Wednesday, June 13

Dreaming, Reminiscing And Thinking...

This post contains 3 tags that were long overdue. My apologies Cuckoo that it took this long for me to get around doing that Something-About-Your-Dreams tag. But I knew you would patiently wait :), thanks hun! And the 2nd one is My-Oldest-Memory tag intro'd to me by Altering_Abhishek. Aaaand the last one is a tag by DJ, and is called the Thinking-Blogger-Awards tag. So here I go folks:

A Dream To Remember...
(Cuckoo's tag)

I dream alot of weird things - some bad and some good, and some truly spine-chilling! And most of my dreams come true in some odd way...freaky, yes! There is this very special dream that I don't ever wanna forget. Remember I posted about my uncle (my mum's youngest brother) in NZ who was in trouble a couple of months ago. Well at the beginning we were not even aware that he was in trouble - so I was fast asleep one night...and guess who came in my dreams? My mum's mum. She died in 2001 in NZ and that's where my uncle lives too. So she came in my dreams, said absolutely nothing to me, but a lonely tear was running down her right cheek...she was gazing at me with a very sad look on her face while the tear was rolling down. The next morning, I told my mum about the dream. She then told me that that must mean something bad was gonna happen to someone in our family and she was worried (she's somewhat superstitious). On that day we didn't know my uncle was already in need of major help in NZ, and he is my granma's favorite son too. Late that afternoon we received a call from my aunt in NZ and we heard the terrible news! After that, with alot of effort from us, my uncle miraculously got out of the mess he was in. So I reckon my granma came to me that night in my dreams, to indicate that her son was in trouble, to ask me to help him, and so it happened just like that. It still gives me goosebumps! Cos that somehow tells me that the 'departed' don't really leave and will be watching over their loved-ones for a very long time. What do you think of this dream?

A Golden Memory...
(Abhishek's tag)

I was probably 3yrs old. I can remember my dad and one of his close friends were chatting in the veranda, and I was standing and watching them. Suddenly their voices were raising (actually they were just talking). But I was under the impression that it was some sort of fight. My little heart panicked and didn't know what to do. So I suddenly said the following, like an Army captain trying to discipline 2 crazy cadets: "Shutup you two or I'll shoot both of you right now!". (My dad btw was a tough Police officer...and he was a big fan of 007, war and action when he used to watch these movies, I used to sit and watch them with him. Maybe that's where I picked up these harsh commanding words from). Later on my dad used to tell me this story all the time and laugh with me :). I guess it was one of his fondest memories too. And now I want to say this to my dad: "How I wish you were here still, talking and laughing with all of us...I'm forever looking for you now...I MISS YOU!".

The Five Sigmund Freuds...
(DJ's tag)

I really can't choose just 5 cos there are so many bloggers who really make me think. I mean it when I say that every blogger makes me think in a different angle and each of you own a quailty that cannot be filled by another. However cos this tag forces me to list only 5 of you, I decided to randomly pick them from a large pool of distinguished names hehe :). These are the great philosophers that were chosen and therefore who gets a Thinking Blogger Award from me:

1. Steph (Girl you're a hoot! Brains , beauty, sense of humor, honesty, sweetness etc etc all in one, and it's hard to ignore this girl's daring attitude!)

2. Amy (Need I say anything about this lady - she describes emotions in enchanting and in unique ways that only she can...Amy you rock!)

3. Homo_Escapeons (Mate you are one of the MOST intelligent men that ever walked this Earth - you're a walking Knowledge Repository!)

4. Aidan (You realise that simple things in life are the most precious, and that's rare and precious by itself, so you're a very special soul Aidan!)

5. Vishesh (For a 15yr old boy, you are a certified Freud in the making, and you've got a great future ahead of you Vish!)

Now that doesn't mean the rest of you are not award-worthy. We are all here for pouring our hearts out, to be there for each other and to teach/learn from one another. You are all a great source of inspiration and knowledge to me. So THANKS for being in my life, each and everyone of you in Blogville!

