Friday, November 25

Just one

There is only

one religion...the religion of Love
one race...the Human race
one language...the language of the Heart
one wealth...the wealth of Generosity
one color...the color of Conscience

one hatred...the hatred of Self
one food...the food of Bliss
one blood...the blood of Equality
one opportunity...the opportunity of Now
one revenge...the revenge of Compassion
one breath...the breath of Truth
one health...the health of the Mind
one cure...the cure of Humor

one strength...the strength of Character
one beauty...the beauty of the Soul
one family...the family of the World
one secret...the secret of Simplicity
one battle...the battle of Survival
one peace...the peace of Wisdom

one God...the God in You
one certainity...the certainity of
one way...the way of Life.

These thoughts came to my head when I heard the news of a Mother Mary statue in Sacramento crying blood tears. No one can confirm the authenticity of it all but then who are we to say it's a scam too? Whether it's true or not I believe our Creator is grieving of what the human being has become today - simply animalistic. Why can't we all live life loving and caring for one's easy isn't it...but why is it so difficult for some people that they make so many others hurt every day? Whether this news item was true or not, I'm sure our Creator is crying blood tears. So live life to the fullest guys and that means being happy with what you've got no matter how scarce it may be...we are all born in different places but we all have just of everything I mentioned up there...think about it.

Have a good weekend folks - Live it!

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4u2nvau/Rohit said...

First again...lemme read now

Tanvi said...

rohit did i ever tell u how much i hate u

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

yeh tanvi I always knew we had a love/hate relationship...

I love and you hate :p

Tanvi said...

u and ur love/hate like i said..sheesh rohit

i dun hate u btw .. but next time tell me before u comment cuz i wanna be first somewhere again..i miss bein first u noe:p

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

So now its a love/love relationship???lol


Tanvi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tanvi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kerry said...

scarlet tears are being shed here by me tonight too. i know she feels the pain of the millions.

tonight i weep-my heart can over flows with compassion and hope. unity and peace, someday it will it should be...

*big hugs* from my heart to yours-beautiful keshi girl, your heart is beautiful!

saby said...

one race...the Human race


sittingnut said...

a beautiful post. i think everyone will certainly be better off after thinking through each line. they are so full of meaning.

human being has become today - simply animalistic
well i think they have always been like that. i personally do not think human nature as a whole change.

btw you forgot,
one angel...angel named keshi. :-)

Keshi said...

NV and Tanvi :)

ok NV seems to be topping the list these sorry Tanvi but u just have to 'ketchup' with NV...or else d u want me to delete his comment so that it will make u first? :) hahaha I can see NV fuming!

ok but where is NV and Tanvi's comment abt the POST? grrrrrrrrr! :)

Kery muah!

**my heart can over flows with compassion and hope. unity and peace, someday it will be...

I know ur heart can...cos it's limitless in Love and Compassion.

Hey girl d u honestly think that the Peace and Unity will be some day? I mean at the rate the world is going, we r only being divided more...from One to Two to 100000s...:(

Thank u my dear and I wipe ur scarlet tears...cos atleast I think like u :)

Saby hellooo...

Well na I dun delete ur comments (addressing other ppl) 'cos I dun have Humor..only 'cos not all others have humor. And I dun want ppl who come here to feel offended - it's my place and I want them to feel WC, simple as that. So dun use my space to attack's not right Saby.

Sittingnut hello!

Thanks for all the compliments :) but do I deserve it...I'm just a girl and I think on simple terms..I think most ppl think too complex when peace is in their hands...all they wanna do it screw things up lol!

Thanks for dropping by!



saby said...

one certainity...the certainity of Death
one way...the way of Life.

u said it hunny

yr lipstick is synthetic

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

One devil....devil named Saby

Keshi said...

oh Saby dun get ur hopes so high..I aint guarding the comments cos most of ur comments r not a challnege to me..just spam that needs to go to the bin na?

Saby u r one person who dont respect others...u dont know how to respect a blog owner's simple request so what r u preaching on abt God blah blah blah?

Hey NV!


saby said...

blogging on keshis blogg is far better than email

u get instant respone
either a hug

or a kick in the pantz

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

LOL saby!!

Keshi that is so true.

