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Little Pixies

Do you guys know that I have sweet little pixies in my life? They are so darn cute and make my life richer from having them around. They tell me nothing but the truth (Keshi Aunty you look fat in that, Keshi Aunty is he your boyfriend?, Keshi aunty did you really ring Batman?, Keshi Aunty you're mad!, Keshi Aunty I can't be your flower-girl cos I'll be tired...), they make my life seems easier and beautiful to live, they make my troubles go away in an instant with their sweet chatter, they sing and dance with me without worrying about who might be watching them, they offer me their lollies and kisses in return of bigger presents from me (smarty-pants they are!), they ring me up me and say 'caaaan you come to our place naaaoooow?', they reside in my heart cos they are glued to my love and I am to their's. They are none other than my cousin's 4yr old son Dylann and 6yr old daughter Lihini (that's them in the first pic giving me a flying kiss...LOL look at Dylann's little's more like he's mocking me). They are addicted to me cos I think they realised I'm a kid too stuck in an adult body hehe. Dylann celebrated his 4th bday on Monday and below are some of the pics I took at his party. The cake was an awesome car-cake made by his mum. I bought Dylann a Commando Force Helicopter set. He was thrilled to bits and didn't want to leave the sight of it..he wanted to play with it then and there. He pushed away all the other kids saying 'It's mine you know'. Haha so mean! Well later on he allowed them to play with it too. Well all I can say is Dylann is a heart-breaker - terribly cute and you should listen to him going 'whaaaayyyyy' for just about anything you say. Just look at his little cute face. Happy Birthday sweety pie! And that cutey in the pink top below is my other cousin's 2yr old baby Loshi. She's so fond of running around, experimenting things...she's always very very busy and won't stop for even a minute - but she stopped to pose for my camera cos believe it or not, she's a photo queen just like me! She says 'take me take me' and arranges her hair all the time haha! So darn cute! o I'm blessed with pixies in my life, all because of you cutey pies!

(click to enlarge pics)

Prince Not-So-Charming
Monday night when I was going back home, some guy was calling me from the other side of the road. As I had my iPod on, I didn't quite hear him but I sensed he needed help. I turned to look and he came running towards me. Well guess what, he was an Indian guy...he was good-looking and well-mannered. He said that his car broke down and showed me where it was, and some NRMA guys were fixing looked like it was true...cos there was a flash black car nearby being fixed by some guys. He tells me that his mobile died on him so he wanted to know where the nearest phone booth was so he could call his dad (daddy's boy?). I didn't have a clue so I offered him my mobile, he was chuffed and he rang his dad. Then he thanked me and introduced himself as Renaal and asked me if I was from India as well. I told him that I'm orginally from Sri Lanka and that I gottta go home soon cos of my nephew Dylann's bday party. He said he could drop me home, an offer I politely declined and then he got my number. He says he can't forget the help I offered him and that he wants to be friends (aha ok!). He also said that his dad is some big guy (daddy's boy confirmed!) and that they get to watch International Cricket matches from the pavilion with the VIPs - and that next time he could take me too for an SL vs India match (urgggggh sounds a bit sus ha?). Well that night itself he rang me (when I was at Dylann's bday party)...I couldn't talk properly cos of too much noise, so I asked him to ring me later. Just now he rang me again. I said I'll txt him later hehe. Hopefully he's not a serial killer in disguise LOL! But ofcourse, I wouldn't mind being friends with him..cos to me he seemed like a decent guy to be friends with. So lets not judge him even before I know him. But I know he's in lust - rolling eyes here! And another guy at the video store gave me his number last week (yeah guys galore here!). He asked me if I'd like to have coffee with him. I don't cos I know he aint my kind (don't ask me why - just that I 'sensed' he's on for something else - trust me I have 'sensors' in my system). So you think I'm getting alot of attention from boys and I'm living a fairytale life? Well yes and no. Getting attention is one thing but from the wrong kind is altogether another thing. Now you ask me what's the 'wrong' kind? Well the kind you know is looking for something else. Why do all the wrong boys come asking for my number (remember Mr.Darcy too)? I'm tired and I feel emotionally demented, bloody oath! Don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy...this was just an honest rant...feels alot better now, tnxx for reading :).

Today's music is for the little pixies...from the movie Happy Feet. Watch this's terribly CUTE!

Current Music: Hit Me Up by Gia Farrell (from the movie Happy Feet)

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Sig said...

What cutie pies!!! Great photos and looks that cheeky wink you have in one of them :P

Perhaps you should have had the music as "Love is in the air"? hmmm? :P Just teasing. We all knew Keshi is a stunner so it ain't anything out of the ordinary to see guys falling over her :P

Now the hard part is who to choose.... :P

George said...

Why do women give up their tel numbers so easily? I know many women who will give it up to a guy without the slightest hesitation.

KAYLEE said...

I agree with george.I hope he is nice though.

KAYLEE said...


Shionge said...

How they melt my heart too Keshi kekek...I'm glad you share the bundle of joy with us and Happy Birthday Dylann :D I felt the joy just as much with you too :)

Keep us posted again on this prince charming Keshi :D

Yo..enjoy the Happy Feet video, tks pal!

Dan said...

Aunty Keshi, you look like you're having lots of fun with your little pixies! Happy birthday Dylann! The three of you are simply adorable!

Happy 4th sweetie! Hugs and kisses.

Astraeus said...

hah hah u seem to be having a lot of fun..
attention from both the pixies and the guys

P.s: the pictures were very charming

Jewel Rays said...

Oooh..I love this post.

