Thursday, July 26

A Very Passionate Lover

He gently pushed me on to the bed...from then onwards it was just him and I, under the sheets, entwined in fiery moments that was our unfolding fate. He grabbed my body and took control of every inch of it. My body was not mine anymore, it was all his. He slowly caressed my skin with his burning fingers that drove my sanity to a feverish frenzy. He gave me sleepless nights...made my body ache with all his might...smothered me with his strength as I moaned endlessly through it all. He tasted every part of me with a passion that could not be defeated. Sometimes I was breathing, but at other times his weight on me left me completely breathless...however he didn't care much about that...he only cared about his wants...and right now all his wants and desires dwelled in me. His hunger for me was insatiable...his ardent touches sent shivers down my spine. I was his slave...he was my master, the one who made me do everything he wanted me to. Everytime I thought it was over, he only got closer and closer to me...there was no distance between us anymore...he was in me and I was in him, body and soul...we were now one being. And now that he found me there was no chance that he'd let me go...with every nimble, caress, kiss and cuddle, he wanted me more and more. He wanted all of me and took his own sweet time showing me that. He shut me away from the rest of the world and kept me all to himself. He is a very passionate lover and nothing I did could send him home or break his tight embrace. After 2 whole days of his voracious adventures with me, he left me this morning, leaving me exhausted and longing for some routine activities that his strong presence robbed me of. I got out of bed, took a long hot shower, got dressed and got out of the house thinking of the guy who was so obsessive about taking over my body in every sense I could think of...and that was Mr.Influenza Virus. Do I miss him? NO. I missed YOU.

oh oh..he don't mean nothing at all to me... ...

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kaylee said...

oh gosh i hate being sick

Margie said...

Are you all better now?
Sure hope so swt hrt!



Ghost Particle said...

u had sex with a virus?

:p...ze flue eh. man...ur nose must be red! hmmm...wb keshi...yeh i thought the stalker got u or sumthing!

Sweetstickychewy said...

that was some sizzling things going on

Glad to have you back! And i miss u too!


KAYLEE said...

i am so angty at the doc that is supposed to do the surgery.I am in so much pain!!!!!!!!!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Ok, now I have to go take a cold shower. Thanks a lot!!

Alok said...

Wouldn't it had been the most divine pleasure ...... a hot bath after such an encouter

hope u r doin well tdy


Margie said...

Just getting ready to shut down my laptop for the weekend!

Just saw your visit a few mins ago.
No, I did not see your Tues comment, as I've not had any time to be on the computer.

It was so special talking to your mum...she's a very wonderful lady, isn't she Keshi?
I could tell that right away!

How lovely that she said....
I was sweet!
That's so neat!
Now, my day is complete!
I just could not resist that silly
little rhyme!
Silly me!!!!!

Well, off to bed ....
We are leaving very early in the A.M for our trip.

Nitey nite!
See you next week!


P.S So glad you are getting better!

deepsat said...

i guess the virus is out there taking a smoke somewhere!! LOL!!

Silvara said...

Heya Keshi - you had me missing my Boo there - wish he was having me instead of this god-awful flu.... I'm still sick and wish it would GO AWAY.....

Good to have you back tho... :)

J said...

Lol.. for a moment I thought it was sex with someone that kept you away from blogsville. hahahahahaha!!!

Hope you feeling better now, take care girl.

ishita said...

glad to see u back :)... !!

aah well maybe u shud fall sick more often coz the post sure made an interestin read :P..

ps: i mentioned sumthin abt fever in my daily blog once...did u miss that? :)) aah well...

tk care now...*hugzzzzzz*

La vida Loca said...

get well soon :)

Poo said...


My Ladoo is not well..... did you go to the doctor sweetie. did you take ur medicine

You better be fit n fine ok ...bcoz i dont like when you are not around here !!!!

Missed you soooo much :))

TC and eat healthy :))

widly wild mmmmmmmmmmmmuahhhhhhhh :))

EBEZP said...

So sorry you've not been well!
Hope you are better now. You did have us all a little worried, well me anyway!!

Iceman said...


