Thursday, June 28


UPDATE from last post:

Thanks guys for confessing bravely in that last post. Some great tips there for me ;-). I like reading such erotic encounters hehe...some kinky beasts I have here! So now you want to know what my KINKY is. Well I get highly turned on by MASKS...a man in a mask is one of the sultriest things I've ever known. To seduce, to kiss, to caress, to nimble, to whisper and to perform certain 'jobs' (ahemm!) wearing masks would be extremely kinky. No wonder Im in love with the Phantom although that was about a disfigured man (love Gerard Butler too mask or not - Menchie we can share him ok). And there's a scene from the movie 'Eyes Wide Shut', where people wearing masks are performing sexual's one of my favorite scenes...cos in masks, they look mysterious, intriguing and knock-your-socks-off SEXY. Masks are so fascinating cos they have a touch of secrecy and an out-of-this-world kind of quality in them. It would make the experience more exciting and enigmatic. So yeah, anyone into masks?;-)

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Tuesday, June 26

69 Kinky Klues

This post is all about being kinky. It started with Anuj wanting me to be kinky LOL! Ok now that got me thinking, cos you know, I'm such a kinky girl ;-). Kinky doesn't have to be dirty, it can have a class of it's own and I'd say you need skill and desire for it - or else forget about it. So I want to ask you this question.

What is the KINKIEST thing you have ever done (think of doing/wanna do)?

My answer will be given at the end of all your answers hehe. btw if you haven't done anything kinky as yet, then you really haven't lived life. Cmon, so don't tell me that you haven't done anything kinky yet. Spill em to my ear's delight mm mmmm! And together lets find 69 (or more) reasons why you should be kinky (in case you get stuck in a lift with someone who's worth being kinky with or incase you get lost in an island with someone like Anuj did) ;-).

(PS:Birthday goodies will follow soon, stay tuned!)

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Monday, June 25

Born Free

So many friends here asked me when my bday was. Well it is today. Big deal hehe. It's just another day in the journey of life. Birthdays are about marking And it's also about making wishes...whether they come true or not. There's a hidden beauty in wishing.. wishing for a hug, a kiss, a tune, a sweet memory coming alive..a silken caress that ignites a fire. I have one wish on my bday that I humbly request you to fulfil...dedicate me a song will ya. I'm a music freak, I can't live without a song or a dance. Sometimes I dance to connect...sometimes I dance to forget...sometimes I dance to unravel. I'm such a free bird I can never hide my emotions. So this bday I celebrate the love I get from you...yes you my blogger friends. YOU GUYS ROCK! I really don't know what life would be like for me without you. There's always friends here waiting to share my joy, sorrow and stories with. I think I'm truly blessed from up above. Thanks for all the beautiful wishes I got since 12:10am today on my mobile, blog, email etc etc. I have received about 70 messages from all over the world (family and friends) so far and it's only 9:50am :). I'm surrounded by so much love I'm so overwhelmed. I wanna KISS each and everyone of you today. My next post will have all the bday gos (pics, pressies etc etc) so stay tuned. Now my dear ones don't forget to give me a song and also a sweet kiss back ;-)...MWACKKKKZ! This song is for all you lovely people who think of me and love me just the way I am...I have a message for listen to this song...catch you all soon!

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Thursday, June 21

Frozen Hugs

There's a time for fun...there's a time for laughs...there's a time for when you've had enough...then there's a time for tears, thank-yous and goodbyes. It's not too good to have someone like me around for too long in your life. I may become a hindrance to you. "Everybody needs a little time away"..I heard her say..."from each other"...

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Wednesday, June 20

Tears Of Hunger

WARNING: Upsetting/Disturbing images ahead!

Celebrities and wealthy people all over the world spend millions on weddings, divorces, possessions, leaders waste money on wars...the average person complains about not having enough...but these kids have nothing to say...cos nobody seem to hear them anyway. I'm not rich neither am I a charity worker, but on my bday this year, I'm going to donate whatever I can to kids in Africa. I have no party this year and I'm not doing this out of guilt...but I'm doing it out of compassion...out of love...out of pure humanity. I'm not going to be here forever and I won't be able to take my possessions with me when I die. So many kids are starving to death every single day while some others are dieting their lives away or spending a million just for a day as if this life is all about SELF. What have you done to make someone else's life a little less painful to live?