Keshi said...

lol duhh NV!

Saby this time its a mighty kick so stop it ok??

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Oh man Im drained mate, Just finished all the damn GST bullshit. Im gona go out and get hammered tonight. Watchu gona do mate?

Keshi said...

me not doing much tonite...but tomorrow we have this Indian function duhh but atleast I can wear a nice choli and look rather!

now dun get drunk...cos rem ur friend? it scares me. And u know a guy died from 16 Tequilas in one hour..baffles me!


Rahul said...

that was a nice post, keshi! you know, even when i find it all hard to believe, i feel thankful to nature that there is religion to around today to give us a sense of what is right or wrong. I dont know if the tears are for real; i hope they let scientists unfettered access to the statue so that they can analyse the situation with science. If god does exist, the question is whether she/he wants us to know for sure. If she/he does, dont you think divine intervention is more called for in Palestine or Kashmir; not to produce blood from nothing or to turn water into wine for that matter...
You know if i read tomorrow in the paper the paper that they have proved the existence of a supreme embodiment, although it would be a loss of face with friends who have spent a lifetime arguing it with me, i'd still be gratified to know that and would love to embrace her/him...

Kerry said...

keshi--new post. smiles. yes dear, i so believe. i had to write, you inspired me!

*bug hugs* thank you for reminding me of what i am suppost to be focusing on.

Janice said...


remember me :)

Uff... i see granpa getting on peoples nerves agai hehe

hmmm abt mother mary i rember my mom tellin me abt a statue in bandra but i dont know how true that is kinda like the ganpati drinkin a spoonful of milk at times totally hyped

Keshi said...



Wheres the baby news? OMG OMG OMG I so wanna knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Keshi in a fit lol!

saby said...

wat statue Janice?

those statues are at Khajuraho

go to caraff's blogg she clicked dem all

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

lol 16 tequila shots, you gota be a psycho to do that.

Why do girls like dressing up so much?? sheesh and I try n get myself outa shaving over the weekend.

Janice said...

hehe keshi im due in december sweety...

and im so uncomfertable right now cant sit porperly in a chari, cant sleep cause im uneasy lolz but yeah an nervous as hell

Janice said...

granpa chup bos bostiao ;)

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Janice so does that mean the baby could end up being a Capricorn??

Keshi said...


Thanks mate!

**i'd still be gratified to know that and would love to embrace her/him...

I would rather believe in it than doubt it...:)


muahhh no worries matey :)


oii tell me how the baby is and what named him/her? goshhh look at u just commenting like nothing big happened...duhhh! Tell us woman!


Keshi said...

lol OK Janice..aha so it's due in Dec....grrrrrrrrr!

NV r u an astrolger? Would u be able to tell abt my future :)


saby said...

Yeah Rohit

Brandon gonna be corny like her mommy

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Yeah sure Keshi :p

By my Calculations your always gona be stuck with a stalker throughout your life. First it was your friend and now saby. lol

Janice said...

uffffff keshi im still in the last day of my 8th month honey im due in mid december...

Rohit ..uh uh im gonna try to see that mah kiddu is a flirty saggi like its mommy...well hopefully i guess i need cooperation from him too right now it feels like hes either getting bigger or im shrinking in my size an its trying to push up thru mah throath

saby said...

heyyyyyy Rohit

dont get dat dumb girl excited
she just mite deliver

rite here on blogg

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

LOL please let the baby be a Capricorn, and maybe you can teach him how to flirt :p

Keshi said...

lol NV u r a damn HOT astrologer...righteo I'm gonna hire ya and then be UR stalker lol!

Lolz Janice what d u mean come out the throat? baby ofcourse will be a flirt queen/king like u duhhh!


saby said...


ru trying for the most loved blogger award?

Janice said...

chalo u guys enjoy just got a lotta mails to chk 67 unread mails wow mezza lucky dame... haha i see granpa has mailed me too...

Have a nice weekend Keshi an Rohit

Keshi said...

no Saby...thats not my intention...but I dun want ppl blaming me for ur deeds...and they do have a point cos this is my space and u r abusing them...sorta looks like a team!

Keshi said...

