hollow!).

Remember I told you that I'll be going to a Bollywood Night soon. Well it's in a months' time. And my sis finally said she's coming along too, and alot of other friends as well. So we have already booked the tickets and are now anxiously waiting for that big spicy Curry night. So guess who drops a massive stink bomb on me? Kinda like a sudden garlic-naan-bread bath? My dear Indian friend R. He rings me the other day and goes, 'Keshi I wanted to tell you this. Hopefully you won't feel bad about this....S is coming to the Bollywood night as well. I hope you don't mind'. Hope you don't mind? Like I have a choice now Mr.R Anaphylactic Sharma! Now you must be wondering who S is? Just guess who he is, if you can...guess guess guess guess guess (now I feel like the founder of Guess watches!)? Can't guess? Well drumroll please...drrr drrr drrrrr drrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! S = Mr.Darcy! Now some of you know who he is...but for those who don't know who he is, he's a guy who fell head over heels in love with me in January at a friend's wedding, asked me out that night itself, wanted to marry me the very next day (he was basically the Hindi movie DDLJ on legs), he even wanted to have babies and immediately build a house for the filmish family (he was the offscreen Shahrukh Khan say for 5 days or so?) , took me to the movies and dinner 2 days after that, and broke up with me within 7 days (twang twaaang twaaaaaaang! sad music plz...), yes and he moved on pretty well too. And the reasons he gave me for it qualifies him to be the Versace of Jerks (told ya I've got Jerk-magnet genes). For the whole story, read my puke-sappy Jan-07 posts Mr.Darcy Meets Keshi, The Happiness Of The Pursuit and A Cinderella Story, in that order. Still puking!

So yeah, Mr.Darcy is gonna be at the same Bollywood event that I've booked tickets for. I'm so not bothered by that, but I know somehow his presence would affect the level of fun I'm gonna have...or the level of fun I'm entitled to have, but I'm not going to let that happen. I have no feelings for him and please don't get me wrong...I'm not going to mock him or make him feel uncomfy. I'd just let him be and I'd try to have the most fun I could, being the girl that I am. Btw he's going to be seated at the same table as us, cos R is the person who purchased all our tickets. R is a friend of Mr.Darcy and R knows what happened in January too. And he also knows that I'm so over it as well, but I have a feeling R is upto some mischief here. Maybe he didn't tell Mr.Darcy that I'm going to be there too. Maybe R is trying to bring Mr.Darcy to this event to rekindle some old sparks? Don't even go there guys, I'm not that stupid or let's say I'm not that desperate...if there's ever going to be any sparks, it'll only be the ones that'll come out when I set Mr.Darcy on with a matchstick? So maybe he should bring a fire extinguisher with him as his Bollywood Night accessory?

So would Mr.Darcy pass out in R's arms when he sees me at his table? Or would he jump overboard and have a peaceful Sydney Harbor death? Or would he survive the harshest waters and come out alive, just like how Salman Khan would swim out fine even if it's in the middle of the Indian ocean with sharks basically camping on him? Or would Mr.Darcy do the Bhangra so fast like a bhangra-bitten-maniac to avoid looking into my eyes? Would he be able to eat at all cos I'd be sitting across him that might make his Lamb vindaloo go icy cold? Would he bring his mum for protection? Or would he be forced to go the Men's a million times during the night that the boat would run out of toilet paper? Would he drink like a Devdas himself? Or would he start swallowing his fork, spoon and knife not realising he's doing it? Or would he even board the ferry when he sees me at the docks? I think he would be very nervous...I'm saying this cos I know Mr.Darcy very well. He would just become instant butter chicken! Either way I'm going to have fun ;-).

Today's music is one of my old Hindi favs to suit my filmy life. :) btw I love this song so very much. Enjoy!

Current Music: Ay Mere Humsafar from the Hindi movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

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KAYLEE said...

great post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sig said...