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Monday, June 18

Color My World

My favorite color is pink(all shades of it, from baby pink to hot pink) to pink, I like the color apple green. Colors are a big part of my life. When I'm happy I wear bright colors...and when I'm not too high, I wear blacks and greys. I think there are certain colors that go with certain occasions as well...just like how they go with moods. In Buddhist/Hindu cultures, we don't wear bright colors to a funeral...we usually wear whites or very light would never see anyone in red at a funeral! For weddings we wear brighter colors as you can see from my saree pic below. Western cultures wear black (and they look good) for weddings and parties, but if it's a hindu/buddhist wedding, it's all bright colors - you'll never see anyone in black at a Hindu wedding (although some have started the trend now). Just like occasions call for certain colors, so do places. I know there are no rules as such (I guess it's just tradition), but if we are going to a Buddhist temple, we wear white. And if we are going to a Hindu temple, we wear bright colors (orange, blue, purple, green etc etc) . So what does this mean...colors have a strong connection with culture and vice versa. Interesting ha! I also think certain colors can lift your spirits up and they also can do the contrary.

Here's a question:

If you were a color, what color would you be, and why?

My answer:

I'd be Pink (ofcourse! rolling eyes here...). Cos Pink is sweet, bold and soothing to the eye. And Pink never fails to attract a passerby ;-). Pink also can be suffocating at times, especially if you experience too much of it, LOL! Pink never lies, Pink never dies. Cos Pink is as fresh as a moonlit night :). Now baby show me your true colors...

Have A Happy N Colorful Week Ahead Guys!

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Wednesday, June 13

Dreaming, Reminiscing And Thinking...

This post contains 3 tags that were long overdue. My apologies Cuckoo that it took this long for me to get around doing that Something-About-Your-Dreams tag. But I knew you would patiently wait :), thanks hun! And the 2nd one is My-Oldest-Memory tag intro'd to me by Altering_Abhishek. Aaaand the last one is a tag by DJ, and is called the Thinking-Blogger-Awards tag. So here I go folks:

A Dream To Remember...
(Cuckoo's tag)

I dream alot of weird things - some bad and some good, and some truly spine-chilling! And most of my dreams come true in some odd way...freaky, yes! There is this very special dream that I don't ever wanna forget. Remember I posted about my uncle (my mum's youngest brother) in NZ who was in trouble a couple of months ago. Well at the beginning we were not even aware that he was in trouble - so I was fast asleep one night...and guess who came in my dreams? My mum's mum. She died in 2001 in NZ and that's where my uncle lives too. So she came in my dreams, said absolutely nothing to me, but a lonely tear was running down her right cheek...she was gazing at me with a very sad look on her face while the tear was rolling down. The next morning, I told my mum about the dream. She then told me that that must mean something bad was gonna happen to someone in our family and she was worried (she's somewhat superstitious). On that day we didn't know my uncle was already in need of major help in NZ, and he is my granma's favorite son too. Late that afternoon we received a call from my aunt in NZ and we heard the terrible news! After that, with alot of effort from us, my uncle miraculously got out of the mess he was in. So I reckon my granma came to me that night in my dreams, to indicate that her son was in trouble, to ask me to help him, and so it happened just like that. It still gives me goosebumps! Cos that somehow tells me that the 'departed' don't really leave and will be watching over their loved-ones for a very long time. What do you think of this dream?

A Golden Memory...
(Abhishek's tag)

I was probably 3yrs old. I can remember my dad and one of his close friends were chatting in the veranda, and I was standing and watching them. Suddenly their voices were raising (actually they were just talking). But I was under the impression that it was some sort of fight. My little heart panicked and didn't know what to do. So I suddenly said the following, like an Army captain trying to discipline 2 crazy cadets: "Shutup you two or I'll shoot both of you right now!". (My dad btw was a tough Police officer...and he was a big fan of 007, war and action when he used to watch these movies, I used to sit and watch them with him. Maybe that's where I picked up these harsh commanding words from). Later on my dad used to tell me this story all the time and laugh with me :). I guess it was one of his fondest memories too. And now I want to say this to my dad: "How I wish you were here still, talking and laughing with all of us...I'm forever looking for you now...I MISS YOU!".

