Wednesday, October 4

Thumbelina For A Day

Hey Guys I'm back! Thanks for all the messages...awww I missed you too HUGGGGGGGZ! Just look at these pics taken from my camera at the Floriade (Tulips festival) in Canberra and you can imagine what my mini-break was like! I will get back to the comments in the last post, your blogs and a post about my colorful get-away as soon as I get a breather. I just got back so I'm buried with work (how I wish I was still at that magical hotel...). For now, just enjoy the heavenly Tulip meadows I was absolutely mesmerised by in the weekend. It just took my breath away! Heyyy it feels so good to be back in your arms babehs. Hope all are well, love ya, stay gold always and catch you soon ok. Smoochesssssss all the way!

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tulipspeaks said...


its all tulippppppppppppppssssssssss

awww... i wish i was there :(

welcome back darling *wink wink


saby said...



samuru999 said...

I was on my blog just finishing
a post... and saw you there.
So,I came here to say...
Welcome back Sweets!
I love how you said on my blog
And here comes Keshi!
Gorgeous flowers!
Well,I got to get to bed...
morning comes soon!
I missed you so!
C'ya soon!

R.E.B.E.L said...

hey they look beautiful! Musta been a gr8 weekend!

笔顺 -Satori- 笔顺 said...

Well I was told this was a place of beauty..and the flowers are trully a visage to the minds' embracing..little lorical there..but proseful picturesque. -Satori-

uttara said...


sexyyyyyyy snaps...

muahhhhhhh missed uuuuuuuuuu loadssssss

deepsat said...

welcome back keshi!! hope u had a nice time!!

well, those tulip pics look beautiful!! to be with them must have itself been so refreshing!!


Hazel Dream said...

hmm so came back with tulips ..
but we dont have virtual arms and nor do we like virtual smooches

Mehak said...

ohh Keshi...the pics really took my breath away !!!!!!!!!!

waiting for more posts & pics on your trip.

alex said...

Good to see you back!

Liked the 4th and 7th picture especially. My favourite was the white flowers amidst the green stems.


my life.... said...

its so beautiful...and the white tulips look like pearls from a distance

Ghost Particle said...


You are back!

And great great tulip pics...missed ya alot...actually aged another century when u left.

Hope you had a great holiday. And now ur back into the dreaded office.

Welcome back luv!

punjabi~car~freak! said...

Great photos... amazing talent u got there...

Calabar Gal said...

Nice Pictures!! Those flowers look absolutely beautiful!!

Have u got a photo blog? u really should you know?

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

The tulips are absolutely come man is never able to duplicate nature's beauty??

ghee-ghee said...

HI keshiii!

so youve been away?and so am i,but yours is diff.kinda lovely holiday surrounded by tulips!!

they re really beautiful!!Im happy to hear that you got this fascinating break.

me,just had some quality ttime with my family.



Silvara said...

Heya Keshi - Hope you had a great trip!! The flowers look amazing.. I'm back at uni and so wanting my holidays back :( Take care :D

Jeevan said...

You are keeping the punctuality!! U said will post on Wednesday u did it:) So Beautiful photos here dear! Hope ur mind should became cool by visiting the Tulips festival. Hugs:)

GuNs said...

Amongst the first 5 to comment on your blog. Thats a rare occurrence !!

LOVELY pics.

Good to see you back. Even I posted recently. Whoa !


Anonymous said...

Hope you had fun. Great pics and welcome back.

Sudarshan said...

How u been Keshi???
Looks like you're having a blast lol..visiting flower festivals and stuff like that..while I'm slogging byhearting stuff lol :-(

I'm sorry for being out of touch for so long...I was and am really busy lol..but I won't take no breaks now onwards :-)

Beautiful pics..I love flowers!!!

Enjoy the festive season!!

adi said...

indeed, took my breath away...
well, sort of ;)
strange, i too posted tulips on my blog last...
welcome back, complete your work and return to the blog world soon!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back

With all the crap going on in the world, it is nice to see nature's beauty.

We have been dealing with a very sad story on this side of the world.


alex said...

You are tagged.

Suji said...

Welcome back! I can see u had a magical weekend. I am jealous.

Suji said...

