Monday, July 2

Gifting Love

oww I was stuffed with cake, prezzies, hugs, kisses, wishes, love, flowers etc etc on my birthday last Monday. I was totally spoilt by family, friends, colleagues and most of all by YOU guys! Thanks all for the beautiful wishes...I was stoked to nano-bits (put that in to match with my iPod-nano ;-)). I showed my mum/friends/cousins all your messages. They were amazed at the number of people I have made friends with. The only thing that was different this time around on my bday was that there was no big PARTY. A massive party on my bday happened every single year - not cos I wanted to have one but cos family and friends turn up at my doorstep uninvited, so it eventually becomes a big bday bash with food, drink and dancing. This time I told everyone well ahead that there's no party...I know it sounds rude but they understood when I said I wanted to do it differently this time. So yeah, it was a quiet one. Mum made a delicious cake for me and then my office-mates cut a cake for me as well (first cake pic here) - I chose a Belgian Serano, it was just delicious! There were too many cakes btw hehe. My mum gave me a White Gold ring with a blue Sapphire stone (pic below)...I chose it cos she wanted me to :). And she also gave me sexy pink Pyjamas hehe, and a small resin statue of the Lord Buddha from the shop Tree Of Life - the best gift ever. It's very calming and now sits on my tallboy (pic below). My sis gave me pretty orange and yellow Lillies (pics above and below), JLO Live perfume and a soothing nature-music CD. And I got myself something as well hehe...a red pair of Manolo Blahniks (pics everywhere hehe)...yeah shoes again! I told ya I have a weakness for shoes (so any man who can provide me a room full of shoes gets to marry me ok, and don't forget the masks ;-)). I also got myself a cute pair of ear-rings -that's another weakness btw (pic below). nah I didn't buy new clothes...I have enough. Like I said I donated some money to a very special place, and I'm finding out about adopting a child. Few of my close friends and family took me out this weekend...both Sat and Sun so it was a very busy weekend for me. And another group of friends are taking me out this coming Sat for a picnic - it will be great. (click on pics to enlarge)

Love came in various forms on my birthday...some in boxes...some in hugs and kisses...some in the mail and some in voices. And a sea of love came in the form of bits and bytes...and that was from you. THANKS a ton guys MWAHHHH!

Happy Monday!

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Shionge said...

I'm so happy for you Keshi and yes such lovely pressies and nothing beats sharing it with your love ones.

I'm glad to be part of your joy sweetie...once again Happy Birthdays and many many more :D

Er...any leftover cakes hehehe...just trying pal!

Margie said...

What a wonderful birthday you had Keshi!
I'm so happy for you!
Thanks for sharing all the pictures....lovely gifts for lovely you!!!!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...


take my advice
dont get married ever

u will miss all this
marrying one person till death do us part SUXSINCAPS

fergal said...

hi keshi,

glad u had a fun time - u deserve it. ;-D


Jewel Rays said...

Hello Keshi..

Great update on bday.

Sooo many pretty things on ya bday eh sweets.

The cakes looks yummy!! The melted chocolate all over it makes me wanna eat it.

And i love the second shoe pic. GOSH HOT STUFF!! love the shoes. The one with the light blur or aquarmine dress if i am not wrong.

Glad to hear u had a good weekend.:)

And its great that there is more to come..:)


Have a good week ahead aites!


Southpaw unplugged said...

I m glad u had loads of fun...:)

KAYLEE said...


Geet said...

Hey Keshi!

Those are really sweet gifts. and I'm eyeing the

Really happy to read and see that you had a great time dear.

Loads and loads of hugs from this part of the world!


The Phosgene Kid said...

Wow happy birthday!! Finally 18, eh?

Anonymous said...

have funn
do what u like when u like to do it
and with whom u like to do it with

after u get married
your freedoms will be restricted

VEST will tell u

azuka said...

Happy bday in arrears, Keshi. I see you had tons of fun!

Aditi said...

aww... thanks for sharing pictures .. i love sapphires.. so its a beautiful ring.. lovely presents all of them...hope u had tons of cake

Kumar Chetan Sharma said...

wow u still remember me, i missed ur b'day, I missed many other things in last 3 months, the girl in question is
a) 1cm taller than me
b) more educated than me
c) rich than me
d) is currently in captivity of her parents, no this is not the right word, she is in prison.
how, why, when will result in a long story
i cant access blogger from my work place but have got broadband at my place, so no issues, moreover i have my own domain name, u know i have got brand new 17 inches apple imac foe myself, in our company where more than 200 ppl work there are just 3 iMacs, i have 2, one for me and for my junior, iMac rocks, dont tell me u r jealous :P

anits said...