I'm not tagging anyone in particular...but you may take up these tags if you want to. It was great doing these 3 wonderful and thought-provoking tags, so special THANKS to Cuckoo, Abhishek and DJ! Today's music is one of my old favs (from the movie THE BEACH)'s got this touch of long lost memories, a search for a loved-one, a moment in paradise, a silent calling...a magical kiss with nature. Mostly cos it's got the beach in it :). Enjoy!

Current Music: Pure Shores by All Saints

111 Cranium Signets:

Shionge said...

Yes Keshi..I do believe our love ones who 'departed' are still very much 'around' to guide & watch over us :)

Thanks for sharing and boyfrenz would love to fly downunder and be your frenz too :D

Hey..have a wonderful week ahead :D

AVIANA said...

HI Chicki!

I'm back!

How are you?

First, I trully believe in dreams foretelling the future reality. Whenever I have a bad dreams, I know something bad is about to happen to me. And I am usually right. That's why I hate them because it always tells the inevitable truth.

Someone came to my dream when I was about 10 or 11 and that person literally called out to me. Why I don't know. I won't go further because I still feel guilty and it breaks my heart now knowing that I did not say anything and their death came to be.

Anyhow, on more positive things.

i have some good small news! I will post tomorrow!


Sig said...

Scary thoughts Keshi!! But good to know that they still are here :)

OMG - I just went to Steph's site - that girl is hilarious. She says EVERYTHING we are all thinking lol. A definite add to the blogroll heheh.

Unknown said...

With the dream there may be a level of coincidence, i dont think that ancestors are looking out for us... It could just be a subconcious thing, thoughts laying dormant looking for something to connect with, The dream is just the manifestation of those thoughts.

That is such a nice memory to have of your father... stupid moments, and beautiful humanity, you always make me smile at work keshi..

With your nomination I am truly flattered and humbled that you hold me in that esteem, I always love the way you write and the way you capture life... i guess ... um thanks:)


Steph said...

Awwww I'm blushing!! Thanks babe, I think you're four shades of wonderful too. ((hugs))

Aditi said...

nice tags all of them..
that memory is really cute.. i can imagine u doing something like that
that dream was something, and i think she was asking for your help because seh knew you would help, for see how much u did already

Bibi said...

Your dream was spooky, yet comforting ... I don't know if the departed are still looking over us, but it's certainly nice to believe that they are!

txandi prost said...

only two dreams i can remember that became reality: one, a first kiss, another, a rusted Vespa scooter.


Margie said...

Hi Keshi
We just got back from dinner...
It was so yummy!

What an incredible dream that was about your gramma....just to see her with a lonely tear running down her right cheek.
It's just as you said....she came to ask for your help...
It gives me goosebumps too!
I've had dreams in which my mom comes to me.
Last one I had I saw her smiling.
To me that means she is happy!

Loved the memory about your dad....
A very special and sweet one!
You must miss him so much!
Just remember....

He Is always With You

Your dad is always with you...
He's the whisper of the leaves...
as you walk down the street...
He's the smell of certain foods
you remember...
flowers you pick...
He's the cool hand on your brow...
when you're not feeling well...
He's your breath in the air...
on a cold winter's day.

Your dad lives inside your laughter
and he's crystallized
in every teardrop.

He's the map you follow
with every step you take.

He's your first love...
your first friend...
and nothing on earth
can separate you!

Take care Sweetie!
Time for me to get some sleep.
It's been a very long and tiresome day.
Have a great day....ok!

P.S The only blogger I've ever been to from your awards is HE.
He is a very smart and funny guy.
Congrats to all that got your award.
I'm sure they are all that you say they are.

Johnny Ong said...

yr VIVA FOREVER - just like malaysia's latest car's advertisement words hehe....the model is also called VIVA

Jewel Rays said...

Hello Keshi:)

hehehe...thanks for picking me for the thinker's award. really honored coming from a splendid bloggere yourself. Thanks Keshi.:))

And yeah i heard of people dreaming of the departed . some leave some messages. Some just stand there and gaze. neva come across one myself though.

