Thursday, May 12

City in me

If you were a city what city would you be?

I would be Sydney...because I have a Harbor Bridge of confidence and trust that you can rely on...because I have an Opera House of songs and performances of joy just for you...because I have a Centerpoint Tower of hope and courage in whatever I face...because I have The Blue Mountains of tears and memories of all I have gone through...because I have The Aquarium of different beautiful friends who swim with me...because I have The Royal Botanical Gardens of fragrant and colorful reminiscence that I may pass on to you...because I have The IMAX Theatre of entertainment and excitement in me...because I have the Bondi Beach of beauty and calm to soothe you...because I have The Rocks of true and solid friendship and love to offer you...

Tell me what city are you..

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--pearl-- said...

daz a gr8 way to describe it...though i'd haf to think...will get back to ya wit it :)

De.vile said...

city? id definitely pick Bombay, cuz well u know thats one place I can get lost in. But im not sure i should say that. Hardly been newhere else

Stud said...

I would be in Venice and put my feet up the bench and relax in "Piazza San Marco", also known as the drawing room of the world...It has my favorite quiet and peaceful BASILICA as legend states, an angel came here and said " Pax tibi Marce" i.e "Peace to You".

The four horses of Saint Marco's that take you back to the marvelous, romantic and omni life of Bonaparte n' Josephine....I love the high waters in automn and winter when i see the FRUTTAROL'S (fruit sellers) in boats outta my window...The bridge of Sigh as I pass through it and see the beautiful sight of lagoon n' the island of Saint Georgio...

The streets in Vanice that generally have ancient and above all curious names reflecting different work like "Pastrin" which means MILKMAN or "Pistor" ie Baker or "FRUTTAROL" that is Fruit Seller

Oh, how I adore the romantic Venice..

Stud said...

BTW, enjoy tranquility at


saby said...

Mee mumbaikar,
and some devils still call her bomb bay - dats living dangerously
if Bala saheb hears dat she will be dead meat

and De vile i just mite tell .... if u dont be nice to yr dad and me

saby said...

Mumbai has
gateway of India, its beeg enuff to accomadate Burfica after a heavy meal

Victoria Terminus
which Bala Saheb tot shud be re-named as Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus

foras road dat offers more than Bang cock and cheaper

Fashion Street dat manufactures labels of LEVI's and affixes dem to local made jeans

Dharavi - a must see for Prince charles and other celebrities

Dhobi Talao where clothes are still beaten by muscled men on stone to remove dirt

the Dhabawalla's who deliver tiffins made by house wives to hubbies in offices in mumbai

these guys are a 6-sigma organization

meaning if u sent a love note like 'come home soon i got the hottz for u lover boy'
u can be sure dat if u send dis tiffin box containing dis note to yr guy a million times

only 3 times u will find another guy at yr door step wid the invitation note

saby said...

if u see the guy more than 3 times
its Diffy wid a forged note

Dewdrop said...

My comment was turning out too long, so I decided to post more details on my blog. Check my answer HERE

Stud said...
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Keshi said...


The city of lights – Paris.
Commenting on Keshi’s recent post, I decided to write up about the French city which bewitched me to no end.

No other city in Europe can match Paris' charm, glamour, beauty, and romanticism. The city is enriched with beautiful art, gothic monuments, ornate sculptures, mighty museums, sweeping avenues, grand esplanades, exquisite architecture and so much more that you have to actually be there to experience it.

Ever since I took up French as the third language in school, I wanted to visit Paris. The people in the textbook (the Vincent family), the places mentioned in it, the quaint black & white illustrations contained in it... all conjured up vivid images of a beautiful city full of enchanting sights to see.

And last year, I lived my dream when I visited Paris.

Paris is undoubtedly the city to fall in love with. It has lots to offer. Here are highlights of a few attractions that entranced me.

Place de la Concorde, the largest and the loveliest of the Parisian squares. For Paris’ streets which boasts buildings whose detailing shows the pride and care permeating Paris's architecture.

