Thursday, January 17

What Lies Behind The Curve

UPDATE: THANKS ALL for all the clever, witty, sweet and creative entries! Absolultely loved them all and it was too difficult to choose just one (why do I do this to myself dammmmit Keshi!). Anyways, there can be only one winner. And I chose that winner based on the title's closeness to the content of the post, and that is, that a smile can hide alot of feelings. Now there were many great entries that went along those lines, but I think the BEST one was given by Sameera (read the title of this post to find out that winning caption :)). So, Sweet-heart, you're the winner! CONGRATTS and THANKS! The current music update is one of my fav songs and it's dedicated to all of ya. For all the smiles that hide a million feelings...for bringing me the smiles...for smiling with me somehow...for understanding that Im only human on the inside. Enjoy guys, luv ya all!

It's a Thursday and since I'm too busy to do one of my usual long rants, I chose to do a quick HNT (Half Naked Thurs). You may ask what's so naked about this pic..o well, look at my's half-naked cos I'm not showing my teeth in this pic hehehehe. So yeah, enjoy my half-naked smile that I'm flashing at you, all the way from Sydney (took this pic yesterday), bound by monstrous amounts of work but managing to maintain that happy curve somehow (there's alot of stress behind that smile LOL!). I think I'd need Rehab after this project at work, it's that busy over here. Any rehab recommendations mates, before I head for a breakdown? I'm under pressure both at work and at home...some people can be claustrophobic you know!
***climbing walls here, in a zombi state***

I thought I'd make this post more interesting by getting you to title it. Cos you know, only you guys know how to relax me ;-). The best title will be chosen at the end of all your entries and published with this post. So come on, join in the fun and let's see how creative you can get. Thanks in advance! Will be coming around to your blogs shortly - I need a break fro
m work man! Have a good day, see yous!

~~I think you've got to slow down
Before you start to blow it
I think you're headed for a breakdown
So be careful not to show it... ... ...

Current Music: Gloria by Laura Branigan
Current Music Update: Human On The Inside by Divinyls

121 Cranium Signets:

Andrew said...

And Stronger Men have Buckled

Jay said...

Super Hawt Keshi Sexiness Just for Jay!

That's not just a good title, but a great idea! ;-)

Menchie said...

:D Keshi, I've been so scatty lately I don't even title my blog posts recently. LOL!

It's great you get to flash that killer half smile even if you're swamped at work!

George said...

Another Day in Paradise

teeth or no teeth in the smile ... you're beautiful either way.

Jim said...

MUMBAI AWAITS….In a city where no one really bothers to look around, one cannot help but notice the hoardings and banners announcing the Joyce Meyer’s Festival of Life 2008.

Whether it is at traffic signals, or just huge vertical banners draped down apartment buildings, one thing is for sure..

Mumbaikars are wondering what this festival is all about. MMRDA Grounds – A place which staged India’s biggest events ever like Bollywood’s Filmfare Awards, live concerts of Shakira, Pink Floyd, and just concluded Bindaas live which saw actors including Shahrukh Khan perform, will now see for the first time in Mumbai, Joyce Meyer’s conference and festival.

As you walk in, it’s a busy place. Chairs are being laid out, laborers yelling, sound engineers measuring distances to lay out cables, giant LED (liquid electronic displays) walls being installed … preparations are going on in full speed.

Most of the local teams working for us are the same ones who’ve worked for most of the events mentioned above. For them, it’s just another big event.Until now, these grounds were being prepared for the arrival of super stars from India and all over the world. But this week, it’s being prepared for the arrival of the King of Kings, the Creator of the Universe, the Beginning and the End, the only Living God– Jesus Christ!Reminds you of how vast preparations were being so meticulously done by an army-like workforce for King Solomon’s temple, with every detail being taken care get ready a place where the presence of God can fall and dwell forever.

That’s exactly what will take place from January 17-20th in MMRDA Grounds, Mumbai. Every little and big work being carried out is only for one purpose – to invite the Almighty God from heaven to earth, to dwell and move among every person that steps into these grounds.And when the presence of God comes, there is healing for body and soul, freedom for those bound, freedom from generational curses, darkness will flee and we’ll find righteousness, joy, peace , love and abundant life.When the presence of God enters a place, it erases all history, regardless of what the place was once used for, it will never remain the same again. MMRDA grounds …getting

Jim said...

