Monday, July 23

From Australia With Luuuurve...

For Your Eyes Only...
All of you spies, paparazzi and detectives were too good at spotting what I was doing in those pics. Some were spot on, and while the others got very close, you all touched the living daylights of me with some of your very cute captions :)! So I couldn't really choose just one WINNER...cos all of you have passed the Bond test and have now been recruited by Miss.Keshi Bond on her Majesty's secret service ;-) and that means you are hired for her private investigations (thank God I didnt say 'for her privates investigations' LOL!). Well-done guys, you are all extremely Witty, Clever, Kind, Beautiful and so very SMART! So CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS to each and everyone who took part and here's a big MWAHHHHHH straight from my heart! That's the wicked pressie btw hehe, hope you like it. And as I kiss you, I lay my Goldfinger on your lips and say 'I've got a license to kill you see. Tomorrow never dies, but the world is not enough, so please die another day and stay with me forever' smooooch smooooch!! Can you see I'm blowing pretty flowers at ya in that pic, while all of you are stil trying to spy on me? Well that's cos you are the spy who loved me!

Caption Me Baby!
Now I picked some of the HOTTEST captions from all of your answers that's closest to the truth, and listed below with the pic#. Enjoy!

1. Look at me, Im a bird! by Rajeev
(This pic was taken at one of my fav beaches in Sydney. I climbed some rocks and pretended I could fly)

2. Gosh, please change the topic girls. by Pankaj Gupta
(That was right...I was a bit dizzy by looking at some pics again and again inside a Van that is!)

3. Putting a headlock on an assassin from SOMA (Society Of Midget Assassins). by Paul Champagne
(haha I love that one by Paul! Although that was not what I was really doing. I was feeding some bday cake to a friend's lil daughter who is crazy about me. Yep it's a SHE :))

4. Preparing for Livin’ La Vida Loca. by Southy
(We were getting ready to shake our booties and my cousin's dog Julie was running in the middle - can you spot him LOL!)

5. Shushing grandma in a wheelchair. by Jocelyn
(Jocelyn was the only one who identified this pic darling Granma sits in a wheelchair in that pic while I was feeding her bday cake...she's no more)

6. Looking at the Three Sisters. by Andrew
(Although we were not at the Three Sisters, this pic was taken at Berrima Church on the way to Canberra. It's a beautiful spot with the Virgin Mary's statue at the back - the scenery there is quite similar to The Blue Mountains)

7. Hug the tree and pretend it's your boyfriend. by Lee
(I was really pretending that and singing like in the movies, just for fun and that pic was taken in Auckland Rose Gardens, NZ)

8. Is my hair looking ok?? Lemme take a quick picture. by Diyadear
(Gosh I'm so vain!)

9. Being coached in kitchen. by Tys On Ice
(Although it wasn't in the kitchen, if you look real close you'd notice my mum's me Cake coaching, o momma!)

10.Which one of you just spanked me? by Vik
(Well I was really feeding ducks in Western Springs, NZ in that pic. But someone suddenly threw a small stone on my back and I turned to be clicked!)

11.Im serious, no one will notice it, 'm cool, I freakin bored but I'm putting up a nice face here. by Ghosty
(I was seriously bored in that pic copying Wedding pics of my cousin's onto several CDs that each member of my big fat Sri Lankan family wanted!)

12.WTF? by Ebezp
(I had just woken up and thinking of what my agenda for the day was, and my cousin bro clicked that pic. I seriously didn't want to be photographed like that ewww!)

13.Wooh! That toy's a big one! by Acid Tongue
(LOL can things get that big? Anyways they were the Bride's legs from last Sept's wedding in NZ - we just felt like doing a lesbian shot just to get my cousin brothers to pass out..and yes they did)

You guys just know how to take my breath away with all the beautiful and witty things you write here...thanks for your time, love and affection - it's been felt across the seas. btw could you guess how many Bond movies are mentioned in this post? :) Happy Monday folks!

Current Music: Take My Breath Away by Berlin

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AVIANA said...

Hi Chicki....

Sorry I have not passed by your blog in many looks like you're up in spirits...with you showing your tatas and all...

have nice monday chicki...sorry i'm just not right now in a mood to give more thoughtful posts on you showing your lovely lady lumps.... :)

i'll talk to you soon... :)

Aditi said...

ooh atleast i am one of the first few... fun stuff..
happy monday?

Margie said...

Hi Miss Keshi Bond
Just a guick "hi" before I go to bed!
I'm totally worn out after our hiking and biking today!
But, it was awesome too!

