Tuesday, June 5

Shock Me Do!

What is the weirdest birthday gift (any gift) that you ever received?

Here's my answer:

drum roll...drrrr...drrrr...drrrrrrrrrrr....drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

An eggplant

Yes I received a humungous eggplant on my b'day (don't even go there!) , from one of my mum's friends who had just come to Aus from Fiji. In their culture it's apparently customary to give veges as gifts. When she gave it to me on my b'day (wrapped in paper), I didn't even know what to say man. There I was in my red b'day dress n stilettos, all dressed up for a boogie night with friends and family, holding an eggplant ofcourse! In my head I was like WHY ME and I even thought she must have mistaken my bday for the annual vege exhibition?? But nah, she was sane and yes I took it, thanked her for it and laughed my toes off the next day. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the thought, but sometimes some gifts just make you wanna crack up. There are other wierd gifts I have received but it can't get any weirder than this can it? Can you see the horror on my face? Now whisper to me your's.

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Menchie said...

Can't say I've received a gift as weird as that one. A lot of useless ones but not weird.

when was it your birthday???

Deepak Gopi said...

I dont usually get any birtday presents. :(:(:( Except e -greetings.

jasi said...

Happy birthday to you. I have heard that eggplants symbolizes virility

Jac said...

I have only one whisper...won't you show me your eyebrows ?

May be I am bit senile, you know the age factor:))

Silvara said...

heheh - i'm still loving all ur photos - ur too sexy P

the weirdest gift i have gotten was for my 21st - a ceramic dog in a basket - as in the whole thing was ceramic! It had these leather straps to hang it up somewhere and I have no idea what hell I was mean to do with it...

And guess who gave it to me...my best friend!!

I'm still confused even to this day lol

Margie said...

Oh, you have a bday coming up soon.
I'll be sure not to give you an eggplant....LOL!
Now that is a strange bday gift.

Mine is just as weird as yours Keshi....it was a loaf of bread.

I had an Italian boyfriend once, and he made wonderful bread, and gave me a loaf of it on my 21st bday....
So, what do you think about that?

I'm up late tonight....
trying to catch up on some emails.
But, I've got to get to bed now, as it's almost 1:30 AM.

Nitey nite.


Anonymous said...

hehehe, now that is not an usual gift :)

I have never recieved vegetables, ceramic dogs or a bread - lol.

I do love giving people interesting things though. Something that I know they would like or something that everyone will find 'cool'. :)

hhmmm, i think for you it'l be a disco-mirror-cuckoo-clock :D One where the little bird that comes out will have bellbottoms on :P

Peter said...

Got a lot useless things of course, but never anything as weird. But as you say, in some countries this may not be considered as weird and the gesture counts more than the gift.

What did you do with the eggplant? There are some very nice dishes / recepies.

vishesh said...

i am back had been on a holiday...

hmm....weirdest gift i got.....learnt that i had failed in a maths test on the eve of my last b'day....that shook me!!!

Trinnie said...

i don't think I've ever received weird bday gifts! speaking of that, was it ur birthday? Belated Happy Birthday then! :D

though I've heard that once one of my teachers went to Germany (her husband's frend's family invited her and the family) and one of them Germans was celebrating his bday. u know what he got from his family? fruits-pineapple and maybe some mangoes and maybe some veges-brinjal i think! i was listening to this mouth agape and my teacher told me apparently such fruits are a privilege there (mango of course)!

PS: sorry about that link in the mail not working. had i known i wudve left u a comment here asap!

Anonymous said...

well it is one heck of a gift...

just make the best out of what you've got... try cooking eggplant parmesan :) it is really delicious...

am unfortunate to receive any presents any time... and as a matter of coincidence this is reflected on my newest post... :)


and yeah, about your idea of stopping to blog...
neah... ppl can't frighten me enough so as to leave something that is entirely my own... :)
so just gather the courage and whack the sword... whoever dies, don't bother... :)

m bottled right now, but i'll come out of it soon... am sure of it...
and i wish u all the luck for the same... :)

SaffronSaris said...

I thot this was so original!
I wont mind getting an eggplant though, at least I can eat it. ;p

Aditi said...

hmm come to think of no one has really surprised me on my bday.. most of the gifts are predictable or pleasant surprises...nothing wierd

lemonade said...