Ya two little cute pixies remind me of my very own pixies. :P

***They are so darn cute and make my life richer from having them around.

That works for me too Keshi. Sometimes after along day and knowing in my mind that i am gonna meet them really works wonders. Take whateva blues away. The magic of their presence.:) Glad to know u have two beautiful and precious pixies too. :))

I am with you on the wrong kind of attention. REally makes me want to sing the "Why why why..Delilah song." Lol!

Great to know u had a good time sexay!


Rosanna said...

That is one seriously awesome cake! They're very gorgeous, and kids always tell the truth. It makes me laugh. I babysit a family of a four year old, a two year old and a newborn.

The four year old always tells me when I'm doing the wrong thing!

radiohead said...

auntie keshi :D .. keeewl .. !!

yup indian guyz get in to trouble ..quite easily .. n all thy look fr help is frm gals .. hahahaha

well rightly said . nt gud to judge neone so soon .. bt m so shy i wudnt dare to ask neone's no after just a simple help meet .. bt evryones nt d same .. :P

@last coomnt : sowie fr messin ur head up n anooyin u (if i did :D) ..

I think of givin u a call evryday .. n i forget .. m such a lazy chap u knw :(

I meet a gal evryday at bust stop ..forget d no .. i havent evn asked her fr a beer .. which i think i shud .. so m a lazy stupid bloke ..

and i lost my bag while comin here on the sydney airport .. n i need to get some money frm thm :P .. bt havent called thm yet again .. haha .. m a lazy bear keshi ;)

n i think i shud head fr sydney this weekend .. cause i have only 3 of thm left :( ... bt i doono :D .. hehe

hehe .. I am lazy lazy boi !!

radiohead said...

n yup happy B'day Dylann !! :)

Aditi said...

they are so adorable and cute...i kept thinking wow dylan's mom is skilled cuz that cake looked amazing..
hope the guy turns out nice

Margie said...

Aunty Keshi....
I know you love them, and they love their sweet Aunty could they not love you?
What little darling's!!!
Love the pics! thought I was going to stay away till next week....
I had a few free minutes while my friend took a walk with my hubby...
I have dessert waiting for them...
a wonderful chocolate cheese cake!
Can't stay away from you my sweet friend!
This post warmed my heart!
Thanks hun!

Maybe you and this guy will become never knows!
I wish you luck Sweetie!

Well, they just got back from their walk...gotta go!

Take care darling!


P.S It's going wonderfully well with my friend....she is feeling a little better today....I think she will be ok!

Sugarlips said...

Cute cute cute pics :)
You all look adorable and some how Dylan looks hot in 1st pic LOL.

Stay Beautiful...!!

Southpaw unplugged said...

Warm bday wishes to the angels first....:)
Coming bk to ur story, i dont understand why wud u get emotional by such incidents and why wud u go ahead and give ur number, anyways if he was smart he wud taken that from his dad whom he called from ur cell phone...

Poo said...

auntyyyyy !!! you know what if i was there i would tell them to call you
Sexy Aunty :)) hahahha Keshi there are so adorable and cute ...i LOve kids i love to play with them ..and the cake looks so beautiful and yummy :)))

mmmuahhhh Happy Birthday to Dylann :))

and regarding Guys ...dont trust any body!!! Simple rule

Never Trust anybody easily...take time give time :))

Have a Great Day sweetie

Miss you always :))

b/w did you get my gift ??? It should not take so long!!!

Poo said...

and one more thing ... dont give away ur number just like that!!! Just be carefull.

Keshi said...

Silvara ty sweetie!

Love Is In The Air is one of my favs. But certainly not for these 2 guys LOL! Its more like Lust Is In The Air.


I know mum told me the same...she said I was an idiot to give my number to him no matter how nice he sounded.


ty Kaylee!



ty Shionge arent they ADORABLE!

I luv all the Happy Feet versions of the songs. Hv u seen the Macarena done by the penguins? Its sooo cute!


aww tnxx Dan!

Hope ur having a good 4th of July, all u yanks :)


ty very much Shamash n WC!


Amyyyyyyyyyyy HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! I love to see ur comments here...makes me feel like u havent stopped blogging altogether. Love having u here darl.

So u hv a niece n a nephew living close by? HOW NICE.

**Why why why..Delilah song."

LOL so true! I've given up actually.


ty Rosanna!

**The four year old always tells me when I'm doing the wrong thing!

lol Smarty Pants ha!


Anuj so ur not so forward? :)

**and i lost my bag while comin here on the sydney airport

where were ya looking? At the groud hostesses? LOL!

ty Anuj!


Aditi yes she is pretty good with cakes...I can only eat :)



Margie awww ty sweetie! Im always very glad to have u here...HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

Looks like ur friend is doing ok...good to hear that. She'll be ok cos she's with an angel now.


heyy Suga ty!

**Dylan looks hot in 1st pic

lol isnt he! Look at his hand hahaha!


hey Southy ty so much! Im sure u'd be good with kids...cos u called em angels. thats so sweet.

**anyways if he was smart he wud taken that from his dad whom he called from ur cell phone...

LOL u know wut I found out yday...that he rang his own number from my mobile. Cos when he rang me yday, the same number was displayed.

I think he's trouble. Wut say?


Keshi said...

Poo I know Im an idiot..cos I gave him my business card LOL! I just trusted the guy, thats all. But when he rang me yday, the same number that he dialled as his dad's number was displaying! That freaked me out. Cos thats not his dad's number was his own that he dialled that night!

If I suddenly go missing just know that Renaal killed me ok? LOL!

yeah Kids r a big part of my life...cos the biggest kid is me :) And u know how much I love Prachi too.

nah I didnt get ur card yet :( I hope its not lost Poo.

ty n u hv a great day ok HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


Unknown said...

