Monday, June 29

Take Me As I Am...

(Note: for my tribute post to Jacko, please read last post)

Disclaimer: Please note that this post is not yet another post for my bday. I already did one last week :). This post is to highlight the importance of accepting one another for who they are and forgiving one another somehow. Please read the post before you comment. I don't want people to dimiss the message in the post at the sight of the cake. Thanks!

This is the lovely bday cake my cuz made for me...I love it, totally!

She first asked me if I wanted a particuar cake. I asked her to make anything she wanted, with what she knew about me so far...I asked her to use her imagination.

She came up with SHOES ofcourse! ;-) Isn't she brilliant? Manolo Blahniks on a neatly iced Pink cake...very girly and very KESHI to say the least ;-)

These are the 3 cakes that she made for me, my mum and another cuz...we all celebrated our bdays together yesterday at my cuzn T's place.

*click on pics to enlarge*

It was an amazing night. It was a 3-bday marathon that totally rocked! And yes, though I didnt want to have a party this year, my cousins and friends insisted that I had one and I'm glad I went. We had a great, friends, great food, lots of sweet presents (omg I got a Versace perfume set too! And Lingerie *now I'd have to wear em and show em to myself!* and some other hot items as well...). And I wanna thank TT, Hemz, Krys, Jay and Suree for making beautiful bday blog posts for me last week, and for ALL your wishes here in my blog, emails, txts and calls!
*TY n MWAH!*

And ofcourse Music. Wherever Keshi goes, Music follows too. Without Music, there won't be a Keshi. Last night at the party, it was 'strictly' Michael Jackson. There were countless times in my life when I didn't wanna get out of my car cos I wanted to finish listening to the MJ song that was playing in my car. Right now in my car CD-player, there's a MJ cd in there. I loved his music to death. So last night at the party, we all wanted to remember him, his music and yes we boogied the night away to his great dance numbers. Blame it on Jacko, cos he infected us with the dance virus and now we can't get rid of it! However, though I was at a party, I was feeling this very personal sense of loss and I couldn't get my mind away from his death. I know, that with his death, a part of me died too. In between my dancing, I cried. I always danced to forget...but last night, I danced to remember.

After MJ's death, I will never look at life under the same light again. There are alot of unanswered questions and alot of judgements. People talk about Jacko as if they never make a mistake in their entire lives. Jackson had feelings and a heart too, just like you and me. He's somebody's son, somebody's brother, somebody...just like you and me. The difference is he GAVE alot to the world and got nothing much in return. He still didn't care, he continued doing what he's best at doing. And if our personal lives and our every move were to be on the News, I'm sure we'd all be labelled 'crazy' too. No one has the right to judge another's personal life. We all have our likes, dislikes, ways, perferences, lifestyles, attitudes, wierdness, similarities, differences, the best and the worst. That means we are all the same on scales. So let's not play God. We are all human and being such a public figure, and living such a public life, I'm sure Jacko had his own share of demons to fight every single day...demons that people like us would never know of. I wonder why people can never accept someone 'different'. Is there some kind of strict code that people have to follow in life? I don't think so. We all get different challenges thrown at us in life, we all deal with them differently, we all have different views. Bite it folks, we may all be the same but we are all different. That's the beauty of this world.

Do you accept people for who they are? I do. You know why? Cos I myself make mistakes, may appear crazy to you, may be different, may have a life that's not just like your's...but this is me...this is my life. And I'd like to be accepted for who I am, and not for who you want me to be. Do you forgive people? I do. I give people second chances. Cos I'd like to be forgiven when I make mistakes too, cos I'm only human. And I know you are too. We can beat someone up endlessly for a mistake they did or for being different, but that doesn't make us any better than them. But if we choose to accept people for who they are, forgive one another, then really, that would make you a better person than many out there.

One day in your life, I hope you'll remember all the people you met in your life path, and be glad that you accepted them for who they were, and not for what you wanted them to be...

One day in your life
You'll remember the love you found here
You'll remember me somehow
Though you dont need me now
I will stay in your heart
And when things fall apart
You'll remember one day . . .

Current Music: One Day In Your Life by Michael Jackson

Saturday, June 27

You Beat It Jacko!

I grew up with his music. I grew up trying to moonwalk like him. I know almost ALL his songs and lyrics by heart. I always wanted to dance and move so smoothely like him. I admired him so very much. I respect and love his work from the ultimate core of my SOUL. His music took me through some of my toughest times. His song BEN (that I played often in my blog and very recently too) always made me feel that I'm not alone. His song BEAT IT brought out the devil-dancer in me. His song BAD made me feel it's ok to be me, with all my flaws. His song BLACK OR WHITE and HEAL THE WORLD revolutionised our Thinking. BILLIE JEAN is my ultimate 'move it' song. All of MJ's songs are a huge part of me now, that will live and die with me.

Jacko created a new dimension in that got etched in Music history, that belongs to him and him alone. Jacko is a Music legend no matter what people say about his personal life - not that it matters anyways. I have great respect for MJ & for his work, and I know that people who judge him can never achieve what he achieved in his short life. He is a genius. His work excelled all the negative publicity he got towards the end of his life. Those who cannot see his expertise are poorer for not being able to recognise his unique genetic brilliance.

He is Body, Soul, Rhythm, Precision, Technique, Brilliance, Performance, Dedication, Professionalism, Strength, Heat, Devotion, Passion, Talent, Charisma and LOVE. Jacko you beat it mate! WE LOVE AND MISS YA! The world is poorer today for losing you way before your time. Thank You for the great music and the passion that you brought to our lives! Your legacy will never die. There will never be another Jacko and there will never be another dancer like him. No one else in the world can MOVE like ya MJ! *lotsa tears*

I will be playing MJ songs for the next few posts as a tribute to one of my fav singers and performers ever.