And i love that childhood memory..haha..:) That was so! and sometimes i do believe adults need that..:P

*Hugs* and once again thanks sweets!:P

Anonymous said...

never read 3 tags in one post... :)

and two out of the five sigmund freuds you caught by the neck have already been tagged on this :)

vishesh tagged me and i passed it on to you and amy :D

but i guess its okay... both are worth two awards for sure :)


Andrew said...

'Shutup you two or I'll shoot both of you right now.' lol

curryegg said...

Of course keshi!

I always believe that our love one are always be with us no matter they're stil alive or not. I just read in the newspeper about prince william and harry. They said that although her mum has passed away for 10 years, they still can feel their mum is still around.

And have a nice day keshi. You're one of the best blogger too.

Anonymous said...

Keshi, I don't know if our loved ones truly depart or not, but I got goose-bumps when I read your post today. Beautifully written, m'dear. x

Nadine said...

Nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by.

Stace said...

Aidan told me to check your blog today - At first I assumed it was because of the beautiful writing and touching stories... then I realised it was pure vanity because he's featured on your blog!!!

Menchie said...

I can only remember bad dreams which frustrates me no end.

Loved the story about your dad. :D

Peter said...

Always fascinating reading on your blog; well you are defintiely a fascinating girl! I guess it's impossible to get bored in your company!!

My wife used to have similar "come true" dreams. Somehow frightening!

By the way, during a walk I recently met (or rather saw) the dark haired girl who played in "The Beach". She is just now performing in a theatre, just round the corner.

general_boy said...

I guess I must profess skepticism to the whole dream premonition thing... except for one tiny doubt I have, from a dream I had at age 10. Hmmm... I really should blog about that sometime!

Anonymous said...

Good post ther Keshi and ejoyed reading it.

Romeo Morningwood said...

What I am Keshiroo is curious.
I would hope that after surviving 49 years on Earth that anyone should be able to connect a few dots and try and make some sense out of this LIFE.

I am so thrilled to have found other searchers like you to make the experience that much more enjoyable. It's one thing to learn something but it's far more rewarding to have someone else to share it with. Then you can get some feedback and open your eyes to another point of view.

I am just entering a nice space where the sky is the limit and hopefully my curiousity is infectious. You need to resolve a few things in your mind before you can really enjoy Life. You also need to accept that there are so many questions that cannot be answered at this point in time.
BUT! Can you imagine how dreadful it would have been to have been stuck in the Middle Ages or Antiquity?

Atleast now in the 21st Century we have most of the basics 'down' and we can have realistic expectations and understand why we as a species have screwed everything up so badly!

Thanks Kesh ((muah!))

Asha said...

I have 5 tags due! Ah..!!:))
Tags are very well done.Vishesh is 15!! Whoa!!

Helen said...

Mornin' Keshi, I've been having some crazy dreams lately, and when I check the symbolism on's dictionary whooo! it's wild.
Memory--childhood or adult? I guess it doesn't matter, my favorite all time memory took place at my first home... well it's too long to write about it here, maybe I'll blog that.
Bloggers are quite interesting folk, aren't they? I would definitely have to put you at the top for your thought-provoking support ; )

Life said...

hello :)

loved ones might be away from us but their love is always arround us.

Take Care

Elina said...


Hi hi hi!!

Finally managed to squeeze out a little time to come into blogger world.

How are you?

I think we may have to keep contact thru email..

I haven got alot of time to blog :)

Do email me :)

Take Care!


Jay said...

That dream is kind of scary. I've had dreams that foreshadowed events that happened later too. It's strange when it happens.

Trée said...

Thank you my dear Southern Angel. Come give me a hug like you mean it since words are only words. :-D

Jay Noel said...

Some people on here, like Aidan, are misusing the word "subconscious." The subconscious doesn't seek, interpret, find, or make connections. The subconscious does none of the sort.

It's the conscious mind that does these things.