Btw forgot to mention, Thumbelina is my favourite, cos its the first animation movie I saw in my life. They took us from school when I was very small and its always been special.

s0ulasylum said...

yayyyy! kesh is back!! :) did u miss us also?? lol..
wow those tulips look so pretty.. i sure am going to have tulips at my wedding! dont u think they'd look kick ass?? :D

Anonymous said...

Wc back....:)Gorgeous flowers!!!

Anonymous said...

Uuummm.. they're just flowers... no?

Kautilya said...


hey.. just lemme know.. I ya have some pix of any blue flowers... and ya do can ya pls share it wid me?

mathew said...

is it telepathy..we decided on similar blogs..hehehe!!


Such a wonderful place Keshi....U have had a really colorful break...its just awesome! :)

starry nights said...

Glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad to see you back.Those tulips look beautiful, I especially like the light blue ones.awesome.I am glad you had fun in the sun:)

Homo Escapeons said...

I hope that you BEE-haved yourself.

It is sooooo weird that it is Spring over there.... as I watch the golden leaves of Autumn float down on my lawn harkening the advent of a
Winter of isolation and despair ....AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!.

Welcome back..catch up at work and start Bloggin'yer Noggin'!

Autumn Storm said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, Kesh, so I can only guess what it must have been like to see such splendour in person.
Glad you had such a wonderful time away! - glad to have you back too though :-)

Autumn Storm said...

PS Thanks for taking me back to adolescence and dreams of marrying into the Brat Pack. Tom was nice, but I was determined to be Mrs Lowe :-D

priya said...


They r so coloful and I know u must have had a coloful trip.

Anonymous said...

Welcoem bk girlie!!!!!!!

loved the lavender flowers!awesome.. so cute and refreshin !!!!

The Phoenix said...

Wow. That's a lotta tulips.

AnonymousBlogger said...

The tulips are great, but what's more impressive is your photography skills.

Phoenix said...

all flowery and pretty...too pleasant...nice to see u back

Cazzie!!! said...

Go see this place if you love Tulips my love.....
My other half is a Clog Wog and we just love to go for a day to the Tesselar Tulip Farm up in the lovely Dandenongs.
Breathtaking colors and shapes of tulips far, my favourite flower is indeed the Orchid..splendid lovely gifts from Heaven :)

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

If these awesome flowers depict your present state of mind, then I am happy for you my Sweet Keshi.

Just be happy and let God make you happier always. He knows what is best for you.


You can read my serious writings here.

SaffronSaris said...

Poppy doll-pearl, hey you're back!
Sounds like you had a really good time, and look at the Tulips! You know, I'm thinking, next year this time, I wanna be in Canberra too, to see the tulips.
But I'm gonna be so bold here as to ask you if I can put some of your tulips pic on my blog so I can see them eveyday??

(So, is Saby happy to see you back or not? All that caps....)

Vivhyd said...

wow keshi.. looks like u took a leaf out of my book.. hehe.. just kidding.. lovely pics matey

Anonymous said...

Hola Keshi! Welcome back!!! With you around, the 5 days seemed soooooo long :)
Hey! awesome pictures... very pleasing to the eyes... should have been very beautiful in straight.... :)

Keshi said...

And the Tulip girl is first WOW!

Amu I really wished u were there too...cos I know that if u were there u wudnt wanna come bakk...the tulips r too BEAUTIFUL!


Saby caps n all luike Saffy! How have u been?


Margie I luv ya gal! HUGGGGGGGZ n TY!

Hope all is well with u.

btw did I tell u that I missed u tonz n tonz n tonz?


REBEL it was, ty!


Satori WC n tnxxxxxxxx!


Uttsy mwahhhhhhhhh! Wut have u been up to?


Deepsat I was in HEAVEN.


Hazel heyyy!

**but we dont have virtual arms and nor do we like virtual smooches

lol ok. So how do we do this then?


Mehak I gotta visit u to check out ur Kodai pics...


Alex guess wut...the white tulips pic is my fav too. And that was taken from my mobile...isnt that such a great pic!


My_Life WC n tnxxx!

**and the white tulips look like pearls from a distance

so true. I love that pic!


Ghosty huggggggggz! did u miss me? :)

**actually aged another century when u left. I keep u youthful is it? :) Great to hear that.

Dreaded office indeed lol!

what have u been up to Captain?