Feel better soon hun!
Sorry you are not feeling so good today....a fever and cold....awwww!
And you are at work?
You should be home resting!!!!

Well, I'm off to bed.
I know I'll fall asleep soon as My head touches my pillow.

You picked some great captions to go with your pics....
Lots of winners then!

Nitey nite!


P.S I love how you do those cool neat!

deepsat said...

LOL!! good ones!! i missed out in posting my views on those pics :-))

well done mrs bond!!! :-)))

Helen said...

Too, too funny, love. And yes, Amy and I would be smokiiiin' but only cause you were there, sistah!!! ; ) Happy Monday, let me know how it goes. (And yes, you have to follow George's tag and write about the most fun you've ever had with or because of a book!!!! ; ) )

Menchie said...

Oh, now I'm sorry I didn't get to play.

I hope you had a good weekend keshi.

Sujit said...

wow.. so many nice comments :)

Sweetstickychewy said...

ok i missed that post. will take a look at it. Nice kisses there.

You're so innovative with ya post. Love the originality.


KAYLEE said...

hi keshi going to bed but great post and yeah i will get though this no problem! you sick? hope you feel better soon!

Impressionist said...

Ah! im glad i passed the bond test!
Sad that U didnt say 'for your privates investigations' *sigh*
well. the kiss will make up for it anyway! ;)
heheh! :D

peace & love

dharmabum said...

some fun u do provide keshi - always end up smiling when i come here :)

Unknown said...

Late 2 join in...

but really sexy pics!

radiohead said...

well none of me matched there ..

bt I forgive you .. for this awesome song .. I truly love it ..

n this guyz attitude in this movie .. gossh .. i want to ride a bike .. now !!

Take my Breath Away (but dont kill me) ;)

Tys on Ice said...

Shukran for the selection into ur privates (sic) investigation services. At your majesty's services. Have fun.

Phoenix said...

funny post actually, more than those photos were.

You've been tagged, btw

Anonymous said...

A lady bond. Wow!

I missed the pics you posted on friday. You look great in all of them - lady bond.

Nicholas said...

Thanks Keshi for my birthday greetings.
The song is awesome.

Jeevan said...

wow... its cool both the kiss and the pic;) glad u enjoyed the answers.

happy monday too dear.

lee said...

haha-that's funny, keshi. I can't believe that a silly thing that I made up was close to the mark-that cracks me up. I was just making my list as daft as possible :). And of course I was stirring that the next thing you were about to do was to break wind -you are a lady , and we know that ladies NEVER break wind ;).

Peter said...

I was too lazy to answer correctly on the previous post. So, I have to accept that I was not included in your kisses.
Anyhow, now I have checked the answers and I know so much more about you.

Anonymous said...

you always think of really cute posts dear keshi!

here's a hug for the week:)

Shionge said...

Oh my certainly know how to blow our mind away sweetie :D

I felt so much love here and with such a lovely music I literally die kekekeke....

U Rock Keshi babeh!

uttara said...

guess i did a lots of missing n messing here.. lol

have missed being ard.. i will or sure

Chronus Ess said...

Sorry to hear about ur granny
May her soul R.I.P.

On the happier side, I won! I won!
and yea.. things can get that big.. depends on who does what to it :D

Get better, soon ;)

Happy living

Sam said...

lol... luks lyk ppl can guess ur activities pretty well.. anywyz, too bad, i did not try for this one... i shud have!! hope there is a next time :)

Asha said...

LOL!! Great picture with paparazzi Ms.Bond!!
WOW!! Loved reading all that guessing about you!It is fun Monday for you!:)

Anonymous said...

waaat!? Bride's legs!? lol
i regret that i couldnt figure out any of those witty answer..
laughed@ WTF. thank uuuu keshi-chan!!

Alok said...

smiling all thru as i hit the bed ....


EMALMADA said...

Thanks for visit us in emalmada

Anonymous said...

i missed to submit my entry to this one...
sorry :(

btw, nice caption and an awesome song...

tc... :)

Ash said...

Very cool!

Globescoper said...

Hi Keshi

Thanks for your kind comments.

You always say that your readers are there for you. However, you are always there for your readers.

One reason, and there are many, your blog is popular is that it's an island in the raging stream of life. It's a moment in time where we can take our minds off the very worse events in our lives.

I just noticed that your last two post and our name have something in common: (wp2)007. :)




Die Muräne said...

Soo cool, you always show up with something new ;)

Jay Noel said...

Hahaha. Some of those captions are pretty funny.

Thanks for the laughs.

