Thursday, June 21

Frozen Hugs

There's a time for fun...there's a time for laughs...there's a time for when you've had enough...then there's a time for tears, thank-yous and goodbyes. It's not too good to have someone like me around for too long in your life. I may become a hindrance to you. "Everybody needs a little time away"..I heard her say..."from each other"...

Current Music: Hard To Say I'm Sorry by Chicago

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Neihal said...

what happnd dear ?

hope u alright.

Margie said...

Well I went to bed, but can't seem to sleep.
I came here to see if you had a new post up.
Gosh, I don't like the sound of this one Keshi!
You are not planning on leaving us....are you hun?
That would just be too sad!!!!
Tell me I'm wrong.

I know your bday is on Monday.
How I wish I could come by and give you a big bday hug!
I hope so much it will be a wonderful day for you Sweetie!

I'll be writing a birthday poem for you over the weekend...ok!
Wish I had written it already and I would post it here now, but I've falling behind on things this week.

I just want to tell you now how much joy it brings to me to know you.

Now, I'll say nitey nite one more time.
Take care Sweetheart!


Sujit said...

hey you okey? what happend.. ?

Margie said...


I am sending birthday wishes
from far across the miles...
tied with lace and ribbons...
my special birthday smile!

Also hugs and kisses
wrapped in special prayers...
happiness and laughter...
joy beyond compare!

Wishing you warm sunshine...
each day when you awake...
peace within and harmony...
with every step you take!

As you drift off in slumber
and nestle upon the clouds...
know I'm thinking of you...
from way across the miles!

Lots of love on your birthday on Monday!


Ravisekharan said...

hey ur blog is gud... gr8 going... :)

Nora said...

Keshi, are you ok??? Email me!

Ravisekharan said...

actually i've been bloggin for 3 yrs.. So, i've been quiet irregular n abstract in it... But u seem to maintain the vividity in ur blog.. dat's something gr8... :)

Perspective Inc said...

Finding your own space can be cathartic..

All is well, one hopes?

Ravisekharan said...

Seems u'd ur birthday some three dayz back.. Anywayz, My birthday wishes to u... And btw, today is my b'day.. :-)

Aditi said...

hey.. hope all is ok.. its ok everyone needs a break sometime but that doesnt mean the connection should break

lemonade said...

Happy Advanced Birthday Kesh..
Hope everything is fine with you

That post thought heart breaking was beautiful by the way...

Sunil Parmar said...

Hi Keshi,
Why are you leaving? Please don't leave..:(

Ekta said...

??...why this post!? kya hua?...

Menchie said...

Keshi! What's up with you? Everything ok?

Kavi said...


Hope all is well. Hope to hear from you soon. This space means a lot to us..Take care.

Akshay said...

Please don't tell me you are leaving.. I hope everything is ok with you. Send me an email.

AakASH!!! said...

Heyy Keshi Girl!

It better be an excerpt, you quoted from somewhere (and it is beautiful), for you can never ne a hindrance! And we're never gonna have enough of you!

And if there is anything thats bothering you. Let me know, sometimes sharing is caring.


Sam said...

and she went into her shell,
in a will to hide her hurt,
lil did she know that it showed,
no.. not her hurt... but dat she was hurt,
and then she bade adieu to evry1,
though it ws 1 who hurt,
nay!! this won't b a decision her heart truly likes,
nor does she want,
step up and let ur frnds heal ur wound,
for at times they may hurt the most,
yet they r the only ones,
who heal the best!!

cheer up..... life is too short to cry it out!!

Iceman said...

Awaitin a new beginning... from Monday!

Iceman said...

I once wrote a poem titled.. "Frozen Eggs"... reminds me of it...

Excuse me... Its bit weird.. but funnily.. Frozen hugs reminds me of that real lame & stupid poem!

Peter said...

Please give some good news soonest!

Just a small, temporary, spleen, I trust!

krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!
When I got up today and wanted to turn on my computer-and nothing happend- My computer is broken!!!
When I first looked at my blog from not my comp.- I was broken when I saw "frozen hugs".
I'm writing only to you, so shortly (not my comp.)
Happy Birthday Keshi!!!
Happy Every Day!!!!
I hope everything will be OK soon with my comp. and I'll see You soon.
Take care!

pria said...