People always told me be careful of what you do
And don't go around breaking young girls' hearts...
And mother always told me be careful of who you love
And be careful of what you do...
'cause the lie becomes the truth.

Current Music: Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

Thursday, June 25

Somewhere I've Never Been...

The Day I Flashed Myself To The Doctors!
Ok I know I'm vain but hey I aint superficial ok! Yes, that rather 'sentimental' day of the year has stumbled upon me's my Birthday today! And I'm telling you all this cos I'm an average, selfish, attention-seeking humanbeing who would love to get some kisses, hugs and wishes on this day that I was born some 'aeons' ago! Atleast your Love would make me feel like a baby again and not some prehistoric dynasaur aging into extinction right? THANKS ALL IN ADVANCE for the Love on this day! ;-) Now are ya ready to learn how to love? Then read on...yes Keshi is giving you 'lectures' even on her with it.

Unplanning My Life...
Some of my friends asked me what my 'plans' were for today *I hardly PLAN anything anymore*. Some others asked me if I was going to 'throw' a party *wonder who would CATCH it*. Some asked me if I was going out at night with friends to 'celebrate' *ehh CELEBRATE what? The fact that I was born on this day or the fact that I'm still alive? I choose the latter*. A friend asked if I was gonna get pampered on this day with a nice haircut or a glam-doll look with a hot new outfit *I lookafter myself even on an ORDINARY day*. Actually I'm doing none of those things today. Woke up to some lovely surprises by mum and sis, and alot of txt msgs, cards, calls and whatnots from far far away. Kath, Cess, Ria, Kavi, Joyce, Maddy and Margie you guys were the first to wish me this year - THANKS for remembering me so dearly lovelies! I'm at work right now and the rest of the day will go as usual, but with floodgates of bday wishes opening very soon! My wonderful cousins and mates are planning a huge bday party for me on Sunday. I begged them not to but they insist that I attend it or they are gonna torture me with a cattle-prod! I think I will go.

A Year Younger Today...
I realise something new this year. Something 'fresh' and 'youthful' about me. With every birthday I seem to be getting 'younger';-). Surprised? Now don't get me wrong...I didn't mean that with every birthday I get a Botox done or that I end up looking like a Barbie doll with FF boobs that never stop being perky! Now that can never happen with Age anyways...our BODIES can only get older. But yes, our MINDS can get younger, that is if we want to. What I meant by getting younger with every birthday was, that my attitude and approach to life and people around me has become youthful and fresh...innocent and purer than before. Yes we can learn to be pure again, if we try. Now let me tell you WHERE I am today, after all these years of LIFE on Earth. Now I'm able to forgive easily than I used to be...I wonder why I couldn't do it before...I wonder why people so stubbornly hold on to their egos that might make them regret later...even I used to be like that before, but not anymore. Now I can apologise more easily too...I used to have a little bit of pride and take time to say Sorry...but now whenever I'm wrong, I say it out loud, just like how a kid would. Now I can apply that wonderful quote by Morrie Shwartz (in the book 'Tuesdays With Morrie') 'Love is the only rational act' to my life than I could before. When someone hurts me, I still get upset and react a little, but I seem to hold no grudges anymore..not for too long anyways. Now I seem to feel my emotions fully than I used to before...I used to run away from my emotions, as if they were a beast. Now I let them flow fully and I let them make me the person that I'm supposed to be...just like a child. I live it like it is. I'm a confident and honest woman, yet a sensitive and a blunt child. I'm 'living' more than I used to. I have realised the pangs of life that I often seem to have I give them attention and just go with the flow...just like a careless kid, careless about what's around her and what people would think about her next move. I don't think and act 'collectively' anymore, just to be safe or to feel appreciated..I am myself, I make decisions alone and I'm not afraid of being laughed at. I trust people more than I used to...I don't force my opinion on them anymore and I trust that they can handle things themselves. I'm no longer afraid to show the sensitive side of me...I'm not going to pretend that I don't cry or that I'm not a drama queen. I have realised I'd rather be as soft as a child than as hard as a rock that never 'felt' anything. When I hear music I'd just get up and dance no matter where I am...for my mind cannot deny the rhythm it want my body to follow. I'm more responsive to people now, both loved-ones and total strangers...what is the value of life if you can't be responsive and pay attention to one another? Now I believe in the simple life than I used to...I see the beauty of living a normal day, even if it's my birthday, just doing some gardening, chatting to mum, having a good nap and taking a nice long bath. To me, that is a Celebration of Life. I don't have the perfect life but I know I do appreciate life every single day in a way that most people don't.

The Mind Lasts Longer And Is Stronger Than The Body...
With every year of Life that I have gained on Earth, I have mentally shed my 'adulthood' and gained 'youth' in quite a 'mature' way. With every physical change that has happened in me, I have gained mental substance. I no longer wish I was still 18 or 21. For why would I crave for a place I have already been to? I'm glad about 'where' I am today. I'm in a good place. I don't stand infront of the mirror and feel that I'm fat, old, look a lil less pretty than last year or that I need someone else around to make me feel special and loved. I stand infront of the mirror and see a woman who has grown alot through her experiences, one who loves herself no matter what people say, who is able to really smile through her tears, who loves her looks just the way they are with all the flaws and all, who knows that holding on too tightly to our physicalities, titles, pride and whatnots won't take her anywhere, who has somehow realised that Love is really the only rational act...just like how wise 'young' professor Morrie Shwartz had believed. I'm still learning but I have gained so much wisdom, strength, knowledge, love and light over the years, and I have only become 'youthful' towards life, and alot more positive about life. I'm not as broody, moody, stubborn, vengeful, proud, unforgiving, foolish, materialistic, selfish or as angry as I used to be. To me, that would be what being 'old' is like - being grumpy and cranky, and holding on to the past too tightly. I'm now in a place that I'd never wanna swap with someone else, not even for the world. I have just entered a 'place' in my life that I have never been before, and I couldn't be happier. I aint Mother Theresa hell nah, but I just know that Love somehow wins at the end of the day. And this is where I want to be. What more could I want ha?