The Five Sigmund Freuds...
(DJ's tag)

I really can't choose just 5 cos there are so many bloggers who really make me think. I mean it when I say that every blogger makes me think in a different angle and each of you own a quailty that cannot be filled by another. However cos this tag forces me to list only 5 of you, I decided to randomly pick them from a large pool of distinguished names hehe :). These are the great philosophers that were chosen and therefore who gets a Thinking Blogger Award from me:

1. Steph (Girl you're a hoot! Brains , beauty, sense of humor, honesty, sweetness etc etc all in one, and it's hard to ignore this girl's daring attitude!)

2. Amy (Need I say anything about this lady - she describes emotions in enchanting and in unique ways that only she can...Amy you rock!)

3. Homo_Escapeons (Mate you are one of the MOST intelligent men that ever walked this Earth - you're a walking Knowledge Repository!)

4. Aidan (You realise that simple things in life are the most precious, and that's rare and precious by itself, so you're a very special soul Aidan!)

5. Vishesh (For a 15yr old boy, you are a certified Freud in the making, and you've got a great future ahead of you Vish!)

Now that doesn't mean the rest of you are not award-worthy. We are all here for pouring our hearts out, to be there for each other and to teach/learn from one another. You are all a great source of inspiration and knowledge to me. So THANKS for being in my life, each and everyone of you in Blogville!

I'm not tagging anyone in particular...but you may take up these tags if you want to. It was great doing these 3 wonderful and thought-provoking tags, so special THANKS to Cuckoo, Abhishek and DJ! Today's music is one of my old favs (from the movie THE BEACH)'s got this touch of long lost memories, a search for a loved-one, a moment in paradise, a silent calling...a magical kiss with nature. Mostly cos it's got the beach in it :). Enjoy!

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Tuesday, June 12

Accidentally Yours

Hello my dear have you been? I had a nice long weekend although Sydney was flooding like crazy...well not where we live but in the Hunter suburbs. It was a sad weekend for many families who lost loved ones due to accidents caused by extreme weather conditions..hard to even imagine how some weekend weather can take your life just like that. And today it's all bright and sunny!

Speaking of accidents, I'm well-known for being the creator of unusual accidents many a times in my life. My first little accident project was accomplished when mum got pregnant with me. Just yesterday she told me that I was an accident. Meaning my mum and dad didn't want to have another baby for atleast 5yrs after my sis was born - but I couldn't wait to see the world, I snuck into my mummy's womb little after my sis was born. My mum didn't know she was pregnant so she had eaten mixed-grill and basically vomitted the whole day, and she had even taken some stomach cleansing medicaton for it (no wonder my sanity was washed out - o momma!) . So my dad had taken her to the doc and apparently he smiled and said to her 'you're pregnant'. And they were utterly shocked as they didn't want another baby at the time. But they had to have me, cos if not, I'd have protested inside her tummy (yes with boards and all) demonstrating Baby Rights. My mum would have felt my 'you-better-have-me-or-I'll-tell-on-you-to-God' stare right from my little home inside her womb. So she had me and I'm accidentally your's now nenenenene.

Just months after I was born, I didn't allow mum to relax. I was seriously ill with Measles and other complications, I was admitted to hospital with doctors predicting 'Death' would be my next stop. But this tough lil bubbz didn't give up...cos you know accidents were only a fun thing for me...hehe they just didn't know. I somehow survived all the battles in hospital and came home to torture mum more. Mum told me that she was in tears 24/7 when I was ill but she didn't know I'd have already spoken to the man upstairs asking him to repair me in a hurry cos I wanted to grow up and blog some day. So I survived that battle too folks hehe.

