Friday, July 20

Keshi Bond 007

Ok guys it's FUN Friday. Lets do something fun...something to forget all our worries and dance away the dramas in our lives. Ok? Ready? So here it is:

What you have to do is guess what I'm doing/just did/about to do in each of the following secretive pics. haha I know, it's too easy ha ;-). This is Keshi's method of training you all to be good detectives. Some day this skill might come in handy for ya, who knows :). Maybe for Jury duty, maybe to catch a thief, maybe to analyse murder evidence, maybe to witness someone about to do something crazy, maybe to identify Keshi the spy when she's in your town some day...hehe yeah pretty good reasons there ha. Ok so the game begins.

There are 13 pics, starting from left to right, and then top to bottom, so number your answers as #1 to #13 (eg: Top row pics go as #1, #2 and #3). And click on pics to enlarge. MAJOR TIP: don't think too much...they'll all be simple answers. And there'a clue or two in all the pics. And if you could guess all of them right, there's a wicked pressie (yeah tentish one Southy lol!) awaiting. Don't worry, closest answers will be taken as correct answers. And look at that last pic ROFL!

It's mission POSSIBLE isnt it. Now have fun :). Have a SPYING weekend my dear ones!

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anuj said...

#1 Look at that tortoise (though there was none m sure)
#2 checkin out someone through the window
#3 eat the cake .. u .. u .. smally littly child
#4 dance babeh
#5 Tying Knot (though it wud b interestin to knw wat knot :P)
#6 waiting for the bus/truck
#7 trying to push the trees dwn .. lol .. naah .. ur jus posing
#8 taking a picture/checking out a picture already taken
#9 cutting the cake
#10 smiling bck r u? or some bum pose :P
#11 this is kind of weird .. bt ur givin somthing to someone .. or dropin somthin somwhere
#12 shocked/terrified/horrified/pattrified
#13 seducing someone's leg ;)

now that I have been patient to switch pages, analyse pics, keeping the numbers in mind (hard one:D) .. nd guessing thm (rite or wrng whtevr) .. i get the prizzzy ..

so whts in store?

anuj said...

wht fun weekend .. the other guy wrkin wid me has gone bck india now .. so m loaded wid wrk .. more alone .. n pissed :D

this is no fun :(

Margie said...

Hey Keshi
Cute post!
I wish I had time to guess, but I'm just on my way to a late movie!
My hubby is waiting for me in the car....gotta go!

Have a great weekend Sweetie!


KAYLEE said...


desperado said...

1. Spreading your wings to fly :)
2. Checking a cute guy you clicked :P
3. B'day celebrations
4. ready to dance
6. standing in a queue
7. Climbing trees....why though :D
8. Self Indulgence
9. B'day time again
10. Enjoyin d sea/lake/ocean
11. Just wid friends
12. Surprise!!!
13. Leg

Stay Happy and Cheerful dear..remember you deserve it :)
Rock On Grunger!!!..(is tht a

Southpaw unplugged said...

1. Keshi volunteering for Australia zoo…..describing a specy called southpaw…:P
2. Sigh****Cousin anu…..:P sharing her digital skills…:P
3. Aunt keshi striking pose again…
4. Preparing for livin’ la vida loca…:P
5. don’t do that will u…:D
6. During a small vacation outside Sydney.
7. Aaah the seductress striking her pose again behind the tree, don’t u worry we’ll hv lot of tthem ard soon…:P
8. Don’t worry just smile….
9. Seductress cutting her cake.
10. Yes the lake is beautifull and calm indeed and so r u in that pic from the kiwiland
11. Keshi 007 observing something and putting her valuable inputs on it.
12. Oops..dont worry we didn’t clicked the other half….lolz hahahahaha
13. Keshi wondering, aaaah where’s that massive back with the crouching tiger where she cud rest her head on……hahahahahaha

Even if these r not true we r still on and that’s the bottomline coz I SAID SO…..hahahahahaha…

jasi said...

1# before a trek
2# viewing an album
3# with your baby cousin
4# girls only part
5# peeping into a room
6# standing in a queue
7# throwing up after inebriating
8# clicking own clevage
9# cutting cake
10# rowing
11# viewing a cricket match
12# perplexed keshi
13# Turned on Keshi. where is my xxxxxxxx.

Paul said...

Thinking about Keanuea? Keuni? Keaunua? I don't know, I only saw him on blogs, can't recall if here too...

He's no good for you.

fergal said...

yoga; lookin at pics; & then posing for the camera X 11 .... ????? ;-D

have a good weekend!

anits said...

#1. Showing to fish
#2. hey so nice..look at this one!outing with frenz
#3. Bday party
#4. Letz rock!!
#5. combing someone's hair
#6. waiting for something
#7. Posing
#8. Checking out the photo taken
#9. Cutting cake
#10. At seaside
#11. surfing net
#12. shocked
#13. hmmm...massaging leg?

Ok these are my answers...anyway its interesting...have a great weekend dear!

Keshi said...

Anuj tnxx for taking part :):) Answers will be given after the 200+ other particpants LOL!

**seducing someone's leg


**so whts in store?

pressie will be announced after all the answers.

aww so u dun wanna go bak home?

**now that I have been patient to switch pages, analyse pics, keeping the numbers in mind (hard one:

u have just obtained a new skill. SO THANK ME Mr.Anuj Bond! ;-)


Miss.Margie Bond enjoy the movie with ur man and come bak later in the weekend for the detective work ok? :) HUGGGGGGGGZ!


lolz Kaylee u make me laugh with ur sweet comments.

Now r u ok?


