Monday, July 30

Passion Up

Yesterday we drove to far away NSW country with some friends and stopped by a winery and did some wine tasting, bought strawberries by the roadside, caught up with some temple cats, had a BBQ near the Warragamba dam, played soccer, danced etc etc and came back home later in the evening. Here are some pics for you to see what Keshi's weekend was like:

I asked her if I could take a pic, and she said no
probs...I think she's smiling too. The strawberries we bought here were the BEST I have ever had!

Me sitting at the back of the car and finishing all of it...yummmm!

Buddhan Saranan Gachcahmi ....(I take re
fuge in the Budhdha...)

Cats behaving badly...

Bought some port and sherry after falling in love with the taste...

Birthday gifts for my sis (from last weekend) - packed with total Keshiness...

Apart from those pressies, I also gave her a pot-plant...look at the beauty!

I find immense pleasure in simple things. When I saw the happiness on that Strawberry girl's face as she got my $7, I realised how truly happy she is in doing what she's doing...she's found her passion and enjoying it to the core. How many of us can truly say that we have found our passion and have made it happen? Not many. What makes you truly happy is not making loads of money, having a beautiful house, a luxury car, a partner or travelling the world...well it may be any of them too, but what would really make you happy is finding your passion and making it happen, no matter how insignificant it may seem to matter how hard it is to get matter how many times you matter how much fun others would make of you...just finding it somehow and being comfortable doing what you love the most. Just like the Strawberry girl, the cats in the temple, the wine-maker, the farmers in the country...doing what they're happy to do, living the life that they're supposed to live, not complaining at all and loving it with all their heart. Isn't life supposed to be just that after all. So tell me, have you found your passion, if so what is it?

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Thursday, July 26

A Very Passionate Lover

He gently pushed me on to the bed...from then onwards it was just him and I, under the sheets, entwined in fiery moments that was our unfolding fate. He grabbed my body and took control of every inch of it. My body was not mine anymore, it was all his. He slowly caressed my skin with his burning fingers that drove my sanity to a feverish frenzy. He gave me sleepless nights...made my body ache with all his might...smothered me with his strength as I moaned endlessly through it all. He tasted every part of me with a passion that could not be defeated. Sometimes I was breathing, but at other times his weight on me left me completely breathless...however he didn't care much about that...he only cared about his wants...and right now all his wants and desires dwelled in me. His hunger for me was insatiable...his ardent touches sent shivers down my spine. I was his slave...he was my master, the one who made me do everything he wanted me to. Everytime I thought it was over, he only got closer and closer to me...there was no distance between us anymore...he was in me and I was in him, body and soul...we were now one being. And now that he found me there was no chance that he'd let me go...with every nimble, caress, kiss and cuddle, he wanted me more and more. He wanted all of me and took his own sweet time showing me that. He shut me away from the rest of the world and kept me all to himself. He is a very passionate lover and nothing I did could send him home or break his tight embrace. After 2 whole days of his voracious adventures with me, he left me this morning, leaving me exhausted and longing for some routine activities that his strong presence robbed me of. I got out of bed, took a long hot shower, got dressed and got out of the house thinking of the guy who was so obsessive about taking over my body in every sense I could think of...and that was Mr.Influenza Virus. Do I miss him? NO. I missed YOU.

oh oh..he don't mean nothing at all to me... ...

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Monday, July 23

From Australia With Luuuurve...

For Your Eyes Only...
All of you spies, paparazzi and detectives were too good at spotting what I was doing in those pics. Some were spot on, and while the others got very close, you all touched the living daylights of me with some of your very cute captions :)! So I couldn't really choose just one WINNER...cos all of you have passed the Bond test and have now been recruited by Miss.Keshi Bond on her Majesty's secret service ;-) and that means you are hired for her private investigations (thank God I didnt say 'for her privates investigations' LOL!). Well-done guys, you are all extremely Witty, Clever, Kind, Beautiful and so very SMART! So CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS to each and everyone who took part and here's a big MWAHHHHHH straight from my heart! That's the wicked pressie btw hehe, hope you like it. And as I kiss you, I lay my Goldfinger on your lips and say 'I've got a license to kill you see. Tomorrow never dies, but the world is not enough, so please die another day and stay with me forever' smooooch smooooch!! Can you see I'm blowing pretty flowers at ya in that pic, while all of you are stil trying to spy on me? Well that's cos you are the spy who loved me!