No words...

anuj said...

for the initial moments I thought .. tht ahem .. evn if she had some exciting sex wid someone .. y is she dwelling it out here .. bt thn i hd this at the back of my mind too .. tht having read all sorts of blogs .. people do this .. like creating an intrigue .. ohh like this really happened .. whn it nevr did ;)

well .. u believe it or nt .. ystrday i thght i shud give u a call .. bt i cudnt .. i was fuckin bsy :( .. nd rite now i tight lemme chck out my blog .. if u din relied .. thn sure there is somthin wrng n i wud have called u ..

hope ur doing grt now?
tmr is my last day at wrk though :)

take care keshi .. take care
nd ohhh .. do u like passion? .. jus lemme knw if u do :D .. hehehehe

rebel said...

ROTFL... u surely got me off track! How s you feeling now?

Srijith Unni said...

Wow..! That was so tricky..!

Nice One, Keshi..!

With Best Regards,

Cuckoo said...

Heya Keshi,
You gave me a jerk !! So much passionate was your lover.. Very sad (read glad) that he left you.

How're you doing now?

pria said...

Hmm a passionate sucker indeed taking away all our strength with all those moans around or under the pillow. Hehhe just the virus lover.

Hope u r ok now?

Aditi said...

Ohh i hope u're doing better now
he left u to find me.. and instead of getting it over with quickly he is taking his own sweet time
i hate it

Tys on Ice said...

Ur ardent lover has a brother and hes right now in Dubai buggering me...painful and nasty...

glad u r better after ur experience.

RandomThoughts said...

Now that's the most erotic influenza i've ever read! Great job as usual Keshi!

Hope ur fit & fine now!


Peter said...

That was obviously quite hot! Was a bit worried when I saw that you did not come with your ususal comments to the preceding post, but now I feel happy for you (and for myself having read your comment to my comment!!).

Nora said...

Well, I'm gld he left you - you're better off without him! :)

Vikas said...

hmm ....u first took every one to lust world and tyre puncture :P

good...ur fit get ready for real action ;)

Take Care

Aidan said...

that was some sexy writing, hope you feel better though, i hope i dont get sick from the cold shower i now have to take


Menchie said...

good for you. I'm STILL SICK!!!! DRAT!!!!

Autumn Storm said...


Glad you're feeling better, Kesh, xo

Sam said...

lol... great anticlimax :P

you shud fall sick more often i guess.. jokes apart.. amazing way of putting it across...
btw, am just wondering.. u knw!!

Ashes said...

interesting read.I really couldnt understand it was the virus until I read the comments.I did however that maybe he should have done some handcuffs and blindfold routine too,thats fun.hehe reading the comments was a shock really.but glad you are okay.I had encounters of that kind recently,not the virus kind though*smiles*..

Jeevan said...

Hahaha.... you expressed that something matter with this pretext of Influenza Virus! How are u feeling now dear?

take rest Hugssss...

Sanjay said...

I am glad you are feling better. Sucks to be sick.

Die Muräne said...

Ha! Looks like you had a 'hot' time...

Cool written Keshi
and glad to have ya back ;)

Asha said...

LOL!!! For a moment I thought you had a great time with a boy friend!!!
Hope you are okay.Kick him soon.We are out of that guy now for this year!:)

Poison said...

good riddance eh?! :)

Jay said...

I never knew Mr. Influenza had so much game. I was taking notes! LOL

He may be nasty, but he's still a lucky bastard! Got to spend two days alone with you!

Pankaj Gupta said...

oh My GOD..ummmm

hmmmmm..ha ha
wt to say after this..

He tasted every part of me with a passion that could not be defeated..

well THIS Time Mr.Influenza is Lucky but NOT next time(so pls take Medicines dear..)..ha ha..

this is really the Most Awesome Post u ever HAD buddy..

now u will be gng to show some EMPATHY about us also in ur nxt post..ha ha.take take Medicines gul.bye.

CapCity said...

LOVVVEEEEE this piece - how u pulled me in & i'm still wondering - is Keshi really talking about a flu bug...or was the man so infectious that she's calling HIM a virus? LOL! I'm glad u're back & hope yr feeling GRAND;-)

Ash said...

