Monday, May 2


Back in July of 2003 I had to prepare my Aunt's eulogy and I was given only one night to come up with it. But I didnt have any trouble in writing it, only because my aunt was a wonderful person all her life and there were so many brilliant things to say about her. I had a collection of precious memories of her and I remebered each and every good deed of her's towards us. She treated me and my sis like we were her own kids and whatever she bought for her daughter was also bought for us, there was no difference in treatment - such a big heart she had. As a young kid back then it all registered in my memory but never in my dreams did I imagine I would some day be chosen to write and read her eulogy! How horrible a job it would have been if she was a mean aunt to me, becuase I'm a damn honest person too! This made me realise how blessed she was to be a kind and generous soul and how blessed I am to have known her and to have been chosen to present her eulogy with genuine thoughts about her.

You are creating your own eulogy right now...the present you are living in will be beautiful or not-so-beautiful memories for someone who will be reading your eulogy some day. Ultimately what matters is what you have been to your loved-ones throughout your life. It will be one of your loved-ones who will read it so make sure they have true fond memories of you to read out without a doubt. If you were to die today, what would your eulogy read?

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4u2nvau/Rohit said...

Rohit loved to love :P

De.vile said...

she was distant an very very sharp tongued. all lovely to hate :) i hope it doesnt get worst.

exquisite said...


word_smith said...

he tried his best to LIVE.

word_smith said...


(now i can again start writing those loooooonnnnnnng love letters disguised as comments *wink wink* )


good to have u back gal.

Ashes said...

i loved not the race of men, nor men me
i cared not for this world's paltry show
three things i adored:freedom,integrity,beauty
now my last song is sung, i go.

oh man! i wrote it as 'engravings formy tombstone'..oh well what the hell.

saby said...

Frankly lady i dont give a damn !
(for the eulogy u will rite)

just love me , NOW!


saby said...

here lies the remains (ashes) of a man who never really lived

he was so obsessed wid death

--pearl-- said...

uhmm frankly i dunno...
anyways thank gawd ur back:)
welcome back!
btw rohit...loved to love?

Dewdrop said...

Here lies the confused, imaginative, stubborn, empathic, peace-loving and an easy going person who lost her markings and strayed on to the beaten path, for the first and for the final time.

Keshi said...

Thanks all I was so happy to hear from all of u again - muahhhh!

nv u loved to love? hmmm let me tell pearly loll! but u forgot the sweetest guy on Earth bit...

chikka ur sharp tongued? wow didnt know but Im sure u r right most of the time :) u forgot the numero uno attitude bit...u got it girl!

priti aww yes I do write depressing stuff, maybe because my life isnt all that grand either...but hey who said a eulogy is a bad's ur entire life, what ur doing right now it all adds up sweety.

deipssssss I loved ur line - he tried his best to LIVE! also u forgot the calmest guy on Earth bit. hehe so love letters ha keep em coming :)

wow ash quite simple yet so deep...but u forgot the most pure heart bit...

Saby good is the key.

ty pearly hugggz! n lol for nv :)

dewdy very profound - I'm sure ur all that and much more...but u forgot the uniquely intelligent bit...

Thanks all good to be back!

Keshi said...

DEWDY please read.

You have disabled all comments in ur blog except Team Members which I'm not :( This means anybody who is not added by you as a team member, cannot comment in ur blog. If you intend to hear from ur usual lot, just enable Registered User comments. This grants all users with a blog id to comment. No anonymous comments which is good.


Keshi said...

ok this is what mine would read:

Her life was a thousand deaths yet she lived a million lives through it...


saby said...


u @#$# $%^&^$#
u blocked me out too

and i tot u cudnt live wid out me

Jude said...

you should check out the movie Eulogy.. pretty funny stuff

Iniard Watch

--pearl-- said...

lol dewdyz blocked everyone :(

--pearl-- said...

lol dewdyz blocked everyone :(

saby said...

heyyy Priti

so now ur exquisite
i agree on dat

but wud u please enlighten me on yr gender

i am confused and depressed


Dewdrop said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dewdrop said...

Hi Keshi & the rest
I did realize the mistake I made to my comments in my April 28th post. For my May 2nd post, I intentionally disabled comments, cos I did'nt wanna sound like Im inviting sympathies for my loss. What I posted was just a dumping of my feelings and I did not feel like reading anybody. Maybe it was just my state of mind. I will enable my comments in forthcoming posts. Sorry and thanks a lot for your concern.

Stud said...

Dear Fake Stud,

The secrets that I do not know
I cannot understand them
Unwanted series printed over
Prose's are your defence

The battle bracelets do not fit
My unfavorite gladiator
A fanatic hero piously

You are a dumb creator
A master in your mortal cave
I am a savage violator
A valet innocent and vain

My dear sweet Keshi,

Didn't realize writing eulogy would be this easy :)

Always yours

Tanvi said...

i dunoe keshi..u tell me..

Keshi said...

thanks Dewdy :)

Hey Stud huggz! Ty Jude for visitng mah bloggy and wc to mah blog!

tanvi ur eulogy will have this bit too:
She was the most adorable friend one could ever have...

Hugggz all!

4u2nvau/Rohit said... you know anything??lol

saby said...

dat eulogy didnt do justice to TANVI

she is the mostest
she is
A real tart
Notty, she ties u up in knots
Vivacious, i hope dat means very sexy, and
I love her