Dhruv hey hows u? U know Anuj is a rocker too :)

**Rock On Grunger

lol ty n u too!

And tnxx for taking part...some good observations there ;-)


Mr.Raj Bon hows u sir?

**Keshi volunteering for Australia zoo…..describing a specy called southpaw

lol that really cracked me up!

I like how u described #11. This is the best part of this different ppl give different captions to each pic. SO VERY INTERESTING!

**Keshi wondering, aaaah where’s that massive back with the crouching tiger where she cud rest her head on

hahahahaha! And w.o. a tent too. haha!

**Even if these r not true we r still on and that’s the bottomline coz I SAID SO

ooh lala I like how Mr.Bond commands ;-)

ty for taking part Southy!


Jasi hey tnxx!

**8# clicking own clevage

LOL love that the best!


Paul lol who r u talking abt? Keanu Reeves? :)


hey Fergal!

**yoga; lookin at pics; & then posing for the camera X 11 ....

lol u smarty pants!


Anits ur so ty for taking part in my crazy games.



Poo said...

Hi Sweetheart

1pic - Look at that ...its so so cute.

2Pic - Girls talk Gossip and it was urs frnds wedding day or
Birthday and u are looking at pictures

3Pic - U cousins birthday Party last week and celebrating with him. Aunty Keshi :)

4Pic - Dance babe dance

5Pic - Dont take my picture now

6Pic - Waiting for some one may be

7Pic- what a Pose :)) click click

8Pic - U taking ur own picture/ check all other pictures

9 Pic - Happeeee Birthday to me click (Pozzzzing)

10Pic - that one is long long time ago pict which is in Betweenfrnds posted by uttsy on ur Birthday.

11Pic - With frnds looking at something v-seriously

12Pic - Oh shit you shud have told me u taking my Picture

13Pic - When will i have my man and his hairy Leg :) LOL

Tc babess and niceeeeee one :))Have a good weekend :))

This my last weekend with family and Prachi for the next 5 months. :(( Feeling so sad

Ghost Particle said...


#1 Waking up to a new day and going back to sleep after that.
#2 Girls check out this make up kit I bought...and Keshi goes I dont makeup you losers!
#3 Oookkaaayyy the boy said too much..heh...
#4 OMG A dog passed's good luck hit the racetrack!
#5 It's not what you think it is...I just dropped something...
#6 Perv bugger...snap my face you idiot! (nice ass :D)
#7 I'm so a bollywood diva...c a tree and start dancing...
#8 Beam me up scotty...right now...plz I blew my cover...
#9 Like would you please focus on my face...and a small cake will the guy pop out of this one?!
#10 give my sexy back...woooo...give my sexy back!
#11 Im serious, no one will notice it...I'm cool...I freakin bored but I'm putting up a nice face here
#12 Ze damsel in distress...oh would you save me my dear ghosty...or the 'shit I left my purse at home' look.
#13 Suckers...I made you guys write something that took like 15 minutes of your time and you still did and I love you all look. :D

There you go.

The Phosgene Kid said...

You are being hot???

Keshi said...

Hi baby girl Poo!

lolz ur answers r so cute.

**10Pic - that one is long long time ago pict which is in Betweenfrnds posted by uttsy on ur Birthday.

we all know that Miss.Poo Bond..I was asking what I was doing there..hahaha!

**When will i have my man and his hairy Leg :)

ROFL hahahahaha! Good one. This is what I love abt reading everyone's captions...such variety and so much of GREAT humor.

aww last week with Prachi :( u must be so sad ha...I hate goodbyes even if it's for a few months. Im sure the day will fly tho...cos ur bak in Dec right?

ty sweetie MWAHHHHHHHHH!


Ghosty u funny dude LOL!

**I'm so a bollywood diva...c a tree and start dancing...


**OMG A dog passed's good luck hit the racetrack!

ROFL very good observation there!

**#9 Like would you please focus on my face...and a small cake will the guy pop out of this one?!

LOL love that one! How d u come up with such captions? Very funny ones :):)

**Ze damsel in distress...oh would you save me my dear ghosty...or the 'shit I left my purse at home' look.

lolz! Its more like I've-run-out-of-toilet-paper look, isnt it? :)

ty for the very funny captions Ghosty. Enjoyed reading em :) Have a good one!


Keshi said...

hey Mr.Phos Bond!

**You are being hot???

lol cmon!


Poo said...

10 Pic - Trying to look how deep is the water :)

Yeah will be back in December.

TC Sexyroo

Keshi said...

hehe Poo ty..lets see how deep it was ha.. ;-)


Anonymous said...

u have been selected as the new Bond girl to star opposite Jon Abraham the new Bond

Keshi said...

Anon Im delighted :) But I can only do certain scenes scenes of SEDUCTION. Jumping from tall buildings might be a tad!


Anonymous said...

u wont have to jump
just bare all

and there will be a torrid love scene
where u make love on the beach

but be careful
dont get sand in there

Anonymous said...

i was on tour

did u miss me
as much as i missed u ?

Keshi said...

Saby WB!

Well did u see my heart beating, 2 posts down? :)


Anonymous said...

i told u dat color dont suit u
u look best in black
without lip stick

just use lip gloss
like my daughter does

Aditi said...

1) Saying "hello world this is me"
2) Reading an sms by one of your many fans
3) Teaching the joys of dancing
4) Caught red handed in the middle of a prank
5) Frowning
6) Chasing a squirrel (although i know this one u have posted it before)
7) Taking your own picture
8) Cutting a cake
9) Chking out some guy by the lake/ocean
10) In the middle of a serious argument
11) Its the "I didnt steal the cookie from the cookie jar" look
12) Practising gymnastics?