Hahahaha...oh Kesh :)

Bad luck on the Mr. Darcy thing (can I call him S - don't wanna wreck my Mr.Darcy crush :P)

But hopefully you guys don't have to deal. Just be polite and exude hotness and be sooooo over him that he will be ruing the day he screwed u over. Then you can the pleasure of providing him the utensil to swallow or pushing him overboard :P

It'll be an interesting night for sure :)

deepsat said...

LOL!! good one keshi!!

Waiting for the sequel now!!!


Margie said...

Even with Mr. Darcy there I just know you'll still have a fabulous time....don't give it a second thought that he'll be there with you....what a bummer though!

Sweetie, I'm saying good-bye for a little while.
I leave for Nova Scotia, Canada this coming Thursday.
I'm got a million things to do before I leave, so I won't have any time to come by before I leave.

I'll miss you TONZZZZZZ!
Take care swt hrt!

P.S How was the shopping this weekend?
Did you get some new shoes?

Anonymous said...

even my love life is kind of bollywood story, her dad is acting like a Amrish Puri, house arrest, we cant meet, cant talk, and :(
anyway, thanks to GSM technology we can send texts ;-) and also some time talk
technology rules

Margie said...

I'll be back on Sept 6th.
See you soon!
2 pair of shoes....good for you!
I bet they are gorgeous!

Bye bye hun!
See you soon!


Sugarlips said...

My dear Keshi,

You always manage to give me a big laugh :D

Waiting for the sequel like others desperately ;o)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Akshay V said...

Mr. Darcy has been marked for execution on Bollywood night(imagine Arnold speaking this in his Terminator voice).

Sorry babes, I couldn't comment on your earlier posts. Hopefully I will blog regularly going forward and keep commenting also. Anyways have a good Monday. See ya tomorrow.

ghost particle said...

Kajol,Tandori, panipuri and lamb vindalo! That itself will kill u going back to bed.

The heck with Mr.Darcy, its bollywood night...there must surely be goodlookin bollywoodish wannabes!


P/s: i tink R is trying to set you up again...i dunno...but its my instinct. Now u better ask him and warn him.

venuss66 said...

Thanks for sharing. New input for me.:)Take care.

Shionge said...

Oh what a surprise and no matter what we know you are going to have a blast.

Mr. Darcy should be the one uncomfortable but since you reckoned that he might not be told of your presence on this night, let the show begin :D

Keep us posted Keshi...make him drunk or something ya!!

anits said...

Haha...great post! i enjoyed it! u knw wat my favourite jodi..SRK-Kajol!

uttara said...


have a gr888 time lady... n don't forget to miss me :)

take care

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


Am shocked!! I'm coming here after such a long time ... and your writing style has completely transformed!! and am not kidding!! you've started using a lot more bollywood .. and hindi words .. and u sound so so so so much Indian-ish now!!! i dunno if u take this as a compliment .. but it was sweet!!

so finally what happened ... with mister R ... mister S .. and miss K?

rebel said...

OMG! I just got to know of Mr. Darcy! Seriously, girl.. you go have fun and make sure that b****** has a miserable time..

Aditi said...

oh i remember mr darcy...i bet he is going to feel like an idiot specially since he realizes yet again what a gorgeous and great person u were andhe let u go for such a silly reason

divya said...

have fun girl!!

uttara said...

i guess u r going for the bollywood nite somewer next month.. thats wat it says.. n i said have a gr8 time n dont forget to misss me

n if u felt i dint read abt darcy i did read abt it...

so relax hun :)

sandeip said...

ya kesh..its me..deipz..word_smith..whateva u choose to call me..some things never change...

as do i see that ur writings are as vivacious as they ever were...

welcome back to this life of mine...

Anonymous said...

see, this is from my office, from my very own official super duper milky white iMac

Tys on Ice said...

