Saturday, May 31

I'm Home

Letting go of what's not meant to be...

Lighting up the heart and soul...

Contentment in any situation...

Nothing is forever...nothing is our's to keep...not even our families, friends, assets, thoughts, dreams, achievements, not even ourselves. We own nothing but we think we do. Ownership is only a lie when even my life was given to me for rent. My heart has been moving from place to place...looking for a permanent home...but nothing lasted too long. Then I realised that my heart is my home and it's the only place I can call mine as long as I live. I want to forgive...forget...apologise...let go...learn...light up...burn the hurt...shine in love...move long as my heart can FEEL, I'm home. I want to feel the bliss in my heart, in this moment. For nothing I have is for me to keep but the feeling in my heart right now.

A special mention goes to Paul who writes beautifully and very realistically. He inspired me to write this post based on his recent post here. Thanks Paul!

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Friday, May 30

Oh My Dog!

'Mentally' prepared? ok.

Bin Squirrel Laden. And u say u can't find him??!!

Nice black, velvet, washable, catty rug babeh, woof woof!

Got a nose-job done too u know, moooooo!

urrrggg! Miss.Bee Stings 2008?

Leave me alone u human biyatch, meeooooww scratchhhh!

We conquered the aliens, woohoo!

I pray to Dog Almighty, please save me from this greedy baby!

Help me I can't stop laughing aha haha aha haha aha haha!

I'm a terrified product of an unmatching couple *sigh*..what am I, a Dogitten?

Kitty blogger in action, trying to publish a post...damnn it Blogger is down, mew mew :(

Miss ya all...have a good one guys!

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Wednesday, May 28

A Reason To Live

I tried and I tried and I tried...but I only died each time. There are days when those memories haunt me til my blood became water. The day I found you dead....that morning when my Universe collapsed. The pain that came from my heart being pierced til it was scarred beyond recognition. When the petals of my life fell down one by one. How my tears turned out to be those trails of tears on my cheeks had a deeper nothing I did could bring you back. That day, when all the stars in the sky cried too. When your laughter faded away in the cold cold breeze...when your touch ceased to exist...when your love was the only thing left behind. That day when I started to learn how empty it is to be living without my father. How I'd dream of finding you in heaven and calling out your name. When life taught me that people don't last forever...and that some people can never be replaced by others. When I realised that you'd want me to go on somehow...that what you wanted from me is to be a champion against tragedy. You wanted me to find a reason to live. That day, when my eyes started to see beyond what the naked eyes could see. That day when the only reason I live for became you.

A teardrop from heaven
A distant voice from the past
A love that never dies
A spirit burning so fast...
A hug in silence
A calling from afar
A touch that is felt
A soul with a scar...

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Monday, May 26

Time For A KitKat!

Hey guys :). I haven't been in the best of my moods lately. Hence the bumper-to-bumper speed in my blog right now. Somehow I feel drained. Too much cluttter, too much work, a long charge-scroll, too many sleepless nights. I'm zapped guys. I guess I just need some time off. Will make it up to ya when I do get some free time (extremely busy at work too!) and my mood back in order. But I'll visit your blogs whenever I need a breather.

Someone very special made my day today. And that's the ever-sweet LaVidaLoca. She awarded me with a 'Nice Matters' award and that really made me feel happy, loved and most importantly appreciated just the way I am. It takes a big personality to see someone else for who they are, without really weighing them against certain boundaries. For a moment, someone stopped and said 'Hey Keshi, I like the way you are and I appreciate you being here'. That's how I felt when I read her post today, and to me that meant alot. Not cos it put me up on stage and made me bow in glory, but cos it made me realise that there are few people in Blogville who really do 'see' others beyond what they 'see' on print. So I wanna THANK LaVida and accept this award with a big HUG and a KISS. Thanks LaVida, words are not enough to express how you made me feel this morning. You are loved the same way by this crazy chick who lives thousands of miles away from you, continents away yet feeling every bit of love and positive vibes sent to her by you. MWAH n THANKS LaVida YOU ROCK!