Keep getting 'younger' my friends...with your attitudes to life and others. Don't shun Love in the name of looking tough...for Love is the only 'rational' act. And as a birthday treat, I want you all to comment on that quote ;-). Tell me what you think about it. And Happy Birthday RIA for the 23rd of June! Thanks all and have a good day!

L O V E I S T H E O N L Y C U R E F O R A L L W O U N D S & S C R E W U P S - by Keshi ofcourse! ;-)

Current Music: The Power Of Love by Celine Dion

Tuesday, June 23

A CSI Weekend...

Warning: Long post ahead. Goes to show what an eerily 'eventful' weekend it was!

Remember my post An Officer & A Genitalman, that was about a naked man who flashed himself to me in 2007? Read that post first if you haven't already (click link above), cos it will help you to understand this very serious situation and the danger that I may be living with.

Last Saturday (20/06/2009), I found out that I live in the VERY CLOSE vicinity of a dangerous and violent sex offender! Yes, it's true and I'm shit scared people! *goes to the loo a 100 times*. Though I'm going to be writing this post under the light of some Keshi-humor as usual, deep down I'm quite disturbed about this frightening revelation and it's affecting my lifestyle in various ways *I no longer look I dress like a pauper so that the attacker pukes at the sight of me!*. Let me first tell you how it all unfolded last weekend.

Last Saturday night, we decided to go see the movie The Proposal...6:30pm show at the local cinemas. Myself, family and friends left our home around 6pm, and we were enjoying the movie in the next 3hrs or so. Nobody was at my house that night, but I always leave a light on when I go out. That night, I switched the Kitchen light on before I left. In those 3hrs, ALOT was going to happen, and right infront of my house!

Now a bit of geographical info about where I live. On one side of my house, where the Kitchen window looks out, there's a dark grassy alley that's got alot of trees, shrubs and not enough lighting. It's situated right underneath and to the left of my Living room balcony. I pass this narrow passage (that is to the left of me) as I walk on the main street, every single day on my way to work and back at night. Sometimes I come home late, it's about 8pm/9pm and yes I pass that spot even at that time of the night, all alone, when nobody is out on the street. People who live down the same main street pass that alley as well, but it can get a bit lonely after 6pm on a dark Winters' night. We are aware this spot can be a little too 'inviting' for loiterers who'd like to hide in the dark and do something notorious, even though I haven't seen any so far. In the daytime, that alley is a beautiful lil heaven with bushy green and red shrubs, and red berry trees where colorful parrots come to feed on, as I watch them through my kitchen window while sipping my coffee. At night, it's an eerie and lonely passage that nobody would wanna tread. Every night when I pass that dingy alley, I do look at it in a rather suspicious state of mind, wondering if anyone is hiding in the bush, and if he'd come out and attack me...yes my mind can never get rid of Ted Bundy images! I'm forever stuck in that dilemma, can someone help? *rolling eyes*. Don't laugh at me...cos I wasn't wrong and you'll soon find out why!

Ok now where was I on Sat night...ah yes, at the movies. After the movie, around 8:30pm, we all went to get some take-away dinner and headed home. When we reached our street, we saw a huge number of Police officers and other detectives (in different uniforms) right infront of our balcony, flashing torches into that same dingy alley, as if something serious had happened just then! We were wondering if someone broke into our house, cos the Police were basically in our front courtyard and very close to my balcony and kitchen windows! I got off the car and walked upto them...there were 4 police cars and about 10 policemen! They were all talking on phones, flashing torches, walking around in haste and looking quite serious. I went to an officer, told him I lived there and asked what had happened. He told me that he couldn't tell me anything as yet cos it's confidential, and that they were doing an urgent investigation *I felt like telling him WTF I live here officer and I don't think you can tell me what happened after I'm dead could ya?*. Well anyways, that was all they said. We didn't panic all that much that night. But the next morning, much to my surprise the Police came to the same spot again with Forensic investigators! Something 'serious' indeed had happened that night! They were collecting evidence from that spot, putting them into brown bags, taking photos of the alley, street and my property, and doing alot of CSI kinda investigations. It was almost like a movie!

Now I couldn't wait any longer to know what had happened. I just needed to know. Cos I lived in that property and I may be in danger too and I guess I have the right to know. So I went into my balcony, looked straight at one of the Police officers, and ya know, he just had to talk to me :). He asked me if any detectives contacted me regarding any issues in that area. Then I told him what happened about a year ago and that Police did come to get a statement from me that night. Then they quickly wrote down my name again, and said that detectives will contact me soon, and let me know what happened on Sat night. They did. Last night they knocked on my door. A female constable and a male Police officer came to talk to me. They told me that a young woman who had finished work at 7pm and was going home past that SPOT on Sat night, was suddenly dragged into that alley by an unknown man, and then brutally and violently attacked her on the face and body, attempted RAPE on her, that fractured her chin bone and skull, and then stole her bag and had left!!!!!! She had screamed so loud that someone who heard her had contacted the Police! And this had happened right in my front courtyard, down that dingy passageway, where I pass every single night and did feel an eerieness in it in the past! And we were at the movies that night...if not, I'd have heard her screams, witnessed it through my windows and would have even seen the attacker myself. And if I wasn't at the movies, and if I was walking past that spot on that night (like I usually do at around 7pm), I'd have been his victim, who knows!