Keshi: Nothing wrong to take a break. Hope you have a good one and comeback fresh.

general_boy said...

I only just met you and you're leaving? :(

Seriously though, we all need a break once in a while. Take care. :)

vishesh said...

er..keshi started the thing how do i send u a invite?

Varsha said...

Hey Keshi
Hope you all fine. Ya we all need each other free time, thats natural. But never stretch till it rips apart.
Take care

AVIANA said...

Que paso Chica?

los uno said...

there's also a time to heal..and heal you shall...

Jay said...

You could never be a hindrance to anyone Keshi!

Asha said...

Hey! We all need you!:))
Happy Birthday darling.Forget about doom and gloom and enjoy.
I will be on vacation from this Sat to next Sat.I may not log in on Monday, will try but will post some photos on Wednesday..Have fun,ok? Hugs and kisses:))

Pankaj Gupta said...

hi KESHI..hw r u sexy..

"Everybody needs a little time away"..I heard her say..."from each other"...
..its so true dear..

how are you doing..i always thought that you enjoy Every Moment of life With your cute like a Rocking girl always..hope u r well.GOD bless YOU.bye.

starry nights said...

Keshi..first of all I want to wish you a happy birthday .A big Hug and warm wishes from across the miles.I do hope you are not leaving us:( maybe just a short break. I think you are one awesome person Keshi.

Jenny! said...

That is a great song...and Chicago is even better in concert! Yes, I am a dork and saw them in concert! Hope all is well! Happy Belated Birthday!

Ash said...

Hoping everything is fine Keshi. You are not going to stop blogging, are you ??

Anonymous said...

u wont say this blog will be frozen for 3 months like bizzare state, will u??
plzzz come back, keshi-chan(>_<)

susan said...

Whatever is going on doesn't seem good...I hope all is well for you.

Just remember to be true to yourself...

shooting star said...

hmmm..yeah dear there's a time for everything ...but sometimes people are so implicit..and they say take time off when they hsould say goodbye..n the other person just waits n waits and agonizes..till it crushes the soul... nice post dear....and thanks a lot for wishing me....luv you lots!!!!!

shooting star said...

hmmm...yeah dear there's a time for everyone n evrything..but people somtimes are so implicit..they say to "take time off" when wat they should say is "goodbye" and so the other person waits and waits and agonizes...until it crushes the soul....nice post ....and thanks a lot for your b'day wishes!!!!

KK said...

Hey Keshi! hope you are fine. Dont leave us like this and go... c'mon come back...

Hope you had a great b'day!! Belated Happy B'day wishes!!!

Bibi said...

Love tulips!! Unlike other readers (and I'm probably being obtuse!) I didn't read this as something being wrong ... but as a sentiment about 'someone' needing a little space. As we all do from time to time.

Red Soul said...

awwwwwww the post is beautiful :(

Within Without said...

Everybody needs time away, Keshi...even from themselves.

I wish you could be more content and happy. Whatever it is, I hope you let it go.


Sugarlips said...

Keshi, I hope life is on mend at your end and you are happy as ever :)
We all need little breaks but it doesn't mean you lose the connection.

I'm also bz in moving but never bz to check up on my friends :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

The Phoenix said...

Take care.

shammu said...

Hey Kesh!
hope ur doing fine, somethings wrong? or so I felt
takecare dear.......

RamaG said...

I just cant understand how people can be so narrow minded. whatever has been said is so frivolous. he/she does not understand what a friend is and does not deserve to be your friend.

La vida Loca said...

hey are u ok?

Anonymous said...

hey keshi,
r u okay?
what is this? why now?
i hope u don't leave from here...
take care...

George said...

Be well Keshi ... you have friends here ... and we all love you.

Sugababee said...

whats this??
Why you wanna leave us:(

*sniff sniff*

dont go...

Silvara said...

Dearest Keshi - what's up??

I hope things are ok...many *HUGZ* to you :)

Happy Birthday for whenever it is :) Hope all your wishes come true :)

Fleiger said...

Don't tell me you are taking a break from blogging :o

Keshi said...

Neihal tnxxx...I shall be ok.



