Friday, September 28

Vent Your Spleen!

It's Fun Friday yessssss! That means I get to ask you a question (not that I usually don't ask questions...rolling eyes here!). Today's question is easy piecy lemon squeezy...ok so ready?

What do you think is YOUR most abused(/overused) body-part/organ at the moment?

:) Simple it is, isnt it? To give you an idea about this question, well let's take a smoker as an example. I think his most abused body-part/organ would be the Lungs (not forgetting his teeth, gums, lips, skin and alot more!). But mostly it would be his Lungs. As a 2nd example, lets use one of my friends. She's a beautician. So I guess her most used body-part would be her Hands (provided we are aware that she's not abusing any other body parts)...cos she's always working on women's faces, hair, body etc. As a 3rd example lets look at myself. My IT job (and my blogging profession ahemm! ;-)) requires for me to use the PC alot, hence my Fingers and my Eyes are my most abused body parts on a phsyical level. I use the word ABUSED here cos these body-parts/organs are mostly on use (overuse) on a daily basis, and I really need to lookafter my eyes for goddsakes! My Feet do get their share of abuse too...cos sometimes I wear 'fashion' shoes (not all the time though) that make my feet suicidal but I still walk around in them with a perfect smile, pretending that I'm all comfy when I really wanna burn the shoes. My mum thinks I'm a fashion slave - maybe she's wrong, cos I think I'm a fashion loser. Next, my Brain...I 'think' too much and right now my brain is in Anti-Keshi rehab - further updates on the health of my brain will be given later on. Also, my Ears get highly abused on a daily basis...cos I always use the iPod...I hope I wont go deaf before I die! I wanna listen to Music till my last breath. Dear God, is that a deal then, can you hear me, or have you got your 'divine' iPod on right now? And hey it looks like my whole body is abused 24/7 hmmm....Keshi feels giddy!

On an emotional level, I think my Heart is the most abused organ. Cos I have let my heart go through so many storms, losses, shock, grief, cuts, betrayels that it's beyond repair right now (you have no idea about some things that have happened in my life) amount of Bypass surgeries or even Plastic surgeries would be able to cover up the damages and the scars that my heart lives with right now. But for all the mess it's gone through, I think my heart is the richest organ I have. I guess my Stomach is fighting for that 'Richest organ' position too, but with my rather bizzare eating habits, it remains quite rich in size but very underprivileged in shape LOL!

So yeah now it's your turn...tell me about your most abused body-parts/organs (I hope I don't sound like Idi Amin, neither am I an organ thief ok hehe). Your answer can have more than 1 body-part/organ, and either external or internal, and either on a physical or on an emotional level or both . So get your legs to speak, give your liver a chance to complain, listen to what your teeth have to say, take your hair out for a chat over coffee, ask your nails if they are keeping well, find out if your skin is staying healthy, check if your heart is happy, find out if your soul needs some exercise... ... ...go for it guys, give your body a chance to vent!

Either way we all have beautiful, unique, respect and lookafter the body you've got. It's a long weekend in Aus - I have been invited to a massive party on Sat night, will be going on a mini getaway on Sunday and hopefully I'd get to do some veging out on the couch watching DVDs on Monday. Have a good one babehs, see yous soon! btw this song is one of my fav oldies...reminds me of someone I used to know...***tears***

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Wednesday, September 26

Dial, Confide and Survive!

WARNING: Some photos below are of real abuse victims. They may cause distress to some readers!