Happy b'day to the lil angle....

and... lil does the dads boy know what he has bumped into...
May God help him! Lolz....

He is askin 4 trouble! :P

Keshi said...

ty Iceman! :)

**lil does the dads boy know what he has bumped into...
May God help him!

LOL yep. He doesnt know he's bumped into a walking dynamite. hahahaha!


Anonymous said...

u still have any doubts abt that?

Jim said...

Keshi Aunty

watch it
u have been set up

silly girl

Keshi said...

Southy u mean that he's trouble?


Jim uncle Im scared! :(


david mcmahon said...

G'day Keshi,

Batman? Did you really ring Batman? I want to know ...



Keshi said...

G'day mate Dave!

lol I did ring Batman..I tell them that all the time to get them to behave..n ofcourse u know I have a thing for masked men ;-)


AVIANA said...

I'm here!!!!

I'm about to go to bed for 3 hours! I'll fully read your post in the AM and do a nice genuine comment!

Sorry chica!

Ive been lazy!

Adorable little ones!!!


Southpaw unplugged said...


Keshi said...

hey Lisa no worries..I was only thinking where u were :)

ty n nitey nite sweetie!


hehe Southy...

so wut do I do, now that he has my number?


Radha said...

Aww! they are sooo cute!

Poo said...

Keshi ...some idiot had written some thing bad, stupid and all that stuff on one of my post have changed the settings there you comment can be seen now !!!!

Bad people !!!!

Jewel Rays said...

yes i do i have two nieces living close by. Sweet pixies..:P


Keshi said...

ty Radha!


aww no worries Poo!


hey Amy nice to see u here again :)

I rem u telling me abt those 2 lil pixies long time ago...awww how sweet. how old r they?


Expression ! said...

you really have sweet pixies.I wish I had one.By the way looks like you celebrated your B'day with loads of fun.

Keshi said...

ty Expression!

and yes I had a good bday even tho twas quiet this time.


Jewel Rays said...

Valarie - Turning 6 this November.

Victoria - Turning 4 this November.


Warms my heart.

Die Muräne said...

jöööö, this is really cute ;)

Keshi said...

Amy they r both the same age as these 2 so cute indeed!

btw nice names...Valerie and Victoria.


Arent they Murane!

Im sure u were very cute too when u were a lil blue-eyed boy :)


Autumn Storm said...

A couple of cuties you have there, Kesh, hoping the guy is one too and that this is the start of a beautiful friendship. :-)

Keshi said...

Autumn tnxx hun!


tulipspeaks said...

cuties!!!! and i love the bday cake too!

lolz.. u know there is a guy who called me just minutes ago "wanting to get to know me". and he got this deep manly voice n was very polite too. i think the planet is under invasion of prince charming(s)!


Jewel Rays said...

They have spanish names as their middle names too.

Valarie Marissa


Victoria Miguela

hehehe..its awesome that we have two chipmunks to entertain us.

Great talking to ya Keshi.:P

Keshi said...

Ammu tell me abt Prince Charmings invasion of the planet Earth! LOL and not many can truly stand the tests!


Amy heyy!

**Valarie Marissa & Victoria Miguela

wut pretty names! I love the name Victoria and Marissa.

Do they hv Spanish connetions?

ok c u later then!


Keshi said...


Jewel Rays said...

Yups their daddy has a spanish mix. ;)

T.c sweetie. Great post there in buf!

Its pretty!

Jewel Rays said...

lol..sorry i meant is a spanish mix..:P

Keshi said...

lolz Amy I gotcha! tnxxx :)


AakASH!!! said...

Ha ha, your pixies are really cute. But whats more wonderful is to see the otherwise-real-svelte-you assume the ohh-so-cute look with them. =)

SO when do you go and watch teh India-Sri Lanka match? [:p]

Peter said...

Dear Aunty, I'm sure that THE charming prince will be there one day - soon! There seems to be many candidates, so take it easy and "filter" (and test) carefully before making the final choice!

Nieces may be nice, but grandchildren is not bad either!

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

Nice post, Keshi Aunty...(hehe)

A very happy birthday to the two rugrats....hope they have a great life...

So when is your first date with this "Serial killer in disguise"?

Neihal said...

ha..cute :D

Budday wishes to Dylann :)

radiohead said...

forward :O ..
ohk so is it a gud thing (forward) to ask a gal her no d vry first time u run into her .. it jus feels weird :D .. though I want to have it forsure ..

I am vry forward in whtevr I do n think .. jus tht I am a bit shy :D .. hehehe (or lame fr tht matter)

no i was lookin fr my bag at d rite place .. bt it nevr appeared .. d flightmates stole it (fuckeeers) .. n so i need to fetch out some money frm their pockets n make merry . haha .. bt only if i could pic up a phn n call thm :O

I am SUPER DUPER forward ..
as forward as a forward pass .. or a forwarded mail .. shoud I come forward ?? :P


Pradeep Puranik said...



PrAcHi said...

OMG.. keshi.. what cutipies these kids are! Cute pics.. They all are looking naughty and innocent.. including u :). I LOVE kids n love to play with them n have fun. They have such a clean heart and yeah.. like u said they never lie. It’s always truth what they say! Happy b’day to Dylann.. MUAHAH.. N yes.. Happy feet is a very cute movie. Me too loved the movie and all the dances in that movie :)

Wohooo.. lots of guys paying attention han?? No wonder.. you are worth paying attention ;)! Don’t worry sweetie.. Mr. Right might be amongst these guys.. You never know... ;) :)

Anonymous said...

Your little pixies are adorable - and so are you, Aunty Keshi. x

Jo said...

Hey Kesh, long time! :-) How are you doing?