:) I have a feeling a second part is due on this blog...enjoy urself...maybe u guys can find a convinient tree in sydney and sing songs around it...

nice post

Ashes said...

my advice..take some puke inducing medicine(ipecac) and when you see that stupid prick,use that medicine to give him a taste of Irish Breakfast and maybe follow it up with throwing him a discount ticket to buy Eminem's single "Puke". or better still, just apologize by saying that it was involuntary,maybe he should've covered his face with a paper bag.

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi..hey,when you say 'garam masalaish',you're not just whistling Dixie(In case of doubt,it means 'To be serious about what you are saying.')...a bit LOL at the garlic-naan-bread bath thought.(Boggles the mind).But,hey,I am sure you can handle the situation-go in a pair of dark black spectacles,so that he doesn't know where your eyes are,wish him with a dry'Hi',appear as if you're stifling a yawn,and,voila-therein lies a punctured male ego.:)Just kidding.But,seriously,I'm sure you'll do what you're going to do at the Bollywood bash-enjoy life.:)*Rolls over laughing again*-can't resist rereading' Bollywoodish and Tandoori surprise',' Keshi's panipuri calendar','DDLJ on legs'...let me go read the archive links now......Cheers.(BTW,I updated that last post.)

AakASH!!! said...

Come to India, and i'll make a film with you playing as yourself. :)

abhartiya said...

hey kesh..
i didnt know bout Mr. Darcy until today..but i got a bit of hint from his name itself..and no wonder after reading all your beautiful posts dedicated to u both, this sounds so deja-vu dyin to know wht's gonna happen that day...

god save his soul! guys are generally bad at taking surprises you know...they wouldnt let out their emotions, so beware of any kind of paroxysm that

phishez said...

I can't wait to hear about this one...

annie said...

Haaaaaahh! What a risible inducing post....Crush him to embarassement & jive your way out!!

annie said...

Btw rogan josh of SRK (real one) would be YUM :P hehe

karmic said...

Bollywoodish indeed! You know just go out have fun and let Mr. Darcy regret what he missed out on.

Preeti Shenoy said...

What a prize ass your friend R can be..And i'm sure you'll look hot and sexy and cool and great that S will probably look as sheepish as a bollywood heroine after a much ado-ed kiss on the lips.

Loved the way you wrote this one Keshi--and yea--thats the spirit girl!

Preeti Shenoy said...

BTW, I LOVE this song too.

Rahul said...

Nicely written Keshi! I went back to read your previous Darcy trilogy :-) Iam quite lame on what to say in these situations, but I can wish you luck!!

Anonymous said...

woow i want to join u and see Mr.Darcy!!

Pri said...

yess i do remember mr darcy...all the best to you girl...
make the wimp feel like one...


Alok said...

Keshi .... c u r having the fun ... gr8 .. feels so happy for ya

and abt Mr. Darcy, well so many comes, so many goes after that who cares ..... dont bother urself much with tht ...

somehow i feel there will still be uncomfortableness, but just see it thru .... just dont give a damn

btw u have played a wonderful song



Crazy Me said...

The best thing you can do is look totally fabulous so he is just DROOLING when he sees you! Boys are ... well, boys!

radiohead said...

keshi dear .. m a crazy dog fan of this song myself .. nd u hav been puttin up gud sngs lately .. i guess u taste improved drastically whn u came in cntct wid a NEAT guy lately .. hahahaha ..

i puked last nite .. in case u wantd some extra puke .. (aeeewww) .. :D

have fun !!
m sure there wud b a lot of hotty indian n srilankan gals .. i wish i were there .. atleast fr the spooting out gals sake .. hehe

it so happens tht we r in n out of love (in case i shud called it love jus fr d namesake) .. i dnt get it why ..

newyz .. have a gud day babez ;)

KK said...

Staying tuned for more hot, spicy news that's gonna on the Indian night...

raffi said...

mr.darcy is not going to be the only male at this party. i wouldn't worry about him. just like you said, have a good time, whether he's there or not. it wouldn't suprise me if mr.darcy has a blog and is writing something along the same lines right now ;)

SIMON said...