Happy belated bday keshi! wow so nice to see the amount of gifts you hv got! ter are so many ppl love u out ther! enjoy it! tcare...

have a great day!


smrtnhuggble said...

ooo well im glad you had a great b'day. i remember when aditi bought me my first real ring on my 16th b'day. it was also a saphire ring... although as superstitious as i am... saphire's dont suite everyone. and well im one of them.
so aditi's got it back. everytime i wear that ring - bad things happen (I SWEAR.. TRUST ME).

secondly.. that cake looks phenominal. NICEEEEEEE SHOOESSS!!! sweetttttt - icant wait till i can afford "real" brand name shoes like that. hahaha i do the knock off and the cheapie ones for now.
earings are my weakness tooo.. gosh i love earings.

im glad you had a wonderful b'day. sometimes a nice quite dinner with family is just better than a huge party and getting trashed.

La vida Loca said...

sounds wonderful...
hope it continues for the rest of the year as well.


Nora said...

Oh my! Manolo Blahnik shoes - that is exactly what I'd buy myself too!

Akshay said...

Keshi, the cake looked delicious.. can you send me some too?

Btw my blog is back in business.. check it out when you have time.

Jim said...

, Kumar Chetan Sharma ...


Autumn Storm said...

A wonderful birthday celebration, Kesh, sounds like you had a very special day, just as you deserve.

Anonymous said...

my goodness!! gorgeous Artemis-chan lolzzzz
thank u for doing that quiz!!
u are a real goddess!!

Silvara said...

Awww sounds like u had a great b'day Kesh :) The presents are awesome and the shoes even AWESOMER! :D Love the Buddha statue as well - I have one like that in my room as well :)

Heheh - cakes galore! That's the true meaning of birthdays :P

awaiting said...

You so deserved a great birthday!

Now you have me wanting to go shoe shopping!

Poo said...

Hi Keshi how are you ?

Birthday cookies and gifts :)

Love the earrings ...very nice and the cake is so yummy !!!

Poo said...

and the ring is so Beautiful :))

J said...

Oohh.. that's one hell of a b'day Kesh, i'm sure you had fun.

dharmabum said...

happy birthday, miss.nice legs ;)

MONA said...

Wow! all that! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with such beautiful pictures!
You are cool!

Cuckoo said...

Hmmmm Someone had a wonderful blasting birthday !!! I am happy for you Keshi.

Earrings look good. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Enjoy !!

Anonymous said...

am so sorry for not remembering...
i had kept it in my mind, but u know as i m being pathetically beaten right now i forgot it :(

anyways, belated happy birthday
may every year bring all the happiness u desire to into ur life...

Neihal said...

lovely presents... and all those I am craving for cake.. :D

tulipspeaks said...

ooo lala! love those shoes!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Keshi :)

I am veryt glad to hear you had a quiet & cozy one :) Those ones leave one with a good feeling :)

Here is a B-Day castle cake for you:



anuj said...

hmm .. nice gifts .. grt ..

so did u happen to go to tht crazy place this weekend [:p] ... hehehe


umm .. wud a room where a cobbler stays do? :D (He would be a personalised shoe maker :D .. nd wht if he could also make a shoe earring .. lol)


Peter said...

You are obviously a very loved person, Keshi, and from what I know (no secrets?) you certainly deserves to be all that loved!

priya said...

Keshi: That looks like a big blast and loved all thos pics'. I wonder how many had heart attacks!!! Poor guyz;(

Glad u had tons of fun and hope you enjoy every year with good people around to bless you.

Shruti said...

Hi Keshi,
Great to knwo that you have a great great Bday...

Lovely pic and that cake looks yummy...
TAke care

Pankaj Gupta said...

hi KESHI..great to see you again after the Memorable day ..hmmm Party or No-Party..the thing that Matters is that you ENJOY and live the LIFE to i everytime adviced..(i mean i do that too ,..ha ha).
well THE EArings are fantastic, the LORD BUDHHA as always is unmatchable Gift.
well ADOPTING a Child is a VERy VERy CUTE and also Difficult Decision to follow.
Cute as YOU also Will have to Behave like a CHIL in Front of the old days r back..its Intresting..acting and Becoming a MOM will be a great Feeling ..think so.
and this is also Difficult as YOU have to CARE for him/her till the world's end..YES YOU WILL BE THE GAURDIAN than.
We all are alwys with YOU in this decision,if you need any help of luck.
ummmm...yes one more thing, as i am thinking to buy a gift other than Dedicatins , so why not a HOUSE full OF Lovely and Sexy SHOES,,in the pic..what do you THINK Keshi,,,,(will you stick with that..ha ha)..
the shoes r really Awesome..hope you enjoy weekend to fullest.GOD bless YOU.