Dreams come from the subconscious...they flow, while the conscious mind might try to make sense of that - and that could be considered lucid dreaming. You mind being active while dreaming.

But if your subconscious mind is completely in control, like when you drive a route that you've driven a million times and suddenly you find yourself at your destination without remembering the actual drive, it's like going on cruise control.

The conscious mind sort of goes away on vacation.

Kay Vee said...

hey kesh, know wat? i got goosebumps reading abt ur dream. so weird but i think we all get such dreams intending us to know some message. but i hav really weird ones i dreamt of aerosmith a night back! :P i dont even listen to em and im not even a great fan!

wat was ur uncle's and dads reaction to ur yelling "shut up" at them? i hope u didnt get a pasting!

take care keshi, ur dad is still with u and arnd u, methinks.

Anonymous said...

I do believe our loved ones can come to us in dreams to try and direct us, sometimes they do it without being in a dream

Cool story about your Dad and your memory.


Little Miss Muffet said...

those are some awesome memories! and i bet it feels really good to know ur loved ones are watching over u :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Keshi :)

Truly beautiful memories and outlook you have :)

Some people read many things into dreams, others nothing, but one thing is for sure - dreams do give magic to our lives :)

Very nice post :)

Impressionist said...

Nice tag! :D
hehe! I hate writin tags, i wonder how u write so much!

peace & love

diyadear said...

that dream of urs gave me goosebumps too.. man. thats freaky.. but its wonderful too.. :)
hey i said that to my dad n his friend too when i was 3. but i was playing a teacher n i wanted my class to keep silent. :)
n conrats on ur award.. :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

I dream about tornadoes - a lot. Don't know why.

KK said...

Hey hows it going?
Nicely done tags :)

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Ooooo! Your first dream gave me cold chills! My mom had a similar dream like this recently. I had one when I was 7 about a family member that actually came true. It freaked me out!

Some dreams I think are meaningless, but there are the ones like the one you had and I had when I was 7....Really makes you think.

Trundling Grunt said...

Your dream is quite weird but, as many have said, I think there is a life beyond death and our relatives do look over us. What they think of some of the stuff we do, I wonder?

Memories are golden, aren't they. Good one

And Steph at the top of your list? That makes total sense to me.

Happy weekend k.

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi...yes,that was a 'dream to remember'...and,even I get dreams of people who've departed,and wonder whether they're meant to be interpreted?grin at the thought of a 3-year ole you telling two grown-ups'shut up or I'll shoot both of u right now'..aah,the innocence of childhood...u say what u want to,without wondering about it.:)

krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!
I believe that your gramma wanted to comunicate with you and needed your help.
Thanks for this great post.
And what a nice choice. They are deserved it.
Have a nice, successful time!

radiohead said...

hmm .. nice tags ..

umm .. not much to say .. jus want to tell u .. tht i went to sydney last weekend .. n had grt fun !!


Poo said...

Hi SweetHeart how are you ? Howz work with you ...Nice tag Keshi know i dont like doing this tag thingys....Tags make me think so much :( So i dont like ....

"Shutup you two or I'll shoot both of you right now!". LOL dear i wonder what ur dad's friend told you that time.

Have a nice day :)

J said...

the award for the most active blogger shud go to you..
or shud i say the award for the most timepass profession should go to.......(you can fill in the blanks)..j/k ;)
also, i think ur incredibly great blogging (and networking skills) are 1000 times better than ur pole-dancing skills (i mean if at all..:D). rock on!

AakASH!!! said...

Lady you are amazing!

And a BIG example for someone like me. Why? I'll let you know sometime.

Take care.

fergal said...

hi keshi, nice post! ;-D

been busy lately & not around often ....


ghost particle said...

a tagasaurus. :p

I had my first consciousness post:

Hmmm...its a funny thing that most of us cant remember being a baby.

Blogger, I will write my will for it. (my pc, cellphone and my new toaster oven). I dont know wout it if i would have ever met any of you guys. The best in da world!

Anonymous said...

haha!! captain keshi girl sooo cute lololol
ur dad must have been really proud of u :D
hope u will do that pervert list too, keshichan!!