Next stop was a seed in my nose...yes I accidentally stuffed my left nostril with a Tamarind seed and it went right inside. I was a 1yr old then. I was taken into the Emergency unit and the doctor there saved my life somehow. Well I knew he would have to cos I still had more time on Earth for more accidents cmon!

You think with that I stopped being little Miss.Accident? Not a chance. I was about 3yrs old and was playing in the park with my sis and our maid. Somehow it was time to go home and we were walking back. I still remember that day so clearly. A cyclist came speeding at me and ran over me (maybe he was in love with me?). My head was under his wheel and I could still remember how the wheel was churning super fast above my eyes even though the bicycle was now at a halt. I was again taken into the hospital and my whole head was all bandaged for months. I didn't lose my marbles, no not yet. I actually loved the bandages around my head and thought it was fun to be sick and look different. I was only a child you see.

Oh no...not again! This time around I was 5yrs old...we went to our cousins' house for a visit. They lived in a big house in the country, and in the middle of a huge garden full of huge trees and densed shrubs. So we were playing in that garden when I suddenly stepped on a big dried palm leaf. And what do you think was underneath that leaf? A huge yellow and brown snake that popped it's head out as soon as I stepped on it's body...yes Keshi was standing on it's body and not doing anything about it cos she just saw the snake's face and was quite surprised she saw a snake so close-up! I still can remember how I was standing on one leg staring in the snake's face and how it was staring right back at me without doing anything to me even though it was just inches away from sinking it's fangs into my flesh. About 5secs, and I was not there anymore LOL! I was in my aunt's kitchen, panting from the speedy running, and wondering what if it had bitten me. It could've and those snakes are highly venomous. I didn't tell anyone about it cos I was worried they'd not let me play again. After a while I went out to play again - don't forget I like adventures. I told this story to mum just yesterday and she was in complete horror.

If I were to write all the other accidents in my life, it would take a separate blog itself. I'll continue the rest (including how I j-walked in front of a speeding bus and managed to get to the other side in one piece, how a mean little dog chased me at a funeral, how I nearly drowned in a well, how I drank my granma's medicine and passed out, how my own pet dog once saw me as it's dinner etc etc) in another post on some other day. For now, I'm accidentally yours and dangerously alive hehe. Share with me some of your childhood brushes with danger, so I wouldn't feel so alone. (Today's music - one of my favs, is humorously yours too ;-))

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Thursday, June 7

Wishes From The Heart

I'm sure all of you know little Prachi by now...this sweet baby princess is the niece of my friend Puja. My last post about Prachi is at Prachi Prayer Project. Well guess what folks? This little angel is turning 1 today WHOAAAAAA! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS.PRACHI! How do you feel being a big girl now sweet heart? You must be very busy being an independent missy (sans nappies and milk bottles?) around the house ha? What I want to wish for you today is sunny days, warm hearts, barbie dolls, a rocking horse, caring smiles, pretty little dresses, mummy's kisses, angel choirs and most of all LOVE and BLESSINGS from everyone around you! You are a very special soul you know, cos across the miles you captured my heart even without having met. I'm sending you loads of hugs, kisses and bday fun, all packed in this post, all the way to your doorstep. Can you hear us singing you HAPPY BIRTHDAY? I bet you do. Have a wonderful day today and make a wish as you set eyes on your very first bday cake today. God bless you darling!

So my friends what do you want to WISH for Prachi on her very special day? Please leave your WISHES here so she can receive a truckload of beautiful blessings today. Thanks! Today's music is especially for the birthday girl...a whole new world is waiting to be discovered by you and a whole new world is wishing you well today. HAVE FUN angel! Just look at her, she's smiling already!

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Tuesday, June 5

Shock Me Do!

What is the weirdest birthday gift (any gift) that you ever received?