Mona lisa
Mona lisa

is that the smile to tempt a lover?

WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

You look great with or without your false teeth showing. :)

I went to rehab, but they kicked me out. I was too crazy for them.

I too am busy. Must be a busy-germ floating in the air that we breath or in the air tonight--enough with the song lyrics--right?

When have a nut like me around you don't need rehab--Then again, you likely need it more.

I know I'm crazy when the feature song on my blog is The Last Farewell by Roger Whitaker. LOL



Margie said...

Gosh, hun, I'm not good at these things!
You look so beautiful though...lovely eyes and a pure sweetness to this picture!

How about... Pretty in Pink!
That's all I can think of! LOl!

Keep hanging in there, hun!
Try and relax on the weekend!
Go buy some shoes!
I know how much you love those shoes!!! LOL!

Lots of HUGGGGGGGZ to you!

p.s Got ur email....I'll be on the lookout then!...yipee!!!

lee said...

title=beguiling woman of the west.

Keshi said...

loved it Andrew, ty!

btw, right now I'd love to witness strong men 'buckling' ..LOL! boy o boy that'll keep me alive.


lolz Jay thats a very cute one, ty MWAHHHHHHHHHH!


Keshi said...

lolz Menchie I know..I saw title n all :):)

**flash that killer half smile

o well, behind that KILLER smile, alot of ppl r being KILLED. lol! tnxx hun!


Keshi said...

awww George ty MWAHHHHHHHH! Nice title there!


Jim yes...:)

So Mona Lisa is ur title? Nice!


Keshi said...

Bev hey!

hahahahaha @false teeth! U crack me up girl!

if we met up, the whole neighborhood wud need Rehab LOL!

** The Last Farewell

hahahaha I burst out laughing when I read that!

ty sweetie, u already made me feel lighter...:)


Keshi said...

Hey Margie MWAH!

** Pretty in Pink!
That's all I can think of! LOl

LOL not bad at all girl! TY. :):)

yep yep check ur mailbox ok ;-) I cant wait!


heyya Lee!

**beguiling woman of the west

aww such a sweet one...tnxx hun!


Keshi said...

btw Margie I think I bought a whole shoe-store on Sat LOL! I'll put up pics next week...

I know, Im going insane!


tqmcintl said...

if u want to see my teeth and more
say I DO

tqmcintl said...


u dont visit me much these days
how come?

maverick said...

hmm...that smile cud kill anyone... :)... :D...hmm abt the title...

Smiling tequila ecstacy....

jus made it


insane freak said...

hey keshi ...

was wondering if you could help me with some info on fashion schools in aus, for a post grad i.e.
im interested, and looking at courses across us and uk as well. lemme knw if u knw anything.

btw, i used to be on buf, remember? :)

thanks !

= rich

Sweetstickychewy said...

I'm gonna go with

"The Story behind her smile" :)

And abt that breakdown. One way which i did recently is retail therapying. Bought books for a change to bring me to another land for a while.

hahaha.. or juz plain shopping...:D

My form of survival to avoid a breakdown.:D


La vida Loca said...

I wanna call it - "A post with no title....just because.... I CAN"

J E E V Y said...

Close Lipped Smile

"Tender smile
With closed lips, you glow
With beauty"

But Im disappointed with ur HNT! :(
*cries rolling on the floor*


Die Muräne said...

I still try to open your lips just with my thoughts!


Die Muräne said...

what about:

'tell me what I think'

Silvara said...

How bout: "The secret is in the smile" heheh because it's cheeky and sexy and friendly all at the same time. Daayyym Keshi!

Nachi said...

'Half Naked & Careful Not To Show It'

;) for rehab, go shopping. or better still, my favorite relaxation routine, don that chef cap and stir up something scrumptious and sinful...& yeah just make sure that there's someone else to do the dishes!

Anonymous said...