Caption Me Baby!
Now I picked some of the HOTTEST captions from all of your answers that's closest to the truth, and listed below with the pic#. Enjoy!

1. Look at me, Im a bird! by Rajeev
(This pic was taken at one of my fav beaches in Sydney. I climbed some rocks and pretended I could fly)

2. Gosh, please change the topic girls. by Pankaj Gupta
(That was right...I was a bit dizzy by looking at some pics again and again inside a Van that is!)

3. Putting a headlock on an assassin from SOMA (Society Of Midget Assassins). by Paul Champagne
(haha I love that one by Paul! Although that was not what I was really doing. I was feeding some bday cake to a friend's lil daughter who is crazy about me. Yep it's a SHE :))

4. Preparing for Livin’ La Vida Loca. by Southy
(We were getting ready to shake our booties and my cousin's dog Julie was running in the middle - can you spot him LOL!)

5. Shushing grandma in a wheelchair. by Jocelyn
(Jocelyn was the only one who identified this pic darling Granma sits in a wheelchair in that pic while I was feeding her bday cake...she's no more)

6. Looking at the Three Sisters. by Andrew
(Although we were not at the Three Sisters, this pic was taken at Berrima Church on the way to Canberra. It's a beautiful spot with the Virgin Mary's statue at the back - the scenery there is quite similar to The Blue Mountains)

7. Hug the tree and pretend it's your boyfriend. by Lee
(I was really pretending that and singing like in the movies, just for fun and that pic was taken in Auckland Rose Gardens, NZ)

8. Is my hair looking ok?? Lemme take a quick picture. by Diyadear
(Gosh I'm so vain!)

9. Being coached in kitchen. by Tys On Ice
(Although it wasn't in the kitchen, if you look real close you'd notice my mum's me Cake coaching, o momma!)

10.Which one of you just spanked me? by Vik
(Well I was really feeding ducks in Western Springs, NZ in that pic. But someone suddenly threw a small stone on my back and I turned to be clicked!)

11.Im serious, no one will notice it, 'm cool, I freakin bored but I'm putting up a nice face here. by Ghosty
(I was seriously bored in that pic copying Wedding pics of my cousin's onto several CDs that each member of my big fat Sri Lankan family wanted!)

12.WTF? by Ebezp
(I had just woken up and thinking of what my agenda for the day was, and my cousin bro clicked that pic. I seriously didn't want to be photographed like that ewww!)

13.Wooh! That toy's a big one! by Acid Tongue
(LOL can things get that big? Anyways they were the Bride's legs from last Sept's wedding in NZ - we just felt like doing a lesbian shot just to get my cousin brothers to pass out..and yes they did)

You guys just know how to take my breath away with all the beautiful and witty things you write here...thanks for your time, love and affection - it's been felt across the seas. btw could you guess how many Bond movies are mentioned in this post? :) Happy Monday folks!

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Friday, July 20

Keshi Bond 007

Ok guys it's FUN Friday. Lets do something fun...something to forget all our worries and dance away the dramas in our lives. Ok? Ready? So here it is:

What you have to do is guess what I'm doing/just did/about to do in each of the following secretive pics. haha I know, it's too easy ha ;-). This is Keshi's method of training you all to be good detectives. Some day this skill might come in handy for ya, who knows :). Maybe for Jury duty, maybe to catch a thief, maybe to analyse murder evidence, maybe to witness someone about to do something crazy, maybe to identify Keshi the spy when she's in your town some day...hehe yeah pretty good reasons there ha. Ok so the game begins.

There are 13 pics, starting from left to right, and then top to bottom, so number your answers as #1 to #13 (eg: Top row pics go as #1, #2 and #3). And click on pics to enlarge. MAJOR TIP: don't think too much...they'll all be simple answers. And there'a clue or two in all the pics. And if you could guess all of them right, there's a wicked pressie (yeah tentish one Southy lol!) awaiting. Don't worry, closest answers will be taken as correct answers. And look at that last pic ROFL!