Jeya Anand said...

hahaha....U have a great sense of humor....:)and is it 6??the bond movie....

ghost particle said...

im in! My names there...wohooo! Yeh...and thats the best Keshi angle that I like...nice nose...and evrytjhing!

SIMON said...

You take my breath away Keshi!
I've got 10 bond films mentioned but what do I know?
Happy Monday/Tuesday well I remember time differences!
Thanks for the kisses - back at ya!

Oh I nearly forgot!
I bought you this!

Now about that pic of your cleavage!! Hee Hee

Vik Rajagopalan said...

Oh take my breath away... Not because you played it in your site, but because you have in the top list LOL... It was fun ain't it... And I read that you are not well? get well soon then...

Have a good night and yes Monday's are never happy in my part of the woods [:(]

Jenny! said...

Bond test...clever girl! What a great idea! I will take your big kiss even though I didn't get a chance to comment! Hope you had a wonderfull weekend!

Kelly said...

Great post! Happy Monday!

CapCity said...

I've been away for a few days (not to F*ing Austria;-), so I missed yr Bond contest. But I've awarded u on my blog anyway, Keshi! Check it out when u get a sec! Awarded for connections!
Hugz 2 ya!

Anonymous said...

Aaaahh, so THAT'S what you were up to in the last pic. I was wondering... :)

david mcmahon said...

Looks like you ``Bonded'' with your readers!

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi...nice selection of the captions..(Pity I was a 'tad' late.haha)...Bond movie names?I counted nine.:)Nice going.

Unknown said...

Sorry i missed the post life is crazy:)
afew good laughs in there and you truly appreciate the people who made the effort:)

Thats awesome!

Rani said...

love what graphics you've added to ure picture... hmmm gotta learn how to do that... =)

fergal said...

nice, full lips! ;-D


cm chap said...

Hey Keshi girl... was not well so couldnt catchup with ur blog..will do so 2maro along with my next care

radiohead said...

hello sailor ..
where r ya tdy ??
evry thing arite ...

Elina said...

Keshi! Surprised to see my comment here? Hehe.. I have a little problem here cos hp screen too small, can't really browse well.. Ha ha.. I guess i'll have to go back to read your entry. :) take care! Miss u loads and tons! Luv Thumbee.

Poo said...

wooot wooooot sexy picture babezzzzz
How are you ? Wr are you today?

Really very nice captions :)))

Sweetstickychewy said...

Miss ya sweets.

Jeya Anand said...

So u from SL...wat language do u speak?? do u speak tamil as well??

I just thought of my school hood days..we just had an antenna to watch Tv ...and that would capture the signals from ur land to my home in Tuticorin!!...had watched many Sri lankan channels those days..not nowadays...I remember this channel called SHAKTI and channel one!! :)
how many years did u stay in thre??

Preeti Shenoy said...

Brought a smile to my face--even tho i didnt take part in the contest :-)Total 'keshi-ness'

Alok said...

Hi Keshi ... how r u .... hope u r feeling well in that cold .....

tc keshi


Ashes said...

feels good to be back..and I'm listening to a great Led Zep tune as I read your post.The smile,I donno,who to attribute to..the post or Zep.Must be the post.

diyadear said...

hey.. that sure was fun honey!!! n im soo glad to be at ur majesty's secret service ;)

SaffronSaris said...

Lol! The picture right at the top
*Chuckles chuckles chuckles*

Trundling Grunt said...

Don't mind me - I'm just looking at the pictures.

Cazzie!!! said...

Love ya!!

Cazzie!!! said...

"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family live under the same roof." (Richard Bach)

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." ~Dr. Suess

Mumbai Guy said...

I missed that. You know Keshi, my computer stopped blocking all images since past week. Videos are not blocked ;)

di.di said...

Spy, paparazzo and detective? nay... Is there any job vacancy for bodyguard?

Divian said...

All I can say is you look beautiful in those pics! Missed you so, Keshi!

Crazy Me said...

Great captions. What a lot of fun! I may have to steal this idea sometime! :)

Dawn said... just amazed :) how do you do this??????

Cheers n hugggggzzzzz
nice quotes :)

robkroese said...

I knew all of them. I just wanted to give someone else a chance.

Alok said...

i m very sure now that u r not well ... hv u seen a doc ....

tc buddy


Harmony said...

hey keshi-where are you dear..(kahan hai tu yaar?)
so wt is gng on?
howz ur boyfriends ?,,,,.......ha ha
bye.take care.

Poo said...

kahan ho tum ?
kahan ho tum ?

How are you dear? Hope you are doing fine?