A HOT Update...
Thanks to Aidan, I rang the number he gave me (AustraliaSaysNo DV helpline). At the other end of the phone, there was a real sweet lady. The very first question she asked me was 'Are you in any sort of danger?'. Hell I'm in alot of danger from Keshi herself. Ok jokes apart, I guess it's a mandatory question that they ask first from anyone who rings the helpline. I then told her that I'm safe and that this was about my friend. I told her everything except personal details - they really don't ask you for it - you can be Anonymous and discuss the issue with them, it's really upto you. I think that's great, cos alot of women wouldn't wanna reveal their identities when they discuss such matters...well atleast not until they really want to. Ok, so after I told her the story, this lady told me that I'm such a concerned friend and that my friend should be really lucky to have someone like me in her life (woohoo no complaints there ;-)). She also stated that calling the helpline is one of the WISEST things that I did, thanks to all you guys! She then gave me some real good advice on how to go about handling this matter. She told me that, first of all, cos my friend isn't ready to tell the Police or anyone else except me, that I should really leave it for her to decide...that I can only be there for her and check on her all the time - that's about it. The law here is that if the abused person doesn't wanna report it, then there's nothing we can do about it. So some of you were right about that...I should not report to the Police before she decides to do that, cos that may cause more sparks and she could end up in more danger. Also if I spoke to her husband, matters could get worse...that's what the lady told me. She also told me that if I spoke to the husband, that even I could be in danger. So she said that the best way to go about this is to get her to speak to someone in her family...which is exactly what I did last week. I got her promise to speak to her mum soon. So I told her that I already told my friend to speak to her mum and she was very glad I did that. She said that's the only thing we could do at the moment cos we dont have her consent to tell the Police. The next thing she told me to do was to let my friend know about this helpline and to get her to speak to them anytime she's ready...that she could get advice from them in Anonymous form and then she'd be better-prepared to handle a similar situation next time. She also gave me some details about the Police DV officers and asked me to pass it on to my friend. And finally, she asked me one more question (she said it's yet another mandatory question and not to freak out when she asks it) and that question was 'Are you suicidal?'. Goshh how did she know? ;-) Cos since the day I saw those 2 police officers (from my 'An Officer And A Genitalman' post) who came to my place to track my stalker, I became a stalker myself and now I'm suicidal cos I can't seem to find the 2 officers baaaaaaawaaaaaa :*(. I'm gonna try jumping off the Ground floor balcony (don't forget my fear of heights)..and if I make it, can you please call the Poilce? Well I answered NO ofcourse, and then thanked her and hung up. :)

Ok jokes apart, I achieved a great deal from making that very important call...I got all the necessary advice on how to go about this and also info for my friend that I have already passed on. I didn't tell my friend that I rang the helpline...I told her that I got it all from the net. I'm glad that now she'd be more educated on this matter and that she'd know WHERE to get help next time. I also got her to promise me to reveal this to her mum...and I'm gonna keep a watch on her until she does that...and until she's SAFE. Having said that, if anyone out there is suicidal, scared, depressed, abused or lonely, please speak to a DV helpine close to you. The number for AustraliaSaysNo is 1800 200 526 and it's a CONFIDENTIAL HELPLINE. Pick up the phone, get back your self-esteem and put an end to your misery - Start LIVING the rest of your life...don't let anyone treat you badly, you deserve the best and there are wonderful people out there to help you. btw Pics #2 and #3 are real pics of 2 abused women - both women were attacked by their if you're being abused right now, don't WAIT for THAT to happen to you too! Speak to someone now. (please note that these pics were not used here to induce fear but to make people understand the SEVERITY of the issue!).

A WARM Thank-You...
I wanna thank ALL of you for all the support and advice on this matter - all your efforts got me to take this mighty step, which is really great. Aidan thanks for leaving me the number here - you already did the homework for me. This is why I say that Blogville has alot to offer, it educates people, makes us grow together, help each other and be there for each other. The funny thing is no one outside Blogville made me do this kind of thing. So you see, how PRECIOUS and INFLUENTIAL blog friends can be. THANKS all for making things happen, you guys rock! btw last night I watched a TV documentary on abused Afghan was one of the most HORRIBLE things to many young women burned and maimed by their husbands/MILs, and it was the saddest thing I have ever seen. These women don't even have a helpline to contact...instead they suffer in hospital beds all their lives, while the filthy perpetrators walk free. While I can't really help those women, I wanna dedicate this post to those Afghan women and to others around the world who are being abused. Also, I wanna dedicate today's song to my friend and others who suffer in silence. My thoughts are with these souls...when I go to bed tonight, I'd whisper a small prayer and hope that someone out there would reach out to each of these victims of abuse and help them out of this nightmare...just like how all of you helped me to help my friend.