"Femme fatale looking for adventure"
Does tat sound interesting enuf!!?

umm lemme put on my thinking cap.. i will be back with some interesting post titles.. don't close it down ;)

Shionge said...

Your smile just light up my day Keshi :D

Jim said...

From the International Cricket Council
For immediate release (especially in India)

The ICC have announced several changes to the playing conditions for the forthcoming 3rd test in Perth between Australia and India. These changes include:
* Australia must win.
* The umpires shall be nominated by the Australian team. It will be acceptable if reserve Australian players rotate as umpires.
* During the game all appeals shall be referred to the Australian management team and the Australian media contingent prior to any decision being made. (This includes where an Australin player may appear to the naked eye to have been clean bowled.)
* When the Australian team is batting the boundary rope shall be moved inwards 20 metres.
*Indian bowlers shall bowl under arm.
* Australia must always be the winning team.
* Any time the Indian captain is on the field he shall be restrained in a full length strait jacket and muzzled.
* Any Indian spin bowler must advise the Aussie batsman in advance what type of delivery is going to be bowled.
* At any time Andrew Symons is on the field he must not wear a gorilla suit and must not accept any sledging in the light hearted manner that this is intended.
* Australia must win at all costs. Australia will pay umpires up to $500.00 for a dodgy decision, depending on the quality of the batsman.
* Piggy Hogg the Aussie 3rd Class spin bowler, will be cleared on appeal and be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.
* Australian batsman may be permitted to use larger bats.
* Indian batsmen may use a bat every fifth over.
*Indian fieldsman should praise every batting attempt by the Australians by saying "Good shot chaps."Instead of calling them "Crutch scratching snot sucking spitters" Apart from this Indian players are not permitted to speak.
* During the lunch and tea break both teams shall get together and have a cup of tea.
* And decide that Australia must win.

Sam said...

oh... such a familiar situation!!! keshi, you've all my sympathies!!!

now for teh title:
Help.. its work!!
Stars all around...
Zombed (wot with you gng arnd like a zombie thnx to work)

btw, trust me.. am feeling so out.. sleepy.. dazed... i mean, i kinad need a rejuvenation potion to get me back on my feet.. sheesh... wots wrong???

oh.. Dazed is another!!

White Magpie said...

how abt Keshi and the Joy Valley hehe..on another note "Come join moi web - said the spider to the fly" ;)

ALI said...

Poor Keshi and her million dollar smile :)

ALI said...

U have only one piece of dress??
recently all your pics have been in that same dress of your...the "smiling pink"....and fashion conscious girl is always publishing her pics in tht one that you don't have anyone out there to take you pics....or you passionate about one pose self photography???

Solitaire said...


AVIANA said...

oh i'm so awful at titles..have you seen my blog post titles? awful and would think i would come up with titles...

how about the smile before the storm..

hav a nice one!

Anonymous said...

How about..."I seem to be going green"?

Darsh said...

hey gorgeousss..... me so illl ....

will read ur post .. but for now.. the pic is luvely ;)

Misss u heapsssssssss


Helen said...

Ummmm, here's a caption more than a title:

tick...tick...tick...this was the look, and this was the sound Keshi's boss heard right after s/he said 'I've got one more project for you.'

Ghost Particle said...

I lost my creativity...for some time. :)...I cant think of any luv. Lets say... " Pink Panther and the Mystery Girl from Down Under"? "D

starry nights said...

"Mischievous" thats what Iwould call that smile.It is like saying"come hither"

Margie said...

Hi hun
Will be waiting for the pics!

Now, let me see if I can write a poem about shoes for you!
I'll give it a try!


When I have the blues
I love to buy shoes ...
See my lovely pair of green...
In them I love to be seen!

I think today, I'll wear my pair of chocoloate brown...
and paint the town!

And look at these beautiful shoes of red...
I might even wear them to bed! LOL!

My white shoes are the perfect pair
Just perfect to wear everywhere!

Pink, pink, my shoes of pink
When I wear them, I always get a little wink! LOL!

Oh no, my blue shoes are missing
What shall I do?
Those are my shoes for kissing!LOL!
Oh, I'm soooo blue!

Black, black, I love my shoes of black....
When I wear them....
I feel right on track!
They feel like a good friend! LOL!