I was feeling very sorry for that girl...what a shame that such things take place in our society...that some people are so full of desperation that they get pleasure out of hurting others like that? Don't these guys have any sense of guilt, shame, fear, self-respect...not even a tiny bit? I'm shocked. Cos now I sit and think if this was the same guy who I wrote about in my last freaky post in 2007. Cos the police said that this kind of thing has been happening for the past 2yrs around where I live, and they can't seem to catch the attacker cos all of his victims are too traumatised to remember what he looked like! That freaks me out to pieces! Could it be the same guy who stood naked opposite my kitchen window one night in September in 2007? Could someone be watching me without me even knowing about it? Does someone know my whereabouts, my times and habits? Could it be someone in the same block or neighborhood? Could it be someone I have already seen/met/spoken to? I was told by the Police that there's a sexual predator in the area and to be careful, and to let them know if I see someone suspicious. How many more such incidents would it take to know who this mentally-ill guy is?

What scares me the most is the fact that you cant reason with mentally-ill people like rapists, sex attackers and violent thieves. If what happened to that innocent girl that night happens to me or you, are we prepared to tackle the situation to the best of our abilities? What would you do if someone appeared out of nowhere and attacked ya like that? How would you be better prepared to handle such a situation should it happen to you? God I hope it never happens to any one of us!

Humor In The Face Of Ted Bundy...
I thought of dressing up like a beggar next time I go to work so that he won't even attempt to attack me, but I know I cant go to work like that :(. How about dressing up like a Policewoman, but even then I'd pass out if he came on to me. Then I thought of kicking him straight in his Family-jewels but I'm not sure if I could do that without saying 'ouchhhh that hurt my knee u loser! what do u have there, metal undies?'. I thought of begging him to consider being 'normal' for the good of all humans on Earth, but then I reckon he wouldn't know anything called 'sense' would he now. My mum asked me to get a bottle of Pepper-spray but I'm not sure if in my panic-state of mind if I'd spray it on myself! My mum is so funny...last night, she goes to my bathroom and brings an Air-freshner bottle and asks me to take it with me. I told him that though the guy probably needs some 'freshning' up in his Cranium repository, that Air-freshner wouldn't work on making him pass out. LOL my mum is crazy. I even thought of carrying a fake gun...but do you honestly think a plastic children's toy from K-mart would scare a criminal like that, unless ofcourse he's loco beyond our imagination. I even thought of acting mental everytime I passed that alley but then I don't even have to try *no wonder he hasn't approached me yet!*. How about wearing a perfume that stinks so much that he'd pass out while he attackes me or carrying a board that reads 'I have Swine flu, do u still wanna get with me?'. I could tell him I have a blog and not to mess with me. On a serious note, now I have decided to leave work early so that I get home before it's too dark, so that I give the dude some time to come to the alley and find no prey much to his disappointment. *I might leave him a rotten chunk of lamb chops incase he gets too hungry for some 'meat'...what an animal*.

But what about others? Other women who have no idea what might happen around that spot as they walk past it? I was one of those women all these years...I walked past that spot with no qualms at all and didn't think that there would really be someone there to attack people so violently. I guess a guardian angel was watching over me all these years. I thank whoever it may be that protected me, my sis, mum and others who walked past that alley so far wthout any harm. And I hope that girl, who is now in severe trauma and in hospital, recovers soon and will be able to get over this somehow and face life without any fear, though it may take some time. I pray for her wellbeing and I regret I wasn't there that night to help her in whatever way I could have. And I hope the attacker will be caught soon and his bottoms locked up for life. I knew that the dark alley was not something very safe for passers-by. And voices in my head did warn me about something like that was going to happen. So don't ignore the warning signs given to you by your own instincts...cos often they are right!

You never know who is watching you...take care people!

Current Music: Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler (from CSI)

Monday, June 22

Bridget Jones's Diary & Ria-ssociation!

This post is a continuation from the previous Flatmate posts, and the final chapter of this round of Flatmates (see last post for more details). Following is Jay's and Ria's accounts of their experiences sharing accommodation with Keshi and the rest. Thanks all (Chriz, Suresh, Rakesh, Amit, Ria and Jay) you lovely flatmates for making my life richer for having you all at my place! I really had fun doing this, I hope you did too.

Here's Jay's account, and he's all the way from the Unaaaiiited Staiiites of Amaaarica! *says that with a Alabamaish yanky accent that nearly killed me trying to get it right!*

Scenario: All the flatmates except Jay had gone on a mini-break to a faraway resort. Jay decided to stay back home cos he simply couldn't part with his porn collection! *rolling eyes*. So Keshi left him alone, informed the neighbor that there's a strange guy living at her place at the moment and not to panic if they see him doing the twist naked in the house, cos he might use this 'lonesome' few days to try it out *considering the amount of strange fantasies Jay has on his eternally-kinky state of mind!*, and off she left with the rest of the flatmates on their trip. Jay suddenly finds the Girls' bedroom door open! OMG Keshi has forgotten to lock their bedroom door before she left *she can get like that sometimes...she can be quite absent-minded when she's too excited about a trip, I hope she took her clothes!*. Anyways, Jay takes this wonderful opportunity to go in and have a peek inside, being the notorious boy that he is. What happens next? Sit back, relax and go into the world of Jay, when he takes the role of a sweet maniac inside a girl's bedroom on a hot Summer's night...


Man, I can't believe I actually get the whole place to myself! I don't have to listen to anyone else's crummy music, and I get to watch what I want on TV, this is going to be a blast. Of course, it is a little odd that everyone else went to a resort and I wasn't invited?? Oh well, I'm sure they didn't plan this behind my back and intentionally leave me out. *Jay matey, have a look at the scantily dressed woman on the book you're holding right now, as you type this. The Ghost of Keshi comes to his mind often!*

Well, I think I'll lie around in my underwear for a while and read the newspaper and have some cold pizza and beer for breakfast. I can't do things like this with Keshi here. She'll yell at me to quit being a slob and get up and do something productive. Man, if that girl wasn't so hot, I wouldn't put up with her pushiness at all.