Margie I cant thank u enuff...that was a beautiful poem! I hv never had anyone writing poems for me...u r very special u know. MWAHHHHH! Heaven must miss an angel...cos she's in Colarado right now...ur a darling!


Sujit ty for calling me yday...that was so sweet of u. I dunno how to thank friends like u. U guys mean alot to me...words r not enuff...


Ravi WC n ty!

And my bday is on Mon...25th of June.


Nora Im doing good..tnxx hun! I know u really care...that means alot to me.



Perspective thats so true...Im ok darl ty...MWAHHHHH!


Keshi said...

Aditi ty...and thats right. But sometimes we go on thinking it's a break when its actually the end of the connection...


ty Lemonade! Always luv setting my eyes on that red pair of sexy shoes :)


Sunil awww...Im not leaving..duncha worry...leaving all u BEAUTIFUL ppl wud be the HARDEST thing I'd ever have to face in this life...


Ekta kuch nahi...hows my Hindi? :)

ty sweetie..I'll be ok.


Menchie Im fine darl...was feeling really low yday...sometimes I feel Im a terrible mate to some ppl...

bring Gerard over..I'd be better then ;-)


heyya Kavi!

**This space means a lot to us

thats such a heart-warming thing to say mate...ty!


Keshi said...

Akshay aww Im not leaving...I'll be ok. And TY!


ty so much for ur genuine friendship Aaakash! I've only met u recently and u hv already captured my heart...ur sooo sweet.

**for you can never ne a hindrance! And we're never gonna have enough of you!

awwww...tnxx alot for assuring that. Its just sometimes I feel Im too demanding on my friends and its not fair on em...mebbe I need to give em a break...


Sam that was truly beautiful! did u write that?

**this won't b a decision her heart truly likes,
nor does she want,

how did u know that? Amazing!

Only u guys can really keep me sane...I dunno wut I'd do if not for my friends here...seriously!



Keshi said...

Icedude u know how to make me laugh ha...LOL cute. And TY!


Peter I can never leave u all just like that...u guys r too good to leave. HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


aww Krys I hope ur PC gets fixed soon.

HUGGGGGGGGGGZ Darl Im not can I leave u?


Priya tnxx hun!

This break is from a friendship to someone...I dunno if it's a break or if its really the end...


General_Boy ty!

**I only just met you and you're leaving?

thats why I've already come bak ;-)


Vish just email me na...


hey Varsha ty!

** Ya we all need each other free time, thats natural

I agree....everyobody needs some time away...from each other...and sometimes it can be the end too.


Lisa..mi corazon esta triste y solitario....:*(

(I got that spanish line right with some help.. :))


Los_Uno ty so much!

ur right...there's a time to heal as well a time to let go...



but I can be seeking alot of love from friends..and that can choke some ppl...


Keshi said...

aww Asha Im gonna miss u lady...have a good break MWAHHHHHHHHH!

And be bakk soon....TC..


aww Pankaj..u r so sweet! I do enjoy life as it is...but there r times when it all gets too much...but I'l try my best ok? ty so much n HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Starry I can never leave all u wonderful ppl...u know why...cos its u who's keeping me sane...I mean it. W.o. u all I dunno where I'd be now.



Keshi said...

Jenny WC babez!

OMG u saw them LIVE?? How lucky r ya!


Ash no hun...I'll b here as long as fate allows me to...



Niki I know...z000nie's being lazy...:)

Im here darl...dun worry. Ur too cute to live without. HUGGGGGGGGZ!


Susan ty sweetie...Im trying so hard to be myself...and then I realise Im being too much of a hassle to some of my friends...Im trying to correct myself now...mebbe I should just let ppl be...


Sushmita HUGGGGGGGGZ n ty! Hope u had lots of fun on ur bday...where r the pics?

**n the other person just waits n waits and agonizes..till it crushes the soul

so true. And thats what I mean now Im just gonna leave it...if its really a break, it should end sometime...but if it's the end, it should continiue...


KK tnxxx mate HUGGGGGGGGZ!

my bday is on Mon boss :)


Keshi said...

Bibi huggggggggggz!

**but as a sentiment about 'someone' needing a little space. As we all do from time to time.

u r spot on babez!