Its ur birthday...??!
Well if it is..HAPPY BIRTHDAY KESH...!!!!!

when I was about 5..i went for my cousins (think she was about 14) party where a friend had given her an empty note book..I thought the whole idea of giving someone a notebook on their birthday was absolutely ridiculous..but i guess i understand now...lol

Justine said...

how funny! I might do that to my husband this year as a joke (I'll have to have a 'real' present as well or I don't think he'll spoeak to me!)

I got a cassette tape of this weird band called The Doors as a child. I thought that was weird at the time... until it turned out to be one of my all time favourite albums :)

Asha said...

Got an Eggplant?! Hehehehe!!!!That was funniest thing I have ever heard!I can imagine you dancing with macho Brinjal man!;D
I don't think I have ever received any weird one.Send the Eggplant to Deepak who never received any presents!!:D

tulipspeaks said...

i hv been thinking abt this for the last 1/2 hr. no idea.


me rarely got anything called GIFT!



AlterinG Abhishek said...

HAHAHAH tooo much..

You are tagged
see here

Helen said...

Did we miss your birthday? I haven't received birthday gifts from anyone but my hubby for about 12 years. but he did give me a machete this year, that's kind of weird.

the_ego_has_landed said...

hey happy belated birthday wishes!! hugs!! hope u had a ball :)

Yeah I know eggplant is weird.. hahah

Pranay said...

Can't think of anything that weird....but yes I can imagine the look on your face.

CapCity said...

i've been seeing your beautiful flower around the blog-o-sphere and i'm finally making my way to visit your "neck of the woods".

Wow, i don't have such an international set of friends that they bring their customary gifts to me. as menchie i've recieved my share of useless gifts & one of my sisters ticked me off by LOANING me a birthday gift. It was a book I'd been wanting & I was excited until I read the post-it she'd attached: please return this when you finish reading it. I almost FLUNG the book back at her. GRRRRRRRRR! :-)
great intro. to your world. i shall return!

Jay said...

My grandmother gave me underwear and socks for a birthday once. That's about as weird as it ever gets cause i usually don't bother with birthdays and I usually get Amazon.com gift certificates from family.

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!!thats sooo funny :D
happy pre-b'day keshichan!!

my weirdest b'day gift was a big bouquet of red roses that were not for me lol
one oversea fren asked me to deliver it to his crush.
i didnt even know her but he sent me US$100 and asked me to do so.
coincidence was that her b'day was same with my b'day. *tear*

priya said...

Keshi: You with an eggplant, just can't imagine girl.
Never had weird presents. When is ur birthday?

Little Miss Muffet said...

oohh...nothing exciting to share from my end :( but ur gift was really weird :D as long as it was meant well, it's fine i guess..

starry nights said...

Keshi I have heard of many wired birthday gifts but your gift is unique.never heard of people getting veggies as a gift.did she make this one up? I ususally don't get too many birthday gifts and so I cannot wisper one to you.Did you cook that eggplant up.

KK said...

I dont remember getting any B'day gift until now in my life :) isnt that itself wierd? :)

KK said...

Well forgot to wish.. belated Happy B'day! :)

anuj said...

aah ..dnt really remember .. mst have been whn i was a kid .. n these I am not much of a gift person :D .. n dnt get much either ..

Newyz .. whn was/is your bday ??


The Old Mule said...

well first off: felicidades!!!

And second - think of it this way - this is a gift that will not be forgotten. In a way, this might be the best one ever! Longing back in later years you might muse: remember the time that woman gave me and, um, eggplant!

I hope you had a fine night of party.

Mumbai Guy said...

okay, all aside, just wanted to say,

That pic up there on this post is your best pic to date. IMHO.

Keshi said...

Menchie hey tnxx!

nah it was like 2yrs ago...my bday is yet to arrive ;-)


Deepak thats so sad...rip ur friends off from this year onwards...hv a party n make PRESENTS mandatory. And if u see anyone at the door w.o. a gift, close the door on their face LOL!


Jasi hey WC!

nah it isnt my bday yet :) This happened 2yrs ago.

** have heard that eggplants symbolizes virility

In that case they should be wedding gifts na? hehehe..


Jac dig my old posts to see my brows :):)


Keshi said...