TC Missss ya

WILD mmmmmmmmmmmmmuahhhh :)

--Sunrise-- said...

"Wooh! That toy's a big one!" -- :D :D

Hey Keshi,

I can't seem to see the picture numbers on the previous posts? Just a suggestion.. you could put the picture numbers or align them so they're a little clearer, so people can appreciate the lovely captions more! (Though I got this one, above..)

Take care,


tulipspeaks said...

away for a week and im feeling a lil lost here :(


ghost particle said...

Keshi! Where art thou? I know dis time of the year is freakin havent slept properly in ages...but where art thou? You guys have summer holidays there?

Anonymous said...

How are you, girl?

I am kind of ok in this horrendous heat. Thanks for asking.

Paul Champagne said...

I count 8 Bond titles in your post ... almost thought there were 9 but it's Diamonds are forever ... Stay with me forever is an Al Green song.

SIMON said...

Hey sweet one are you ok?

Anonymous said...

i hope you are feeling better.I am not:)

Anonymous said...

i am also pissed and dont want the doc that is doing the surgery to do it:)

Globescoper said...

Hi Keshi

Are you OK?

I'm not doing so well in the friends dept.

Lost a second to cancer.

I hope u r ok!


Margie said...

Hi Sweetie
Guess who I just got of the phone with?
Your darling mum!!!!
She sounded sooooo SWEET!

I didn't know if you went to work today or not.
But your mum said you were some better....I'm soooooo glad!

So when I called on Moday your mum was on the phone....sorry I missed you that day.

I'm so sorry to hear you have been feeling sooooo badly....
The weekend is almost here....get some rest...ok!

I have been so busy this week, I've had no time to respond to the comments on my blog, or visit anyone.
It will have to wait a while longer, as we (my son, hubby and Jake) are going away to Vail, CO for the weekend!
We are leaving early in the morning.
I am soooo looking forward to it as I have hardly seen my son in 2 weeks.....he was out of state playing baseball...I sure did miss him!

Well, I have to finish packing.
Take good care of yourself Swt hrt!
Get better soon...that's an order....ok!!!!!



Keshi said...

Lisa I was up in spirits on Mon and then the flu got me down on Tue n Wed...:*(

Im well today altho Im coughing alot and sound n feel like a 5yr old who has been punished for no reason hehe.

but HOW R U?


hehe Aditi :)


Huggggggggz Margie the bikey gal! :)

ty so much for all ur calls...altho I missed em all cos mum was on the fone.

Im ok today.


Keshi said...

ty Deepz!



ty Helen I'll take up that tag soon.

MWAHHHHHHH beautiful!


No worries Menchie!


Keshi said...

hey Sujit :)


Amy I knew u'd like this one hehe. Cute ha.

tnxx babez!




Keshi said...

lolz Rajeev ty!


aww tnxx Dharma!



gee tnxx Iceman!


Keshi said...

Anuj I love that song too. One of my favs that I play often when I drive...

**gossh .. i want to ride a bike .. now !

lol u wanna be a Top Gun ha?


hehe Tys tnxx!


Phoenix I've been tagged? ok I'll come ard n check it out :)


Keshi said...

ty Kulz ;-)


my pleasure Nicholas!


aww ty Jeevan!


hey Lee!

Fair dinkum u rock-chick! :)

**you are a lady , and we know that ladies NEVER break wind

lolz I know they say that!


Keshi said...



u too Geet n HUGGGGGGGGZ!


hey Shionge u all deserve that kind of love n appreciation from me. thats why sweetie :)

**I felt so much love here and with such a lovely music I literally die

aww how nice to hear that. cos thats exactly what I wanted to convey to ya.




U were missed yes... :)


Keshi said...

So ur Sumit? Nice :)

**things can get that big.. depends on who does what to it

WHO does WHAT to it...pretty interesting concept there LOL!


hey Sam hows u?

**luks lyk ppl can guess ur activities pretty well

:( yes. Mebbe they'd even recognise me if I do a complete make-over. LOL!




Keshi said...

hehe Niki tnxxx!


Alok :) sleep tight.


Emalmada how r u?


Keshi said...

ty DJ!


Ash ty sweetz!


Bev HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ my dahlin! How r u today? I was thinking of u over the last few must hv be so very hard for ya...but Im with u in thoughts n prayers...


wow yes! :) good observation babez!

**it's an island in the raging stream of life. It's a moment in time where we can take our minds off the very worse events in our lives.

