Tuesday, June 23

A CSI Weekend...

Warning: Long post ahead. Goes to show what an eerily 'eventful' weekend it was!

Remember my post An Officer & A Genitalman, that was about a naked man who flashed himself to me in 2007? Read that post first if you haven't already (click link above), cos it will help you to understand this very serious situation and the danger that I may be living with.

Last Saturday (20/06/2009), I found out that I live in the VERY CLOSE vicinity of a dangerous and violent sex offender! Yes, it's true and I'm shit scared people! *goes to the loo a 100 times*. Though I'm going to be writing this post under the light of some Keshi-humor as usual, deep down I'm quite disturbed about this frightening revelation and it's affecting my lifestyle in various ways *I no longer look hot...now I dress like a pauper so that the attacker pukes at the sight of me!*. Let me first tell you how it all unfolded last weekend.

Last Saturday night, we decided to go see the movie The Proposal...6:30pm show at the local cinemas. Myself, family and friends left our home around 6pm, and we were enjoying the movie in the next 3hrs or so. Nobody was at my house that night, but I always leave a light on when I go out. That night, I switched the Kitchen light on before I left. In those 3hrs, ALOT was going to happen, and right infront of my house!

Now a bit of geographical info about where I live. On one side of my house, where the Kitchen window looks out, there's a dark grassy alley that's got alot of trees, shrubs and not enough lighting. It's situated right underneath and to the left of my Living room balcony. I pass this narrow passage (that is to the left of me) as I walk on the main street, every single day on my way to work and back at night. Sometimes I come home late, it's about 8pm/9pm and yes I pass that spot even at that time of the night, all alone, when nobody is out on the street. People who live down the same main street pass that alley as well, but it can get a bit lonely after 6pm on a dark Winters' night. We are aware this spot can be a little too 'inviting' for loiterers who'd like to hide in the dark and do something notorious, even though I haven't seen any so far. In the daytime, that alley is a beautiful lil heaven with bushy green and red shrubs, and red berry trees where colorful parrots come to feed on, as I watch them through my kitchen window while sipping my coffee. At night, it's an eerie and lonely passage that nobody would wanna tread. Every night when I pass that dingy alley, I do look at it in a rather suspicious state of mind, wondering if anyone is hiding in the bush, and if he'd come out and attack me...yes my mind can never get rid of Ted Bundy images! I'm forever stuck in that dilemma, can someone help? *rolling eyes*. Don't laugh at me...cos I wasn't wrong and you'll soon find out why!

Ok now where was I on Sat night...ah yes, at the movies. After the movie, around 8:30pm, we all went to get some take-away dinner and headed home. When we reached our street, we saw a huge number of Police officers and other detectives (in different uniforms) right infront of our balcony, flashing torches into that same dingy alley, as if something serious had happened just then! We were wondering if someone broke into our house, cos the Police were basically in our front courtyard and very close to my balcony and kitchen windows! I got off the car and walked upto them...there were 4 police cars and about 10 policemen! They were all talking on phones, flashing torches, walking around in haste and looking quite serious. I went to an officer, told him I lived there and asked what had happened. He told me that he couldn't tell me anything as yet cos it's confidential, and that they were doing an urgent investigation *I felt like telling him WTF I live here officer and I don't think you can tell me what happened after I'm dead could ya?*. Well anyways, that was all they said. We didn't panic all that much that night. But the next morning, much to my surprise the Police came to the same spot again with Forensic investigators! Something 'serious' indeed had happened that night! They were collecting evidence from that spot, putting them into brown bags, taking photos of the alley, street and my property, and doing alot of CSI kinda investigations. It was almost like a movie!