Silvara hunny didnt u ask ur 'best' friend why she gave u the 'strangest' dog in town? LOL!


Margie MWAHHHH u rem my bday ha? COOL :)

**I had an Italian boyfriend once, and he made wonderful bread, and gave me a loaf of it on my 21st bday....

LOL haha sooo sweet! I think I'd love that kind of originality. I mean he made bread the best, and he wanted to give u something that he made. I think it's very SPECIAL.


Taqdeer ty!

yes I always give something unique too...but that doesnt mean it's weird LOL!

** i think for you it'l be a disco-mirror-cuckoo-clock :D One where the little bird that comes out will have bellbottoms on

awww that really made me smile. I'd LOVE it ty! How d u know my taste so well?


Peter heyy!

**in some countries this may not be considered as weird and the gesture counts more than the gift.

I agree. I dun laugh at the thought of such gifts...it's just the gift hehe.

My mum cooked it ofcourse hehe...usually we make nice fried eggplant salad n sometimes curry. Sri Lankan style ofcourse :)


hey Vish WB! Missed ya here.

**learnt that i had failed in a maths test on the eve of my last b'day.

aww thats no good. :(


heyy Trinnie hows it going?

nah girly it aint my bday yet. This happened 2yrs ago :)

**i was listening to this mouth agape and my teacher told me apparently such fruits are a privilege there (mango of course)!

:) it's a cool gift ha. Its very interesting to learn gift-giving customs of different cultures n countries.

ty sweetie!


chocolteluva said...

hahha.. well atleast feel honored that she gave u you a vege because its tradition in figi..
so think of it this way - you now know something about a different culture and wont show up without a vege if u know another figi resident's b'day.

SaffronSaris said...

hiya poppy doll-pearl, did u manage to load the advertisement? Guess what? I saw something similiar to the product on Tree's latest entry. It's as if my mind is pre-programmed to see roundish objects as Moving Rubber . Ha!

Keshi said...

DJ hey cheer up mate. Im here - there's all the reason to be happy :)

**eggplant parmesan

I like it. My my made Eggplant salad with it :)


hehe Saffy yep...it's very original n I think it's very SPECIAL.


Aditi u have many more bdays to come na...so lets wait n see :)


Lemonade it aint my bday yet :)

**party where a friend had given her an empty note book

lol I still think it's weird.


Justine heyy!

**I got a cassette tape of this weird band called The Doors as a child

aha now it's not weird at all ha! I love The Doors.


lolz Asha Deepak wudnt like an eggplant wud he?

**I can imagine you dancing with macho Brinjal man!;

haha yes...I straight away went in to the kitchen to store my 'gift'.


Ammu cmon Im sure u got some weird pressie too...dun be shy - tell me :)


Abhi really? Im tagged? ok then. I'll be there soon hehe.


heyy Ego ur wishing me for 2yrs ago then...LOL!

my bday is yet to arrive for 2007 ;-)


lol Pranay!


WC to the jungle CapCity ;-)

**she'd attached: please return this when you finish reading it. I almost FLUNG the book back at her

:) I can imagine how pissed u must hv been. I'd hv told her I lost the book n kept it. Nobody 'loans' anything to me on my bday HELLOOOO! ;-)


hey Jay!

**underwear and socks

Aitn weird at all..i always get em :)


Aidan said...

Egg plant I love it:) such an awesome present.... I generaly dont recieve weird presents, i am the one who gives them.... I gave a friend a KIlo bag of rice once, also a Cow Shaped foot rest, the most awful gawdy pig stature for a friend of mine... Generaly my mates are at a loss as what to get me...

One ex gf got me a toy car for my birthday, I told her i wanted a new car (mine was a heap) so she got me a hot pink toy one:)
It was very cute...

Good luck with the Eggplant.

Keshi said...

HELEN I missed u b4...sorry! So here's the comment-reply :)

nah its not my bday yet. This happened 2yrs ago.

** but he did give me a machete this year

LOL wut was he thinking Helen?


aww Niki thats a nice thing to happen to ya on ur bday.

**one oversea fren asked me to deliver it to his crush.

u cud hv 'crushed' the flowers n told him that u made the flowers meet THE CRUSH. ;-)


Priya it'll be my bday soon...25th of June :)


hey Miss.Muffet ty!