It's mission POSSIBLE isnt it. Now have fun :). Have a SPYING weekend my dear ones!

Current Mussic: Mission Impossible theme music from the TV series

Thursday, July 19

Pride, Bride and Prejudice

Irritable Towel Syndrome
Alright put yourself in this situation. There's a great Sinhalese Baila musical show coming up in August...2 popular Sri Lankan singers named Bhatiya and Santush are coming to Sydney and they will be performing for us just for $25 per head. So we (a Sri Lankan group of friends) all plan to go cos we love to dance. And then a Bollywood dinner and dance cruise in the Sydney harbour is coming up too. It's in September and the tickets are $55 per head. My Indian friends are calling me for it and they just rang me to book tickets. Now I want to go for both as the prices of the tickets aren't too high and I enjoy both Sinhalese and Hindi music, and ofcourse dancing. But my sister suddenly drops a bomb on me...she goes "we can't waste money on both, we can only go for one..I have to think". HELLO waste?? Who's wasting money here? I don't call going to an exciting musical show that we will most probably enjoy a waste. And neither do I think $25 + $55 is a big amount for 2 shows cos usually the concerts/dinners/shows we go to cost more than that. How can you judge the quality of a show to be a waste without really being there in the first place? I don't know what got into my sister's head suddenly cos I really don't think saving either $25 or $55 would put someone in a position to buy a Ferrari or a castle tomorrow (rolling eyes here)! Also, they are both shows that we are really going to enjoy and they don't take place every year either. This reminded me that once I booked for Lion King at the Sydney Capitol theatre and tickets were like $120 each, and then my sister backed off. So I had to cancel that too. Sounds like I suffer from Throwing In The Towel disease ha? Giving up each time accepting Defeat, when it's not even a case of Defeat. So hang on a sec. What would you do in this kind of situation? This time I'd go without her. Cos I can't wait all my life for people to agree with my likes and dislikes, and neither are they gonna wait for me - they always have it their way. I'm always in some function that someone else wanted to go to or I'm always doing something for someone else. So for a change, I'm gonna retain my self-pride. This time I wanna do it my way and I will go for both shows.

City Of Brides
To calm myself down, I will put up some pics of Sri Lankan Sinhalese (namely Kandyan-style) Brides. This is what I'd have to wear if I get married to a Sinhalese man - Buddhist that is (Hindu wedding gear is different). Whether I marry or not, I'd love to put this gear on and take few pics just for the heck of it :). That last pic is of a friend of mine from school. She's a famous model/actress in Sri Lanka now. It's not a wedding's a modelling pic of her in the traditional Sri Lankan Kandyan-style saree. I have worn it too as a friend's brides-maid few years ago - it was a Peacock blue saree and I had all the traditional jewellery on as well - it was sooo exciting to walk around feeling like royalty LOL! Enjoy the pics.

Today's music is an old, famous Baila song from Sri Lanka titled Yanna Rata Wate (means Going around the country). It's about Sri Lanka and it's natural beauty. This is one song I love to dance to. This music video shows some of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka - the hills in Kandy, the Tea plantations, the waterfalls, beaches, temples, the ever famous Sigiriya, the stupas and the frescoes, the wild ponds where beautiful Lotuses grow etc etc. I love my motherland and I miss the place very much! I love Australia too but you can only feel at HOME when you're in your motherland. Strange ha. Don't forget to check out the video to have a look at where I come from. La la la la la laa la la la lala laaa! Come dance with me :).

Current Music: Yanna Rata Wate (Sinhalese Baila song)

Wednesday, July 18

Boredzilla Facts

UPDATE: Please read Lisa's current post here. She wrote it to make me feel better from my last post but I think it's a wonderful read for every son and will remind you how much your fathers should be loved and cherished. Such a heartfelt post!