Interesting ;-)

Hope you are feeling better soon.

AVIANA said...

hi sweetie!

wow, is this true? did this actually happen? makes me thing of some moments with J...

how are you? i hope much better, physically and emotionally....

wow i really don't need to be reading stuff like this at moments like this...

have a nice day chicki.....

curryegg said...

You wrote Mr influenza virus in a sexy way... Lol..

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi...LOL..I thought I was reading an extract from a Mills & Boon novel which you'd just finished...Little did I know that it was ole Mr. Virus playing tricks.:)But,seriously,hope you're aok now,and fit n fine and ready to post the next post.grin.PSI posted a real 'happy'picture on my blog today.Do go see.(

Anonymous said...

>he was in me and I was in him, body and soul...we were now one being
muah muah muah keshi-chan lol
what a sexy post!! im reluctant to see that was influenza...
im soooo sorry abt it!!
take care!!

Ps said...

Thank God that obsessive bastard left.If he comes back--show him the door--Do not let him enter;-) LOL

toby said...

He'll be back! When you least expect; when you think you're over him for good; when you think you're strong again and he can't ever touch you...
...then you'll be right back there wrapped in his sweaty caress!
He knows what makes you weak at the knees. Oh yes, he'll be back.

Praneetha said...

u knw curiosity killed de cat.. loke wise i cudnt help lookin at de last line before finishin de whole post :D
anyways it was mushy enough 2 let de viral influenza leave u..
hope ur better now.. take care..

RAFFI said...

viruses are true perverts

EBEZP said...

Hey a moment to catch up and say thank you....hee hee you know what for.........Woo, Wow!! You make an old man .....older and very happy! Meanwhile Keshi you are drop dead effin' gorgeous!!!!
I would return the favour but it's anonymous you see!! but you may never know!! Just a little clue I have posted very regularly!!

Art said...

No wonder no posts.. I was wondering what happened.. Take care dear.. and get well soon :)

Jac said...


Why He didn't make me a virus ?


Brian in Oxford said...

a little bit of "WHAT have I walked in on?" followed by "I really shouldn't just skim over the posting!"

Glad you're better....

Jenny! said...

You are such a loon! At the end, I was she kidding or am i just slow! Feel better!

Andrew said...

I knew you were going somewhere with the post, but I did not guess. Well done. And expect erotic book publishers to knock at your door.

MyUtopia said... flu : )

WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

I have never heard of the flu bug being described in such a hallucinogenic nature. I detect a bit of a fever here.

So, how can I get this little bugger?


Glad u r not dead!

If this goes to three, I'm checking myself in for therapy.



susan said...


That was the steamiest illness I've ever heard of!

I'm glad you are feeling better now.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Much better now, thanks. Hope you are too!!!

jitendra said...

looks like "he" was using mardo waala cream ;)

SaffronSaris said...

Are you better now, poppy doll-pearl??

anuj said...

sure keshi ..
I want to be a Top Gun .. the one that shoots a Babeh down (wink wink) .. hehe

anuj said...

did i tell u i love nelly furtado too ..
finally I had my last nite out .. last nite .. ;)
n this is the last day at wrk .. n all my gonna do is do nothing :P

hw r u tdy? or mr. virus still pumpin ur kinky side up :P

Keshi said...

Kaylee hey hows u today?

well no one likes being sick but it's part of being human. we all fall sick swt hrt whether we like it or not. thats the only reality of this body.


Margie Im all good now. Except for the incessant coughing and a husky voice...but I like that bit cos co-workers say its sexy ;-) LOL!

so ur off to Vail I guess :( I MISS YA...


Ghosty heyy tnxx!

**u had sex with a virus?

LMAO! that line cracked me up big time.

btw did I say I had sex with anything at all? LOL!

**yeh i thought the stalker got u or sumthing!

this time ard I'd hv to stalk the stalker cos I've got germs now and he'd wanna run away from me. Besides I look like a hollow-eyed ghost right now. So he'd run away from me like crazy.


aww Amy ty so much n HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


whoaaa HOT new profile pic!


Keshi said...