The majestic Arc de Triomph monument devoted to Napoleon's and his generals' greatest victories. Also called the city’s heart it provides a constant reminder of Paris' religious and royal past.

The Champs Elysees, arguably the most well known avenue in the world.

The magnificent Operas where performance meets symphonies in the most glamorous styles.

The mighty Louvre museum presents its treassures of best paintings, sculptures, antiques and arts. Lets not forget the famous masterpieces: the Venus of Milo, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, the Mona Lisa of Leonard da Vinci, and so many others.

The gigantic Palace of Versailles which is said to be capable of housing 20,000 people at a time.

The Tuileries Gardens, Louvre Palace's gardens, one of the best places in Paris for a sunbath.

The overwhelming Notre Dame Cathedral and the famous Sacré-Coeur church.

A magical stroll and a cruise on the river Seine where even artists like Sisley, Turner, and Monet have been spell bounded.

The incomparable Eiffel Tower from where a bird's eye view will leave you breathless. The experience of touring the tower to its topmost floor is spectacular.

The variety of gastronomic options for every palate and pocket with thousands of cafés, bars and restaurants lined up at every Parisian street and boulevard.

The delight of shopping around place St-Germain-des-Prés for your favorite perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, books, antiques, gorgeous garments, artworks and souvenirs.

The magical visions of Paris at dusk as it turns into the City of Lights is truly a captivating dream to cherish forever.

Keshi said...

pearl take ur time sweety :)

chikka ur a Bombay beauty ha...hehehe...

Srud oh Venice ha! I would love to visit Venice some day...since I have read The Merchant of Venice too :) You decscribe it so well and so interestingly it makes me wanna hop on a plane and fly there right now...instead of seeing the Opera House every day lol! Well you seem to appreciate Venice very much and thats the kind of people that such a beautiful city wants vists from...thanks you for that romantic insight about Venice.

Saby the Mumbai mouse ha..hehehe...well I would love to visit Bombay some day too...heard so much about it's handsome hunks lolll!

Thanks all...and Manya the Anonymous loser gal loll thanks for the big drama depicting your own insecurities - deleted em all with glee - you're a waste of time and waste of a girl :)


Tanvi said...

honestly..i have no idea..
now i wanna visit sydney! and venice! and paris! and bombay! i haven't been newhere

Keshi said...

lol tanvi cho chweet hahaha! I havent been anywhere other than few cities too...I guess roamign around the world would be one thing I want to accomplish before I die...gotta see those amazing places.


Tanvi said...

yepper keshi..i'd love to travel around the world..therez like millions of thingz we haven't seen

John Doe said...

ladies and gentleman manya is an aging girl who never had a man in her entire life (sniff sniff). she confesed many times in indiatimes Delhi rooms. spare her keshi. you got more class dont even reply to this slum life. let her vent out her deep rooted frustrations.


Kerry said...

Boston-i love diversity! (and the boston, red sox =)

Jay said...

I'd love to be ... "the ocean"? I dont wish to be a city!

saby said...

wud somebody do the world a favor
dump JAY in the ocean wid Jay

--pearl-- said...

keshu i think for me it wont b one city...i love travellin and i already haf quite a lot in jus thez many yrs of mah life.
The city should be a nite city,lyke bombay,haf gorjus beaches lyke maimi,should b exoctic lyke sydney,romantic lyke paris,happening like nyc,diverse lyke boston,fun like london......urghhh i knw i cheated on this one :) cnt help abt a mix of all da cities? :P

saby said...

hey u pip squeak!
ur a disgrace to the mouse race
u no mouse
u a RAT !

i castrate rats

saby said...

Where is an elephants sex organ? In his feet. If he steps on yours, you're fucked."

saby said...

Stop AIDS genocide by MNC's drug cartels

Kerry said...

i change my answer today-lol women!
i would not choose to be just one city-i would choose to be the travelor who eats and drinks in all of the cities! *smiles*

Phantom_of_Blogpera said...