And now I'm re-posting an old post of mine since I'm in much need of a holiday too(the post is, Spirit Of Fucking). ah ah don't jump into conclusions it fully to know what I meant by that title :). It's one of my favs and some of you have seen it before. But there are some new readers in my blog who would like to get a glimpse of this post (if you missed it), so folks enjoy beautiful Fucking! Will catch up soon ok. TC n tata! ;-)


Spirit Of Fucking

WARNING: Fucking ahead!

Ok this is a true story...Wiki it and verify the authenticity of it all.

You think Keshi uses the F word too much? Lo and behold there's a little Austrian town called FUCKING! Fucking brilliant isnt it? So my Fucking buddies, ooops I forgot you're not from Austria, but anyways. So my blogger buddies, when do you plan to experience Fucking? My next vacation is going to be a Fucking experience! Would be nice to meet the Fuckers ha. Imagine driving down the Fucking roads and taking pics of the Fucking scenery? Wonder what Fucking men look like. The Fucking community can't be that big cos that would mean alot of Fuckers would be seen around (I cant see any Fucker in this pic). Anyways it looks like a pretty little village so imagine how addicted you might get to Fucking? awww how Fucking sweet. If you make a friend there, you might even receive a Fucking Xmas card this year. If they choose to host the next Olympics there it would be Fucking Olympics 2016. And if your next holiday destination reads Fucking, please check first if they have a Fucking Airlines and a Fucking hotel. Have a good time checking out the spirit of Fucking, I'm sure you'll love Fucking and when you return you might even say I miss Fucking. Anyways, if there's any Fucker from Fucking reading this, it's a Fucking pleasure to meet you. Fuck ya, ooops I mean good on ya!

The German newspaper article is even funnier than the sign.

(click on pics to enlarge)

Are the residents called Fuckers?

What are the mothers called?

What would you be learning at the Fucking High School?

Does the Fucking Hospital help you with anything else?

If your friend came from another town, he wouldn't be your Fucking friend

We are going on a Fucking holiday
o more working for a week or two...

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Updating the music of that old post to this one...cos I'll be a virgin in Fucking when I go on that holiday WOW. ;-)

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Friday, May 23

Manly Consequences

These were some real angry deeds by some real angry women who found their men cheating on them. See, it's so much more easier not to cheat, right? Personally I wouldn't do THAT to my man if I ever catch him playing behind my back...I would actually make him genitally handicapped (in Lorena Bobbit style), so he can cheat himself all his life. WOW what a cool chance for cheaters ha! So dear Men, be faithful, honest and keep your Women happy! Next week, I will update the Winners from 2 posts down. I've got some friends visiting from Texas this weekend...will be taking them around. Hope you have a good one too.

Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight...a real Man please. ;-) Or would you cheat behind mah back?

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Thursday, May 22

Rate My Blog!

That sizzling last post is halted for a bit...cos I really have to get this out of my system. A female reader here stated the following about my blog today:

"of late keshi, the tone of your blog has started veering towards slutty. yeah, it was smart and sexy before... now i feel its beginning to get sleazy. i know you are a sensitive and intelligent girl (that comes out in your posts and views) and there is more to you than the cleavage shots that have become regular on your blog. My opinion is that there is a thin line between sexy and slutty & somewhere down the way, that line was crossed here... its all done in fun, but i don't enjoy it.... so, i don't comment... having said that, let me also tell you that you've surprised me. With the amount of visitors and comments you get, do you really care if a few ppl don't visit / don't comment? or what opinions they form about about your blog? I'd not care... honestly, and i thought neither would you..."