Kaylee if ur mad at the doc, and if he did something wrong, whack him on the head with his stethoscope.



Phos how was ur shower? :)


hey Alok ty!

**Wouldn't it had been the most divine pleasure ...... a hot bath after such an encouter

oyeah...the longest, hottest shower after a hot encounter is the bestest pleasure on Earth...


hello Deepz!

**i guess the virus is out there taking a smoke somewhere

o no dun tell me :(

btw thats what some men do after sex ha..take a smoke ha :)


Silvara Im not 100% well yet..but as usual Im in denial so I pretend Im well and looking glamorous when Im not! I put liquid eye-liner on this morning and when I was done I looked like a dead body on fashion parade.

**wish he was having me instead of this god-awful flu

awww...I sure long for cosy hugs more n more when Im sick.

I hope u get better soon sweetie. TC n HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


hey J ;-)

** for a moment I thought it was sex with someone that kept you away from blogsville

so u think I'd quit work n blogs for 48hrs just for sex? LOL u dun think much of me do ya!



U did? when? awww I'd hv missed it. Do let me know the link plz. TY sweetie!


ty LaVida ;-)


Keshi said...

aww I missed u too Poo!

Here's a qn for ya.

wud does a Laddoo look like when it's sick?

ans: it looks like KESHI.


**did you go to the doctor sweetie. did you take ur medicine

nah I dun believe in docs..haha! I just took panadol and cough syrup Benedryl - thats cos I like the sweet taste of it..I keep drinking it from the bottle LOL!



Ebezp tnxx mate!

btw did u read this post at all? :)


Keshi said...

Iceman I wanna hear something from so tell me.


Anuj u r so bad... u didnt even doubt if I was sick and u waited till I posted something to call me..I cud hv been dead u know..baaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

lol k Im kidding :):) ty so much for calling me yday. Sorry I sounded like an voice is so different now..aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I hate it - I want my SEXY back! :(

**evn if she had some exciting sex wid someone .. y is she dwelling it out here

duncha worry I wont ever blog abt my real sexperiences ;-)

Im much better today :) hows u?


Keshi said...

Rebel tnxx hun Im much better today :)


ty Srijith!


Cuckoo ty Im much better today :):)


Priya hehe yep...ty sweetie!


hey Aditi!

**he left u to find me.. and instead of getting it over with quickly he is taking his own sweet time

awww he's such a pervert! I hope u get rid of him soon. TC!


Tys hey!

**Ur ardent lover has a brother and hes right now in Dubai buggering me...painful and nasty...

u too? awwww...TC mate! His entire family seems like international perverts.


hey Rashmi ty!

**Now that's the most erotic influenza i've ever read!

yeah and the pleasure was all his.



hey Peter Im happy that ur happy :)


Keshi said...

Nora yes! And Im sure he's seducing some other poor girl somewhere else. PERV!


hey Vikas!

**u first took every one to lust world and tyre puncture

ROFL! :):)


heyyya Aidan hows u?

**i hope i dont get sick from the cold shower i now have to take

awww...well dun take a cold one..take a nice warm shower that'll take u places ;-)


Keshi said...

Menchie Im not 100% total denial.



hey Autumn ty sweetie!


hey Sam wut r u 'wondering' abt? :)

**great anticlimax

LOL sorry guys!


Ashes Im glad u had similar but un-virus encounters :):) ooh lala!

**maybe he should have done some handcuffs and blindfold routine too,thats fun

mebbe u should go read my recent KINKY post...u'll love it. Go to my June 1007 archive here:



kaylee said...

//Kaylee if ur mad at the doc, and if he did something wrong, whack him on the head with his stethoscope//

i would but then he might mess up on purpose on the surgery hehe.its just his attitude that i didnt like but i am over it now.i am better but still in a lot of pain today!

Keshi said...

Jeevan Im very well today ty! Not 100% but getting there :)



Sanjy tnxx!

I hatebeing just drains me and freezes my life just like that!


ty Murane!

** Looks like you had a 'hot' time

yep the temperature went real high :)


Asha he comes every year..thats a pain...isnt their something called Health Police that we cud report him to?