Jim said...

u got an award
i got one too


check out IMNUTSINCAPS current post

Jim said...

for me?

Keshi said...

Anon hey!

**u look best in black
without lip stick

well how abt I wear nuttin but then lipstick only? LOL! I know that Raisin rage lipstick was a mistake.tnxx for the tip!

U got an award? mebbe for having 567890 blogs? ok I'll check.


hello Aditi hows ur day today?

**Caught red handed in the middle of a prank

haha good one!

**11) Its the "I didnt steal the cookie from the cookie jar" look

LOL sweet.

ty Aditi for taking part!


Anonymous said...

i am on top of the world
WUB has Alexa Rating 16

and Jim is linked there
u link me
i have Google pr of 3

the more links u get
the higher your rating

its called SEO dummy
Caraf told me all about SEO

i owe Caraf

Keshi said...

I went there Jim. Nice one. Im already in BUF...a group blogging space. So I cant be in too many blogs. No time. I hope u hv a good time there.

Lovely place that is!


Keshi said...

Jim ok. Hv a good time in WB then.

**for me?

Dream on!


Die Muräne said...

I can't concentrate...the movie on the side is too exciting ;)

have a good we!

jitendra said...

1. about to pat your thighs as a show of self-lust
2. ogling at someone (maybe a guy)
3.trying to make the kid laugh
4. asking the photographer to stop taking your mug-shot (assuming the read one is you)
5. warning the photographer again (with eyes this time)
6. adjusting your bra and warning the photographer again
7. and warning again...(this photographer dude is really keshi-lusty)
8. taking ur picture.. selflove :P
9. trying to cut the cake
10. happily posing sexily..(looks like the photographer has changed this time)
11. u seem to be saying.. "here take this camera and take another picture of my bum"
12. u seem to be saying.."i told you to take a picture of my bum and not my face."
13. this time.. "ok more bumshots.. take a face-on-a-bum-shot"

ok this was very very rapidly done so i might be wayyy off .. :D

Vikas said...

hello keshi :)

nice pics,,,and i have to think ..its funny

sorry for not commenting in past few days...will not be able to do so for some more days..will be back soon....

take care

Keshi said...

Murane r u a MI fan? LOL!


Jit u made me laugh so much hahahaha! Im still laughing :):)

**11. u seem to be saying.. "here take this camera and take another picture of my bum"


**13. this time.. "ok more bumshots.. take a face-on-a-bum-shot"

HAHA! I cant see a bum there...can u?


Keshi said...

hey Vikas no probs at all. U ok?


Nadine said...

I'm terrible at this but in number 2 you are looking at the camera and in 8 taking a picture.

The Grunt said...

Um, thinking of me in every one, right? LOL!

I'll come back and give it a better shot, Keshi.

Peter said...

I have been "off" for some ten days and now I'm checking what I have missed. I just had a look on everything you - and your commenting friends - have produced in the meantime; just amazing! I will however abstain from guessing on this post... I have to see some other blogs also! (But I will look up for the answers.)

Andrew said...

1/Turning meat on a barbecue
2/Looking at a pic of some guy
3/Holding your hand over the younguns mouth to stop him telling tales about you
4/Applying lipstick that matches the colour of your toe nails
5/'It is only just a snack. Leave me alone'
6/Looking at the Three Sisters
7/'The lichen is on both sides of the tree. So which way is south?'
8/'I look hot and I need a photo'
9/'Not sure why I am cutting the cake. No-one else is having any.'
10/Acknowledging a compliment
11/'Harry Potter bores me. I don't want to watch'
12/'I need more makeup?'
13/'I've seen you bank book. I'm yours.'

anuj said...

keshi & dhruv:

Keshi I bet he would agree to me being a Rocker n Awesome !!

He will have to .. atleast fr a few more dyz .. hahahha .. aint it pal? :P

Princess said...

1. posing like kate winslet..
2. out of tune.
3. about to kiss the lil boy.
4. clicking snaps.
5. giving cake to someone.
6. posing for a shot.
7. singing in solitude
8. taking a pic of urself
9. cutting a cake
10.sitting near a lake.
11.using the remote to change a boring channel.. lol..
[even i do keep the tv in mute when the ads are on air ;)]
12.posing with no mood not knowing who has asked you to smile for a snap..
13.massagin some1's legs..

i hope it is a better guess.... lol

hey kesh, do visit my other blog in wordpress pa, I'm missing you there :(

TC, - Aiz.

lee said...

keshi,my guess is that you about to:

1.hail a cab
2.jump up and scream: "I just can't take it anymore!!!"
3.whack the kid across the head
4.lift up your sirt and say WHOOPEE!!!!
5.break wind
6.break wind yet again
7.hug the tree and pretend it's your boyfriend
8.whack yourself in the head out of frame and stab someone and run back into frame again
10.get a tattoo
11.all of a sudden yell out: "That's bollocks, and you know it!!!"
12.kiss the camera man
13. and maybe more!!

The Acid Tongue said...

//1 Keshi sayin "Who the hell did all this. It's a mess!"
//2. Keshi sayin "Hey! he seems so familiar. ummmmmm. Oh yea, He blogs!"
//3. Posing for another "cute family pic."But the little devil wont stand still.
//4.kisses bein blown at a girls' nyt out!
//5.combin the little devil's hair, but the camera just took preferance :D
//6.In queue for gettin business class tickets for a MI4 exclusive screening :D
//7.Keshi sayin"The forest floor's my ramp. showcase my sexy legs!"
//8.keshi thinkin"gosh! you can literally see the makeup on me today. Where's my facewash!"
//9.Cut my (cake) into pieces, tis is my last resort! - papa roach, and my caller tune (if you change cake to life, that is :D)
//10.the "Friday night fever" girl pose!*Show me what you got, show me show me what you got*
//11.Middle finger censored???
//12.Keshi sayin "yes?"
//13.Wooh! That toy's a big one :D

and so was this comment!

