Tuesday, May 17


I could cry a river of tears
Tears that never cease to flow...
Be a distant star in the sky
Always shining down on you...
I am the beacon in your night
To keep you warm, I will burn...
Like dewdrops vanish with the sun
Just ashes I will be by dawn...
Throw my love if that you should
I'm used to being misunderstood
Like colors seen by candlelight
Are not the same when day arrives
As snowcapped leaves rustle away
Spring shall bring you a bright day
Drifting like a paper boat
Let my life and dreams float
Golden rays and butterfly dreams
May they all be yours to keep.

41 Cranium Signets:

saby said...

beautiful sentiments by a beautiful girl

i am just dying to see her

in the nude

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

lol saby u've seriously gone nutz

The Gome said...

judging by the fact u posted on my 1st pic u didn't bother lookin at the archives. go ahead and judge after the first few pics. u want to sound like a humanitarian or sumthing, but u sound sorta funny gettin emotional over doctored pics, yes keshi i doctored them, i have conscience like you so i felt obligated to using fakies to keep the humorism up, and yes under circumstances sane people would get offended, but there lies the true humour! get everyone all riled over nuthin! don't feel embarrassed, if you knew the circumstances, u'd be laughin ur ass off like i am now. i know ur the bloggodess but know when ur bein duped! Don't feel bad, i didn't tell saby either. maybe if i held ur 2 comments in high regard i'd change em, but i can't believe the hits i'm getttin. not many comments but i guess only people who r offended leave comments. i know you'll erase this once you read it but the last thing the gome's animal farm really needs is anal retentive no-lifes tryin to censor my blog, g-day mate...and oh yeah, check mate! Oh crikey, hooked another one! i guess the only person to understand the true humor would be Andy Kaufman, he did this shit for a livin and got famous out of the deal!

Miranda said...


Gome said...

hey keshi why was your last comment on my blog signed on as anonymous? it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize it was you.

Stud said...

Sweet Babesterness,

Secret sorrow
Hidden from you
Unexpressed emotions
They rapidly grew
Locked up lows
You could not see
Forbidden feelings
Felt by me
Unknown nightmares
Lived day by day
Hurting heart
Not noticed, it lay

Don't cry for her, Argentina for this is only a text :)

:) said...

uummm... nice words as always..

keep smiling..

firacub said...

Good writeup Keshu.

So hows life on your end???

I might be coming back to day shif, next month onwards. So I hope to chat with you then.


firacub said...

And ya the post was awesome..

To quote some famous words...

Cry in front of the person who knows worth of your tears... For the person who loves you will never make you cry....


saby said...

Yeah ! i no ..

but Fira makes me cry
his posts are pathetic

saby said...

dat Gomey sure is all worked up
poor chap

but he is a NAZI doctor it seems
he takes whole ppl and chops off limbs

and he wants us to appreciate his handiwork!

but he did one on BUSH and SADDAM
i liked dat

saby said...

and who the fucks is Andy Kaufman

saby said...


saby said...

DAMN! dis linking never works wid me

go to http://imnutsincapstooo.blogspot.com/2005/05/bush-and-saddam-were-beer-buddies.html on my COUNTER VIEWS

the post created to fuck up Firas SACRED SPACE

saby said...

i am just testing the endurance limit of dis guy

saby said...

i am going now

PS: i am just been sacked from my job for using office comp to update my blogg

--pearl-- said...

lol saby!!ur one funny guy
kesh:its a sweet poem.like d way how d last line sums up d entire description:)

word_smith said...

can i act gracious and accept? *winks*


calls for that love letter

hold your breath...... smiles

..ek-haseena.. said...

mere naina sawan bhadon fir bhi mera mann pyaasa ....ur poem reminds me of this song... damn good poem babez... keep writting , u got a good writting skills,n keep rocking keshi , no matter wat other losers thinks bout u but v all love u..hugz.

De.vile said...

hmm everyones so misunderstood. everyone is. cept me.

nice words. at first i thot its something to do with justins song

Dewdrop said...

They all said it above, I'll repeat it again...Sweet poem, more so coz u mentioned 'dewdrop(s)' in it :)

julia said...