Poo said...


Have a Nice weekend :) and take care of urself Miss you :))))

Kavi said...

Hmm ! Well..You are truly amazing ! Nice tags ! Thats some memory..

Ash said...

Interesting post Keshi

Vishesh said...

ops keshi...
it was i who passed it on to DJ:)


Anonymous said...

ah well......... late by 2 days for a comment!! naywyz, here's my take.... the dream abt ur granny is enuf to give me goosebumps.... especially7 wen i have gone thru the experience of planchet!!

the memory is really sweet, and given the entire circumstance it's value is even gr8er...

and for teh thinking 5... hmmm..... wud have to chk all of them out with care!


Expression ! said...

Oh God Keshi you have really worked hard to finish all the tags.But I liked what you wrote about dreams.Nice thoughts. said...

I have dreams that come true too... wierd!

Anonymous said...

glad u are taking that list!
oh thanks keshi-chan ;)

divya said...

wow..tht was alot of tags together..

Harmony said...

wow congrats to those who one..ha ha

Neihal said...

wow....I prefer to call these co-incidences, coz u know otherwise it freaks me out :P

and that memory u described so beautifully :D

Jeya Anand said...

Hmmm that was a touching post ..the first 2 tags...I do have experienced dreams like that...and take care...

SeePearrl said...

i agree to that dream keshi...though i dont dream a lot mom dreams a lot and analyzes them too..she finds thrilling when they come true and bad when it turns out to be bad!

Autumn Storm said...

Nicely done, as always, Kesh, especially the favourite memory.

In regards to the dream, more things between Heaven and Earth and all that, I'm definitely open to there being truth in things beyond our capability to understand them. Someone once told me - and I know I have spoken of this in blogland before, so you may have heard it - that in dreams, when we are not fully-conscious, it is possible for our souls to reach out and visit with others so to speak. All we are aware of in these cases is that those 'dreams' felt very different, more real. I remember one dream in particular, it was so comfortable (best way I can describe the feeling), so unhurried. I spent some time with my brother, both of us aware that this was our last and only chance to say goodbye, and anything else we needed/wanted to tell each other. Whatever it was, and top of the list of course is it being just a lucky dream, it gave me a sense of peace that I hadn't had before it. Dreams such as yours, whatever one believes, offer up the possibility that those who have left us are watching over us, and that is, to put it in simplest terms, a lovely thought.

Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

I have had similar experiences was really freaky(and bad)...i had a dream tht someone was dying and the person tht was dying in my dream was a muslim...and i think i was 9 or sumtin...and the next day wen i got to school, i got to know tht my frnd's mom expired and my frnd is a muslim...i was very freaked out!

Lol and my mom has told me many stories where i have repeated dialouges from movies to her as a kid...

Astral said...

Hey Keshi Girl, how have you been? I have not been blog hopping in the last couple of months but I would be here more often now.....

Very nice post....3 in one....I will wait for the next round of awards to get lucky :)

Take care and GOD bless...

PerfumesReviewer said...

Hey girl
you are one of the most ideal gal - friend I've ever seen

stay this way!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

I try not to think too much, just complicates things.

Akash said...

Right 5 mins ago i was going to sleep. and If i had gone to sleep then I would have had a good you have told about all these dead people watching and i am thinking about my grandpa and grandma...Now you totaly ruined my sleep....
Just kidding...
Ur golden memory a touching one...When I dont see my parents even for a year I miss them alot...
So I know the feeling..
Your dad's Love will be always there and he will be watching over his angel daughter...
Take care Keshi

Rex Venom said...

Dreams and Dreamers.
Make the world go round and sleeping all that more interesting.
Rock on!

Cuckoo said...

Hi Keshi,

At Last! Thanks for doing it. We could see a little more of Keshi.

'Shutup you two or I'll shoot both of you right now.' lolll

I am in the middle of two trips. SO thought of checking on you. ;)

Princess Banter said...