Pankaj Gupta said...

hi Keshi, so wts u buddy!!ok u wish to Play...oh i mean the game yaar..ummm here this goes,
from ur point of view..

#1 well i am enjoying the Awesome Wind ..

#2 ??gosh, please change the topic guls..

#3 say CHEESE kid, see what a Personality is joining you for the pic..

#4 see form TOP to Bottom i am HOT, yeah an ideal for guls hah lol!!(whts the finger trying to reveal??)

#5 come on ..u also look cool in pic with me buddy..

#6 hey see last!!

#7 i am writing a MESSAGE on this great tree for PANKAJ the handsome..ha ha!i miss you !!LOL!!

#8 hey , why are you smiling .tis is my cam ...huh.!!

#9 happy b'dy to ME( give my gifts and go ..)!!

#10 oh can u see this Amazing River..

#11 my braslet and earrings are imported ones, do u hv??LOL!!..

#12 BANG!! hey what r u doing??

#13 well let me sleep, i know i am Pretty Gul!!i wil wait for you pankaj..ha ha..!you are sweet lik..huh wt u sy..i think i am near sexy ..

Anonymous said...

I haven't a clue and I'm a very poor detective but I could look at pictures of you night and day.:)
Have a wonderful happy fun weekend keshi.:)

Sanjay said...

Have a great weekend! :)

Tys on Ice said...

her goes, just get tht prize ready.
1 : showing something off - holiday pic.
2: listening to music with friends
3: foto with nephew
4. karaoke with friends pals snap. collage
7.being a tree hugger
8.self appreciation
9.being coached in kitchen
10. Posing
11.In the audience ( watching a show)
12. Caught unaware
13. At the legs of your girl friend.

Bond . James Bomd

Asha said...

Have a great weekend Keshi.Got to take the kids to Dentist appointment,See you later darling girl!:))

javagirl1111 said...

Keshilicious... you're a nut:-) I'm just gonna laugh at Anuj's answers and plead the fifth;)

javagirl1111 said...

#5.... looks like you're doing a good ole american hoedown... yay keshi! lol

Anonymous said...

oh i like #7 and #13.
sooo sexy!!
i dont think i can be a detective, keshi-chan.
#4 function at temple(??)
#8 photo shooting
#13 smiling at uncle

Coco said...

This is fun!! : )
trying to keep "balance"

look here! ain't he cute?! (pics)

3.proud sister/aunt...
showing off bro/nephew

4.look at my feet!!
pedicure, anyone?

5.doing someone else's hair...

6.sideways view of purple top, or of "boobs" : )

7.see how the skirt climbs up!! Oh, I mean...see Keshi climb up the tree! : ) more picture of me!! : )
don't i look fabulous?! : )

9.sharing b'day cake

10."mooning", I mean, showing off your ASSets : )

11.hmmm, yes, i'm interested...
let me focus.

12.huh? me?!

13.caressing someone's leg (female)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Take Care!!

Vik said...


Here goes my interpretation:

1) Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey. It's the morning and you trying to spread your arms and become fresh :D
2) Sharing da secret picture you took in a club - Proud moment (There might be Mastercard for everything else, but for this you got the Camera mate)
3) A child walking in the road wanted to take a celebrity snap with you.
4) There you go.. Listen to mommma. "I told you many times not to dance with naked legs ... "
5) Did they catch you red handed doing something?
6) Thunder thighs - Pick me pick me...
7) Watcha gonna do if I get stuck between the two tree trunks? Use the numerous lapels I got in my skirt to pull me...
8) Heights of being in a girl gang always. Self photos and as you take the lady next to you smiles "Why do women forget to turn on the camera before they click" [:D]
9) One of those-in-a-month feel great b'day parties.
10) Which one of you just spanked me? LMAO
11) Threatening the guy in front of you with a knife to listen to you and making him not to ask for his turn.
12) Did you give me a blunt knife? I thought it was real.. You bastards....
13) East or west, my thigh is the best.

I am flushed now thinking hard [:)] have a good one mate

Aditi said...

my day was ok.. i misnumbered the things though ..
well enjoy the weekend

EBEZP said...

1.“Come on let’s go!”
2.“Wow how did you get that picture you can almost see his….
3.”Look at my cool family”
4.Hang on I don’t do NO shoes
5.Oops, whoopee cushion alert!!
6.Where’s that bus?
7.“Hurry up and take that picture!”
8.“I’m going to take a picture of my cleavage and send it to that guy in England who adores me. Ebezp.”
9.“Well he did send me this cake for my birthday!”
10.“Does my bum look big in this?”
11.“I will never understand golf!”
13.“Ummmm! That’s nice!”

Great fun Keshi, thanks!!
Have a good one

Rajeev said...

