Tuesday, January 29

Sketches Of My Life

Hey guys hows it going? I had a nice long weekend..I wasn't at home all 3 days! There were BBQs, dinners, lunches, coffee, beach, road trips etc etc...so yeah I'm a bit tired of socialising right now, phewwww gimme a break people! Anyways, I had a great long Australia Day weekend, and here are some pics from it as well as from last weekend. One of my friends has such a great garden full of vegies and fruits...it was so refreshing to just sit there and look at all the flowers, fruit and veges. We had some pool fun too - no pics of that, sorry! Little Jamie is another friend's baby boy...he's 8 months old and was already trying to hit on me o nos! awww...he was so cute, always climbing up on me and playing with my hair..I think he likes long wavy hair. Also, I bought 4 pairs of new shoes 2 weekends ago (I know, there are kids starving in Africa but hey I'm only human), so here are the pics as promised (Margie and all the girls here!). Other crazy shots of me in front of the mirror are to be laughed at..ok? I do crazy things when I'm alone. (read the captions of each pic as well). I'm only sketching my life away....I hope you like the sketches...

One more thing I have to say before I go...this morning as I was walking down the street, one driver was staring at me it almost looked as if his neck did a full right turn and he kept on driving like that LOL! I hope he didn't crash down the road.

I hope you all had a great weekend too, and HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY to all my INDIAN mates here!

Happy week ahead guys, live it to the fullest!

Current Music: Only Lonely by Divinyls

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KAYLEE said...

Glad you had a great weekend.I didnt :(

Menchie said...

I can just live vicariously through you. That looked like a super fun weekend.

Love the shoes!

BUMBLE!!! said...

Interesting picture contraption - glad to hear you had a good weekend.

KAYLEE said...

hwy did you get my email i sent over the weekend?

The Phosgene Kid said...

There were many, many shoes!!!

anits said...

hi keshi..hv been missing u...great that u had a great weekend...especially with cute lovely jamie... ;) enjoy ur day!

Iceman said...

don't we love warm sandy beaches, and cocktails with little straw hats.....

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Keshi,
You had such a wonderful time during your three days celebration of the Australian National Day. Nothing like going to the beach and communing with nature and partaking of its bountiful fruits and vegetables too. He, he, he, *lol* Your pictures are all so captivating. But what impresses me most were your pictures of yourself. You have the most soulful eyes that I ever beheld. (Hey, I'm not proposing, mind you. He, he, he *lol*) But I thought you wasted your films when you were caught on camera without your head. There's a superstition in our country wherein a person who was taken without a head in a picture would die. Perish the thought. Anyway, it was just a silly superstition. Happy Republic Day of India to you and to all my Indian friends. I love you all with the love of the Lord. Thanks for the nice post. God bless you and your family always.

krystyna said...

Hi Keshi!
Great you had a nice long weekend. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics. I'm "jealous" about these great garden full of vegies and my lovely fruits. In my place there is snow and vegies and fruits are in the store but without real smell and sometimes with bad flavor.

krystyna said...

Great song, the band is so unique.

Have a wonderful, happy, lovely time!

Nora said...

The shoes are hot - so are you! Enjoy the rest of the week. x


Anonymous said...

Great to see ya abck and having a gala of time over the weekend....
Dont know but the tricolor you got here is wrong, the white color shud be in the mid of the saffron and green color......

thats how it is in the tricolor.....



WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

Glad you had a great weekend. Pics are very nice. Love the beach.

It's a little too cold to go to the beaches here.

In the last week, I think we've had about 2 hours of sunshine. In fact it has been so dull here even the animals are booking the tanning salons.

Not too far from where I live I spotted a moose. We usually have to go north to see them. It's been such a crappy winter even the moose are heading south.



Prats said...

That was a helluva weekend you've had....me missing beaches now :(

Love those shoes.....have a funtime girl.....make the most out of the happytimes

Sweetstickychewy said...

OH Keshi! I love love love the white shoes!! Could not take my eyes off it. Loved it!

And cute pics of expressions of urself..

and hehe hey gurl love that pic with u taking the side profile of ya butt. haha..:P

And Jamie such a cutesy!!:D

So nice to hear u had so much fun sweetie!