Aww that was a very sweet post! BTW, I adore adore adore Pure Shores by All Saints :) Kinda sad that their new album didnt quite work out...

Anonymous said...

Hi Keshi :)

>>>>> pass on a TAG, you are now TAG'd

to reveal 8 things about yourself people didn't know :) <<<<<

Debu's Blog said...

Dear Keshi,

First time I came across ur blog....and always belived on is only one thing who give meaning and courage to our make a dream...and act on!!!!

radiohead said...

keshi dear .. its fine .. i just told u cause i wanted to tell u tht i visited sydney .. :P ... nt complaining .. cause i had great fun there ;)

I had a senior frm college thr .. so stayed at his place (stayin fr free is fun .. hehe ) .. n like one of d gud collg seniors most of my things were sponsored .. hehehe ..

i went to d aquarium, bridge, opera, darling harbour, ferry to shark islands .. n kingscross as well :P .. hehehe

so i had gud fun .. ;)

ya beachin is still left out ..

lol .. ya ur bday is comin ..


Keshi said...

ty Shionge, send em away ;-)


Lisa WB hun!

Im very well ty and urself? Hope all is well with ya now.

**That's why I hate them because it always tells the inevitable truth.

somehow its the same with my dreams. I hv now made it a point to tell ppl if I dream em good/bad.

I hope to read the good news in ur blog soon. :)


Silvara Im glad u like Stepher's blog...its true, she's mind-reader ha!


Keshi said...

Aidan u still blushing? awww...:)

**The dream is just the manifestation of those thoughts.

true...could be that too...thinking of Freud's theory on dreams here hehe.

ty Aidan!


****HUGS*** Stepher!

both u n Aidan r blushing this an Aussie thing?


Hello Aditi girly!

**she was asking for your help because seh knew you would help

my mum said the same. I believe in that too.

ty sweetie!


Keshi said...

Bibi hey hows ya?

** but it's certainly nice to believe that they are!

yep it is :) tnxx!


hey Txandi WC!

**one, a first kiss, another, a rusted Vespa scooter.

awww :)


Margie HUGGGGGGGGGZ! I got ur mail but this time too I cant see the pic :( Its annoying hehe...I really wanna see those pics.

Ur mum is smiling cos she's happy abt her beautiful daughter blessing everyone with her presence in Blogville.

**He's the map you follow
with every step you take.

what a beautiful verse that was! ty so much Margie. I believe my dad n ur mum r watching over us. Thats what brought us together in Blogville.

MWAHHH hv a good day girly!


Keshi said...

Johnyy WC!

**the model is also called VIVA

hehe ty! :)


****HUGS*** Amy!

**sometimes i do believe adults need that

lolz yes...Im sure my dad got so much joy from it hehe.

ty my dear!


DJ Im a rule-breaker so its ok LOL!

ty for this.


Keshi said...

Andrew :):)


Curryegg ty! We all r great bloggers in our own unique ways hehe.

**They said that although her mum has passed away for 10 years, they still can feel their mum is still around.

yep...I read that too. ppl dun just make up stories like that. I believe in that too.


ty Nora!


Keshi said...

Nadine WC!


Stace hey hows u?

**then I realised it was pure vanity because he's featured on your blog

LOL! aww he deserves this Stace. Very much!


Menchie thats weird...that u rem only the bad ones.


Keshi said...

hey Peter!

** I guess it's impossible to get bored in your company

aww thats a compliment coming from u. :)

**dark-haired girl from The Beach

Is it Virginie Ledoyen? How nice! Is she French?


General_Boy WC!

**except for one tiny doubt I have, from a dream I had at age 10

now I'd love to hear abt that.


ty Priya!


Mona said...

hello Keshi! How are you doing? I hope you are having fun time! :)

Keshi said...

G'day HE!

I dun think it's the years that add to's ur extra cranium and the ability to anaylse things in such a spectacular manner.

**It's one thing to learn something but it's far more rewarding to have someone else to share it with.

I agree!

Im glad we met too. I cant rem how tho...but Im just so glad! MWAHHHHH!