Bye Jannnnnnnn muahhhhhhhhhhh TC and be back with good news :)


saby said...

i aim to follow dis dumb girl
out of the throat??

she still dont no where baby comes from

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

What did the elephant say to the naked man??

How do you breathe from that?

SonnyBoy said...

yeah Keshi... im happy now... everythings OK... thank you! :-)

Kerry said...

*smiles* g'nite sweetie! to much turkey today. i need some slepz! lol...

*mauhz* until our hearts dance again...


Keshi said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww LOLZ NV!

What is the difference between a pregnant woman and light bulb?

No offense to Jan :)


saby said...



u will be castrated next

Keshi said...

Hey Sonnyboy good on ya :)

Muahhhh Kerry!
lol too much turkey ha? Dun get into a turket coma now :)
Cant wait for u to return...Hugggggggz!


saby said...

a light bulb is light
Janice is way too heavy

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

loll I dunno temme Keshi..

Whats similar between a pregnant girlfriend and a burnt toast??

You wish, just wish it came out 2 secs earlier.

saby said...

rohit ur too damn funny

will u marry me?

saby said...

heyyyyyy janice just mailed me
she is due in a minute

HANG ON Janice
calling Chris now

Keshi said...

**a light bulb is light
Janice is way too heavy

very funny Saby...duhhh!

**You wish, just wish it came out 2 secs earlier.

jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez NV ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! LOL!

ok now the answer to my Q:

What is the difference between a pregnant woman and light bulb?

The ligh bulb can be unscrewed.

ok I wont be surprised if NV doesnt get!

Saby u can marry NV but that would make his hair!


Keshi said...

alright I think

**one cure...the cure of Humor

is working..I feel better already :)


saby said...



Keshi said...


Saby is acting like me now...duh!


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

DUH Keshi wat do you think I am?? Paris Hiltons long lost twin brother?? sheesh

I got the damn joke....lollllll it was funny.

Keshi said...

**Paris Hiltons long lost twin brother??

that will make u Sydney Hilton?



4u2nvau/Rohit said...

lol is he her brother?? I din even know Paris had a brother lol

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

A blonde was driving down the motorway when her mobile phone rang. It was her husband, urgently warning her:

"Honey, I just heard on the news that there's a car going the wrong way on the freeway. Please be careful!"
"It's not just one car!" said the blonde, "There's hundreds of them!"


Keshi said...

**lol is he her brother??

u r definitely related to Paris and many more!

**blonde joke

LOL omggg hahahahaha! That was good :)


Janice said...

lolz Rohit that was a naughty one

keshi grrrrrrr why $%^## how mean of ya

lolz btw u gus stop the jokes im laughing an mah tummy is shaking like santas belly

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

loll thats good Janice, you should be laughing its pay-back for the time when you and Keshi made me sit in your conversation bout making love or something like that, I can't even remember now.

Keshi said...

aww (keshi bats her eye lashes...) NV that was for the personal development of urself u know..(keshi bats her eye lashes again...)

Jan it's ok to laugh like Santa now cos it's Chrissie time! yeah me a meanie pie these days..muhahahahahahahahaha! :)


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Alright Keshi mate im off for a few drinks you wana come?? :p

Jus don't forget to dring your wallet ok??lol

Keshi said...

will do...the wallet has no dollars tho lol!

Hey have a good time mate and happy weekend!


uttara said...

muahhhhhhhhhh have a gr888888 weekend babes:)


Invincible said...

Beautiful line Keshi :)

one battle ... battle for salvation
one God ... The Supreme

You too have a great weekend.

Mohan said...

Nice post,,appreciate it Keshi

Arz000n said...

why is it so difficult for some people that they make so many others hurt every day?
Maybe these people enjoy seeing others hurt....and they find pleasure in continuing doing it all there life.

what you've got no matter how scarce it may be
Be satisfied with wht you have, rather than cribbing for what others are having and wht I dont.

one language...the language of the Heart
one wealth...the wealth of Generosity

Makes sense to me...The language of heart...and the wealth of generosity. So true....isnt it??

Been on this blog afta a long time...was pleasure reading your posts as always.