Silvara said...

ello ello....what fantastic pics!! remember i told you about shoe-gasms?? i just had multiple ones after seeing those beauties....I'm so jealous. I want new shoes...well I HAVE new shoes but haven't worn them yet...need more shoes!!!!!!!!

maverick said...

based on the pics u ve put up..n in the order they appear...

the where u r using the thumb for a purpose n the next one where the expression comes..."Really did u want to use the thumb???"....lol

good that u enjoyed the weekend :)

happy republic day to u too :) n aussie day

Jay said...

Glad you had a great weekend. Just hanging out with friends and having fun without worrying about other things is always a good time.

Kalpana said...

Good that you had great week end. Happy Republic Day to you too.......

uttara said...

u have gooofed up with Indian flag colour :p

white is in between ... change it


lovelyyyyyyyyyyy pics there sweets
u look so cute and lovelyy shoes :D

Margie said...

Hey Keshi
Almost bedtime here!
just came by for a guick "hi"
Loved all the pics!
Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend for you...so glad to hear that!
Oh, so there are the shoes...love them!

Nitey nite, Hun!


P.S Have a great week ahead
Cu soon!

general_boy said...

Love the pointy shoes Keshie!! I mean not in the weird way some people like them... all perfectly normal... oh no I've said too much... again...

Ps said...

Cute pics Keshi.I can SEE you had a great weekend.

david mcmahon said...

Thanks for the visi. Hope you enjoyed the long weekend.

maverick said...

i had a good weekend..hectic one tho...classes n all thruout d weekend

Lena said...

had a great time?? ;)
great to hear that you enjoyed.
and the kid is really cute :P

Mez said...

As usual miss is lookin great!

gunj said...

I bought 4 pairs of new shoes 2 weekends ago (I know, there are kids starving in Africa but hey I'm only human),

babe ure simply a girl :)

lovely pictures
sexy shoes i must say!!
n u too look great:)

happy republic day to u as well :)

Miladysa said...

You read HAPPY Keshi!

Enjoy your week ahead too ;)

The Belled Goat said...

Hey, Amazing job here!
I LuV UR ShOEsSS!! GImmI dOsE too!!! ur luky but! hehez..
and yah same to yah for Republic Day!
We have a garden full of veggies n fruits too.. but mah grandma won't let us mess arnd it!
Lolz... dat man must be havin a hard time for sure!

Njoy!! tc!

Jeevan said...

Hope it was an enthusiastic weekend for u keshi. The Calm seas, roses and Little Jamie are adorable, very nice pictures!!

I wish too about the drive who looking at you. happy weekdays, take care dear :)

KPs View! said...

good post keshi....glad u had good long weekend......:)

"I know, there are kids starving in Africa but hey I'm only human"

well i say once in a while u shud trat ur own self too...after all we r living for ourself...its good to help others....but nothing is before Me,Myself & I

Asha said...

Looks like you had fun weekend. We did too! Also did lot of cleaning too and donated lot of stuff to Good Will while you were buying shoes!Hahaha!!
See you later!:))

Anonymous said...

Keshi....awww I love them!! The shoes of course :P
The whites are purfucttllyy adorable.. esp the first one!!!!!
I m jealous :)

Now your pics are not normal.. are you OK? or did you have extra lime with chocos? Did you know thats a deadly combo?

I mean they say in your tummy, they mix and later they may react and all that ... Take care hons.. u don't wanna end with a blasted tummy

OK.. I was joking :P

And I liked yur dress.. :)
Take care hons :)


Shionge said...

Yo thanks for sharing all the lovely photos and yes, live life to the fullest and you did well to party on sweetie :D

anuj said...

thts great .. a long weekend .. I rem ..I had one nd had great fun .. my wknd was a bit hectic though .. tryin to do some wrk .. though I hardly work (please take a note) ... n thn boozed wid frndz last nite .. gawwd was I not rollin arnd evn in d morning .. bt I survived somehow .. ;)

n hotchoc I wasnt pissed in d last post :) .. I was jus tryin to have some fun ..

how are u doin? m chckin out d pics n thy look crazy already .. hehehe :D

take care keshi ;)

Helen said...