**as long as it was meant well, it's fine i guess..

I agree. I think such pressies r very SPECIAL.


hey Starry :)

**did she make this one up?

wut d u mean Starry?


KK its not bday yet...hehe..this happened 2yrs ago.

**I dont remember getting any B'day gift until now in my life

u havent ripped ur friends off yet then...start it today. LOL!

Anuj awww...

my bday is on the 25th Of June. So Im advertising for it from now on itself LOL! Start thinking of a gift ok??!!


G'day Mulester!

btw this happened 2yrs ago on my bday :)

**remember the time that woman gave me and, um, eggplant!

LOL I agree!


heyy MG!

**That pic up there on this post is your best pic to date

Seriously? I didnt think so tho :) Its a random shot. Tnxx!


Keshi said...

true Choco :)

**you now know something about a different culture and wont show up without a vege if u know another figi resident's b'day

yeah so u think I'll be taking pumpkins to her bday? LOL!


I'll check it out now Saffy! Sounds like FUN :)


Aidan hello hows u? tnxx for dropping by mate.

** I gave a friend a KIlo bag of rice once,

lolz! wut were u thinking when u gave him that?

**also a Cow Shaped foot rest,

haha thats a cute one! I'd love it.

**the most awful gawdy pig stature for a friend of mine


**toy car

awww thats a super NEAT idea from ur ex-gf!


Margie said...

Just checking on you today...
How are you doing?
It's been a busy day for me....kids, puppies and ballgames.

You are so right about the bread being a special gift, and it was the best bread I have ever had.
He had his own bakery, and could bake anything.
And Giovanni( such a good Italian name he had) taught me to make bread.

Well, we are taking a walk with Jake now....enjoy your day, and I'll enjoy my evening.

Yes, I remembered when your birthday is....of course!



Jewel Rays said...

OM GoodneSS!! EGG PLANT! lolz

Haven't got any weird gift close to that so far. Hope i don't this upcoming bday..:P


Love the pic Keshi!!;)

Good Day!

Keshi said...

Margie sounds luke Giovanni is a wonderful Italian...bellissimo! :)

Give a big cuddle to Jake from me. awwww..

btw I cant see the pic u attached in that email :(

tnxx anyways n HUGGGGGGGZ!


Mornin Jim!

behave now.


Keshi said...

G'day Amy!

lolz yes..can u believe it...twas an Eggplantish bday.

ty swt hrt!

Trundling Grunt said...

Could be worse - could have been a Japanese eggplant which has a more, um, phallic appearance.

Weird I don't know, but the worst I ever got was a clothes brush.

Keshi said...

hey Trundz ;-)


LOL okkkk! I didnt wanna think that way but now Im forced to.

**but the worst I ever got was a clothes brush.

not bad at all. Cos I had to buy my own n that feels stupid.


Jim just cos ur bored that doesnt give u the right to abuse me.


Helen said...

Hey Keshi, actually it was a gift I requested. A gal needs some serious knife-wielding in the jungles of Latin America and the Caribbean! ; ) I know, I know not totally girlie, but I treated myself to some adorable new black heels with cream stitching and kitten heels, much better and more girlie? :D

Keshi said...

Anony u cant have fun at the expense of others.

And its not only u who's gonna die. Young or old, Death is inevitable to each n everyone of us.


Keshi said...

lol Helen in that case it's appropriate.

**but I treated myself to some adorable new black heels with cream stitching and kitten heels,

OMG I sooo want em!! Any pics?


jitendra said...

weirdest thing that ever happened to me on my bday was i actually *forgot* that it was my bday and recalled only when someone wished me :D
beat that!

Keshi said...

Jit thats sooo funny LOL!


Charles said...


If you're having problems with someone, try this:
Select:Report a Terms of Service violation
Click Submit
Give the info on the next page
Click Submit

I think Mona has been having problems, too. I'll let her know the same.

diyadear said...

hey is it ur birthady???:O
my weirdest gift or ather it was the naughtiest n funniest was a pervert birthday card mentioning the blunder of ,y lifetime on it.. it was from a sweet friend.. but it was a strange one n a bit weird too.. :D

Margie said...