I wonder if there is any chance she and the other girls left their door unlocked? Hmmm...

*Checks the door* ... It IS unlocked!! Oh yeah baby! It's party time!

*Goes into the girl's room and puts a Ramone's CD in the CD player and begins dancing around the room looking around*

Man, these girls sure do wear some tiny undies. Very sexy too! I wonder who wears these crotchless panties? *not me, says Keshi!* I like those. But, all these boy-band posters on the wall are annoying me. I feel like a bunch of teenage boys are watching me dance around in my boxers. I bet the girls like that. They probably pretend they're talking to those guys and showing off for the .... Hey now! What's this? Ooooooooooooo IT'S KESHI'S DIARY!! OH MY! I think I'll just lie down on Keshi's warm and inviting bed and read some of it.

*Flips through the pages reading about all of Keshi's daily adventures*

Hey, she's talking about me in this entry ...

"I've found that if I sit on the right side of the table at breakfast each morning I can get a look at Jay when he leaves his room and go into the bathroom for his morning shower each day. He looks soooooooo good in just his towel. I keep hoping that he'll drop that towel by accident someday. I'm pretty sure he can't see me watching him."

Hmm .... must make a mental note to "accidentally" drop my towel some morning.

"I know Jay is all wrong for me. He's a slob and a drunk, but darn it, he's just so damn sexy! He's so sweet and funny and modest. He just makes me feel all warm and tingly inside."

*Yeah, I got something tingling right now too babe. If you know what I mean*

"I don't know if I can take it much longer. I'm going to have to do something about this. I'm hoping that it will be just me and him alone for a while someday soon so I can make my move. I'm going to be sure to be ready. I need to plan this out and make sure I'm wearing something sexy so I can get his attention."

*Oh you've got my attention alright baby!*

*Turns page quickly*


*Looks around the room* Huh??

"I bet you're lying there in your gross 10 year old boxers on my bed reading this. I'll have to wash my linens now. Ewwwwwwwww! Seriously, quit playing my CDs, quit reading my diary and for God's sake get dressed and do something with your life you freak!"

Whoa! Uh, that's weird. I guess I better put this back.

I think she really does want me though. She's just playing hard to get. That's hot.

My comments: *Keshi sits far far away on a hammock in an island resort, and dreams about John Abraham and Jay. She has a hard time choosing between the 2! And then she sees a David Beckham lookalike walking past her...she drops both John and Jay from her mind in a nano-second, and starts following this guy...she found a new love awwwwww!*


Ria had the wonderful opportunity of writing the pros and cons of Shared Accommodation. And this is what Ria had to say:

It's been a while since i have moved in with Keshi and 6 of my other flat mates....and if there is one word that i can sum the experience into i would have to say "Awesome".....I have always wanted to live with roommates, coz it gives u a different kinda feeling! And the more the better what say!? And the best part about my flatmates is that there are more guys than girls! ;) Now that gives me ample opportunity to flirt......the incorrigible flirt that i am. It's gr8 fun coz we have our share of girlie fun and at the same time we have a ball when the guys are around. The guys have been really sweet and helpful, can't help saying this coz u knw i m biased towards men! ;)

Apart from that it's like we are having a party with 8 ppl living together. No doubt it has its own downside too....the worst one being sharing bathrooms. Not everybody is as hygiene conscious as i am. Well, i may be tough on such aspects coz i m a cleanliness freak....Thankfully Keshi and i hav so many similarities that i feel as of we are long lost twins! :D

But one thing that i miss at times is having my "Me Time".....Since i hav so many flat mates, i always have somebody or the other around me. So it feels a bit suffocating u know, after all everybody needs there their own space. And not to forget the fights that we have on who will eat what! And we also have a tough time delegating the household chores....But i guess thats ok coz at the end of it all, i have got some really amazing people as my flat mates. So the pros definitely win hands down when i compare them to the cons. I am loving the whole experience so far! Lets see how things shape up further on.....

My comments: Ria has been such a great sport during her stay with me...she actually saved me from having a mental breakdown *as a consequence of having a bunch of naughty guys at my place, ofcourse*. The guys, while they are great to flirt around with, are practically a Mess-making Association that you can get membership for! *if you're one of them that is*. Rakesh used to leave all his pots and pans unwashed, in the sink and disappear. When he made a cuppa, he often felt like Superman! Amit used to pretend to mop the floor and then suddenly dash out of the house saying someone is at the door *yeah right!*. He never came back btw. Suresh packs some food for his girlfriend too and takes all our drinks on his romantic picnics, and puts on this puppydog face to us *so we just have to suck it up, feel sorry for his ultraromantic genes and donate our weekly beverages to his 'Love Story' in the making!*. Chriz and Jay used to walk half-naked *in their red jocks* infront of us girls so they could try and attract us *instead I burnt their undies in my backyard!*. Ria being almost like my sister *cos we always think so much alike*, amidst all of this, helped me to retain my sanity, cos both of us used to go into our room, close the door and laugh out so loud at all the funny, dumb, crazy, outrageous, sexy, stupid, sweet and loving things the blokes used to do! :) We both had a great time along with these men *sans their loco neanderthal habits ofcourse!* And just like Ria said, what matters is that we GET ALONG somehow, amidst our many differences. We may all not be the same, but it is harder to be nice to each other and accept people for who they are and co-exist under the same roof through thick and thin, than it is to dismiss one another. I choose the harder task ofcourse. So, this Flatmate experience taught us all to be nice to each other, to love one another and to live as one, no matter what :). Togetherness rocks and it keeps ya going. THANKS all my lovely flatmates MWAH!

PS: I watched 'The Proposal' on Sat night...the movie was fantastic. And I also had quite an eerie weekend...will tell you all about it soon!