Very nice pics here. Looks like the kids and you enjoy your time there. :-)

Crazy Me said...

I wouldn't be single again for all the money in the world! Good luck with the boys!

mystic rose said...

ah, they are darlings! and its great seeing you with kids, letting down your hair and all.

and the good looking well mannered guy.. hmmm... have fun kesh. :)

Vishesh said...

lol i was pampered by 4aunts :) and ya also a lot of my moms cousins...:)

they look real cute...i wld post pic of my sis and cousins too,but cant for parents do like it....

lol be careful your memory space is going to become full ;)

Cazzie!!! said...

Gorgeous Keshi, I love these pictures..I love kids..who would have guessed that hey? LOl

Sam said...

Such cute pixies you got.... sadly for me am the eldest!! :(
So you go back right there and enjoy my share too....
Btw, I must say Loshi is definitely a beauty queen!!
Dylann is so cute... and if he's mocking at you.. your fault you musthave pinched him :P
And Lihina is sweet!! Lucky you!!

As for Renaal..... hmmm.... Daddy's boy all teh way no doubt on that.. and definitely hitting!! :)
And well... you are gorgeous enough for guys to be hitting on you lady!! As for the right types... may be you end up losing them in the crowd of the wrong types?? who knows, that guy might living just around the corner!!
My best wishes to you.... you'll find the right guy... a thorough gentleman....

Hmmmm......... that makes me wonder wot sorta guy wud u be liking??? I'm getting ideas, but i wud rather keep them to myself!! :) ;)

Alok said...

Happy Birthday (belated) Dylann ..... all my best wishes r with u buddy .....

Keshi - i agree ..... u r a kid (LOL) ... stay that way ... (if u can)

and SL vs India sounds a good option its only that u hv to watch it frm the VIP stadium and u know he didn't do anything to take u there .....and u know it's not becoz he is a daddy's boy

Harmony said...

hi KESHI-wts ur PIXIES are really seet ( too)..ha ha.well WISHES frm my side too. dylann lk a cute u ..oh imean u r also a kid na..we all r by heart dear..
KESHI AUNTY where is my part of Cake dear...DUE?oh..its ok.
so its nice to hear tht u can dance to (shall we..?)
wow..u hv so much of PROPOSALS and still are a girl who alwys ENJOY every Moment of LIFE..what Happens..ALWYS BE POSITIVE SEXY..u should be Pessi' me..huh..and YES a FAIRYTALE LIFE is good buddy not too bad.wt u say..?
ur face reflects INDIAN gul..thts y he askd tht QUESTIOn..ha care.hey u have not signed my

Helen said...

I have pixies in my life, too (nieces and nephews) I heart them 4-evah!! ; ) ha ha. Back when men were asking for my number I gave them my e-mail address, they still felt they "got" something, but I didn't set myself up for STALKERS...; ) be careful, love, there's a lot of nefarious men out there...

Asha said...

LOL!!! Keshi,they look and sound great girl.You are a great aunty.Enjoy them.
Yup! I am back!:D

Jay said...

Cute kids. As far as kids go, anyway. LOL ;-)

Hey, you get lots of attention from me. Of course I'm half-way around the world from you. haha

Globescoper said...

Hi Keshi

Nothing like children to bring out the child inside us.

These darlings are very cute.

Great song choice!

What some guys will do to meet a girl!

Pretending their car has broken down, and even having some one trying to fix it--WOW!--LOL

Life is full of chance meetings, but timing is everything and often nothing.

Last comment on the past post, I was hinting that it was the big 60 B-day. LOL

The missing person is someone we do business with.


Anonymous said...

awww be careful, keshi-chan!
that was very nice of u to let him use ur mobile :)
lovely family picture indeed!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures of your pixies are sooo cute.
One of these days, the right guy will give you his number.:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Keshi :)

Hehehe, those pixies are cute indeed! Being surrounded by little ones is indeed like having a magic wand :)

I'm sorry for Mr. Wrong and his vip-cricketseat-scheme :P

At least the window was closed before the fly came in ;)

Kay Vee said...

"Why do all the wrong boys come asking for my number (remember Mr.Darcy too)? I'm tired and I feel emotionally demented, bloody oath!"

hey keshi, don't pay too much attention to these guys! guys are first after only one thing and we all know what it is! :)

let me tell u a funny incident. i was once going to my aunts place about an hour an half from where i live. she had shifted to a new place and i didn't know the way. so i went asking the building watchmen where the apartment is which i was i search of. then i meet this young north Indian guy, hes a watchman at the building just next to my aunts. after i am done visiting the aunt, i come down to board a bus which is bang opposite her place. this watchman comes up to me and starts talking. and he senses my bus around the corner and asks me very coyly if i have a cell phone. next things i know he says, can i talk to u on the phone? i wasn't shocked or anything but i was a lil surprised and felt like laughing!

i was just about 16- or 17 then!
sigh! men!

and your pixies are really really cute keshi! the "whaay" just felt so cute.... i cud imagine! :)

take care, girl!
just don't think too much, the "wrong type" aren't worth our time and mind space!

Impressionist said...

ah! they are soo cute!
belated b'day wishes! :)

ur so pretty, im not surprised that guys come to u askin for ur num! ;)
hehe! I guess i too wud have! If i was there! ;)

peace & love

Unknown said...

Hi Sweetie,
Wow!! those are cool pics there, I just love those little angels and I can imagine what little dare devils they can be at times, I have nieces too and I enjoy them sooooo much whenever I get to see them, keshi just like you, its always aunty chris this and aunty chris that, heheheh!!!

A very big and warm belated happy bithday to Dylann!!!