Keshi love you just go and have fun, don't set out to make him feel small but be prepared just in case!!
You are amazing and that was such a good post....

oh and I am getting to like 'your' music bit more each time I come....

You just rock Keshi - keep on keeping on!

Patricia Gold said...

You have a beutiful blog!!! I love it!!and you are very funny.
A lot of kisses from ARGENTINA!!..:o)

Jay said...

Yeah, I think they're up to something sneaky! LOL

diyadear said...

hey keshi..

ha ha lol. its was an interestinig way u built up the sentences with all those hindi words n bollywood links. either way u goin to have fun eh?? enjoy!!
n hope ur shopping went gr8!!

Unknown said...

Brilliant Keshi:) so very well written:)

I am sure you will still have fun, not to mention the imature joy of making Mr Darcy Squirm all night....

**insert Evil Laugh here ****

Helen said...

Just show up looking hot and sexy (so that would be...normal) ; ) and he'll wish his mother never influenced his decisions...too funny. Fate always has a goofy way of working out things like this.

Jenny! said...

Always enjoy yourself no matter what! Life is too short to sweat the small stuff! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Waiting for part II ;)

Keshi said...

Kaylz lol I dun think u even read it?? Cos ur comment came in 2 seconds after I published this post :):) HUGGGGGGGGZ!

btw how r u today?


Silvara u can call him anything u abt calling him Scaredy Cat? LOL!

**be polite and exude hotness

I like that bit of advice cos u know, its sooo me haha!

tnxx hun I think with all ur great advice, I'll be ok ;-)


lolz Deepz ty!

hopefully I wont hv to write a book after that night!


Keshi said...

Margie HUGGGGGGGGZ be bak soon or I 'll miss u :(

yes I got 2 pairs of shoes hehe. I'll put up pics soon.

u tc now and have FUN!


heyyy Kumar!

**story, her dad is acting like a Amrish Puri,

ROFL! hahahaha! OMG he sounds like my dad tho...he used to be like that..

I hope u 2 will eventually be Kajol and SRK in DDLJ :) I pray!

All the best man!


lolz Suga Im glad u laughed. ty!


Keshi said...

Hey Akshay no worries..I know u've been very busy.

**Mr. Darcy has been marked for execution on Bollywood night(imagine Arnold speaking this in his Terminator voice).

LOL I can just imagine that! It'll be Murder On The Dance Floor...haha!


Ghosty ur right...I too think R is upto something...but it'll be just R n S falling in love on that night..cos Im so over that Mr.Rude n Obnoxious!

**there must surely be goodlookin bollywoodish wannabes

Im hoping it'll be a good 'hunky' experience ;-) but I'd hv loved it more if Ghosty was ard!


ty Venus!


Keshi said...

Shionge haha I dun think he drinks all that much...I rem him saying that to mebbe we should spike his drinks? LOL tnxx for the idea ;-)


hey Anits ty!

**my favourite jodi..SRK-Kajol!

OMG! Mine too! I love that couple..they r so beautiful together!

At one stage, I wanted Kajole n SRK to get married...cos I didnt know SRK was already married LOL!


Uttsy hey hows ya?

I was only joking..cos u didnt mention abt Mr.Darcy at all in ur first I thought u didnt read the whole post :) Thats all.

ofcourse I'll think of u...I think of all my Indian friends whenever Im at an Indian function.



oii Cheesy I missed ya hun! Where were ya??

**you've started using a lot more bollywood .. and hindi words .. and u sound so so so so much Indian-ish now

lol yes...but I've always been like that sweetie. I love INDIAN spice..tum jaante ho? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Not that great but hanging in there u? i did read it i swear!

Keshi said...

lolz Rebel tnxx!

nah I wont deliberately make his nite miserable...I dun think I'd have to even try..cos he'll be naturally miserable LOL!


aww Aditi Im not so gorgeous..just an ordinary girl...infact Im not Bips or Aish right? :)

tnxx anyways!


I will Divya, tnxx!


Deipz WB! I missed ya so very much....