Punjabi_Car_Freak ty! :)


Calabar_Gal heyy WC n tnxxx!

Na I havent got a photo blog yet...tnxx for the idea. I will do it some time soon.


Ganesh hey thanks!

**how come man is never able to duplicate nature's beauty??

Very good Qn! I guess thats cos man is busy duplicating other men. In that process they forget to be their real natural selves, which is what is equivalent to nature's beauty.


Gheee hugggggggggz n tnxxxxxxx sweety!

WB and Im glad u had quality time with family. Thats the best break one could ever have.


Silvara lol u poor thing stuck in Uni...I so know wut u mean cos when I was at Uni I loathed the assignments etc. Anyways work hard babez cos a break is great when u really deserve it. HUGGGGGGGZ!


Jeevan tnxxx! And yeah punctuality is very imp to me and I try to keep my promises :)


GUNS ty :) I'll be there soon.


Sanjay tnxxxxxxx!


Sudarshan WB! OMG look who's here :) Hope ur bakk for good mate.

tnxxx n hugggggggggz!


Adi ty and Im already bakk :)

I'll check ur blog soon.


G'day Bev and ty!

**With all the crap going on in the world, it is nice to see nature's beauty

thats so true. I heard abt that Amish school shooting. Was terrible! How can a father do that to other kids????


Alex am I? :) Let me check it out soon.


Suji dun be J cos ur new pretty profile pic got me J :) tnxxxx hun!

And Thumbelina is a very cute fairy tale. Im glad u like it the best.



S0ul heyyyyyy HUGGGGGGGGGZ! I did miss u all alot o cmon :):)

Tulips for ur wedding? WOW what a great idea - kick ass indeed! Then u might have to get married in Spring babez. btw I love weddings so can I be ur wedding planner? :) But just make sure of one thing - that ur BF dun look like Matthew Mcconaughey cos I might steal him hunny LOL!


Southy heyyyyyyyyy hows u? n tnxxx :)


Johno howdy? Flowers indeed..wut d u mean just flowers? lol!


Kautilya hows u?

Blue flowers...I'd have to check my other pics and get bakk to u. Ok??

tnxx n hugggggggggz!


Mathew heyy!

Similar blogs as in?


Scribblez ty sweety!


Starry mwahhhhhhhhh!

Guess what...I was at the hotel bar on Sun night with friends and I suddenly thought of u...cos I saw a star-lit sky thru a was too beautiful!


HE heyyyyyyy!

**I hope that you BEE-haved yourself.

I did BEE-have :) and can so p-ROO-ve it lol!

Winter is a bit depressing...and worse it adds calories :) So watch out HE and if u wanna catch some sunshine just hop in here ;-)


Autumn heyy tnxxx!

**Tom was nice, but I was determined to be Mrs Lowe

lol that was a good one babez!


Priya ty mwahhhhhhh!


Prithzz mwahhh n ty!


Phoenix it is isnt it!


AB heyy :)

**but what's more impressive is your photography skills.

really? TY!


Phoenix tnxxx mate!


Cazzie ur a darl. tnxxx for the link I will check it out for sure.

**Tesselar Tulip Farm

Dandenongs a Melz suburb. COOL! Next time I visit Mel I'd go there for sure tnxx to u!

Orchids r rare and very pretty. Sri Lanka has a huge collection of Orchids.


Ori heyyyy how have ya been? Missed u!

tnxx for the link..I wanna read it for sure. Hugggggggz!


Saffy doll hugggggggggggggggz! I missed u!

Why dun u come over then? U'd be mesmerised by the tulips for sure!

Ofcourse u can use these pics...go for it girl.

yes Saby is happy in caps lol!

tnxxx babez!


lol Viv ty! :):)


Keshi said...

KK awww u missed me that much? HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

U know even tho it was only like 4days away from the blogs, it seemed like an eternity. I missed u all so very much!


alex said...

Well i think the white tulips picture is most mesmerizing! ;)

Sush said...

tulips... wow.. amazing snaps.. i just hope you have a flowery week as well :-). Glad to have you back.

Anonymous said...

I m fine, Thanks. How abt u?

Shionge said...

Whoa Keishi!!! Just brightens up my day looking at your lovelylovely prettypretty tulips!