And my answer to that would be, which century do you live in girl? Boobs/Cleavage isn't 'slutty'...women who sell their bodies to men are called sluts...not articles about Boobs. And NO I don't think my blog is Slutty or Sleazy. If a cleavage shot or a post about Boobs is rated Slutty, then I wonder why God made us women with such body-parts! Are you ashamed of yourself? Besides, there are no totally naked/porn pics in my blog so I think I know how NOT to cross that thin line between Sexy and Slutty. If anyone has a problem with this blog, please stay out of should not be even reading it! I'm quite transparent and if that's such an issue with your beliefs or in the country you live, then the problem is not really in's in you. Open your eyes and wake up to the truth about being a woman...yes we have boobs and we should be proud of it! No one should be called 'slutty' for stating that. I can't believe that comment came from a woman herself. It's really appalling that some women think writing or talking about boobs is such a bad thing. Sluts live in brothels..not in this blog hunny! Get that right. Then again, let's just say my blog is what? If this isnt your cuppa, WHY ARE YOU HERE? People who don't like my so-called 'slutty' blog can get the hell outta here for good!

And about me getting 100s of comments and do I care about my FRIENDS not visiting me anymore? YES I DO. If that's weird to you, then again, it's not my's your's. Alot of people like to pretend that they don't care if their friends don't visit their blogs..but in real they do care. Otherwise, why do we blog? They just like to act like they are totally cool and unaffected..that's all. I'm not talking about strangers..I'm talking about close friends here. And you're in no position to judge that freindship when you don't know what I'm talking about. So please stay away from making hollow remarks. The person who wrote that comment is not a close friend and that 'Bitch In Training' post wasn't for her either. Besides, no friend will rate my blog Slutty to begin with! Only an insensitive woman would say such a thing to another woman. Do people just come here for a good time at the expense of others? Sadly it seems to be that.

Go ahead rate my blog people...cos I'd like to hear what you have to say. Is it Horror, R, M, PG, Slutty, Sleazy, Whorish etc etc? I would love to know how you 'classify' my online home. I shared my heart with all of you here, and SLUTTY is the last thing I want VivaForever to be seen as. Don't drag me into your personality and how you grade others. And just cos you say I'm this and that, I don't become that either. So you're free to think anything about my blog, but please learn to talk with Respect next time (especially when I haven't judged your blog in any manner at all). The more I meet people like the commentor above, the more I lose total faith in Blogville.

I'm 100% woman, I have nice boobs and a nice ass, I love talking about them and I'm proud of them...ya got any problem with that?
Then you should reverse real quick and go back to wherever you came from, hoping never to return!

(note: take part in my last post as usual...the game is still on).

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Wednesday, May 21

Sexploiting Sexperiences

Being a slave and all, I totally surrender to this particular slavery, and that's LUST. THE super hot German babe Claudia Schiffer apparently said 'Nothing can replace Sex'. ummm, I wonder if she ever tried a nice warm bath in the tub on a moonlit night, those 'orgasmic' yummalicious chocolates, shoes babeh shoes - Manolo Blahniks to be precise, silver stoned droplet earrings that 'tickle' your fancy, a shirtless John Abraham - basically sex on legs *gasps for breath*, a black halterneck top that makes ya wanna stare at your own cleavage for hours, rock music that gives ya audio orgies, reading a good piece of 'smartarse' article that gives you a brain orgy, driving alone listening to Dire Straits that'll make ya moan in total bliss, finding your blogmates awe-inspiring comments and posts that leave you with total euphoria, rich creamy coffee on a Wintery morning that'll have ya saying Yes Yes Yes!, dancing to some good music that'll make your body and soul unite in an I'm-getting-DONE-here kinda breathless frenzy, perving on my Bon-Jovi lookalike workmate while he's washing his cup at the sink that makes me wanna unbutton him on the spot *lol*, getting all dressed up and looking damn hawt that you become the Sex, watching the waves flirting sitting on a white sandy beach etc etc - yeah they too are Sex to me dahlin.