Poison, GR definitely!

hey u bak to blogging? Nice seeing u here :)


Jay he's quite powerful and determined at his job!

**He may be nasty, but he's still a lucky bastard! Got to spend two days alone with you!

but he will never see me at the best of my health - when Im that kind of energetic lover too. thats a downer for him :)


aww ty Pankaj! Im taking Panadol and cough syrup...yummy yummy fruity syrup.

**this is really the Most Awesome Post u ever HAD buddy..

really? WHY? :)


hey Capz!

** is Keshi really talking about a flu bug...or was the man so infectious that she's calling HIM a virus?

LOL good one! mebbe its that...who knows...I'll leave it for u to imagine ;-)

tnxx mate!


ty Ash!


Keshi said...

Lisaaaaaaaaa...did u read the entire post girl? LOL!

aww cmon forget J...I mean it's not that hard to forget a jerk is it? If he was a nice guy with a genuine heart, then breaking up is hard to do...but he treated u really bad..I dun find it hard to forget jerks like him...but ofcourse I know it makes u feel sad for urself...for being treated that way...

well the remedy for that is to make urself happy...sing, like how sing beautifully all the to some groovy latino music...dress urself beautiful and go out...enjoy ur beautiful self. Cos only u can make urself HAPPY.



hehe Curryegg ty sweetie!


Amit Im on my way to see ur HAPPY pic!



Niki dun be so reluctant...cos that Mr.Influenza cud be anyone u see ;-)


Keshi said...

PS if he comes back Im gonna let him taste Miss.Codral instead of me.



lolz Toby I loved what u wrote! EXCELLENT!

yes I cant seem to break up with him at all...he comes back through my doors and smiles bak at me...and expects me to be ready for him again...

go now go..walk out the door...dun turn ard now...ur not WC anymore...



Praneetha u cheated LOL!

ty sweetie :)


Keshi said...

Raffi they r sleazy bastards too!


Ebezp ty and Im glad u liked it :):)

I did that as a HNT and asked the audience to caption it.

oooo so I gotta find u in the crowd ha...thats exciting! I might just do that then. ty so much, I'll be there soon!


kaylee said...

I dunno what the hell these pills are that the doctor gave me but i took one and am completely out of it and feel no better!

lee said...

Well written, keshi :).Glad you gave it the boot. Here is a thing that helps:olive leaf extract. The Olive Leaf Australia one is a good brand - it's something you take all the time to boost the immune system.I hope your "lover" stays away from you for a while ;) :).

Shionge said...

Oops! Don't send this passionate lover my way Keshi....glad he is 'off' you nasty guy ;(

Hey sweetie..have a wonderful weekend :D

Keshi said...

Art ty sweetie!


lolz Jac!

then I wudnt really see ya wud I?


Brian o brian o brain :) so u usually just skim ova me? lol I mean skim ova it?


hehe Jen MWAHHHHHH !


heyy Andrew!

**And expect erotic book publishers to knock at your door

cmon I dun have erotic writing skills as such :)


Utopia it is ha ;-)


hey BEV Im glad ur smiling. :)

**If this goes to three, I'm checking myself in for therapy.

o well take me too...I need lots of therapy. And when Im there, the therapist wud need therapy too.



Susan just imagine if the flu was really this steamy, wud we all try avoiding it? wud we take anti-biotics? Wud we wud we LOL!


Phos tnxx Im getting there :)



if he as the mardo wala guy I'd kick him with all my strength somehow...ewww!


lolz Saffy Im like 79% now :)


Anuj u wanna be a top gun? LOL cute.

U know my cuzn bro says I look like Nelly...Im so happy abt that LOL!

**or mr. virus still pumpin ur kinky side up

nah he's gone to molest some other person in Namibia or Uruguay.

Im well today...79.5% now. so ur off soon? I'll call ya b4 Sunday. r u sad ur leaving Aus? :(


Keshi said...

Kayleeeeee I was only kidding :) Dun punch the doc..not yet LOL!

often pills dun work..they r all temp shit. have u tried herbal therapies?


Lee heyy hows u sweetie?