Keshigirl take care and always enjoy your little angels before they grow taller than you, hehehe!!!

Cuckoo said...

First things first...

You have lovely pixies.. Loved them. Dylann is so hot.. and cute too.

And you are an idiot. Sorry to say that but you are ! How can you give your no. so easily to anyone ?

Anonymous said...

just stumbled on ur are so cute..

ur very lovely n sweet writer..loved it

robkroese said...

Adorable pics.

cathouse teri said...

Kids do make life much improved. And I meet new kids every day, to whom I am now "auntie." :)

SIMON said...

Oh they are cute little pixies aren't they.....but not for long I'll bet.
But you are so cute as well and herein lies the problem.......
You will always have a choice to make you know. You make 50 year old men go weak at the knees from 13000 miles away its hardly surprising your number is hot property!!
You'll know when the right Prince Charming comes along!

Rex Venom said...

Cute little Pixies! All the fun and wonder of youth shining from their searching eyes.
Forgotten truths of life in their fearless voices.
Rock on!

AVIANA said...

Ah Chicki!

The kiddies are adorable and I am jealous of what you have. I briefly looked at some of your old postings which had alot of pics of you and your family. It looked awesome! You guys looked like a big bunch that loved each other, are close and are very loud! hehehe. I wish I had that. I hope I can attain that one day!

and about the sleaze bag.....i'm upset at you!

lesson #1, you never give a guy your number. you always get his first especially if he seems like a jerk off....hmmm

now that's your lesson for the day....i'll teach you more at a later date....



anits said...

Happy bday Dylann! and aunty Keshi..u had fun ah?! Have a nice day and fun time with ur cousins..tey luk so cute.
take care..

Keshi said...

aww tnxx Aakash! :)

**SO when do you go and watch teh India-Sri Lanka match?

LOL how abt NEVER?


hey Peter ty!

**Dear Aunty, I'm sure that THE charming prince will be there one day - soon

lol so cute! I'll take ur advice then my lil nephew :)


Ganesh thet r cute rugrats indeed LOL!

**So when is your first date with this "Serial killer in disguise"?

I smell Jack The yeah there wont be a date at all. The thing is the guy keeps calling me 24/7 and now my fone is on silent all the time!


Keshi said...

ty Neihal!


ok Anuj I believe ya :)

LOL @FWD mail!

Anuj u know now my fone is on silent all the time...cos that Theodore Robert 'Ted' Bundy keeps calling me 24/7!


hey Praddy hows it going?


heyya Prachi HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

arent they ADORABLE!

**like u said they never lie. It’s always truth what they say!

lolz yep. U wudnt believe wut happned the other day. there's a friend of our's who looks a bit like a male (she's very tall, broad, short hair etc). She came over and guess what my niece asked her...'H*** Aunty are you a man?'...!!


awww ty Nora! :)


Keshi said...

Jo Im pretty good ty! Yep long time :)


hey Crazy_Me!

**I wouldn't be single again for all the money in the world

so u got a great guy ha...lucky ya ;-)


ty Rose!



heyya Vish!

** was pampered by 4aunts :) and ya also a lot of my moms cousins

I can imagine why hehehe...ur still 15 too.

**memory space

what d u mean? My PC's space? :)


haha Caz we all know u ADORE kids!



SaffronSaris said...

Gym vouchers delivered here courtesy of moi for your birthday!

Lol! Seriously, does it scare you to have somebody else address you as "Aunt"?

Remembered when I was young and had even younger cousins, who would be screaming and tearing around Gramps's house. So glad they grew up eventually.

Keshi said...

heyy Sam!

**I must say Loshi is definitely a beauty queen

OMG u should see her in real...such a CUTEY PIE! dark thick hair, cream complexion and such a busy lil businesswoman haha! always on the run.

** may be you end up losing them in the crowd of the wrong types?

I cant really say Im losing em cos I did go out with this guy who really liked me and asked me out...u wudnt know abt him cos those posts were written in Jan 2007 - I refer to him as Mr.Darcy. U'll know why when u read those posts :). So yeah, it's not like I dun give the guys any chance...I do. Just that I know instantly if I'd get well with a guy or not. If I sense I'd, then pfcourse I'd go out with I did with Mr.Darcy and it all ended in 7 days.

If u wanna read those posts they in Jan-Feb 2007 archives :)

Wut type of guy I like? Well it comes down to one thing...a MATURED guy :) Im not going to put up with one more baby boy lol!

ty Sam!


hey Alok ty!

Trust me I wont grow old even when I turn 65 :)

**and SL vs India sounds a good option its only that u hv to watch it frm the VIP stadium and u know he didn't do anything to take u there ....

how d u mean?

**.and u know it's not becoz he is a daddy's boy

then? :)


lol Pankaj I aint depressed...aww...just that Im a bit tired from running into immature guys all the time...

**oh imean u r also a kid na..we all r by heart dear..

hello I aint a granny my body parts aint old either ok? LOL!

I look Indian? how d u tell that? :)

ty so much Pankaj!


Trée said...

Dahling, you look as gorgeous and sexy as ever. Did you say something about some kids? :-D

Keshi said...

Helen Im sur ethey adore u too! Cos ur such a groovy aunt. :)

** Back when men were asking for my number I gave them my e-mail address, they still felt they "got" something, but I didn't set myself up for STALKERS

ur smart. yes I was an idiot. I did tell him that it wud be good if I got his number...and then he said, he has no pen, his mobile was dead etc etc. So I quickly gave my business card n went home...cos I was in a hurry too.

he's calling me all the time and now my mobile is on silent!


ty Asha n heyy WB! I missed ya.


haha Jay ofcourse I know that ;-)


Bev Im so sorry abt ur missing mate...I hope they'll find him soon.

