Monday, September 17

Joy Ride

Skippy the bush kangaroo?

I'm spitting the dummy on you mate!

Why are you scaring me with your eyes?

I'm hopping away Keshi, hooroo!

Mother Mary, please answer my prayers...

Wait on Keshi, there's a long list before you..

Girls just wanna have fun...
Beware of Chicks!

Elizabeth and Mr.Darcy at the ball?Baby lets swayyyy...

Joonba, Wangka or Munga Munga?

Shake it to the right...
Bugs Bunny says 'Kiss my ass Keshi!'

Fields of heaven...

Small is beautiful...

Tulips on my mind...

Blood-red temptress...

And then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the Daffodils...

Some white Luuurve...
Red and yellow, kinky fellow...;-)
Friends we are forever...
A walk in paradise...
A pink world...
Let me outta this car...cos it's time to hit on the hunks!

You guessed it right. We drove to Canberra yesterday...twas a day's trip and as usual, we went to check out
Floriade (read and see pics of my earlier posts on this annual Tulip festival at Fields Of Heaven and Thumbelina For A Day) and took my aunt and uncle to the usual tourist spots in the nation's captial (War Memorial, Parliament, Telstra tower, Botanical gardens etc etc...I've been to Canberra a zillion times but I can never get enough of it's beauty and grace). On the way, we also stopped at Berrima Church and had brekky there. It's one of my fav spots in NSW. So here are some pics from the entire trip...but I can't put up all pics due to strict censorship regulations. ;-) What I want to portray from this post is that simple pleasures are the real joys in life...such as a lazy Sunday morning at the gardens, watching people sing and dance, smelling the flowers, eating ice-cream, smiling at a stranger, talking to someone from the other side of the country, sipping coffee with your loved-ones, dipping your toes in the water, watching how a stuntman performs with joy to earn his daily bread, sending a flying kiss to a Kangaroo (which I really did while he/she was looking at me in awe), overtaking a HUGE truck on the highway realising it's no joke LOL!, standing in front of Mother Mary and asking her if she can see me and my blogger friends all around the world doing their usual thing and getting on with life no matter what...enjoy and have a great week ahead mah baby jellybeans, I love you more than I can say MWAH!

Current Music: More Than I Can Say by Leo Sayer

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WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

Nice post.

Here we are heading toward winter and you're approaching summer. Love the pics. On Friday morning I had the air on in the car, and by late afternoon I had to put on the heater.

Such is life.

Have a great week!



Jim said...

My simple pleasures are

surfing the net for porn and other educational stuff

saying I LOVE U hunny
to complete strangers in blogworld
and watching their reaction

a walk on the beach
drinking with my pal Willie at his house while Veera his wife serves us with hot pakodas

and flirting with VEERA

KAYLEE said...


The Phosgene Kid said...

What a hoot! Great pictures and lots of fun. Did you get any kangaroo steaks??

Outdoorsy Girl said...

Great post! I loved the pictures! A day like this is exactly the kind that I enjoy.

We have the same pair of sunglasses, by the way! ;)

Ghost Particle said...

yipeeeeeeee! thats alot of flowers and life! a great weekend Keshi. And Kangaroo's! And a jackrabbit? wait...a wallaby? and the nice Keshi diva shot. :p Have a nice week ahead to matey.

dharmabum said...

i never seen a real kangaroo before. someday,maybe.

Vik said...

Sounds like someone had good fun and I have not seen a real kangroo in real life either. Not that I regret so much =)

Hey I should not be saying this, but still, the picture where the four of you ladies were sitting, I just could not help but keep staring at the bust wondering where the head went? coz you cut off the head from the picture. Why Kesh?

Dawn....सेहर said...

very true sisy...and am glad you enjoyed this moment :)
Keep smiling

chocolteluva said...

omg... ive never ever seen a real kangaroooooooo
i wanna see one NOW! HAHA OK OK done being a baby!
awesome pictures.. they look like fun animals. ooo tulip festival, my sister loves tulips. pretty flowers...
ure right, there's nothing like the simple pleasures - even watching tv or just sitting out on the porch sipping ure lemonade or iced tea and enjoying the breeze... love doing that!!!
life is all about the simple pleasures cause well trying to make it grandiose takes too much work and doesnt always end up like u wanted to..

Anonymous said...

I see some sexxxayyy babes cheesin'

Anonymous said...