Paris!!! That city IS mois! Sighh..yes the Eiffel Dewdy said..the cafes..the music..umm..i have two others as well:
1)St. Petersburg (Russia)- haven for avant garde lovers like me..beautiful begins and ends at St. Petersburg..bless the experimentalists!
2) Prague- another city I'm in love with..if I don't have a job in 3 years, I'll be wandering around as an artist on the streets of Prague.

word_smith said...

honestly;i would rather be a sleepy little hamlet........maybe a village of fishermen........

display_name said...

me Wanna Visit..Toronto...for some obvious Reasons!..which i can not share here.

Gome said...

hey there keshi, i was told ur the bloggoddess, i wish 4 u 2 visit and/or bless my blog, i find it funny but it seems 2 be gettin stale, any suggestions?

julia said...

heyyy kesh

i suspect dis anony mouse is vix guy
and not manya

he used to boot me often!

i cot him once talking filth of u wid footloose!

i tink time has come to bash him out

and cut him down to size again?


Kerry said...


you should post some pictures of your home, down under. i would love to see the sights through your eyes...

Keshi said...

lol Keery sweety - I can understand mood changes haha! Sporty Boston and a tipsy traveller ha - I like it :)

FM muahhh! U got style girl...Prague and St Petersberg breathtaking wowww! I only seen pictures of em and read about em too...I too wanna go visit Russia and Czech Republic before I die :)

Deips tell me why...plz plzzzzzzzz! lol!

Sure Kerry at your request I will soon post some pics or give you some links to Aussie beauty :)

Anonymous I hope u took great effort posting all that rubbish because all of em went to the bin without a second thought - and that means even without reading - lol!

Thanks all!

4u2nvau/Rohit said...


Reason = coz im there :)

Keshi said...

know nv Mel must be ok but it sure cant be as rocking as Syd - lol u know cuzns who came from NZ went to Mel first and then came to Syd n they were like...goshh that place is so sloww and boring - thank God Syd isnt...loll Im not lying ask them if you want :)


Keshi said...

n I forgot to say NV, every year when my mum's friend goes to Mel from Syd, she takes so many jumpers even if its in the middle of Summer - loll Mel is so cold and gloomy all year through - sorry mate it is but :)


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

keshi...who cares about the weather?? i gave you my reason as to why I think melbourne rocks :)

Keshi said...

my post wasnt abt why mel rocks - was abt what city d u think u r...n u say its Mel becos ur there????


4u2nvau/Rohit said...

my apologies...i did'nt read the question right

Keshi said...

hmm now I can see why Melbourne rocks or shocks people lol!


anonimply said...

... for me to lie on its meadow
... for me to swim in its bay
... for me to listen its trees rustle
for us to hide ...

saby said...

if any one sees a bear reciting the Upanishads and trying to impress naive girls

call me
i need a new coat

word_smith said...

the company will be the world's best:i,me and myself..................

seriously;u know i hate how can I be as noisy as a city is?

Kerry said...

happy monday keshi!!!! 8big smiles and hugs*

firacub said...

Hi Keshu,
I dunno how many times do I have to reiterate muh self. DO I NEED TO PROVE THAT I AM YOUR FRIEND OR DO MY COMMENTS PROVE MY FRIENDSHIP OTHERWISE.....

I am regular with your blog Keshi and I like reading your posts and the comments people leave. As I said earlier, if I am not able to leave a comment then I send an email for sure and if you check your Inbox then ofcourse you would have noticed that. To keep in touch is the important thing, how you do it is secondary!!!

Do you still need an explanation!!!

P.S: Now dont assume that I am angry with ya... I was just explaning muhself.. :) Huggzzz

saby said...

heyyyy Fira,
u ass
cant u take a hint!

if she were to respond to all the guys dat desire her

she wud have to resign from her job
coz dis wud be a full time job

Kerry said...

hi well you see, an answer awaits you on my blog ;) lmao...

talldarkman said...

My comments on London :)-> talldarkman

Londoners are a quite humorous and hospitable folk. If at all we see anywhere the fruits of capitalism trickling down, we witness it in abundance here. My brother’s barber, I was told, drives a BMW. An electrician who came in to fit his dish antenna, owns a villa in Spain, which he rents out when he is not living there.