**Pretending their car has broken down, and even having some one trying to fix it--

LOL yes...and who knows, mebbe it wasnt his car even. cos i realised that the number he dialled as his dad's, was the same number he later rang me from! I smell Ted u?

**Last comment on the past post, I was hinting that it was the big 60 B-day

LOL abt 75?


ty Niki!

now d u believe I hv jerk-magnet genes?


ty Rick!

There's a very low chance of me running into a matured guy...i have no hope!


G'day Taqdeer!

They r my magic wand!

**I'm sorry for Mr. Wrong and his vip-cricketseat-scheme :P

Scheme it is! Cos I found out that his number is the same as his dad's...and how is that!

**At least the window was closed before the fly came in

Spot on! :)


ty Trinnie!

OMG he's a loser...n u were only 16! U cud hv contacted the Police.

** the "whaay" just felt so cute....

he asks me 'is the bogeyman here?'...and I say 'yes..he will be here if u dun eat ur dina'....and then he goes 'whaaaaay?'...then i say 'cos he doesnt like naughty kids'...and then he goes 'whaaaaaaay?'...and then I say 'cos naughty kids dun grow tall'...and then goes...'whaaaayyy?'...and then Im dizzy as hell LOL!


Vishesh said...

mobile...:) jee ya cannt believe i am going to turn 16!

Keshi said...

hey Rajeev tnxx!

**ur so pretty, im not surprised that guys come to u askin for ur num

cmon Im not soo pretty! if u call me pretty then what d u call Aishwarya lookalikes...! :) Im just an average girl...seriously.

u wud ask me out? awwww how sweet! :)


hey Chrissssss MWAHHHHHHHHH! Hows u? Long time.

**chris this and aunty chris that,

lol cute!

yeah they grow up very fast...I dun want em to :(


hey Cuckoo ty sweetie!

**Dylann is so hot.. and cute too.

:) isnt he! He says he wants to marry my sister...and then me hahahahaha!


Im not offended at all..cos I believe I am one LOL! Cos now he's calling me all the time and I had to put my phone on silent. Big mistake indeed! And since I was in a hurry, I just gave him my business card n went home. Now he even knows where I work! Thats scary.


ty Dream_Catcher! And hey WC aboard :)


Diesel matey ty!


Auntie Teri thats so sweet :)


hey Ebezp ty!

**You make 50 year old men go weak at the knees from 13000 miles away its hardly surprising your number is hot property

o cmon :) btw is it really 13000 miles? hehehehe..


heyya Rex!

**All the fun and wonder of youth shining from their searching eyes.

yeah so excited abt life ha...

**Forgotten truths of life in their fearless voices.

so true! childhood is the only time we seriously love life.



**You guys looked like a big bunch that loved each other, are close and are very loud

yes we have a BIG family...mum's side has 7 bros n I hv tons of cousins n in-laws...but it's not always rosy...u know..the usual family probs r there stupid arguments, bitching etc etc. Every family has that.

Where does ur family live?

btw Im a total idiot for giving him the number...cos now he calls me day n nite and I had to put my phone on's bloody annoying! If i suddenly go missing, then he killed me ok? LOL!


hey Anits ty sweetie!


Keshi said...

hey Saffy ty! But Im no so sure if I'd really use those lazy me! I hv become VERY LAZY :(

**Seriously, does it scare you to have somebody else address you as "Aunt"?

lol yes..but its ok cos these kids r really tiny...sometimes my cousin brothers call me 'Auntie' to annoy me. That really pisses me off big time.


hey Hunkaroo Tre ;-) ty!

**Did you say something about some kids?

haha yes BOYS. Where r all the MEN?


heyy Vish lol ok I'll watch my space...:)

when is ur bday?


radiohead said...

theodore robert ted bundy .. means tht indian guy rite ..

see .. weirdo isnt it ..
so its better bein not so forward :O

I wud rather shy off thn piss someone off :P .. he's in fr somthin else (yup m judgin ;) )

take care keshi

Keshi said...

lol Anuj havent u heard of Ted Bundy?

yes he's a pain in the ears now :)


radiohead said...

and I have been downloadin (hehe .. poor CSIRO :P) and watchin 'How I met your Mother' lately .. its vry cute .. I am in love wid ROBIN :(

I mean I like her :P as a frnd .. hehe .. lol

radiohead said...

Theodore Robert 'Ted' Bundy (November 24, 1946 – January 24, 1989) was one of the most infamous serial killers in U.S. history. Bundy raped and murdered scores of young women across the United States between 1974 and 1978. After more than a decade of vigorous denials, Bundy eventually confessed to thirty murders, although the actual total of victims remains unknown. Typically, Bundy would rape then murder his victims by bludgeoning, and sometimes by strangulation. He also engaged in necrophilia.

Now I know .. well m nt much in to serial killers u see .. nt bein one of thm myself .. so .. i jus keep away :P

bt m sure he is nt buggin u fr the KILL .. bt sure he wants somthin somthin .. ;) .. i guess so .. bt he is a buggger :x

radiohead said...

I mean who talks abt his dad being a big gun .. n tht thy watch matched in the VIP lounge .. whtevr .. who r u tryin to LURE pal .. :x .. v r nt aftr money honey .. all we need is luuuuuuuuuv :P .. hehehe ..

radiohead said...

dont cut my phone off .. in case I call ... thinkin me to be d TEd bundy's other number .. lol ..

KAYLEE said...


cm chap said...

Keshi Aunty??? Grrrr.. I thot Keshi Girl..ha ha.. very nice pics..