I see some sexxxayyy babes cheesin'

Bla said...

Lovely pix, Keshi! :)

Jay said...

Taking day trips like this can be lots of fun. Just getting out of the house and away from everything even if it's just for a few hours is refreshing and relaxing.

anits said...

hi keshi i loveeeeee the flowers and d photos are so lovely...

Hv a great week yah!

Pijush said...

WAWWOOOO... Wonderful pics, All of these are nicely taken. I liked the flowers more than the chicks .. LOLZ..

I am happy that you enjoyed the Weekend.. Take Care Keshi.

Aditi said...

those are some gorgeous shots of tulips and some great pictures all around.. sounds like a real fun weekend.. i guess its spring eh?

Menchie said...

Those flowers are beautiful! Am glad you had a great weekend keshi. it's always a good way to start the week. :D

Tys on Ice said...

nice...really liked the aborgini get to join them? they did look a lot more colorful than i had thought...

Fish said...

Its the simple, little things that get one up, but its also the simple things that bring you down.
Ussually, if it doesnt hurt, we dont appreciate it.

Nora said...

Keshi, these photos are amazing! I'm glad you had a lovely day.


Peter said...

So your own censorship made the difference. I had no pop ups today! So your weekend trip was not as "clean" as it look like here?

Always surprising from someone from the north to see these spring pictures in September!

twilight said...

Enjoyed the pics keshi:). Seems like you had the perfect weekend.

Anonymous said...

what heavenly photos!!
thanks for sharing, keshi-chan :)
love those kangaroo & bunny-chan!

anuj said...

ohh .. u went to canberra ..
I suddenly feel so sad abt it :(

MM said...

Awesome pics, kesh!
Thx for sharing!!

Shionge said...

Well said Keshi and I'm so glad you shared all the lovely flowers with us :D

Yep! Simple pleasures in life is the best :D

uttara said...


this is beautifullllllll just heavennn

i sooo much loved it.. thanx for sharing them.. send across if u have more :)


Andrew said...

Magic day Keshi. Love the photos.

vishesh said...

ha keshi nice pics...try cooling...dont go overboard...just chill...

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!
Mine was fun too.. Except ofcourse for that guy in the car knocking me off the motorcycle. :)
You have a great week too Keshi!

Vidya said...

Is it spring down under? We are headed towards fall and then winter!

I loved the pictures especially the one where all the ladies appear whitened! :D It looks like you have had fun.

These days, my simple joy is to talk to random strangers in the airport and in the plane. It takes the stress out of business travel!


Jeevan said...

Exactly “simple pleasures are the real joys” I realize it now too seeing these very beautiful pictures. The flowers, dance and my dear keshi are adorable!! Smiling here with the tulips :)

Asha said...

WOOHOO!! That is a fun weekend for you Kesh, no wonder you sounded happy!:))
Beautiful pics, you look good too! Keep smiling, hell with Mr.Darcy!!;P

an experience...nothing short of it said...

flowers, chicks and bunnies make a grand weekend...

Pri said...

awesome pics keshi...and u lookin amazingly hot as usual ;p
the track to this post is one of my favs...twas lovely listenin to it!

Brian in Oxford said...

I thought baby kangaroos looked like giant mice! Oh wait, there's no such thing as a giant mouse! :)

Poo said...

Sexyroo gone to meet her kangroo Friends :)) awww did you see me even i was thr ...wait for you come n hold me!!!

Howz you babezzzz ? How as ur weekend? Did the cops call you again? did you call them? Its must have a been a great Adventurous night hahahhhahaha.

Ur look very nice in that picture. As always !!!

You have a Great week and love you loads :))

Sudeep said...

bunny line was funny..
n nice flower pics

chicks look hot.. sad m a veggie :D

have a gr8 week ahead :)

Autumn Storm said...

The tulips are beautiful, and I loved your list of simple pleasures. Nice smiley post, my favourite kind. :-) xoxo

The Phosgene Kid said...

Sorry, but all I can think of looking at all those flowers is plowing through them with a riding lawnmower. That would be a hoot!!

MyUtopia said...

Great photos!

* Check out my blog announcement.

KP said...

Summer Time...damn you ozs...:) Its Winter time here...:(..Anways Enjoy.......

akanksha said...