???????oh yeah..where is MY PARTy Dear..??escape..NO..!!!!!!!!!bye.

Vest said...

The best is yet to come. May you live-all the days of your life, X

Tarun said...

Belated Birthday greetings

How have u been?

krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!
I'm soo happy that you are happy. What a beaitiful Birthday and gifts!!! Specially from your mom.
Thanks for sharing this with amazing photos.
Let happiness be always with you!

Vikas said...

hey nice wishes for u buddy...may u always be surrounded by such good ppl

Take Care

Kalpana said...

Hey Keshi.....Wishing you belated B'day wishes. Not been online for a long time. Happy for you. Adopting a kid. A good thought. Great going!

Princess said...

oh I'm so sorry I missed your B'day this time :(

Belated wishes dear keshi...

My net suddenly got disconnected coz of the rains for about a week...

how are you? It was a wonderful read to read about the celebs and gifts..
felt good for u..


PrAcHi said...

Hay.. u seem to be showerd by gifts :).. when is my treat? We will keep in the next weekend.. okay? :D..
Even I feel that I want to adopt a kid. May be I will have one and second one I will adopt of opposite sex. That will make a perfect family :).
I wish I could meet you one day. Will give you lots of hugs in person for being such a sweetheart!
N yeah.. I just loved the ring. When I saw the pic.. my immediate reaction was ohoo.. keshi got a RING on her b’days ;)! N yeah shoe too are very sexy.

Dan said...

a small resin statue of the Lord Buddha from the shop Tree Of Life - the best gift ever

You are SO SWEET for loving that. I find Buddhism and Taoism very calming. I love that you singled out that gift. An abundance of hugs and smooches to you for that.

Of course you're a fellow Cancerian so you're totally cool that way.

Ash said...

I'm so happy for you Keshi. Lovely presents. Love that ring!

Cazzie!!! said...

Just goreous Keshi, and the best thing you got was trult the love from all your close friends :)

Helen said...

Verra nice, Keshi, sapphires are lovely, and lilies are so nice. And the CAKE!!! oh my word, I'm leaving RIGHT NOW to get some chocolate, that looks to die for!!!

EBEZP said...

So glad you were happy with all your gifts and had such a good day.
Forgive me though have I missed something? Sexy pink pyjamas? You obviously forgot that picture or you're going to model them for us all in a later post!!!!

Kumar Chetan Sharma said...

jim uncle, we live in India where u can murder people by rashly driving ur BMW and lawyers will prove that the vehicle was a truck
money makes the mare go and i dont have money
but i havent given up neither did she
pray for us

vishesh said...

lol can i hv the strawberry?

Jay said...

What an awesome birthday! Lots of really cool stuff.

Rajeev said...

Whoa! seems like u had a blast! ;)
good for U! :)
cakes for me!? :((

peace & love

Trinnie said...

u lucky gal!
sometimes i wish id have as many frends as u do... more gifts on ur bday! lol *wink*

the shoes are lovely and ur cake looks so yummy...wish i cud eat some right now!

Hazel Dream said...

I like those legs .. they look yummy

Jenny! said...

I am so glad that your day was wonderful! That cake looked delicious...made me all hungry! Enjoy your gifts!

Ravisekharan said...

hey keshi,

seeems, u've had a great day. Keep enjoyin on all dayz....:)


mystic rose said...

hey kesh,
looks like a wondeful bday. way to go, girl.

yeah.. the taj.. a lot worse than that actually. most of what we hear is hype. waddouknow?!! ive never been to see it, sort of a one person protest, but then most monuments like that were built that way.. it was a matter of pride that no one other king could build anything to equal it. Hence, the deaths and mutilations.

Peter said...

I'm sure you are worth everything you got - and much more!

Keshi said...

Shionge tnxx hun! U wudnt believe it I still hv left-over cake at home...cos mum's bday was on the 28th...3 days after mine :) So come ova!


hey Margie MWAHHHHHHH n tnxx!

Hows Jake?


Saby heyy!

**u will miss all this
marrying one person till death do us part

lol why d u think Im single!


tnxx Fergal!


Keshi said...

Amy HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! What a pleasant surprise!

I miss ur blog so much! I came to it this morning and saw that it's hidden...:*( Anyways I hope ur doing well.

**And i love the second shoe pic.

oww the Roman Straps...they r HOT. I love how the straps go ard the calves...hehe sexy ;-) d u have them too?

ty sweetie...I love the fact that u came here to check on me. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Southy ty!