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Thursday, June 18

Dil Mera Le Gaya!

Remember my crazy Flatmate posts? Well they are back! :) The last time I was sharing a flat, it was with Chriz - my first ever red-undy obsessed, microwave friendly flatmate! (Read here for his 'divine' flat-sharing experience with me). Then came Rakesh, the flirty guy who tried to get into my 'heart' through his cooking but failed miserably cos I ate all the food and vanished. And Suresh, the lovelorn handsome guy who broke my heart into a zillion pieces that could never be glued back again, cos he was already singing in the rain with Simran (read here for my wonderful times with Rakesh and Suresh). Now there are 3 other flatmates who were yet to tell us all about their experiences sharing accommodation with Keshi. And they were Amit, Ria and Jay. Today's post consists of Amit's experience living with Keshi. Ria's and Jay's will come after this post. Amit was given a scenario by me and all he had to do was come up with a post that described what happened in that scenario.

Scenario: One steamy night Amit absent-mindedly walks into the Ladies bathroom in Keshi's house! Is there anyone in there? What do you see and what happens next?

And this is how Amit brings to you a humorous scene from Keshi's house for your own reading pleasure. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


HISTORY: Today being Sunday, all the flatmates were at their relaxed best. Suresh, Rakesh, Jay, Ria and of course our gracious host Keshi. After a rollicking good time, where we watched a couple of movies *no, don’t ask which ones, that would be revealing...just understand that they were movies that had us in all sorts of moods by the time they ended, from frisky to funny to deadly*, we played a few games designed by Keshi *even those, I’ll leave it to Keshi to tell about..I grin ear to ear thinking about the naughtiness in some of them* and even resorted to a bit of dancing to the beats of 'desi girl' *it being a Keshi favourite courtesy John Abraham’s presence in them, naturally..heh heh*, 'dance pe chance’'and the latest craze 'Masakali', besides some English numbers which Keshi had put on.

I usually don’t shake a leg, but, seeing how the gay *no pun intended* abandon with which the three guys were enjoying the dancing, the grace with which Ria was twinkle-toeing and, our host Keshi was totally into 'desi girl' mode, I decided to forget my shy nature for a while and just join in the fun, right next to Keshi…and ooops…that was, well, mind-boggling to say the least…just trying to keep up with her pace had me totally whacked out. She’s a never-tiring bundle of energy...unbelievable! *wink wink* yes, it felt great dancing with her, as you can well imagine!

Finally, it was past the hour of midnight, and so, everyone said their 'goodnight, sleep tight's and off we went, ready for dreamland.

Ah well, I was soon into dreamland, when 'the urge' prompted me to get up in my semi-sleep state, and I sleepily walked towards the bathroom, without wearing my specs *which I realized later, was a boo-boo! not boob-oo sillies, or was it?* Read on..

An Identity Crisis...
I twisted the door handle, walked in and went and stood in my 'usual place', eyes still blurred with tiredness, when I noticed something…and, nearly said out aloud 'good Lord, someone’s stolen the urinal, the fixtures, everything!'. my eyes opened wide, wondering how the thieves had made off with the stuff so easily. And, then, I noticed something strange - the colour of the bathroom was also not the boyish blue…nah, in fact, it was a bright red with white tiles! I was wondering what kind of mad thief would modify a bathroom to this extent and make off with some fixtures to boot?

And, then realization was the Ladies bathroom…in my semi-clothed *shorts only*, semi-asleep state of mind and without my specs to help, I’d walked into 'no man’s land' - The Ladies’ Bathroom! I could feel my shy face going red with embarrassment. But then, it being the midnight hour, and me being wide awake now, I thought I’d get a bit naughty *after such an 'eventful Sunday' who wouldn’t?*
and, not hearing a sound, decided to do a bit of exploration of the attractive cupboards behind the mirrors...but, suddenly I heard the sound from the toilet cubicle, of water being flushed and was stunned into silence! It was too late to run out without making any noise, since whoever it was had just clicked the lock on the door of the toilet open, so, I made a split second decision. I closed my eyes, put my arms out *as I’d read, in so many books*, and started walking towards the Exit, when I banged into the partition - opened my eyes partially, and, saw John Abraham in his famous 'short' shorts pic from 'Dostana' staring back at me!!! ah…it was a life size poster of John. Anyway, I was trying to avoid the partition when Keshi came up right behind me and tapped me daintily on the shoulder - I should have gotten an award for acting like the world’s number one somnambulist at that moment. I pretented that I didn’t feel the electric sensation I’d felt, and just kept moving slowly with arms in front of me and eyes closed. Out of the corner of my eye, I espied that the lil lady was looking really stunning in her nightdress. So, I boldly turned round, eyes still closed, so that my arms were on Keshi’s shoulders. Our noses touched lightly, and, I decided that that was the right moment for me to wake up, since those electric 'touches' were not allowing me to pretend to be asleep anymore. Opening my eyes wide, arms still where they were, and asked 'Main Kahaan Hoon?' *where am I?*, very filmy style. Keshi looked mystified *she looks cute when she’s that way, too*, and being the sharp one that she is, she nearly guessed that I was not really asleep. Having just read her post on 'F*** off', I hurriedly moved my arms away, and, looking suitably embarrassed, I explained how I’d mistakenly 'boldly gone where no man has gone before' - the Ladies’ bathroom and apologized profusely! Thankfully, she realized the humour in the situation, and, soon we were both laughing away merrily at 1 AM in the morning and I heaved a sigh of relief. We said our goodnights again with a lil friendly hug, and, retired to our individual bedrooms.

I was hoping she never tells the rest of the flatmates about my somnambulistic abilities. But, next morning, when I woke up, Ria came up and said an extra sweet 'Good Mooooorning, Amit'. Arrrrrrghh!! Keshi's let the cat out of the bag!! Wait til I catch her! But then, that’s a post for another day, if I’m allowed to continue being a flatmate after this experience!!