Hey...wonderful pics keshi..just loved them all!!!! it seems u had a fun filled weekend.Wish u many more such days.Take care

diyadear said...

gr8 pics keshi.. bet u had a fun time.. n hey i love this song!!!

cathouse teri said...

You are just so damn beautiful!

And by the way, Miss Teri LOVES daffodils! Loves, loves, loves them!


Aidan said...

I looks like i will be living in the ACT very shortly... you will have to say hello:)

great shots Keshi... I love the Roo shots

GuNs said...

SO where are the pics that are NOT restricted by "Censorship Regulations"?



Anonymous said...

What a fun post, full of smiles, laughter and lightness.
I love the roos.:)

Jim said...

life is short

went for a funeral
he was a clean man
clean living

never consumed alcohol
(never got drunk)
never flirted with another man's wife
was a good father to his 3 daughters
a good friend to his friends

why did he have to go so soon?

Jim said...

after the funeral
we met at lalus place
and got drunk

a good time was had by one and all
we counted the missing ones
they were four

and Ashok from Germany proposed we meet at GOA for new years eve

hope no more wickets fall till then

SaffronSaris said...

Poppy, this is like an annual event huh?

Keshi goes to Tulip Festival, SaffronSaris sees the photos at Keshi's, SaffronSaris asks to have the photos to use as her wallpaper :p

KAYLEE said...


AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi...seems like a hoppin' good weekend..:)Would love to try out hopping with those carefree kangaroos one of hese days.You're soo right- the simple pleasures of life are always the best and are free.I just to go and sit in a garden and admire the greenery has such a serene effect. But,that happens once in a while,of course.

"but I can't put up all pics due to strict censorship regulations."..what's that about,I wonder?Did you click where it was not allowed?Or,is it something like HNKs?Or...(See,never arouse curiosity by such comments-else,explanations are demanded.grin)

Asking Mother Mary about co-bloggers?That's a nice one.Thanks:)

Hey,nice ole songs- from Leo Sawyer(More than I can say)

lee said...

hey keshi- bugger the lovely photos - I love leo sayer!!!!!!!!!! You need a big picture of him there!!!! ;). That really is one of the prettiest songs ever.And thanks again for your kind thoughts over at my place.

Zhu said...

I didn't go to Camberra... I had heard it was boring but I guess it's a stereotype ! :D

I can never get sick of these cute kangaroos... even though there're not that pet in OZ, I know ;)

I just moved to Wordpress on a new domain BTW... I imported my blogroll so you're over there. If you could update your link to my blog that would be great, since I'll be closing the Blogger sooner or later...

The new blog :

Correr Es Mi Destino

AVIANA said...

hey there!

looks like you had fun weekend! mine was somewhat adventurous...

simple pleasures laying in bed with nothing to do but knowing that my bills are paid for this month and next month... :)

talk to you later!

Sweetstickychewy said...


The flowers are breathtaking. looks like such a wonderful time out!

i am WOWED! And how true its the small pleasures in life that makes up the big ones.

*Hugz Sweets!

Helen said...

Good one, Keshi, I forgot one of my favorite simple pleasures was smiling at you and feeling your smile back. Been drowning in work and life, babez, but I miss you and your cheer.

A Slice of Life said...

Could you see my big grin as I was looking at all your pics and commentary? Looks like you had an AWESOME time!

Nadine said...

I love all the flower pictures ... so rich in color.

Come on by for your award.

Jac said...

Some lovely shots keshi, especially the one looking for hunks. LOL

Keshi said...

Bev yes we r in Spring and its lovely!

I hate Winter...I hate hate hate it. we just put put heater in the garage and u hv to take ur's out...such is life ha. :)

tnxx hun!


Jim long as u get joy out of wut u do w.o. hurting anyone else's feelings, its all good.



Kaylz yep I was so busy today...tnxx hun!

U ok?


Keshi said...

Phos nooo I dun eat roo meat...but I know some Aussies do.



Outdoorsy I knew it that u wud love a day-out like this...cos ur a nature babe.

**We have the same pair of sunglasses, by the way

really? WOW! I love this pair that Im wearing in this pic so much I refuse to put on my other sunnies LOL! this one's got lil white stones on the sides. Glad u n I share some good taste in sunnies



aww ty Ghosty! I hope u had a great wknd too?

btw we also saw alot of dead roos and wallabies (roadkill) on the highway...that was sad.