Right now Im tired of that break itself...I wonder what that means...


Red_Soul ty!


awww WW I missed ya..HUGGGGGGGGGZ n ty!

**even from themselves.

I agree...sometimes I wanna dig a hole n that I wont see/feel/hear myself for a while :)


Suga MWAHHHHZ! Good luck with the move..TC n be happy.


Phoenix :)


Shammu Im ok...ty sweetie!


Rama ty!

**he/she does not understand what a friend is and does not deserve to be your friend.

I think it applies to me too...I expect too much from some ppl....


LaVida now I am ok...just look at all the love n support I hv here. It's overwhelming. HUGGGGGGGGZ!


DJ Im not leaving mate...ty so much!


aww George and I luv u too....ty n huggggggggz!


MWAHHHH Sugababe dun u cry....Im here now.

:) smiles?



ty for the sweet. :)


Fleiger Im here...dun worry. ty!


Ebun said...

Hi, How are you? just stopped by to say hello. Hope everything is going on well.

Beach Bum said...

Hi Keshi, thanks for stopping by at my site. Please feel free to drop in anytime. I'm bookmarking yours and will stop by every now and them myself.

Margie said...

The angel from Colorado (nah, I'm no are though!)
came by to find out how you are doing today.
Doing better hun?
I'm soooooo glad you liked my poem....that makes me very happy!

You don't know how glad I was when I got that email last night(just before I went to bed) telling me that you were not leaving.
Thank you for doing that.
I was so relieved!

Look at all the people here who care about you!
You are loved Keshi girl!
Guess you can't ever leave, huh?
You'll be the queen of Blogville till you are 80 years old....hahaha!

Well, I have to go spend some time with my hubby.....he's leaving for Wyoming in the morning to ride in a
bike event to raise money for cancer....he'll be riding over 100 miles over two days....I wish I could go, but I have to work...
So, it's just me and Jake all son is in Omaha, Nebsaska all week playing baseball.
I think I might be lonely this weekend.....come on over and we can have a party!
If only you could.....

Take care Sweetie!


Keshi said...

Ebun I cant believe wut ur going thru...HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ my dear! IM SO VERY SORRY.


Beach_bum WC n ty!

take ur time...:)


hey angel from Coloardo! HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! Hows u today? Im doing good, tnxx to u and all the others here. Whoaaa the LOVE here is so very overwhelming!

U crack me up as an 80yr old blogger LOL! Who'd read me then ha...? hahahahaha! Prolly I'd be writing abt my back-ache, sore-eye, lung collapse? :):)

awww how I wish I cud be there with u this weekend...we can have a lil muffin party haha! Ur man is doing a great thing u know. WOW!

Well why dun u use ur angelic wings n fly over to the Kangaroo land this weekend? :)


AVIANA said...


Ahora, Tu eres una latina!!!!!
(now you're a latina)

What, he's in your bed?! LMAO seriously! glad I could make you smile for a bit!

escuchame (listen to me)....i feel the same way....we're in the same place though we're like 10 continents away.....i hope it's not about un hombre....for me that's some of the reason why mi corazon este triste...because i don't have one and that's sad that i feel that way....pero (but) someone will come....i truly believe in creo (i don't believe) you'll be triste on ur b-day chicki!.....

don't be lonely...that's for me...i'm the songwriter here...songwriter/poets typically write better when they're sad and lonely....and we're crazy!

have a nice weekend and don't squeeze my Jason Momoa too tight! you gotta leave something for this chica to squeeze and fondle in her chicki!!!!!!

p.s. u can call me lisa if u still want! :)

Trundling Grunt said...

There may be a time for that, but I think I speak for so many when I say that we don't feel you have become a hindrance. Far from it. I need people like you (who think I'm hot!) around. People like you are rare.

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi,there's a phrase here that I cannot remember..and,it's not' absence makes the heart grow fonder'.:)It's always good to take a break,or,even break-up, if both people feel it's for the better,be they friends or sweethearts,right?Ohh..just read the comments.Here's wishing you a Very Happy Birthday,in advance.Have a great day,week,month,year,years.:)

Keshi said...