The property prices have sky rocketed to such an extent, that Londoners purchase expensive houses, furnish them and go about finding a person to live in them, while they themselves dwell in modest habitats. And I was left wondering as to why these prices might have soared?

Well, one of the likely answers I stumbled upon, was when I was on a tour of London, atop a double decker bus, with it’s top sawed off. And it made quite a pretty sight. There was this guide, guiding us through the city, hollering at the top of a bus, telling us that the authorities claim their pound (5 pounds to be precise), when they let the buses through to ply on the London roads. She showed us a property owned by a lady. Now, we have this very old lady, living in a fabulously large house, bang in the middle of London, with acres of garden around her. She uses some of the rooms to store a lot of old priceless paintings. Probably she has this property handed down to her through generations. Must be quite a few years since it was purchased. Wonder why she does not invite anyone to live in it. The mortgage, if at all, must be killing her.

There is this another gentleman who has his house nearby, quite a large one, and also a large garden around it, who has not had to sell any of his land so far, and he charges upto a thousand pounds in rent per minute, for any business wanting to occupy his premises. With so much of land being cornered by so little folk, there is no wonder the prices hit the sky.

Another curious aspect of the city is it’s taxis. I had always thought that the taxis in Mumbai must be the oldest ever. But I found taxis in London even older than Mumbai. Probably these must be the first automobiles ever built. This obsession of Londoners, to preserve the old, has gone to too much of an extreme. We still have people here who use horses as their means of transport, and they still donn the same old dresses. But I guess we see them only at a predetermined hour.

The architecture too is weird. The windows closest to the ground are large, and they grow scantier in size, and more in number as the house approaches the sky. And it’s not because the houses are tall. Not many of the houses I have seen are more than three storeys high. I have been unable to fathom the reason for this. Perhaps the masons lost interest, or grew plain lazy as they neared completion.

We have another square (Trafalgar is it?), where there is this gentleman who has been elevated to so great a height, Lord Nelson I presume, that common folk cannot lay their sights on him. I was told he won some battle, and was honoured in this fashion by Londoners. Some four lions sit patiently down there, staring in all four directions. But I am pretty sure he is not going to climb down. Then there is this statue of another person, who is sitting on a horse and riding in the direction of his death. I wonder if he knew what awaited him. He was beheaded at the end of the road, I was told. Riding away to his destiny, eh?

Then again, we have bridges that are split in half, which open up when a ship wants to pass through. It was perhaps sliced in half as some ship, with a high mast, passed through. So they built another one between the towers above this bridge, and retained the original one as a folding one. Some curious cigar shaped buildings dot the London sky, owned by a Swiss firm who’s into insurance, looks like a missile wanting to take off. They could probably have an ad, showing their building, with a subtitle “waiting to take off”. (I wonder if I will get any commission out of this, if and when implemented. The London entrepreneurship is biting me). We have another large wheel, something similar to a giant wheel, which turns too slowly, and we are allowed only one round in it, sitting, rather standing, right besides that famous river, The Thames.

These people are so stubborn, that they have not allowed even Americans to own their own embassy. It belongs to the Crown, they say. And the Queen needs an invitation to get into the city of London. Strange, I say, what?

But overall, I have not seen so green a city as London. The quaint little houses, never more than three stories tall. No iron grills on windows. Well laid out roads, footpaths on all roads, disciplined traffic. Clean toilets, and public transport buses. Well documented underground, well stocked superstores, uninterrupted electricity. Hmmm, London sure is good. . Perhaps they need to work on M25 to make the average London motorist, a harried human, a happier lot.


Keshi said...

hehe Tally I took yesterday off to read ur comment LOL - joking :)
Thanks Deips hugggz! And Fira chill lol n theres a reply in ur blog :)

Tally very humorous write up about London! London sure must be very beautiful and unique, going by ur description of it :) So u telling me Tally that u r gorgeous and unique too - lol?? points at the title of this post...hehehe...

I love one thing about the British...the pommy accent - very cute - especially Hugh Grant's ;-)

Huggzzz all!