Keshi said...

Dharma tnxx!


Vik hey!

** I just could not help but keep staring at the bust wondering where the head went?

hehehe...cos some of the girls in that pic dun like their faces to be on the net...




Keshi said...

Choco tnxx hun! I hope u get to hang ard with a roo some day sweetie :) They r very interesting beings...

**just sitting out on the porch sipping ure lemonade or iced tea and enjoying the breeze.

OMG I love doing that too! It doesnt take alot to make me happy...



Southy tnxx hunk! :):)


Bla hey tnxx mate!


Keshi said...

Jay thats so true..tnxx!


Anits tnxx hun!


Pijush hey tnxx!

** I liked the flowers more than the chicks

reeeeeeeally? ;-)


Keshi said...

hey Aditi tnxx!

yep it's Spring..the season of AWAKENINGS.



Menchie hun ty!


Tys hey tnxx!

**really liked the aborgini get to join them?

u can if u want to :) But this group of dancers were mixed Aboriginals (mixed white Aussies). The real aboriginals r dark in complexion and r a treat to watch when they play the didgeridoo and do their native dances.


Keshi said...

Fish WC n tnxx!

**but its also the simple things that bring you down.

I agree!


Nora hun tnxx and tnxx for the link too :)


hey Peter hows it going?

**! So your weekend trip was not as "clean" as it look like here?

LOL u cud say that. Only cos we girls do crazy things when it comes to taking pics ;-)

Yep Aus is in Spring n u know how Aussies hv a Summer Chrissy with Santa in all the Winter gear haha!


Keshi said...

Twilight ty sweetie!


Niki tnxx hun!

**love those kangaroo & bunny-chan

LOL bunny chan? VERY CUTE :)


Anuj hey I thought abt u as we passed that where u did ur studies?

why d u feel sad? cos u were not ard when I was there? awwww....nah seriously its my fault in not finding time to catch up with ya...I feel bad now :(


Keshi said...

MM hey WC n ty!


Shionge tnxx sweetie pie HUGGGGGGGGZ!


Uttsy hey ty!

u mean the censored pics? LOL no ways!


Keshi said...

Andrew yeah it was MAGIC indeed!

tnxx :)


Vish ty!

**try cooling...dont go overboard...just chill...

wut d u mean? :)


Toothy u had an accident??? U OK?


Keshi said...

Vidya yep we r in Spring :)

**These days, my simple joy is to talk to random strangers in the airport and in the plane

aww how nice..way to go! its so nice to hv a chat with a complete stranger...


ty so much Jeevan!


Asha tnxx hun!

Darcy sucks arse LOL!


Keshi said...

Exp ty ;-)




heyyya Brian!

**I thought baby kangaroos looked like giant mice

u mite be right cos I think the same abt em! I always see them as large bandicoots. roos, bandicoots, wallabies...they r all marsupials. So they hv alot in common.


Keshi said...

Poo HUGGGGGGGZ! I missed ya. Did u get my reply email to ya?

U keeping well?

I drive ard the Police station alot these days...hope they wont arrest me as a stalker of the Police LOL!


heyyyyyyyy Sudeep! Great to see ya here! So u can comment as usual now? WOW!

**chicks look hot.. sad m a veggie

nah these chicks cant be fried or BBQd LOL!


aww Autumn Im glad u liked the pics and this post. I wanted to give something in return to all of u lovely ppl who always stand by me even when I throw massive tanties :). LOVE YA HUN n HUGGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

Phos now dun be a Denis-the-menace LOL!


Utopia tnxx n I will check put ur blog soon!


KP :) didnt u hv Summer for a while its our turn now LOL!


Keshi said...

Akanksha ty sweetie!

**Wish u many more such days.

aww thats such a NICE thing to say to someone. U r lovely!


Diya hun yes I had loads of fun..ty so much!


Teri ty sweetie!

U love Daffodils...they r indeed pretty, happy, carefree flowers...just like u!


Keshi said...

G'day Aidan!

**I looks like i will be living in the ACT very shortly... you will have to say hello

REALLY? WOW thats nice. That means everytime we drive to Canberra, I can catch up with this sweet Aussie hunk ha? ;-)


Guns which ones? LOL!


Rick ty matey HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

Jim Im so sorry to hear abt ur mate ***HUGS***

**he was a clean man
clean living...never consumed alcohol...(never got drunk)
never flirted with another man's wife...

thats why they say the good die young...

may his soul RIP!