Lisa MWAHHHHH bonita! ;-)

haha yes he's in my bed...cos then I dun hv to stare at that pic for so long n pass out :) Dun worry I wont squeeze him too much...instead I'll get him to squeeze me LOL!

ok now ur testing me in Spanish Im so glad to learn so many new words. I hv always wanted to learn Spanish...never got ard to it. I guess I can learn from u now.

** creo (i don't believe) you'll be triste on ur b-day chicki!.....

aww ty hun...I know ur state of mind...I felt that too just this morning as 2 lovers kissed each other in front of me...I was like am I not destines to be in gets to me sometimes...anyways Im happy that in this space Im not alone...I hv so many friends, lovers, men in bed LOL! :):)

I hope u find ur love soon...I know u will. cos I just informed the Love God. He's been on holidays n is bak now ;-)

TC n u have a good weekend too chica...HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


aww Trundz ur words meant alot to me. ty n HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

Ur hot in many ways ;-)


gee tnxx Amit...HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

**It's always good to take a break,or,even break-up,

I agree...better to lay it to rest than walk ard dead.


Margie said...

No angel wings....dang it!!!
A little muffin party sure sounds good...

I'd be there in a flash...
if only I had a lear jet...
but I need some extra cash...
if only, if only....I'd be there...
you just bet!

Not my greatest poem...LOL!

I am so very proud of my man....he is so wonderful, Keshi!

Hey, I know even as an 80 year old blogger, you would still be adored and have lots of for one, but when you are 80, I don't think I'll still be around...I'll be pushing up daisies!

Well, now I really have to sweetie is calling me!

When will you be back here....Sunday?

I'll email you over the weekend...ok....look for it!



Keshi said...

lolz Margie it's still a good one for writing it in a minute. MWAHHHHHHHHHH!

cash is in the trash...
cos love is ard in a flash...

lol hows that?

**me for one, but when you are 80, I don't think I'll still be around...I'll be pushing up daisies!

aww that line somehow made me very sad...Margie I dunno if I'd be ard till 80 even...even 40...who knows. But as long as we r here right now, thats what matters. HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ I hate to imagine a world w.o. ya!

nitey nite now! God bless ya angelic soul and may He watch over u everyday. I'll check my email...TY!


Ravisekharan said...

thanks a lot keshi for ur birthday wishes... :)

Cuckoo said...

Heyy what happened? I knw everyone needs a break. Hope it is not too long.

Come back soon refreshed.

Paul said...

Not like with The Sopranos!

Steph said...

Kesh, I'm glad you're not going anywhere, but I hope you really are ok.

Margie said...

That silly guy of mine, he was calling me, but just took Jake on a walk (he said he's going to miss Jake while he's gone, so wanted to take him on a walk by cute!)
So, I have a few more mins here with you....

Hey, that was pretty good...
Cash is in the trash
cos love is ard in a flash

I like that a lot!
Better than mine!

Sorry, I did not mean to make you sad....noone knows how long they will be here on this earth....
So, let's just be happy for each day we have....
You are right Keshi....
Being here now is what matters.
Being with those that matter to us and those that love us.
All we have is this moment...
So we have to appreciate it....
I get quite sad when I think about not being around, but not so much sad for me as much as sad for my kids, as I know how much they will miss me....
Let's just be happy for today!


I find that woe is
never quite
as final as I feared...

Thus as I flounder
through my life
I feel a little

That one is a little better than my other poem. later!

P.S And, may God bless and watch over you too, Angel Keshi!

Margie said...

He's still not back....a few more minutes....another poem....


Perhaps there is no
perfect joy...
It comes, but soon it's
Still hope and memory
at least
go living on
and on.

Oh, my hubby just walked in the door....gotta go.
Nitey nite Swt hrt!
Have a wonderful weekend!
May joy be in your heart!


CM-Chap said...

hey keshi.. Is everytg really fine with u...?

Keshi said...

Ravi hope u had fun.



Cuckoo ty MWAHHHH!


hehehe Paul :)


Steph ty sweetie...Im ok..with all the love here how can I not be.



MWAHHHH Margie so good to see u here so many times...u really light up my mood.

**Thus as I flounder
through my life
I feel a little

aww how true. whenever u feel sad, think abt something happy...someone who makes u happy...Margie n thats u for many ppl put there.