We are back from our walk.
Gave Jake that cuddle from you.
He sure loves to be cuddled!
I'm sorry you could see the picture I sent to you...strange....that's happened twice now....wonder why it is.

Gosh Keshi, you sound so mad.
Is there anyone around to make you laugh?

A laugh is just like sunshine.
It freshens all the day.
It tips the peak of life with light
and drives the clouds away.
The soul grows glad that hears it
and feels its courage strong.
A laugh is just like sunshine
for cheering us along.

A laugh is just like music.
It lingers in the heart
and where its melody is heard
the ills of life impart.....
and happy thoughts come crowding
its joyful notes to greet...
A laugh is just like music
for making living sweet!

When I am mad or upset, if I can laugh, it does help some.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking in this case.


P.S it's still early here... just 9 PM, but I'm off to bed.
Kind of beat....nitey nite!

Keshi said...

Charles ty!

Some ppl have nothing better to do than trying to correct the world when they r the ones who desperatley need HELP.

Im in the process of blocking such ppl from my blog. And I'll report em to the authorities..with their IPs and the rest. TY for ur help mate.


Diya thats a great sassy gif ha ;-)

Nah its not my bday yet...woohoo keep guessing LOL!


Margie ty n u did make me smile :) HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! U truly care abt me and Im glad to have u in my life.

**Is there anyone around to make you laugh?

Some ppl dun wanna see the smile on another's face. They get so jealous and envious that they wake up with 'vengeance' on their mind. They choose to ruin a happy person's morning by blurting out their hatred-filled hearts. How sad this world is. Why r so many ppl unhappy that they wanna make the happy ppl unhappy too?

Its a lost world.

But Im glad that God has blessed me with few treasures like u. TY Margie!


RamaG said...

You have a birthday comin soon. Thats cool!

Honestly, I've received fewer gifts than I've given. :-))

One gift which I gave to a college friend on her birthday was a roll of white paper about 5 feet long which had the words - "Have a fanta-fabulous birthday" printed on it.

Couple of years back when a very dear friend was getting married, 10 of us each contributed Rs. 8000 and gave him a gift of Rs 80000 as a marriage gift.


Keshi said...

Anony give up...cos u will be in big trouble soon. Ur details r with me and u hv been reported to the authorities.

God didnt bless u with a brain in this life, but He will send u some hand-cuffs soon. Have fun!


Keshi said...

Rama heyy!

**was a roll of white paper about 5 feet long which had the words - "Have a fanta-fabulous birthday"

thats neat :)


Margie said...

Before I go to bed, I just had to come back to see if I made you smile.....
Awwwwww, I'm so glad I did
Now, I'm smiling too!
Nothing in this world like adding a litle joy to those we care about.
And, I do care about you very much, just like I know you care about me.
Now, keep smiling your beautiful smile....ok.

In friendship we find nothing false or insincere,
everything is straightforward, and springs from the heart.


Good night Keshi...
the sandman awaits me....


Ekta said...

hey belated bday girl!!!
eggplant as a gift!!!
hehehe...i wld have cracked up there and then!

Keshi said...

I luv that verse Margie..its so true. TY!

:) HUGGGGGGGGGZ n have a good nite swt hrt!


Ekta ty!


Poo said...

LOL Keshi :)))

The picture is so nice ...you look HOT :))

Bthday presents !!! well loads of them

The first thing that came in my is the Wall Clock when aunt gifted me when i was 8 may be and again one of Aunt gifted me a Full set of Bed Covers saying that when Puja will get married give this to her :) LOL keshi ...i was like OMG ...Wedding when i was just 10yrs old .....I tell these Aunts and Uncles :))))) some times they act so weird.

NIce picture Keshi


Keshi said...

haha Poo ur aunt is quite cheeky ha? :):)

so d u still have those bed-spreads? awww...


Peter said...

I have nothing to add, except that it's a great pleasure going through all these comments!

Poo said...

yeah cheeky Aunt :))

Yeah already used dear :))

Who is going to wait till my marriage ...its been 15 yrs !!!

How are you dear ?

Poo said...

Hey Keshi you birthday is coming ..... so what do you want dear ???? tell me i will send it there with Loads of Love and Kissessssssssss

Keshi said...

Peter tnxx!


Poo :) Im ok...just a tad busy and Im going out for drinks with work-mates tonite. Wish u were here too.