So, dear Miss.Claudia only-hunks-can-do-me Schiffer , have you ever tried any of this before you made that rather germy statement from Germanaaaay? Wonder if she ever got an orgy walking on the ramp. Maybe not. I'd though. Supermodels do need some BIO-fuel anyways ya know...cos they hardly eat, you see. But don't get me wrong, I like Claudia...she's a levelheaded chick and she's hot. Just that, if there's no replacement for Sex, then there'd be alot of people molesting each other like wild baboons, duncha think hunny?As for me, Kurt Cobain is Sex on vocals, Issey Miyake is Sex on scent, Oysters are Sex on a plate, a hot black bra is Sex on cloth, a popsicle is Sex on a stick, holding hands with someone you love is Sex on touch, locking lips in deep passion is Sex on tongue, watching something erotic is Sex on sight, the cute Butcher I recently spotted is Sex on a shopping trip etc's everywhere. You don't have to be making love to someone to feel excited or to find your sexual urge.

Ya know, I feel alot of Bloggers are sex starved/sex deprived *breaking news oyeah!*. Not cos we can't get it, it's cos we don't wanna get it for the heck of it. It has to be with the right one - right girls and boys? Not with any Mofo you see. Anyways, I know we all make do with whatever we have, to cover up the 'massive starvation' *almost like Ethiopia*...and it's ok. Making Love can be a far cry for some people and some won't get it even after they turn into fossils *waiting for Mr/Miss.Right can be quite a long wait ya know* . Reminds me that my last passionate kiss was some aeons ago...maybe when the Dinosaurs existed? *pictures a skeleton of a girl sitting on a park bench staring at her expired boobs*. But yeah like I said before, you don't have to be on a bed with someone to experience Sex or to find your Lust. Anyways here's my question to ya:

What are some things that can replace Sex?

Go for it men, women, boys and girls - come join in the fun and never be shy to be honest. There's nothing to be ashamed of something so natural...and losing self control when it comes to FEELING isn't wrong...controlling yourself is. And I'll update ya all with the best answers in my next post. yeah babeh spill it all out and you guessed it right, I'm on a horny trip ;-)

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Monday, May 19


As I lay myself to sleep, I wonder. From the day we are born, we become slaves to something, someone, somewhere down the line. Slaves. Yes that's what we are, however much you may try to deny that. Raped by life's seduction, manipulated by a family system, controlled by desire, driven by dreams, hungered by power, satiated by hope, chased by society, stopped by a milestone only to find a new one being born...and the cycle repeats. Slaves don't rest. They run until they become the run...and they don't even realise it. You may say this is life and if there isn't any 'chase' there's no fun in it. Fair enough. But why do we always have to be slaves to something in order for life to be LIVED? That's because we are also slaves to our minds. We are slaves to our ego, greed, jealousy, desire...we are slaves to our families, religions, careers, beliefs etc...we are slaves to others and to ourselves. Prisoners of self and society. Beaten by rules, punished by the system, bound by the chains of expectations, we are the slaves of slaves. We claim we're doing great in life but have we ever stepped out of this jail? Have we ever fed a hungry man and felt good about it? Have we ever climbed a mountain and kissed the skies? Have we ever learnt to let go and be free? Nah, cos it's all about us isnt it? Cos all we care is about us...our life...our wants...our dreams. A fear of being alone, a fear being left out, a fear of being a fish outta water, a fear of rejection somehow drives us to be be behind be trapped by the venom of glory that kills the passion and freedom...for ideas to be controlled. Humans are eleutherophobic creatures wandering around longing to be desired, wanting to be wanted, screaming to be heard, ending up as mere slaves of one another. Raped by life yet thriving with those scars. We are self-made slaves. I'm a prisoner of my existence. Are you? Cos I know I'm not the only one.

The Flying Kissee of the day is...