#1 Look @ me, Im a bird! :D
#2 Looking into ur fren's ear! ;)
#3 i guess that kid talks too much!
#4 looking the dog
#5 tying the knot behind the skirt for that girl there
#6 Rowdy chicks looking the guys passing by! hehe ;)
#7 just posin i guess
#8 pretending to me helping ur mom!
#9 Looking at some pic?
#10 "And I'm on tonight
You know my hips don't lie
And I am starting to feel you boy
Come on lets go, real slow
Don't you see baby asi es perfecto"
#11 looking at something
#12 Oopsie! caught while cleaning ur room!?
#13 check out these thunder thighs! ;)
that was fun keshi! :D

peace & love

diyadear said...

ok this sounds like fun lemme try
#1 keshi doing the balancing act(is there a vacancy in the circus troupe ??;))
#2.Oh wat r these gals giggling for . that guy in pic is not that handsome ha ha that u??? im confused. i think thats ur sis. ur the one taking the picture ;)
#4.lets do some rock n roll baby!! ur b'day cake ;)
#6.waiting for prince charming
#7. common monkeys, lets do some tree climbing ;) my hair looking ok?? lemme take a quick picture
#9.cutting cake
#10. playing tennis??/
#11.watching sme game with friends??
#12.oh my god.. which crappy guy is now after me?? ;)
#13.ahem ahem.. ok someone is hurt n ur soothing the pain away he he

hey hope i pass :P

Little Miss Muffet said...

heheh..interesting post...too difficult quiz though..(sorry but i just hate guessing stuff) i did mentally try to assign captions to the pics though :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Uber nice pics lovey :)

KAYLEE said...

//lolz Kaylee u make me laugh with ur sweet comments.

Now r u ok?//

lol glad i can make you laugh.Today I am better still a little pain but not much and i got someone to stay when me til I recover :)

Paul Champagne said...

1) Having your head and appendages removed to make it harder to identify you as a spy.

2) Looking at pictures taken by your spy camera

3) Putting a headlock on an assassin from SOMA (Society Of Midget Assassins)

4) Learning new hand to hand combat techniques

5) Planting a listening device (bug)

6) Doing some casual surveillance

7) Climbing to a better vantage point to survey your target (hope no one is standing on the ground looking up).

8) Trying to figure out how to operate a miniture nuclear reactor you just stole from the North Koreans.

9) Adding some truth serum to a cake you are going to give to an enemy spy.

10) Hiding your gun from prying eyes.

11) Waiting for the moment to pounce

12) Oh no ... busted, your cover is blown.

13) Giving us your best Mata Hari look.

Princess Banter said...

Ooooh what pressie? What pressie?

Crazy Me said...

I'm horrible at guessing games so I'll just say that you look stunning. :) Will that get me off the hook?

MONA said...

Very nice pictures Keshi! I love them all! :))

Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW...what a picturous quiz out...well will try some other time...but yes ...I loved all the pictures...
Huggzz dear

Jeevan said...

Ok start

Tadentatan……… tan tadan tadan tadan…. Its keshi 007

#1 stretching ur hands to feel yourself free
#2 a deep discussion on something with ur cousins (think it may be ipod)
#3 enjoying with the little ones to pose for the camera at some family get-together.
#4 at a dance party
#5 hai that’s sweet dear, doing some prank I think
#6 thinking deep, while watching some one
#7 that a wild movement;)
#8 take yourself in the mobile cam
#9 happy B’day to you:)
#10 posing like playing tennis
#11 smile pls
#12 did any hunk suddenly dashed on you hehe…
#13 very beautiful! Are u laying on whose leg?

Happy Sunday keshi… cool bond!

krystyna said...

1. Keshe jumps to the unknown
2. Back home after party
3. Keshe with family
4. Keshe at the party
5. Keshe wants to whisper something to mom
6. Wonderful trip
7. Keshi likes to touch the tree for a good energy
8. Keshe as an expert
9. Happy Birthday Keshe!
10. Keshe wants to drink
11. Queen between beauties
12. Sunday morning
13. Keshe in romantic mood.
Funny post and great music.
Have a happy weekend!

Jeya Anand said...

hey tired to fill in such a complicated thing;)
Dont give works to my idle brain:D

Btw u look cute in those!!:)
Heard from the previous post,,u from SRI LANKA??

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I came to read you.

God bless.

The Phosgene Kid said...

If I was single, 21, and had hair again I would be on my way to Sydney right now!!

Helen said...

First of all, Keshi, I'll hold the pistol straight in the air, we'll get Amy (Jewel Rays) to point one to the side, and you can hold the walkie-talkie for the Charlie's Angel's silhouette pose ; )

Here's my list:

1 Balancing on a tight rope
2 Giggling over nudey pics of Southey
3 Demonstrating the polite way to silence impertinent children
4 Shopping for Shoes!!!
5 Giving a shoulder rub
6 Posing for a pic in front a deep gorge
7 Using your dendrochronology skills to date a wild eucalyptus
8 Checking for shiny nose in compact
9 Cutting a cake!
10 Showing off your bum?
11 Judging American Idol
12 Cleaning your closet
13 Using a pal to demonstrate just HOW Sri Lankan gals get their legs so smooth and shiny!

Nicholas said...

I'd discovered your inner and outer beauty. I'm a good detective.

Meticulousness said...

That was hilarious to an instant though. By the way, the music you’re sharing is from Mission Impossible not 007.

Expression ! said...

All the pictures show that you are just about to have lots of fun and only fun.

Have a great weekend !

javajazz said...

hey Keshi!!
happy birthday, baby!
ya, i know it was back in June,
but i just today (july 21st!)
read Autumns happy birthday
wishes to you Jodes and me!
can you believe i didnt see it till now?
(answer is, YES!!)
anyway, you are gorgeous!
Autumn can manage to find photos
of EVERYONE! dont know how she does it!
but there you were all beautiful!
so, happy birthday, my fellow Moonchild,
you are a beautiful soul, that i know,
with incredible compassion for everyone.
sending love and hope your birthday
was a great fun festive party!
xoxo lisa

homo escapeons said...