That's the best I could do!
See you hun!
I'm off to work!



EBEZP said...

Love Gloria btw and Laura Brannigan!

It's not a smile at all without those sexy eyes Keshi love so it has to be titled
"The eyes have it"

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Good luck with the project dear and anytime you need Rehab,am there for you! ;)

Title : "What Lies Behind The Curve"

WP2007 said...

Hi Keshi

Part 2 is now on my blog. It's written in classic 'Bev' style. Good for a perverted laugh.



BUMBLE!!! said...

Teeth definitely isn't cleavage - quit staring you pervs!!!

Keshi said...

hey TQM!

**if u want to see my teeth and more say I DO

lol I DONT!


hey Mav tnxx!

**that smile cud kill

yes Im abt to kill some ppl LOL!

**Smiling tequila ecstacy....

aww nice one...made me feel like Im some kinda exotic drink LOL! tnxx ur very creative :)


Keshi said...

Rich I left the links on ur blog :)


hey Amy MWAH!

**The Story behind her smile

Thats a very beautiful title! WOW tnxx!

I went shopping to help my deteriorating mental status, but it only made it worse cos I saw so many lovely shoes and bought tons of em LOL!

Books r good...they calm u down yes.

tnxx hun!


Keshi said...

aww LaVida thats a very cute one :) ty!


hahaha Jeevy ur crying? awww why? ;-)

**Close Lipped Smile

cute one tnxx! And really nice verse WOW!


Keshi said...

Hey Murane!

**I still try to open your lips just with my thoughts!

u bad boi! well come to think of it, I really wudnt mind tha LOL!

**'tell me what I think'

cute! :)


aww tnxx Silvara!

**"The secret is in the smile"



Keshi said...

hey Nachi hows it goin? :)

**'Half Naked & Careful Not To Show It'

hahahaha sweet one, ty!

yes I love shoppping..I went on shopping and bought loads of shoes :):) Cooking is nice too...aww u cook? I love a man who can cook ;-)


Keshi said...

hey Veenz!

**"Femme fatale looking for adventure"

haha sweet!


awwwwwwwww Shionge!


Keshi said...

k Jim lol good for us then!


hey Sam :)

I love love love the 'Zombed' one...CLASSIC! tnxx mate!


Keshi said...

hahaha Magpie ur funny!

** Keshi and the Joy Valley

sounds like my blog IS the Joy Valley ha...u nailed it! :) HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!


hey Ali!

**Poor Keshi and her million dollar smile

LOL ty!

**U have only one piece of dress??
recently all your pics have been in that same dress of your

na...I have MANY tops in the same shade of red n pink. :)

k which pose u want me to take my next pic? LOL!


Keshi said...

btw Ali check my old posts..I hv pics of many poses :):)


Keshi said...

Solitaire I LOVE THAT TITLE of ur's!! TY!



**the smile before the storm

Thats a BRILLIANT one! So apt. And ur saying ur bad with titles?? :)


Keshi said...

hey Mutley!

**..."I seem to be going green"?

ROFL yes!! :) Thats cos of the lights aww :( lolz!


omg look who's here!!! DARSHHHHHHHHH HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! Did u get my latest txt? Maybe not...cos u didnt reply. Anyways looks like ur down...wuts wrong? Flu? Hows India?

TC man...and boy o boy I MISS YA!

btw did u meet Neha?


Keshi said...

heyyy Helen MWAH!


VERY CLEVER! U r so very smart Helen!


hey Ghosty wuts wrong, wust bothering ya? U can talk to me..u know that. Email me...

**" Pink Panther and the Mystery Girl from Down Under"?

awww nice one still :) ty!


Keshi said...

hey Starry MWAH!



**come hither

I like that even better :)

ty sweetie u r so good at this!


aww Margie u r too good with poems. LOL I really loved that show poem..u wrote that on the fly? WOW!

**And look at these beautiful shoes of red...
I might even wear them to bed!

hahahaha so like my thoughts abt my shoes!

Really nice one...u made me laugh MWAHHHHHHHH!


Keshi said...

Simon u hv good taste in music.