A heart that really beats, feels and marches ahead in no fear, and it's none other than our darling Samby! Those who know him know how AMAZING this young man is...he's only 20 and talks like he's 101. LOL no offense to ya Samby, what I meant is your wisdom. It's as big as the ocean at such a tender must have gone through alot to acquire that kind of knowledge about life. Cos it can't come free. Such wisdom comes only from true life experiences. Your words always echo in my's like you speak my mind and you say it so brilliantly. Samby has a way of making you want to read his every post, wanting to grab every line he writes cos it's pure bliss to the's cool water to my open sores. He turns his pain into healing others who have been there and makes you realise that you're not alone. I'd like to quote Samby here...something that he said that had me in awe of his brilliance. "I am stuck here on this earth...I am not allowed to die...but am not allowed to live"...and another one by Samby "Pain..I have become numb...when the pain gets too much... the pain itslef becomes the medicine". So need I tell you anymore about this awesome guy who's got a heart as big as the Everest and wisdom as wide as the ocean? Go check him out for yourself, you'll be hooked in no time. Though I'm a big sis to Samby, sometimes Im the 'older woman' that he fancies, hai na Samby...LOL! Samby are ya scared of this 'older' woman? Whatever you do, please don't take your shirt off cos I'd die instantly haha! Just look at him girls...isn't he what God made (when He was totally sober) for women? MWACCKKKZ! Dija feel it? ;-). Enjoy your day Samby, you'll never know how much respect and love I have for ya mate.
You rock and I wish you all the best in your life! Whatever comes your way, remember Keshi has a place for ya in her heart and will always be thinking of ya. IMO this is the greatest song ever written and it's dedicated to your brave spirit...

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Saturday, May 17

Bitch In Training

Hello hello hello heyyloww....Something that I have noticed in Blogville is some people claiming that they are going through a tough time/busier than before, hence they don't wanna blog anymore and shutting down the blog. After a while you see/hear about the same people having started a different blog account or Myspace or whatever, and going on with life as usual. Which is great and which is good for them. Cos I do know that as humans we all go through bizzare mood-swings, say one thing but do another thing..and that's fine. BUT, what saddens me alot is when so-called friends who said they wont be in blogs anymore do appear in other blogs but not mine. I don't mean to be a that's not me. When I said they are not in my blog anymore, I meant they don't even say a HI anymore. They don't have to read my posts (I really don't care if people read my posts or not, it's totally upto them), but if we were good friends here before and you suddenly drop out of my blog without an explanantion and I see you everywhere else, well trust me I fucking hate that...and yes it gives me a fake impression of ya. Was I really a friend to ya or was I just a part of your constructive interference? As much as you were there for me, I was there for you too but nah I don't expect you to comment here cos of that. Neither do I want you to rock my cradle 24/7 but I'd like to know why I have been singled out. It hurts. I do know that I have a massive following here...100s of comments in each post. But that doesn't mean I'm a machine..I do have a beating heart and I do recognise and remember each and everyone of you! Even if you come to VivaForever after a year of a break (as some people do), I will still remember ya. And I appreciate that some long-lost friends do drop by and say Hi to me after a long time...that's really sweet of them. But once when I asked a friend why he doesn't drop by anymore, he said, 'Keshi I read ur posts but I don't comment cos u have too many friends'. That's a really sad reply. Just cos I have many people commenting here that doesn't mean I don't deserve a Hello? That doesn't mean I don't need your friendship? That doesn't mean your PC won't allow you to type a HI to Keshi? I'm not a person who's sitting here collecting 100s of comments for the heck of it, or to feed my Ego. I'm here reading all of you and replying to each one of you cos I CARE. If I didn't, I can choose not to reply to any of ya or make my posts non-commentable. I value each and every one of you as a 'friend', not as just another 'commentor'.

Well there are some people I don't visit anymore cos we've had ugly fights and ended the friendship. But there are others I feel who don't wanna visit me anymore cos they think I'm so up myself with a large group here or maybe they are just jealous? Well tell you what. I don't give a damn anymore if you don't want to drop a HI. I don't keep a blogroll so I only visit friends who are current with me. So from now on, if you're out of sight here, then consider yourselves out of my mind too. Please don't come here whining 'Keshi why arent you in my blog anymore' etc etc. So next time when the chips are down, don't expect me to offer my shoulder for you to cry. Call me a selfish biyatch, well guess what..I better act what you portrayed me as from the beginning, shouldn't I? If I was labelled as a total 'BITCH' by some people, well I better be one, shouldn't I...what say guys? Cos they really haven't seen the BITCH in me yet. I'm getting super bitchier (Dalmation style and all) by the's a survival mechanism. And FYI just last week I started taking Bitch Pills *says that with a major attitude and gangster hand movements*. haha you go girl! And those people who are way too up their arse to associate Keshi anymore, from now on plz talk to my hand! Cos from now on, I give my heart only to those who really DESERVE it.