Saffy hey u may use any pic u want...whats mine is also ur's. :)



Amit u like Leo Sayer too? Great choice of music.

**See,never arouse curiosity by such comments-else,explanations are demanded.

LOL k k...well we girls took some crazy shots...but we cant make em public u see ;-)


Keshi said...

Lee tnxx hun!

oyeah isnt Leo CUTE :). he's got the most innocent face I've ever seen in showbiz! Such a down-to-Earth, heart-warming bloke...


Zhu ty sweetie!

Alot of ppl say Canberra is boring yes :) but I like it for it's peace and tranquility. Sydney is chaotic LOL!

I'll come ard to ur new blog soon...tnxx!


Lisa tnxx sweetie!

yep even knowing the bills r being paid, is something to be happy abt...cos some others struggle with that too.



Keshi said...

Amy ty sweetie HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


Helen hey WB n HUGGGGGGGGZ! I missed ya loads. So u were busy? Thats good to hear...cos I thought u stopped blogging. I was worried abt ya.

**smiling at you and feeling your smile back

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...wud u believe it if I said that I ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS feel ur smile? I really do.

HUGGGGGGGGZ! Hope u get to be regular soon. TC n take it easy.


Slice awww u too hun! u smiling at me and I feel that so very much. ty n HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ! Its a magical feeling isnt it.



Keshi said...

Nadien ty sweetz!

aww I read that post...TY so very much!


Jac hey tnxx!

lol my hunk-watching sunnies there :)


anuj said...

wht did u think abt me .. keshi :P

hehe .. don be said .. someday .. someday :D ..

Princess Banter said...

Awwww looks like you had a helluva good time ;) Love the kangaroo pictures! I've yet to see one in real life!

Anonymous said...

Super post - you conveyed your point fantastically - I wish I had gone with you..

J said...

Keshi the Kangaroo ;)

Grundir the Implacable said...

This realm strangely resembles Middle Earth.

The Phoenix said...

Great pics!

Art said...

the flowers are wonderful..

KK said...

Nice pics Keshi! :)

EBEZP said...

Hi Keshi I'm back maybe for a little longer!

Hey I've missed you but thanks a lot for the comments on mine while I was away, it's nice to know people are thinking of you when you're not there.

Lovely post super pics especially of the flowers but you know I like flowers they always remind me of you!

Kalpana said...

Nice pics......Loved those white flowers...........

Tee said...

Australia is so pretty.

Here we are entering autumn and the leaves on the trees will begin to change color. Does that happen there?

Nicholas said...

I enjoyed my time being here- thank you Keshi!

Jim said...

aub: show cause notice

please explain why u were not at your post yesterday

and why u shud not be punished with a severe thrashing of my hair brush on your sweet ass

KAYLEE said...


Jim said...

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mystic rose said...

Oh I love this song. Its sweet!!

Keshi said...

Anuj I was wondering if u walked those roads that we walked on...wish u were here.


Princess tnxx hun!


Mutley I'd hv loved ur company :)


Jim said...

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Keshi said...

J Im Skippy the roo :)


Grundir WC!

I didnt really u'stand wut u said tho :)


Phoenix ty!


Anonymous said...

WoW...this is a beautiful post with such lovely photos...You surely had a whale of a time there and you are very true when you say that simple pleasures are the real joys in life...That's so right and is very important for us to remember in life...Have a great time!

Keshi said...

Art ty!


KK tnxx!



flowers remind me of u? sweet!


Keshi said...

Kalpana tnxx hun!


Tee we r in Spring right now :) Autumn, all the leaves fall and the trees go to sleep...


hey Nic Im glad abt that :)


Keshi said...

hey Jim!

**please explain why u were not at your post yesterday

cos I was busy chasing men..LOL!


Kaylz :(


Keshi said...

Rose ty!

yeah its a BEAUUUUUTIFUL song :)


Jim now it's Chopra?



Kalyan tnxx!


KAYLEE said...


Jim said...

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Dalicia said...

thank you for must love tulips a lot :)

Keshi said...

Kaylz hang in there sweetie!


Jim tnxx for agreeing women r clever :)


I do Dalicia :)


shooting star said...

love the flowers!!! so many and so colorful!!!!

Keshi said...

ty Sushmita!