Love that all! :D

Neers said...

Welcome back!!! gREAT pics!! :) HUGSSS BACK!! :)

Hiren said...

Reminds me of the tulips of switzerland. Very nice photographs- this time it seems you are doing with pictures what you normally do with words- I have always maintained that you have a rather colorful style of writing and a unique communicating flair.

Its a pity that everybody is not not like you where flowers or flowery language is concerned- Are bloggers failed writers and half-wits or for professional journalism, is this the pits?

SamY said...

WOWZERZ, those r just amazing :) ... ha ha how come therz not a single pic of the tulips with keshi :-? ... it wud have been darling of a sight ;))

gud that u got a gud break NUT ... its like waking up from a dream isn't it ... like wanting to crash again n get back to the dream world

Shiv said...

wow...nice pix to start the day...thanks keshi!! and yea WB

Nanyaar? said...

Welcome back Thumbalina.. I mean Keshi.. :)

Looks like you have been to wonderland all.

Mehak said...

how is Thumbelina doing today??

Sugababee said...

Hey Kesh!!!

The pics look gorjus... kinna J if ya ask me:p

Great to have you back!!! :)

Sujit said...

awwwwwwwwwwww! great pics and amzing snapshot!.. must have really enjoyed a lot!.. good :)..

La vida Loca said...

Keshi welcome back!!Big hugs!!The tulips look wonderful.
And oh you are tagged :P I'd love for you to take it up :)

Maya Cassis said...

wow!look at the flowers keshi!
they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous.
looks like you been to heaven and back
and its really so nice to have you back
have fun girl :)

samuru999 said...

keshi girl
I luv you too...
and also missed you tonz n tonz!
I am off to dreamland after I do a
post for Thurs.
C'ya later Sweets!


artnavy said...

The floriade happens in Sydney as well?? I thought Amsterdam only. Lovely pics

saby said...

, Saffron Sari,

(So, is Saby happy to see you back or not? All that caps....)

its like dis saffy sari
Keshi is sumting i have to do first ting in the morning like

Shave, and

Anonymous said...

aww the flower herself... surrounded by flowers??? muahhh! ^_^ thats cool snaps sweetie... can smell it right here ohhh! i can imagine ur like princess there!
.... i've been in Tulip Festival once here Japan (2 years ago) so i know the feelin'! am simply lovin' the colors ^_^ woww!!

... well, seems u really had a good time sweetie ... thats cool!
me... had a busy weekend as usual, Rina had Sports Festival at sch. last sunday! ^_^ missin' u a lot hugsssss! seems u've been away for months!! ;(;( got my sms message last time?

will catch up later... u take care and have a nice day! enjooooy lunch!

luv ya,

Kautilya said...

me doin gr8....
back as I am best as... a jerk.. heee heee....

Aditi said...

oh my gosh its absolute gorgeous.. absolutely.. i loved those white tulips and the lavender ones the best..
I went to a tulip festival in seattle one year.. absolutely awesome
Welcome back u were missed.. cant wait to hear all abt it

Anonymous said...

aww !! im writing comments here and ur on mine hehe... amazed to read ur comment muahhhh! theres something really that connects us ^_^ lol!!

tc sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Mnay thanx for your comments on my blog.
The pics of tulips are great. Unfortunately we don't have them here in India. Our dear Ex President's wife had tried at Rastrapati bhawan a few years ago. I went there to see it. And was dissappointed becoz despite best efforts the climate was not able to support it.
I bet u are lucky.

Kalpana said...

hey, I tagged take it up.

Kalpana said...

nice pictures...

visithra said...

awww so prettyy - welcome back dear

Mr. Evil said...

Ola !!! Hope u enjoyed !!

Anonymous said...

I happen on your blog and I love it! It's very beautiful!!
Nice to meet you

Foodie's Hope said...

I tried to say 'welcome back and beautiful Tulips" yesterday 3 times, didn't go through!!I am trying again with hope!!:))

Hazel Dream said...

hmm verbal is better then virtual

Has to be me said...

Wow! Those r just amazing & beautiful pics. Im sure u must;ve had a whale of a good time! I cant wait to see them too! :)
Welcome back sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Hola, buzybee!!!

Ramya said...