Alrighty then...
1 making designs with your toes in your famous Zen sand garden
2 erasing sister's music library on her ipod
3 putting duct tape on nephew's mouth to stop him from cursing during your soap opera
4 doin'the hokey pokey (hic)
5 rubbing ginseng and sparkles on Mum's scalp and working your triceps
6 leaning against wet paint on railing
7 stubbed toe on gigantic f@%#n' tree that just popped out of nowhere (hic)
8 woke up with amnesia so you started taking pictures of yourself and writing notes just like in the movie Memento
9 cutting cake seconds before flash from nuclear weapon disintegrates house
10 shakin' yer junk and showin' us where yer mama lives (hic)
11 no idea? watching something boring on the telly like golf or house of parliament debate
12 startled by the sudden appearance of the band sneaky sound system in your bathroom
13 scrunching into a ball in order to be crated and shipped off to the colonies to meet all of us.

How'd I do?

Jac said...

Again just a pressie ?????

Mission impossible with out more inviting rewards.

smrtnhuggble said...

hmm trying not to look at the answers..
1 - pointing at something
2 - gossiping with friends or sharing somethings
3 - smiling with a kid? nephew or someone
4 - dancing???
5 - get in the picture with me already (hehe thats what u might be saying)
6 - waiting for someone?
7 - climbing a tree
8 - looking at ure self in the mirror and thinkign "my am i HOT"
10 - looking at someone by the wateR?
11 - focusig on seomthing
12- turned around and someone clicked a pic of u
13 - uh oh.... ;)!!

hahaha.. theres my 007 guesses!

Jocelyn said...

1.You've got a chickadee perched on your hand.
2.Looking at a photo of the three of you hugging
3. Shushing up the young lad
4.Dancing at a wedding
5.Shushing grandma in a wheelchair
6.Watching for a sighting of The Queen
7.Posing for outdoorsy school photo
8.Checking make-up in mirror
9.Cutting bday cake
10.Using photo to check for panty lines
11.Watching the season finale of GREY'S ANATOMY
12.Looking sassy in the headband
13.Playing coy minx

Dan said...

Keshi, I'm back! Thanks for leaving those wonderful comments while I was away.

I haven't a clue what you're doing in those photos. I just love looking at photos of you. Keep 'em coming! Hugs and kisses.

Kuan Gung said...

My, my, all this thinking is too much for me...

Alok said...

-> Pointing at an ant ... asking it "will u shake my hand
-> Checking the frnd of pic who is going to get married and loose all the bliss of life
->Cuddled ur nephew and gosh! he just survived
->dancing to the hill
->strangling someone to death and u were just caught on a reel
->looking on abstractly .... were u plotting how can u not leave any clue
->Posing for a photograph! "but where is my face ... damn it!
->"I am so beautiful ... let me capture this moment
->"Guys lets work seriously .... we have a job in hand ... we need to kill this guy ... and reward is a million dollar .. common let get back to work
->"Common atleast tell me u r taking my snaps
->"I am ready r u ......

take care Keshi ..... it was so difficult (he he)

and sorry for that goof-up

hv a good day


Mohan said...

What are you doing now-->You are reading my post

What you did--> You clicked on 'comments' link

What are going to do--> You are going to click on Back button

damn,,i am brilliant

Pankaj Gupta said...

hey KESHI..
Kahan hai tu(where are you?)..
hanging out with ur boyfriends..?ha ha..come soon.bye.take care.

Trinnie said...

Keshi, u look so very like that Marathi actress Sonali Kulkarni. she was in Dil Chahta Hai if you've seen that movie, cast opposite Saif Ali Khan!
especially the last pic, reminds me of her :)

take care!

Helen said...

Keshi-babez, I've tagged you, come visit.

Shionge said... are so tricky and fun to all of us.

I'll let the others be the detectives coz I am having fun reading their comments.

You ROCK girl :D

Margie said...

Hi Keshi dear
I thought I'd have time to partake in this detective work, but don't!
I'm sure you will have some really great answers!

Me and my huuby are heading out on a long hike and then a bike ride.
Will be gone till late in the evening.
Gotta go...he's all ready to leave.

See you soon hun!


P.S Hope you are having a great weekend!

kaylee said...

YOu must have had a great weekend to ignoreus all weekend how are you today keshi?i am a little better but not a whole lot!!!!!!!!!!

EMALMADA said...

Hello from Almada Portugal
Have a nice day

Keshi said...

hehe Nadine no probs at all sweetie. ty for trying on 2 pics :)



**Um, thinking of me in every one, right?

ofcourse I think of u ALL the time awww...even on the train this morning...


WB Peter I've been missin ya! ***HUGS***

No worries @game. Just take it easy mate. Im glad ur bak :)


Keshi said...

Andrew u r so clever and so witty. I loved ALL ur answers mate!! :):)

**'I've seen you bank book. I'm yours.'


ty for taking part!


lolz Anuj hows u?

I was thinking of ya in the weekend...wut u mite be doing...


Keshi said...

Aishhh MWAHHHHH n ty girly! :)

I loved ur answers...some very funny ones there...u clever lil thing ;-) Kate Winslet one had me ROFL :):)

ok I'll visit ya soon, tnxx!


Heyya Lee ty sweetie!

**12.kiss the camera man
13. and maybe more!!

LOL hahaha! U mite be right hunny :):)

Breaking wind? ROFL!!!


Acid u had some brilliant captions there LOL!