Hope all is well with u?


Keshi said...

Hi again Kumar!


d u have an iKFC too? LOL!

U use Apple PCs, cool...white is nice!

Linux or Windows?


hey Tys!

**maybe u guys can find a convinient tree in sydney and sing songs around it...

LOL! We may even run ard the boat...and perhaps do a Titanic Jack n Rose scene?


hey Ashes!

**maybe follow it up with throwing him a discount ticket to buy Eminem's single "Puke".

hahahahahahaha! U r sooo funny Ash!

**or better still, just apologize by saying that it was involuntary,maybe he should've covered his face with a paper bag.


Ashes if u knew what he told me after speaking to his 'Sister' who hasnt even met me (ahemmm!)...u wud PUKE big time.


Hey Amit lolz!

**-go in a pair of dark black spectacles,so that he doesn't know where your eyes are

haha but the function is at night and indoors...I mean inside a boat. so if I wear sunnies ppl mite think Im a comedian na? :):)

**appear as if you're stifling a yawn,and,voila-therein lies a punctured male ego

LOL I like that yawn!

Amit Im a big fan of Indian music n yeah i'll hv loads of PAPRIKA HOT fun no matter what ;-) ty so much!


o really Aakash? :) Wut wud be the name of the movie and wud u act in it too? ;-)


Keshi said...

Wacko ty! :)

**they wouldnt let out their emotions, so beware of any kind of paroxysm that day

u hv no idea Wacko, Mr.Darcy is a human roller-coaster when it comes to emotions LOL! One day I was his entire world, and the next day his Sister is his world..cos she decided Im not 'suitable' for him..and she hasnt even met me! haaaaaaaha!


ty Phishez ;-)


Annie ty sweetie! I'd just be myself...:)

**Btw rogan josh of SRK (real one) would be YUM

LOL okkkk, wuts SRK's Rogan Josh now? :):)


Sanjay Im not sure if he'd regret it but Im gonna hv fun for sure :) ty!


Keshi said...

PS ty!

Im glad u like the song too :) I watched this movie on a flight to NZ...loved it! But I hv always known the song from my younger days...its one of my favs.

Mr.Darcy n I didnt meet at all after that last txt-msg-BREAKUP. Can u believe it..he didnt even have the guts to meet me n say wut he had to say..instead he sent me a txt msg saying his sister doesnt approve this!


Heyyy Rahul!

its ok...reading my past posts and wut u said here is good enough mate :) tnxx!


Niki hop on board ;-) and I'll find u a Arjun Rampal too hehe.


Pri ty sweetie!

Nah I wont make him feel uncomfy...he'll be so anyways LOL!


Menchie said...

Don't let it spoil your fun girl!

Now, let's talk about what you are going to wear to make Mr. Darcy's eyes pop out. Not to attract him or anything, of course. Just to make him realize what he lost due to his stupidity. LOL!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Ah, just enjoy your friends and the music and give Mr. D the cold shoulder. All the great music you can't help but have a good time!!!

Keshi said...

Alok Im glad u like this song too!

**somehow i feel there will still be uncomfortableness, but just see it thru .... just dont give a damn'll be there somehow..but Im gonna scan for other hunks, so I'll be ok LOL! tnxx Alok!


Crazy_me ty!

**The best thing you can do is look totally fabulous so he is just DROOLING when he sees you! Boys are ... well, boys!

LOL true. Boys will ALWAYS be boys!

that means I hv to start on it today...start exercising, hunt for a sexy dress, book my hair appt etc even if there's still a month to it! Girls will ALWAYS be girls ha! lol!


Keshi said...

Anuj heyy hows u today? :)

**crazy dog fan of this song myself

DOG? lol!

u like this song too? awww...its always been one of my favs..I even have it in my iPod.

**in n out of love

what love? I dun even hv a love life Anuj! And my sex life is like the scanty social security scheme! LOL!