I hv never heard anyone describing my blog so beautifully! TY SO MUCH.

what wud I be if I cant be there for a friend? what purpose wud my life serve if I cant feed a hungry soul? I'd be nothing if I can reach out to someone in need, no matter how well-off I may be in other areas of my life. Hence Im there for u...just like u r here for me. We have met...2 souls that u'stand the purpose of being.

***HUGS Bev***


Keshi said...

I do ha Murane...mebbe I should show something old next time. LOL! :)



its my pleasure Phoenix! TY!


Jeya hey ty!

u think it's 6 ha? well not bad a try. It's actually more than that :) try again.


Ghosty my best friend loves my nose...she's from Turkey and she reckons I've got the most perfect nose she's ever I dun think so..but she says that, so no complaints here :)



Ebezp that was so sweet...ty n hugggggggz!

**I've got 10 bond films mentioned but what do I know?

U r right! WOW good on ya mate.

**cleavage pic

ok I was really brave enough to put up one of those once for a HNT. So go here:



Keshi said...

Vik hehe ur so sweet.

**And I read that you are not well? get well soon then...

aww tnxx, Im well today. I was bad last 2 days tho.


aww ty Jenny babesterness! ;-)


Keshi said...

Utopia ty! :)


Capcity WB then!

**I've been away for a few days (not to F*ing Austria;-),

LOL awwww why didnt u go check out Fucking?

ty for that sweet of ya!


Nora hey!

** so THAT'S what you were up to in the last pic. I was wondering..

LOL! Looks like something rather notorious ha.


Dave that was very clever!


Amit ur close...there r 10 bond movies in there...try to find the 10th one now.. ;-)


ty Aidan!



Choco its easy...go to Slides site n u'll know how to.



Keshi said...

hey Fergal!

**nice, full lips!

aha ;-)


Get well soon Chap!


Anuj I was prolly in bed with Mr.Virus when u asked that qn...




Nice to see u bak here. Miss u tonz n tonz :(


ty Poo! :)

I was with Mr.Virus!


awww I missed ya too Amy HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! I really did.


hey Jeya thats nice. :)

I speak Sinhalese and Tamil.


PS ty!

I always love to see ur sexy legs here hehe...


Alok ty so much! Im much better today :)


Keshi said...


How have ya been? U know I was thinking of u the other day and was wondering wut u must be upto...HOW R U sir?

**The smile,I donno,who to attribute to..the post or Zep.Must be the post.

Its def me :)


hehe Diya Im glad to hv u on board sweetie.



:):) Saffy!


Trundz no worries at all ;-)


Caz I love those quotes...they r the BEST...just like u!



Keshi said...

MG thats great news WOOHOO!


Diva who's body d u wanna guard?

let me know ;-)




Steal it with all ur heart babeh @Crazy_Me




do what? :)


lolz Diesel ok we believe ya.


aww Alok u r soooooo sweet. Ur right...I was so very sick on Tue n Wed...


Pankaj read abt my latest BF in my latest post.

**kahan hai tu yaar?

ghar mei. gosh I tried hard but cudnt reply to that in Hindi w.o. sounding like an idiot LOL! So how do I say, 'Im at office now'...


ooh lala WILD mwahhhhhhh Poo! :):)

**kahan ho tum ?

Pankaj asked the same thing and I didnt know how to ans in Hindi lol!

ghar mei?


o ok Sunrise..sorry abt it :(



Keshi said...


lost? why?


Ghosty hey!

** You guys have summer holidays there?

We r in Winter right now...bloody cold here :(


Gautami it's sooo cold here right now... :(


Paul ur close but there r 10 movie titles in here even w.o. Diamonds are forever.

altho I must admit that one title is slightly changed to suit my position.



Ebezp Im well today ty so much!


Kaylee take it easy...



Bev I just cudnt believe that! When did that happen?



ty for everything Margie! HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

**It will have to wait a while longer, as we (my son, hubby and Jake) are going away to Vail, CO for the weekend!

so ur going too? :( Im gonna miss ya. Anyways Im sure the trip is gonna make u happy. So enjoy and have fun.



Keshi said...

And thanks for calling me, emailing me, txting me etc trying to find out where I was. So sweet of ya.



Chronus Ess said...

Sumit and Nice arent usually together very often.
Maybe That's why Nice envies adjectives like hot, long [:p] etc.


And yea, dont even get me started on explaining that concept. I am not very comfortable with online exchanges of erotic feelings[:D]

Keshi said...

Acid then I'd call u Acid.

LOL @erotic ecxchanges! Why arent u comfy with em? They r the comfiest feelings in a humanbeing. ;-)


Anonymous said...


Keshi said...

Saby get over it...this post is old now LOL!