And A COLD Conspiracy...
Please keep your entries coming in for the last post. This post was to update you all on the DV issue cos u deserve to know what's happening, and look how long the update got LOL! One more thing, remember that Bollywood cruise I was supposed to go on in Sept (read Crash Hot Rogan Josh) ...well it was canned! It's really disappointing, and it's rather unusual to cancel a cruise in that manner, but I guess destiny played a part on it...what say? Cos if I had met Mr.Darcy again on board, I'd have walked upto him and stamped his foot real hard with my high-heels till his toes started making funeral arrangements, would then ring 000 (emergency care for my heels that is!) and walk back dancing while he screeched like a drama queen (yes queen!)...cos somehow I have a feeling he'd end up being a DVish husband someday, don't ask me why!

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Tuesday, September 25

Walking In A Spring Wonderland...

UPDATED WITH THE WINNING TITLES! Thanks each and everyone for taking part. All the entries were equally good and it was very hard to choose just one each. All the entries rocked!

#1 Beauties in bloom...(Keshi)

#2 Sunday bloody Sunday...(Fish)
#3 Red and white, hold me tight...(Keshi)
#4 Blue cotton candy...(Jeevan)

#5 Enlightening roses bring smiles to every lips...(Nanditha Prabhu)
#6 The passionate flower of life...(Nadine)
#7 Rise and shine...(Toothy)
#8 Heaven...(Niki)
#9 Crabbyapples? Naaah that's the pink blush of joy!(Helen)
#10 The Contagious melodies...(Amy)
#11 The whisper of the mystic...(Kirthi)
#12 The one that makes the difference...(DJ)
#13 Path to beauty...(Tys)
#14 Unity in diversity...(Amit)
#15 Raining upwards...(How_do_we_know)

#16 Messing with the blooms...(Akanksha)

Guys these are some pics taken from my mobile phone during my usual lunch-time walks in the City. Spring has certainly arrived. Thanking all the Gods for that! With Spring comes awakenings...and I want to re-awaken the life inside of me...the life that went to sleep in the laps of sorrow on a dark Winters' night. Yes Spring you always bring me to wake me up bring flesh to my get my blood move my lips, eyes and bring me to make me feel all over again.

And that last pic was taken on Sat without combing my hair and I look a bloody mess. Sorry about the trauma that photo is causing you but I like the top I'm wearing in thought I'd just show off, you know ;-). And I'm surrounded by flowers, awwww so pretty hehe. Ok with these pics, I thought I might get you to do something for your favorite pic and title it. So you only have to title one pic...just your favorite. eg: #2 - your title. I will select the BEST titles for each pic and post them here at the end of all entries (if a certain pic didn't get chosen at all, I'd title it myself). Thanks in advance and enjoy the colors of Spring, LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

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Monday, September 24

Hello Yesterday!

Yesterday is gone...
On Sunday I went to see my uncle at the ICU. He was very ill for about 3months but nobody except his immediate family was allowed to see him until last weekend. Uncle A is a very close one to me, and he has helped me alot in my life. He is a good man, a kind-hearted person, a loving and caring gentleman. He fell ill quite suddenly and was admitted to the hospital in July. None of us got a chance to see him as he was not all that fit to have visitors back then. So yesterday was our chance...the chance that I had been waiting for months to meet. The last I saw him was in July, just before he got ill...he was a fit and happy man then. That was his yesterday. So we were mentally prepared to see him as the nurses and his family instructed us not to get too emotional as he'd be upset then, therefore his condition would deteriorate further.