**The Olive Leaf Australia one is a good brand - it's something you take all the time to boost the immune system

aha I've heard abt it too. tnxx!

My lover is a bisexual pervert...cos he's flirting with a male colleague of mine now. (rolling eyes here)


Shionge I dunno if he cud keep away from someone as attractive as u r...ooooo ;-)


homo escapeons said...

Very sneaky Keshtar, very sneaky.
You really had me going there...until you admitted what had 'influenzed' you to write your little romance novel (ladyporn).
Whatever floats yer boat.

Just out of curiosity, have I ever mentioned that I am part GERM-man?

Southpaw unplugged said...

Lucky son of a bitch(Mr.Influenza virus)...:P
Hey how u doing today babes?

fergal said...

hehey - i like it! very clever twist at the end there ... up until then i was wondering where exactly it was going; but that was a superb ending! ;-D

hope u r feeling better now


kaylee said...

//have u tried herbal therapies?//

No what will that do? does it help?

Keshi said...

hey part GERM-man I wud love ur come-pany then ;-)


Southy Im good...hows u? Where were ya?

nah he aint lucky cos right now Im trying to kill his effects lol!


aww Im glad u liked it Fergal ;-)

Im much better today...tnxx!


Kaylee I dunno how it wud help u but I hv heard so many ppl with illnesses take herbal medicines...just find out from ur area...

Dun try anything w.o. medical advice!


messys musings said...

hey.. whoa... that was a hot post.. didnt realise who created the heat :p

hope ur well.. hugss...

the wedding pics r up on my blog as requested by u.. :)))

hope u like em...

Anonymous said...

That was a very good description. Very visual... Very candid...

Missing is part of longing. Both are interchangable.

Anonymous said...

And yes, missed you too!

Anonymous said...

awww lol
i dont need any Mr. then...
thanks keshi-chan! have a lovely day!!

anits said...

hehe was so excited to read it...n finally its flu haha...anyway its very interesting..anyway care of urself! miz ya!

Mohan said...

This is one of the best post you have ever posted. When I was reading it , I really got high and i had a quick shower then came back and continued to read the post.

anuj said...

well its all so happenin in a frenzy .. so m nt really in a state to tell whether m happy or sad .. its rather mixed .. i want to see my frndz too n want to stay bck here too (bt definitely nt alone :( ) .. lonliness has bitten me hard here n i have realised hw imp it is to have someone ( someone cud b frndz or ppl u knw too) ..

bt still .. i guess m kind of in a happy mood .. n eventually i have to go bck .. so y brag abt it :P ..

ahan .. u look like nelly .. grt .. hehe .. so ur the promiscous gal haan :D

anuj said...

did u saw the video i send ur way on my blog commnts?
hw did u find it ?

AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi...hey,that pic was not supposed to be funny.:)I wrote' I posted a 'happy' picture' in my post.Coz it had me wondering when I'd be smiling like that,under a waterfall or anywhere for that matter.:)Cheers.

EBEZP said...

Next time you are over at mine, go down the side bar until after the blogroll and press THE REAL ME!!
Won't help with the body bits but it might help!!

Trinnie said...

hey i hope u are alright now!
that was some hot stuff btw. ;)
take care :)

CM-Chap said...

Ha Ha... The way u explained was very seducing. BTW..Hw r u nw?

AmitL said...

Hey,Keshi..u're online?Just saw ur second comment.:)Will post a funny/happy pic of me one of these days.grin.If u're online,nod ur head.

Ekta said...

I almost got cheated by your post!!
but hey u sick??..hope ur doing better!!...get well soon!

ishita said...

howz ya sweets :)

the links - first one takes u d post where Rajiv left his comment :)


and the second is my post on "fever"



tc *huggzzz*

Crazy Me said...

I almost thought I was going to be waking my boy up and then I read the end and it was like a cold shower. Thanks a lot! LOL!

uttara said...

soo the sexylicious is backkkkkkk

all up n kicking huh?? :D

hugggggggggggg welcome back i got ur text... :)

Cazzie!!! said...

You wrote all of that? Sheesh oughta write for mills and boone girl!

Drama Div@ said...