**//13.Wooh! That toy's a big one :D

HAHAHAHAHA! ahemmm Im not that greedy ok ;-)


Pankaj oii hows u? :):)

**11 my braslet and earrings are imported ones, do u hv??


ok so ur clever? ty for those great captions funny dude! :)


lolz Rick no worries n hey HUGGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

ty Sanjay n u too!


Hey Mr.Tys Bond ty! ;-)

**being coached in kitchen

LOL loved that one!


Asha hey so how did it go sweetie?


heyyy Javagirl no worries swt hrt HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

** looks like you're doing a good ole american hoedown

LOL u r spot on there or wut ha!! :):) It was indeed a HOE shot hahaha!


hey Niki u've got TASTE @#7 n #13. :)

**13 smiling at uncle

LOL u serious??? If my uncle saw me like that he'd die instantly.


Coco u r sooo funny lol! tnxxx hun :)

**6.sideways view of purple top, or of "boobs" : )

HAHAHA u noticed em ha! GOOOOOOD.

**10."mooning", I mean, showing off your ASSets : )

ROFL!! :)


Keshi said...

hahaha Vik u r sooo funny!

**6) Thunder thighs - Pick me pick me...

LOL so u think I hv thunder thighs? Just this morning I thought so too...

**10) Which one of you just spanked me? LMAO

LOL guys just wanna spank ha.

**11) Threatening the guy in front of you with a knife to listen to you and making him not to ask for his turn

how d u know me so well? LOL!


aww Aditi Im glad ur day was good. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Ebezp ;-) hows u?

**.“I’m going to take a picture of my cleavage and send it to that guy in England who adores me. Ebezp.”


I love that link...ty so much! :)


lolz Rajeev glad u enjoyed it.

**13 check out these thunder thighs! ;)

hahaha I'll get that person to read this ok?


Keshi said...

Diya ur one SWEET girl lol, tnxxx!

**#10. playing tennis??/

HAHAHA! okaaay lets say so ;-)


no worries Missy HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! :)


gee tnxxx Caz babez!


KAYLEEEEEEE MWAHHHHHHHH! I hope all is well with ya. I cudnt log on to blogs in the weekend cos I was supa busy...but I did think of u..all the time actually. Hope u got my angel blessings across the seas :)


Keshi said...

Paul mate I love love love ur answers! SO CLEVER. :):)

**3) Putting a headlock on an assassin from SOMA (Society Of Midget Assassins)

LOL that had me laughing so much.

**13) Giving us your best Mata Hari look.


ty for taking part Mr.Bond :)


Banter soon u'll know ;-)



No worries at all :) Hope u had fun girl.


Keshi said...





lolz Jeevan @Tadentatan……… tan tadan tadan tadan!

**#12 did any hunk suddenly dashed on you hehe


ty Jeevan u r so very sweet!


ty Krys u r so clever!! WOW!

**8. Keshe as an expert

like that caption alot hehe.



heyy Jeya :) yes Im originally from SL.



Ori hey HOWS U? HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! Ty for dropping by my dearest friend. God bless u!


Phos awww hair or not, 21 or 41 or 61, I LOVE U.


Helen lolz!

**we'll get Amy (Jewel Rays) to point one to the side, and you can hold the walkie-talkie for the Charlie's Angel's silhouette pose

haha cute! U know we used to pretend like Charlies Angels when we were kids...I loved being a spy/detective and running ard with a gun...strange for a girl ha LOL! btw u and Amy wud be the HOTTEST Charlies Angels EVER!

U had some very WITTY answers there Helen LOL!

**2 Giggling over nudey pics of Southey

haha! I wish I really had some of those pics tho. :):)

**7 Using your dendrochronology skills to date a wild eucalyptus


Love ye sweetie TY for taking part!

Urs' Sincerely
Charlies' Angel
Jacquelyn Smith AKA KESHI ;-)


hey matey Nocholas WC to my world!

**I'd discovered your inner and outer beauty. I'm a good detective

aww how SWEET is that! TY n HUGGGGGGGGGZ!



KAYLEE said...

//KAYLEEEEEEE MWAHHHHHHHH! I hope all is well with ya. I cudnt log on to blogs in the weekend cos I was supa busy...but I did think of u..all the time actually. Hope u got my angel blessings across the seas :)//


Keshi said...

hey Meticulousness WC n ty!

**By the way, the music you’re sharing is from Mission Impossible not 007.

I know (I said that in the Current Music line). I just put MI music for a Bond post cos they r all detectives :) And I love MI and Bond movies.

tnxx anyways!


Sharda I try to have FUN every single day :)



Javajazz awww that was such a heart-felt msg. ty n HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ to ya!

Hope u had tonz of FUN on ur bday that u deserve so much.


lolz HE u funny dude! ty for taking part...I was LMAO!

**9 cutting cake seconds before flash from nuclear weapon disintegrates house

LOL hahahaha!


Jac WB! :)

rem last time nobody it's the same pressie on offer ;-)


Well Miss.Choco Bond wut can I say, u r def BOND material ;-)



Jocelyn I loved ur clever n witty answers girl! U ROCK. :)

**5.Shushing grandma in a wheelchair

WOW! U r def BOND material. Cos ur the ONLY one who guessed that right!


OMG OMG OMG look who's here :) DAN the man...HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ n WB! I hope u had tonz of fun. I missed ya btw. And o did I tell u that I missed ya? LOL I just did didnt I.

Anyways so glad to have ya bak Dan. :)


Keshi said...

Kuan no worries n ty! :)


lolz Alok nah u were really good, I must say :)

ty for taking part!