**The eyes have it"

Very nice one ;-) ty!


heyy Sameera ty so much!

**What Lies Behind The Curve

wow thats a very CLEVER one! I laiiiike it :)


Keshi said...

LOL Bev Im on my way hun tnxx!


haha Bumble ty!


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

1. Excuse Me
2. No Stress, Nonetheless
3. No More, No Less
4. Give Me A Break
5. Life Goes On
6. Life is Not A Fairy Tale
7. Guess What?

Silvara said...

*Mwah* to Keshi...that's all :P

Steph said...

lips of an angel!

anits said...

hi keshi i would suggest 'Sweet Smile Angel'

maverick said...

@keshi...well i aint as creative..just that the drink can be associated with alot of updated my blog :)

ghee said...


im sorry for not visiting here so often,kinda busy these days.

and im glad i came here to see your half naked pic,hehe.

ghee said...

and oh...about the about...??

"Hey,you,sexy guy..."

love it!!

TGIF!Enjoy this day!


AmitL said...

Hi,Keshi-I bet the smile did half your work for you!And,the balance part of it,you did amicably!hehe.

You need rehab recos?Well,the best ones,acc. to me,would be: Go for a nice walk in the nearest garden-inhale the fragrance of the flowers,the shrubs,listen to the birds chirping-do all except think of anything stressful.And,then,how about music-to-dance-by,a nice book(thriller/romance/hot book-take your choice) for 2-3 hours,blogging/blog-surfing for another 2-3 hrs,a warm shower,followed by a nice dinner,making plans to visit Dubai,......err..the last one just popped out-but,of course-think about it!*grins*

Have a great Friday!I'll definitely have a nice day,coz it's the weekend!

AmitL said...

Oops-I forgot:Title for the post?

"Smiling the Blues Away"

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

"Naked Thoughts" :)

Poo said...

Hi Roo Roo babeeee ...howz you?

As always u looking very nice n sexy

Title can be "Sexy Me"

all set for weekend ? I am waiting for this weekend ...wannna take loads of rest with No phone calls or cooking or anything .... mann i work more now :(

Roo babeee...cheer up ...everybody has to go thru bad phase .... try to look for light in the dark room will surely find peace n satisfaction.

Love you babeee

Happy Weekend:)

Poo said...

1. VooDoo's Smile
2. Read my lips

durjoy datta said...

was it only the half naked smile!!!!!!
the title" when words don't mean what they are supposed to....

Bla said...

My proposal for a title:

"Half-Naked Zombie Climbing A Wall"


Miladysa said...

"You're never fully dressed without a smile"

All the good ones had already been taken ;)

pithaly said...

All I see is "Two smiles"

" If I get to heaven now,
The first thing I'll do...
I'll tap an angel on the shoulder,
And I'll be asking around for you "

Pri said...

hmm take a few days off from work and go on a holiday...
is great to snap u outta the claustrophobia :)
as for the title, hows 'challange thee to relax me'.heehee

have a nice weekend!

Asha said...

"Aussie Rose"? ;D

We had snow yesterday, schools were off, kids were home, more work for me. Expecting more snow tomorrow as well. Have a great and relaxing weekend, see you next week!:))

Cinderella. said...

'Aussy hottie makes the boys go naughty' - what say ?

c e e d y said...

you need a SHOCKing title like -

I'm Quitting Bloging

Something sensational....

general_boy said...

"are you thinking what I'm thinking?"


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Keshi,
That's a very puzzling post you have and a very interesting one to let your readers give the title of your post. Let me venture one for you.

Climbing Up My Own Walls

You said you are in the midst of a great stress in your life, both in work and at home. I could sense two Keshi writing in this blog. The happy go lucky one who drifts along life's perilous paths and the Keshi who is unsure of herself and afraid because she can't see what's life is in store for her. You may be wallowing in the adulation of your admirers and I'm sure they are many, but deep inside, I could sense a lost Keshi crying her heart out. You may shout to the world that you are happy with what you are now but I could sense an emptiness dwelling inside of you. Don't be angry with me Keshi. You know deep inside, I like you a lot. But you seem to be so lost right now. Who is the real Keshi. That, I want to know? God bless you and your loved ones. Have a nice and peaceful day always.