LOL... at first I thought you were talking about your lil adventures with Fabio!!

Geet said...

Lol Keshi!

nice one.

huggg for the weekend!

Anonymous said...

u got me all hotted up
until i got wise

i tot u had become a soft porn writer
it sure was good

Sreeharsha said...

Its an art to write even about being sick... :)
hope you r doing better now...
Have a nice time..


Iceman said...



Helen said...

Aaaah that was beautiful, the post not the virus. Gaaah I hate being sick. take care, my friend!!

starry nights said...

Keshi..I am glad you are over the flu.I thought I was going to have to take a cold shower after reading this post.You surely can write so well.Ever thought of writing a book.

The Acid Tongue said...

the first sexual anecdote that ends with "Thank God" rather than "ThankYou" !!!

I'm wishin a booker prize for you. or Did Playboy call you already?

Vik said...

LOL damn the story.. I was almost biting my nails off and was muching the pops to glory thinking of the erotic thriller LOL

Nice story format but hey you not doing well these days? How come? Hope you get well soon and write more "such" stories LOL

And BTW, did you ask what the bedpost picture was about in PS's blog?? LOL I just could not stop laughing.. hehehe

Ashes said...

*whistles* jeez where do ya get all these people from to comment.I mean, Jesus Christ! 100 might be the TOTAL of all the comments on all the posts I have written.

KAYLEE said...

HEY KESHI HOW ARE U? I just got out of the er 3 hours ago:(

Paul said...

If this is being sick, then if you ever have a near death experience, I just can't imagine...

Little Miss Muffet said...

ooh la la...what a hot sizzling start that was! and u had to attribute all those wonderful things to a virus! i'm sorely disappointed :( anyway, hope you are doing good now :) take care and have a good weekend..

Steph said...

Oh you evil temptress! You had me going there for a minute :P

Sujit said...

ah!.. too much.. how is you doing?

Kalyan said...

Incredible writing...!

Irene said...

That was HOT! Haha! ;p

RamaG said...

excellent narrative Keshi. I'm glad you've recovered.


StandbyMind said...

What a virus

deepti said...

:-)u always make me smile with ur posts sweets...
plz take care of ueself.

Blessed said...
*Blessed takes handkerchief and wipes her brow*
You had me going.
What a great writer you are.
Damn flu!
But look what the flu inspired.
Hope you are feeling better!

Dan said...

Holy crap! I think I'm in love the the flu!!

Hugs Keshi! xoxo

Princess Banter said...

Hahaha -- I love how you put a bright side to being sick ;) Having the flu is the pits... I would be cursing the virus to the deep ends of hell if I were in your position. You are a gift! :)

Sugarlips said...


Keshiiii you are tooo much :) I hope you are feeling better now.

Get well hugs for u.

Stay Beautiful...!!

talldarkman said...

keshi.....u r hot.....:D

and this one Mr. err...watsis name...made u hotter still......*lol*

but keshi...u do have a super brain.......kewl article....:P


mommyof2 said...

OMG you naughty girl:-)

Hope you are feeling better now.

Jeya Anand said...

hahaha...hope u r feeling good now!!

Anonymous said...

Australia GUILTY

Anonymous said...

Australia GUILTY

Jocelyn said...

And yet, somehow, you kind of miss him, don't you?

Don't worry: I'm sure Mr. Fever 'N Ague will stop by in a month or two to work you over again.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Keshi - hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Looking forward to seeing you again!!!

Jim said...

U surprise me
a nice indian or SL girl dont usually rite soft porn or hard

Keshi said...

Messy MWAHHH n ty sweetie!


Kulz ty! :)


aww Niki ty sweetie!


Anits :):) ty!


Keshi said...

lolz Mohan ty!


Anuj u went already :(


Amit I was under the impression that it was gonna be one of ur HAPPY pics...and then I go n see an elephant n I thought u were trying to trick me LOL!


Ebezp I'll be there in a jiffy ;-)


ty Trinnie MWAHHHHHHH!


Chap ty!


Ekta :):)


Ish I got em...tnxx! U n I always think ALIKE!