My Side Of The Story:

Cast Away Without Tom Hanks In It!
HERSTORY: Amit, dil mera le gaya, along with my toilet ofcourse! (dil mera le gaya means you've taken my heart). Yes Amit looked a lil lost that night inside the Ladies bathroom in my flat. O well, he looked as if he'd have been more comfy in the Amazon rainforests on a Sunday night standing next to an Anaconda than being here inside the Ladies! What makes me baffled is why men are so scared of the Ladies bathroom? Is it the pinkness of the freshness inside, or is it the Ladies that they might come across in there? I guess the term LADIES is quite a shockwave-sending word for many men...not because they are scared of them, but because they are so fond of them! Men adore Women. And the fact that they don't want to admit that is what makes them scared of them LOL! When Amit first saw my face inside the Ladies, he realised that he had just walked into No Man's Land and was about to create a scene that would go down in Man's Many Demented Mistakes History! Men are silly creatures and they get all dizzy when they see a woman in her night gear, and would even pass out if they touch him *rolling eyes*. Amit was now in women's territory, all alone, and was about to stage a play that was going to reveal his deepest darkest fantasies about women and their Towel racks! He was about to become the John Abraham of The Ladies Toilets! He was almost doing a filmy scene from 'Chori Chori Chupke Chupke' in his shirtless state of mind and his shorts half unbuttoned, looking almost like Salman Khan! He was about to lose control on seeing the bright red walls and white tiles that would send him into a spiral orgasmic cosmic dream! He was about to spy on Vanity drawers of his female flatmates and find 'things' that he'd never even imagined he'd ever get to see alive! He was about to get into the shower and find out what it would feel to be showering at the same spot where Ladies showered every single day! He was about to start living inside the Ladies bathroom pretending to be a bathtub, without much success ofcourse! He was about to experience it all, he was about to have a romance in the Ladies bathroom that would be a kinky chapter in his life to come, but it all got cut short cos a girl called Keshi was born to spoil the fun of all Men on Earth...and whether Amit could believe it or not, she was the host of his current accommodation and yes she hogs the Loo all the time! *that's cos John's pics are all up on the wall and she spends her time looking at them and studying his body...ehh well she's a Biology student!*. And yes she was in there at the time Amit was about to conquer what no Man could ever conquer before!

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Monday, June 15

The Walk Across The Bridge...

Yes everyone walks a certain bridge. Every living being does. And that bridge is Life. Life, I believe is a bridge walked between Birth and Death. And it is upto you to make that Walk worthwhile to you and to others. Making the most of the time you have been given and being the best that you could be is in your hands, not anyone else's. It's a choice that you can make, not an obligation or a luxury that only some people are blessed with. Every living being has a conscience, therefore the ability to weigh what's right by themselves and others, and do the right thing by everyone. We can't all make a mark in this world so our names go down in history. But you and I can make a mark in our own worlds...our own little our own walk across the bridge. We don't have to wait til we are hit with a terminal illness or old age to value life. And we really don't know when we'd be on borrowed time or when we'd not even be given any time to think about it! So take a good look at your life now, the potential in you, the possibilities, the best that you could be, the goodness you can push into the limited time that you have been given.

Most people say it's not good to think about Death until you face it. But chances are, some of us wouldn't even be given an opportunity to 'face' Death...we'd just go in a second. Life is that fragile. I think the more you're conscious of Death and the more you are in acceptance of it, the more you will LIVE than just EXIST. But that doesn't mean you constantly think about Death or become negative about Life. It is the knowledge of the reality of our deteriorating bodies and uncertain fates that will make us reach places where we dared not go before. It is quite foolish to think that Death is not gonna happen to you or that it's nowhere near you right now. Who said that Death was timely and fair? Death is very much alive, as much as Life is. And I see Death as a positive aspect of life, cos the inevitable anticipation of it makes me wanna be more in touch with my inner self and what I can really do within the time I have been given. As long as you're aware that we all have one thing in common, and that is Death, I'm sure you can strive to live to the best of your abilities. Those are the people who know how to make the most of that walk across the bridge, i.o.w. Life.

I went to a funeral recently. A dear person had walked that bridge of Life, and had finally reached the once hazy other end of it. Beautiful words were said about him at the service and the Wake. His sense of humor was praised and his love of life was honored. And I thought to myself, time is precious, so are words, deeds and opportunities. When someone dies, people honor that person with precious words, honorary titles, distinguished awards, pomp and glory. But is he there to receive them anymore? What a waste of accolades and words? Don't get me wrong, it's good to give a good soul a respectable funeral, but wouldn't it be better if it was all said and done when he was alive, so that he could really receive them? Here, the bridge comes to the picture again. You could have someone in your life (near or far) that could receive the appreciation from you before they die. And if you're walking that bridge to the best of your own ability, you wouldn't wait til someone dies for you to acknowledge the value of those people in your life or their potential to reach out to others.