KK how abt a post on ur new life? ;-)


hey Raffi ur scaring me...ur not Mr.Darcy right? ;-)

ty, and I will have fun :)


aww ty Ebezp!

**don't set out to make him feel small but be prepared just in case

Im usually not a nasty girl but i can get nasty if the need arises..LOL!

u like this song? ow owww owww! :) HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


MWAHHHHHHHH Patricia ty n WC to my world!

te quiero chica! :)


Jay that kinda scares me...cos I dun wanna be upset at such a great event :(


Keshi said...

Diya :) ty n HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

ur's sincerely
Keshi Masala.



hey Aidan ty!

**insert Evil Laugh here

LOL that one cracked me up big time Aidan!


Helen my pretty lass where hv u been? Bak from the Beach?

**Just show up looking hot and sexy (so that would be...normal


Im just thinking if his sister wud be his date that nite..bleh!


So well-said Jen ty n huggggggggggz!


hehehehe Zhu ;-) ty!


Globescoper said...

Hi Keshi

I was wondering if we would see the return of Mr Darcy.

I am going to keep blogging-no worries-To say it nicely, I was fuckin pissed off about an unrelated matter.



Keshi said...

Kaylz hey its ok...I was only teasing ya :)

wuts wrong?


Menchie ty swt hrt!

**Not to attract him or anything, of course. Just to make him realize what he lost due to his stupidity

lol I dun think he'll regret...cos even to regret he needs GUTS, which momma's boys usually dun hv.


Phos I really wanna give him the cold shoulder after how he spoke to me last time...but knowing how overly kind I am, I doubt I'd do that! :(


Keshi said...

Bev thats good to hear that u'll stay...HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

Who pissed ya off? mebbe I should come ova n re-arrange his face?


KAYLEE said...

ITs the breathing......havent been able to breathe well for awhile now:(

Keshi said...

Kaylz dun think abt it...


fergal said...

hi keshi, hope u have a fun night! i'm sure u will.

i guess i would wonder why, if u were totally over him, would u devote a whole new blog post to him? well it's interesting reading anyhow ;-D

and yeah - maybe if nothing else u might end up going through a similar experience to what u did in january? but maybe not ... i hope not, for ur sake. :) have fun anyhow ...


KAYLEE said...

I am trying not too but its hard it is something that helps alot! :P

Sweetstickychewy said...

Woooo..Interesting Post! lol..

i can't wait to hear what happens next! Treat Him as "Invisible" lol..:P

*Huggiz* hope shopping went well sexay!!

George said...

Just ignore him Kesh ... he won't be able to spoil your fun ... just be you and show him how little he means or ever meant to you.


Keshi said...

hey Fergal!

**i guess i would wonder why, if u were totally over him, would u devote a whole new blog post to him?

o cmon mate u know anything to do with Mr.Darcy is crash hot blog fodder right LOL! nothing more to it than that...I swear - by the moon n the stars n all that gear in the sky..:)


Kaylz relax...


Amy he will be the visible invisible. yes lol!

shopping went very well...will put up pics soon ;-)


aww tnxx George..HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


KAYLEE said...

Ok maybe I shuld go do something else and forget about it! its just that i worry when i am like this home alone!

Anonymous said...

iMacs are Unix based systems. iMacs have pretty cool effects but Ubuntu beats everything from iMac to Vista. Thats too techie stuff.

Keshi said...

Kaylz listen to some music..


Kumar I thought iMacs can run in Linux too...

Ubuntu is Linux-based...I know :)


AVIANA said...

Hey Chicki!

I'm back!

And I'm back at the right time! Oh i so wish I could go with you to bollywood night! You don't really understand...I wanna go! Oh, Khan is alright but I loved him in ASOKA cuz he had long hair in it!

Well, Mr Darcy is gonna have to fall head over heels for you as you dance your heart away chica!

Make sure you look hotter than Ms. Bipasha. Why do you have her pic up, you're so much hotter! She's gorgeous too but she would be even more gorgeous if broke up with John already!!!!!!