Now I couldn't wait any longer to know what had happened. I just needed to know. Cos I lived in that property and I may be in danger too and I guess I have the right to know. So I went into my balcony, looked straight at one of the Police officers, and ya know, he just had to talk to me :). He asked me if any detectives contacted me regarding any issues in that area. Then I told him what happened about a year ago and that Police did come to get a statement from me that night. Then they quickly wrote down my name again, and said that detectives will contact me soon, and let me know what happened on Sat night. They did. Last night they knocked on my door. A female constable and a male Police officer came to talk to me. They told me that a young woman who had finished work at 7pm and was going home past that SPOT on Sat night, was suddenly dragged into that alley by an unknown man, and then brutally and violently attacked her on the face and body, attempted RAPE on her, that fractured her chin bone and skull, and then stole her bag and had left!!!!!! She had screamed so loud that someone who heard her had contacted the Police! And this had happened right in my front courtyard, down that dingy passageway, where I pass every single night and did feel an eerieness in it in the past! And we were at the movies that night...if not, I'd have heard her screams, witnessed it through my windows and would have even seen the attacker myself. And if I wasn't at the movies, and if I was walking past that spot on that night (like I usually do at around 7pm), I'd have been his victim, who knows!

I was feeling very sorry for that girl...what a shame that such things take place in our society...that some people are so full of desperation that they get pleasure out of hurting others like that? Don't these guys have any sense of guilt, shame, fear, self-respect...not even a tiny bit? I'm shocked. Cos now I sit and think if this was the same guy who I wrote about in my last freaky post in 2007. Cos the police said that this kind of thing has been happening for the past 2yrs around where I live, and they can't seem to catch the attacker cos all of his victims are too traumatised to remember what he looked like! That freaks me out to pieces! Could it be the same guy who stood naked opposite my kitchen window one night in September in 2007? Could someone be watching me without me even knowing about it? Does someone know my whereabouts, my times and habits? Could it be someone in the same block or neighborhood? Could it be someone I have already seen/met/spoken to? I was told by the Police that there's a sexual predator in the area and to be careful, and to let them know if I see someone suspicious. How many more such incidents would it take to know who this mentally-ill guy is?

What scares me the most is the fact that you cant reason with mentally-ill people like rapists, sex attackers and violent thieves. If what happened to that innocent girl that night happens to me or you, are we prepared to tackle the situation to the best of our abilities? What would you do if someone appeared out of nowhere and attacked ya like that? How would you be better prepared to handle such a situation should it happen to you? God I hope it never happens to any one of us!

Humor In The Face Of Ted Bundy...
I thought of dressing up like a beggar next time I go to work so that he won't even attempt to attack me, but I know I cant go to work like that :(. How about dressing up like a Policewoman, but even then I'd pass out if he came on to me. Then I thought of kicking him straight in his Family-jewels but I'm not sure if I could do that without saying 'ouchhhh that hurt my knee u loser! what do u have there, metal undies?'. I thought of begging him to consider being 'normal' for the good of all humans on Earth, but then I reckon he wouldn't know anything called 'sense' would he now. My mum asked me to get a bottle of Pepper-spray but I'm not sure if in my panic-state of mind if I'd spray it on myself! My mum is so funny...last night, she goes to my bathroom and brings an Air-freshner bottle and asks me to take it with me. I told him that though the guy probably needs some 'freshning' up in his Cranium repository, that Air-freshner wouldn't work on making him pass out. LOL my mum is crazy. I even thought of carrying a fake gun...but do you honestly think a plastic children's toy from K-mart would scare a criminal like that, unless ofcourse he's loco beyond our imagination. I even thought of acting mental everytime I passed that alley but then I don't even have to try *no wonder he hasn't approached me yet!*. How about wearing a perfume that stinks so much that he'd pass out while he attackes me or carrying a board that reads 'I have Swine flu, do u still wanna get with me?'. I could tell him I have a blog and not to mess with me. On a serious note, now I have decided to leave work early so that I get home before it's too dark, so that I give the dude some time to come to the alley and find no prey much to his disappointment. *I might leave him a rotten chunk of lamb chops incase he gets too hungry for some 'meat'...what an animal*.