Note: If you haven't read the last post yet please do so. That'll make you smile if not this.

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Friday, May 16

Words Fail Me My Love!

Solitaire with her coolest ideas of all, got us all to write a matrimonial Ad in her Short & Sweet blog today (there's an Ad structure to follow as well). So I wrote the following Ad as my contribution to her post, and I thought it would be good if I put it up in my blog, so you can read it in the weekend. So here is my matrimonial ad:

WANTED a domesticable, can-cook-n-clean and superb-in-bed Male for an outgoing, bitchy-but-lovable and shoe-crazy Female.

She is 'educated' enough to be a wife and careerwoman, and 'earns' alot of LOVE from everyone she meets per month.

Comes from a very 'dysfunctional' family.
Father is a Detective (*meet the Fokkers*) and mother is a 'Nutcase' just like the daughter. Sister, let's not even go there.

Her hobbies include blogging, looking for blog-fodder (beware next post might be on u), living in a blog, hosting blog parties, thinking too much, listening to music, blogging about music, did I say Blogging? ok!

Would prefer a blogger, blog-programmer by profession, blogaholic or blogworm, someone who can shutup and listen at times, someone who is easy to talk to, someone who is not up himself, overly religious men will not be considered, better drink alcohol, smoke if you want, eat meat wutever but plz don't eat my head, better know good music and have a decent dress sense, smell good enough not to shoot you down, clean and hygenic, no gingivitis sufferers plz, preferably an emotional-wreck to feel equal, caste MUST be Human, must be handsome in the heart, must speak Sense, should come from an equally 'hilarious' family, should be able to tolerate pure crap, better know what Grunge is, should be prepared to sleep on the couch if a sudden request is received, gotta be able to give up on TV when asked to, should have his own house to go back to if asked to leave, better have your own car not to hog her's and MUST be 'Ugly' if u know what I mean.

Will give details of more 'requirements' when asked for. Yes there's more.

If u want her horoscope here it is:

Sun on her face
Moon in her eyes
Saturn in her deeds
Mercury in her blood
Venus in her flirtations
Jupiter in her pocket
Uranus in ur-anus

Other planets are busy doing something else I guess. Will tell u later where they are.

A recent photo of the guy will be much appreciated, w.o. morhping it ofcourse. Attached is a recent pic of the woman being considered in this Ad (a bit of a ghost sometimes). Send in your applications today and be her man ooh lala!

Have a good weekend guys! ;-)

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Thursday, May 15

The Spies Who Luuurve Me!

So the Aussie cops used all those brilliant tips given by this notorious woman's many Spies (check last post), and arrived at her apparently 'recent' home address...which is And they 'virtually' knocked on her door when she opened it looking like this (quite a suspicious look):

Cop: You're under arrest Miss.Keshi.
*loud music blasts out of the house...a massive party is going on inside...drunken voices echo in euphoria*
Keshi: Duncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
*says that, smirks and slams the door on the cop's face*
*the annoyed cops knock on the door again*
Cop: Open the door Miss.Keshi or we might have to break your door!
*without opening the door, a loud voice is heard from inside*
Mutley: Who let the dogs out (woof woof woof woof...)!
*cops look at each other baffled beyond comprehension*
*Keshi comes back to the door*
Keshi: Don't disturb me man...just get a life will ya? Or if you're so desperate, come join the party. You're Welcome in my house ya know
*she winks at the cop*
*then a notorious drunken female voice screams from the house*
Bev: Keshi come back, I need you to rub my back woman!
*Keshi turns and says this to her*
Keshi: I'll be there hun, just get Ankur, Helen or Satish to do it for ya..they're awesome at that ya know.
*looks at the cop now with quizzical brows*
Cop: You're a Wanted need to come with us lady.
*now he's almost falling for her wink and cleavage and his eyes start to squint*
Keshi: Who gave ya this address Mr.Cop Handsome? Was it dahlin Mav?
*seduces him heavily until he loses all his brain powers and shows her the list*
Cop: A massive number of spies have no idea.
*and shows Keshi the long list of names who dobbed on her*