Anonymous said...

H N S...itself is a pretty unique term...:)

Within Without said...


Here's my proposed title:

"Keshi's not-really-Half-Naked-flash-and-not-really-happy-curve(s) Thursday Tease post."

Jeevan said...

"Quite smiles of keshi" :) beautiful pic dear. Take care Huggss!

anuj said...

aww thts d first half nekked think tht wasnt pretty .. i mean it shudnt b half-nekked rite :P .. take a total strip ..hehe

well .. work pisses one off at times surely does .. n specially wid u mentionin wrkin on 3 prjcts at the same time .. one can imagine ..

u shud ask thm for a foot-messuer during the evenings hun .. or one fr the brain ..;)

d title:
I ain't got no time honey .. I'm only half-nekked


a half-nekked crime

Alok said...

Now this is difficult ... and u can emphatize coz I hardly title my own post :D

And as to the rehab ... how abt something with beach and loads of music :)


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

you're not supposed to show teeth when smiling lol

Aaargh choosing a title has always been a problem for me ... you could title it as "wannabe-HNT" LOL

Keshi said...

haha some very cute titles Ori, ty sir! :)


awwwww @Silvara..MWAHHHHHHHHHHH!


Keshi said...

hey Stepher!

**lips of an angel

aww ty! I think u hv tht kinda lips too :) MWAH!


hey Anits that a very sweet one...alot ike Stepher's :)

tnxx hun MWAH!


Keshi said...

lol Mav I demand u tell me abt those 'words' ;-)


heyyyy Ghee HUGGGGGGGGGGS! Plz dun apologise for not being here. No one is 'supposed' to be here in every post :) long as ur my good friend, nothing else matters.

**"Hey,you,sexy guy..."

LOL cute one hun...I rem u won one of the my 'title' posts long time ago.


Keshi said...

btw Ghee I'll check out ur TGIF soon ;-) danke!


aww Amit that sounds like a neat plan for some destressing :) ty! I hope to do that soon haha!

Hope u had a wonderful Friday!


Keshi said...

Hi again Amit!

**"Smiling the Blues Away"

aww such a neat one! I really like it.


Andrew that was a COOL title WOW! tnxxx!


Keshi said...

hey Poo luv HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! Ur slot busier now? Is it at home or at work? How's ur brandnew married life? ***Keshi wolf-whistles*** LOL!

**VooDoo's Smile

I luv luv luv that one, ty darl!

btw, tnxx for ur caring advice on how to chillax...u always know how to make me feel lighter.

btw Im waiting for ur email hun.


hey Dujoy yeah it's only half-naked - Sorry to disappoint ya mate haha!

** when words don't mean what they are supposed to....

aww sweeeeeet one!


Keshi said...

Bla thats neato!!


Miladysa thats a copol one too, wow!


Keshi said...

Pithaly hey how hv ya been mate? Long time. U keeping well?

Two smiles it is! Clever one there :)

**" If I get to heaven now,
The first thing I'll do...
I'll tap an angel on the shoulder,
And I'll be asking around for you " sweet is that! ***HUGS***


hello Pri!

**'challange thee to relax me

hehehe good one tnxx hun!


Keshi said...

Asha the snow-princess how ya? :)

**Aussie Rose

awwwww lovely one! MWAH!


hey Cinderella!

**'Aussy hottie makes the boys go naughty'

haha cute, naughty one!


Keshi said...

hey Ceedy yes, and that wud freak ME out too hahahaha!


Helloooo Boy :)

**are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

haha true, r ya? ;-)


Keshi said...

hey Mel tnxx!

**Climbing Up My Own Walls

nice one :)

Abt me being lost...hehe who isnt? We r all 'lost' creatures wandering in the woods of life, for who really knows where they r going to? Besides, I'd rather be 'lost' than having a false sense of being 'found'...cos if Im 'found', then I'd hv nothing to look forward to in this life, wud I now? :) The day Im 'found', I'd hv to be in a state of Nirvana hehe. And for me to achieve that, I hv to go a VERY long way from this material world...

tnxx for that anyways! Ofcourse Im not angry Mel, lol!