And how abt ur bday details?


aww Kaylee ty sweetie!


Keshi said...


Come ova for cake..I still have left-overs from mum's bday :)


Phos I wish I was 18 lol!



Saby heyy!

**after u get married
your freedoms will be restricted

thats only in ur head...cos u believe in that.


Margie said...

Dear keshi
You know it always brightens my day when I come here!
You make me laugh, and make me cry too!
I won't be able to come by to visit the rest of this week.
I'll miss you, and will be thinking about you!

My friend that I told you about in the email is coming in tomorrow from Florida.
She'll be with me till Sunday.
I am going to try and help her put her life back together.
When such a tradegy occours in one's life, it is so devasting!
I have been counting my blessings throughout the whole day!

I have a request from you.
Please pray for my friend...
Her name is Kellie.
Her son's name is Kevin.

I don't know if I can help her, but I am going to try!
I have to pray for strength!

Take care Swt hrt!
Have a good week!
Many HUGGGGGGGGZ.....always!

P.S Jeff is fine, but the little rascal now has staples.
He got to the stitches, and the incision opened up....
I had to take him to the vet this morning.

Keshi said...

aww ty Azuka!



That ring is a beauty yes.


Kumar so wut if ur GF is taller, richer, more educated than u r. Does she really love ya?


typical Indian parents. I get so annoyed when I hear such stories. why dun u elope with her? :)

Im not jealous abt ur career Kumar...Im so happy for ya :) HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! Well-done mate!

do keep me posted abt ur GF n u. I wish u both all the luck in the world! I hope it works out. Go n speak to her parents...?


Keshi said...


And I know Ammu loves u HEAPS :)


Choco hey ty sweetie!

**saphire's dont suite everyone

my mum said the same...but I liked it hehehe...then the lady at the shop said it's ok for Cancerians...I dunno how true that is. But Im usuallty not a superstitious person so anything is ok with me :)

Come ova for cakes hehe...


LaVida hey ty sweetie!


Nora arent they posh!


Akshay I'll email u some abt fedexing some? :)


Jim dun give him wrong advice...hang on I told him the same!


Keshi said...

aww ty Autumn MWAHHHHHH!

Im sending u some cake thru this comment section :)


Niki heyy!


I havent even heard of that woman b4 taking that quiz LOL!


Silvara yeah I was cake-drunk for days hehe...


the one n only TRUTH there ever was...


Tash get Roman-Straps...cos it's Summer there...


Keshi said...


And thats the white gold ring I was talking abt...

hows u?


Johno I did...ty :)


Dharma ty!

**miss.nice legs

:) o well I hv seen alot of men stare at my legs...even tho I dun consider them super hot. well u decide...I'll put up some leg pics soon LOL!


gee tnxx Mona HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

ty Cuckoo! :)


ty DJ! I hope ur ok.


Neihal I hv left-over cake at home...from mum's bday...come ova :)


ty Ammu!

hows u?


Taqdeer hey ty!

**Here is a B-Day castle cake for you:

awwwwwwwww thats such a BEAUTY! How did u do it?


nah Anuj we didnt go to that place...:) cos mum came too hehehe.

But in couple of weeks time, we r going to a Dance...ooh lala!

**wud a room where a cobbler stays do?

LOL cmon thats so not funny!


Peter ty so much!



Keshi said...

ty so much Priya!

**I wonder how many had heart attacks!!! Poor guyz

lol how d u mean?


ty Shruti!


heyyy Pankaj!

**Cute as YOU also Will have to Behave like a CHIL in Front of the CHILs

With me, Im always the that child wud hv to be my parent hehehehe.

** so why not a HOUSE full OF Lovely and Sexy SHOES

LOL seriously? :):)

ur party? hmm mwhy dun u just drop in at my place for cakes? there's still plenty hehe.

ty so much Pankaj ur soo very sweet!


Vest ty so much!

**may u live all the days of ur life

such a meaningful wish...thats what I did, am doing and will always do. I wanna LIVE every single day of my life.



Keshi said...

ty Tarun!

I've been well ty n urself?

I havent been ard ur blog lately...will do now.


ty so much Krys and I wish u the same. HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


ty so much Vikas!



ty Kalpana!

how have ya been? I missed ya.


Blessed said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful b-day!!!! You are so deserving!

Manolo Blahniks, huh???
I could never afford a pair in a 100 years!!

You ever watch Sex and the City?

Keshi said...

aww ty Princess. I missed u. I thought u must hv some exams or something like that.

Hope all is well with ya.


Prachi hey tnxx hun!