21 things that bore me to RIP status:

1. High-fibre cereal (I call it fish food)

2. Om Shanthi Shanti attitude that points fingers at my halter-neck top (respect individuality or keep shut - it'll save you from flaunting your ignorance)

3. Kodak-perfect happy couples (stop pretending urggggh!)

4. 65c a bottle fizzy drinks (it's an attempt to paint your liver purple, red and aquamarine)

5. No-Frills airlines (if you get to the destination with all your organs in place then we are happy chappies)

6. Cheap shoes (it's equivalent to butchering your feet with your consent)

7. People who constantly bullshit (yawwwwwwwn!)

8. People who cant make decisions and change their minds every nano second (Guns do have a purpose, says Mr.Doggy Columbo)

9. Webcam chats (I get an allergic reaction to it)

10. Religious ceremonies that take ages to finish before we could eat something (I don't attend them anymore - they are toxic to my sanity)

11. Parties where there's nobody that I know except the host (what do you talk about, fruit-flies in Republic of Congo?)

12. People who find faults in anything you do (Fuck off you make me dizzy!)

13. Men who think they should only marry a virgin (dickheads that I'd hire a thug to re-arrange certain organs. With a small additional fee I'd make them end up being virgins for life)

14. People who take a very long time to get to the point (I'd reach Crete Islands just by walking before they get to the point and they'd still be rambling)

15. People who pretend they like you when they don't (it's written all over your body-language Eisntein!)

16. Jealous relatives who are never happy for you (I'd use a doormat that reads 'Friends Welcome, relatives by appointment only')

17. Friends who can't forgive and forget (You have been forgiven and forgotten too, goodbye!)

18. Movies with no real plot that self-classifies them as Drama, Mystery etc (drama and mystery indeed, cos my brain is mutilating from the torture I put myself through watching it)

19. People who judge you by what you wear/where you live/what you do for a living etc (God probably created you when there was a serious lack of icecream in His divine fridge)

20. News channels that make Paris Hilton-likes the priority news (oyeah we can understand how seriously important Paris' invisible undy is to the news CEO compared to other serious global issues!)

21. Arranged marriages that require the girl to be beautiful, educated, fair skinned, be able to cook, dance, sing, basically be a superwoman, a slave to her husband and even join him in his coffin if he dies before her (Eat my shorts!)

Ok now list me some of your Boredzilla facts - doesn't have to be 21 facts, just a few will do. And oh, Poo wants you to list a name that you'd like to call me with. For example, Poo calls me Sexyroo, HE calls me Keshtar etc etc. So yeah name me with all your heart :). Now they had better be nice names!

Today's music is from the Hindi movie Kal Ho Na Ho (means Tomorrow may never come). This is one of my fav Hindi songs. Listen to the music and watch the video (there's subs as well)'s really beautiful. Look around Love is everywhere. There's an ocean of love in my blog today and that's all that matters to me. For tomorrow may never come. And see I'm smiling all because of you. Happy Wednesday guys!

Current Music: Kuch To Hua Hai from the Hindi movie Kal Ho Naa Ho

Monday, July 16

Missing Forever

Missing Person Notice!

Age: Forever young
Sex: Male
Last seen: Next to me a couple of years ago
Last clothes: Blue jumper and grey pants
Height: 6 feet
Complexion: Fair
Hair color: Black
Profession: Tough Police guy but a very loving father and a genuine friend to many (he helped many people in countless ways)
Nationality: Beautiful human being with the biggest heart
Name: Keshi's dad
Reward: Everything I own just to see him one more time

(The above pic of my dad was taken from his Identity Card...he was about 18yrs old in this pic)

Travelling the world...searching all the cities...scanning all the streets...knocking every door...checking every room...I'm looking for you, I'm looking for you. No one has seen you since that final's been a long time since we heard from you. My mother sits in silence...she can't help me either...cos she knows I'm looking for someone that I won't find. Climbed all the mountains...swam all the rivers...walked all the lonely wet in the rains for years and years...seeked in every heart. Still no sign of I ask for help from someone out there who may know where you are. I'm forever looking for him...the life that I'm living right now is a isn't life without him. Can someone tell me the meaning of this life if our loved-ones have to die so young? Where do people go when they die?

Today's music is an old Sinhalese song called Unmada Sithuwam (crazy feelings), especially for my dad, cos he was a Sinhalese man who loved music - Sinhalese, English, Tamil, Hindi and lots more...he was a very good singer (what a deep beautiful voice!) and a great dancer too. This is a very famous song in Sri Lanka sung by renowned singer, the late Gunadasa Kapuge. This song is about a forbidden love (from the very famous Sinhalese movie 'Ektam Ge' which means the Lighthouse) - and even though it's really about 2 lovers, I think of my dad whenever I listen to this song. That's cos the music and lyrics remind me of a forbidden time...a time cut too short...a love between a father and a daughter that didn't receive enough time to breathe. Just like the tainted photograph, the memories may slowly fade...but my love for you shall never die...