Keshi said...

hey Poo I dun want anything on my bday...after all its just another day. Usually I dun make a big fuss of it...but my friends n cuzns turn up at my doorstep uninvited. So this always forces mum to make a special dinner/lunch n then it turns out to be a big party hehe. Anyways I told all of em not to come ard this time...cos Im really tired of parties...I need some time alone and a quiet bday this time ard...they said its ok...and that they'll take me out later on.



Poo said...

No but i really want to send you some thing ...may be card which will remind you always that there is a sweet friend who is always there for you ...plssss

Can you mail me ur residence address :)))


Poo said...

and Drinks ...WOW i will never saw no BCoz i love to drink :)) and go out for parties

Keshi said...

aww Poo ur way too sweet. Just send me an e-card. I will email u soon :)

Drinks..o well I wont go past 1 or 2 drinks...but it's been a long time since I attended a work-mates night out together. So Im going tonite. Really wish u were here...then we cud chat chat chat :)


Poo said...

awwww I am already Missing you

Thanks sweetie ...you have loads and loads and loads of Fun :))

Have Blast and Kick some ones ass ;)

muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh Love you

Keshi said...

Poo check ur email..:)


rebel said...

An eggplant?????????? Really????????? Lolzzzz.........

Shionge said...

Yes indeed weird to receive an eggplant :)

So far no surprises as such on my birthday though Keshi :)

Irene said...

Someone gave me on my birthday something that I gave her on her birthday. Imagine that!

But an eggplant still takes the cake. ;p

Iceman said...

when's ur b'day?

Well, talkin bot strange b'day gifts, how bot an odd pair of shoes?!?!

And as for me... I remember in grade school, once I refused to cut my hair, it had grown pretty long! So Poo & my kid sis together gave me a lousy hair-cut when I was asleep, as a b'day gift!

Andrew The Asshole said...

That was a pretty bad gift, but lets get back to that red dress and high heels... LOL

I was trying to decide between two post masturbation or eating pussy, which do you vote for?

shammu said...

the most weird I got was for my b'day last year..It was our college Annualfest, and this 'cool and loving' friends of mine, gave methis huge box, right there in that auditorium, and the same time they even dedicated a songg, and so , you know, the whole light was on me!!! and when I opened it, Guess what it was???!!! a brooom :D!!!! yeahh!!seriously!!! I was soooooooooooooooooooooo.... shocked, esp since the whole college was there :D!! but it was funnnnnnn....and we all laughed so muchhh thenn!!
it still cracks me up, esp when I think on how I would hav looked then :D
I am always used to receiving weird gifts, since I guess my friends find such things more appropriate for me :D!!
and am no less in giving weird gifts to people,
I think I have given a boiled egg to my best buddy once :D!!!
[yeah, i did give a nice gift after that!!]

annwyas...hope u r doing well Keshh!
and whens your bday???? coming up?

Nanyaar? said...

Happy B'day girl! Belated I shud say.
Now that I know that your not into vege's I shall not send you the drumsticks I was just about to post!

Have you ever tried drumsticks though? In sambhar?

How was the party nite? let us know.


SamY said...

he he maybe u luk'd like an eggplant back then :P

** Can you see the horror on my face?

yeah u luk like a small kid lost in a crowd :D

I dun remember ever getting a wierd gift ever ... ppl around me r quite sane :)

AakASH!!! said...

Heyy Keshi! First things first, humungous, hyper and humbling blog. Treat to see, and great to read.

You rock! woman.

And @eggplant, what to say? :-)

St. Dickeybird said...

I was once given a removable locker shelf. Yes, a piece of plastic about 10" by 10" that you can put into, or remove from, a locker. I haven't had a locker since 1991, but this was a couple of years ago.
In her defense, it was a gift from my sister who has Downs Syndrome, but still... weird.

gautami tripathy said...

This year everyone forgot my birthday! No gifts whatsoever!

Neihal said...

ahahahahahahahaha !

Nothing to beat it Keshi. Nothing. :D

Anonymous said...

Sweet Keshi,

I have never received any strange birthday gift.

I have only given myself as a birthday gift to someone.

Cheers and God bless.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I am able to come on Viva Forever and comment, because I am outside Bonny Island!

I love you!