**May be I will have one and second one I will adopt of opposite sex.

thats such a neat thought. Im sure u'll make a LOVELY mum. Very lucky kids!

come ova for cakes sweetie...we still hv plenty :)

HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ! If I meet u in person, I wudnt stop staring at ya hehe...cos ur BEAUTIFUL.



Im beginning to love this man names Dan...cos he's such a swt hrt! :)

**I find Buddhism and Taoism very calming. I love that you singled out that gift.

yes...Buddhism portrays the ultimate TRUTH abt life. Nothing is permanent and the reason for disappointment is desire. When we realise all that, we can come to terms with almost anything in life.

Im a Buddhist by mum is a Hindu and dad is a Buddhist. So I was brought up in a Buddhist/Hindu home but I went to a Methodist school hehe. And my best friend there was a Muslim girl. wut say!!


ty Ash!


Caz definitely! ty sweetie n HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

lolz Helen so did ya get ur cake?

I like ur 'Verra Nice'...some very cool accent there!


Ebezp heyy tnxxx!


If I put my PJ pics up here, Im sure alot of men will pass out - so I'd rather let em live...wut say ha ;-)


Kumar yes thats the sa truth abt living in SE Asian countries...


Keshi said...


Keshi said...

Vish u can have loads of strawberries if u come ova to my place...I always buy the small cartons of strawberries at the supermarket..they r so yummy!


Jay looking good!

tnxx mate :)


Rajeev u too can come ova for cakes...but there r abt 50 ppl ahead of ya in the queue for cakes :)


MWAHHHHHHHHHHH Trinnie! trin trin trinnie :)

**sometimes i wish id have as many frends as u do

o cmon i dun hv so many friends...I hv alot of acquaintances n thats abt it...only very few REAL friends. And I have enough cousins to full my house LOL!

Wud luv to hv u at my bday nice it wud be.


Haezl long time mate! How r ya? And u return with a comment like that? LOL!

WB mate!


ty sexy chick Jenny!


ty so much Ravi!



**it was a matter of pride that no one other king could build anything to equal it.

yeah I agree...the rest dun matter.

ty sweetie!


Peter hey tnxx :)


Keshi said...

hey Margie plz be strong for ur friend...I hope together u'd make a difference in her life. U know I'll be praying for doubt abt that. Have a good week with her!

Im glad Jake is foing he sounds so cute!

TC hun...everything will b alright HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

***fingers AND toes crossed***


Blesses ty sweetie!

**Manolo Blahniks, huh???
I could never afford a pair in a 100 years!!

Im a lover of Sex n The City ;-)


Margie said...

Thank you Angel!!!!
I knew I could depend on you!
I'll miss you this week!



Abru said...

Oh.. First of all... B'lated B'day wishes...
Seems like u had a real good time... Lots of gifts!!! I remember a post where u said that u got a vegetable as a gift!!! (hope that it was you... I've a bad memory about online stuff and I'm too lazy to go back and check previous posts...:p ). Wt bout this year? Did u get nything like that?

For the last few years, my b'day means an early morning call from my Mom and and if the news is leaked, a pack of pastries for my friends. That's all... I always plan surprise parties for my friends on their B'day but I prefer to keep mine as a secret.
But this year, there was a change. One of my friend surprised me by visiting me with a B'day cake. So, after 4 or 5 years, I had to cut a cake with my name and candles on it... The whole exp was cute... Felt like I'm a 4 or 5 year old kid... :)

Margie said...

Me again hun!
Now I know this day has gotten to me!
**Jeff has staples**
Not Jeff(my hubby) Jake has the staples!
Can you imagine if I took my hubby to the vet to get staples?
He would not be too happy with me!
But, I'm laughing my head off right's the first laugh I've had today! LOL!
It's good to laugh!
Well, I need to go call my friend and find out when her plane arrives tomorrow!

See you here next week!
Make it a wonderful week. OK!



Aidan said...

Happy birthday (again from last post)

Awesome haul this year, lots of things to wear and to eat:)

Love the ring, very pretty!


Beach Bum said...

Sorry I missed your birthday. The picture of the cake had me running to the kitchen to find something sweet.

CM-Chap said...

Nice to know that you had a great one.. By the way did u meant quite birthday??I'm sure u had a blast.

Keshi said...

Margie lolz I figured that out...dun worry.

seems like ur under too much stress...just take it easy girl. Life is always full of challenges...tho I get very depressed sometimes, I quickly bounce bakk cos I realise it's not worth worrying over something that I hv no control of...what's gonna happen will happen. All I can do is, stay calm and do my best. And Worrying is to be avoided. So be happy, be well and think of the sunny side of life..u and I have met somehow...we have each other.