The meaning of this song is written below. That's my own conversion and it's very hard for me to write this post, so please bear with me. And I'm so very sorry if I made you sad too. This post is not to gain sympathy - no sympathy can really fix me anyways. I met a close relative of my dad over the weekend after a very long time, at a Sinhalese musical show in Sydney. That person is also a great singer in Sri Lanka and is on tour here. It brought back all the the memories of my dad, his voice, his warmth, his face, his aura. This is how I feel today and I had to write it down. And now the meaning of the song is:

Crazy feelings just come into my mind...
Amidst the clouds from a distant past
A broken love that set fire to my heart
I'm alone now in a desolate house...
Amidst the frightening waves of a violent ocean
I own only the lonely and empty breeze
The falling mind is now my only solace
I'm alone now in a desolate house...
Among a thousand flowers I only longed for you
Why did that flower leave me and hide away
My hands still hold the scent of that flower
I'm alone now in a desolate house... ... ...

Current Music: Unmada Sithuwam by Gunadasa Kapuge

Friday, July 13

Spirit Of Fucking

WARNING: Fucking ahead!

Ok this is a true story...Wiki it and verify the authenticity of it all.

You think Keshi uses the F word too much? Lo and behold there's a little Austrian town called FUCKING! Fucking brilliant isnt it? Jenny babez the Fucking angel has finally blessed us. So my Fucking buddies, ooops I forgot you're not from Austria, but anyways. So my blogger buddies, when do you plan to experience Fucking? My next vacation is going to be a Fucking experience! Would be nice to meet the Fuckers ha. Imagine driving down the Fucking roads and taking pics of the Fucking scenery? Wonder what Fucking men look like. The Fucking community can't be that big cos that would mean alot of Fuckers would be seen around (I cant see any Fucker in this pic). Anyways it looks like a pretty little village so imagine how addicted you might get to Fucking? awww how Fucking sweet. If you make a friend there, you might even receive a Fucking Xmas card this year. If they choose to host the next Olympics there it would be Fucking Olympics 2016. And if your next holiday destination reads Fucking, please check first if they have a Fucking Airlines and a Fucking hotel. Have a good time checking out the spirit of Fucking, I'm sure you'll love Fucking and when you return you might even say I miss Fucking. Anyways, if there's any Fucker from Fucking reading this, it's a Fucking pleasure to meet you. Fuck ya, ooops I mean good on ya!

The German newspaper article is even funnier than the sign.
(click on pics to enlarge)

Are the residents called Fuckers?

What are the mothers called?

What would you be learning at the Fucking High School?

Does the Fucking Hospital help you with anything else?

If your friend came from another town, he wouldn't be your Fucking friend

We are going on a Fucking holiday
o more working for a week or two...

NEWSFLASH: I have been interviewed by Pete from Bloggerview. I feel like Nelly Furtado of Blogville hehe ;-) thanks to Pete! He was smart enough to find me in this very vast space and he immediately wanted to interview me. He has been kind enough to publish my little chat with him in his Bloggerview blog. So do check it out when you have time and comment there if you wish to. I'll be there as well. Read it over here. Thanks Pete you're a legend mate!

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Wednesday, July 11

How I Met Your Sucker

I'm about to explain to you the nature of relationships (frikkin paper boats) that I have had so far with a baffling species called the Male species. Apparently God made them first and realised how flawed the creation was, so God made a much more perfect species the 2nd time around - which was ofcourse the Female species.