Today is all we have...
So as I walked into the 2nd floor and pressed the ICU doorbell, a nurse answered it. I then told her that I was there to see Mr.A. She then asked one person to walk in at a time, so I left my mum outside, pushed the door and walked in. Inside, was a world of pain and suffering...young and old...with a zillion tubes on them...trying to survive...holding onto the last bit of life they had in them. I wanted to cry. But I gathered some strength and courage. A nurse then came upto me, got me to wash my hands and made me wear protective clothing and gloves before I could go to his bedside. When I set my eyes on him, I witnessed the face of anguish...the face of longing to go back in time...the face of searching that 'yesterday'. And I suddenly realised that I was a big part of his 'yesterday'. Before he got ill, we used to visit him all the time as he lived in the next street to our's. Today he's he's not even able to stand up like he used to...he's not even able to speak cos of the tubes that went through his he's not even able to breathe on his own. So his yesterday has now been taken over by sickness and disability. His today is VERY different from his yesterday. And I was standing there in front of him, and I may have reminded him alot of his yesterday...Hello Yesterday! That's what his heart must have told him cos as soon as he saw me, there was movement in his face...his eyes widened, his lips parted, his hands if to say, Hello Yesterday! I never expected to see my uncle A suffering this way (he isnt very old either), with tubes running all over him and not being able to speak or eat...but I was happy I could see him and that he could see me. I then walked upto him and told him that everything was going to be alright...I patted him on his forehead and I told him that we'll be praying for him (I'm crying as I type this). But strangely I didn't cry when I was with him. Some strength in me made it all easier for me...cos I wanted to be happy just so that he wouldn't feel sad. I asked him if he missed home, and then he raised his right hand gently towards his mouth, indicating that he missed eating food. It broke my heart. I can't ever imagine anyone being in this kind of situation...breathing from a machine, not being able to eat or get up...he was basically a vegetable, except that he could see and hear us, and was mentally fit. I think that's even worse - to recognise everything around him and to know that he can't be the way he used to be. I stayed there talking to him for 15mins and then it was my time to go and send my mum in. I said my goodbyes and promised him that I'd visit him again. I disposed the protective wearing, washed my hands and walked towards the I walked away, I turned one last time to take a glance at him...he was staring at me from his bed...I then gave him a flying kiss and quickly turned away so that my tears would not be seen.

Tomorrow is unclear...
Today we are happy and healthy...tomorrow we may not be. Yesterday can come back to haunt us. I hope my uncle A would get better soon and come back home to live his yesterday again. I don't want him to suffer this one should have to go through that. He's very well educated, fairly rich and mostly a very nice man. But none of that can get him out of this situation...except prayers...I believe in prayers and I know he will come out of this soon. Guys enjoy what you have, be content with whatever that you have today, be glad you're not on one of those beds at the ICU, don't complain about things that arent worth it, be thankful for today cos that's all we've got, for tomorrow we may long for the yesterday we had. And please pray for my uncle A...thanks in advance. Education, money, goodness or beauty can't save anyone from illness...nothing is permanent...but contentment and prayers heal, no matter what. Take care guys!

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Thursday, September 20

Top Secrets

And I wanna wish this NUT a very Happy Birthday! Saby that's me looking out from my bedroom window and wishing that you'd be surrounded by alot of LOVE today and always. Keep smiling but please cut down on the number of blogs you have...your profile page looks like some massive Govt housing project!

Now to my usual rants. Guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat? Remember my mate M from 3 posts down? The one who made an indecent proposal to me? Well yesterday he txted me after a very long time...and now he works in London. He asked me how I am etc and then I asked him when he was planning to have his then cancelled wedding? He told me that they had broken up and that there's no wedding. So what he told me back then was the truth. Then he also told me something else. He told me that they slept with each other before their wedding. Now don't get me wrong...I aint saying that what they did was wrong. This is a boy coming from a very strict Hindu family and the girl is also a Hindu girl coming from an equally strong background. Well you could say that it doesn't matter anymore...this is Australia. Well these 2 are not kids...they are adults and they should do what they wanna do. No problem there. BUT, in a Hindu wedding, the priest comes around to bless the newly married couple and does all these pujas (blessings with prayers etc) assuming that the girl is a virgin. My point here is that while what you do with your own life is your business, why do people have such weddings even when the prayers and rituals wouldn't make sense? I know so many Hindu couples who had sex before marriage and then got on the wedding altar and went through the 'virgin' rituals with the priests. To me, it doesn't make's equivalent to lying and cheating. While I'm not overly religious, I'm not a hypocrite either. This isnt about sex before marriage, this is about having sex before marriage and then pretending to be so innocent by doing all those wedding rituals...that somehow doesn't make sense to me. What say guys?

