Tuesday, May 10

Lost priority

Dedicated to a very special couple...
Remember you were a baby once...a cute little bundle of joy that gave so many smiles to so many faces. A delightful treat to your parents, an abundance of pleasure at the end of a hectic day...a radiance of energy and livelihood at home. Every new step you took was a happening event for your parents. Then you grew up and went to kindy, all eager to start learning about the world. Your innocence still in tact you learn about the world, her laws and rules. Your parents provided you with everything you needed. You are slowly leaving your childhood behind and now you're in high school, a curious teenager getting ready for your HSC and seeking your career goals. Your parents still love you, they haven't changed a bit. Once you get through University you have officially become an independant person. You want your own car, your own house, your own life...you want to move out from home. Your parents still let you do what you want because they can't hurt your feelings. They help you with all of that. Now you have a girlfriend and you marry her. You hardly see your parents - you have your everything now so why should you see them?
You have a great time with your new found people in your life but you have forgotten those two special friends who always stood by you. But why, now they are old and boring, and don't have much to give except that one thing called love, which you think you don't need anymore. Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day arrive once a year and you take them out for lunch and back to your usual life for one more year. The two old people sit at home hoping and praying each and every day that their son is blessed with good health and never-ending happiness. Each morning they wake up with their son in mind. They have a doctor's appointment for which they catch a bus. That evening the son rings and tells them that he traded in his convertible for a brand new 4WD and that he's taking his friends on a trip in it. The old couple congratulate him and are so happy for him. They havent lost their priority at any point in their life...how did you lose it so easily? Will your children forget you too?

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saby said...

DAMN U Kesh,
my dad and mom are no more here
and i have a lotta regrets

my mom stayed up late nights alone at home worried sick
as i went gallavanting all over the place wid my pals
late night parties, the works

my dad loved me the most among 3 sons
he missed me a lott when i was in college hostel

i didnt rite for long
he was worried sick

travelled all the way from Mumbai to Kanpur by train in a II class coach in the bitter cold wid out much woolens

he fell sick on return
He died a month later

saby said...

PS: He died happy
noing i was OK

saby said...


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

I remember once I went to India for a holiday and i was 15 yrs old then. One of my relatives(uncle to be precise) started argueing with me :O (a 15 yr old) that people in "western countries" don't respect their elders etc etc, and I wondered isn't it basically the same in India??I've seen so many homes that accomodate their parents ( give them shelter, food etc etc) but just put them in one corner and never have any proper conversation with them. I found that sad. The parents might as well just live in their own home. I mean not like they don't have money to take care of themselves (im assuming most parents are'nt dependant on their children).

Anyways, all I have to say is that when people grow old all they ask for is some attention. Someone who talks to them, spends time with them, looks after them. I got both my grand-dads living with me, so its kinda coming from experience.

Keshi said...

Saby its ok...we all make mistakes in life and you didnt do it purposely...life goes on and its good he died knowing u were ok.

loll NV ur uncle fighting with a 15yr old lollllz! yep I agree. Its not only in Western countries but it happens even in countries like India, Sri Lanka where culture is rich and family is given first place. U got a great point nv...it's good for parents to live seperately than live under the same roof and get neglected. its the saddest situation ever.


julia said...

keshi i honestly tink this rohit guy sux

though i like u so very much

i hate such pig headed dunce like rohit equally

ps:dis rohit wrote "argueing" could anybody clue in what is the correct spelling?

and dis guy says mouses sux!

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

oye juliabombay u sooky lala....stop crying, keep keshi out of this...you dun like me then stop talkin to me and bout me...complaining to keshi won't get you anywhere you got me??

btw if you don't like me then stop visiting my blog and discontinue any communication with me...I would really appreciate if you would.

Dewdrop said...

I hope this post is a divine revelation for the readers. I believe the more the children live with their parents, the bonding gets much stronger. In the westernized culture where the child leaves his parents home at the age of 17 for almost rest of his life and the way people plan ahead for their retirement, kinda lessens the responsibility on their children's part. I dont mean that the seperation belittles the children's love for their parents, but it certainly creates a gap.

Unlike Americans who mostly rely on elder caregiving services, for us Indians its much of a family obligation to care for our aging parents/grandparents. I agree with Rohit that oldies need some extra attention. Besides attention and love, they also need respect, emotional & financial support and positive reinofrcement.

Miranda said...

Aww...that is a touching post. So true, I worry about that too, my kids forgetting me when they're too busy with their own lives.

julia said...

(looks for pearly around)

hugsss rohit

Phantom_of_Blogpera said...

I guess parents are the most irreplaceable people in our lives..their love is so unconditional..touching post keshi..hugs

Stud said...


I hardly knew my old man, he died when I was 2 yrs old but my mother is my best friend. I still live with her and refuse to move out. I'm always there for her in our little world, even the thought of her leaving me or my life makes me hard to breathe.

Can easily say..I'm a hapenning bloke and certainly know to balance the relationships and my mother is right there with me.

saby said...

'i dont have to make an appointment to drop in for dinner wid my parents'

- Aishwarya Rai, on life in india vs the USA

4u2nvau/Rohit said...

I don't agree that oldies need financial support. I know humans are emotional fools when it comes to their children, however I strongly believe that you have to be practical as well as emotional in this fast changing world.

I realise that parents want to give their kids all the happiness in the world. Parents can give their kids all the necessities as well as save some money for themselves, so they can be independent. I have seen it happen, where the parents live with their kids and there is no communication between them whatsoever. At least when they live apart there’s some form of communication.

saby said...

u tell kesh
'the cow jumped over the moon'

she says 'Wow, dat cow must be real cool'

heyy u punks out here,
u dont no the first ting about dating


Rex Venom said...

Important stuff to think about. Rock on!

Keshi said...

julia would u plz stop criticising my friends here...this blog is for my pleasure to write about things I like to talk about...not to humiliate my friends or anyone else. NV is my good friend and if ur jealous about it I cant help it. Shit this is like the real life where people get jealous of one another! Move on, be different than the rest co-exist with one another on a pleasant level...if Julia is Saby I'm quite disappointed with ya!


Keshi said...

miranda, fm, dewdy and stud thanks so much for ur beautiful thoughts...loved every bit of it!

Stud Im sorry about your father...I lost my father too when I was 16...atleast I got 16years with him and Im thankful for that.


:) said...

Parents love is so wonderful..so high we cant get over it..so deep we cant get under it..

very touching post keshi..

keep smiling..

Jay said...

I only celebrate Father's day. Dont ask!

--pearl-- said...

beautiful post gurl:) its indeed sad wen kids do things like that to thier rents..
JULIA dont u hug rohit!
dont even go near him

julia said...

hugggs ROHIT !
thums her nose to PEARL

saby said...

... keshi trash dat Pithali some more

Stud said...

Hey Guys...

visit my blog studc.blogspot.com

Kerry said...

wipes a tear....