Anyhooo...I will have to read up on some of your posts.

Glad to be back!

ghost particle said...

heh :p

Keshi said...


How did the Dancing go? Im sure it rocked. btw I missed ya n I so wanted u to read this post n u did :) Im HAPPY.

me hotter than Bips? NO WAYS. Omg she's sooo HOTT. Her body and the way she dances.

but ek question (means one question)...has she broken up with John yet? LOL!


Ghosty wut does that mean? :)

u wud like to be at it too or not?


Junius said...

i too luvv that song , Ay Mere Humsafar hehe
btw 'that' comment(remember the one on poojas blog) was not for u :D

Keshi said...

tnxx Endevour!

Pooja who? I know alot of Poojas :)


Anonymous said...

waiting for a follow up story :)
and yeah, the song is good :D


ishipishi said...

a month is a bloody long time kesh to wait and watch what next :P :D

but i like the spirit girl :)

m sure u'll have FUN :)

~ Ish

di.di said...

when i was in mumbai, i watched this SRK's new movie, Chak De India! I’ll admit, I know zero of hindi plus there was no English subtitles available but I still enjoyed every minute of it.

Enjoy da Bollywood Night! Don’t let anyone spoil the fun!

Rani said...


love the sound track.. its phenominal... just love it.

ooo i wanna know what happens...

Cazzie!!! said...

OMG, I looked atthis post at work last night and the PC there dont have sound. So now when I RE READ THIS i COULD HEAR THE MUSIC AND i love it!!

general_boy said...

wow that's spooky... would you believe I spoke to an R. Sharma 5 minutes ago??? I doubt very much it's the same guy!

Keshi said...

DJ :) tnxx!


Keshi said...

Ishi I'm sure the month will fly :) And I'll update u all for sure!


Keshi said...

aww ty Diva!

Chak De was shot in Aus :)


Keshi said...

Choco :) Im glad u like it too. I watched QSQT on a flight...loved that movie so much..n wud u believe it I cried at the end cos they die...and then I was worried that the flight attendants wud think Im crazy LOL!


lolz awww...if I was over there I'd watch it with ya. :)


Keshi said...

aww Caz Im so glad...ty!


Keshi said...

O Boy lol!

**would you believe I spoke to an R. Sharma 5 minutes ago?

where does he live?


general_boy said...

In tinytown... not in Big City ;)

Keshi said...

k then Boy..its not the same R.Sharma :)


Jeevan said...

Ho then there must be a discomfort for both, but don't feel when u put the whole interest on the night and friends, it won't bother more.

I wish u only for fun not sparks :) take care dear!

Anonymous said...

I haven't read the comments (93!) so I don't know if someone has already said this, but... maybe he DOES know you're going?? Maybe he SET IT UP?!


Anyway, I love the girl in the first photo - who is she? I especially love her hair. Gorgeous! :)

toby said...

Hmm. Methinks Keshi doth protest too much! The flame still burns deep inside.
In fact, the story so far is not dissimilar to the original. Maybe Mr Darcy is desperate to make amends for his Pride or Prejudice or other fuckwittage. I can almost hear the wedding bells! Ha ha!

ghost particle said...

of course i would...and we can do the funky townnn....lalala....coz i cant remember any bollywood song rite now...lalalalala

Keshi said...

aww tnxx Jeevan!

trust me there wont be any sparks of any sorts at all...u know Keshi...she loves a good time...not an upsetting time :)


Keshi said...

Nora ty sweetie...I hope it ont be a SETUP tho...cos I hv no intention whatsoever to get bak with Mr.Darcy. He put me off big time.

**Anyway, I love the girl in the first photo - who is she?

She's a Bollywood actress..Bipasha Basu. yep she's HOT as hell!


Keshi said...

Toby heyy :)

**The flame still burns deep inside.

WTF no ways LOL! ewwwwww I dun like Mr.Darcy anymore. I swear! U wanna know why? Well he decided to DUMP me, after he spoke to his SISTER who has never even met me! she suggested that i wont be right for him cos we r both the same age! Worse, he told me that thru a TXT message!