But what about others? Other women who have no idea what might happen around that spot as they walk past it? I was one of those women all these years...I walked past that spot with no qualms at all and didn't think that there would really be someone there to attack people so violently. I guess a guardian angel was watching over me all these years. I thank whoever it may be that protected me, my sis, mum and others who walked past that alley so far wthout any harm. And I hope that girl, who is now in severe trauma and in hospital, recovers soon and will be able to get over this somehow and face life without any fear, though it may take some time. I pray for her wellbeing and I regret I wasn't there that night to help her in whatever way I could have. And I hope the attacker will be caught soon and his bottoms locked up for life. I knew that the dark alley was not something very safe for passers-by. And voices in my head did warn me about something like that was going to happen. So don't ignore the warning signs given to you by your own instincts...cos often they are right!

You never know who is watching you...take care people!

Current Music: Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler (from CSI)

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Satish Bolla said...

oops, sounds serious. i think the best way to tackle the situation is to be calm and think, instead of panicking. but i know it's easy to give advices.....

all the best, keshi.

Tarun said...

This is scary ...

I just carry a sledge hammer or something

Rahul said...

cool !! :)

Keshi said...

ty Satish!

**i think the best way to tackle the situation is to be calm and think, instead of panicking

I agree. Worrying abt it is not gonna solve it.


Keshi said...

Tarun Im not sure if I can carry arms like that :(

Maybe some pepper spray? but wud I even rem to get it out if I was attacked!


Keshi said...

Rahul whats cool abt this post?


Anonymous said...

I recommend pepper-spray.

Keshi said...

ty Anamika!

Im in the process of getting it.


Enigma said...

hey Keshi, its very scary...and its sure not fun or easy to be wary all the time... Thank god that nothin happened till now and nothin will happen in future too...
Even though we might think abt doing that, reacting this way etc, we can never be sure how we react in such a situation....Lord!!!!

ANWESA said...

its real scary..may d gal recover quickly..similar things happen in India too,with a difference tho..
here,nobody cares-police,criminal,politicians--its a big league of thugs...
what happens @ d end is,the victim is hassled by the entire "system"
("system"=system of governance)

SMM said...

Oh my gawddddd Keshi..be careful. Carry a torch with you at all times, have the local police number on speed-dial, carry pepper spray or any deo which you can spray direcly into the pervert's eyes and keys. Keys can be used as an excellent weapon - you can jab them into sensitive areas like armpits or nose and eyes of course.

Besides a kick right at his groin works. If your in heels, stamp hard on his foot with the heel.

And when your walking that stretch, talk on the phone or at least pretend to. And say your enetering that stretch loudly and keep talking normally. I generally talk on the phone lots if I'm late in returning home sometime cuz I have to also cross a certain empty and dark stretch, and also cuz I stay at quite a distance from my office so kleaving late means me reaching home really late

Silvara said...

Shit Kesh that's scary stuff.

I'd carry pepper spray with me and a small torch (to possibly also knock him over the head with!! :P) for those nights u might come home alone.

But seriously Kesh - don't change what you wear. It's not going to make a difference and it's that same thought process that basically equates a woman getting attacked to what she was wearing. If a rapist wants to rape you he will no matter if you're wearing jeans or a hessian sack - it's a power thing rather than an attraction thing.

Keep yourself safe - so stuff like call home when you leave (if you're coming home late) so someone knows what time you left.

And remember - Go for the balls :D

ZiLliOnBiG said...

I join you in praying that the bastard is hooked soon.

hehe, i agree with you, tell him or put up a poster in front of your house saying-"I have a blog and if you ever attack me , i will make you read it from start to finish".That should scare him..:)))))

On a serious note, your writing has a level of madness that i associate with and makes me come back and read(in spite of being a long post)again and again.I am addicted. Way to go:))))))

ZiLliOnBiG said...

infact i cant help but say that you have one of the finest bogs i have read so far.
I missed out on your name on my post,but i am tagging you. :))))))))

Tarun said...

Well, U could politely ask him/her for some time telling him/her that u have something suprising which would have their eyes in tears


tulipspeaks said...

OMG!! It is so scary to have something so terrible happen so close to where we live. Walking around that area will never be same again. I felt that way when we got robbed. No where is safe any more :(.


Jeevan said...

