Tuesday, May 24

Colors of the Rainbow

I am brown but I have white, black and yellow friends. My first language is Sinhalese but I speak English very well. I was born in Sri Lanka but I live in Australia. My main food is rice but I love spaghetti, chicken laksa, Greek salad and French bread too. My most favorite choice of clothing would be saree but I wear suits, jeans and dresses that come from around the world. I listen to Sinhalese and Hindi music but I also love Rock, Arabic and Spanish music. I love watching Hindi movies but English movies with Denzil Washington or Hugh Grant are great too. I love the freedom in Western culture but I adore the peace and quiet that meditation in a Budhhist temple brings...
Does the color of skin matter? Does the language one speaks matter? Does the land where one was born matter? We cannot do without one another, it's very clear. Just like it's only ALL the colors of the rainbow that can make it perfect, we need all of us. Otherwise this world would be dull, boring and imperfect. Then why racism?

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Janice said...

lol again the first on ya bloggie kesh its sad but true it racism is a big issue here also an the funny thing discriminating between the black an the white n now u wear a salwar an they think ur a closerealtive of Osama :( go figure....there there is the black white yellow n brown n in india we had the hindu muslim clash

word_smith said...

so asd to see such a beautiful post losing its sheen because of shooting matches...........

saby said...

dis guy is a MASOCHIST !
i beat his ass blue and black

and he comes here begging for more
some guys always want more


Dewdrop said...

There are huge problems when it comes to distinction on the basis of caste, creed, color, etc.
Back at home, while in college we had a few Africans as classmates. They were always made fun of, and nobody (Indians) would talk to them if they could help it. Even the lay people on the streets would openly crack jokes and laugh at them. Here in the US, Indians refer to African americans as 'kallus' and sense a sense of superiority in their references to them. With the rigid hindu caste system,untouchability is still a fact of life in most rural places in India. Even in the cities, caste consciousness abounds.
I feel we have a long way to go before we can proudly rubbish the racial descrimination.

naive said...

Hey keshi howz ya? am okie...m not seen anywhere else now apart form ur blog...hmm racism short n sweet comment..." all these are lower form of feelings, the more you think the more you spoil your mind...."
thatz like typical me...
cya take care
and reply only to mah mail coz would not b here to see it :) ;)

--pearl-- said...

kesh-we cant change d world.not sumfin thats been goin on foreva.But,yes,we can change our thinkin and influnce ppl arnd us to stop bein racist.Thats all.Ther will b a time wen ppl will realize ...n d worlds already a much betta place...untouchablity is a crime punishable by law(atleast in india)..government has taken its step..now we need to change our thinking...it will take time but it will definately change sumday :)

Miranda said...

Nothing matters if we are all happy, and could just get along. Racism is a horribe horrible thing. Color,race,religion, even sexual preference does not make a bad person.

A rainbow of color should shine on everyone.

Miranda said...

Holy crap, what is "Against Plagiarism" problem? what ever happened to if you cant say anything nice, then don't say anything at all. Sheesh.

Tanvi said...

i think that we belong to the race of mankind and the colourz shouldnt matter...but somehow they do to most of the people. People are recognized according to their colour instead of their personality. no matter how many stepz u take to change the world..people wit a negative atittude would alwayz be around..and they should realize that we all are humans and everyone has equal rights.

saby said...

when i read the colorful first para
i tot it was a matrimonial advt

saby said...

i dunno abt u guys
but if i want ass

i wud prefer white any day

Keshi said...

lol janice thats so true...even in Aus many muslim girls with a hijab (veil) are laughed at and some even have to get permission from schools to wear it. I find it really sad that people dont recoginse other religions and cultures and respect their values. This is the base for racism.

deips/saby I sprinkled some holy water on the net dog n will delete anything he says :) so chill.

yes dewdy I agree with ya. not only whites but other colored people are also racist. Indians/Chinese in these countries can be nasty too. I know a person who's Indian and he hates Aussies...I wonder why he's here in Aus??

Naive thanks but who are you? Sorry I dun recall ur name...plz enlighten me.

Pearly I s oagree with u too. I know it's something thats not gonna be eradicated altogether for a long time to come. But like u say I guess now the society is a bit more open to multi-cultural experiences than it used to be a 100years ago. So yeah eventually we will all get there :)

awww Miranda that was a very lovely thought...a rainbow of colors should shine on everyone! Fantastic! Hugggz! And yep color, creed or sexuality shouldnt be used to define a person - well-said!

Tanvi brilliant words there! You being such a youngster and having such beautiful and wise thoughts is matter to celebrate...well I know you are one special girl. Thanks for those sentiments about what a person should be valued for. Indeed theres always going to negative people but thats the way we can realise how good the good are :)

Saby wateva that means...

Hugz to all!

saby said...

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i been hacked ??

not able to log into www.imnutsincaps.blogspot.com

other bloggs i can log in
went into control board went to settings

save changes
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error message 001 java.io.IOException: EOF

i am going nuts !

was fooling around wid ITCC when dis happened

saby said...

when i try to log in it saws



saby said...

DAMN! now i am getting dis error message after republishing my blogg
550 Could not open: No such file or directoryblog/47/38/5/imnutsincaps/archives/2005_05_01_imnutsincaps_archive.html

Phantom_of_Blogpera said...

Yep..totally true kesh..folks who indulge in racist thoughts/actions etc dont even know how much they miss out on. Nice to see the beautiful way in which you put it in words kesh:)..your last line about meditating in a budhist temple made me wonder what the inside of a south asian buddhist temple is like..I've never been inside one, though I've been in a good number of south east asian ones in Thailand..ooo I'm gonna explore one sumtime..thanks fer the inspiration gurl! btw wots chicken laksa? sounds yummy!! huggs!

Keshi said...

hey Saby chill...maybe a site problem...I tried Tanvi's blog too and it said the same...why dont you wait a while and see. It happened to mine too a while back and was fine after about an hour. Also, try and republish the entire blog...if that doesnt work, change the address of the blog and republish it. Let me know what

Thanks FM...Sri Lankan buddhist temples are very different from Thai and Tibetan buddhist temples...I dont know how to describe it here - guess u should visit one and try to experience it urself :) It's unbelievably peaceful and natural...check out if there are any Sri Lankan buddhist temples in ur state n go there...I'm sure u will like it.


Keshi said...

Saby check this out!



saby said...

Tanks for the help site
i posted
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saby said...

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Keshi said...

Nope its a blog server problem...there are few other blogs (not in anyway related to our little war team) thats also not found. So I guess it's a blogger issue that they will fix soon.


saby said...

the blogger team has fucked up ?
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saby said...

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Anonymous said...

No man is an island. What happens to one, happens to us all, for we are all made of clay and stardust. We share the same moments of time. The universal second hand starts its unforgiving sweep toward the next minute.

Tanvi said...

loll saby..ur insane..n trust me i do noe how to kick

jkhkhjkh said...


I bet you do not know the name of the fruit held in the hands of the sitting Buddha. And why he is holding that particular fruit. (Now, dont research the net, and be honest:)

saby said...


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saby said...


God loves dumb guys it seems
i simply worried for no reason

Bush was wisest
when he didnt comprehend

he just continued wid his golf game

William Bunkton said...

The good thing about greed, is that it is colour blind.

Give me some money.

Jezzy said...

You sound very much like me. x

Vest said...

All you people commenting on this blog are now four years older.

Keshi said...

Vesty some died too. Like Janice :(