LOL Crazy_Me!


hey Bootylicious MWAHHHHHHH! :)


Caz I dun think M&Bs wud like their steamy stories to END like that :):)


Who's Fabio Miss.Diva? LOL!


Keshi said...

hehehe Geet ty!


Saby :)


ty Harsha!


ty Iceman!


Helen ty sweetie!


awww Starry where hv u been? I missed ya. HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

u ok?


Acid heyy tnxx!

Playboy wont call me to write for em...LOL!


Vik lolz yep I asked PS abt it...WUT IS IT btw?


hehe Ashes!


lol cute.

I hv met alot of ppl in Blogville havent I :)


Kaylee Im getting better...hows u sweetie?


hey Paul!

**then if you ever have a near death experience, I just can't imagine...

ROFL! dunno mate..I mite even hv an angelic orgy...LOL!


Keshi said...

hehehe Miss.Muffet ty sweetie!


Hello Stepher!


Sujit Im well n hows u? :)


Kalyan ty! and hey WC!


Irene ty sweetie!


Rama ty :)


Standby heyy tnxx lol!


ty Deepti! :)


Blessed lol tnxx hun!


lolz Dan ty!


ty Banter ;-)


hey Suga tnxx LOL!


ty TDM, how have ya been? Long time!

Is FLIRTING still ur occupation? :):)


Mommy ty sweetie :)


lol Jeya ty!


Anony heyy!

**Australia GUILTY

will check it out.


Jocelyn o noooo I dun want him again :(


I had a wonderful one Phos...ty! And how abt ya?



Jim Im not just a good/bad girl..neither am an Indian/Sri Lankan girl...Im a human being...and I can be good or bad or whatever whenever ok :)


The Acid Tongue said...

//Playboy wont call me to write for em...LOL!

haha, well in that case, be sure to tell me when the episodes are out :D

i wanna catch one of em before they run out lolz

Paul Champagne said...

To think I was getting all hot and bothered by the flu ... Well, I guess that is his job :D

Pritika Gupta said...

Wow!! wht a post..u should start writting small sexy wud be gr8

Keshi said...

Acid dream on ok? :):)


hehe Paul!!


Pritika ty sweetie ;-)


Beach Bum said...

I read your post and had to run take a cold shower. Then I came back and read the comments and found out you had a virus, I hope you are feeling better.

Keshi said...

lol Beachbum!


diyadear said...

unaughty gal.. i did suspect ur prank ;) but more importantly, how r u now???

chocolteluva said...

LOL.. i was like KESHI a little discretion eh??
hahahaha.... well written..
influenza sure does HEAT up situations... hahaha
get well soon.. and sorry for not visiting for a while (stupid school)

Keshi said...

Choco lol tnxx hun!

Flu makes me wanna have sex. Proven fact ROFL!


Arm Pitt said...

Nicely written. I knew you were gonna have some twist at the end, by could never guess it was gonna be a virus.
Its amazing how you keep churning out blogs quite so regularly! I comment only on those I enjoyed reading, but i gotto admit - your vocabulary, intelligence and thought process is very impressive! I made your day, dint I?
Btw, I am gonna resume blogging soon.

Keshi said...

hey Mr.Brad Pitt!

** your vocabulary, intelligence and thought process is very impressive!

omg omg omg...Im gonna frame those words n hang it on my wall LOL! ty :)

yeah get bakk to regular blogging mate...wut u doing wasting all the time that we should be enjoying here hehehe.


SamY said...

hey nutty. truth be told I havent been able to take a peak into blogsphere since this new job #-o. seriously catching up on my nerves.

I thought u'd have noticed I havent written a post for looooong :(. This was the only post I had the time to read thru. I havent even checked dilbert for over 5 days now *uff*.

havent forgotten ya or anything ... but I do see ur drama spree just seem to continue endlessly :p ... tgc n have fun ... will catch up whenever I get a breather :)

Vivek said...

that was amaaaazingggg !!!

Keshi said...

Samy u chose this post to say HI to me? Any particular reason? LOL!

Its ok mate...take ur time...I know ur busy. Just missed ya :)



hehe tnxx Vivek!