Enjoy the weekend K00kiez
Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

human being has become today - simply animalistic***i think we were like that only right from the word go, its just that we cover it up with the materialistic and philosophical attributes. And i dont regret the animalism in me coz that has always given me an edge in almost everything in life.
Overall a very nice post, hope i impliment atleast a couple of good things u hv mentioned...:)
Have a nice weekend keshi!!!!

saby said...

shit !

CARAFF was one since age 13
ref: Loosing my religion

saby said...

was ARZ00NIE hitting me ?
DAMN fool

he gonna pay

Euphoric Dreamer said...

nice post !
a message to convey :)

saby said...

Mother Mary?

i tot dat was the weeping Budha

saby said...

catch a falling star and
put it in your pocket

but take care
make sure

i dont burn your cock away

- Costao

saby said...

kesh is busy it seems
she just hates work

saby said...

it dont burn ....

Jewel Rays said...

At the rate the world is going i believe the tears are definitely being shed. *heart break*

Vanathi said...

Is the news a true one ?

uttara said...

hey babes :)
this is such a beautiful post ...

n ye .. the creater cant see whats happening .. so thats y we have all natural calamities occuring soo often ... we cant do much .. no 1 can do anything .. do we change for others keshi?? ..we do wat we want to do?? so y do we expect others to change for us ??
so tahts y the society has all these discriminations n biasness towards anything .. which is SAD

yeh ..we should live life to the fullest .. n make life beautiful .. but we know its a b###h :D

hey have a beautiful weekend sweety



Nanyaar? said...

hey Keshi,

An Eye-opener!


icyblue said...

Why can't we all live life loving and caring for one's easy isn't it...

The easiest things in life are the toughest to implement sadly.

Keshi, I'm touched reading the news abt Virgin Mary crying.. She looks so sad...

At least this way (whether true or fake) it makes us open our eyes. See what one human is doing to another... Only PAIN all around...

Think abt this folks:

It is not how much we have,
but how much we enjoy...
That's happiness.

Good weekend to u keshi.. Will have 3 posts ready for u to read Monday morning :) Thanks for the motivation.... :)



Zombie said...


Happy Weekend.

Sudeep said...

Lovely... da 1st part

'bout the 2nd part .. a few yrs ago here Ganesha idol was drinking milk (ha ha.. must be strengthening bones).. utter crap.

Have a gr8 weekend..

No bribes this time... only huggggzzzz.. lol

Rohit Talwar said...

you have really beautiful thoughts. i never knew about this news though...just read it.. oops man...

keshi, the way u have put down ur lines shows ur clarity and a heart thats loving, clear and simple.

great guns, keshi! keep smiling!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hi keshi .....

sweety ... am still lost .. shall get back next week mid

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

and miss u all ....

thanx 4 da wishes dearie ... hope to see u in a couple of days.

take good care of urself

Michelle said...

i hav a pic of the 'weeping rosa mystica' i think a statue of mother mary in a church in brazil started actualy tears came outta the statue's eyes..

p.s add onto da list
thrz only ONE keshi :P

dwaipayan said...

faith is important to live a simple and good life. and i want to add a line in ur post...
one blog: the blog of dwaipayan

Autumn Storm said...

Hi Keshi - very, very nice!!!

"Whether it's true or not"...
even seeing is not believing, sometimes.
During my year in the east, statues of Ganesh, the elefant Hindu god, started drinking milk. I went to several temples along with more than half the population to see this wonder and naturally there were all sorts of great explanations. Tricks, the type of stone etc etc etc.
Was at the office, where one of the women had a 20cm tall, metal statue. I stood there and watched as it was fed 1/2 pint of milk...
and yet, something still holds me back from believing what I saw as truth. But see it, I did.


saby said...





tiger said...


who will hit century today?

me or you?

TIGER is back from a mini-vacation

Jackal said...

There goe tanvi again..omg is hse stalking u : ).....
hey nice post Keshi.....if ppl can follow all this..put ur thoughts in practice...the world will be a beautiful place......
The other day i was just pulling ur leg.....i havent told u ..but ur such a darling......hugzzzzzzz

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Blood Tears! Freaky!

Nice postie babez!