**Perhaps there is no
perfect joy...

spot on! There's no prefect thing at all. And joy as well as sorrow is only temporary. HUGGGGGGGGGZ n TC Margie! Have a good nite!


Keshi said...

Chap heyy..hopefully on Mon I'll be alot better than today. But with all of u here I feel so blessed. TY!


Rajeev said...

What happened!?
I hope ur not taking a break from blogging!?

peace & love

Sam said...

see keshi.. so many ppl to support u through..... cheer up!!
and yeah i wrote dat stuff myself... and lyk did it as i commented... so it kinda a spontaneous!!

SamY said...

somethings wrong with nutty :( ... doesn't feel gud watching DQ this way

sometimes ppl say they need a break keshi ... they dun quite mean that although they say it ... they proly just need some space

hope things come to normalcy soon

Keshi said...

Jeevy na Im ok..tnxxx!


Samy ty so much! Ur such a genuine friend.

And u write damn good too! WOW!


I agree Im leaving them alone. TY!


Is it Drama Queen or Dancing Queen or Drag Queen? LOL! tnxx for making me laff.


mystic rose said...


this sounds like you are taking a break. If so, although Im sad, as mos to fyour friends are, do what YOU feel like doing. Ive enjoyed your posts immensely.

Happy Birthday in advance and hope your birthday is filled lots of fun
and laughter and love.

hugs and lots of love, sweety!

Poo said...

awww mera sona mera mona mera chunu mera babu mera booboo mera chinnu .... now cheer up Birthday is coming :)))

And remember ...One day they will realise there mistakes !!!!

Dont spoil ur mood bcoz of them ..i know it hurts !!! But some times we cant help :))

Come on Baby ...Cheer up

Ding Dong Come on baby lets sing a song :))

Poo said...

And keshi ... As few have said do what u wish and feel right and take a break ...but what i want to say is better dont disappear and live the blog world ..... People who hurt us just move on ...then why can we ...So just Give some space and move on ..Thats how Life is !!!!

People come and go ...very few stay with us in both our thick and thin:))

Keshi said...

Rose Im not leaving...ty so much..ur so sweet! HUGGGGGGGGZ!


Poo tnxx hun! Life is b#tch lol! But Im doing ok...tnxx to all of u lovely ppl. HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

Im dancing here...doin the twist, rock n roll, cha cha, jive, tango, hiphop and many more :):) U r so cute!


AnonymousBlogger said...

Oh Keshi, this doesn't sound very good at all. I hope everything is alright.

Poo said...

awww My mambooo queen is dancing ...Oops be carefull huh !!! or else the florr wil be broken in two pieces :))

Take care sweets

And Advance wishes ...


Happy birthday with loads and loads of love , kissess, hugggzzzzz, and smoochiesssssss and huggy war and tuggy war


Jewel Rays said...

Hello Keshi.

Ya know. I am with you on what you said above. Everybody do need a little time away from each other.

I read some of ya comments and know u are ok and not leaving. so am happy to hear that. cause i like you and admire you as a person alot. Just be sure that if u ever leave. Do not leave without a goodbye. Cause that would suck. And between i just want you to know. That i still very much want you around. You are one a kind girl! You basically rock! and to lose you would suck.

*Hugs* hope it unfreeze the forzen hug.

Have a good weekend aites!

Harry said...

hey Keshi..

Sorry,I am here to disturb you again..have left blogging..but I wont promise that I will be regular in ur postings...

But this posting has really made me worried..Keshi, is everything fine..??

Margie said...

The Birthday Fairy just told me to write another bday poem for you Keshi....
She woke me up...yes, I was sleeping.


As we observe your birthday now
your cake and gifts don't matter much....
These common things aren't really you....
ribbons, paper hats and such!

We celebrate a person who
brings happiness to everyone
someone who gives more than she gets...
and fills our lives with joy and fun!

So, happy birthday and many more
We hope you make it to a hundred and two...
because we cannot ever imagine
what life would be like without you!

P.S Now the Birthday Fairy tells me it's time to go back to sleep and dream some beautiful dreams.
I'm off to slumber land.