Louly Toolipsss ! Very pottifool !
Welgum back ! :)

Mr. Maverick said...

WooooW! beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. :)

Nikita said...


The pics are wonderful! :-)

ari4u said...

welcome back K... back to the grind :) Glad you had a great relaxing vacation. Nothing in the masala pot today?? i was expecting some breaking news... (patiently drums fingers on the desk).

I loved the tulips. Someday i will take a similar picture and post it up. Take care, talk to you later.

Contented said...

Hey! Great pics!

Hmm...I am going off the blog! Just wanted to let you know!

I will surely be missing your space! Hope to be in touch with you via email!

Thanks yaaaar!

Keshi said...

Alex it is the most beautiful one isnt it!


Sush hugggggz n ty!


Southy I was sooo busy yday - Im sooo sorry I couldnt ring ya bakk...I will call u somehow today...probably lunch time ok??



Shionge tnxxxx :)


Neers sweety hows u? tnxx n huggggggz!

btw I saw a pretty flower like u :)


Hiren hey tnxx for that :) Im stoked!

I read ur article...its a very good analysis.


Sweet sweet Samy hows u? awww HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

**... ha ha how come therz not a single pic of the tulips with keshi :-?

lol they r all censored!

yes I so wanna go bakk there...I feel so doomed being bak at work :(

How have u been?


Shiv ty :)


Nanyaar heyyy :) yes it was just GREAT!


Mehak heyyy Im good ta n urself?


Suga bubbz hows u? awww ur J lol!


Sujit yeah I enjoyed it so much :) ty!


LaVida heyy mwahhhhhhh! I left a link there for u to read my tag :):) check it out!


Maya huggggggggz n tnxxx sweety!

Heaven n bakk indeed!


Margie mwahhhhhhhhhhh!

When u said ur off to dreamland I was wondering if ur on holidays hehe...later I realised u meant going to sleep :)

hugggggggz babez n TC.


ArtNavy WC n tnxxxx!

Yes it has been happening in Australia for a long time. But it happens in ACT - Canberra. Not Sydney.

I know the Amsterdam floriade was the original and that's a BEAUTY!



**Keshi is sumting i have to do first ting in the morning like
Shave, and

and where's me in that session? lol!



So Japan has it too WOW! Im glad u have been to one. Everyone must be in a Tulip festival to realise how beautiful this world can gorgeous nature is.

I missed u tonz n tonz! But when u txted me I was soooo happy and I showed it to some of my friends too and told them that this is Kath from Japan. They were so glad that someone I met on the net would txt me checking up on me on my break. That was so very special Kath! And yeah we both r connected in some special way for sure!

So ur busy with so cute! Have a great day today.
Catch up with u soon...HUGGGGGGGGZ darl!


Kautilya ur not a jerk lol!


Aditi thats great that u have been to one too...isnt it amazing!

tnxxx n yeah we'll catch up soon :)


Kulpreet I hope u get to visit one of these festivals one day. U've got to - its too beautiful!



Kalpana tnxxx :)


Visithra heyyy hows u sweety? tnxxx n hugggggggz!


Mr.Evil it was heaven :)


Alessandra WC n tnxxx!

I hope to see more of u and I will visit u soon. Pleased to meet u too :)


Foodie that was so sweet - ty n huggggggggz!

Ur in this time :)


Hazel u wanna hear me saying 'smooooches'? :):)


Has_to_be_me mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! and tnxxx!

How was ur trip? I missed u!


Southy hi again! awww thats a COOL profile pic...I LOVE IT!


Ramya lolz ur cute...tnxxx n hugggggggz!


Arun hey tnxxx :)


Rohitttttt whoaaaaaa so nice to see ya here...ty n huggggggz!


Nikita ty :)


Ari heyy lol na nuttin in the masala pot today...but lets see na ;-)

tnxx n huggggggggz!


Contented why r ya leaving blog world? awwwwwwwww :*(



Keshi said...

what a very warm Welcome Back...tnxxx guys, my heart is filled with joy and love for all the love I receive from u. THANK YOU!


Cherrypie said...

For a moment I thought you'd gone to Holland

Jim said...

i did the first 2
i have yet to shower

join me?