That’s very bad situation keshi! I wish it never happens to anybody and the guy would catch up soon. U be careful keshi, go along with someone as much possible at least, it scares truly. hug

vishesh said...

go and get come pepper spray or better a gun

Ria said...

OMG!!that sounds seriously freaky....i hate such men and the worst part is we cant do anything abt such sick men!! Even the ppl around them dont realise tht something's wrong with them. I jus hope u take care of urself babe and dont take any chances, come back early and stay alert. These ppl mostly target women who r not alert. So be careful and if u see anything unusual report it immediately.

MultiMenon said...

scaary... :I

Keshi is a martial arts pro na?? :) give those guys a taste of their own medicine.. :p jokes apart./.carry those pen knifes or similar stuff just in case u have had to confront anyone..

Yeah,Anamika is a genius,PEPPER SPRAY..yaaaayyy!! :D

Take care sissy, coz I care.. :)


Mayz said...

omg!!! plz tk cr keshi!!!

Anonymous said...

That is actually scary Keshi! Take care woman... I guess that other girl had it in her to scream loudly. Thankfully she got away...

Keep your senses and I think that is a good idea, leaving office early!

Take care.

Arv said...

Somehow I couldnt see the humour gal... pls take care, plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Suresh Kumar said...

Better be careful, Keshi. But at the same time be normal and enjoy life. Blessings of the blog world is definitely with you and no harm would be able to reach you...

Hmm... I thought Keshi girl wud know some karate basics...

Anonymous said...

Keshi, you need to take really good care of yourself. You don't need to be out late alone.

I did not like reading that at all. you got some pepper spray? Brass knuckles something?? Dont got out alone okay??

That shit is scary as all!!


talldarkman said...

Train your mind....don't lift your hands in defence...use your palms to grip...err...ahem..u know what. If it's a lone attacker....a lot can be done. If more than one...may god help you.....scream out loud...or somehow try to get outta the grip and run away.

hmmm......tough.... keshi. Best bet is not to look too hot in public. :P (awwww....now I do hate giving that advice to keshi)


- Sugar Cube - said...

Omggg..this is shit scary!!
Be careful Keshi!
I suggest learn some self defence techniques.

Take care

Swetha Padakandla said...

that sent a electric shock right straight up to my brain!!
seriously very scary..

sick ppl has such needs right punishment! but there numerous ppl like that.. :(
these stalkers scare us to death and ultimately some poor girl will suffer! we cant even guess that! may be or my neighbor! i hate it to the core when these things happen!

i so want to shoot such ppl myself! feels sad to hear about that girl u said here.. :(
but everything falls under 'fate'! true nothing is in our hand.. hmmm!

but do take care of urself, keshi!
well, we all have to! not sure where, which and when that kind of person will pop up to screw our life! :'(

i had not read that 2007 post of urs! just read it thru ur link b4 reading this! that was really very bad that happened! oh gawwdd! i get to scared thinking about al these! i hope i get good sleep tonight!

and to reveal a secret, i always carry a pen knife with me! :( i know pen knife wont work for such ppl.. but still.. i would feel better carrying it!

al gals, take care!

La vida Loca said...

This is scary stuff!

Take care and hugs

Tys on Ice said...

damn girl..u need to get safe...carry a pepper spray if u have to and have it in ur arms when u r passing that area...try to go in group...have the authority light up that area in the night...there are these loud alarm like thingy u get to blast the beejeezus out of any character who u think is a threat..

be careful.

rayshma said...

omg.. that's rather frightening, keshi.
carry pepper spray with u. and keep it AND ur cell phone handy before entering the alley. seriously. mace helps u buy some time and get away... and u can call the cops from ur cell phone.
hope they find him soon.

RAKESH said...

I remember that post Sep 2007 post.
Strange that he is carrying out these activites yet.
Scary it is...Be careful dear.

Is there another path u can take while coming back from work dear?

Really worried :~(

May God give strength to the unfortunate lady who became his victim...And hope the cops catch him soon.

Plese take care of urs dear.

Shanu said...