U have a great weekend ahead ... am on Cloud 10 :P anyway! :D

P.S I think Tanvi and Rohit have forgotten me

saby said...


saby said...


saby said...


saby said...


saby said...


niki yokota said...

woow! awesome pic of mary(^o^);;
looks sooo real!!
i was stunned at the end
>the peace of Wisdom, the certainity of Death....
this is so true, keshi-chan! and i often feel unhappy with wat i've got. gotta change this attitude.
thank u veery much for enchouraging words!!!!

saby said...


the japanese
she cheated

she gate crahed
when i was tying my shoe laces
she posted

saby said...

its cloud no. 9 IDIOT !

saby said...

i wannabe in paradise

Heyyyyyyy Tiger
dont read rong

dis was an innocent line

saby said...

the hacker is here


sittingnut said...

Thanks for all the compliments :) but do I deserve it- yes you do! why?

I'm just a girl and I think on simple terms..think most ppl think too complex when peace is in their hands...all they wanna do it screw things up - that is why.

btw thinking in simple terms is not limited to girls. now, didn't i make it complex and 'screw it up' by that statment.

saby said...

niki yokota said...

oops! sorry shabby!!

PuNeEt said...

Hey dear...
Mez out of town...
will b back in Mbai on Sun eve...

I just went to utilise a scarce resource of my life...
and I lived what evr small time i got...

So live life to the fullest guys and that means being happy with what you've got no matter how scarce it may be...
thats so true babe...

I wish what u said could happen...
bt its too far from reality...

nice post... will come back on ur prev post later...
take care

keep rocking


~*~ kiran ~*~ said...

keshi ....
human race ...

hhhmmm... i dont know what 2 write ....

this is a very delicat etopic which i cant discuss on a blog ...may be ill mail u sm time ...

have a nice weekend...
have fun !!!

Trée said...

Keshi, written as only an angel can. Take good care of those wings. Hugs and kisses to one so sweet and insightful. :-)

Puggyspice said...

Beautiful post.

johnny boy said...

Hey keshi!
Nice.. Reflects on a lot of universal truths. Life is all about being happy. If u aint happy, its not worth living! And whether we stay happy or not, is purely in our very own hands. Its the way we think, about life :)
Take care!

saby said...

its OK Niki Yokota
does dat mean insensitive girl in japanese?

or is it egg yolk?

saby said...

i really dont no
wat i just said

keshi will translate

niki yokota said...

wats egg yolk??
no im not a young girl. thanx saby!!

Gangadhar said...

Awesome post,Keshi!!The first part was so lovely..I liked it verymuch...
Firs time here..nice blog here..

Dawn....सेहर said...

'Awesome' is the word....beautifully said what you have to say....u go gal...


Keshi said...


**one battle ... battle for God ... The Supreme

I think u said it better - wow, I really like those lines...thank ye :)


WC to my blog and thanks for ur encouragment...


aww ur not animalistic..just that u r very stron-willed, thats all hehehe...ur the most gentle guy I have ever met on the net...the most noble and decent one and I mean it. Im sure Uttara agrees with me - hugggz South!


Hey long time matey! Thanks :)


WC to my blog matey and yep I agree with ya...look how much death and destruction is there right blood tears being shed is no surprise...


The news link is given in the post...have a read. But the authenticity of it is not proven yet, but how can anyone prove it anyways? Who do we believem the media or our hearts? I would rather believe what I believe...


mah suga Drew hugggggggggz!

**do we change for others keshi??

I have done that b4. Infact I did that always. I adjusted myself to what others wanted me to be. It was the easy way out for me. No point fighting over things so I just changed for them. I know it was not right but sometimes it helped keep the peace...
But here Im not asking for much, am I? Is Love that hard to feel?


WC to my blog and thanks :)


hey Icy muahhhh! Hope u had a good weekend.

If the easiet things r the hardest to do, then why do we call them the 'easiest' things? :)

U r so right abt Happiness being how much u enjoy and not how much u have. Thanks so much for that!

I'll come over to read 3 great posts in ur blog right after this :) HUGGGGGGZ!


muahhhh I missed ya and they thanks :)


Thanks matey :)

And abt the 2nd part, what made u NOT believe the Ganesh statues drinking milk?


awww thanks hugggggggggz Rohit! I think it takes an equally beautiful heart to recognise another :)


aww I missed ya cave bunny :) Come back soon and thanks for dropping by! Miss ya tonz MUAHHHHHHH!