*Keshi thinks for a moment and wonders what a brillaint Reward these people are to her and to themselves...for being in her life. And yes, this is their reward, for tipping me massive ongoing party for them in my online home. And this fool doesn't even know that. And she says this to the officer*

Keshi: hahahahaha! They are all in here with me u blockbuster idiot. They are the spies who luuurve me! So, u too start loving me loserboy, come in and join the party. We have Vodka, Bacardi, COCKtails to soothe your ego, a DICKtionary if you wanna learn our net slang, FUCKbook if you wanna start off with a no-frills cheap virtual cop account, MyAss if you want some ghetto loving, Donn the highly intelligent human knowledgebase for anything you wanna know about this place, 'ROFL' to be used if you really don't feel like rolling on the floor while you laugh, Veenz to write you beautiful love poems, Slides to put in your cop-ass pics and show off, Youtube to get drugged on Music, Anonymous wankers to make you wanna resign from your cop job, 'MWAHS' to kiss and to be kissed if you're one of those pathetic souls like me who last got kissed in 1901, 'HUGS' to be felt when you realise your partner is gay, Preeti to make you feel like you have your own sis, Prats to love you always etc etc...and most of all we have real Buddies - human hearts conveying their deepest emotions in bits and bytes right across the globe, when all you do is wear a crappy uniform and go around trying to catch thieves that are probably laughing their ass off watching ya. So come join us, in my house, for the biggest Party on Earth, where we drink and dance to forget...

*Cop starts to sing*

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night
There Keshi stood in the doorway;
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinking to myself,
This could be heaven or this could be hell?

Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way
There were voices down the corridor,
I thought I heard them say...
Welcome to the hotel Bloggermania
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the hotel Bloggermania
Any time of year, you can find it here
... ... ...

Her mind is PRETTY twisted, she got ALOT of bends
She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, that she calls friends
How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
Some dance to remember, some dance to forget...

So I called up the G-man,
please bring me my wine
He said, 'we haven't had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine'
And still those voices are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them say...

Welcome to the hotel Bloggermania
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
They livin' it up at the hotel Bloggermania
What a nice surprise, bring your alibis

Mirrors on the ceiling,

The pink champagne on ice
And Keshi said 'we are all just prisoners here, of our own device'
And in the master's chambers,
They gathered for the feast
They blog it with their steely minds,
But they just can't kill the thrills!

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
Relax', said Solitaire,
We are programmed to receive
You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave!

And then Nirmal grabbed the cop inside, put his 'soda' glasses on the cop, and aksed him to LOOK properly. Look what a marvellous GANG Keshi has in her house! The cop got jinxed into it instantly, seeing the super sexy AND intelligent chicks like Cindy, Priya, Lisa, Prachi, Ammu, Pavi, Pri, Carolinagal, Ria, Swati, Milady, Shionge and Elusive in the house, and those awesome emotional-alcoholics from all over the world like Samby, Tys, Clyde, Dhruv, Vish, Sid, Fingers, Jeevan, Vesty, Amit and Steve. So he joined them and they all partied together happily ever after...cos ya know, he could never leave!

(Please note that this post includes only a few pics and names of the large gang that Keshi hangs out with. note: if your pic OR name, OR both appeared here, then your tip was brilliant. Due to the inability of obtaining pics from ALL her friends and making such a large post, only few were selected based on their top tips. But please know ALL of you were in my mind as I wrote this post and ALL of you are loved equally MWAH n tnxx! And a special TY to Nirmal Genius for 'Hotel California' tip from last week which inspired me to re-write the lyrics to suit this post.).

Checkin' out now but ya know, I never leave...

Current Music: Hotel California by Eagles