With my sweet kisses and red roses,
Orikinla Osinachi!

krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!
Beautiful photo as always.
I think that it is much, much better gift than chocolate gift.
Generally I like this kind of gift.
Peace be with you!

MONA said...

an eggplant!!! LMAO!!

& someone gave me a set of handkerchiefs once! Wonder if he thought I was going to cry or maybe catch a cold on my birthday!

Keshi said...

Rebel yes u read that right..an Eggplant it was :)


hehe Shionge


Hello Irene!

**Someone gave me on my birthday something that I gave her on her birthday.

Recycling old gifts ha :) I'd hate that. I mean if I receive a gift I gave them, I'd throw it on their face LOL!


Iceman hey my bday is on the 25th of June.

**how bot an odd pair of shoes

not bad at all..cos I like shoes n odd ones too :)




Hey Andrew!

**I was trying to decide between two post masturbation or eating pussy, which do you vote for?

HUHHHHH! How abt none? LOL!


Keshi said...

hey Shammu good to see u ard..HUGGGGGGGZ!

**a brooom

I wud NEVER hv guessed it LOL!

**I think I have given a boiled egg to my best buddy once

hahaha cute!

my bday is on the 25th of June...start saving money for the gift LOL!


hey Nanyaar long time!

**Have you ever tried drumsticks though? In sambhar?

I love DRUMSTICKS! Absolutely!

My bday is on the 25th of June..this happened 2yrs ago :)


hello Samy om om om :)

** maybe u luk'd like an eggplant back then

LOL omg ur so mean!

u know ut ur weirdest gift is...ME. Im in ur life now and am I not weird? :)


WC to the jungle Aakash!

:) tnxx mate!


Dickey hello!

**Yes, a piece of plastic about 10" by 10" that you can put into, or remove from, a locker

not bad at all. Cos I wudnt pay for one hehe.


awwwwwwwww Gautami when is ur bday?


Keshi said...

lolz Neihal!


hey Anony!

**I have only given myself as a birthday gift to someone

how d u mean? U lost ur virginity on ur bday or something? :)


Wut a beautiful surprise Ori! MWAHHHHHHHHH all the way to Africa!


Krys it is indeed a very special gift. ty!


Keshi said...

Mona hello sweetie!

**someone gave me a set of handkerchiefs once

haha I hv received hankies too...and some ppl believe that if u give hankies as a gift, u will def part with that person. Is that true?


lee said...

I don't think I've ever received anything weird -but maybe that in itself is weird :).

Margie said...

How are you today Keshi?
Just thought I'd stop in and say "hi"
Hope all is going well with your morning.
I've been trying to get myself out of a sad mood all day.
It was a year ago today that my dear friend Mary died, and I miss her every day, but today has been the hardest!

I wrote this early this morning....
I'll share it with you, as I think you will like it.

I think of Mary in some far heavenly place...
She watches still, and yet is not distresssed....
But rather as one who after life's long race...
Has found contentment in a well-earned rest...
There in a peaceful dreamlike reverie...
She waits from earthly cares forever free.

I shared this with you, so you could imagine your dad in a place like this too....I know you must miss him every day.
You always mention how close you were to him, and what a great man he was.

Have go now....
I need to go take a walk by Mary's house.

Take care dear!


anuj said...

aah .. so it is coming .. coool

well .. I am pretty bad at gifts .. hehe

bt yup .. in case u donno .. thrs a GNR concert on 24 th in d acer arena .. n I have just about planned to may be see it :D

so is there is a better thing thn shouting, howling and obviously enjoyin the music on ur b'day eve // :P

hahha ..

so think abt it ??

Did you know its not compulsory to take a gift .. I mean u can take it n smile .. n jus push it over d window. .hehehe


Keshi said...

hehe Lee thats a thought!


Margie HUGGGGGGGGGGZ Im doin good ty sweetie!

awww Im so sorry to hear abt Mary...she must have been a very special girl to hv known u Margie.

That verse was a tear-jerker...beautiful!!

I think Mary is in a better place now...away from all this chaos. U know wut Earthly life is like! I can see both Mary n my dad smiling at us after reading this verse..

**I need to go take a walk by Mary's house.

cud u say Hi to Mary for me...Im sure she's in the garden waiting to see u passing by...