No milk today
my love has gone away

-Anony mouse

Keshi said...

thanks all :) dewdy yep when i wrote the word dewdrop I DID think of u straight away...so yeah ur embedded in that lovely poem :)

Gome I only left one comment in ur blog and that was the one u reacted to and wrote the 3rd comment here as a reply to it. I dont leave anonymous comments - what I want to I will say it to the face quite happily no matter how hard it may be for the recepient :)

first of all any 'normal' person who visits ur blog would basically pass out looking at those pics combined with very insulting words. You call it humor? Maybe it is humor for insolent people like you but for me it isnt. What is humor? According to Princeton Uni it is a message whose ingenuity or verbal skill or incongruity has the power to evoke laughter. You think your posts evoke laughter? Certainly NOT! For you it might because you sound truly demented - psychotic perhaps - for such people this kind of disrespectful behavior towards disabled people are quite fun...even slicing limbs and murdering people would be fun for them! Have u heard of Jack the Ripper - he had fun slicing up people and being thrilled by that. You call that humor?
G I V E M E A B R E A K!


Keshi said...

stud that was a very thoughtful poem about unattended thoughts...thanks :)

saby said...

heyyy Kesh,
go easy on Gomey
he is basically a nice guy

though he SUXS

Keshi said...

Saby why d u tell me to be easy on someone like Gome when he called us anal-retentive no-lifes? I just told him what I felt about his blog - I didnt abuse him and then he comes and calls us all this?? You call people like him 'nice' guys? Guess u havent met a lot of nice guys in life.


saby said...

dats true
nice guys want to crucify me

i have to manage wid the not so nice guys

the nice guys who hate me:
Sebia, Fira, Agony and now even Citrus, De Vile coz i blast ashes all the time, Rohit and Footy, though Pearl likes me a little bit, i guess dats the reason Rohit dont like me

but i am happy coz Burfica and i are friends now, i offered the hand of friemdship- she took it,

OWWWW! my hand hurts

Hope u dont enter dis list

Gome said...

Hi keshi its just me, the gome. I'm not sane but not psychopathic either, picture a happy medium! I didn't mean to go off the deep end, but your comment was the first and only bad press i've recieved. Saby says things like gomey U ASS but he's a cool shit & i don't take anything he says to heart. i'm sorry for pissin you off, it was just bad timin that saby said he'd tell u of my blog and me brainfartin & puting in tasteless pics. its really not that bad of a site. did you see i removed some pictures?

Gome said...

if you have any creative ideas where i should point the gome's animal farm i'd appreciate that. email me good pics & i will post them gome420@hotmail.com

Ashes said...

besutiful poem Keshi.love-lorn are ya too?..

jkhkhjkh said...

I could cry a river of tears,

Be the slave of all my fears,
From this sinking earth, I could steer

Instead, I'll gather the people from far and near,
Be the voice for all to hear,
Tall and strong, my voice clear

Instead, I'll gather the people from far and wide,
And cast all my fears aside,
From this world I shall not hide

Or, I could cry a river of tears,
Be the slave of all my fears,
From reality, I could steer

But I'll shed not one tear,
To the light I shall steer,
And I'll help to change the world

saby said...

now Pithaly has gott the hottz for u too

Gomey, its a tuff life for u and me

Keshi said...

Dear Gome,

You dont need to ask for forgiveness from me mate...I aint no God nor a disabled person who might have crossed paths with ur blog...maybe u should have an apology note in ur blog for those people who are disabled, who might have seen ur blog and who might have cried for nights...I dont know its really ur choice to put it or not. But yeah I'm glad u didnt get defensive this time :)

I agree it could be humor to some, but defintely not to people who are with a disability...life being normal itself is hard enough, just imagine being different?

Thanks Gome for your understanding...all smiles now.
Take care :)

The Gome said...

Keshi what did you do!? I can't post pictures anymore:(

The Gome said...

saby said your a computer genius. please put me back on sweetie

The Gome said...

its works now! i'm forever grateful ;)

Keshi said...

haha Gome I didnt do anything and dont believe Saby - his pants are on fire :)


Keshi said...

thanks Pithaly ur poem depicts a pretty strong mind...good approach to life's harsh blows.

however I think its ok to cry, shed tears and rip ur heart and give it to someone u love...its humane and me being a real emotional soul, I cannot hold my head up high and not cry when I really have to...


Keshi said...

Ash I was once...the traces of the hurt will always be with me..


The Gome said...

keshi, more pics on me blog, hopefully no backlash! you still haven't sent me ant pics... you don't want to be have any artistic credit towards me blog?

Kerry said...

omg-that was beautiful *tears*

...from ashes to beauty...