Trinnie said...

i don't know for sure if it was your birthday...but seeing everyone else wish you...
...Happie Birthday Girl!

i hope all's well with you...
*hugs* :)

and me doesn't like the sound of this either....sounds like ur quitting blogging... i hope u don't! John's already left :(

Vikas said...

its ok buddy :)


Will wait for you

Take Care

uttara said...

come on lady keshilicious :p

seems u need a kick to start thinking cos ur brains cells are dead ..
go n read my mail...

uttsyyy :D

tsduff said...

Keshi - love your stunning tulip picture, and also the Chicago song... now it's in my head. Take care - cheer up'll be okay xo

Jeya Anand said...

hey wats up...hope everything is going good...
And my heart skipped a beat on seein ur comments no wonder ur blog has such traffic...:)

And in reply to ur comment...Insane n sensational are just synonyms in my dictionary...check my post IN SANE is INSANE...

Neers said...

Kesh!!! You better be fine! The bouncy sunny thing like you has no business being sad!!

AakASH!!! said...

O Dear,

You can never be demanding on friends, all you can be is be yourself. If your friends find it demanding then so be it.

Thats the biggest magic (and differentiator) of friendship, you can be just yourself!

So yes, we cant ever have enough of you. And it is you who needs a break sweetz! Dont be so harsh on yourself.

Have a great weekend. (HUGS)

Ravisekharan said...

hey keshi,

I liked ur blog.. So thought, i'd give a link of ur blog in mine. Hope there isnt any probs for u!! :)

Harry said...

preetI was supposed to write you that I promise that I will be regular in ur postings, but had written something else...
my apologies...

Andrew said...

You must do as you see fit. It was great to learn a bit about you and I hope you return.

Alok said...

I hope u get over this melancholy .... & VIVA FOREVER ramains

Sugababee said...

oopsie daisy
Happy BIrthday Kesh!!
Hope u had a yummeh time.... sorry for the late wishes


Neo said...

how come u get 94 comments in just 1 day? or is some old post u brought out from the file cabinet???? and hope u r fine...sound depressed....

homo escapeons said...

I have been seriously considering taking the summer off and living 24/7 in the rw!
What a concept eh?

I have noticed a real lull in the blogosphere as of late..I don't know why exactly...but in any case there is a definite wave of indifference.

I think that this is natural. I haven't been doing this as well or as long as you have so you should be the one explaining it to me.

The thing of it is that we are all grownups and free moral agents who get to decide (more or less) how we manage out lives.

Sometimes I think WOW this blogging thingamabob is sure fun and these people are so interesting and smart and funny and then I think..hey I know people like that right here in the rw. I should phone them!

Everything in moderation seems to be the key to success in Life.
We are all searching for an Oasis of Homeostasis, a balance between all things whether they are related or not. Few people ever do but it is definitely worth trying.

javagirl1111 said...

Ecclesiastes 3... you're sortof quoting it!


gautami tripathy said...

Whats wrong, Keshi?

Ghost Particle said...

i really hope this is jsut a message from the song. COz like one less Keshi, is and will be one less ghost, etc in the blog world. Not worth blogging without buddies rite.

Everyone needs space, maybe for a few days, months. I certainly need some. :D...but cant! Hate my job, but what to do.

Have a super weekend Kesh.

Anonymous said...

I understand EXACTLY what you're feeling..take your time, this too will pass.
You are a bright light in the blogworld and have touched many of us with your wisdom, your beauty and your thoughtfulness.
A sun can't stop shining.:)
Love ya always

Blessed said...

Huh??????? Hindrance????? What????
You?????? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm confused. What's the matter Miss Sweet Keshi???

Blessed said...

P.S. You are beautiful. Know that!!

Vest said...

Tu-lips kissing-wanting-sharing- together-forever, parting? never.

Anonymous said...

Advance wishes ...


- from u no who

desperado said...

dont know if i will be online on monday so...


have a blast deserve all the sweet things in go on and grab them..they are all yours

take care buddy...Njoy...n yeah have my share of fun too :)

adi said...

pls. be okay, the koolest one :)
and u r blogrolled now
hope to c u after the weekend
love n hugs

Pankaj Gupta said...

hi sweety r u keshi wts up ..whr r u dear these dys..god bless you(me too..ha ha)bye.

pinkhippo said...