And after some more txt msgs, he told me this:

"Keshi, like my sis told me, I should get someone 6-7yrs younger than me...cos that wud suit my future plans... tell me why should I end up with u, when I can get someone much more younger than u".

Now this was a guy who fell for me INSTANTLY and wanted to marry me the bnext day. I wasnt after him. And after 2 dates, he talks to his sis and says this to me? WHAT KIND OF MAN IS HE?

And Tobez d u think I just let him off the hook easily? oh no! I told him a great many things to make him realise how much of a JERK he is b4 I said goodbye. :)

And now tell me, d u honestly think I can have FEELINGS for a guy like that?


Keshi said...

Ghosty wuts Funky Town? LOL! U mean the English one?


Blessed said...

You know what you got to do?
You gotta look hot! I know you already look hot but you got to look the hottest yet!
Just to make him ache with desire.
Just to show him what all he maybe could of had....that is if he could have been legit.
You must do this to have the ultimate revenge. Ha ha ha!
He will look at you and never knew what hit him!
And you will be the untouchable, mesmerizing, beauty you are!
One that he can NEVER have!

Keshi said...

lols Belssed some real HOT tips there for me..ty sweetie HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

**And you will be the untouchable, mesmerizing, beauty you are!
One that he can NEVER have!

yep...and he can go to hell. LOL!


Phoenix said...

:P heheh hope you have fun there..need you tarnish the name darcy by calling the jerk that..i'd say mr collins wud fit absolutely well..

think thank

Keshi said...

ty Phoenix!

yep..mebbe I should rename him to Mr.Collins LOL good one!


Dalicia said...

nice post :) my previous love life is not even exciting at all. all the guys i dated can't dance and their sing is okay. so forget it...i should have thrown them down the mountain :P

Keshi said...

hey Dalicia!

**all the guys i dated can't dance..

LOL awww...come to think of it, none of my ex-BFs were good dancers either.


ghost particle said...

there's a non english Funky town?

Keshi said...

lolz Ghosty noooo..I asked that cos I was thinking if there's a Bolly version of it...cos u mentioned it :)


ghost particle said...

hemm...u kno wat keshi, there might be one...and we might 'never know'. :p

Keshi said...

lols the wonders of the known unknown...or is it the unknown known? :):)


Romeo Morningwood said...

Mr. Darcy should be teleported back to the 18th Century. Your mission is to make him realise that a modern goddess like yourself is far beyond his reach.

He can fantasize about you all he wants but he needs to concentrate on securing a servile little baby making machine.

He will prolly require some sexy arm-candy to boost his ego after his dutiful slave, I mean wife, has popped out a litter and gained 30 pounds eating chocolates to soothe the devasting isolation and self loathing of her existence, but that isn't your concern either.

Letting sleeping dogs lay...
somebody else.

toby said...

Oh my god, Keshi!!! He is Darcy!!! And you are Elizabeth!!! He was so rude to you and you hate him. You're living the story! All the ingredients are there. Even him getting wet!
This is so romantic :)
Ok, not yet it isn't but all the signs are there.

Keshi said...

aww HE u always make me feel so very special...HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

** I mean wife, has popped out a litter and gained 30 pounds eating chocolates to soothe the devasting isolation and self loathing of her existence, but that isn't your concern either.

LOL haha I cudnt stop laughing when I read that!

Lets just say 'let sleeping losers sleep'...cos DOGS r far more intelligent n sensitive ;-)

ty HE!


lolz Tobez I named him Mr.Darcy cos he was such an arrgont guy b4 I talked to him. If u read my 3 previous posts on him, u'd know wut I mean :)

**Even him getting wet!



Anonymous said...

awww thank u, keshi-chan!!
im becoming a fan of daniel radcliff becoz fleiger's blog made me lol

Keshi said...

:):) Niki!