Asha lol I have 3 more tags pending...u better do ur's!

yes Vish is only 15.


hey pretty girl Helen! I love love love that daisy in ur hair...absolutely gorgeous!

**when I check the symbolism on's dictionary

loz sweetie u check em online? haha so cute.

yes I'd love to read abt it some day in ur blog.

ty Helen!


Keshi said...

heyy Vikas!

**but their love is always arround us.

Spot on!


Thumbee u r so missed u busy gal!!


Jay u too? WOW!


madelyn said...

I really had a laugh reading about you at
three - you were so feisty - cute!

Often when I read your post I think of my Dad -
I pick up on your love for your father -
and I think it is beautiful and touching.

Keshi said...

hey Phoenix!

I know wut u mean...good explnantion mate, ty!

**they flow, while the conscious mind might try to make sense of that - and that could be considered lucid dreaming.

yep...makes good sense.


hey Trinnie how hv ya been?

**like i dreamt of aerosmith a night back!

aww how nice..I wish I dreamt of em ;-)

nah my dad knew I was panicking lol!


ty Rick! I hope ur feeling much better now?

**sometimes they do it without being in a dream

hv u experienced it? WOW!


Keshi said...

ty Miss.Muffet!


hey Taqdeer ty!

**dreams do give magic to our lives

they sure do dun they!


hey Rajeev!

** I hate writin tags,

I dun hate all tags :) there r some thought-provoking ones like these ones.

**i wonder how u write so much

hehe just like my other! And just like how u write ur stories n poems :)


Keshi said...

Diya ty!

**hey i said that to my dad n his friend too when i was 3. but i was playing a teacher n i wanted my class to keep silent

lol awwww...I can just picture u as a very cute bubbz!


Phos heyy!

**I dream about tornadoes - a lot. Don't know why.



KK ty!


Keshi said...

Hello Outdoorsy!

I guess ur like me then...freaky ha!


Trundz heyy!

** What they think of some of the stuff we do, I wonder?

Im sure they know everything abt us. That really freaks me out!


ty Amit!

**innocence of childhood...u say what u want to,without wondering about it

:) I know! Imagine saying that to some ppl I do wanna tell some ppl to SHUTUP for real :)


Keshi said...

Krys I believe in that too...ty my dear!


Anuj I hope u had fun :)


Poo HUGGGGGGGGZ! :) hows u?


Keshi said...

hey Jit!

**or shud i say the award for the most timepass profession should go to.......(you can fill in the blanks)..j/k ;)

uh oh...I hope u dun think this is just Time-passing...cos so much effort, thoughts, heart and emotions go into each of my posts :)

ty Jit!


Aakash I'd like to hear why :) tnxx mate!


Fegal matey hows u?


Keshi said...

aww ty Ghosty!

**its a funny thing that most of us cant remember being a baby.

hehe I rem alot...


Niki I'd love to do that Pervert tag LOL! ty!


Poo aww I had a good one abt u? and hows Prachi?


Keshi said...

Kavi ty!


Ash ty!


Vish :) u know I break all the rules its ok haha!


Keshi said...

tnxx alot Sam :)


SM ty but it only took me like 20mins to do this post hehe.


Javagirl it seems alot of ppl here hv their dreams coming true...very interesting!


Keshi said...

Niki u know Im a pervert too so yeah I'd love to take up that tag. LOL!


Divya not alot...just 3 :)


Pankaj ty!


Keshi said...

hehehe ty Neihal!


ty Jeya!


true happens alot.


Keshi said...


Keshi said...

Autumn HUGGGGGGGGGZ sweetie!

**that in dreams, when we are not fully-conscious, it is possible for our souls to reach out and visit with others so to speak

I believe in that too Autumn. I really do. And im not saying that just cos I read it somewhere...but cos it has happened to me.