And another question now...I read Steph's blog today and it dawned on me that I'm facing a similar situation as her post read. I know a girl who's husband beats her up. Domestic Violence is a CRIME. She confides only in me and she made me promise NOT to tell the Police/anyone else. Now that she whispered it to me, I feel guilty somehow...cos I know that someone is getting hurt out there and heyy I'm not able to help? It somehow puts me in the 'accomplice' category you see, and that freaks me out. And I don't want her to keep getting abused and I want that scumbag of a man of her's to go to jail...what a loser! What if he kills her one fine day when he lose his marbles again? What do you think I should do guys?

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Wednesday, September 19

The Intruder

Ok question simple question and all you've got to do is answer it...easy right? Goodo!

And the question is:

If you could steal anything from Keshi, what would it be? And please describe HOW you're gonna steal it without being spotted by Keshi Bond's spying binoculars ;-).

Once you answer that, I'll tell you what I'd wanna steal from you and how. Now don't say you don't want to steal anything from me. Be a criminal for once ok hehehe. So be a sport and join in the fun. Now go for it you kinky burglars!

Very busy over here, so I'd get around to your blogs when I'm done with work...please bear with my absence. THANKS!

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Monday, September 17

Joy Ride

Skippy the bush kangaroo?

I'm spitting the dummy on you mate!

Why are you scaring me with your eyes?

I'm hopping away Keshi, hooroo!

Mother Mary, please answer my prayers...

Wait on Keshi, there's a long list before you..

Girls just wanna have fun...
Beware of Chicks!

Elizabeth and Mr.Darcy at the ball?Baby lets swayyyy...

Joonba, Wangka or Munga Munga?

Shake it to the right...
Bugs Bunny says 'Kiss my ass Keshi!'

Fields of heaven...

Small is beautiful...

Tulips on my mind...

Blood-red temptress...

And then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the Daffodils...

Some white Luuurve...
Red and yellow, kinky fellow...;-)
Friends we are forever...
A walk in paradise...
A pink world...
Let me outta this car...cos it's time to hit on the hunks!

You guessed it right. We drove to Canberra yesterday...twas a day's trip and as usual, we went to check out
Floriade (read and see pics of my earlier posts on this annual Tulip festival at Fields Of Heaven and Thumbelina For A Day) and took my aunt and uncle to the usual tourist spots in the nation's captial (War Memorial, Parliament, Telstra tower, Botanical gardens etc etc...I've been to Canberra a zillion times but I can never get enough of it's beauty and grace). On the way, we also stopped at Berrima Church and had brekky there. It's one of my fav spots in NSW. So here are some pics from the entire trip...but I can't put up all pics due to strict censorship regulations. ;-) What I want to portray from this post is that simple pleasures are the real joys in life...such as a lazy Sunday morning at the gardens, watching people sing and dance, smelling the flowers, eating ice-cream, smiling at a stranger, talking to someone from the other side of the country, sipping coffee with your loved-ones, dipping your toes in the water, watching how a stuntman performs with joy to earn his daily bread, sending a flying kiss to a Kangaroo (which I really did while he/she was looking at me in awe), overtaking a HUGE truck on the highway realising it's no joke LOL!, standing in front of Mother Mary and asking her if she can see me and my blogger friends all around the world doing their usual thing and getting on with life no matter what...enjoy and have a great week ahead mah baby jellybeans, I love you more than I can say MWAH!

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