TC n MWAHHHHHHHHHH! I will miss u too...but hey it's already Tue ;-)


Abru hey that was me yes...LOL!

That lady didnt turn up at my place this time ard...only cos I didnt hv a big party this time. If she came I know she'll give me a coconut or something.

**The whole exp was cute... Felt like I'm a 4 or 5 year old kid

awww how sweet! U gotta do that once in a while...takes u back in years and keeps ur heart beaming like a kid.


Aidan hey hows ya?

ty n oyeah Im loving the ring! btw when is ur bday Aidan?


Keshi said...

haha Beach-bum go get some cake real fast!



nah Chap I had a very quiet one this time compared to what I usually have...

usually it's a mega FEAST with drunken dancers lol!


Mohan said...

Happy Belated Birthday Keshi!!! I love the Buddha it

Keshi said...

ty Mohan n WC!


Ghost Particle said...

awww man...everybody loves Keshi. that was nice...hope this will last for a whole year...!

Loved the buddha, the ring, earing and shoes. :D

Have a super fun time dear and please update us about the adoption. Hugs.

Dan said...

You're a sweetheart too Keshi!

What you say about Buddhism is totally true. Impermanence, desire, etc. Such simple stuff and yet we have to keep reminding ourselves of these simple truths all the time.

I love the teachings of the Upanishads as well. I also totally resonate with the teachings of advaita which is also very Taoist.

Hugs and kisses Keshi.

deepsat said...

belated bday wishes to you! glad to know you had a nice time and with all the goodies around, it must have been indeed fabulous.

great pics!! have a nice day!!


Keshi said...

nah Ghosty Im not the female version of Everybody Loves Raymond. LOL!

tnxxx! :)


Dan u hv alot of knowledge on Buddhism than most buddhists out there. Wonderful!

**I love the teachings of the Upanishads as well.

me too..i hv read em since I was lil and the teachings hv been embedded in my thinking. thats why I always forsee things..I dun usually get trapped in desire...well I sound like an Upanishad myself now dun I!! :):)



heyy Deepz hows it going? r ya coming bakk soon? Miss u...

ty for the wishes!


kaylee said...

Its just severe chest pains and stomach dad is debating on whether or not to take me to the hospital though.

Outdoorsy Girl said...

I've been so busy lately and it has been TOO long since I stopped by! I've missed ya! I've been catching up on your posts (loved the mask post, by the way!)and I can't believe I wasn't here to wish you A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It looks like you had a wonderful one and I'm so happy! :)

Loved the shoes! ;)

Jim said...

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Poo said...

Hi Sweets how are you ? I am fine :)) Prachi is also fine ....That ring is really beautiful :))

Have a nice day dear :))

Keshi said...

Kaylee u really shouldnt be debating abt it...go see a doc soon sweetie. TC!


awwww ty so much Outdoorsy HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

I knew it that u'd like the Mask post ;-)


Jim tnxx!


Thats good to hear Poo. Im doing fine too ty!



Crazy Me said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! Yeah!!!!

Keshi said...

It was, ty Crazy_Me!


kaylee said...

going now cause it isnt getting better WILLL KEEP YOU POSTED :)

Keshi said...

Kaylee U TC hun! I hope all will be well with ya.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Sunday, July 1, 2007
The Misunderstood Disease

There have been advances in many areas of medicine, yet mental illness remains both misunderstood and mistreated.

Persons suffering from mental illnesses are still treated as if having mood or perception disorders means they are less intelligent and are incapable of knowing what they think or want.

In the United States, the current trend is to overmedicate people who show any signs of mental illness while ignoring the need for compassionate counseling. The trend of emergency personnel is still to become irritated with persons who arrive in the hospital with mental rather than physical issues.

There is still no avenue for proper treatment of such individuals. I have heard more than one health care professional say that they wished that people who came to the E.R. presenting with self-mutilation would just "do it right and get it over with."

This sort of uncompassionate lack of caring is but one reason why persons who are mentally ill are reluctant to get treatment. Another is cost.

Insurance does not provide for psychological counseling any better than it provides for "alternative" health care treatments such as chiropractic care.

Many people who are mentally ill lack the resources to afford adequate counseling and the choice becomes to either go to the county mental health center, where the counselors are overworked and used to handling only critical cases, or to forego counseling entirely. Cost aside, it is difficult to find a counselor that one can trust to treat them like a human being of equal worth rather than a defective second class citizen. Is it any wonder that so many people who are mentally ill go undertreated or untreated?