**that in dreams, when we are not fully-conscious, it is possible for our souls to reach out and visit with others so to speak

awww that was a touching one. Im sure it was a way of giving u the peace u needed...and some closure perhaps? Isnt it lovely to be able to connect to ur loved-ones in dreams. HUGGGGGGGGZ Autumn, I believe it was him saying goodbye to ya. I hv goosebumps rite now!!

TC sweetie. And TY!


MWAHH Michi!

** i got to know tht my frnd's mom expired and my frnd is a muslim..

OMG thats FREAKKKKKAAAY! Such things have happened to me too...I dream it and it happens the next day!

**movie dialogues

LOL so darn cute Michi!


Suchi HUGGGGGGGGGGZ I missed ya! U doin good? I hope so.

U dun hv to 'wait' to win any awards from me..ur a very special writer in ur own ways and as I said here every one of u is a winner!


Keshi said...

heyy Punjabi!

**you are one of the most ideal gal - friend I've ever seen

awww...:) ty!


true Phos...some things r better left unexplained.


KS heyy hows ya? Long time!

sorry to break ur sleep hehe...

**Your dad's Love will be always there and he will be watching over his angel daughter...

aww ty KS!

tell hv u been?


Keshi said...

hehe Rex true...ty!


Cuckoo :) finally Im here LOL!

ur 'trippin'? where r u off to?


Banter Im glad u like All Saints. yeah I know..the latest album wasnt so great. But those chicks CAN sing!


Keshi said...

Taqdeer Im tagged again? LOL okkk!

And only 8


Quality_Tale WC n ty!

yes ur right...dreams r a means of courage n magic in life.


Anuj awwwwwwwww.....great to hear u had a good time in Syd with ur friends.

**i went to d aquarium, bridge, opera, darling harbour, ferry to shark islands .. n kingscross as

ok boys will neva leave KingsCross out of the list of places to see in Syd...I so know that LOL!


Keshi said...

Maddie Im such a fiesty chick...even now :) HUGGGGGGGGGZ! How have ya been?


Mona Im doin goooood...ty abt ya?


Southpaw unplugged said...

Interesting tags...:)

Keshi said...

yeyyyyyyyy Southy is here! Im so glad to hv u here again mate. TY!


Margie said...

Ms Accident Prone(yup, that's me)
is sitting on the sofa with her laptop and stubbed toe!!!!
I get my finger all healed, and I go and hurt my toe!
Can you believe it?
It's swollen and black and blue!!!
I hurt it this morning....I don't think it's broken though.
We are just two of a kind, huh Keshi?

Those sweet words of yours...

**Ur mum is smiling cos she's happy her beautiful daughter is blessing everyone in Blogville with her presence.**
brought tears to me.
What a beautiful thing to say!
Thank you Sweetheart!

I sure hope it might be true!
I try my best....that's all I can do.

So glad you liked my verse....
And you are most welcome.
It makes me happy to share verses like that with you Keshi, as I know you feel very much the same way I do about life.

Well, I have to go get some more ice for this aching toe.

You still can't see my pics I send????????
Don't know what could be wrong.

Take care Sweetie, and have a super day.



Keshi said...

Margie o no not! U hurt ur sweet toe? guess wut...I hit my elbow real bad against a table on Sat..and it hurts like hell. Nah I dun think its broken either :) Anyways u better check ur toe with the doc...

yes i love verses...I feel the same way as u do..cos I know u know what it is to lose a parent.


J said...

i was just messing (as always) ;)

Keshi said...

I know that Jitterz ;-)


AlterinG Abhishek said...

Oh My GAWD!!

( finally you did the tag and finally i am here !!!!)

U no keshi, Its a little strange but , whenever I wanna comment , i get scared.. to be the 109th or 78th commenter..

i feel my comment might just get lost ..


Keshi said...

Nah Abhi it didnt get lost :)


AlterinG Abhishek said...


you definatley love ur computer..!!

are ever found on Gtalk or YM ?
if yes!!
how are you found there>


Keshi said...

lol Abhi yeah but Im not here 24/7 :)

nah I dun chat at all...I used to...not more time for it. The only place I chat at right now is at the BUF shoutbox...n that too very rarely.