**Pointing at an ant ... asking it "will u shake my hand



lolz Mohan u r TOO MUCH! :):)

And o yeah VERY CLEVER hehehehe.


Pankaj I just came bak from meeting a monkey :)



**Sonali Kulkarni

Checked her out on Google. WOW she's a BABE. ty for the compliment :)

Now I'll go ard telling ppl 'd u know who I am...Im Sonali' LOL!


Helen I'll come ard soon. ty sweetie! :)


Shionge no worries sweetie. ty so much! :)


Margie HUGGGGGGGGZ! No worries there at all. I hope u had a brilliant weekend darling.



Kaylee I had a very busy one...hows u sweetie?


Emalmada WC n hey ty!

All the way from Almada Portugal ha. COOL!


Keshi said...

Kaylee take it easy hun...everything will be alright.


KAYLEE said...

i knw everything will be fine its just nervousness and i am better than yesterday today but no completely pain free.

KAYLEE said...

and i may have to hide now after that state ment i jsut added on my blog peice with the true friend poem hehe.

anuj said...

thinkin of me on the weekend .. woho .. :D

well .. i had a nite out on friday .. i met a bunch of random guyz in a club .. i mean one of the drunken ones picked me up (u knw i dont approach peeps at all :( ..).. nd askd me if i wantd to hang out wid thm .. i was like 'sure' :D ..

thy had a nice concept of hangin out ..thy were a bunch of frndz .. n thy had this idea tht if one of thm calls tht 'it is my nite' nd evyone agrees to it .. n tht is tht guyz nite .. so one guy had called fr it .. n evry1 agreed .. so it was his nite . which eventually meant tht whtevr he said .. or wherevr he wantd to go .. thy all will have to go ..

fr ex 'if he said lets go to the GAY club' .. all headed to the gay club :D .. hehe .. though thy had already done tht .. so i missed out .. bt ya i went to a bunch of clubs wid thm .. one of d guyz was my wingman fr a while .. bt the gals turned out to b fuckin rude .. n thy looked like super NON - models .. newyz .. thn these gyz headed to the casino .. n it was my first time in casino .. n i dnt believe much in betting n stuff (ya u can say m scared of loosing) .. so eventually lost 5 dollars .. hehe .. had some weird drinks .. n nxt day .. slept all through the day :D ..

sunday i went to this rock concert .. with the aussie band 'the butterfly effect' .. it was awesome .. grt band .. i love it .. lots of throwin arnd ppl .. haha .. it was crazy fun ..

bt as alwyz .. i had a mixed weekend .. it was more fun .. bt its alwyz mixed fr me :P

hw waz ur weekend?
ohh i wrote a blog again :D

anuj said...

@javagirl : thnkx fr appreciating my comments (wink wink) ..

r u the one who made tht creepy thing java :x (lol .. i mean were u a part of the SUN team :P .. hehe) ..

hwz it goin? ;)

AmitL said...,this is good..let's see..
1.Never knew being a traffic policewoman was so much fun.
2.(Bhala uska card mere card se cuter kaise?)How could her Valentine Day card be cuter?
3.Look,Dentist,No cavities.
4.Oopsies..I forgot to wear my footsies.
5.There-the backache's gone.
6.Shucks.The photographer goofed-I told him to click my side profile,and he skipped my face.
7.Ok-So,I'm standing next to a tree..when does the Bollywood hero chase me? OR: Option 2:Oops-tree climbing?Not in these clothes.
8. Time for a bit of self-admiration."I really look great."(grin)
9.Happy Birthday to ME.
10. Hey,no,no bum photos.
11.This TV remote!Arghh.
12. Brrr...was that a footfall behind me?
13. Remembering those guitar lessons.(That's a bit farfetched,I know.LOL)

Cheers..hope I scored something.Grt fun.

Zhu said...

Posting random pics to drive your readers crazy ?

Okay, I give up.

Keshi said...

Kaylee stay strong hun. We r with ya. ok??


Anuj ahoyyyyyyy! :) How was the frikkin freezing wknd? I nearly died from the cold. Im now suffering that viscious thing called FLU. My whole body is aching...

**fr ex 'if he said lets go to the GAY club' .. all headed to the gay club

LOL so u guys really did that? OMG :) btw I hv neva been to a Gay club.

Canberra has a Casino? I thought Canberra is the country...LOL!


Amit ur a tad late but ur answers just ROCKED :) LOL!

**13. Remembering those guitar lessons.(That's a bit farfetched,I know.LOL

hahahaha too much Amit!

Keshi faints...THUDDDDDDDD!


hey Zhu!

**Posting random pics to drive your readers crazy ?

lol sorry to bore ya :)


Sweetstickychewy said...

haha...this is so fun!!

anuj said...

no they did I dint .. i said tht i met thm aftr thy had already been there i missed out on to tht ..

so u clearly dnt read tht clearly :P

haha .. u sdney guyz .. wat wud u knw abt cold .. i was fuckin freazin in my lab last nite :( .. i tried to get beneath the table to get myself warm bt it nevr helped .. so i caught thte first bus in the mornin back home .. n entered in to my quilt n slept fr 3 hrs .. to turn out late at wrk .. hehe :D

Keshi said...

lolz Amy ty!


Anuj duhh I read that clearly u Anujahunkarama :)

btw Canberra is colder cos it's a village...LOL!


Dalicia said...

nice pix!!! keshi the bond girl from sydney :) woo hooo

Varsha said...

Shyah I am late for the game....No wonder the previous post didn't make much sense to me (The one after this actually.)

Nice pics though!!

Keshi said...

ty Dalicia :) n Varsha!