I went on the line and published my book because these issues need to be addressed--worldwide! I told the truth about the circumstances behind the creation of parts of the story because the spirit with whom I co-authored the book is one of the most shocking examples I've ever seen of how little mental illness is understood and how badly it's stigmatized.

The general population needs to be better educated about mental illness, but more sadly still, our medical and even mental health professionals need to learn greater compassion in treating the widespread and diverse problems of sufferers.

When you buy a copy of my book, 50% of the profits are donated to the World Health Organization's mental health division. Please spread the word.

-extracted from cheesemeisters blog

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anuj said...

I think u got me wrng there ..

* wud a room where a cobbler stays do

i din mean tht u have to stay in tht room wid him .. it was synonymous to a room filled with shoes .. jus tht .. nothin else on my mind .. nd neither were my intentions ...

newyz .. thts a joke turned bad thing ..

I take my room filled wid cobbler back .. no more sale !!

so ..hwz it goin ?? ;)


Drama Div@ said...

I'd simply love to give you a big hug. Wishing you a wonderful day!

Peter said...

This is just an extra "practical" comment (I already commented above): Thanks for your regular visits to my blogs. I see that you now comment on my photo blog rather than on my basic blog. Any specific reason?

... and once more, it's great fun reading trhough all the comments by your "guests" and by yourself!!!

cindy said...

Waahhhh you got all that for your birthday?? Awesome!!!!!! *green with envy* Hahahaha!

Lovely, lovely gifts! :D You must be one very happy girl!

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

Great to see that you enjoyed on your birthday... :-)

and nice presents...

Rosanna said...

Those shoes are seriously HOT!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday xox

javagirl1111 said...

Sooo happy that you had a wonderful b-day... That cake looks delish!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you had such a great b'day keshi, you are sweet and it looks like with all the cakes you had you are now even sweeter.:)
Love the pics of all your goodies.
I'd buy you a shoe store so you could have all the shoes you wanted.:)

trinitystar said...

You deserve for being such a down to earth girl.
Hugs for you.

Sam said...

marvellous gifts!! and your intentions.. well.. we were aware so am not surprised about it!!
but the cake looks delicious, you still got some of that??
as for shoes.... hmmm........ another pretty lady with a fetish for shoes....
this frnd of mine avi, she's got 40+ pairs of them... yikes!! nad incidentally she left for australia in feb!!

Nanditha Prabhu said...

belated wishes to you keshi!
u seems to have enjoyed.....
may ur dreams come true!
happiness always!
BTW, i`m also a June baby!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Keshi,

Followed your link from the comment you left on my blog.

Happy belated birthday. Sounds like you got some great prezzies.

You obviously live in a warmer city than Melbourne, where I'm based!



diyadear said...

hey sweetie,
so many lovely gifts.. wow lucky gal.. enjoy!!! n im so happy u had a gr8 b'day. u deserve it dear.. lots n pots of hugs,

EBEZP said...

Oh Keshi No I say post pics, let them all pass out then there's only me to look and imagine!!!!

St. Dickeybird said...

Glad you had a good birthday, and I hope your family didn't start reading OUR blogs... they might wonder what you're up to!

gautami tripathy said...

Some birthday presents that are. On my birthday, I go buy presents for myself!

lemonade said...

u got manolos..??!
m sooo JEALOUS....!!!

but u deserve them kesh..happy birthday again..! :)

deepti said...

may u have all ur birthdays as beautiful as they can be...
lots of love n luck.

Charles said...

Just stopping in to say, "Hi, Keshi."

WP2007 said...

Hi B-day kinky masked girl

Seeing how it's Wednesday on your side of the world and still Tuesday here, I'm not too late to say that I hope you had a good weekend. So you look good for a woman of ah, ah, ah 6 ah, ah 0.


My weekend, which just ended, was on the cool side. Not quite as cool as down your way.

The missing person case I mentioned is now on the international scale with many more actors.

The things that happens when one goes away.



Margie said...

Thanks for those words swt hrt...
I am happy!
I am well... and so very thankful for that!
I'm thinking about the sunny side of life!

So glad we have each other!
Thanks hun!

I'm just heading to the airport in a few minutes to pick up my friend....I'm so excited to see her, as it's been about 8 years since we last met.
But, I'm also anxious as I do not know if I will be able to help her.
I hope so much I can!

See you next week!
Hope the rest of your week goes well....have a great weekend coming up.
July 4th here tomorrow.
We will be going on a picnic and see the fireworks in the evening.
I think it will be a wonderful day!

I send lots of HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


Dalicia said...

very cool, and i'm glad that you enjoyed your birthdayyyyyy

everything looks good :D

Anonymous said...