Girl..Hmm dn't get upset with all this silly things.. Enjoy the attention and forget it

Southpaw unplugged said...

so wut do I do, now that he has my number?***

u made a silly mistake and now u r thinking abt it...or u might say u r thinking after what i said, anyway..since u also hv his number or his dad's whatever u can always go ahead with filing complaint if he decides to act funny.

Keshi said...

Anuj Im a big fan of HOW I MET UR MOTHER. Love it! :)

Robin..o ok..well she's cute hehe.

hahaha @WIKI info on Bundy!

maybe he dun wanna kill me...ur right...but mebbe he's gonna kidnap me? :*(

yep he sounds like a spoilt lil rich kid...

Anuj I cant cut ur call off...cos it'll say ANUJ Calling :)


Kaylee Im very well ty! I should be asking how u tell me, u ok?


ty Chap! :)

Ur need to get all upset...


Southy thats right. Sometimes I do the DUMBEST things.


radiohead said...

haha .. m so lame :D

I just read tht complete wiki page .. this guy was (fucker) of a brain .. how can ppl b so cruel .. n his stry seems more like a movie .. haha .. he fled frm d prison twice .. thn continued his crimes .. haha ..

u knw wat .. since last 2 dyz .. i have been readin all this creepy stuff .. like d glasgow attack, thn detailed reports of london attack, thn 3 paki ppl killing a 15 yr old white boy :(, the profiles of terrorists .. thn durin lunch time ystrday i read this artcile on psychotic pshycology which explained hw evn normal ppl change in to violet rats whn being among d other violent ppl or in such an environment .. n d exmple was tht of the incidents in abu gehraib prison in Iraq .. nd readin all this m pissed ..

Allah nevr said wiping of humanity was a grt plan .. I mean these ppl .. evrything is so mad keshi .. I feel I should leave this world .. :)

nd walkin on d streets .. i jus fear .. who knws someone wud jus drag me in n stab me .. hehe .. though m nt a gal nt neither hot:P ..

though AUs is cool .. bt I fear this wrld .. I hate it :D


radiohead said...

well i wont use my mobile to call .. I have a free phone here :P .. haha ..

either u pick up n take d risk of handlin mr. 'TED' or ur jus cut it off .. lol

wht company r u exactly wrkin wid? nd wat kind of consultancy .. inquisitive IT guy as I am :D

Menchie said...

Awwwwww, such cute kids!!!! And that's an awesome cake! Your cousin made that????!!!!! I can only make cupcakes and cookies and plain cakes, nothing fancy like that.

Just play it by ear with the guy if you think he's a decent enough chap. as for the attention, I'd say enjoy it sweetie. As long as they look but don't touch! :D

fergal said...

cute kids!
glad u got some kids in your life in some way ... we can all learn lots of great things from kids (and hopefully, vice versa) ;-D


PrAcHi said...

H*** Aunty are you a man?
Hahaha.. So cute :)

AVIANA said...

sorry the pic is up! :)

Poo said...

hi sexy lady!!!! Good morning :))

Keshi said...

Anuj just one or 2 Ted Bundys shouldnt make u wanna leave this world, should they? Chillax..Im still here :)

I work for an IT firm...close to where Ted Bundy said he's working...thats what freaks me out!


hey Menchie!

**I can only make cupcakes and cookies and plain cakes, nothing fancy like that.

thats not bad at all. Yep my cousin is skiled at cakes. She didnt even go for classes or something...i think she learnt it from her mum..she's a good cook n a cake-maker.

I cant make a cake like that even if I went for a course LOL! Nah I havent tried..mebbe I'd be able to make it, who knows.

ty sweetie!


Fergal yep...Im not a parent yet but Im glad that these lil cuties make me feel like a mum..Im thankful for that.


lolz Prachi...Im laughing now but when that happened, we were all speechless. I really saw stars!


ty Lisa!


Good morning beautiful gal Poo, hows u? :)


Poo said...

I am fine sweetie :)) howz you ?

Been so busy with training..... and all that stuff. The weather is really Good in Bangalore ...Love it !!!

KAYLEE said...


Keshi said...

o ok Poo...ur off soon arent ya?

its butt-freezing here :(


Kaylee thats great :) HUGGGGGGGGZ!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love the photos! :)

Keshi said...

ty Andrew!


Poo said...

Not off i mean ...the london thingy what i told ya ...the training is for that one ....

Its freezing thr ....awwww do you like it ???

Keshi said...

**London thingy

thats what I meant :) so when exactly r ya leaving? The date?

I dun like Winter...Im a Summer girl. :*( Now Im writing a letter to Miss.Summer asking her to come bakk immediately.


Preeti Shenoy said...

Oh yes, MOST men have just one thing on their minds--and most women sense that from a mile away!

As reagrds your nephew and niece--such cutie pies.Those people who have children in their lives are indeed blessed.
And hey--i feel the same way too--a child trapped in an adult's body and I love it!heh heh!

Keshi said...

hey PS very true ;-)

And abt kids..yeah..some ppl hate kids..I just dunno HOW!


Poo said...

so when exactly r ya leaving? The date?

28 July ...are you also coming there i will be there till December ????

Now Im writing a letter to Miss.Summer asking her to come bakk immediately....LOL Keshi will she listen to you ...i dont think so :) hahahha You are too cool sweetie

Keshi said...

u'll be there till Dec..well u neva know Poo..I mite even make a trip to London. that wud be great na :)

Miss.Summer is a bloody stubborn b#tch lol!