Here's my answer:

drum roll...drrrr...drrrr...drrrrrrrrrrr....drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

An eggplant

Yes I received a humungous eggplant on my b'day (don't even go there!) , from one of my mum's friends who had just come to Aus from Fiji. In their culture it's apparently customary to give veges as gifts. When she gave it to me on my b'day (wrapped in paper), I didn't even know what to say man. There I was in my red b'day dress n stilettos, all dressed up for a boogie night with friends and family, holding an eggplant ofcourse! In my head I was like WHY ME and I even thought she must have mistaken my bday for the annual vege exhibition?? But nah, she was sane and yes I took it, thanked her for it and laughed my toes off the next day. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the thought, but sometimes some gifts just make you wanna crack up. There are other wierd gifts I have received but it can't get any weirder than this can it? Can you see the horror on my face? Now whisper to me your's.

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Monday, June 4


What's On The Menu?

Ok I'm single and 'looking' alright, but that doesn't mean men have to be so desperate. On Saturday I went to a buffet lunch invited by a friend. Mum and sis were also invited. So we all headed to this beautiful restaurant full of yummy food and was having a great time enjoying the food and chatting non-stop about this and that you know. Well soon it came to coffee time so I headed to the coffee machine to make 2 cups of coffee, one for myself and the other for my friend as she was too lazy to walk there. As I was making the coffee, a husky voice behind me asked 'You like coffee do you?'. I was so not prepared for replying-to-a-hunk-out-of-the-blue, I immediately blurted out 'No'. LOL that sounded pretty retarded cos here I am making 2 cups of coffee and saying I don't like coffee!! Then I quickly corrected myself by saying 'I mean YES I like coffee', and I turned to look who this was. He was a cute guy alright and I imagined he was just chatting me up while we were there to make our coffees. Then he asked me where I was from (like he wanted to travel there hehe). I said 'I'm originally from Sri Lanka but I live here now'...and I asked him where he was from (not knowing what else to ask apart from do you like the color blue?)...then he goes 'I'm from Egypt and I live here too' and smiled coyly (I was quickly scanning his face, pity I couldn't check his butt out). Anyways he looked good and about late 20s or early 30s. Then ofcourse my coffee was made and I had to leave, so as I was going to leave he quickly said 'I'll give you my number, please take it ok'. I said 'ok' with a smile and walked back to my table. Then I turned around to see where he was and I could see him writing something on a long long loooong piece of paper. I hoped he wasn't declaring his love to me in a book or something but I did tell my mum, sis and my friend about him and asked them not to panic if a guy walked to our table to hand me something over. They all smiled and took it in good spirits. Then after about 10mins the Egyptian hunk walked to our table, gave me a piece of paper and said that it was great meeting me and walked away. I checked the paper...he has written 'I wanna know you more' and then his mobile number. The rest of the large piece of paper was the Sunday menu! How many menus would he have handed over this year? LOL!

Indecent Proposal
Next stop M. Remember I told you a story about one of my male friends M who suddenly got engaged last year? (read that old post My Best Friend's Wedding if you cant remember who I'm talking about). Well I rang M yesterday to check up on him cos apparently he's been down lately. Then he told me that he broke up with his fiance. I was rather shocked at that cos the wedding was going to take place this year. I told him how sorry I am to hear that and then also told him that I'm here if he needed someone to talk to. Guess what he said next? He goes 'Keshi you know I always liked u alot...I wanna travel with u...and I have strong feelings for u...what do u think?'. Now I know he doesn't mean he wants to love and marry me some day, he means something else. I just know that - my instincts are pretty good cos we have talked about this before and I have clearly told him I'm not that kind of girl. I was so furious I told him off this time. How can friends be this shallow? Worse how can he think of me when he just broke up with his fiance? I was offering him my friendship when he was down and he was offering me a sex romp? What a sad mentality.

Vege-Shopping Ted Bundy
Yesterday I was shopping alone for few hours in the morning. I stopped at the Body Shop for something and I saw this good-looking dude (yes he was handsome and maybe in his late 20s) carrying a newly purchased Stereo, who then spotted me. He immeditaley stopped on his tracks and started following me around. I sensed it that he's stalking me now so I started giving him a good work-out. I walked and walked and walked to the other end of the mall just to make him sick of his stalking...he didn't give up. He walked and walked and walked too. Then I went into the Fruit n Vege that he'd look ridiculous carrying a stereo looking at Potatoes! Well you think he'd imagine so? Not a chance. Cos he walked into the same shop and started checking out eggplant and lettuce and what-not, not that he really wanted to buy any. I roamed around a little bit in there and then walked out of that shop, and into the Seafood shop. He arrived in front of the Tuna looking like a musician for the fish! I was so annoyed, I wanted to tell the Mall Security guys about him...I really felt like it. So I walked out and went towards the Security and he disappeared immediately. It worked, FINALLY.