Please dedicate your next post to

SaffronSaris said...

Oh my, you have such lovely prezzies! I like your cake, and your shoes (your shoes!!!!!) and your earrings!
Thanks for sharing your joy around, makes my busy week so much more bearable.
Haha, i think we are having a lot of cakes this couple of weeks, starting from Tree's birthday :)Maybe we're gonna need gym vouchers ;)

Keshi said...

Anony I hope ppl will read ur comment n get help.


grrrrrr Anuj I got it right the first time ard :):)

I'm doin alrite ta...hows ya?




heyy Peter!

The ans to ur qn is that I seem to hv gotten addicted to ur photo blog lately :) I'll check the other one too, as usual, from today.


Cindy ty sweeetie!

dun be J...ur bday will come ard too :) btw when is it?


ty Ganesh :)


tnxxx Rosanna!

red hot shoes ;-)


ty Javagirl!


ty Rick!

**I'd buy you a shoe store so you could have all the shoes you wanted

awwww how VERY SWEET!! ***HUGS**


gee tnxx Trinity!


awww ty Sam!

**this frnd of mine avi, she's got 40+ pairs of them... yikes!! nad incidentally she left for australia in feb!!

lol she's gonna go crazy when she visits the shoe shops here!


hey Nanditha ty n hugggggggz!

June babies rock ;-)


David WC!

yep I got some nice ones :)

Syd is a lil warmer than Mel...but its very cold these days :(

ty for stopping by!


ty so much Diya!


lolz Ebezp hahahaha!


hey ty Dickey!

** I hope your family didn't start reading OUR blogs... they might wonder what you're up to!

lol I only showed em my bday post's comment section, n quickly closed it...and erased the link to it too..cos I dun want em to read more than that...if they go 2 posts up it'll be my Mask post hahaha!


awww ty Gautami!

I do that too..u gotta treat urself with nice things every now n then.


dun be J Lemonade..Im sure u'll get em too...when u start working :)

ty sweetie!


awww ty Deepti HUGGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

hey Charles hows it goin? :)


G'day Bev which mask r ya wearing rite now? :)

**So you look good for a woman of ah, ah, ah 6 ah, ah 0.

wut d u mean? LOL!

Who went missing? I read that post but I mean did u know him well?



dun worry sweetie...everything will be ok. Have faith.

**But, I'm also anxious as I do not know if I will be able to help her.

U do not know...yes...but ur already helping her by being there for her. There's only so much we can do...and there r issues that we cant really do anything abt...and u dun hv to feel sad abt it. Cos we r only human and we hv our limits. Just be there for her..that'll do.

TC n keep me posted ok. MWAHHHHHH!


ty Dalicia babez!


hey Jim hows u?


Keshi said...

Anony heyy!

**Please dedicate your next post to

u mean DEPRESSION? Well I've written on it b4...did u read it?


Keshi said...

awww ty Saffy!

**Maybe we're gonna need gym vouchers

tell me abt it, I need a whole GYM as my bday prezzie now! :):)


Menchie said...

Wow! Great presents Keshi!

Love the shoes, the ring and earrings! Am so glad you had a great birthday. All the best! :D

The Phosgene Kid said...

Hot stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

i am fine
but i wanna be in america

u better start a new post
my broadband is not broad enuff to open this page

it takes ages to load

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me
how many candles were lit on Keshis bday


anuj said...

sowie :D

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi...whew..that must've been some bday...nice gifts,all of them,of course.Grin at the roomful of shoes comment(With matching masks,of course)..after reading ur comment on blogger comments,I almost feel like signing off with 'I remain,yours truly,by bits and bytes'..:)heh post,pls.

MyUtopia said...

Happy Belated birthday!

Keshi said...

ty Menchie! :)


Phos ;-)


Saby dun worry abt my age so much...only Indians like u worry abt age :) Its not a big deal in this part of the world. U'll b wasting all ur years worrying abt ur age and others' age. Just LIVE today.


Anuj sorry for? :)


hey Amit tnxx!

** almost feel like signing off with 'I remain,yours truly,by bits and bytes'

lol awwww...u know ur more than just bits n bytes :)


MyUtopia ty mate!


Harry said...

Happy belated birthday...!!


SamY said...

wow! that was once hell of a b'day ... creamy cakessss yummmyyyyy :)

man! so many gifts #-o ... gals are indeed expensive

mathew said... so late in here!!!!still..

wishing you a great birthday..and a great year ahead!!! *hugs*..

cancerians rock!!!!

Keshi said...

ty Harry, Samy and Matty! :)