Thats scari..Take care gal

Mysterious Mia said...

babes am scared for u now...u betta watch out n be careful. n i hope u know some form of self defense babes......if not betta get started..

hugs n god bless ya


Hi Keshi

WOW! So close too! Be careful!

I was in a situation were I was in danger. I have a code word which I can use if I'm in danger. I found myself all alone in an office with a nut case who thought I was an easy target. I was talking on my phone when I suddenly felt uneasy. I said my code word to one of the guys I work with and he called the cops.

When the cops came, I had already taken action against the jerk who was on the floor moaning in pain.

It seems funny now, but it could have been worse.


Shachi said...

So Sorry to hear this.

Pepper spray is a good idea Keshi - I kept it with me for few years, when I used to walk to school across some shady areas along the river...I did have to use it once :(

Is there any way you can put a couple street lights in that dark area so its lighted at night?

If anyone has pets around, that would help scare the sex offender as well.

I prayed for the girl who was victimized - I really hope she is able to get over the emotional trauma soon!

You stay safe, and take care of yourself.

One thing I do if I am driving or walking back alone at night is keep my cell phone unlocked and ready to dial "911"...OR - I would be on the phone with someone until I reach inside the house and lock my door.....that way even if I am attacked someone knows right away and can take action. So try that if it works for you.


Anonymous said...

Keshi... you have no clue!!
WTF.. am still trembling down here..
How can you be so funny still staying besides that alley? ..really sounds serious!! you oughta keep heads up and do something about it, get yourself outta there or juz' be armed, prepared, always!! May God be with you..Phew...

Jay said...

Okay, that's it. I'm coming over there and escorting you home every night.

I recommend that you carry some pepper spray and a whistle. If anyone comes near you blow the whistle as loud as possible and then spray him with the pepper spray (be sure to check which way the wind is blowing before you spray him).

Then, don't run away immediately. While he's rolling around on the ground in pain from the pepper spray, kick him in the ding ding like 5 or 6 times. Then call for the police. ;-)

The Rat... said...

freaky.... but the things we girls need to go thru....

i posted something similar in 2008... some idiot had followed me and slapped my back while i was walkin towards home.. before he cud do anything else, i screamed the hell and attracted attentio.. it still freaks me to think of that nite :(

take care keshi,,... do arm urself with something

Hiren said...

you take care mate and just in case if ever such a situation shows up ... just be confident of yourself; wateva happens don't think that you are weak by any means ... if you will be able to evade any fear or panic ... i am sure there will be a way out for sure to hit that bastard and knock him off.

Margie said...

Oh dear, this made me very scared for u Keshi!
Be very careful but I know u have angels watching over you!

Been very busy lately and hence have not been in touch...so sorry!

My daughter got married 2 day and the destination wedding will be soon.

Love to you, my friend!


Devika said...

Hmmm...I thought it happens only in India, especially Kerala! :)

I have a stock of stories....

after two instances as a school girl..when I was 18I decided to tackle it as brutally and got a sharp knife and a big purse..and took it everywhere I went....DAMN SURE I'LL KILL THE PERSON, who says/does something to me!

But then..after a few days my mother saw the purse and the knife..and took it away...She was afraid, I would turn a harmless 'poovaalan' (malayalam for casanova) into a murderer...killing me snatching my own knife!

and by then, I learned a stare..that would keep all knee-weak ones away!
and these guys I tell you are a weaker lot mentally/morally than we think...

We shouldn't lose our poise and show that we are bothered...

And let me say this....if I would tell my father, he would just shrug off saying..."girls should behave like girls on the road" -- and I would ask him how that was...."Never look around to see such people!"

and he says...some experiences are vital to make aware...and strong..He was against protectioning too much!

Hope you don't have to face such situations again, Keshi


Rakesh Vanamali said...

This sounds scary, but hey don't lose your cool! I suggest you engage a few safety buddies who know your location at all times!

Also, please carry something that will deter this sicko, maybe a stunner or a pepper spray!

But amidst all this, please do not lose your cool and feel panicked because that is exactly what this ******drat wants you to do!