You Want Lovely Breasts, I Mean Lovely Legs?
The other day I went to buy some chicken drumsticks for mum. So off I went to the Butcher and asked for some chicken legs. The guy immediately got his eyes fixed on my chest. He couldn't work after that. He looked so disturbed and was giving me lamb instead of chicken (I'm surprised he didn't give me the cash register to take home). His eyes werent even blinking anymore. Looked like he suddenly caught the my-eye-lids-don't-close-nomore disease. I then told him that I meant 'Lovely Legs' just as they have labelled it and not the lamb. He apologised smiling and then winking. ' I was rolling my eyes!

And there's a married work-mate, just back from his honeymoon and still hitting on me! He says he's a kinky dude. Then why did he get married? I know men are highly sexual beings than women are, but that shouldn't make them impulsive nymphos should it? I do have jerk-magnet genes oyeah! It's a proven fact now. But that doesn't give Men the right to mess with my nerves. The Egyptian guy was the only normal one out of the lot I mentioned here...he was being genuine so I'm not blaming him. The others are just being typical men right? I need a break from men looking for just one thing...and that is SEX.

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Friday, June 1

Drop Dead Cranium!

Thursday, May 24 Nicole Richie sent an e-mail invitation to a Memorial Day party - which was both inflammatory and revealing. In addition to encouraging her friends to "celebrate our country by drinking massive amounts of beer," she ended the invitation with "there will be a scale at the front door. No girls over 100 pounds allowed in. Start starving yourself now." - The National Ledger

Ok so what does Nicole Ritchie know about Memorial Day? She may not have respect for her self but maybe she should respect the very people who fought for her country to be where it is today so that she can drive around so freely looking for accidents! Also, does she really think her weight is even close to normal? Is she worried that anybody who weighs over 100 pounds could challenge her with their heavier brains? Look at her in this you really think she's hot? And does she think drinking wrecklessly, getting fined by cops for going the WRONG WAY (bimbo alert - terraiiiin terraiin!), looking like a clothes-hanger, acting like a horror movie and flaunting her cranium deficiency by emails like this is really cool? And why do such idiots get so much attention from the media? Ratings ofcourse. Not only Nicole, there's Paris, Micha, Britney and Lindsay who seem to have created a I-think-it's-cool-to-be-an-empty-head trend...and that trend includes being a whore, abusing alcohol, aiming to get anorexia, sniffing up cocaine, drink-driving, doing time and the most popular going-into-REHAB ofcourse. This is all in Fashion now folks. Now which trend would you like to pick up? Promises Rehab sounds like an insane promise to me - surely it'll fix all my issues overnight WOW!

The other day I heard 2 schoolgirls talking in change rooms. One was saying, I want to lose weight (she really looked normal to me). The other was saying that she don't put on weight no matter how much she eats. So the first one says 'OMG I wish I had your disease!'. Disease??? Why is everyone out to look like Nicole or Kiera or behave like Britney or Lindsay? In other words, why is everyone out to kill themselves with a self-inflicted disease and dying to look ridiculous? They are celebrities...they have enough money to pay themselves out of sickness or prison. The average girl don't. The only thing you have that they don't is common sense. Don't kill it girls. No guy will love you for having any of these traits...if they do, then it's just for one thing. Read my last post Granny Craig on a similar topic.

So what's up for the weekend? I'm Beaching tomorrow. Yes it's very cold in Sydney right now but who says that that should stop you from heading to catch a glimpse of the waves ha? Have a good one folks! Today's music is one of my precious precious favs :). Have a listen to the waves and feel the surfer in the music. Hooroo!

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