Michhhhh babez hows ya? Yep I think I have seen that picture of Mother Mary that u's's supposed to be a miracle and I believe in miracles...

Hey abt there being only one Keshi, it's one else can be this sooked up lolllz! Thanks hunny muahhh!


Faith is the WORD, thanks!
Indeed, one blog called Dwaipayan ;-) Thanks mate!


heyy ythanks girl! I knew u would like the first bit...

Abt Ganapathy statues drinking milk, I saw it on Aus, I didnt go to any temple at that time to witness it. But I saw it on TV and I was really shocked. Abt it happening at the same time around the world was something that made me believe there must be some truth in it. If it's a scam how can it happen ard the world at the same time? Not that the priests had a vidoe confy right ?? lol!


Saby my blog was once hacked and if it gets hacked again, I wouldnt worry a second. Only cos neither my blog nor my self is something I own. Nothing can be taken with u when u die right? If ppl think by hacking they can shatter someone, then these ppl need a life! Thanks anwyays :)


hey thanks matey!

Hugggggggggggz awww u called me a darling :):) Im so happy today hehehehe...


whoaaaa Cheesy ur on cloud 10? lol what abt the 9th one...did someone occupy that cloud? lol! Temme temme, wussup? And abt Rohit and Tanvi? wut d u mean they forgot ya?


Great to see that u r hoping to change :) Huggggggggggggz!


lol na u didnt make it complex, I know wut u mean :)


hey hows ya? hope ur back.

**I wish what u said could its too far from reality...

HUH? I dun agree with ya! lol sorry. How can it be far from reality? I know that there r ppl who can tfollow such simple things in life, but thats not becos it's far from reality, it's becos these ppl r selfish, egoistic and pig-headed. We can achieve peace, love etc if we all TRY :) Just becos of a handful of losers in life, the good people should not be forgotten Puneet...there r great ppl on Earth who have lived life this way...that means it can be achieved, given thought :)

Thanks matey!


Hey WB and thanks :) Na na u dun have to email, just write here...this is an open discussin na so dun worry...just write it here...and thanks!


Hugggggggggz and thanks to another angel ;-)


Hey WC to my blog and thank u very much!


hey thanks and u r absolutely right abt being happy is in our own hands...thats what I meant abt Hatred only being the self-hatred...cos ppl start picking on others only cos they dun love themselves enough and only cos they themselves r unhappy...thank u again for ur wisdom :)


Hello and WC to my blog mate! Thanks so much for ur kind words...


hey babeh WB and muahhhhhhh! Awesome indeed cos u r an awesome angel who recognises awesome stuff...;-)

Thanks all!

Tanvi said...

goood mornin howw u doin

cheesie we've forggeten u ? lol no no i noe u..ur cheesie termite

Kerry said...

keshi, *big hugz* i have missed you! tg the weekend is almost over. bring on monday!!! lol

saby said...


i too hate weekends and holidays

saby said...




to compete wid the young guys.

saby said...

when i was younger
much younger than today

many a pretty girl cot my eye
but i just went ... duhh

ther was no google search for lyrics in my day

saby said...

and when dat special young guy comes into her like
i will say ...

Take good care of her, take good care of her

Just take good care of her, take good care of her

Just to be around her was my greatest pleasure

She was everything my future held in store

So remember when you take my only treasure
Just take good care of her, take good care of her

I must accept it, she loves you more than me

If she's happy, that will be my consolation

Just take good care of her, take good care of her

Take good care of her, take good care of her.

saby said...


i am getting senti
in my old age

saby said...


DJ CARINO pump up the musik

saby said...

i see TANVI shedding a tear

SHIT tanvi
i was just kidding

saby said...

evry body asleep or wat?

saby said...

i feel a long post hatching

Autumn Storm said...

Video conference, lol!

Sudeep said...

Coz my Ganesha idol didnt drink it.. Instead demanded modaks which i refused to part with coz i wanted to eat them all ... ;)

Keshi said...

lol Autumn :)

lollllllz Sudeep okkk :):)