You sounds like you are leaving us, please dont, I have just found you! You are a gem!

I enjoy reading your blog! Some of the post were so hearfelt.

Happy Birthday in advance, Keshi!


shammu said...

glad to know that u are okie and that you arent leaving the blog :)!
Happy birthday in advance Keshi!!! Hope u have a blessed peaceful healthy birthday!
Hugs for you :)!

dharmabum said...

absolutely. i so agree.



Your dropping in my blog and looking out for me in your own sweet way made me get back to blogging today, dont know how long it would last. The music you play in your latest blog is my fav thing n I really love to get away for a long time..Dunno if its a cancerian thing. Now tht you have mentioned about it, I think it maybe. Have agreat birthday lady!

I can see where you come from so am not judging about decision but accepting your decision. The things like "You hot, freshly brewed posts" will be missed by so many readers is one of them to start with, then comes the caring person you always are. Anyways wish you hapinezz in the year to come. :)

Charles said...

Hi Keshi,
Just stopping by to say hi to the down-under from the over-yonder.
Have a nice weekend.

cindy said...

Wow, beautiful tulip picture! I LIKEEEEE!!!!

PS: Hope you're doing fine, sweetie. :)

tulipspeaks said...

hey sweetie.. whr r u when i am here already???

i will be away for the next 2 days.. wishing u an advance birthday wishes!!!



Crazy Me said...

((((Hugs))) to you. Sounds like a bad day.

Trée said...

Keshi, if you needed a hug all you had to do was ask. ;-)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

i'm glad i had a busy end of the week.
if there is something that breaks me, it is to see people go away.

but now that you're not, the post was beautiful.

Sunil Parmar said...

Then it's ok... :)
Cho nice of you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Keshi :)

I have no idea if something happened that sparked this post or if it's just for it's depth.

If something did happen, please don't be sad - everything that happens in our life is part of our destiny unfolding.

And not everybody needs some time away from each other :) So if someone left, he's def not the man worthy of your crown :)


Vest said...


Anonymous said...

pfffffffff lololol
z000nie-chan is studying hard, isnt he??
thank u very much for ur comment reply.
im relieved!!
happy sunday, keshi-chan!!

Julia Scissor said...

Hi, long time!
Going by the comments I read here, I guess your b'day is around the corner.
Happy Birthday!

Peter said...

So, it seems that your good mood is back again! Trust that all the almost 100 comments have helped!

So, the next post will be completeley positive, I'm sure!

curryegg said...

At first, I was stunned to read this 'frozen hugs'... I thought anything has happened on you but soon.. I read those comments...

Relief... lol...
And I got to know 1 important thing!

It's your birthday!
May all your wishes come true!


Autumn Storm said...

You're wonderful as you are, don't let anybody tell you any different.

ishita said...

Happy Birthday Kesh :)

I have this crazy superstition that if all goes well on one's b'day then...the year ahead will be just as good and happy....*sigh* :)

I hope you spend your day doing the things u love...and spend time with the people you deserve it all...:)

and not just for your birthday but every single day :)

stay smiling...stay beautiful! :)


-Princess Shin- said...

Hey.. Hope everything is all right with you! Take care ya!


Justin Thyme said...

Here's to wishing you the happiest of birthdays! I hope the coming year brings you everything you desire and more.

La vida Loca said...

Just stopped to wish you a happy birthday :) many many happy returns of the day!

Have a fantastic year!!!

Aidan said...

Hope you are not heading off into the wilderness, who else is going to help me understand what it means to be human. But if you must go and live in the real world, i wish you all the best.

A mental break may do you some good.

Margie said...

Well, it's the 25th!
Today is your birthday!
Hoping it will be a lovely day for you dear Keshi!
I'm just getting ready to take a long walk with Jake.
Take care hun!
See you later!

Birthday HUGS for you!


Jim said...

Happy birthday beautiful

Keshi said...

Will get bak to ur comments soon. tnxxxx Guys HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ! :)


Keshi said...

ty each n everyone of u for ur comments. I read em all and Im stoked to bits to realise that u guys love me so very much. TY N HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Shiva said...

A toughtful post though:)

Keshi said...

ty Shiva!