Jim said...

u dont get real clean
if u shower alone

there are places in my back i cant reach

same goes for u too

Jim said...

my heart is filled with joy and love for all the love I receive from u

the real test of a friend is when u try to borrow money from dem

how much can i borrow from u?

saby said...

u wanna see JAX jacking off ?
go here
check out the video

its a classic
posted by saby at 6:37 AM 0 comments

Within Without said...

Welcome back, K...beautiful pix. No pix of you and your group that took the trip?

The Phosgene Kid said...

Makes me want to run amok with a lawnmower…

Anonymous said...


I wrote this before all the facts were known.

Amish Killings


B&C/W&C/Bev copyright waived

Sunita said...

wassup pearly!

saby said...

u have had your day as Thumbelina
now be Malaika Sherawat for the night


Grey Shades said...

An apt song for this post! :) Great pictures!

sophie said...

oh flowers...tulips..they are just awesome...
i love flowers
i love tulips
i love u keshi
gal...i m back too

Jewel Rays said...

da flowers are so captivating..for a minute i wondered if they were real until i read ya piece..

WOW really...


Madhu said...

lovely tulips....great photos. glad u had a nice time :)

BendingPeak said...

I LOVE the tulips. What wonderful pictures. Glad you are back.

s0ulasylum said...

dayyyoooooom girl... u oughta be my wedding planner and i will make sure i hook up with a mathew mc look alike.. and u run away with him and i settle with ur jude law type.. since we dont find em for ourselves.. lets find em for each other.. LOL.. wht say? strike a deal? :)

mommyof2 said...

Welcome back:-)

Those are amazing pictures:-) so beautiful & peaceful:-)

Shitrint said...

those are awesome pics !!
really beautifull flowers!
treat for the eyes...

and loved ur post abt "what wud u do if u were a man/woman for 24 hrs"

Keshi said...

Cherrypie heyy!

**For a moment I thought you'd gone to Holland

There were sections from Holland too. It was just beaUUUUtiful!


Jim I dun shower with girls.

**dem how much can i borrow from u?

0c for u.




Hello Mr.WW!

**No pix of you and your group that took the trip?

There r many...but there's some ppl in those pics who dun want their pics on the I have to refrain from outtin em up. Sorry mate :(

tnxxx for WC Huggggggz!


Kiddo heyy!

**Makes me want to run amok with a lawnmower…

lol awwww u meanie!


Bev heyy!

The Amish incident was too cruel to even discuss...I couldnt believe that someone (especially a dad of 3 kids) could reall go n do something liek that to other kids. Makes me lose all faith in men. Really!


did he molest them? I thought he only shot them though he had the plan to molest them.


Sunita sweety hows u?

Well I've been very busy over the weekend. 2 parties on Sat. Sun I've been cleaning up my closet and the garage...I was really tired by the end of the day lol!


Saby hiii again!

**u have had your day as Thumbelina
now be Malaika Sherawat for the night

I dun have to be Malaika - why should I be her? Im me.
duhhhh Saby!


Grey_Shades WC n tnxxx!


Sophie hey how have ya been?

**i love flowers
i love tulips
i love u keshi

awww hugggggggggz ty n WB!


Amy hellooooo HUGGGGGGGGGZ! I missed ya!



G'day Madhu!


Heather WC n tnxxx!


s0ulasylum heyy HUGGGGGGGGZ!

**.. wht say? strike a deal? :)

OMG thats such a BRILLIANT idea LOL! I was laughing soooo much as I read this..ty girl MWAHHHHH!

btw I might need just one day with Jude too? LOL!


Mommyof2 hellooo ty!

yes they r gorgeous!


Shitrint WC n tnxxx!

Glad u enjoyed both posts :)


Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW...amazing...I guess for the first time I saw some Auzie stuff in ur blog ;)
thanks dear...and lots of huggggz

Keshi said...

ty Dawny huggggggggggz!


Anonymous said...

Nice pics!

shpprgrl said...

Thanks for sharing Thumbelina! Lovely flowers, they are one of my favorites! :)

shpprgrl said...

ps......I wanted to be Thumbelina. I was amazed by that story but scared of the mole!

Keshi said...

Peter WC n tnxxx!


Shpprgrl ty sweety n hugggggz!

**I wanted to be Thumbelina

awww so damn cute!