Poo said...

plss make a trip :)) Ladoo it will a blast then :))))

dharmabum said...

keshi in demand huh!

and by looknig for 'something else', surely u don't mean sex, do u? :P

loved the snaps...

radiohead said...

haha .. now "TED" would have already bought a TELESCOPE .. to keep an eye on u :P

**M still here ..
sweeet .. :)

.. i was sad abt d wrld gettin screwed up .. m nt leavin it literally .. lol .. I jus thought fr a while tht its nt worth living ..

hehe .. i leave pretending to be goin fr lunch in d aftrnoon .. n roam arnd shoppin 2 hrs .. hehe .. its fun :P .. specially entering in to a shop seeing outrageous prices .. n walkin bck .. like i give no shit :P

m sure ur a shopaholic .. ur a gal aftrall .. ;)

cheers keshi ..
weekend plans ??

KAYLEE said...


Keshi said...

Poo that'll be just AWESOME. I'll try to ok? :) MWAHHHHHH!


Dharma Im in demand by a maniac LOL!

yes I mean SEX duhhh! :)


o u should shop with me Anuj..Im such a shopping-whore. LOL!

btw that Teddy seems to be on a high dosage of Viagra...cos he's calling me even when I dun respond!


Kaylee good on ya girl!


ghost particle said...

hey! whose that other cutie with that immaculate smile?

Keshi aunty did you really ring Batman? ---> uh! did you? I mean Christian Bale? Can you get me his auto...:p

Kids are the meaning of life. The cake is superb. happy bday Dylann.

---> Make a car break down, get two buddies to repair it. Wait for a hottie to pass by, run to her and ask help, get her phone number and stalk her. Wait, ok! Hey, is this for real, is all the girls in Australia coz like if I do it here, the police will be running after me. :p hahaha...Keshi, listen to me now girl, DONT give numbers to them, they might stalk you. You can give it to me, I will keep it for you, just in case you forget it. :D:P said...

Ok, I must give a resounding AWWWWWW! About your little munchkins they're adorable. Don't you love the silly (sometimes offensive!) things that kid's say!

The guys... you go girl... just keep those sensors on! LOL Haha the "Daddy's boys" tend to make me quite ill too:)

EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima said...

Beautiful children!

EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima said...

Beautiful children!

diyadear said...

real cuttee pics.. a very happy birthday to Dylann. i hope the party rocked.. n as for ur fanfare ahem ahem, keshi gal stay safe but enjoy ;)

AnonymousBlogger said...

You need to take all this guy attention and turn it into something. Don't let any of these opportunities go to waste, of course, don't be killed by some crazy SOB either. I guess you have to use your best judgment.

The Phosgene Kid said...

They are pixies!! Men are beasts, you're better off just enjoying yourself.

Dalicia said...

what adorable little things :) do keep us update on prince charming!

Anonymous said...

Don't always end it before it starts. Sheeeessshhh.

Don't think hella lot, girl. kapeeessshhhh!

Slapty slap @ you silly!



Bombay Girl said...

Hahah not pixies more like imps keshi.Dylan looks like one hell of a naughty brat!

Emotionally drained?Well just get out on the dating scene anyway.You might end up enjoying it.

What happened about the adoption enquiries?

Alok said...

hey keshi .... wht i meant was a daddy's boy to me is one who is soooooo very emotionally dependent on his dad that he cannot even take a decision on his own besides ofcourse the guy u met who talk abt his dad at the drop of a hat ...

But wht i felt preposterous was that he was taking and flaunting the advatages that his dad is entitled to or in others words his

Alok said...

But wht i felt preposterous was that he was taking and flaunting the advatages that his dad is entitled to or in others words wht his had earned and not him ...... and at the risk of being judgemental ... he has no business bragging abt it .....

i donno i don't think i shld comment like this ... but ...

Keshi said...

lolz Ghosty ty!

**Christian Bale?

I'd love to ring him tho :)

aww Ghosty dun u hv my number? I know ur not Ted material. I'll give it to u soon HUGGGGGGGGZ!


hey Java girl they r indeed cute little munchkins! :)

Daddy's boys r worse than suga daddies LOL!


Ori ty!


Diya ty!


AB tnxx mate!

**don't be killed by some crazy SOB either

dun worry...if I ever die young, it wud be a decent death...not a mockery ;-)


Phos thats so true! thats what I always tell mum when she whinges abt me being single n too fussy abt marriage...


ty Dalicia!


Stud-ur-licious! :)

**Slapty slap @ you silly!

haha hows u? Long time ha.


hey Shrew!

**more like imps keshi

lolz darn cute!


my cousin is already adopting a kid from Africa...I didnt even he's doing the inquiries for me..he told me not to go thru websites..he's actually finding out for me right now...thru real sources. I donated some money on my bday for starters...


Alok hey tnxx! :)

**he was taking and flaunting the advatages that his dad is entitled to or in others words his

I's not his wealth/job/ he really shouldnt be bragging abt it!


di.di said...

Holy hell! Nice cake!

Happy Belated Bday Dylann!!

Keshi said...

Isnt it Diva!

ty :)


--Sunrise-- said...

Belated bday wishes to Dylan, Keshi! :)

Why do all the wrong boys come asking for my number (remember Mr.Darcy too)? Waaaah! I sympathise with you.. lol. And then I feel guilty for being cold towards them... LOL. Arrrr.

Keshi said...

Surise heyya hows u? ty sweetie.

:) o these men!


CapCity said...

Grrreat photos! Such sweetie PIES!! u r the coolest aunty Keshi (i can just tell:-)!!

Keshi said...

hehehe ty Cap! :)


shnaggy said...

oh cute kiddos aunty!!!happy birthday cutie...

Keshi said...

ty Shnaggy! :)

Keshi. said...

Aw! Keshi... you're so pretty:)

Keshi said...

thats cos of my lil chipmunks :)

tnxx Javagirl!