I could soooo use a nice long BBQ weekend with flowers and veggies!! Looked lovely, glad to have you back, though.

anuj said...

now somthing stupid happnd here n m nt sure of my comnt wud reach u or not .. :x

well i will write it dwn again ..

ohk ..thts grt u had a gud wknd ..i rem .. i had one .. it was fun ..

m lookin at d pics .. n thy seem quite crazy already :D .. bawaaaaa

n hotchoc I wasnt pissed over the last post .. i was jus tryin to have some fun ..

take care keshi ;)

freesherry said...

looks like you had a rocking weekend.. :D
nice blog

anuj said...

oh i so used to love Heaven ..specially the caramel bar .. used to have it almost daily aftr lunch wid this austrian bastard who was so crazy abt icecreams ..(n oh he doesnt mind being called bastard ..hehe ..jus fr fun) ..

d thing I liked most, more then d taste was tht it is named quite appropriately :D

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Awesome pics!Glad to know you had a great weekend darling.I loooove those shoes and that baby is such a doll!

Take care.Keep rocking babes!Love ya.Hugsssssss :)

P.S. Am sure you turn many heads everyday,just that you might not have noticed them all ;)

Ghost Particle said...

keshi...do me a favour would you dear?

check of ur neighbours house if it is avail for rent. I need to move in fast...like right now! :D

those new angels...of ur face...is so darn...enigmatic...immaculate...eccentric :)

EBEZP said...

Love your pics as ever Keshi and so pleased you enjoyed all the Australia Day celebrations.

If I was driving past you I'd more than likely crash..........

AVIANA said...

Hey Girl!!!

I'm sorry I missed the last post.. :(

Well you got some good feedback...

glad you had a nice weekend...

pssst... i met this guy..a doctor..we'll see how it goes..



Solitaire said...

Sounds like an awesome awesome weekend!!

Mr. Mapper said...

Cool blog!

Keshi said...

aww Kaylz...tell me, wut did u do?


U hv cute kida Menchie...ur life is full of fun :)



Keshi said...

tnxx Bumble!


no Kaylz I didnt get any email from ya??


Keshi said...

lolz Phos yes there were MANY shoes!


aww Anits I missed ya too...ty n HUGGGGGGGGGZ! Glad to be bak.


Keshi said...

we do we do @Iceman ;-)


aww tnxx Mel!

**Hey, I'm not proposing, mind you. He, he, he *lol*

why not, awww Im pretty disppointed! ok I was only kidding LOL!

I know..my mum says the same...that taking pics w.o. the head is a bad thing. Well I really am headless so its ok LOL!


Keshi said...

tnxx Krys!

aww where d u live Krys? I mean u dun hv trees and gardens where u live?

yes this band is a great Aussie band...love em!



So r u Nora! tnxx hun :)


Keshi said...

hey Ashu tnxx!

o I didnt worry too much abt puttin the colors in the right order...just chose the Indian flag's colors...thats all :) but tnxx, I changed it so that I wont get any more comments abt it lol!


hey Bev!

So if u go to the beach now we'll hv to put u in a m/w to get u bak?LOL!

**In fact it has been so dull here even the animals are booking the tanning salons

haha cute! awww...

well I hope u get some sunshine ur way this weekend...TC!


Keshi said...

ty Prats! :)


ty Amy! Im so glad to hv ya bak.

yes the white ones r every girl's dream :) I knew u'd like em.

**pic with u taking the side profile of ya butt.

haha yeah..just felt like 'butting' for a change cos it's always my face I take pics of lol!



Keshi said...

hellooo Silvara babez!

**remember i told you about shoe-gasms?? i just had multiple ones after seeing those beauties

LOL I got that word from ya! Im hving em all the time...:):)

Ur soo like me..I hv new shoes which I hvnt worn yet and just yday I was looking at a new pair in the store...I know, IM BAD!


Keshi said...

hey Mav!

**..."Really did u want to use the thumb???"....

lol I dun get it..wut d u mean?


yes Jay I had alot of fun, tnxx!


Keshi said...

Kalpz hey ty!


LOL Uttsy ur the 2nd one who said that...I hv changed it duh! :):)

aww ty and how hv u been? Still busy?