Keshi said...

hey Southy!

**Half-Naked Smile

u nailed it ha! :) very nice!


heyy WW!

**"Keshi's not-really-Half-Naked-flash-and-not-really-happy-curve(s) Thursday Tease post."

LOL cute one man! tnxxx!


Keshi said...

Jeevan thats a real sweet one, tnxx mate! :)


hey Anuj lol @full-strip! wut d u think, Im a stripper?

**I ain't got no time honey .. I'm only half-nekked


**a half-nekked crime

lol is this a crime? hahaha!

Abt my boss, he's really good...its me just wanting to blog LOL!

Hope ur having a nice wknd Anuj...


Keshi said...

Alok aww ty!

I love the beach...I went there this wknd..:)


hey Cheesy!


LOL hahahaha I laughed soooo much after reading that!!!!! Wannabe indeed ROFL!


Keshi said...

Time to choos now! Boy o boy, too tough...cos all of the entries were too good! :(

let me see...

tnxx guys!


Kaylee said...

how are you keshi?

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

very double meaning title that! @ what lies behind the curve ;p

ive updated my blog.

Tys on Ice said...

:) ... I refuse to be drawn in....if theres ever a come hither look, thts the one !

I got nervous just looking at ur pic...

Anonymous said...

You are looking gorgeous...yeah have a nice break....we all have to slow down at a certain point of time...have a nice time!

ALI said...

//U have only one piece of dress??//

****recently all your pics have been in that same dress of your
na...I have MANY tops in the same shade of red n pink. :)

I guess these are not from that "Ek pe Ek free" sale..!!

*****k which pose u want me to take my next pic? LOL!//

I bet if I was the only one visiting you blog I would have definitely told you or requested you some "special" pose...:P :P :P :P but since i m not that fortunate so u decide that for yourself which pose to put ;) ;)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Awww so sweet!Never knew you would like it so much :)

We all hide so much behind a smile at times and try not to show the inner turmoil.I know that smile too well cause I see it at times in the mirror!

Take care sweetie!Have a great week ahead.Love ya.Hugssssssssssss

The Phosgene Kid said...

Crap. Missed another contest. Happy weekend Keshi!!!

Anonymous said...

Boy O boy. Dear O Dear. m back and for good. did i say ya that ? And back to the land of uncle sam.

how u been ? havent seen you droppin bi my blog in lotsa days, hope u aint finished off it ya ?

take care and dont work more,!!

Rex Venom said...

Half Naked TEETH.
Got it! Sexy!
Rock on!

Margie said...

Sorry I missed you, hun!
Next time...ok!
I'll have to let you know when I intend to call!
I always call everyone on the spur of the moment, but I keep forgetting how far away you are!
But never far away from my thoughts!

luv ya!!!!


Keshi said...

Kaylz Im good hun..hows u?


hehe Cheesy yes there can be alot of meanings to that title ;-)


Keshi said...

heyya Tys!

**I got nervous just looking at ur pic...

aww why? I dun wanna make anyone nervous here hehehehe :)


tnxx Kaylan and yes ur rite..we all need a break.


Keshi said...

heyy Ali!

**"Ek pe Ek free"

no ways hahahaha! d u think Im a cheapo? LOL! I hav too many clothes n I can never buy $5 crap :):)




Keshi said...

heyya Phos tnxx! :)


hey Ashu WB!

yes u told me that..but i was so busy last few days, cudnt go to ALL the blogs :):) Will come ard soon.

hell nah I hv no 'boycotting' qualities in me LOL! ;-)



Keshi said...

hehe Rex ty!



Hey Margie MWAH!

**forgetting how far away you are!
But never far away from my thoughts!


Hope u had a great wknd hun. I was thinking of u while watching some news on the US elections. :)


Brian in Oxford said...

howdy, Keshi!

How about

"Keshi: giving an inch...."


Anonymous said...

I think mine was more sexier.

but then I am fine the one you choose..No words can describe a beauty enuf ;)
Femme Fatale.. love u!

Keshi said...

hey thats a neat one Brian! ;-)