Don't give in Keshi, this will pass! And stay brave all the time, remember never ever to come across as someone flimsy!

comfortably numb said...

oye Keshi, this is serious!!!
take care n a pepper spray wud be handy for sure but most importantly remain calm.
Hope the girl gets well soon and the friggin offender gets caught!!!
Be safe, be blessed:)

Vest said...

Keshi; When walking down that alley carry a couple of throw down bangers in case of attack, this would scare him or her off and alert the neighbours, then run.
Carry a pointed umbrella with a fairly sharp end, point toward the face and open then push, the eye socket is a good target- very off putting.
finaly walk with a strong male friend with a stick.
Make sure he isn't a rapist. Have fun. x.

Vest said...

Keshi: Carrying and or using pepper spray is illegal in NSW OZ.
It may save your life but you could be sued by your attacker should he or she suffer permanent vision impairment. This has been the case recently.Check it out.x.

Prats said...

Gosh woman, thats spooky and so damn scary...I couldnt read the post normally, I kept getting weird thoughts...please be careful woman....it is very worrying.

Margie said...

Hey everyone, it's Keshi's b-day!
Let's all wish her a most wonderful & happy day!
Are you still up?
I bet u r, as it's still early in the new day there...(well, kind of early, a little past 1:00 am)

I'm sorry that I never got ur card or little bday gift sent in the mail yet, I've just been sooooo busy but I will soon.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Keshi!

Here's wishing YOU the tops o'life
without a single tumble
Here's wishing you the smiles o'life
and not a single grumble
Here's wishing you the best o'life
and not a flaw about it
Here's wishing you all the joy in life
and not a day without it!

Happy, happy birthday, keshi!
I hope it will be a awesome day for you!


Lots of love being sent to you, today & always!

P.S I shall be back later today, in the early evening...ok.
Have a very busy day ahead of me.
Talk later, hun!

Margie said...

A 24-karat friend makes every day golden!
Happy b-day my 24-karat friend!



Margie said...

Just having a nice cuppa coffee before I make dinner.
Wish you could join me, Keshi!

Were u up bright & early today on ur b-day?

And what is ur weather like there today?
Hope it's sunny!

Any special plans for today?

Well, my coffee is getting cold.

Talk later...ok.

HUGGGGGGZ b-day girl!


talldarkman said...

i just got a new thot keshi....u can have me as your bodyguard :D


AmitL said...

Whew-that's really scary,Keshi-do take the utmost care while being around that area.Or, if you have another entrance to the house, use that.Here's hoping the police catch him before any more incidents occur.
**In the daytime, that alley is a beautiful lil heaven with bushy green and red shrubs, and red berry trees where colorful parrots come to feed on, as I watch them through my kitchen window while sipping my coffee**..sounds heavenly.
Trust you to make light of such a situation..but then, it's better that than to be scared..the world's got too many ifs and buts, na, so where all can we be scared?I'd have said'shift to Dubai', but here also, I've heard of(Not read,coz such news is not printed)kidnsppings,robberies,etc.But,of course,it's safer than most of the world, still.
Lastly, on a lighter note,it made me wish I(and the others,even) was a real flatmate so that at least some relief/protection could be available for u.:)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

well just have the faith that there is somebody up there who just WON'T let anything happen to you... trust me, its brought me through all these years... ive gone home in autos in the rain at nine thirty at night... and so far, im safe...
so take care and good luck! :)

ps- why cant someone just cut up the bushes and put up a street light. i know it wouldnt help in the bigger picture and the bad guy can find another way, but still it could make people feel better. but cutting up those beautiful bushes would break keshi's heart. right ?

muthu said...

hmhm.... It isnt a problem until it happens to us...

thats the attitude people usually wear when approacing such social issues like rape, robbery, molestation etc....

But I think that when it does happen to us, we will be too broken to do anything abt it.

It not just a problem near ur home. Its something that can happen anywhere....

Such one snenario I was a part of--
(a post)


I say the one thing we can do is be cautious... Take care of urself.....

Awareness is the only personal security that we can afford.


Keshi said...

ty each and everyone for all ur concern and safety tips! I read em all.

Will keep em in mind. God bless all!