Keshi said...

yes Margie...they r the shoes. Did u see all 4 of em? :)

Hope ur hving a good day hun!



hey Boy tnxx!

** I mean not in the weird way some people like them.

lol I know ur not like that, so chillax mate :)


Keshi said...

hey PS ty!


hey Dave tnxx!


Keshi said...

Mav just bunk em ;-)


yes Lena he's soooooooo CUTE!


Keshi said...

tnxx Mez n u too!


aww ty Gunj! I know u'll u'stand my gurrrrly needs ;-)


Keshi said...

me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY today @Miladysa ;-) tnxx!


WC in here Belled!

**mah grandma won't let us mess arnd it

LOL I can picture her watching u!

yes that driver must hv had a serious crash cos he was driving with his head turned right. LOL!

tnxx for dropping by mate!


Keshi said...

yes Jeevan it was great but a lil exhausting :)

how was ur's?

btw the driver is prolly in hospital now. LOL!


aww KP tnxx!

**after all we r living for ourself

true...we cant be so generous while working in the City n all LOL!


Keshi said...

Thats good to hear Asha :)

**Also did lot of cleaning too and donated lot of stuff to Good Will while you were buying shoes!

LOL I feel so bad now! tnxx Asha HUN!


hahaha Veennz tnxx!

**Now your pics are not normal.. are you OK?

ROFL! When was I ever normal? LOL!

Im so not OK 24/7. U know my brains on a permanent holiday ;-)


Keshi said...

aww ty Shionge u too!


hey Anuj didnt u know I HAVE gone crazy long time ago? :)

**though I hardly work (please take a note) ...

really? why not?


DJ said...

good to see u r doing great...
keep rocking... and btw, great song too :)

Keshi said...

aww Helen soon u'll go into Summer :) and me into Winter :(

tnxxx hun!


oh ok Anuj. I got that comment anyways :) tnxx!


Keshi said...

Freesherry WC n ty!



Anuj thats nice....I know the HEAVEN choc bar...its too sweet btw :)

The one in my pics r some Swiss chocs...they r DELICIOUS! u see I started with 2 and ended up eating abt 10 in one go LOL!


Keshi said...

Hey Sameera tnxx hun!

**. Am sure you turn many heads everyday,just that you might not have noticed them all

oyeah PLENTY! but this guy really had me in total shock, cos he was turning bak as he was driving...thats a big NO NO if u wanna stay alive. LOL!


Keshi said...

Ghosty there's a place for rent close to my place...wanna come? ;-)

**those new angels...of ur face...is so darn...enigmatic...immaculate...eccentric

cmon seriously? I thought I looked so tired and bored in those 'mood' pics :) I took em at home and when I was totally switched off hehe.

tnxx anyways Ghosty!


Keshi said...

hey Simon tnxx!

**If I was driving past you I'd more than likely crash

lol awww...I'd check out if it's Simon and say HI..and will try and stop u from crashing lol!


heyy Lissssa! :)

Thats some juicy update there girl ***wolf-whistles*** Tell me all abt him soon ok! ALL THE BEST n HUGGGGGGGGZ!


Keshi said...

yes Solitaire, tnxx!


hey Mr.Mapper WC n ty!


Keshi said...

heyyyy DJ great to see ya in the new year :) Hows u?

And tnxx!


SaffronSaris said...

Gosh, I wish I had a garden with fruits and veggies. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us, poppy-doll!

Keshi said...

tnxx Saffy doll ;-)


Mythily said...

How r u Keshi ?

Keshi said...

Hi Mythily Im very well ty and urself? :)


AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-tell me,didn't you feel laaaazyyyy after the long weekend?:)

shooting star said...

wow!!...pics are great!!!!!....nice to know you ehad such a nice time!!....i liked the shoes..especially the black one and the silver one!......and one thing i noticed..your cllphone...i also had the same model till couple of months back before switching on to a new one.....gave the old one to my brother....

Keshi said...

I did Amit lol!


aww tnxx Sushmita! :)


Keshi said...

btw Sushmita wuts ur phone..a Nokia?


shooting star said...

yeah....i always go for nokia phones!!....my current cellphone model is nokia N73 and before that i had the nokia 6131....

Keshi said...

me too Sushmita...I love Nokia :)