TC n hv a lovely day Margie MWAHHHH!


Anuj I know pressies r not mandatory :) I was only kidding hehehehe...

GNR concert yeah...I read abt it. Dun think I can be there tho :(


Outdoorsy Girl said...

I don't think that I have gotten a weird gift ever! Can you believe that?! I feel jipped!

Oh well, even if I had gotten something weird, it still couldn't beat an eggplant!!! LOL!

Keshi said...

haha Outdoorsy ty!


Margie said...

Oh Keshi dear one...
I just read what you left for me and Mary...
It is so very beautiful and touched my heart and soul.
Thank you sooooo very much!
It was just what I needed to feel better...

You are an angel....

The words of Peace my heart
are truly beautiful!!!
You gave me a special gift today that I shall always treasure!

I went by Mary's place....
I could feel her presence, even though she's not there now.
You are right about Mary being in a better place.
She suffered so much her last few months on earth.
But I sure do miss her!

Good night swt hrt....
Thank you for your kindness!



Keshi said...

Margie dun thank me hun...I think that must have been a msg from Mary all the way from where she is right now.



SamY said...

** LOL omg ur so mean!

sometimes I can be too honest :D

** u know ut ur weirdest gift is...ME. Im in ur life now and am I not weird? :)

well I thought we were talking of b'day gifts :) ... in that case I think I'v been bestowed with plenty of ppl in my life who are exceptionally odd :D ... some with a wierdly wired brain ... and a few nuts inclusive of u :p ... but nah ur not all that wierd ... just an ultra-sensitive BIG TIME DRAMA QUEEN :D

dharmabum said...

i don't care too much for gifts, they make me uncomfortable, but none of my friends ever seem to understand this :(

Autumn Storm said...

An eggplant?!! I don't even know what to say to that. LOL You win hands down for the weirdest birthday gift ever.

I had a guy wrap himself up with string and bows. :-D

Keshi said...

Hey Samy!

**sometimes I can be too honest

ok then I'll go home tonite n check myself in the mirror to see if I've got a purple body and green hair.


Dharma u've got loving friends then ;-)


Keshi said...

Autumn heyy! :)

Was he yummy?


Drama Div@ said...

I received 3 diff size of vibrators from a friend fr US for my 21st birthday... interesting way to celebrate my independence huh?... hihihi just kiddin'

Keshi said...

hahaha Diva I was waiting to hear if anyone got vibrators...cos one of my friends got em on her 25th...I dunno why tho LOL!


Anonymous said...

ROFL!! oh i regret that i should hv crushed them like that.

>u cud hv 'crushed' the flowers n told him that u made the flowers meet THE CRUSH. ;-)

thank u very much bambi-chan lol

Anonymous said...

I can't remember any weird presents.

Keshi said...

:) Niki


hehe Rick so do I


javagirl1111 said...

Argh! Missed reading your blog Keshi... the work computer blocks half of the blogs, and at home been to busy!

Soooo...wierdest gift? It's not a birthday gift, but once a guy I went on a date with gave me a plate covered with my name carved out in tofu and surrounded by alot of asparagus and other veggies. hmmmm.... needless to say, we didn't really go anywhere with that relationship. lol!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Slice it thin, sprinkle with olive oil and oregano and toss it on the grill for a few seconds. ou have to eat egg plant while it is still hot or it tends to become kind of gross.

Another beautiful picture of Keshi. Of course how could there be any other kind???

Keshi said...

lolz Javagirl dun u like Asparagus? btw it's got Aphrodisiac qualities oyeahh ;-) Bet he knew wut he was doin!


Phos is the ultimate chef...that sounds yummy!

And ty :)


Mumbai Guy said...

Seriously, this pic is very good. I know you dont look like that ;)

Keshi said...

LOL MG then u come n meet me in real :)


Dalicia said...

nail clippers! :P

Keshi said...

Dalicia thats not bad ha :)


Mumbai Guy said...

Yeah, maybe someday. World is so small.


Keshi said...

yeah MG u neva know :)


tsduff said...

Well, at least it was original! I got a coconut mailed to me - from Hawaii - just a plain nut with a sticker on it with my address... :-D

Keshi said...

HAHA Terry ur kidding me right!!! That beats the Eggplant! It really does. :):)