This blog is my e-diary. Some day when I'm not here, when I no longer breathe, when I'm not in a place where I can give you my words of appreciation, gratitude, admiration and love in the form of a Eulogy, I want my loved-ones and each and everyone that I have met in Blogville to know that without you, I'd be nothing. I'm not saying that just for the heck of it or to get some 'awww' comments. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. If not for the touch of each and every individual that had crossed paths with me in my walk across the bridge, the quality of my life would be poorer and my ledgers of having LIVED before I DIED will not balance. It is because of you (each and everyone of you) that I have realised a new depth in me, that I have discovered a new height that I could reach, that I have survived through my darkest moments, that I have stood still on the bridge on a lonely night and believed that I could GO ON somehow. THANK YOU MY MUM, DAD, SIS, GRANMA, FAMILY, TOTAL STRANGERS, DR.CHRIS O'BRIEN (last post), THE CLEANING LADY IN MY PRIMARY SCHOOL, CUZ D, MY YEAR-6 LITERATURE TEACHER MS.DORA, ALL BLOGMATES, BRETT, THE SMILING WOMAN AT THE ASIAN CAFE, THE TRAIN GUARD WHO ALWAYS SAYS GOOD MORNING TO ME, SNUGGLES WHO GREETED ME CHEERFULLY AT THE DOOR THIS MORNING, MS.A, ALL MY FORMER PETS, MOTHER THERESA, BABY DEE, FRIENDS & FOES! It is because of you that I'm what I am today. I thank you always. You were and still are, an inspiration to me. You all contributed to creating a standard that I wanted to live by. There were people who brought out the best (and even the worst) in me. There were people who scratched the surface of my heart and brought out new possibilities in me. And then there were people who dragged me down yet made me realise the resilience in me. And there were people who paved me new paths to reach new destinations that I never even dreamt I'd reach. When people adored me, I knew that I can be loved. And when some people hated me and rejected me, I knew that I won't be loved by all. Each and everyone of you made a realisation in me, no matter HOW it was done. You all made my walk across the bridge, the best it can be. And as long as it lasts, I will be the best I can ever be. And when I have reached the other end, I hope I made your walk a little easier and alot stronger too, no matter HOW it was done.

You can either wither away or burn brightly into the oblivion. Everyone DIES but only very few LIVE.

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Wednesday, June 10

Living For A Cause That Matters...

Have you ever been inspired by someone you have never met? Have you just seen someone on TV or elsewhere, or heard their voice on the radio and have felt that that person is an ideal humanbeing that inspired your own life in a way that not even your loved-ones can? Well I have come across such a person in my life. I really don't know how to pay tribute to a remarkable humanbeing like him, cos I don't have enough words in my vocabulary to do him perfect justice. Words totally fail me as the person I'm about to talk about is a mountain of pure wisdom, humanity, class, compassion, dedication, devotion and charisma. He is none other than one of the best Cancer surgeons in Australia, Professor Chris O'Brien, who sadly passed on last week at the age of 57. I have always been in awe of him eversince the days I started watching The Royal Prince Alfred hospital's TV series, RPA. Doctor Chris O'Brien appeared on the show quite regularly for many years, and the way he talked to his patients, his expertise in the field, his tireless approach to head and neck Cancer reasearch, his brilliant reputation as a Cancer surgeon not only in Australia but also overseas and most of all his smiling face and undivided attention and care he gave to his patients are what most Aussies will never forget. The most amazing yet heartbreaking aspect about his life is that Dr.Chris O'Brien himself was diagnosed with brain cancer just 2yrs ago and was given only 6months to live. However, he didn't stop smiling. I remember how he came on 60mins (check that interview Never Say Die over here) in 2007 to speak openly about his illness, he didn't look like he lost his charm or wit. He was absolutely positive in every way and was thrilled to be alive (in his own words). This was a world-renowned brain cancer surgeon, who himself was diagnosed with the same type of Cancer and yet managed to work through the very short time on Earth he was given, to build a Lifehouse for future cancer research and patients. He never gave up on his dream til the last minute of his life...and his dream was to care for others. As a doctor, he not only excelled in his medical profession but also as a great humanbeing. He was an exceptionally remarkable humanbeing, a rare soul, that didn't think too much about himself but dedicated his time and energy on others, and for making the lives of others better. I believe he was an angel sent down to Earth for a short period, to make such an impact on others through his deeds and to inspire people like us to do good always, to help others and not to be selfish for this life somehow ends for all of ended for doctor Chris O'Brien way before anyone had expected! If such a clever and great humanbeing faced both life and death in such a positive way, and managed to stare death in the face yet keep smiling, then I'm sure you and I can too. We can do almost anything, if we have the will. Don't let life's small worries rob you of your smiles.

Professor Chris O'Brien, someone I have never met but feels like I've known him all my life, taught me from his own life and death that the best qualities about a person don't reside in their profession or their assets or their health. They reside in their ATTITUDE. No matter what you face in life, I hope you don't lose your charm, your humor, your cool and your charisma. Cos people will always remember you for not how much you had, but for how much you gave back to life. Professor Chris O'Brien gave it all to others, with no expectations at all. And he never lost his humor in the face of adversity, cos he was smart enough to realise that some things in life are not within our it's really no point brooding over it. He refused to bow down to his Cancer..instead he co-existed peacefully with it and actually triumphed his final battle with it by working for a great cause until his last breath. What really matters in life? Dr.O'Brien's life tells me that what really matters is doing your best, giving it your best shot and helping this world to be a better place, even if your life is not the best or is ending. Ourselves is not the most important thing in the world...helping those in need is a great sign of a well-lived life. He lived for a cause that really matters. Now that kind of attitude is very hard to find. I agree Dr.O'Brien, Never say die, for people may die but their deeds don't. Your good deeds will neither die nor be forgotten. He saved so many lives and continued saving them while he himself was dying. Long live the legacy of Dr.Chris O'Brien!

His death last week is a huge loss that is hard to express and I'm sure that anyone who knew him would know what I mean. Cos I really can't do enough justice to his legacy through this blog post. It's so unfair by him, but I hope that my readers here will realise what a special person he was and that this is not a post just to praise a good doctor but it is to give you a small glimpse of an amazing spirit that touched and inspired alot of people in many ways that I cannot express enough. He has been honored with a State funeral (tomorrow) and that is not something that happens quite often, and it just goes to show how much he has reached out to others in his short life. Dr.O'Brien we will miss you and your beautiful Attitude to life and others! Thank you for being an inspiration to so many people over the years! As always, we will remember your never-say-die SMILE. So long sir!

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