You spend all your life dreaming about a handsome (in real handloving) guy walking into your life (more like poaching your life), loving you for who you are (for your boobs rather) , getting married and having beautiful kids - yes that white picket fence, peach tree, Colgate smiles and perfect family dream. Remember that ancient dream girls? Well guess what? It remains a pre-historic dream for a very long time (rolling eyes here). Simply because there's no such thing. Well first you find him really cute and even his stupid acts seem so adorable (you have no idea that later it becomes a Rehab-requiring issue for both). And then 'he loves me, he loves me not' messages rule your heart...and then you'd do anything to win his love (even go bald trying to keep sane while he makes up his mind), and wow finally he says he wants to go out with you (you just entered DANGER ZONE, you need XL luck from now on girl!). He then demonstrates his love for you by trying to be a Manly man (rather proving men haven't 'evolved' all that much since Stone Age). The Male ego is dangerously large...larger than Pavarotti's lunch so watch out - rather accept it if you don't want to end up in a Mental Instituition. But you'd just do anything to keep him cos you think this is it (you'd even meet his mum who's skirt he often clings on to). Fear not, it doesn't last that long. Cos soon he proves to you that this isnt the Antonio Banderas who'd give his life to be with you, by perhaps cheating on you? Well not to worry there, cos for that matter we can arrange a thug to re-arrange his face, or even certain bodily organs so he can never function normally for lifetimes to come. If he doesnt cheat on you, he'd do something worse...he might even say he just 'likes' you...that he doesnt 'love' you. That's cos men are afraid of the term LOVE...they are PARANOID of love and committment haaaaaha! And if he doesn't say that, he'd say I need 'time' to think (perhaps he'll be ready to settle down in the year 3007 when God starts making a 3rd Species? Would be interesting to consider one of them to date!).

And then you sit and wonder why your relationships don't work...if a Monkey or a Zebra can have a decent relationship, why can't I? Maybe cos the species I'm dating is not quite right for me...then maybe I should date a Monkey? Trust me it would be much much easier! Atleast the Monkeys don't drive you Coconuts and make you wonder deeply about the purpose of your life...and they don't make you think being a NUN would be better off (cos of schizophrenia caused by him ofcourse)...they don't give so much importance to themselves that they make you feel like you'd be clueless without them (when in fact they are the ones who are embryonically clueless till eternity). Monkeys keep you entertained instead of us having to entertain them 24/7 causing us to age rapidly. And Monkeys don't make you wanna run for your life wondering what happened to that beautiful HAPPY girl you were once...and they don't make you scream from the bottom of your lungs looking for your lost self that's now RIPing in the graveyard of Sanity, feeling like a ghost without a destination. And then you realise that's cos all the men you have met so far were the WRONG ones (just wondering at which zoo that 'right' Monkey is). Would there ever be an extinction of Mr.Wrongs in my wild-life? Perhaps there are few more to come before I go into extinction that is! Either way I've realised I'm my own happiness, not anyone else, and being single is a luxury compared to the Jurassic Park my life was with all the wrong men! Oww look, alot of cutie pies are queueing right now! It's official, my next boyfriend is definitely going to be a Monkey.

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Monday, July 9

It's Leg-al!

Hey guys how's it going? Hope all is well with you and don't worry I'm still alive and kicking :). I'm extremely busy today(drying myself) and I shall be catching up with your blogs soon and will also update you with my rather bizzare life's latest 'incidents'. Just this morning there was a pretty strong hail-storm in Sydney and I was in these shoes, carrying my brolly and a cake for an office-mate's bday..I got drenched to the bone and I was ice-ball-hammered, my brolly-flying, me cake-balancing, my shoes were like The Nile river and clothes were pretty much like they were mid-way in the wachine machine! Don't worry, with my survival-of-the-fittest skills, the cake reached the office in good shape and without any puddles in the middle. I usually don't like getting wet (especially when I'm in my office gear), cos I don't have change here and what am I supposed to do - work naked while my clothes were drying? Don't wanna kill any male colleagues from anaphylactic shock (is that how you spell it?). Speaking of Naked, I had to do something to cheer myself up...well along those mmm...

So I felt like doing a HNM - Half-Nekked-Monday;-) (yeah Keshi made that up btw), so here are my half-nekked legs. Like how Dan did a HNT on his cute tushie...check out his delicious post me girls, you won't regret it and you won't ever be the same again either! I think it's the Adho Mukha Svanasana position from his Yoga class, 'butt' he says it's something else...mmmm...maybe it is. Somehow the rains bring Temptation with it...

Do something LEGal I did ;-). Happy Monday guys, live it up!

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